These are awards which are offered for a few days, weeks, or months only.  
They commemorate events such as
Anniversaries, Fairs, Conferences, or Special Celebrations.
Check this page from time to time.  I'll list items that are even too short for my regular "Short" term awards file, which generally last for one year. 
If you know of any such brief awards, let me know!

1. The ARRL Website has a pretty big listing of Special Event Stations, many of which offer a certificate.  Best way to get a listing of the awards is to specify a start and stop date in their web form. Use the "search" function in your web browser to look for the word  certificate

2. CQ Magazine also publishes a list of special events, some of which offer certificates.





Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source 
1 January 2015 30 May 2015 Russia VICTORY - 70 X  
1 January 2015 30 April 2015 Poland 85th Anniversary OF PZK & 90 YEARS OF IARU X 3Z85PZK
5 January 2015 5 May 2015 France TM5CW Telegraphy Diploma   CW News
? February 2015 31 July 2015 Latvia 390th Anniversary of Town of Liepaja X K1BV Research
1 March 2015 31 March 2015 Moldova Martisor Diploma X PA3CUZ
1 March 2015 15 March 2015 Italy Diploma G.I.R.F. 2015   PA3CUZ
1 March 2015 31 March 2015 Brazil 450th Anniversary of the City of Rio de Janerio Award X K1BV Research
1 March 2015 31 March 2015 Poland 20th Anniversary of Grodziski Klub Krotkofalowcow SP5MU X UT7AW
1 March 2015 31 March 2015 Switzerland HB125FMS - 125th Anniversary of Monte San Salvatore Funicular   PA3CUZ
1 March 2015 31 May 2015 Andorra 35th URA Anniversary Diploma   K1BV Research
6 March 2015 9 March 2015 Ukraine 190th Anniversary of the birth of Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaiskogo X UT7AW
7 March 2015 22 March 2015 Italy Diploma SANREMO X PA3CUZ
7 March 2015 22 March 2015 Italy Italian Navy Coastal Radio Stations Award 2015   OE1UHA
9 March 2015 15 March 2015 Lithuania Lithuanian 25th Independence Day (LY25LY) X K1BV Research
13 March 2015 22 March 2015 Spain World Down Syndrome Day (EH3DWN) X 
13 March 2015 20 March 2015 Russia 35th Master World Cup Cross Country Skiing 2015 In Syktyvkar X OH3GZ and
14 March 2015 17 May 2015 Poland Spring with BEM Award X UT7AW
16 March 2015 31 March 2015 Russia Crimean Spring Award X RU6K
17 March 2015 17 March 2015 Ireland St. Patrick's Day Award X PA3CUZ
20 March 2015 23 March 2015 Ukraine Days of Activity "Our Soldiers Vinnichiny" 2015 X UR5NBC
25 April 2015 25 April 2015 England International Marconi Day   PA3CUZ
25 April 2015 25 April 2015 Italy International Marconi Day (2) X IK3GER
29 March 2015 4 April 2015 Italy Diploma of the Procession of the Mysteries in Trapani 8th Edition   UT7AW
31 March 2015 30 April 2015 Russia 120 Years of Radio X 
1 April 2015 20 May 2015 USA Chenango Valley Amateur Radio Association 50th Anniversary X
1 April 2015 1 April 2015 Germany April Fools Award   PA3CUZ
1 April 2015 15 April 2015 Belgium ON1428KNH WWI Centennial Award X
4 April 2015 5 April 2015 USA Mississippi QSO Party Award X W5XX
14 April 2015 15 April 2015 Italy Maritime Radio Day 2015 X IK3GER
24 April 2015 26 April 2015 Italy Centenary Aqueduct Pugliese (II7AQP) X
25 April 2015 5 May 2015 Poland The 22nd Steam Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn Award X PA3CUZ
1 May 2015 30 May 2015 Canada VE Day Award X PA3CUZ
3 May 2015 10 May 2015 Russia Memorial Diploma Pobeda-70 (Victory 70)   PA3CUZ
3 May 2015 10 May 2015 Russia The Great Victory Plaque
9 May 2015 10 May 2015 Netherlands 5th activation of Windmill "the Old Mill" at Oudemolen Netherlands (PA05MILL) X
11 May 2015 7 June 2015 Netherlands  125th Anniversary Vincent van Gogh’s Birth (PA125VVG) X PA2CVD
20 June 2015
27 June 2015
21 June 2015
28 June 2015
England International Museums Weekend X PA3CUZ
30 June 2015 5 July 2015 Spain Diploma San Fermin 2015 (Running of the Bulls, Pamplona) X PA3CUZ
19 September 2015 28 September 2015 England International Air Ambulance Week Awards X M0HEM


