Newly listed awards "discovered" in 2013

FILE 1 for 2014

As newly discovered awards are added to the K1BV Directory, I place them in this working file.  Usually all rules/conditions are OK, but this file may occasionally have incomplete data, until clarified by the sponsor. 
This file was started January 21,  2013.

Entries outlined in yellow are the most recent entries. 



COUNTRY Name of Award Date Added Source

Azores Fauna Flora Award - AFFA

June 11, 2013 CU3AA

AGB Series - added: Castles and Palaces Program

June 6, 2013

DRB - Diploma Radioamadores Brasileiros

June 28, 2013 K1BV Research

Radioclub Skofja Loka Award

June 6, 2013 DH1PAL

Estonian Flora and Fauna Awards

Jan 21, 2013 K1BV Research

DD-14 Diplome du Calvados

June 7, 2013 K1BV Research

Diploma Castles Mayenne

Mar 13, 2013 K1BV Research


Feb 14, 2013 PA3CUZ

Worked European Large Cities (WELC)

Mar 29, 2013 K1BV Research

LIMES Diploma

Mar 29, 2013 K1BV Research

Worked Old Germany Diploma

Mar 29, 2013 K1BV Research

Via Regia Award

Mar 29, 2013 K1BV Research

---Brave Radio Club Series -- "Young Ladies Award"

Jan 28, 2013 DE3EAR

---Brave Radio Club Series --- "Lions Award" 

Mar 30, 2013 DE3EAR

---Brave Radio Club Series --- "Club 300 Award" 

May 30,, 2013 DE3EAR

Saxonian Castle Diploma

Feb 25, 2013 DARC//DF3UX

The Mills Of Guadeloupe Diploma (DMG971)

Mar 17, 2013 K1BV Research

Icelandic Radio Amateurs Asso Series -- The Iceland Digital Award

Jun 23, 2013 TF5B

---ARI Awards---          TOP LIST AWARD

Feb 3, 2013 K1BV Research

Diplome of ARI Sezioni (ARI Sections)

Mar 27, 2013 PA3CUZ

Lighthouses of Italy (Rewritten)

Jul 26, 2013 OH3GZ

Sicily Bedda (Beautiful Sicily) Award

Jul 24, 2013 K1BV Research

--- European Radioamateur Association Club (E.R.A.) Series ---

Feb 5, 2013 K1BV Research

 — IK3GER Awards Series —

Feb 7, 2013 OH3GZ

--- IK3GER --- Additional 8 awards added to existing 6.

June 28, 2013 OH3GZ

Liri Waterfalls Award

Apr 3, 2013 OH3GZ

Ville Venete Della Riviera del Brenta

Feb 7, 2013 IK3GER 

Diploma "AERONAUT"

Mar 21, 2013 K1BV Research

Latvian Flora and Fauna Awards Series

May 10, 2013 OH3GZ

---VYTIS Radio Club Award Program--- (11 awards)

Apr 29, 2013 OH3GZ

The PA Fauna Flora Award

Mar 1, 2013 PA3CUZ

ZKD Award (Diploma "Z.u³awska Commuter Rail")

June 26, 2013 PA3CUZ

— PRO-CW-CLUB Series ---  (11 awards)

Mar 1, 2013 YO6EX

Belogoriya Diploma

Jan 29, 2013

Kola Diploma

May 14, 2013 K1BV Research

Award of the "Krasnoyarsk Territory"

May 8, 2013

---Radio Club of Moscow Series--- Pioneers of Radio Diploma

July 24, 2013 OH3GZ

Seagull Dipoma

June 24, 2013 PA3CUZ

Diploma Tomsk State University

June 6, 2013

W/PM Diploma

Mar 6, 2013

Radioclub Skofja Loka Award

May 18, 2013 S58MU

Diploma Edificios Romanicos de Espana

Jan 28, 2013 EA4UV

 Diploma of the Counties and Municipalities of the Community of Madrid

Feb 3, 2013 EA4UV

Dnipro - DONBAS Diploma

May 14, 2013 

Sahnovschina Diploma

June 24, 2013

"Harvest of Sorrow" Diploma

Feb 19, 2013 

--- FELD HELL Club Awards Series ---

Feb 28, 2013 K1BV Research

Worked All Mississippi Counties Award

May 30, 2013 N5FG

— Troy Amateur Radio Association Series [TARA] —

Jan 22, 2013 K1BV Research

AZORES                                                      Azores Fauna Flora Award (AFFA)

Contact stations in the Azores Islands, (fixed, /m, /p or /mm( which are located within the perimeters of specially designated protected areas, including:
     a. nature reserves (NR)
     b. Natural Monuments (MN)
     c. Protected Areas for the Management of Habitats and Species (APGHE),
     d. Protected Landscape Areas (APP) or
     e. Protected Areas for Resource Management (DEL),
     f.  RAMSAR Sites, 
all of which are classified according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) and adopted by the Regional Government of the Azores. A complete list of the nature reserves, etc. are available on their internet site.

All contacts on HF or VHF are valid, regardless of band or mode with the exceptions of and use of repeaters, echolink or D-star;
Activating stations may operate from one reference per day, regardless of the number of QSOs made. Contacts on or after after January 1, 2013. SWL OK.

The Azores Flora Fauna Award may be earned by contacting stations operating from the following number of Nature Preserves, etc.
a. Category IV - 5 references

b. Category III - 10 references
c. Category II - 15 references
d. Category I - 20 references
Honor Roll Trophy - 50 references

With the exception of the Honor Roll Trophy, all diplomas are free they are sent by e-mail for printing by the applicant. If the applicant wants the award by traditional mail, the cost is 10€ each. The for the Honor Roll Trophy is 35€ (which includes shipping).

If the logs are in possession of the manager of the award, the applicant should only ask for the diploma, by letter or email. If the logs of activation are unknown to the manager of the award, the applicant must submit the application accompanied by GCR list. (Check in advance by e-mail. Applications shall be made to the Award Manager: CU3AA, P.O.Box: 108, 9702 Angra do Heroismo, Azores Islands - Portugal.


Tks CU3AA 6/11/13

BELARUS                  Addition to AGB Series:
                                     Castles and Palaces Belarus = CPBA Program

This series of awards is issued to all amateur stations (SWL) who have contacted (QSO / HRD) with settlements of Belarus which are old castles. Some of these structures are partly repaired, in the reconstruction stage, and some in very poor and ruined state. At present, there are about 30 qualifying structures. 

The award is available in 5 levels, each with a different image of one of these castles.
1. CPBA-CA-05 - for contacts with 5 cities where these castles exist.
2. CPBA-CA-10 - for contacts with 10 cities where these castles exist.
3. CPBA-CA-15 - for contacts with 15 cities where there castles exist.
4. CPBA-CA-20 - for contacts with 20 cities where these castles exist.
5. CPBA-CA-25 - for contacts with 25 cities where these castles exist.

A list of places (by call sign area) for Diplomas CPBA-CA = Castles Program - CPBA-CA Awards:

Call Area

Name of Castle

Reference Number

1 Minsk

Pischalovsky Castle


2 Minsk

Borisov Castle


2 Minsk

Zaslavl Castle


2 Minsk

Kamensky Castle
Volozhin District


2 Minsk

Koydanovsky Castle

CPBA - CA-05

2 Minsk

Nesvizhski Castle


2 Minsk

Smilovichi Castle


2 Minsk

Castle Lake Mjadel



Belavezhskaya Castle
(White Tower)



Kamenetz Tower
(Pp Kamenetz)



Kosovo Castle
(Ivatsevichsky district)



Ruzhansky Castle (Pruzhansky district)


4 Grodno

Geranensky Castle
(Ivie district)


4 Grodno

Golshanskiy Castle


4 Grodno

Grodno Castle-Old


4 Grodno

Grodno Castle - New


4 Grodno

Krevo Castle
(Smorgon District)


4 Grodno

Leeds Castle


4 Grodno

Lubcha Castle
(Novogrudskiy District)


4 Grodno

Mir Castle
(Karelichsky District)


4 Grodno

Novogrudskiy Castle


6 Vitebsk

Smolyanskiy Castle
(White Kovel, Orsha District)


6 Vitebsk

Vitebsk Castle


6 Vitebsk

Polotsk Castle Upper


6 Vitebsk

Polotsk Castle Lower


6 Vitebsk

Braslavsky Castle


7 Mogilev

Bobruisk Fortress


7 Mogilev

Bykhovsky Castle



Mozyrsky Castle



(Bragin Distgrict)


All AGB diplomas can be obtained by licensed radio amateurs and SWLs around the world. Your request (or GCR-list - (General Certification Rule)) should be certified by the signatures of two radio amateurs and payment of appropriate fee.

Payment of fees: This is one of a large series of awards offered by this club. The fees and how to transmit the funds are covered in detail in the main article in the K1BV DX AWARDS DIRECTORY in the BELARUS Section.

WARNING! Please send by mail to EU1EU only letters, without any attachments. All correspondence coming to Belarus, may be opened and examined by postal officials (which it does). Exceptions are registered letters with postcards. Express mail is viewed by customs for 4-5 days with all the consequences and side cut hastily sealed with adhesive tape.


Internet: Http:// or

Tks 6/6/13

SLOVENIA                      Radioclub Kofja Loka Award

Contact members of the Radioclub kofja Loka S59DKR on or after 1 January 2013. All bands and modes may be used. Multiple QSO`s on same day are OK if they are made on different modes or bands. SWL OK. 
Requirements: Europeans need 2, All other countries need 1.

The award may be earned each year and the valid period begins 1 January 00:00 GMT and ends 31 December 23:59GMT. The award has a new design every year. The award is issued only in electronic format and will be send it to your e-mail address.  To apply for the award , send a log extract in any kind of common text format (such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt) to e-mail with the subject of your message reading: "Radio club Skofja Loka award!".

A list of award recipients will be published each year on S59DKR web page



Tks DH1PAL 6/13

ESTONIA                            Estonian Flora and Fauna Awards (ESFF)

Contact stations operating from within Estonian National Parks  and Protected Areas.

Class I - Work at least 7 different parks or protected areas. 
Class II - Work at least 5 different parks or protected areas. 
Class III - Work at least 3 different parks or protected areas.

Each class is a separate award.  Send log extract including all the usual contact data.  Fee for the awards are 5E each.  It is possible to send funds to Valery Kuznetsov (ES4RX) Swedbank's account number 1104957249 or through PAYPAL to .  Make sure that you provide your home address and send data via e-mail to ES4RX ( ).

List of Parks and Protected areas: 

Tks K1BV Research 1/21/13

FRANCE                      DD-14 Diplome du Calvados

Contact stations in Dept 14.


French stations need five QSOs with the department 14.
All Others: 3 QSO with the department 14.


All stations need 3 QSO with department 14.

Send GCR list and fee of 5E to Award Manager: Alain Sosson F8JVI, Les Landes, Buceels 14250, France.


FRANCE                                   Diploma Castles Mayenne

Contact (SWL OK) at least 20 different castles located in the Department of Mayenne.  Send log extract and fee of 10E to: Claude Masson F6AEW, 130 Avenue Marechal Leclerc, F-63940 St. Berthevin, France or ARAM53, 4 Boulevard Frederic Chaplet, F-53000 Laval, France.

French Castle Listing: 
(Stations operating from/in vicinity of castles will send the official number, which for Mayenne will start with "53" and followed by a 3 digit serial number., 53-113.  Show this number in your application for each castle.)

K1BV Research 3/13/13

FRANCE                                DIPLÔME DES MOULINS DE LA SARTHE (D.C.S.)

Sponsored by F5OGC to promote the discovery of the cultural heritage of the Department of the Sarthe. The award is available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs.  Any mill shown in the official list of the mills produced by the D.M.S is valid for this award.  The award may use contacts on all bands and modes. A mill contacted on one or more bands or modes will still count for one required mill.

DMS Basic Award: 10 mills
DMS Excellence: 17 mills
DMS Honor: 25 mills

You may request the award be sent to you as a digital file. In this case there is no charge. Awards which are requested by mail must include fee of 10 euros. 
Application: Send certified extract from your logbook. No QSL is required. The log extract must indicate the D.M.F mills reference number and include other log information including dates and times in GMT.
Applications from SWLs should mention the call sign of the station that called the activator at the time you heard them. 
Apply to: Jacky Anjard F5OGC, 4 rue des pinsons, F-72450 Montfort Le Gesnois, France.

List mills

Tks PA3CUZ 2/2013

GERMANY                               Worked European Large Cities (WELC)

Sponsored by the OV Seligenstadt, F38 for contacting the largest cities of Europe.

Cities: Amsterdam, Athens, Belgrade, Bern, Berlin, Bonn, Brussels, Bucharest, Budapest, Dublin, Helsinki, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Lisbon, London, Luxembourg, Madrid, Moscow, Oslo, Paris, Prague, Rome, Reykjavik, Sofia, Stockholm, Warsaw, Vienna, Vilinius, Riga, Tallinn, Zagreb etc.

Class 1: 25 cities (DX = 18)
Class 2: 20 cities (DX = 15)
Class 3: 15 cities (DX = 12)

No restrictions on time, band or mode.  Send GCR list and fee of 10 € to Siegfried Hari DK9FN, P O. Box 1224, D-63488 Seligenstadt, Germany.


