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(Updated 1/28/17) 

USKA Series

General Requirements: The following series commence with contacts made on or after 1 Jan 1998 and applications may be submitted on or after 1 July 2002. (Applications for the previous Helvetia 26 Diploma may be submitted until 31 December 2004.) The goal, similar to the original award is to work as many Swiss canto0000000000000000s as possible on as many bands as possible.

Available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs. You must use official application found at: http://www.uska.ch/fileadmin/download/Diplome/2-dyn/20090913_diplomformular_HF.pdf  also accepted if the copies attested by one club official or two licensed amateurs. USKA award manager reserves right to request any card. Fee for Basic awards are $US10, 10Euro or CHF10. Fee for each endorsement sticker is $US5, 5E or CHF5. Fee for attaching photo you supply is $US5, 5E or CHF5. Apply to HB9DDO , Stephan Walder, Laehrenbuehlstrasse, 26A CH-8112 Otelfingen,  Switzerland. 

E-mail: awards@uska.ch or hb9ddo@uska.ch 

(Chg 12/20/2015) 

Helvetia 26 HF Award

This is the basic award, and forms the beginning for all further HF upgrades. Make one QSO with each of the 26 Swiss Cantons using any mode or band in the HF bands. The 26 Swiss Cantons are:

AG - Aargau NW - Nidwalden
AI - Appenzell Innerrhoden OW - Obwalden
AR - Appenzell Ausserrhoden SG - St. Gallen
BE - Bern SH - Schaffhausen
BL - Basel Landschaft  SO - Solothurn
BS - Basel Stadt SZ - Schwyz
FR - Freiburg / Fribourg  TG - Thurgau
GE - Genf / Geneva  TI - Tessin / Ticino
GL - Glarus UR - Uri
GR - Graubuenden / Grisons VD - Waadt / Vaud
JU - Jura  VS - Wallis / Valais
LU - Luzern ZG - Zug
NE - Neuenburg / Neuchatel ZH - Zuerich

 This award may be issued as mixed mode, or endorsed as follows: CW, Phone, Digital Modes, QRP, Single Band, or multi-band as shown below:

    5B (if all 26 Cantons worked on 10, 15, 20, 40, and 80m).

    6B (all the above plus 160 meters).

    9B (all the above plus 12, 18 and 30 meters)

Switzerland 75 HF Award (bands freely selectable)

The Switzerland 75 is the basic award of this second series. 75 band Cantons are to be worked and confirmed on any HF bands up to 30 MHz. All cantons must be included at least one time.

This award may be issued as mixed mode or endorsed as follows: CW, Phone, Digital Modes, QRP. The following upgrade stickers are available: Switzerland 100 for 100 band Cantons, Switzerland 110 for 110 band Cantons, all the way up to 260 band Cantons.

Switzerland 75 HF Honor Roll

Applicants who contact and confirm at least 45% of the possible 260 band-Cantons (117 or more), will qualify for the Switzerland HF honor roll.

Tks OH3GZ 2/03

The Aargau Castle Award

In order to promote amateur radio activity with stations in the canton of Aargau and to stimulate interest in the history of the region, the Aarau Amateur Radio Group HB9AJ issues the Aargau Castle Award. Available for all licensed amateur radio operators and SWL's. Contacts on or after 1 January 2010 with members of the Aarau Amateur Radio Group representing the following castles count towards the award:

Castle                Location         Call
Biberstein Castle     Biberstein       HB9COB
Fortress of Aarburg   Aarburg          HB9CTU
Governor's Castle     Baden            HB9BWN
Habsburg Castle       Habsburg         HB9MQM
Hallwyl Castle        Seengen          HB9AQF
Kasteln Castle        Oberflachs       HB9XAR
Lenzburg Castle       Lenzburg         HB9AJ
Liebegg Castle        Gränichen        HB9KAB
Schlössli Castle      Aarau            HB9KAM
Wildegg Castle        Möriken-Wildegg  HB9BAQ

All bands and modes are permitted with the exception of contacts made by terrestrial repeater stations and Echolink. April and November are designated special activity months for stations participating in the Aargau Castle Award.

Contact at least 7 club members representing castles in the canton of Aargau. Applications including a list of QSL cards nust be certified by two licensed radio amateurs (GCR list) and fee of CHF 10.00 for Swiss applicants and 10E or $US15 for all others to the award manager: Peter Erni, HB9BWN, Roemerstrasse 32, CH-5400 Baden, Switzerland.