1 Jan 2015 to 30 April 2015

POLAND                                      85th Anniversary OF PZK & 90 YEARS OF IARU

The year 2015 marks the 85th anniversary of PZK (Polish Radio Amateur Union) and 90th of IARU foundation. In celebration of these events, the PZK Headquarters is sponsoring the 85 YEARS OF PZK & 90 YEARS OF IARU
commemorative award which combines these two events. The award is available to all licensed radio amateurs, including SWLs.  Requirements: the applicant needs to earn at least 85 points (Eu’s and SP’s), or make QSOs (all other DX) 
according to the following table and rules:

The following special event stations will be active.

   Callsigns    Operator      Points
1. 3Z85PZK       SP4JCP        10
2. HF85PZK       SP7PGK club   10
3. SN85PZK       SP3POW club   10
4. SP85PZK       SP0PZK HQ club 10
5. SQ85PZK       SP3KWA club   10
6. SO85PZK       SP9HQJ        10
7. 3Z90IARU      SP6JIU        10
8. HF90IARU      SP1MGM        10
9. SN90IARU      SP1PMY club   10
10. SP90IARU     SP7AH         10
11. SQ90IARU     SP7PTM club   10
12. SO90IARU     SP6PYP club   10
13. Any individual or club station from Poland (SP, SQ, 3Z, HF, SO, SN) = 1 point.

Award overview:
1. The bulk of the qualifying score of contacts must be made with special events stations, club stations and individual amateurs from Poland, members of PZK. All HF/VHF/UHF bands are valid.
2. Beginning date is Jan. 1st, 2015 and ends on Apr. 30th, 2015.
3. The minimum number of special events stations contacted is 2 QSOs with XX85PZK and 2 QSO with XX90IARU. (The "XX" prefix stands for the prefixes noted above in list of station. Entrants are allowed to use all emissions.
4. An on-line log will be established on 1 Jan 2015 so you can check your progress for the award.
5. The Award on the occasion of 85 years of PZK & 90 years of IARU is published in hard copy and distributed free of charge via QSL Bureau of National Members Associations affiliated to IARU. For stations from 
countries of non-members of IARU, the award fee of 3 USD or equivalent should be paid to the given bank account*.

Applications can be submitted in a form of check sheet certified by another licensed amateur with his/her signature. Applications mailed in paper form or as an electronic scan will be accepted with dead line on Dec. 31st, 2015.

Mailed applications should be sent to IARU Award Manager: Piotr Skrzypczak SP2JMR,  Polski Związek Krótkofalowców ul. Modrzewiowa 25, 85-635 Bydgoszcz, Poland.


Non IARU member countries may pay fees to: *Bank account: PL 33 1440 1215 0000 0000 0195 0797


Tks 3Z85PZK 12/22/14

1 January to 30 May 2015

RUSSIA                                       VICTORY 70 

The radio club MKOU DOD SPC is sponsoring a commemorative Amateur Diploma dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

The rules for the award are as follows:

1.  The award is available to amateurs and observers (SWL’s) around the world.
2. Award period is from January - May 2015.
3. All HF and VHF bands may be used..
4. Contacts may be made using the modes of SSB, CW, and digital.
5. Requirement: Make at least one radio contact with the club station RZ3QYH or UE3ORO and at least 3 QSOs with radio amateurs of the Ostrogozhsk area.
6. The same station may be used if QSOs are on different bands, on different days or using different modes.
7. Observers/SWLs may participate on the same terms as licensed stations.
8. The application is based on an extract of your log sent as an attachment (using Microsoft Word or equivalent) to an e-mail sent to the award committee.
9. The E-mail address for sending the application is : RZ3QYH@MAIL.RU .
10. All applications must be submitted on or before 20 May 2015.
11. The application should contain all the basic information about the conntact: date, time, band, mode, callsign, report, (call sign of the second correspondent for SWL), as well as all information about the Applicant (name, full address), and the total number of contacts.
12. Applicants who meet the conditions of the Regulation will receive the diploma in electronic form, stating in his application the recipient's email address.
13. For information about this position can be found at: QRZ.RU,