Tks K1BV Research 3/28/2013

GERMANY                                       LIMES DIPLOMA

The Limes Germanicus (Latin for Germanic frontier) was a line of frontier fortifications that bounded the ancient Roman provinces of Germania Inferior, Germania Superior and Raetia, dividing the Roman Empire and the unsubdued Germanic tribes from the years 83 to about 260 AD. At its height, the limes stretched from the North Sea outlet of the Rhine to near Regensburg on the Danube. Those two major rivers afforded natural protection from mass incursions into imperial territory, with the exception of a gap stretching roughly from Mogontiacum (Mainz) on the Rhine to Castra Regina (Regensburg) on the Danube.

The DARC Ortsverband F11 sponsors the Limes diploma. Available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs. The award is issued for contacting stations which are located along the boundary as described in the box above. Contacts on or after 1 Jan 2010. All bands and modes except packet radio are allowed.

QSO's with stations in the following DOKs count for the award:
A 19, 20, 30, 45
B 2, 4, 20, 24, 41
F 7, 9, 11, 13, 14, 17, 18, 22, 27, 31, 35, 38, 40, 43, 45, 46, 53, 61, 64, 65, 71, 74, 75
K 1, 5, 7, 8, 20, 30, 32, 43, 53, 56
P 20, 22, 23, 28, 41, 56
T 9, 21
U 5, 13, 24
Z 16, 33

Point Requirements
DL stations: 50 points, at least 8 DOK (from 7 districts)
EU stations: 25 points, at least 5 DOC (from 3 districts)
DX stations: 10 points, at least 3 DOK (from 2 districts)

Each station may be contacted only once per band.    Each station is worth one point, each YL station 3 points, each club station. = 5 points. Stations from the local chapter F11 count double.
At least one contact to an F11-station is required. Special DOKs may be used as wild cards. Participants operating from F11 may include this as confirmation of the GCR list.


In addition to the diploma, a Gladius (Roman sword of wood, about 50 cm long with a personal engraving) will be awarded if you earn the following higher scores:
DL stations: 100 points, at least 13 DOK (from 7 districts)
EU stations: 50 points, at least 8 DOK (from 5 districts)
DX stations: 20 points, at least 5 DOK (from 3 districts)
The fee for Gladius is € 20 which includes mailing costs.

To apply, send GCR list and fee of €7.50 for a printed diploma by mail or €2.50 as a pdf by email. German stations may use the DCL (Deutsches Contest Logbook) and may pay for the award. Apply to: Award manager: DL9WO, Klaus Woyczehowski, Lorsbachstr. 6, D-61440 Oberursel, Germany.

Endorsements for band or mode are available upon request. Easier and faster it is for DARC members by DCL (Deutsches Contest Logbook). The delivery of the diploma on receipt of payment of the diploma fee to the account of the OV Bad Homburg F 11: TaunusSparkasse, BLZ 512 500 00, Account No. 148 853 23



Tks K1BV Research 3/28/2013

GERMANY                                     Worked Old Germany Diploma

Sponsored by the OV Seligenstadt, F38. A number of German radio amateurs use QSL cards which feature the images of historical engravings of German cities. It is important to have the required number of the relevant QSLs in your possession. Send GCR list and fee of 10E to Award manager: Siegfried Hari DK9FN, P.O. Box 1224, D-63488 Seligenstadt, Germany.

Class 1: 18 subjects (DX = 12)
Class 2: 10 subjects (DX = 6)

No restrictions on time, band or mode.

E-mail: E-mail:

Tks K1BV Research 3/2013

GERMANY                                         Via Regia Award

The name of the award is the name of the oldest and longest roadway between eastern and western Europe. It has existed for more than 2,000 years and connects 8 European countries over it’s 4,500 km length. . To promote amateur radio activities along this historic street, the DARC Ortsverband Schöneck (F75), sponsors the Via Regia award to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs for proven contacts after 1 January 2010.

The award requires earning a minimum of 100 points.

HF Point values:
1. On shortwave contacts with all eight countries (Spain (EA), France (F), Belgium (ON), Germany (DL), Poland (SP), Ukraine (UR), Belarus (EU), Lithuania (LY)) are required .
2. Each contact with a station in these countries counts 5 points.
3. A contact with a station in the regional association Schöneck (F75) or Nidderau (F31) is worth 10 points, a contact with a club station of the two chapters is worth 20 points.

VHF Point Values,
1. contacts with stations from the states of Hesse (DOK F), Sachsen (DOK S), Saxony-Anhalt (DOK W) and Thuringia (DOK X) are required. These provinces are located along the "high road", an ancient trade route from Frankfurt to Leipzig which was part of the Via Regia. Each contact counts 5 points.
2. A contact with a station in the regional association Schöneck (F75) or Nidderau (F31) is worth 10 points, a contact with a club station of the two chapters is worth 20 points.
3. A contact with a station from F75 or F31 is mandatory.

Send GCR list by regular post or e-mail to . There is no band or mode restrictions. Each station can be counted only once per band. Relay or EchoLink contacts are allowed.

The diploma is free of charge and will be sent as a PDF file. If a printed version is desired, the cost is 5€ (Bank Wire Transfer Information Please inquire via email). Mailing address of the custodian is: Jurgen Keller DL4YCD, Am Neuberg 8, D-61137 Schoneck, GERMANY.

E-mail: Jürgen Keller, DL4YCD,

Tks K1BV Research 3/2013
Corrected 10/10/13

GERMANY         --- Brave Radio Friends Series ----
                                                                Young Ladies-Award  (added to their series) 

The international DX-group Brave Radio Friends has added  the Young Ladies-Award to their series. 
The award is open to all amateur radio operators and on a heard basis to shortwave listeners (SWL). 
Each YL worldwide only counts one time with her personal call sign. 
Club call signs or special event stations also count, provided that it is sure from the QSL card that the station was operated by a YL. In this case, however, each call sign only counts once, even if it was operated by different YLs. 
QSL cards by YL-SWLs also count towards the award. 
The basic award is issued for contacts with (SWLs must hear) 100 YL stations . There are upgrades in steps of 100 more YL stations (200, 300, 400, …). 
All contacts must have been made/heard from the same DXCC-entity. 
Any band, or combination of bands as well as any mode, or combination of modes, may be used. 
Contacts made through repeaters and other relays are not allowed.
There are no time restrictions. 
Contacts can have been made/heard prior to the start of this award. 
QSL cards with the surname of the (X)YL on it must be in the possession of the applicant, but they do not have to be sent in. 
Send a list with the contacts made/heard plus the applicant’s word of honor that he/she has the QSL cards is sufficient. 
The list must contain the surname of the YL operator. 
In case of doubt, the award manager may ask for a copy of the QSL card to be sent by e-mail. 
Applications must contain the following details: station worked/heard, the YL’s surname, band, mode, date, time. 
The award can only be applied for electronically by e-mail to  The award will only be sent electronically and there is no award fee.


                                                                     Lions Award (added to their series) 


BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS offers this award to all interested OP or SWL for working its members. A lion’s head is the emblem of BRF, so the awards show pictures of this animal. 
The basic award is for working/hearing ten members of BRF according to the member list on our website at "Members". (

Different awards will be issued for working additional members in steps of ten (10/20/30 etc).

 The applicant must be in possession of the QSL cards of the members, but these do not have to be sent in. The application must include a list of the stations and full details on the QSO (date, time, mode, band).  Please, only use one of the following files: txt, doc, xls, pdf, jpg.

There are no band, mode or time restrictions. The QSOs can have been made prior to the member’s joining the club. The members also count when they have used a club or special event call sign or a dxpedition call sign, as long as the member is clearly identifiable on the QSL. In such a case, applicants must give the member’s call sign together with the special callsign in their application. QSL cards by members do also count if they did not operate from their home country. Each member, however, only counts once. SWL cards by members of BRF also count towards the award.
The award is only available as a pdf. There is no award fee.

Send your application via e-mail to


SWL I3-65709


GERMANY                       BRAVE RADIO CLUB               Club 300 Award 

Amateurs and SWLs who have more than 300 current DXCC-entities confirmed by QSL can apply for this free pdf award by Brave Radio Friends. They only have to send the number of current DXCCs confirmed.

While the award is only for members of BRF, this will not be a problem as applicants who fulfil the requirements of the award also meet the requirements for a free lifetime membership in BRF. Applicants for the Club 300 Award who are not members of BRF yet have sent their number of DXCCs and must agree to become a free lifetime member of the club.

Send application to:
All information on BRF can be found on


The German-Amateur Radio Club, local DOK S26, sponsors this award which may be earned by all amateurs and SWLs for contacts with stations operating within 1000 meters of German castles in the Province of Saxony on or after 1 January 2013. .

Each castle has been assigned a "Saxon castles Number" (SAX-No). This SAX No. must be clearly marked on the QSL card. All bands and modes OK. Each castle with a SAX-number counts one point for the award. Each castle may only be worked one time for the award.

The award will be issued in three classes: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Point Requirements:
                                 Bronze             Silver             Gold
DL stations                   8                    15                 30
Other EU stations         4                     8                   15
DX stations                  3                     6                   12

SAX-numbers list: The current list of castles with the identification numbers and SAX Descriptions of the sites can be found at .

Send GCR list of the confirmed list of QSLs received. Activators: see separate rules. Send application to: Steffen Braun, DJ5AM, Crostauer Weg, 34, D-01324 Dresden, Germany.


There is no fee for the award for activator stations for all their points earned through such activations. There is also no charge made for awards, for which the applicant receives the award through e-mail. This is a high resolution file in JPG format, about 3.5 MB. Also free of charge is the diploma for DX. For all other applicants, the diploma fee 7€ .Source: DARC/DF3UX

E-mail: .

Tks DARC/DF3UX 2/25/13


The Mills Of Guadeloupe Diploma (DMG-971.) is intended to promote the heritage of the island of Guadeloupe. In the years 1820/1830, in Guadeloupe there were nearly 240 sugar mills on the island which were used to grind the cane to produce sugar. The award requires you to contact different sites which have operated within 100m of the old mills in Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe is considered to be a part of the French Postal System which assigns five digit codes to each city or town, and the codes beginning with "971" are used for Guadeloupe. Contacts on or after: January 1, 2013.

This award may be obtained by any amateur radio or SWL who have contacted and confirmed the required numbers of Moulins of the island of Guadeloupe and islets.
1. DIPLOMA DMG-971 (10) different codes to confirm 10 mills.
2. DIPLOMA DMG-971 (25) different codes to confirm 25 mills.
3. PLAQUE DMG-971 (from 100 mills TBC) DMG-971 Manager

A list of mills Guadeloupe is established with reference to promotion of DMG-971.  For mills without references, a number will be assigned to new activations from which at least 50 contacts for the site have been made to be "valid" with the requirement that the activity has occurred within 100m of the site.

1. Guadeloupe amateurs are exempt from the requirement to send QSLs to ACRA Radio Club.
2. It should be noted that the electronic QSL with reference to the mill, or EQSL QSL received by email are accepted.
3. GCR by an official of any national or local club is accepted.

Each mill is given a reference number in the form of: DMG971AABB where AA is the postal code and BB code (00-99) identifies the specific mill in their master list.
References are allocated by the AIDA club, and the DMG-971-Manager
Each station activating a mill of Guadeloupe can use the specific references.
No other reference number will be valid for this degree.
Since Guadeloupe is considered a part of France, their mills will count for any French award for contacting mills.
A small contribution to the diploma and the plaque will be required. Contact sponsor for details.
Apply to: RADIO CLUB A.C.R.A FG5KC, 58 Terrassons, 97139 ABYMES, GUADELOUPE.


Tks K1BV Research 3/17/13

ICELAND      --- Icelandic Radio Amateurs Association Series ---

Refer to the Iceland section of the Online Directory for general rules, fees etc.

The Iceland Digital Award

Contact Icelandic Amateur Radio stations using digital modes of communication.  Contact at least two Icelandic stations using Digital Modes.

Tks TF5B New 6/23/13

ITALY             ---ARI Awards---                                TOP LIST AWARD

The Diploma is a part of the ARI series, and is awarded to all DXers who can demonstrate that they have worked the necessary numbers of "band-countries" as required by the rules. The minimum for qualifying for the award is 1000 countries, using all HF bands between 10 and 160 meters, and includes WARC band contacts.

Endorsements are available every additional 100 countries confirmed up to 2000 countries.

Only ARRL DXCC countries are valid, excluding deleted ones. To apply, you should send a list of the total number of countries in each band confirmed without listing the individual countries.

Beginning with 3 March 2009, confirmed QSOs in the database LoTW QSO confirmed in online logs are considered valid for the award. For others, you must declare that the cards are in your possession. The Award Manager can ask for proof if necessary.

The printed Diploma costs 10€, $US13 or 13 IRC. If you are willing to accept a PDF file of the award image, the certificate is free of charge.

Endorsement stickers of additional numbers of band countries between 1100 and 2000 points may be requested after the initial award is issued.

The award is managed by IK2QPO c / o ARI, Via Scarlatti 31-20124 Milan, Italy.


In addition to the top list award, you may also participate in three additional classifications that are updated and published every month to the following address:

A. The TOPBAND list reports the total number of countries confirmed on different HF bands, WARC included, so mixed as in the Diploma Favourites.

B. The TOPMODE list reports the total number of countries confirmed in using the modes of SSB, CW and RTTY (including all digital modes).

C. The third classification, GENERAL TOPLIST, shows the total combined number of the previous two lists.

You can participate in any or all of the lists.