Internet: www.hb9aj.ch/?op=awardrules&lang=en 

Tks K1BV Research 8/28/16

Worked DIG Members in Switzerland

Contact DIG Members in Switzerland after 16 July 1986. SWL OK. For HF, EU Stations need 15 points, DX need 10. For VHF/UHF, all need 8 points. Endorsements for all CW, all SSB, Mixed, VHF or UHF. Use of repeaters and satellites OK.   GCR list and $US10, sFr. 10.00, or 8€ to:

Tom Hoedjes HB9DOD, Schorengasse 4, CH-5734 Reinach, Switzerland. 

Members and Point Value:

3 Points - HB9DIG ( Clubstation )



E-mail: hb9dod@hb9d.org 

(Chg 3/2013)

Work Fribourg Monthly Award (WFM)

Work stations in the USKA Section of Fribourg, including club station HB9FG on 12 different months of any year since 1987. The same station may be worked several time. HB9FR may be substituted for any lacking month one time. All bands and modes, except repeaters. GCR and 10 IRCs or $5US to: USKA Fribourg, Award Manager, Box 914, CH-1700 Fribourg 1, Switzerland.


Diplôme de Genève

Work 6 stations located in the canton of Geneva (GE), any band & date. DX applicants need only 4 stations. Special prefixes do not count separately : HE1G = HB9G, 4U8ITU = 4U1ITU.
Send a log extract and fee of 10€ for European stations or $USD 10 to "USKA Section Genève - HB9G, 1200 Genève, SWITZERLAND".

Internet: http://www.hb9g.ch/site/

Tks K1BV Research 2/5/15

Lake Geneva Chapter Award

Issued to 10-X members who earn the appropriate points by working Chapter members. If a chapter number is followed by a "C", it is worth three points, if by another letter or letters "FA", "FC" "FP" "FS" "H" "HC" "L",= 2 points, and if by no letter = 1 point.  Upgrades are indicated by a letter "N" "L" "M" "S" before the chapter number preceded by a number indicating the total point count.  For example, Marcel's Lake Geneva number is 7S2C and is worth a total of 7 points.  Basic award = 5 points, Nyon = 25, Lausanne = 50, Montreux = 75, St. Gingolph = 100. You have to get member number and their point value during the QSO. Fee for basic award is $5US, all upgrades are free, SASE please. Check their net Saturday/Sunday 1500Z.  GCR list to: Dexter Anderson W4KM, 29 Sherwood Drive, Westerly, RI 02891-3701 USA.

(TKS HB9BZA)(89)

 Locarno Award

Work members of the Locarno RC on or after 1 Jan 1999. All bands and modes. SWL OK.

Swiss Stations need 10 points, other EU 7, all others 5. At least one QSO with HB9RL or a club member station is required. 

Point Values:
A QSO with club station HB9RL = 3 points
Any QSOs with RCL members = 2 points. (Member list on their internet site.)
Any QSO with a station within the Locarno and Vallemaggia District  = 1 point.

Each station may be worked one time per band. GCR list and fee of CHf20 or $US15 to: Radio Club Locarno Award Manager, PO Box 826, CH-6670 Avegno, Switzerland.

Internet: http://www.hb9rl.ch/Attivi/Award/AwardE.htm 

(Chg 8/2010)

Matterhorn Award

Sponsored by the IPA Radio Club Section Switzerland. Contact members as follows: Europeans need one QSO with club station HB9P or HB9X plus 2 HB members. (HB9X is no longer in use, but still valid for the award.) All others need 2 club members. SWL OK. All bands and modes. Contacts after 1 Jan 1985. GCR list and fee of $US6 to Alex Kueffer HB9FND, Haltenstrasse 41, 3715 Adelboden, Switzerland..

E-mail: alexander.kueffer@3715.ch 

(Chg 8/2003)

Old Lucerne Award

Contact amateurs in Luzern and operating fixed, portable or mobile from that city or region of Luzern which includes: Adligenswil, Buchrain, Dierikon, Ebikon, Emmen, Emmenbrucke, Horw, Kriens, Littau, Luzern, Meggen, Reussbuhl and St. Niklausen. SWL OK. The award is issued in 2 categories: HF (160-10m), VHF/UHF 
(6m, 2m and 70cm.)

Swiss stations on HF: 25 points, on VHF/UHF 20 points.
European stations on HF 20 points, on VHF/UHF 15 points.
DX stations outside of Europe: on HF 15 points.

Point values: 
160/40/30/17/12/6  = 3points
15/10/2m/70cm = 2, 
80/20m = 1, 

Stations HB9ATZ, HB9BJO, HB9LU and HB9O = 5 points on any band. Each station may be worked once per band and repeater contacts are not valid. . Contacts since 1 August 1976. GCR list and fee of CHF15 for Swiss amateurs, 10€ for Europeans and $US20 outside of Europe.  Apply to USKA Luzern, c/o Markus Schuler HB9DIZ, Guggistrasse 19, CH-6005 Lucerne, Switzerland.