Tks 1/29/15

5 January to 5 May 2015

FRANCE                                           TM5CW Telegraphy Diploma

To promote radio-amateur traffic in Morse code (CW), and in QRP (5W max), Dom, F5SJB, will use the special call TM5CW on the 5th day of each month from January to May 2015. Special QSL will be sent directly by F5SJB. Two contacts with TM5CW on two different bands will allow to earn the telegraphy diploma from the town of Lons le Saunier, France.. Shipping fees will be charged (more information: write to F5SJB), Dominique Meige, 360, rue Gustave Courbet, F-39130 HAUTECOUR, France.


Tks CW-News 3/6/15

? February to 31 July 2015

LATVIA                                                               390th Anniversary of town of Liepaja

The of Liepaja will celebrate its 390th anniversary of founding in 2015. The six resident ham stations of the town will be active with special event prefixes (YL390) marking this anniversary and will be on the air from February until the end of July 2015.

Special Event Call Signs / Operator:
YL390GQG .... YL2GQG
YL390UI ........YL2UI
YL390IV ........YL2IV
YL390QS .......YL2QS
YL390BF .......YLBF
YL390GAZ .....YL3GAZ

An electronic award will be available for contacting any 3 of the stations listed above. If you want to apply for the diploma, send an e-mail with all QSO information making sure that your complete name and e-mail address is included. Send the e-mail to . The award will begin to be delivered by 1 May 2015.

They prefer electronic QSL card confirmations by LOTW and However, if you desire a paper QSL card send your via QSL bureau, but only QSLL with $US3 for printing and postage via the home call of the stations contacted as shown above. .


Tks K1BV Research 2/27/15

1-31 March 2015

MOLDOVA                                                       Martisor Diploma

Diploma "Martisor" is established by the Association of Radio Amateurs of Moldova (ARM) after the traditional festival and celebration of spring meetings "Martisor" and is issued for contacting two-way radio contact (or SWL) with radio those countries which to celebrate this holiday: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Ukraine.

Requirement: During the celebration of "Martisor" in the period from 1st to March 31 the award may be earned by making at least 1 QSO with 5 (of the 7) different countries:
Albania - ZA
Bulgaria - LZ
Greece - SV
Macedonia - Z3
Moldova - ER
Romania - YO
Chernivtsi region of Ukraine (Northern Bukovina) - UR1Y

All bands and modes OK. SWL OK on the same basis.
Send log extract certified by a local amateur radio organization or 2 radio amateurs. No restrictions on time, every year from 1st to 31st March, but not more than 3 years in a row.
Hams receive the Diploma Martisor, and establish links with many areas of the Republic of Moldova, the number of areas, but not more than 5.
Stations with prefixes ER6-ER0 may replace any missing region of Moldova (only 1-of QSO).
Ham radio operators who establish links with all 7 countries during the month of March, will earn a special prize of the festival Martisor.

Diploma "Martisor" - is free of charge, and applicants just pay postage costs:
- Moldova - 1 IRC or the equivalent in lei
- Ukraine/LPG - 3 IRC or equivalent in rubles or hryvnia
- For Europe - 4 IRC or the equivalent in EURO or USD
- For countries of other continents - 5 IRC or the equivalent in EURO or USD.

Applications for the award and payment for the shipment to send the manager diploma ER1FF, address: PO BOX 1414, Kishinev, MD-2043, Moldova, EU.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/8/15

1 March to 15 March 2015

ITALY                                               DIPLOMA G.I.R.F. 2015


To commemorate the 70th anniversary of the railway disaster of March 3, 1944 which happened to train #8017 "GALLERY OF WEAPONS" at the railway station of Balvano (PZ), the G.I.R.F. (Italian Amateur Radio Group Railwaymen) dedicates its annual DIPLOMA. 
Stations on good standing with G.I.R.F. will be passing reports to stations seeking the award. These stations should prepare a log with the following informationTime (UTC), report (RS-T), operators name, QTH and the progressive number of the contact .