ITALY — ARI Series —

Diplome of ARI Sezioni (ARI Sections)

For administrative purposes, the ARI is divided into "Sections". The goal of this award is to contact the highest number of ASC and ASC Ordinary or Special SASC by QSO / SWL with amateur radio stations belonging to members of the ARI or ARI groups operating from Italian territory except as noted in the rules. Contacts for this award on or after 1 January 2013.

ASC Ordinary: the initials ASC means ARI Section Code. ASC Ordinary is an acronym made up of one letter and two numbers that identifies the sections of 'ARI on the Italian territory.

Special or SASC ASC: ASC Special or SASC is an alphanumeric code in which the first letter draws regional allocation of ASC Ordinary and must differ from the letter-number scheme-number of its ordinary ASC. The SASC is attributed dall'Award Manager ARI National Sections, or Groups holding name IQ and enrolled in a ARI, which apply for them to celebrate special and time limited events.

TSA may also be given to stations operating with special callsign (prefixes II, IO, IP and IR) as a Special Event Stations (but not in contests), Italian stations with call signs ordinary temporarily operating outside the borders or Italy for institutional reasons, military or scientific purposes (eg from scientific stations, from polar stations, from peacekeeping missions in other countries). This excludes business or vacation purposes. Requests for assignments of SASC must be made on the forms provided in Annex 1 or Annex 2.

Validity of QSO / HRD: these rules apply to all contacts / listening with stations operated by ARI members, operating from Italian territory or outside it if they have special ASC as the previous paragraph. They are also applicable if made with special callsigns assigned to Contests (in this case, only ordinary ASC) or Special Event Stations (prefixes II, IO, IP and IR - ASC ordinary or SASC) and only if you can identify the Section membership Amateur Radio Call of where the special call was allocated, or that the station is going through a Special ASC (SASC). The stations with prefix IY (Marconiane stations) can only count as ASC Special.

All bands and modes allocated to amateur radio service are valid. Repeater or Internet (VOIP) QSOs do not count. The contacts / listening must have been confirmed by QSL paper. Use of e-QSL and systems as LoTW are not allowed.

The basic award is issued for 100 (ASC-100) confirmations. Endorsements are provided for every additional 50 ASC beyond the first 100 (ASC-150, ASC-200, ASC-250). After 250 ASC, endorsement increments are 10 ASC. Above 300 ASC endorsements may be of a single ASC. Endorsements may be requested from the manager only after of three months have passed since the last endorsement.

The basic award and endorsements require the use of a simple form (see Appendix 3) with the list of ASC in alphabetical order and for each of these data for QSO / HRD (Call, Date, Time, Band and mode). Cards do not have to be submitted, but they must be in your possession and may be required for checks at any time. Lists prepared by software are also acceptable, provided they contain all required data. Direct requests to: National Award Manager

The section code may be detrmined by use of a special search engine that will be implemented on the site of the ARI . Enter the name of the ASC and provide year of contact. By year considering the calendar year regardless of the changes that can occur during that year. For example, if a member moves from Section X Section Y in October 2013, will continue to use the code of Section X up to 31/12/2013 and will begin to use the code of Section Y from 01/01/2014.

The basic award is for mixed (all bands / all modes) contacts. After obtaining the Diploma Basic level, you may request endorsements for single band / all modes and single mode / all bands. The endorsements are available: (1) VOICE (SSB / AM / FM), (2) CW, (3) DIGITAL (which includes all digital modes) and (4) SATELLITE (which also includes the EME), while the endorsements of bands to be 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m and 2m.

Costs: all diplomas are free and will be sent by e-mail to the applicant only in digital format.

List of the 292 active sections up to 9/2012 with the codes in place, the ASC codes and names IQ may be found at: 
The table looks like this:

(1)     (2)         (3)           (4)
6701    A01        L'AQUILA      IQ6VP
6703    A02        AVEZZANO
6601    A03        CHIETI        IQ6TH
6602    A04        LANCIANO      IQ6LN
6403    A05        NERETO        IQ6NE
6501    A06        PESCARA       IQ6PE
6402    A07        ROSETO DEGLI ABRUZZI   IQ6RS
6401    A08        TERAMO        IQ6TM
6603    A09        VASTO - SAN SALVO
(1) Old Sezione Code
(2) ASC Ordinary Code
(3) Name of the Sezione town/city
(4) ASC IQ callsign for some special events.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/27/13

ITALY                                "SICILY BEDDA - BEAUTIFUL SICILY"

Issued by the MSAR GROUP - Amateur Radio Sicilians in the World. This diploma is awarded to all stations OM and SWL who have contacted / heard at least one station from each of the 9 Sicilian provinces:    Salermo - Catania - Messina - Trapani - Agrigento - Caltanissetta - Dubrovnik - Syracuse - Enna.

Send a photo-copy of each of the QSLs received and fee of € 10.00 ($US15). The award is issued as one category of MIXED which includes ssb, cw or digital contacts. 
Apply to: Gambino Carmelo, Via Galileo Galilei, 163, I-90145 PALERMO, ITALY or by e-mail to: .

The award fee may be made via Postepay N ° 4023 6006 0487 7680 Gambino headed to Carmel - Cod.Fisc. - GMBCML65L04G273M or PayPal to or (at the risk of the sender) can be sent in an envelope with the request.


Tks K1BV Research 7/24/13

ITALY — European Radioamateur Association Club (E.R.A.) Series — (4 awards)

General rules: All the awards are available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs, and you do not have to be a member of the E.R.A. to apply. All contacts must have been made on or after 9 Sept 1995, the E.R.A. founding date. All modes (CW, Phone, Digital and Satellite) and bands OK, except that contacts made by repeaters and echolink are not valild. Copies of the cards must be submitted, either by mail or images sent by e-mail to the award custodian. E-QSL confirmations not accepted. Fee for each award is 5€ to Luca Clary IW7EEQ, Corso Italia 377, E-74121 Taranto, Italy.



European Countries Award

Work and confirm as many as possible European DXCC entities.. 69 exist , but a minimum of 20 countries is required.


Valid European entities are:

1. 1A S.M.O.M
2. 3A Monaco
3. 4O Montenegro
4. 4U ITU Geneva
5. 9A Croatia
6. 9H Malta
7. C3 Andorra
8. CT Portugal
9. CU Azores
10. DL Germany,
11. E7 Bosnia-Herzegovina
12. EA Spain
13. EA6 Balearic
14. EI Ireland

15. ER Moldava
16. ES Estonia
17. EV White Russia
18. F France
19. G England
20. GD Isle of Man
21. GI North Ireland
22. GJ Isle of Jersey
23. GM Scotland
24. GU Isle of Guernsey
25. GW Wales
26. HA Hungary
27. HB Switzerland
28. HB0 Liechtenstein

29. HV Vatican City
30. I Italy
31. IS Sardinia
32. JW Svalbard
33. JX Jan Mayen
34. LA Norway
35. LX Luxembourg
36. LY Lithuania
37. LZ Bulgaria
38. OE Austria
39. OH Finland
40. OH0 Aland
41. OJ0 Market Reef
42. OK Czech Republic

43. OM Slovak Republic
44. ON Belgium
45. OY Faroe
46. OZ Denmark
47. PA Netherlands
48. R1FJ Franz Josef Land
49. R1MV Malyj Vusotskij
50. S5 Slovenia
51. SM Sweden
52. SP Poland
53. SV Greece
54. SV1/A Athos
55. SV5 Dodecanese
56. SV9 Crete

57. T7 San Marino
58. TA Turkey (European side TA1) 
59. TF Iceland
60. TK Corsica
61. UA Russia
62. UA2 Kaliningrad
63. UR Ucraine
64. YL Latvia
65. YO Romania
66. YU Serbia
67. Z3 Macedonia
68. ZA Albania
69. ZB Gibraltar



Diploma E.R.A. Six Continents

This certificate is issued to all stations who have contacted and confirmed at least 2 DXCC entities in each of the 6 continents.

In addition to the "mixed" mode (ie counting the QSO regardless of connection mode), at the express request of the applicant for the Certificate may be issued solely for the "voice", "CW", "digital" or "satellite".

The continents are: Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania.

Regolamento Diploma E.R.A. Regione Sicilia

Contact and confirmed at least 5 of the 9 provinces of Sicily. Stations located in Sicily require

three provinces excluding the one from which they are operating.

Identifying Provinces: an easy way to identify the provinces is to examine the postal code on the address. In many cases, the card will include the province "abbreviation" as well.



Postal Code Used












95121-95131 (Catania)








98121-98168 (Messina)


















Regolamento Diploma E.R.A. Regione Sardegna

This certificate is issued to all stations Ham and SWL, who contact and confirm at least 5 of the 8 provinces of Sardinia. Stations in Sardinia, must contact least three provinces excluding their own province.

Identifying Provinces: an easy way to identify the provinces is to examine the postal code on the address. In many cases, the card will include the province "abbreviation" as well.



Postal Code Used




09121-09134 (Cagliari)






Medio Campindano












Olbia Temple












K1BV Research 2/5/13

ITALY — IK3GER Awards Series —      (6 awards) (+8 added 6/28/13)

General Requirements: These awards are available to OM/SWLs, and valid contacts will will be on or after 1.1.1985. Cards are not required, just a list of all the appropriate QSO data and specific data required by the award such as name of town, port, code, etc. as shown in the rules in alphabetical or numerical order. All of the awards are free, and will be sent to you via email in the format of a PDF or JPEG file. Send your application via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo Corsetti at e-mail address shown below.


PO River Award


The Po river is the longest of the Italian rivers, running for 650 Kms from the west to the east of Italy, crossing the entire Pianura Padana and flowing into the Adriatic Sea. "The Po River Award" is issued to both OM/SWL who have worked/heard Italian stations whose QTH is located in the Regions described at point A) and in the Provinces described at point B).

To apply for the award you must make :
A) 1 QSO with any province of the following four Regions
Piemonte ( I1 ),
Lombardia ( I2 ),
Veneto ( I3 ),
Emilia-Romagna ( I4 );

B) 1 QSO with at least 8 of the following 13 provinces :

Province ZIP code Province ID Region
Alessandria 15xxx AL Piemonte
Cremona 26xxx CR Lombardia
Cuneo 12xxx CN Piemonte
Ferrara 44xxx FE Emilia-Romagna
Lodi 269xx LO Lombardia
Mantova 6xxxx MN Lombardia
Parma 43xxx PR Emilia-Romagna
Pavia 27xxx PV Lombardia
Piacenza 29xxx PC Emilia-Romagna
Reggio-Emilia 42xxx RE Emilia-Romagna
Rovigo 45xxx RO Veneto
Torino 10xxx TO Piemonte
Vercelli 13xxx VC Piemonte

Note:. Stations contacted for the Provinces ( point B ) must be different from those worked for the Regions. That is you can not use the same station for a specific Region and use it again for a specific province within that same Region. For example : if I1AAA is located in Piemonte you can use it only for the region Piemonte of for a province located in Piemonte. Remember : All 4 Regions must be worked, at least 8 Provinces must be worked, a total of 12 QSOs.


Worked Italian Communes Award

The "Commune" in Italy, is the smallest governmental/administrative unit. As of October 2012 there are 8,092 communes over the Italian peninsula, major and minor islands. The purpose of this award is to encourage contacts with Italian stations located in these communes.

Identifying Communes:

1. In principle, the name of the commune will be detected from the address appearing on the QSL card;
2. QSL cards showing no address or referring to portable operation ( /P ) will be accepted only if it is possible to ascertain the name of the commune from which the operation has taken place ( i.e. activity from castles, lakes, abbeys, lighthouses etc. ) otherwise they will not be accepted for this award;
3. for QSL cards without any or partial address is not recommended to look for the address on online callbooks as the address could not be updated due to change of residence over the years;
4. QSL cards without any address and showing only the manager’s address, do not use his address;
5. QSL cards referring to special callsigns used by different operators from different QTHs are not valid.

The award may be endorsed, upon request, for any specific mode, band, mixed etc. Basic award is issued for 100 confirmed communes, upgrades are possible in steps of
250 ( i.e. 250, 500, 750, 1000 etc. )
QSL cards are not needed but in case of any dispute concerning the identification
of the commune the manager reserves the right to request photocopy/scan of the QSL.

Send your application ( Excel/PDF file you have downloaded ) to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo Corsetti.

Application Form:

(An XLS spreadsheet is also available. See their web site.)
The online documents list all known communes and will be very useful to keep records of communes contacted/confirmed.


Worked Italian Ports

There are many Italian coastal towns which have a port facility. To obtain the diploma you will need QSOs with a required number of these towns/ports.

List of valid towns/ports :

Alghero, Amalfi, Ancona, Anzio, Arbatax, Augusta, Bagnoli, Bari, Barletta, Brindisi, Cagliari, Capri, Carrara, Castellammare di Stabia, Catania, Chioggia,
Cirò Marina, Civitavecchia, Crotone, Fano, Fiumicino, Gaeta, Gallipoli, Gela, Genova, Gioia Tauro, Imperia, La Maddalena, La Spezia, Livorno, Marsala,
Mazzara del Vallo, Messina, Milazzo, Monfalcone, Napoli, Olbia, Oristano, Ortona, Otranto, Palermo, Pesaro, Pescara, Piombino, Portoferraio, Porto Torres, PortoCesareo, Porto Empedocle, Porto San Giorgio, Portofino, Pozzallo, Rapallo, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Rimini, Salerno, San Benedetto del Tronto, Sanremo,
Savona, Siracusa, Taormina, Taranto, Termoli, Terracina, Torre del Greco, Trapani, Trieste, Venezia, Viareggio, Vieste, Villa San Giovanni.