Internet: http://www.hb9lu.qrv.ch/award-english/ 

(Chg 8/2010)

Pieper Award

Work members of radio club Pieper after 1 January 1986. No band or mode restrictions. SWL OK. HB’s need 10 points, other EU need 5, all others 3.  Each QSO on HF and VHF 6m and 2m) = 1.  UHF, SHF, EHF and Satellite = 2. QSO with club station HB9XC is mandatory and counts double value. The same station may be worked for points once per band. Terrestrial Repeater contacts do not count. GCR list and fee of 10 SFr, $8US or 7 IRCs to: Michel Blumenstein HB9DLO, Route Principale 122, CH-2552 Orpond, Switzerland. 

E-mail: jumiblumenstein@bluewin.ch
Internet: http://www.hb9xc.ch 


(Chg 8/2003)

-- Swiss Castles Amateur Radio Group Series -- 

Sponsored by the GSRC-SSFG, the Swiss Castles Amateur Radio Group to all amateurs and SWLs to publicize the role of Swiss Castles in history and architecture. The awards are available for contacting or activating Swiss castles. All bands and modes OK. Contacts must be from castles which are on the official list, and dated on or after 19 Nov 2005.

Send a GCR list of castles including official reference number, callsign, date, GMT time, mode, band and reports. Log files must be in txt, dbf, xls or adif format. Cards are not needed, sponsor reserves the right to ask for any QSLs.

1. Swiss Castles Award DCS-SSD


# Castles

# if QRP

Different Cantons









All Others




Note: at least one castle must be located in Ticino Canton.

2. Ticino Castles Award DCTI


# Castles

# if QRP







All Others



3. Insubria Castles Award DCIN

A. Swiss and Europe: 4 castles in Ticino Canton (3 if QRP only)

Others: 2 castles in Ticino Canton (2 if QRP only.

B. Everyone: 2 castles in each of the 3 Italian Provinces located in the Regio Insubrica (CO, VA and VB). (Contacts with the Italian provinces may be made on or after starting date above.)

The awards are provided in the form of a printable .pdf file, personalized as required for band or mode, etc. Award fee is 3SFr, 4€ or 6 IRC.

Official list of castles available on website of sponsor:  http://castles.ham-radio.ch  or into http://groups.msn.com/DCS-DCTI-DCIN.  Only castles shown on the official list may be used in this award.

There are specific requirements for activators who may receive their own special version of the awards. See website for details.


Award Managers: Ing. Luciano Lucini, HB9FBI, POBox 215, CH-6760 CARI’, Switzerland

E-mail: luciano.lucini@bluewin.ch
Award Manager. Augusto Battistoni, HB9/I2JJR , i2jjr@hotmail.com

Tks PA3CUZ 7/2006, added WWW sites 9/29/06 tks to HB9TZA / I2JJR 

Swiss Fauna and Flora Award            ( HBFF )

The GSRC-SSFG, Swiss Castles Amateurs Group, together with the WWFF (WorldWide Flora Fauna, http://www.wwff.co/ ) have established the HBFF , Swiss and Liechtenstein Natural Parks Award, that may be issued to YL, OM and SWL. To achieve the award the applicant should provide evidence to have activated at least 5 different parks, or to have had a complete QSO with, (or heard if SWL), at least 10 different parks among the valid HBFF References .

The HBFF rules complete the international rules of WWFF for the Swiss and Liechtenstein parks. In case of conflict, the WWFF rules, English version, will prevail.
Bands and Modes: QSO can be done on all assigned amateur bands and allowed modes.
Validity: Only the contacts with amateur stations operating from inside the parks acknowledged by HBFF in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and identified as HBFF-nnn are valid.

Award issuing : awards are available to any YL , OM or SWL that sends to the Management:
a. By WWFF Log Search ( http://logsearch.wwff.co/ ) the automatically issued and sent request, complete with the applicants family name and call sign ; please control that in the WWFF Log Search profile all these data are present.
b. By email at staff@hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch : Dated and signed form, with name family name and call sign, by which the Candidate declares that the Laws and Rules in force on his Country and the Rules of the Award have been observed; and the Log of the QSOs with his station call sign and operator call if different, and in this order : the reference number, date, hour UTC, mode, band, contacted station call sign, reports received and sent .