1. FREQUENCY BANDS: 3.5 - 7 MHz.
2. POINTS NEEDED: Italian stations : O.M and S.W.L need 30 POINTS, All others need 10 POINTS, Stations belonging to G.I.R.F may earn the award for making a minimum of 50 Contacts.
4. POWER: Within the limits of their license;
5 Point values: :
With the same station G.I.R.F. and IQ8PZ may make one QSO or SWL per day for each band, and that will be worth ONE (1) POINT for a QSO or LISTENING FOR GIRF and 5 POINTS for contacting IQ8PZ the JOLLY (wildcard QSO) .GIRF whose CONNECTION or LISTENING (for SWL), will be worth three (3) points EXCLUSIVELY FOR STATIONS NOT GIRF.
6. Changing bands or modes is permitted after a lapse of 10 minutes.
     PAPER ITEMS PAY / PAYPAL N: 4023 6006 6034 7503 made out to: Mariutti GIANFRANCO
     TAX CODE: MRT GFR 51B 03G 914N
8. Applications/ Log Extracts: Logs must be received no later than April 30.
A. PAPER: Prepare a paper log of contacts and calculation of number of points for the award.
     Provide mailing address and telephone number. Also, indicate copy of POSTEPAY / PAYPAL TRANSACTION sending all this data to the following address: Mariutti GIANFRANCO - Via Postioma 112-31020 Villorba (TV), ITALY
B. E-mail: LOG must be prepared by EXCEL 2003 spreadsheet or other readable formats with WINDOWS XP bringing all the data of the contacts made, the exact address, the telephone number of the applicant where to send DIPLOMA and the copy of the receipt of the recharge be done on POSTEPAY / PAYPAL online (reporting date and time of payment), to the following address:
9. Other information:
a. Stations with ordinary license can not participate as SWL STATIONS;
b. Stations of San Marino and the State of the Vatican, are to be considered Italian stations and not regarded as OM of GIRF if not regularly enrolled in Second Group.

List of Jolly Stations 1 to 15 March: 
4 Mercoledě’ IK0EBS TARCISIO
11 Mercoledě IK8PTD DONATO
13 Venerdě I5GSX SILVANO


Tks PA3CUZ 3/9/15

1 - 31 March 2015

BRAZIL                                               450th Anniversary of the City of Rio de Janeiro Award

The city of Rio de Janeiro celebrates it’s 450th anniversary during the entire month of March 2015. Many events will be held during the month and throughout the year. Amateur operators of the city of Rio de Janeiro and across the State are joining in the celebration as well.  During the month of March 2015 a commemorative station to this event will be on the air, using a special call of PQ450RIO for the event. The official station of LABRE -RJ, PY1AA will also be active on the air. The Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Rádio Emissăo LABRE - RJ, invites all amateur radio operators to participate in these activities.

Special QSL’s: All stations that make contacts with the official station (PQ450RIO) will be receiving the cards via Bureau QSLs, or direct by mail – P.O Box 58 Rio de Janeiro -RJ ZIP Code: 20010 -974 sending a SASE (Self Address Stamped Envelope.)

We will also be offering a unique certificate for all who wish and comply with the regulations described below for the award.

Requirement: During the period from: 03:00Z from March 01, 2015 to 23:59 March 31, 2015. (UTC), contact the following stations:

a. Special Event Station PQ450RIO
b. The station PY1AA (LABRE-RJ) will be worked bonus station for certificate.
c. 40 (forty) amateur radio stations in the Brazilian State of Rio de Janeiro.
d. This is a total of 42 contacts.

To apply, you should create a "cabrillo formatted " log and send after the closing date to e-mail: no later than April 15, 2015. (All contest logging programs will be able to create a cabrillo file.) Please do not send the log in other formats. Files in these formats: DOC, DOCX, TXT, PDF will not be accepted. All contacts of the stations PQ450RIO and PY1AA in the month of MAR 2015 will be updated daily at Clublog ( ) You can use this information to track your progress.

Stations of the State of Rio de Janeiro, will be using their customary call sign and prefixes depending on the license class. Contacts with Rio stations using land mobile, fix base, sea and air are all valid. All standard prefixes or other special event stations in the State of Rio de Janerio all count for the award. Note that contacts by: REPEATERS or ECHOLINK, will not be valid for the certificates.

Valid amateur bands 80 to 6 meters OK. Modes CW, SSB, DIGITAL (PSK, SSTV, RTTY, JT65) are OK.