Award Requirements:

a) European Stations
30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed endorsement
20 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY etc. endorsement

b) DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, North and South America, Oceania )
20 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed endorsement
10 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY etc. endorsement.

Worked Italian Prefixes

This set of 3 different awards may be requested by Italian and foreign OM/SWL who have worked/heard the required number of prefixes used by Italian OMs. The definition of a prefix follows generally the same rules as for the WPX award. For example, I1, I2, I3, I4, IZ0, IZ1, IZ2 etc. are all different prefixes. Prefix with no number, i.e. I/DL1AA, counts as I0/DL1AA.

Prefixes used by stations operating from San Marino ( T7 ), SMOM ( 1A0 ) and the Vatican City ( HV ) are not accepted under this award.

At present there are more than 100 different prefixes used by Italian hams ( block IAAZ-IAZZ ). The award will be issued in 3 different classes according to the number of prefixes worked/heard.

Class 3 - For having worked/heard at least 30 different prefixes
Class 2 -
For having worked/heard at least 50 different prefixes
Class 1 -
For having worked/heard at least 100 different prefixes.

Endorsements may be requested for HF, VHF, SSB, CW, mixed modes, etc.

Worked Italian Seas

Work/hear Italian stations whose QTH is located in provinces of the Italian regions which are bathed by the 5 Italian seas. Valid locations are detailed below :

Adriatic Sea 1 QSO/HRD with each of the seven listed provinces :
IV3 Friuli V.G. ( ZIP code 33xxx, 34xxx )
I3 Veneto ( ZIP code 30xxx, 31xxx, 32xxx, 35xxx, 36xxx, 37xxx )
I4 Emilia-Romagna ( ZIP code 29xxx, 40xxx, 41xxx, 42xxx, 43xxx,
44xxx, 47xxx, 48xxx )
I6 Marche ( ZIP code 60xxx, 61xxx, 62xxx, 63xxx )
I6 Abruzzo ( ZIP code 64xxx, 65xxx, 66xxx, 67xxx )
I8 Molise ( ZIP code 86xxx )
I7 Puglia ( ZIP code 70xxx, 71xxx, 72xxx , 73xxx, 74xxx, 76xxx )

Ionian Sea 1 QSO/HRD with each of the four listed provinces:
IT9 Sicily
I7 Puglia ( ZIP code 70xxx, 71xxx, 72xxx , 73xxx, 74xxx, 76xxx )
I7 Basilicata ( ZIP code 75xxx, 85xxx )
I8 Calabria ( ZIP code 87xxx, 88xxx, 89xxx )

Mediterranean Sea 1 QSO with the province of Sicily:
IT9 Sicily

Tyrrhenian Sea 1 QSO with each of the six listed provinces:
I5 Toscana ( ZIP code 50xxx, 51xxx, 52xxx, 53xxx, 54xxx, 55xxx, 56xxx, 57xxx, 58xxx, 59xxx )
I0 Lazio ( ZIP code 00xxx, 01xxx, 02xxx, 03xxx, 04xxx )
I8 Campania ( ZIP code 80xxx, 81xxx, 82xxx, 83xxx, 84xxx )
I8 Basilicata ( ZIP code 75xxx, 85xxx )
I8 Calabria ( ZIP code 87xxx, 88xxx, 89xxx )
IT9 Sicily

Worked Italian ZIP’s (Postal Codes)

The purpose of this award is to encourage contacts with Italian stations located in different QTHs that have different ZIP codes ( in Italian this is referred to as the CAP, Codice Avviamento Postale ). Stations located in San Marino, the Vatican City and the SMOM are not accepted for this award.

To apply for the award you need confirmation of 100 different ZIPs. Endorsements will be issued for each additional 100.

The ZIP code may be determined from the QSL card. Stations operating /P will be accepted too only if it is possible to ascertain the place from which the operation has taken place ( i.e. activity from castles, lakes, abbeys, lighthouses etc. ) otherwise it will not be accepted for this award.

Upon request, the award may be endorsed by band, mode, HF, VHF etc.

In case of any dispute concerning the identification of a ZIP code the manager reserves the right to request photocopy/scan of the QSL.

Tks OH3GZ 2/6/13

These additional awards were added on 6/28/13 and are described on:


Work stations from all continents and with the first letter of their suffix form the phrase "Amateur Radio" plus your own call sign.
For Example : assume that IK3GER is applying for this certificate. He will have to
work stations with whose first letter of the suffix he could be able to build the phrase "Amateur Radio IK3GER".
For example this is one of many valid ways to earn the award: W3ABC, G0MGR, JA3AAS, VK2TER, LU1EAQ, CN8US, DL0RA + ZS6RS, UA0AAB, UA1DER, VE3IO, ON6OT + SM3IOW, OK3KAQ, 3B8FC, PY1GWE, EE5E, UN7RT.

As regards the number "3" in the call of IK3GER, he may use any DXCC country starting with the number 3 such as 3A, 3B6, 3B7, 3B8, 3B9, 3C, 3D, 3X, 3Z etc. But if he has worked no country with the figure 3 in the prefix he may turn the number 3 into letters and so becoming "three", and consequently work more stations with whose first letter in the suffix he will have to build the word "three". This last option may be useful for those hams who have, for example, number "1" in the call. In fact there are only two countries with "1" in the prefix, namely 1A0 and 1S.

Further requirements:

If there are duplicate letters in the phrase you are going to build, you must use different calls. Considering again the application of IK3GER, he has some double letters ( such as 3 "A’s" which are underlined ) "Amateur Radio IK3GER" it is mandatory that among the call signs you are going to use there must be at least one call from each of the following continents : Africa, Asia, Europe, Oceania, North America, South America.


Worked Italian Large Cities Award (WILC)

The "W.I.L.C." certificate is available to OM/SWLs who have worked a certain number of large Italian cities. According to data coming from internet, there are about 50 cities in Italy whose resident population is 100,000 and more. Beneath you find a list of 50 large cities qualifying for the award.

List of large cities :Ancona, Andria, Arezzo, Bari, Bergamo, Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Cagliari, Catania, Cesena, Ferrara, Firenze, Foggia, Forlì, Genova, Giugliano in Campania, Latina, Lecce, Livorno, Messina, Milano, Modena, Monza, Napoli, Novara, Padova, Palermo, Parma, Perugia, Pescara, Piacenza, Prato, Ravenna, Reggio Calabria, Reggio Emilia, Rimini, Roma, Salerno, Sassari, Siracusa, Taranto, Terni, Torino, Trento, Trieste, Udine, Venezia, Verona, Vicenza. The "W.I.L.C." is issued in 2 classes, depending on the number of large cities that you have worked.

WILC Class 2 .. 30 QSOs/HRDs

WILC Class 1 .. 50 QSOs/HRDs

On request you may get any endorsement for band, mode, HF, VHF, Satellites etc.
QSL cards are not needed, just send a list of QSOs/HRDs as shown in the example below.

Example of Application ( order by City )
City            C A L L      Date          UTC      MHz       2x

Milano         I2AAA      10/03/1997  10.40      14       SSB
Roma         I0BBB         21/11/2011 09.33       7        CW

Cattedrali Italiane Diploma


The award "Italian Cathedrals" is issued to OM/SWL for contacts with Italian cities/towns where cathedrals are located.

Requirements :
1. European Stations

     100 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
     50 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

2. DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )

     50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
     30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc.

Example of application – in order by town
City/Town      C A L L      Date            UTC       MHz      2 x

Trieste             IV3DYS     10/03/1997  10.40        14       SSB
Venezia           IK3GER      21/11/2011 09.33         7        CW

A complete list of Italian Cities with a cathedral is found at:

Citta’ D’Arte Diploma

The award is issued to OM/SWL for contact with Italian "towns of art" and according to the following requirements :

European Stations
50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
25 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )
30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
10 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc.

Example of application – order by town
Città           C A L L          Data        UTC      MHz      2 x

Trieste         IV3DYS       10/03/1997 10.40      14       SSB
Venezia       IK3GER       21/11/2011 09.33       7       CW

Complete list of the valid cities/towns classified as Cities of Art is found at:

Italian Airports Diploma

The award is issued to OM/SWL for contact with cities/towns with an International/National airport.

European stations

50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )

30 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
20 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc.

Example of application – order by town
City/Town     C A L L          Date           UTC        MHz          2 x

Trieste           IV3DYS         10/03/1997  10.40         14          SSB
Venezia         IK3GER         21/11/2011   09.33         7           CW

Complete list of Italian Cities with air ports is found at:

Musei Italiani Diploma

The award "Musei Italiani – Italian Museums" is issued to OM/SWL for contact with Italian cities/towns with a museum.

Requirements :
European Stations

70 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
50 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only )

DX Stations ( Africa, Asia, No. e South America, Oceania )

50 QSO/HRD for SSB and/or mixed application
30 QSO/HRD for CW, RTTY, DIGI application ( single mode only ).

You may request any endorsement for band, mode, etc.

Example of application – order by town
City/Town    C A L L              Date            UTC        MHz        2 x

Trieste          IV3DYS           10/03/1997     10.40         14         SSB
Venezia        IK3GER            21/11/2011    09.33         7           CW

Complete list of Italian cities with Museums found at:

Work the World (WTW)

The award "WTW – Work The World" is issued to both OM/SWL who have carried out QSO/HRD with DXCC countries in the continents of Europe, Africa, Asia, North America, South America, Oceania, Antarctica.

The diploma is issued in the following classes and for each class there is a different diploma :
Class 1
You need 4 QSOs with each of the above 7 continents except for Antarctica where you need only 1 QSO. Each QSO must be on a different band ( 25 QSO in total );
Class 2

You need 3 QSOs with each of the above 7 continents except for Antarctica where you need only 1 QSO. Each QSO must be on a different band ( 19 QSO in total );

On request you may get any endorsement for mode, HF, DIGI, Satellites etc.

Example of application for Class 1
Continent C A L L Date UTC MHz 2 x

1 Europe IV3DYS xx xx 3.5 xx
2 Europe DF5WA xx xx 7 xx
3 Europe G3ABC xx xx 10 xx
4 Europe F6AA xx xx 28 xx
1 Africa TL8JD xx xx 7 xx
..............................etc for the rest of the QSOs.
Total 25 QSO.

Amerigo Vespucci Diploma

The Italian explorer and navigator Amerigo Vespucci was born in Florence on March 18, 1454. He made 4 voyages towards South & Central America touching the following countries : 
     1st voyage : 1497-1498 Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, Florida
     2nd voyage : 1499-1500 Guyana, Brasil, Trinidad
     3rd voyage : 1501 Cape Verde, Argentina, Uruguay, Argentina ( Patagonia region )
     4th voyage : 1503-1504 Brasil, Island of Fernando de Norohna.

The diploma is issued to both OM/SWL provided the required number of contacts/heards is fulfilled as specified in the rules.

A) Diploma Class 1
Carry out 2 QSOs, each one on a different band, (26 QSOs needed) with all the following DXCC countries :
1. Argentina . . . . . . ( LU…any region )
2. Argentina . . . . . . ( only Patagonia region LU..V-W-X-Z )
3. Brasil . . . . . . ( PY… )
4. Cape Verde . . . . . . ( D4… )
5. Colombia . . . . . . ( HK… )
6. Cuba . . . . . . ( CO… )
7. Fernando de Norohna Is. ( PY0F… )
8. Florida . . . . . . ( W4... )
9. French Guyana . . ( FY… )
10. Guyana . . . . . . ( 8R… )
11. Uruguay . . . . . . ( CX… )
12. Trinidad & Tobago ( 9Y… )
13. Venezuela . . . . . . ( YV… )

B) Diploma Class 2

Carry out 1 QSO with all the DXCC countries listed at point A). ( 13 QSOs needed ).

Endorsement may by requested for SSB, CW DIGI etc.

Country                         C A L L                    Date          UTC        MHz       2 x
1 Argentina                     LU1AA                       xx               xx            xx            xx
2 Argentina ( Patagonia ) LU7ZI                         xx               xx            xx            xx
3 Cuba                           CO1AA                      xx               xx             xx            xx

Tks OH3GZ 6/28/13

ITALY                      Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award      (Rewrite)

1) The WAIL Award (Worked All Italian Lighthouses) has been managed and issued by the ARI Genova Club since June 1st, 2013, and previously managed by the ARI Nizza Monferrato Club. The Award is established to promote the Italian lighthouse heritage and to support portable ham radio activities at lighthouses of Italy.

2) The Award will be issued: 
- to any Italian/foreign OM/YL/SWL (
"hunter"), who will contacts/SWL at least 30 Italian lighthouses from 5 different Italian Regions; or to any Italian/foreign OM/YL ("activator"), who will have activated at least 10 Italian lighthouses.

3) All bands and modes OK respecting the Band Plan. QSOs via repeaters and cross band are forbidden in any case.