The sending of QSLs is not necessary; because the Management will check by means of the Expeditioneers logs. In case of doubt the award manager will ask for QSLs or other information, according to his incontestable judgement. 

Awards : They are in the form of a printable .pdf or .jpg file, coloured, personalized; if the Award will be sent by e-mail there will be no cost . On request it may also be in the form of a personalized printed small paper, 297 x 210 mm (A4) . In this case it is required to send a contribution of 8 SFr or equivalent in € or $US amount, even as stamps, or 8 IRC for covering the delivery mailing costs.

Updating by endorsements and Honour Roll:.
The HBFF Award updates may be issued to YL, OM,or SWL, which has activated, contacted, or heard if SWL, 25, 50, 75 valid different HBFF References. The costs are covered above.

The HBFF Honour Roll will be issued to YL, OM or SWL who has activated, contacted, or heard if SWL, at least 100 different HBFF Parks of 10 Cantons or Semicantons. HB0 Liechtenstein count as Canton. The Honour Roll Award consists in a customized Plaque with your name, surname and call sign . It’s cost is 50 FrS or equivalent amount in € or US$, plus the mailing costs. Contact sponsor for mailing costs to your countryu.

Activators : Refer to original rules for activators.

E-mail: staff@hbff.ssfg-grsc.ch
Internet: http://www.hbff.ssfg-gsrc.ch/HBFF_Intro.htm  

Tks K1BV research 3/7/16

Worked All Swiss Lakes (WASL)

The award was created to promote portable amateur operations and publicize the many and beautiful lakes of Switzerland. Contacts must be made on or after a starting date of 1 January 2005. The basic award is issued for contacting (or operating from) a minimum of 10 Swiss lakes. The award is only issued for all bands and all modes. The award is free of charge and is provided to you via an e-mail attachment which you may print in your shack.

A complete list of Swiss lakes, their reference numbers, and pertinent physical facts plus a map of Switzerland showing their location within the country is available on their website.  (The sponsor has done a first class job in researching and presenting this information.)

A separate set of regulations is provided for those individuals who intend to activate Swiss lakes for the award called "Activity Portable Lakes", (APL).

The application should consist of your e-mail to the sponsor providing complete QSO data plus the proper lake reference from the web site and should be sent to the e-mail address of the sponsor shown below.

E-mail: hb9oab@uska.ch
Internet: http://web.ticino.com/wlog2000/laghi/hb9.htm and

Tks ON4CAS 9/2005

Diplom der 13 Walliser Bezirke

Sponsored by the USKA Wallis for contact with the districts of Wallis after 1 January 2007. All band and modes except repeaters and echo link. Stations from Wallis need 2 contacts with each of the 13 districts and all others need one contact from each district. All QSO’s must be made from the same QTH. Award is for free ( though it is suggested that a contribution for postage would be helpful.) Send a GCR list to: USKA-Wallis, Pont Crittin 2, 1955 Chamoson, Switzerland.

E-mail: secretariat@hb9y.ch

The Walliser Districts are: (Name in French/German)

1. Conches (Goms) 		2. Rarogne (Raron) 		3. Brigue (Brig)
4. Viège (Visp) 		5. Loèche (Leuk) 		6. Sierre (Sieders)
7. Hérens (Hérens) 		8. Sion (Sitten) 		9. Conthey (Conthey)
10. Entremont(Entremont)	11. Martigny (Martigny) 	12. St.Maurice (St.Maurice)
13. Monthey (Monthey)

Internet: http://www.hb9y.ch/

Tks PA3CUZ 3/1/08


Contact Swiss amateurs living in towns bordering the lake of Zurich or part of the Lake of Zurich section of the USKA. Each of the following cantons must be worked at least once: Zurich, Schwyz and St. Gall. A contact with the club station HB9D may substitute for one missing canton. HF: HB stations need 10, other EU 5 all others 3. VHF: HB need 10 and all others 5. Contacts after 1 January 1979. GCR list and 10 IRCs or $US7 to: Ernst Brennwald HB9IRI, Bergstrasse 195, CH-8707 Uetikon am See, Switzerland. 

(CHG 11/2003)

Cantons and Towns: Canton Zurich Zurich Zollikon Goldbach Kusnacht Erlenbach Herrliberg Feldmeilen Meilen Uetikon Mannedorf Stafa Uerikon Hombrechtikon Feldbach Kilchberg Ruschlikon Thalwil Oberrieden Horgen Au Wadenswil Richterswil. Canton Schwyz Bach Wollerau Freienbach Pfaffikon Altendorf Lachen Nuolen Wangen Tuggen Canton St.Gall Jona Rapperswil Bollingen Schmerikon.