Tks K1BV Research 3/1/15

1 - 31 March 2015

POLAND                                     20th Anniversary of Grodziski Klub Krotkofalowcow SP5PMU.

3Z20PMU is the special call sign active from 2015-03-01 to 2015-03-31 to celebrate The 20th Anniversary of Grodziski Klub Krotkofalowcow SP5PMU. 
Each QSO with 3Z20PMU Special Event Station will be confirmed by an eQSL card on and only on request by a classic paper QSL card. "A request" means sending us a card with marking "PSE QSL" by bureau (via SP5PMU) or direct. In the case "direct" please send us SAE (self-addressed-envelope) and IRC or 2 USD to cover our postage costs.

Non-SP Stations who want to earn the 3Z20PMU Award (a diploma in pdf e-version) should follow the following rules:
1. Make three QSOs with 3Z20PMU Special Event Station with three different pairs of band/mode contacts. For example: 1st QSO on 30 meters band/PSK, the 2nd QSO 
    on 17 m/SSB and 3rd QSO on 15 m/SSB or 20 m/CW, 20 m/RTTY, 20 m/SSB).
2. Send a log excerpt (ADIF file, JPEG, PDF, DOC) to e-mail address: .

Internet: entry for 3Z20PMU


Tks UT7AW 

1 - 31 March 2015

SWITZERLAND                                                     HB125FMS - 125th Anniversary of Monte San Salvatore Funicular

On the occasion of the 125th Anniversary of the Monte San Salvatore funicular, members of the Tera Radio Club will activate the special event station HB125FMS, from 1 to 31 March, 2015,  The radio activity will be on all bands and modes. A special QSL is also available.

An award is also being offered for those stations who contact HB125FMS on different bands as follows:
1. 3 Bands BRONZE
2. 4 Bands SILVER
3. 5 Bands or more GOLD
(Note, you can verify your QSO's with HB125FMS on the website and proceed to the Award Request and download the award in PDF format ready to be printed.  The award will not be delivered by maill, please note the procedure for payment  in the next paragraph.  This will have to be done by mail and once completed, they will allow you to download the digital file.   (???%%%$$$###)

To download the Award please send your QSL Card with Euro/USD 5.- (only paper) to the QSL Manager: HB9OCR, Marco Hardmeier, Via Ponte Tresa 15, 6924 Sorengo (Switzerland); or send Euro/USD 5.- (transfer fee at your charge): via Paypal account [ ], or for multiple OM on the Account IBAN CH19 8036 2000 0044 7901 8, SWIFT RAIFCH22362. After the incoming payment, you can download your Award, in PDF format, directly from the requesting above website. Please mention your call sign in the money transfer.

Any questions about the Award can be made by e-mail ( to the Award Manager HB9OCR Marco.


QRZ site HB125FMS

Tks PA3CUZ 1/2015

1 March to 31 May 2015

ANDORRA                                   35th URA ANNIVERSARY Diploma U.R.A.

The national amateur radio association of Andorra is the Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans, celebrating its 35th Anniversary, and offers this Diploma with the following instructions.

1. Eligibility: The following Diploma will be of an international range, making all Ham radio or listeners (SWL)possible to obtain it.
2. Bands: All bands available to the ham radio service may be used. Contacts made via repeater will not be considered as valid.
3. Modes: All modes may be used.
4. Only one Diploma will be given for the mixed modality.
5. Dates: Available for contacts made from 1 March to 31 May 2015 UTC.
6. Prefix: With this event, the special prefix of C35 will be given as well as the usual suffix from members of the Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans.
7. Requirements: Make at least 5 contacts in 3 different bands.
8. During this period the prefix C37 will also be active with different call signs, acting as a wild card counting for any missing band QSO.
9. Applying: A Diploma will be given to all ham radio users that request it by sending an request to Unió de Radioaficionats Andorrans, P.O. Box 1150.- AD553 Andorra la Vella , with the list of contacts made with these stations, no later than 31 December 2015. The cost of the Diploma will be of 15 IRC, 12,00 US$ or 10,00 €.


Tks K1BV Research 3/1/15

6 - 9 March 2015

UKRAINE                                   190th Anniversary of the birth of Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaiskogo

The award commemorates the 190th anniversary of Alexander Fedorovich Mozhaiskogo, who by 1878, well before powered flight was possible, developed and proposed the necessary structure of heavier than air craft, all the five basic elements present in all modern aircraft structures.