4) To pursue the WAIL Award, an official lighthouse directory is available from the Award Manager Andrea Nuzzi (IZ8WNH) and the Technical Referee Roberto Pittimo (IZ1TRK) upon request, and from the WAIL website (
5) The lighthouse directory is based on information published by the Italian Navy, available from Any additions and deletions of references, proposed by activators will be evaluated by both the Award Manager and the Technical Referee only. Their decision is final.
6) References deleted from previous directories but confirmed/validated until May 31st 2013 will be considered as valid for pursuing the Award.

7) No QSLs verification is requested to OM/YL hunters, as QSOs will be proved automatically. SWLs will be asked to send a copy of their logbook in ADIF format.
8) The award is issued to any OM/YL/SWL upon request, filling in the form at The award is free of charge in the electronic version and it is sent by e-mail. In the paper version, a contribution of Euros 10 (US dollars 15) is requested to cover shipping costs. The deposit can be charged after receiving instructions on how to do from the Award Manager.
9) Endorsements ("Steps") and "Honor Roll" are envisaged, too. Endorsements, both for hunters and activators, consist of special awards issued stepwise every 35 confirmed references and until complete confirmation of all the references, following the schedule below:

Activator (N° confirmed references) WAIL Award Hunter (N° confirmed references)

Award Level Activator Hunter
Basic 10 30
First Step 45 85
Second Step 80 100
Third Step 115 135
Fourth Step 150 170
Honor Roll All All

Refer to website for rules affecting ACTIVATORs.

k) The 20 Italian Regions are listed below:

- Val d’Aosta (Aosta Valley)
- Piemonte (Piedmont)
- Liguria
- Lombardia (Lombardy)
- Veneto
- Trentino Alto Adige
- Friuli Venezia Giulia
- Emilia Romagna
- Toscana (Tuscany)
- Marche
- Lazio
- Umbria
- Abruzzo
- Molise
- Puglia (Apulia)
- Campania
- Basilicata
- Calabria
- Sicilia (Sicily)
- Sardegna (Sardinia)

E-mail: Applications to sponsor should use the webform found on their website.
E-mail for IZ8WNH:
Internet: List of valid lighthouses of Italy: .
Internet: Award rules:

Tks OH3GZ 7/26/13

ITALY                                        Liri Waterfalls Award

The award was established to publicize the three waterfalls of the River Liri which passes through the town of Isola del Liri. The main waterfall is about 30 meters high and is one of the few waterfalls to occupy the center of a town.  The Diploma can be earned by showing proof of having contacted / heard a number of radio amateurs which are permanent residents in the Province of Frosinone or live in Isola del Liri. Contacts on or after 1 April 2013.

Point Values:
Normal Stations living in province of Frosinone = 1 point;
QRP stations in province of Frosinone = 3 points;
Jolly stations (special wild card stations) IQ0DC – IQ0MA – IQ0FN – or other jolly stations = 5 points;
Stations permanently resident in Isola del Liri = 4 points.
(Same values as above for SWL’s.
Same station may be contacted more than once a day if QSOs are on different bands and/or modes with at least a one-hour interval between one contact and the next.

Required Points:
Stations in the province of Frosinone need 60.
Italian stations outside the province of Frosinone need 50.;
European stations need 30.
All others need 15 points.
The above scoring system is also valid for SWL stations.
The Diploma may be awarded in two ways, Free or Fee

1. A payment, printed on "parchment" and mailed to the address indicated in the request. In these modes, the applicant must make a deposit of Euro 10€ or $US13) by using electronic funds transfer making a payment to PostPay n ° 4023 6006 2876 3569 payable to Duro Daniele - C.F. DRUDNL63D14E340V.

2. Free of charge, on request can be issued, free of charge, and sent through e-mail as in image in PDF format. In this case the applicant will print it at his own expense.

Application: The request of the Diploma, goes addressed to: with attached Log, and any copy of the charging Poste Pay performed .Il diploma will be sent dall'Award Manager, in this way. Information: any information about the stations, in the province of Frosinone, participants to the course and any changes in regulations and otherwise, may also be taken on site:


Tks OH3GZ 4/3/13

ITALY                                                 Ville Venete Della Riviera del Brenta

The Sezione A.R.I. di MESTRE (VE) has issued this award which is available to all licenced radio amateurs and SWLs contacts/heard with stations belonging to the ARI Mestre Branch and others located in Venice's province (VE). Submit list of contacts which must include date, UTC, RS(T), mode, grid locator (for VHF and above) QSOs, and stations heard for SWL. Contacts on or after January 1, 1995. Fee is 5,00 €. Cards are not needed, but the sponsor reserves the right to request any QSL card. .Send your request and fee of 5E, signed by two licenced radio amateurs to: A.R.I. Mestre, Award Manager, P. O. Box 3101, I-30171, MESTRE C. VE, Italy.

The award is issued in 3 classes:
Class A) HF: 1.8, to 28 MHz.
Class B) VHF and above.
Class C) SATELLITE: any mode.

Class A
Italian Stations..........30 QSO/HRD (QRP STATIONS 20 QSO/HRD)
European Stations.....20 QSO/HRD (QRP STATIONS 15 QSO/HRD)
OTHERS...................15 QSO/HRD (QRP STATIONS 7 QSO/HRD)

B. The Branch station IQ3ME = 3 QSO/HRD
C. Same station may be worked/heard only once per award request.

Class B. 
30 points on VHF
10 points on 432, 1296, 2300 MHz
5 points on 5.7 - 10 GHz and up.
1 point for EME contact

1 point per QSO up to 100 km
2 points from 101 to 400 km
3 points beyond 400 km

Same station may be worked/heard only once per award request and only from the same locator.

The Branch station IQ3ME counts double points.

QSOs via repeater and radio-link are not allowed for the award.

Class C) - requirements are the same as for Class A.


Tks IK3GER 2/7/13

KAZAKHSTAN                                                    Diploma "AERONAUT"

Issued for contacting "Aeronauts", that is radio amateur balloonists, dedicated balloonists or licensed for hot-air ballooning and who has made at least one flight in a balloon of any type.
The certificate requires amateur contacts with three-aeronaut flights. 

Additional Rules: 
A. Repeat radio contacts with the same person does not count.
B. SWL diploma issued on similar terms.
C. QSO/SWL on or after January 2012.
D. Club stations in a balloon or special call sign / AM radio is counted as a separate contact for the award.

The award is issued in electronic and paper form. A list of contacts must be sent to the manager in an application which provides standard list of data, call, date, band, mode, signal reports etc.

Application should be in standard WORD, EXCEL or ADIF format. . The heading of the letter must specify the details: Your Radio call sign, name, email address. You may use the application found on their website.  The Electronic diploma is issued in the form of high-quality PDF file. After processing the application manager will send the applicants a link to download the image file at a convenient time from the server center managers the Republic of Kazakhstan.
To obtain a printed paper certificate, contact the awards manager who will tell you the form and amount of payment for postage.

Manager diploma: Arthur Zakrzevsky

Shortwave radio amateurs and special radio stations which are certified Aeronaut.
(This list will be updated as new Aeronauts are added.)

UN8GC Michael Chirkov
UN6QC Arthur Zakrzewski
? 6 GAO UN Sergei Po schupkin
UN8GU Andrew Kvoc(ka
UN7GIT Victor Milyakov
Special Radio Station: UN7GWC/AM
UT5EL Yuri Highlander
UR5UGC Sergei Skalko
UR5EAW Alexander Shevchenko
UT7NW Vitaly Hoopoe
UT8NT Vyacheslav Martsenuk
Special radio station:

RA3FB Alexander Zamotaev
RA0BM Victoria Koryukina
RV3ACA Elena Boichenko
UA1QE Pavel Zhilin


Tks K1BV Research 3/2013

LATVIA                                 LATVIAN Flora and Fauna Awards Series

This series of awards may be earned by confirming two-way QSOs (SWL OK) with stations located within the boundaries of various nature reserves, national parks and special protected areas throughout Latvia. There are 706 such areas which qualify as valid ones for the award. All are listed, many with pictures and maps on their website. The three main classes of awards for working such stations are Gold, Silver and Bronze. A separate series of awards is reserved for activators. Contacts must be made on or after January 1, 2010.

Award Levels and Requirements:
YLFF Latvia Award Gold - 10 different YLFF territories.
YLFF Latvia Award Silver - 7.
YLFF Latvia Award Bronze - 5
Separate awards are offered for those who contact additional territories (total includes in excess of 10): 15, 25, 35 and 50 Territories.

Fees: for a printed certificate mailed to you: 7E
Electronic award sent to you via e-mail as PDF file: FREE.

A separate set of rules and requirements are maintained for Activators. See their web site for details.

Contacts may be confirmed in any of three methods:
1. Automatically by WWFF Logsearch system database, or at YLFF website.
2. Written application, letter.
3. Written application with copies of received QSLs.

The applications must contain the following information:
1. YLFF number and name of the reference area.
2. Call signs of the YLFF stations. (For SWL, both YLFF and working station.)
3. Date and time
4. Mode
5. Band
6. Your call sign and date submitted.

Apply to: YLFF Latvia Awards Manager, Ingus Selevskis YL2TW, Ausekla 50-21, Valka, LV-4701, Latvia.

E-mail: or

Tks OH3GZ 5/10/13

LITHUANIA ---VYTIS Radio Club Award Program — (11 awards)

General Requirements: Contacts on or after 1 January 1990. Cards not needed, just a GCR list. Fee for each award, except where noted in the rules is 5E, $US7 USD or 6 IRC (for LY stations, it is10 Lt). Apply to: Valerijus Simulik LY2QT, PO Box 131, LT-78008 Šiauliai-10, Lithuania.


Worked Lithuanian Cities (WLC)

Worked (SWL) different cities of the Republic of Lithuania.


Class 1

Class 2

Class 3





All others






A good listing of the 103 cities in Lithuania may be found in WIKIPEDIA.



Worked Baltic Sea Countries/Cities (WBSCC)

Worked (SWL) 100 cities of the countries of the Baltic Sea (OZ, SM, OH, UA (St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad District), ES, EU, YL, LY, SP, DL) At least one contact needed in each of the Baltic Sea states. On VHF (UHF), the requirement is 25 cities.

Worked European Countries / Cities (WECC)

Work (SWL) 200 cities in European countries. At least one QSO with each of the European countries from the DXCC list is required. On VHF (UHF) - 100 cities are required.

WECC - Trophy

Worked (SWL) at least 1000 cities of Europe. This must include QSOs (SWLs) with each of the European countries on the DXCC list. On VHF (UHF) 200 cities are needed. For this award QSLs are required, and the fee is only for postage: 3 IRCs. (LY need to send 1 IRC or postage).

Worked RK Vytis Members (W-RK "Vytis"-M)_

Contact (or SWL), members of the Radio Club VYTIS ". LY stations need 15 members, EU stations need 10 members, and DX stations need 5 members. On VHF (UHF) - 5 members are required.


Club stations: LY1ZS (EX-LY1BZS).

VASARIO 16 (Work LY stations on 16 February.)

Worked (SWL) 16 LY stations from 0000z-2359Z on February 16, of any year. 
The Act of Independence of Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuvos Nepriklausomybes Aktas) or Act of February 16 was signed by the Council of Lithuania on February 16, 1918, proclaiming the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania, governed by democratic principles, with Vilnius as its capital. The Act was signed by all twenty representatives, chaired by Jonas Basanavicius.

SIAULIAI Plaque (Work amateurs in the City of Siauliai)

Work (SWL) 50 QSOs with Šiauliai City amateur radio stations. Valid all communications (SWL) with LY prefix in the city. Contacts with the same station OK if made on different modes. VHF (UHF) requires 10 contacts. Note: Award fee is 25E or 30 IRCs, LY stations 70 Lt.

SAULES Musis (Work Stations in the District of Siauliai)

Work (SWL) different LY stations in the Siauliai region, which is composed of: Siauliai city, Siauliai district, Radviliskis district, Pakruojis district, Kelme district, Joniskis district, Akmene district) every year during the period of 1 August to 30 September. (Birthdate of Siauliai city holiday). One QSO must be from Siauliai city. Special event stations such as LY755, LY 775 carry a double credit. LY stations need 20 points, other EU need 10, and DX stations need 5. On VHF / UHF, 7 points are needed.

Worked CW with LY W-CW-LY

Contact (SWL) different Lithuanian Radio Amateurs using only the mode of CW.
LY stations need 50, other EU 30, and DX 10. On VHF/UHF 10. All LY stations on all bands OK.

Pennant "VYTIS"
Contact (SWL) different LY stations located in the Siauliai Region (Siauliai city, Siauliai district, Radvilskis district, Pakruojis district, Kelme district, Joniskis district, Akmene district).
LY stations need 30, other EU need 20, DX need 7. On VHF/UHF 7.

Work Lighthouses of the Baltic Sea Countries W-BSC-LH

Contact (SWL) stations operating from lighthouse locations on the Baltic Sea from the following counties/areas: OZ, SM, OH, UA (St. Petersburg or Kaliningrad), ES, YL, LY, SP, DL). Each of the countries/districts must be included and a minimum of nine lighthouses.

Tks OH3GZ 4/2013

NETHERLANDS                                           The PA Fauna Flora Award (PA-FF)

Contact stations operating from Netherlands protected nature areas on or after September 1, 2008. The program currently includes 71 nature parks; 64 of which are located in the Netherlands and 7 are located on the Dutch Caribbean Islands.  Three levels of the award are available plus an honor roll to reward active chasers. Each of the three awards are offered separately, and have a different design. SWL OK.

PAFF bronze - confirm at least 10 different PAFF references
PAFF silver
- confirm at least 20 different PAFF references

PAFF gold
- confirm at least 50 different PAFF references

For CCO's (Chief Chasing OMs who have surpassed the gold level) we will maintain a special PAFF honor roll. Awards are currently only available digitally (JPEG 1280x900). The digital awards are free of charge. Their web site has a tool which allows applicant to request the award. Just enter your call sign and the system will search all valid operations and provide you with the results which in effect, is your application. The EnzoLog database contains only validated activities. The PAFF program started on September 1, 2008.

Activator awards - see their website for special rules which apply for activators.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/27/13

POLAND                                              ZKD Award (Diploma "Z.u³awska Commuter Rail")

This award is sponsored by the Club SP2KDS, Amateur Radio Club of Jantar SP2PHA, and the School Amateur Radio Club at the School of Communications in Gdansk SP2PTL, Radioklub Pomorskie Regional Board LOK SP2KAC, Tczew Amateur Radio Club SP2KMH and Pomeranian Society Railways. The award commemorates the history of the narrow gauge railway on the Vistula delta, promotion Z.u³awska Railways Commuter.  Contact stations whose owners are associated with the railway on or after 14 Aug 2012, which was the 10th Anniversary of reactivation of ZKD scheduled traffic.

Earn a total of 100 points based on the table shown below:

1. Point Values:
A. Special event stations associated with Zulawska Commuter Rail (HF10ZKD) = 30 pts.
B. Club stations: SP2KAC, SP2KDS, SP2KMH, SP2PHA, SP2PTL = 20 points.
C. Club members belonging to the clubs of SP2KAC, SP2KDS, SP2KMH, SP2PHA, SP2PTL = 10 points.
D. Other stations in any city along the train route where it passes open or closed railway network Commuter Rail Z.u³awska = 5 points.
E. Contacts with any station operating from a moving train on the Commuter Rail Z.u³awska = an extra 20 points.
F. contacts with the same station may be repeated in other bands or modes for award purposes.
2. SWLs eligible on the same basis as amateur stations.
3. All bands and modes OK.
4. Cost 10 PLN diploma or 5 IRC.
Account number: 40 1090 2617 0000 0001 1078 8384
5. Send GCR list and application for the Award to: Andrew Wisniewski, Garden 28, 82-103 Stegna, Poland.

Internet: or

Tks PA3CUZ 6/26/13

ROMANIA                                             — PRO-CW-CLUB Series ---  (11 awards)

General Requirements: The PRO-CW-CLUB was designed for fans of CW. and is now offering a group of awards which may be earned for all modes: CW, SSB, DIGI or MIXED. All of the awards and certificates are FREE and will be issued in electronic form, via e-mail. QSO's are valid after the date of : 1 January 2000.

The awards will be issued only once, indifferent of mode, but you may request endorsement for a desired mode. An Exception is made for the ALL CONTINENTS Certificate, which can be issued as a separate certificate for CW, SSB, DIGI and MIXED modes.

For each award, you must submit a listing in an e-mail and the form of the list/attachment may be in any format of log; cabrillo, txt, doc, xls.

Application form must contain:
a. name of award required and his class.
b. your call sign
c. your name and surname
d. mode required; if not, will be issue as mixed mode.
e. your e-mail address
f. list of QSO's in alphabetic order showing call, date, band, and mode.
g. send the application via e-mail, as attachment.
h. In subject column of your e-mail application, you must indicate your call sign and the name of award as: YO6EX-ACC-mixed
i. Application should be sent to award manager V. Giurgiu, YO6EX: yo6ex2(at)

The award manager may require evidence of accuracy for QSO's presented.

E-mail: yo6ex2(at)

Tks YO6EX 3/1/13



This certificate is granted for QSO's with 6 continents, namely AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA.
1 QSO is required for each continent.
Certificate will be issue for different modes CW, SSB, DIGI and MIXED.
QSO's are valid after 1 January 2000 in any band 1.8 to 50 MHz.


ANTARCTIDA Certificate

This certificate is issued in memory of the Romanian polar explorers Emil Racovi and Teodor Negoiþã who founded Romanian research in Antarctica.
Emil Racoviþã (15Nov. 1868 - 17 Nov. 1947), academician, scientist, biologist, spelologist and explorer, was part of Antarctic Expedition "Belgica" which took place between 1897 and 1899.
Teodor Negoiþã (27 Sep. 1947 - 23 Mar. 2011) chemist and internationally renowned polar explorer, founded the Romanian Institute of Polar Research. He was the first Romanian to reach the North Pole, in 1995. In 2006 he founded the first Romanian research station in Antarctica, in co-operation with Australia, - Station LAW-RACOVITA. (without any support from the government).

The certificate is granted in two classes:
a. VISITOR - for QSO with 3 different stations located in Antarctica and 1 QSO with a WAP participant.
b. EXPLORER - for QSO with 5 different stations located in Antarctica,
     1 QSO with one Romanian station who participated in the WAP-programme (YQ0ANT, YQ2ANT, YQ8ANT), or:
     3 QSO with other different WAP stations.

The WAP (Worked Antarctic) program is held annually in February. Usually after the prefix, suffixes commonly used are ANT, AAW or ICE.



This certificate is issued for QSO's with different islands located in the Black Sea, shown in the IOTA program as:

EU-179 (UR) EU-182 (UR)
EU-180 (UR) EU-183 (YO)
EU-181 (LZ) AS-154 (TA)
AS-159 (TA)  

For European stations: QSO with 3 islands.
For DX stations: QSO with 2 islands.

Valid QSO's are those made on or after 01 January 2000, any mode, any band.



Julius Popper, was an Romanian engineer, geologist, cartographer and explorer.  He was born in Romania in 15 February 1857 and died in Argentina at 5 June 1893.
He planned and systematized the city of Havana, capital of Cuba, was a cartographer and journalist in Mexico, and helped develop the urbanization plan of New Orleans - USA.
|Between 1886 and 1893 he explored and mapped Tierra del Fuego - Argentina. He named many rivers, lakes, mountains and even villages with Romanian names and issued local coins and stamps.
Popper was a member of Royal Geographic Society of Romania and Instituto Geografico Argentino. The Argentinian people named him as "Rumano Conquistador de la Patagonia", and also "El Rey de Tierra del Fuego".

This certificate is granted for making contacts as follows: 
5 QSO with 5 YO stations located in 5 different districts YO2-YO9.
2 QSO with LU stations.
1 QSO with 1 CO/CM station.
1 QSO with XE station.
1 QSO with W5 station from Oklahoma state, or 5 QSO from W5 district.

You will need a minimum 4 countries, and YO and LU contacts are compulsory.


Ion Paulat (1 Apr. 1873 - 20 Jul. 1954) was an Romanian naval officer and inventor. He was the first in the world to design and built in 1911, a seaplane with a hull. He created the first sea-monoplane in 1912. A book was published in Paris-France in 1914, titled: "Le hydroaeroplan Paulat", thus acknowledging its primacy. Romanian Academy in 1954 barely recognized his merits.

This certificate is issued for contacts with contacts in the call area YO4 and the county of Galati a port on the Danube River.

European stations:
1 QSO with Galati county.
3 QSO with any other YO4's.

DX stations:
1 QSO with Galati county
1 QSO with any other YO4.

NORTH POLE Certificate

This certificate is issued in memory of Teodor Negoiþã (27 Sep. 1947 - 23 Mar. 2011) chemist and internationally renowned polar explorer, the founder of the Romanian Institute for Polar Research, and the first Romanian research station in Antarctica. He organized expeditions to Spitzbergen, Greenland and far north of Canada, and was the first Romanian to reach the North Pole in 21 April 1995. 
In 1997 he was named the representative of Romania at Antarctic Treaty. He received two national orders, the Star of Romania in rank of Officer and Commander.

The certificate is granted in two classes:
A. Explorer - need 10 QSO with 10 different polar regions and 10 QSO's with 10 YO stations.
B. Visitor - need 5 QSO with 5 polar regions and 5 QSO with 5 YO stations.

QSO's after 1 January 2000 are valid with stations in the following Polar areas: JW, JX, KL7 (over 66*N parallel), LA (over 66*N parallel), OX, R1FJ, (U)RA1P-RZ1P, (U)RA1Z-RZ1Z, (U)RA9K-RZ9K, (U)RA0B-RZ0B, (U)RA0K-RZ0K, (U)RA0L-RZ0L, (U)RA0Q-RZ0Q, VE8 and VY0.



Petrache Poenaru (10 Jan. 1799 - 2 Oct. 1875), was an Romanian engineer, mathematician, inventor, educator, journalist, member of Romanian Academy and honorary member of ASTRA.
He was designed the national flag of Roumania. He is also known as the inventor of the fountain pen, patented in France at 25 May 1827, brevet nr. 3208, with the denomination: "Plume portable sans fin qui s'alimente elle meme avec de l'encre".

This certificate is granted for making the following contacts: 

European stations:

YO - 12 QSO, including 1 QSO with YO3 and 1 QSO with YO7.
F - 5 QSO
Total: 17 QSO's

DX stations:

YO - 7 QSO, including 1 QSO with YO3 and 1 QSO with YO7.
F - 3 QSO
Total: 10 QSO's



This certificate is awarded for QSO's with countries which border the Black Sea: 4L, ER, LZ, (U)RA-RZ6A,B,C,D; UR-UZ first letter in sufix: F, G, J, Z; UU0-9.

European stations (20 QSOs):
4L - 1 QSO
ER - 1 QSO
LZ - 4 QSO
RA6 - 4 QSO
UU - 1 QSO
TA - 1 QSO
YO - 4 QSO

DX stations: 1 QSO with every zones = 8 QSO's.


On 1 April 1910, four Romanians and one shepherd dog, went on a impressive trip: A walk around the entire world on foot. This kind of journey known today as globe-trotting.
The Chief of expedition Dumitru Dan (14 Jul 1889 - 4 Dec 1979), was accompanied by three friends and university colleagues, Gheorghe Negreanu, Alexndru Pascu and Paul Pârvu.
Unfortunately during this trip, Alexandru Pascu died in India, Gheorghe Negreanu in China and Paul Pârvu died in United States. Dumitru Dan alone, completed the expedition.
During 6 years, they crossed 5 continents and over 74 countries, totaling 100.000 Km!
They went through a total of 497 pairs of sandals and 28 Romanian sets of national clothes.
In 1923 the Touring Club de France named Dumitru Dan, "Champion du Monde" - "Champion of the World.
In 1985 the Guiness Book called this expedition "Unique in the world".

This certificate is issued for making a minimum of 50 QSOs with a minimum 50 DXCC countries, of the 74 completed in this memorable trip.
All continents are required: AF, AS, EU, NA, OC, SA.
A QSO with YO and F are mandatory.

Countries valid are:   3V, 4L, 4S7, 4X, 5A, 5H, 5X, 5Z, 6O, 6W, 7O, 7X, 8P, 9A, 9H, 9M6, 9V, 9Y4, BY, C9, CE, CN, CO, CP, CT, CS, D2, DL, DU, E3, EA, EA8, EI, EK, EL, EP, ET, F, G, HA, HB, HC, HH, HK, HP, HZ, I, J2, JA, K, KL7, KP4, LA, LU, LZ, OA, OD5, OE, OH, OZ, P29, PA, PY, S5, SM, ST2, ST0, SU, SV, TA, TG, TI, TN, TR, UA1 or UA3, UA0, V5, V85, VE, VK, VR2, VU, XE, YB, YI, YK, YO, YU, YV, Z3, ZA, ZB2, ZL, ZP, ZS.


SIBIU COUNTY Certificate

Sibiu county (judet) is located in south part of the historical zone of Transylvania in the southern part of Romania, bordering the Carpathian Mountains. Sibiu county has 2 municipalities, 9 towns and 53 communes. This certificate is issued for QSO' with 3 stations from SIBIU County, using any band and any mode. QSO's made after 1 January 1968 are valid for the award.


This certificate is issued for QSOs with YO-Romanian different prefixes.
These prefixes include: YO1-0, YP1-0, YQ1-0, YR1-0, or other combinations used for special events such as: YP1900A, YO2013MM etc.

Certificate is granted in 3 classes:
Class 1: 30 prefixes.
Class 2: 20 prefixes.
Class 4: 10 prefixes.

RUSSIA                                                BELOGORIYA Diploma

This award is available to all amateurs for contacts (SWL) made with stations in the Belgodskoy area (Call signs will start with UA3Z, RA3Z, etc.) . It will be issued for confirming contacts or SWL observations with 20 different administrative districts of the region (listed on the official Russian Districts Award site) during the year using all modes and bands.

On VHF - Applicants must confirm 15 QSOs with various administrative districts of the region.

The award will be sent to applicants via e-mail in a JPG image format.

Send your application, in the form of a log extract in electronic format Cabrillo (. Cbr), to the award manager by e-mail to the address : . Belgorod hams may earn the diploma on the same terms. 

Official List: 
Belgorodskaya oblast (BO) UA3Z




AREAS - Continued


Tks 1/29/13


RUSSIA                                                         Diploma Kola Polar region.

Awarded for contact with stations of Murmansk region. Contact at least 30 QSO s with different stations on or after 1 January 2001. At least 10 different towns or cities must have been contacted. On the VHF bands, contacts with three grid squares (WWLOC) are required.

QSOs made through a repeater, mobile stations, (vehicle, maritime and aeronautical) may not be used.. SWL ok using the same rules.

The diploma stands out free of charge, and the sponsor requests only that you provide funds for postage. Send GCR log and postage sufficient to cover registered mail of 120 grams weight plus and return addressed envelope (A4 size) to: Ius Sergey RA1ZS, PO Box 525, 183034 Murmansk, Russia.

Ukraine stations may apply to: UU7JK Vladimir Kuzin UU7JK , P.O. Box 62, Saki, 96500 Crimea, Ukraine.
Belarus stations may apply to: EU6GZ Valery Gernikov EU6GZ , P.O. Box 8 Garadok, Vitebsk Region 211573 BELARUS.


Tks K1BV Research 5/14/13

Extract below is from WIKIPEDIA: 

The Kola Peninsula (from Northern Sami: Guoládat; Russian: Ко́льский полуо́стров, Kolsky poluostrov) is a peninsula in the far northwest of Russia. Constituting the bulk of the territory of Murmansk Oblast,[1][2] it lies almost completely to the north of the Arctic Circle and is washed by the Barents Sea in the north and the White Sea in the east and southeast. The city of Murmansk is the most populous human settlement on the peninsula, with a population of over 300,000 as of the 2010 Census.[3]

RUSSIA                                         Award of the "Krasnoyarsk Territory"

The award may be received by earning a total of 20 points for 2-way contacts with stations of the Krasnoyarsk Territory on or after 15 May 2013. (SWL OK). All bands may be used. Even "CB" QSOs will count for the award.

Point values:
a. contacts with any club station of Krasnoyarsk = 3 points.
b. contacts with individual licensed stations of Krasnoyarsk = 1 point each.
c. repeated contacts with the same station OK for the award as long as the contacts are on different bands and modes.
d. CB (27MHz) stations must make 10 contacts with different stations in Krasnoyarsk territory.

For stations living in Krasnoyarsk, the diploma is issued for making either 30 QSOs with Krasnoyarsk stations or at least 100 contacts with other regions of Russia. CB band (27 MHz) stations must make 50 contacts with other regions of Russia.

The diploma is free of charge, and an application, in the form of a log extract should be sent to the email address . After receiving and processing the data, an electronic version of the diploma will be sent to the applicant by e-mail, for self-printing.  The award manager - R0ASD (Tikhomirov Dmitry Petrovich)


Tks 5/8/13

RUSSIA                               —Radio Club of Moscow Series---
                                              "Pioneers of Radio Diploma"

This award was established by the Regional Public Organization "Amateur Radio Club of Moscow" (ROO "Moscow radio club") in honor of the historic inventions of radio to send and receive information at a distance. Contact stations as noted below on or after 1 July 2013. SWL OK. All bands and modes OK.

Requirements - contact stations in the following countries:
a. Russia - 100 QSO. 
        Of these, 40 QSO with radio in Moscow, 20 QSO with radio in St. Petersburg, 10 QSO with radio Leningrad region, 10 QSO with radio Nizhny Novgorod region, 
        10 QSO with radio Perm region    and 10 QSO with radio Sverdlovsk region.
b. Serbia - 1 QSO
c. United States - 1 QSO
d Italy - 1 QSO.

Duplicate contacts are not counted. All members of the NGO "Moscow radio club", regardless of their place of residence, provide for 1 point each in credit for QSO with Moscow.

The award is issued on the basis of an extract from your log. Application for Diploma (with postal address of the applicant) should be addressed to: Fedotov Yuri Ivanovich, p/33, Moscow 119415, Russia. .

An application for a diploma may also be sent by e-mail to:
Award fee is 50 rubles. A postal money order or stamps may be used.

Tks OH3GZ 7/24/13


RUSSIA                                                                        SEAGULL Diploma

The diploma is sponsored by the Regional office of SRR across the Yaroslavl region to commemorate the space flight on June 16-19, 1963 of the East-6 spaceship piloted by first female astronaut Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova, whose call sign was "Tea".

For obtaining the diploma it is necessary to earn during one year (starting in June 16 of the current year to June 16 of the next year) the sum of points equal to number of years which have passed since 1963, the year of her flight.

Point Values:
A. Each communication with radio amateur station of the Yaroslavl region = 1 point
B. Each contact with radio amateur station of the Tutayevsky area, of the Yaroslavl region, V.V.Tereshkova's homeland = 3 points
C. Each contact with radio amateur stations of the Yaroslavl region, where the operator is a female = 4 points
D. Each contact with radio amateur stations of the Yaroslavl region using any special call sign = 5 points
E. Each contact with radio amateur stations of the Yaroslavl region, using the special call sign devoted to flight in space of V.V.Tereshkova = 10 points
F. Contacts by different modes from the same station are valid for the award. Repetitions are allowed on different band including WARC and VHF.
G. For contacts with radio stations of the Yaroslavl region, made on HF bands, and also during special days of activity of the Yaroslavl region (since June 16 within one week) and competitions "Tereshkova's Cup", points count double.
H. One contact from each of the following cities will count 1 point: Kaluga (Russia), Karaganda, Baikonur (Kazakhstan), Gyumri (Armenia), Vitebsk (Belarus), Montreux, Dransi (France), Montgomery (Great Britain), Polizzi-Dzheneroza (Italy), Darhan (Mongolia), Sofia, Burgas, Petriç, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Varna (Bulgaria), Bratislava (Slovakia) where V.V.Tereshkova is awarded ranks "The honourable citizen", and also the cities of Queens and the Star City (Russia, the Moscow region).
I. SWL may earn the award on the same basis as licensed amateurs.

Send the standard form log extract making sure that if a QSO is made with a female operators (if such communications were) their names are provided. This extract shall be certified by two licensed amateurs.

Payment for the diploma:
A. Russians: 90 rubles (stamps or transfer),
B. Competitors outside Russia - 3 IRC.
Apply to: 150003, Russia, Yaroslavl, p.o. box 85.

Internet: or

Tks OH3GZ 6/17/13

RUSSIA                                                     Diploma Tomsk State University

The Tomsk Regional Branch of the RAF has established a diploma "Tomsk State University", which is given to amateurs all over the world for conducting wireless communications with amateur stations in the Tomsk region.  Earn the award by collecting the number of points equal to the number of years from that the Tomsk State University began (1878) until the present year. For example 135 points in 2013 and 136 points in 2014, etc. Contacts on or after January 1, 2012.

Point Values:

1. Contact stations in the Tomsk region, with special and commemorative call signs = 30 points.
2. For QSOs with club stations of the Tomsk State University (RK9HWW, RW9HYY, RW9H) = 20 points.
3. For QSO with club stations of the Tomsk Oblast = 15 points.
4. For QSO with licensed amateurs of the Tomsk Oblast = 10 points.
5. Repeat radio contacs are OK as long as they are on different bands and modes.
6. For QSOs made on 16 and 28 May point valuess are doubled.

Hams of the Tomsk region may earn the award for making at least 500 QSOs during the calendar year.
The diploma is free, will be sent in electronic form, the request is made in the form of a log extract and sent to .

Internet: And

Tks 6/3/13

RUSSIA                                      W-/PM Diploma

Sponsored by the Travel Club Amateur Radio "/ P" is available for contacting at least 5 members of the club who are operating "portable" on or after 17 October 2012. All modes and bands OK. 

Repeat QSOs with the same station will count as long as the QSOs are made while the member was in different locations and/or activation of another object in the same field trip.
The award is issued in paper and electronic form. There is no charge for the electronically delivered award. If you wish the n printed version delivered by mail, you must check with the custodian for the cost of printing and postage.   Application in the form of a log extract should be sent to the e-mail address of the club: .
The Club Council of "/ P" reserves the right to give their award to active radio amateurs for their assistance and / or support to the members of the club during field trips.

As of March 6, 2013 the members of the Club "/ P" are:


Tks 3/5/2013 

BRAZIL                                            DRB - Diploma Radioamadores Brasileiros

The award is Sponsored by the AEI (Association of Explorers Islanders) to encourage contact with amateur radio operators in Brazil.  Contact different Call Signs and Prefixes of Brazilian stations with no date restrictions. A different call sign is pretty easy and each of these is different:

The valid ITU prefixes for Brazil are: PP PQ PR PS PT PU PV PW PX PY ZV ZW ZX ZY ZZ. In theory, each prefix can have up to 10 call areas: PP1, PP2, etc although not all are available. The prefix is only the 2-letter plus one number designation. Each of the following stations would be counted as individual and different call signs but would only count as PT1: PT1AA, PT10AB, PT100AC.

1. Requirements: Basic award - 100 different call signs and 10 different prefixes.
2. Endorsements: a new endorsement is earned for each group of 50 call signs and 5 additional prefixes. So the endorsements can be: 150 -15, 200-20, 250-25, 300-30, 350-35, 400-40, 450-45, 500-50 all the way up to the Honor Roll endorsement of 1000 call signs and 100 prefixes.

All bands and modes OK. All stations must be different.
There is NO charge for the award, it will be sent to you via e-mail in the form of a PDF file.
Send a list of the contacts in alphabetical order, and can be filled out in word file (.doc or .RTF), or in "cabrillo" format. Please include mode (SSB, CW, etc.) in the file.

You do not have to possess the QSL, just the record of it in your log is OK. All contacts confirmed by EQSL or LOTW are valid. The AEI assumes that the amateur radio is honest.The modern means of confirmation of contacts without QSL Card (LOTW, Eqsl, etc), and the difficulties of some Bureaus in send cards, hamper the possession of QSLs to order the diploma.


Tks K1BV Research 6/28/13

SLOVENIA                              Radioclub Skofja Loka Award


Available to all amateur stations for contacting  club stations S53DKR / S59DKR or members of the Skofja Loka Radio Club on or after 1-1-2013.  All bands and modes OK, and multiiple QSO`s on same day are OK if they are made on different modes or frequencies. 

Requirements: -  minimum required number of QSO /SWL reports:
    a.  stations from EU need   2.
    b.  other countries  need just   1
 number of valid QSO`s or SWL reports will be recorded on the award when it is issued. 


The award is issued each year and valid period is from 01 January 00:00Z to  31. December 23:59Z.
The award is available each year with a new layout in A4 format. The award is issued only in electronic format and will be sent via your  e-mail address at no cost. 
Send a log extract in any kind of text format such as .doc, .docx, .pdf, .txt to email with subject of the message reading "Radio club Škofja Loka award!". 
A  list of award recipients will be published each year on S59DKR web page

Tks S58MU 5/18/13 



SPAIN                                             Diploma Edificios Romanicos de Espana (DERESP)

The Diploma DERESP is a cultural award, not a competition, so the diplomas are not numbered and provide a ranking for the sole purpose of recognizing your achievements . It invites all licensed amateur radio hams and listeners to participate in the Diploma Romanesque buildings in Spain. Basically, the award is given for having made QSOs with stations who operate in close proximity to the many existing buildings/edifices constructed by the Romans during the 9th through 13th Centuries, when Spain was a part of the Roman Empire.

The award is issued in 3 levels requiring contacts as shown:

For Bronze and Silver categories listed below you should complete ONE set of the requirements.

- 10 contacts for each of 5 different Autonomous Regions with Roman remains, with at least one reference in the province of Segovia (10x5 = 50 contacts)
- 5 Contacts for each of 10 different provinces, a province of Segovia will be mandatory (5x10 = 50 contacts).
- 75 DERESP Contacts with award references, of which at least one reference is in the province of Segovia.

- 20 contacts for each of 5 different Autonomous Regions with Roman remains, with at least one reference with Segovia (20x5 = 100 contacts)
- 10 contacts for each of 10 different provinces, a province of Segovia will be mandatory (10x10 = 100 contacts)
- 150 Contacts DERESP references, of which at least one reference is in the province of Segovia.

A commemorative plaque will be awarded to all Amateur Radio or by demonstrating Listener QSL cards have contacted the emissions made from near Romanesque buildings in Spain in sufficient numbers:

Currently there are references of Romanesque buildings in 38 provinces and 15 autonomous regions. Make a total of 250 Contacts with references from their list to include least 25 of these provinces and 10 different Autonomous Communities with Roman remains, at least one reference must be in Segovia.

Contacts valid on or after August 1, 2006, provided that the activations provide the reference number shown in the QSL

Separate rules apply to stations who activate the Romanesque locations.

The award requires that the applicant send the cards with your application. Send them with a listing of the QSO data including Station, Date, Time, Band, Mode and proper reference of each Roman site plus sufficient funds for return postage. Apply to: DERESP, PO Box 94, Parla, Madrid, Spain. The Diploma will be sent free of charge to the recipient.

List of all qualifying Roman structures:

Tks EA4UV 1/28/13

SPAIN                        Diploma of the Counties and Municipalities of the Community of Madrid

Sponsored by the local branch of the URE of Parla, this award is available to all amateurs and SWLs who submit proof of contact with the counties and municipalities of the Community of Madrid on HF with contacts on or after 1 December 2006.

The Madrid region of Spain is divided into 11 Counties:
Capital y Zona Metropolitana ZM
Cuenca alta del Manzanares CM
Cuenca del Alberche CA
Cuenca del Guadarrama CG
Cuenca del Henares CH
Cuenca del Jarama CJ
Cuenca del Tajo CT
Cuenca del Tajuña TC
Guadarrama Sierra GS
Madrid Sur MS
Sierra Norte SN

Note: At least one contact with a station in the town of Parla is needed for each of the levels of this award. Parla is one of the municipalities of the Madrid Metropolitan Area, Spain. It is located in the southern part of the autonomous community, approximately 20 km from the capital, Madrid. As of 2010, it has a population of 120,182. (Tks Wikipedia)

The award is available in 3 levels:

1. BRONZE:  Prove contacts with 3 different stations for each of the 11 municipalities, a total of 33 contacts using any band or mode. One QSO with Parla will be mandatory.

2 SILVER: Prove contacts with 6 different stations for each of the 11 municipalities, a total of 66 contacts on any band or mode. One QSO with Parla will be mandatory.

3. GOLD: Prove contacts with at least 10 municipalities, making several contacts with each, for a total of total 110 contacts on any band or mode. One QSO with Parla will be mandatory.

A list of the municipalities mentioned for each of the counties and municipalities of Madrid is available on their website. See "Downloads" link.

A separate set of regulations are listed for operators in Madrid for earning the award, especially if operating portable or mobile.

Spanish stations will send a reference number composed of the letter "M", followed by a two-digit numeral that shows the municipality and two alphabetic characters which show the (Example: Madrid = M-0 9 - ZM (Zone Metropolitana ) or M-0 9 - MS (Madrid Sur) for Parla.

Applications of the Diploma should be sent to the Local Section URE Parla, PO Box 94, 28980, Parla, Madrid, Spain. It should be accompanied by a summarized list of the stations contacted stations in order by district and municipality references, their names, date and time of the QSO, band and mode and the relevant accompanying QSL cards, including sufficient postage for return by mail. The award is free of charge, but if it must be mailed, you are asked to supply funds to pay for postage.


Tks Jose EA4UV 2/3/13

UKRAINE                                            Dnipro - DONBAS Diploma

The Dnepr - Donbass Channel is an artificial channel, a unique hydraulic structure connecting the major rivers of Ukraine's Dnieper and Seversky Donets River, 263 kilometers long, providing freshwater to regions of the eastern Ukraine including Kharkiv and Donetsk.

The Diploma "Dnipro - Donbas" was established by Alexander Pryadko US4LGX and is issued for achieving on the HF bands one of the following conditions:
1.Contact any radio expedition to any point of the shores of the channel Dnepr - Donbass;
2.Contact any radio expedition to the reservoirs Orelkovskogo or Krasnopavlovskogo / Kharkiv Oblast /;
3.Contact at least 8 different 8 localities, towns, villages which are located at a distance of no further ahan 30 km from the channel or reservoir.

Valid expeditions will be required to have contacted at least 50 QSOs and their radio station is not permitted to be located more than 70 meters from the shore of the channel or the shore of the reservoir and is powered by uninterruptible power supply (battery, etc.). The same station may be contacted on various bands and modes. Each contact with settlements is counted only one time. Communication with one radio expeditions is equal to 2 QSO with settlements.

Communities valid for the award:
1. Kharkiv region - Izum, Sahnovschina, Apollonovka, Orelka, Panyutina, Lozovaja, Rich Cherneschina, Zachepilovka,
2. Dnipropetrovsk region - Chernyavschina, Shandrovka, Pereshchepino, Lychkova, Kolpakovka, Kotovka, Chernetchina, Mikhailovka Nenadovka, Kalynivka , Shulgovka, Gupalovka, Babaykovka, Tsarichanka, Kitaygorod,
3. Mogilev region, Poltava - Ryasskoe, Nehvoroscha, Mayachka, Radyanskoe.

SWL OK. Applications for certificate will be in the form of an log extract and shall be signed by two amateurs.

Address for applications:
Mail: Alexander Pryadko, ul.Titova 82, Sahnovschina, Kharkiv region., 64501, Ukraine;

The diploma will be sent in electronic form at no charge. If you wish a printed copy, contact the award manager Alexander Pryadko.


Tks 5/14/13

UKRAINE                                             Sahnovschina Diploma

The Diploma "Sahnovschina" was developed by Alexander Pryadko US4LGX. It is issued for making HF radio communications with the Sahnovschinskogo "raion"/district of the Kharkov region/oblast . (URDA HA-38). Valid contacts are made on or after September 17, 1998 - the date of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the railway station Sahnovschina and the 55th anniversary of the liberation of the Second World War.

To obtain the award on HF is necessary to QSO / SWL with radio amateurs resident in the village and district:
Kharkiv region - 15
other Ukraine - 10
LPG - 6,
foreign countries - 3

Repeated radio contacts are permitted if they are made on different bands and modes. Application for certificate should be in the form of an log extract and shall be signed by two amateurs. Send applications by post to: Alexander Pryadko, ul.Titova 82, pgt.Sahnovschina, Kharkiv region., 64501, Ukraine;  The diploma will be sent in electronic form for free. If you wish the delivery of the diploma in the mail, contact the manager of the diploma Alexander Pryadko for postage costs.


Tks 6/14/13

UKRAINE               "Harvest of Sorrow" Diploma

The name of this award, "Holodomor", translates to "Extermination by Hunger"; which was a man-made famine in the Ukrainian SSR and adjacent Cossack territories which took place between 1932 and 1933. During the famine, which is also known as the "Terror-Famine in Ukraine" and "Famine-Genocide in Ukraine"millions of Ukrainians and Cossacks died of starvation in a peacetime catastrophe unprecedented in the history of Ukraine. (WIKIPEDIA - disputed article)

This award has been established by the Mirgorodske radio club "MIRRAD" and MGOO "Charter Memory" to memorialize the memory of the 80th anniversary of the Holodomor 1932-33 to mark the 1st anniversary of the monument to this event in Mirgorod.

To obtain the award your must earn 80 points for QSOs with affected areas:
a. all amateur stations in the Poltava region. = 5 points each contact.
b. contacts with members of the "Mirrad" club = 10 points.
c any special memorial p / st, operating in the Ukraine = 20 points.
d. For QSOs on August 7, the 18th of September and the last Saturday of November - point values above are doubled.

QSOs valid from July 31, 2012.

Diploma is free as a digital file.
Fee for paper award mailed to you is FREE for Ukranian stations, $2 for CIS countries, and $US5 for all others.
For the digital award, apply to
Otherwise, apply by mail to: Pavel P. Koshelnikov UT2HQ, 73 Mirgorod g., Poltava, 37600, Ukraine.

The word Holodomor: From the dictionary:  
a) Harvest - pl. Harvest, f, (on) Strada, w.
b) Sorrow - sorrow, w.


Tks 2/19/13

USA                                   — The Feld Hell Club Awards Series —            (7 awards)

(This is a rewrite of their 2006 rules which were placed in the England2 file when the custodian was G7USC. 
Current custodian is in W3HI in the USA)

General Requirements:
The Feld Hell club is dedicated to Hellschreiber, or Hell, a unique, HF digital mode for sending and receiving text using facsimile technology in which the characters are not decoded, but "painted" or printed on a screen for the operator to read directly.
Any mode of Hellschreiber may be used for the awards.
All bands including WARC are OK for the awards.
QSOs for the awards may be made with any station, member or not.
While their awards are free of charge, they are only available to members, however, membership is FREE of charge. The awards are also FREE of charge.
The custodian will send the award via e-mail in the form of a image file which you may print on your own printer.
Send log extract of each of the contacts being claimed for a particular award. The award details below show the specific data needed in the application listing. Remember to include your name, call sign and Feld Hell number in the e-mail applying for the award. No cards are needed for any of these awards.



Worked All Canada

Work each of the ten provinces of Canada on or after December 19, 2012. Flags will be attached for each of the three Territories worked.


1.  Prince Edward Island          6. Manitoba
2.  Nova Scotia                       7. Saskatchewan
3.  New Brunswick                 8. Alberta
4.  Quebec                              9. British Columbia
5. Ontario                               10.Newfoundland and Labrador


1. Yukon
2. NWT
3. Nunavut

Application must include the following data: Date, Time, Call Sign Contacted, their FH Number (if a member), Band, (their Province or Territory.)

Gridloc Hell

Add the numbers found in every Grid Locator for each contact you make and submit your log to receive the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level award certificates. For Example: If you contact Brad, WF7T, he is located in grid EM66pe. That's worth 66 points. KB1TSU operates from grid FN42, so she is worth 42 points.

Award Requirements:
Bronze: 2500 points.
Silver: 5000 points.
Gold: 10000 points.
Platinum: 25000 points.

Contacts on or after 0000Z May 1, 2010. One QSO per band per station, however contacts with the same station on multiple bands do count for points. You must exchange the Grid Locator as part of the QSO.
Contacts made during contests count, but only if the Grid Locator info is exchanged.
The grid number 00 counts as 100 points.
Application must include the following data: Date, Time, Call Sign Contacted, their FH Number (if a member), Band, Grid Locator, Points.
Include total points earned at bottom of the application.

DXCC Award

Obtain this certificate for contacting radio amateurs in a country or entity as recognized by the ARRL. These awards are given in increments of 25 QSOs.
Work stations in each country/entity as recognized by the ARRL. See the ARRL website: for the current list.
You may work one QSO per band per station. No time limitation on QSOs.
Certificates suitable for printing and framing will be awarded in increments of 25 contacts.
Application must include the following data: Date, Time, Callsign Contacted, His FH Number (if member), Band, His Country/Entity.

Worked All States

This certificate is awarded for contacting hams in all 50 states of the United States using Feld Hell mode. This award is issued as 2 separate bar awards. The first one for contacting 25 States, the second for contacting all 50 U.S. States. Work other amateurs in any mode of Hellschreiber on or after March 6, 2006 on any HF amateur band, including WARC bands.

Application listing for the award must include the following data: Date, Time, Callsign Contacted, His FH Number (if member), Band, His State.

WARC'n Overtime

Any member of the Feld Hell Club may apply for this award. Only contacts on the WARC bands after Sept 22, 2012 are accepted for this award. One QSO per band per station, contacts with the same station on multiple bands are allowed. Once you achieve a certificate, you may work the same station again on each band for the next level certificate. -

The following table indicates the minimum contacts necessary for each WARC band, for each award level. You may qualify for an award by working the minimum contacts on one WARC band. For example, you will be awarded the Bronze Award for working 12 Hell contacts on 12 Meters, OR 30 contacts on 30 Meters, etc.

Award Level # of QSO    # of QSO   # Of QSO
             minimum     Minimum    minimum
              on 12m      on 17M     on 30M
  Bronze:       12          17         30
  Silver:       24          34         60
  Gold:         36          51         90
  Platinum:     48          68         120

Suggested Freq. 24.924 18.104 10.137 (R2), 10.144 (R1)

Application must include the following data: Date, Time, Callsign Contacted, His FH Number (if member), Band.


Worked All Continents

Contact one station on each of the 6 continents. One QSO per band per station and QSOs must be made after March 6, 2006.
Application must include the following data: Date, Time, Callsign Contacted, His FH Number (if member), Band, His Continent.
Refer to IARU Web site for definition of continents for this award: 
Because Antarctica is such a difficult entry for Hellschreiber contacts, it has been included as part of Oceania for the award.


Worked All Europe

You must be a member of the Feld Hell Club for this award but may work non-members.
Work stations in each country/entity as recognized by the DARC. See DARC Rules for a list of countries. ( )
One QSO per band per station. No date/time restrictions. 
Certificates will be awarded in three increments; 25, 50 and All Countries.
Application must include the following data: Date, Time, Callsign Contacted, His FH Number (if member), Band, His Country/Entity.

Tks PA3CUZ 1/2013

USA                                               Worked All Mississippi Counties Award

Sponsored by the 599 DX Association to promote on-the-air activity among stations both inside and outside of the state of Mississippi. The basic award requires proof of contact with at least 41 of the 82 Mississippi counties. When you provide proof of having contacted all 82 Mississippi counties, you are eligible to apply for their handcrafted wooden plaque. All bands and modes OK, with the exception of repeater or VoIP. Modes will not be shown on the award.

Send a GCR list, which can be found on the club website noted below. The application is a PDF form of the type you can enter information in designated fields.

Fee for the certificate is $US10. Fee for the plaque is $US70 for USA stations and $US100 for shipping to DX addresses. Send completed application and payment using cash, check or money order to: Jason Mchail, PO Box 104, Brooklyn, MS. 39425. (For any other payment method, such as PayPal, IRCs etc., contact manager for further instructions.


Internet: (Awards)

Tks N5FG 5/30/13

USA                                 — Troy Amateur Radio Association Series [TARA] —

The Troy ARA offers several awards developed specifically for the Digital Operator. The first is similar to the CQ WPX Award and another one parallels the CQ Grid Locator Award. Complete details of their programs are somewhat lengthy. The complete rules for the principal awards are found on the WWW pages: and

In addition, and based on your award level earned for the above two awards, the following separate awards are offered:
a. TARA-DDXCC (digital DXCC)
b. TARA-DWAS (digital WAS)
c. TARA-DVE (digital worked all Canada Award)
d. TARA-DVK (digital worked all Australia Award)
e. The Neptune Award (digital contacts with "Wet" Maritime Mobile squares.

The award accepts confirmations for all of their awards via QSL card, LOTW, QRZ logbook or eQSL.  Questions regarding their program may be addressed to: TARA-Grid Manager, Ernie Mills WM2U, 16007 W. Falcon Ridge Dr., Sun City West, AZ 85375-6689, USA.

Internet: :

Tks K1BV Research 1/22/13