A free electronic award is made available for having made just one contact with station UR4NWW  (UR4NWW/P) or 3 contacts with any stations in the Vinnytsia region which includes stations whose suffix begins with "N", such as UR#N, US#N, UT#N, UV#N, UW#N, UX#N, UY#N, UZ#N.  To receive the award, indicate your full name and call sign and apply by including a list of contacts to the award sponsor via e-mail no later than 31 March 2015 to:


Tks Victoria UT7AW 2/26/15

7 - 22 March 2015

ITALY                                           "ITALIAN NAVY COASTAL RADIO STATIONS AWARD 2015 "

The Diploma A.R.M.I. called "ITALIAN NAVY COASTAL RADIO STATIONS" has been designed to commemorate the service of Coast Stations Navy Militare Italian. The Diploma is achievable by all OM and SWL of the world. For 2015 the station Jolly is the coast station of Palombara (SR): IGJ.

1. PERIOD validity The diploma will begin March 7, 2015 (00:00 UTC) and will end on March 22, 2015 (24.00 UTC).
2. STATIONS: Will be operating the following stations:
A. Stations with special call in rappresentanz to the Coast Stations of the Navy:
(List of Arms reported on the website )
B. Stations recorded all'A.R.M.I .;
C. Stations recorded to other Naval Clubs;
D. Independent stations.
4. BANDS: All HF bands, according to the Band Plan IARU
A. QSOs (HRD) with Navy Coastal Radio Stations = 15 points (all modes);
B. QSOs (HRD) with A.R.M.I. Club and Naval Clubs Stations = 5 points (CW);
C. QSOs (HRD) with A.R.M.I. Club and Naval Clubs Stations = 3 points (PSK31 / RTTY);
D. QSOs (HRD) with A.R.M.I. Club and Naval Clubs Stations = 2 points (SSB);
E. QSOs (HRD) with INDEPENDENT = 1 point (All modes)
F. QSOs (HRD) with the Italian Navy Coastal Radio Stations from "JOLLY" station II1IGJ = 25 points (all modes);

Note : All stations (station JOLLY, stations NAVAL, coastal stations and stations INDEPENDENT), can only be contacted once a day for each output mode (SSB - CW - DigiMode).

5. MULTIPLIER for each station COASTAL connected. For example, if at the end of the race you contacted across 5 coastal stations different, your result would be multiply by five.
To get the diploma you need a minimum points:
A. Italian stations: 30 points;
B. European station: 15 points;
C. Extra-European stations: 5 points;

The call will be as follows: CW / PSK31-RTTY xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

8. REPORTS AND NUMBERS: The Coast Radio Stations will pass reports consisting of RST followed by the MI number.
The stations A.R.M.I. will pass reports of RST followed by the number of isc rizione (MI #)
NAVAL stations (*) will pass reports of RST followed by the member number of their club (MF # - # IN - RN # ....

9. There are three subcategories:
a. "MIXED" (SSB / CW / PSK31 / RTTY)
b. "PHONE" (SSB)
c. "MORSE" (CW)

10. AWARDS: The station will have the highest score in as solute, will receive a prize; The highest score of each category / Subcategory will receive an award plaque; For SWL there is only one Subcategory (MIXED);

A. For coastal stations, will be awarded the First, II and III place.

Prizes will be awarded for all categories / s other categories, with the requirement that the ranking will be at least 5 stations in competition. All will be sent if requested by EnzoLog.

11. Award Requests: The Diploma request will be sent to Award manager, IT9MRM Alberto Mattei - Via E. Millo, 20-I-96011 Augusta (SR) - Italy. R-mail:,, The request mustinclude the online log (Enzo log) or via traditional mail and will require applicant to state the information is authentic. The applicant must send fee of €10.00 or $ 15.00 (USD).
12. LOGS - Must be in ADIF format and incorporated automatically via the website "EnzoLog" (Log On-line) at the following link 
13 PAYMENT Italian stations who wish, may initiate the contribution for the Diploma through
the following ways:
     - Via "POSTEPAY" 4023600645946759 headed to Alberto Mattei;
     - Via "PAYPAL" to the following address
     - BANK TRANSFER: IBAN IT64E030698462010000
     0004132 c / o UNDERSTANDING-S.PAOLO branch
14. DEADLINE: Requests for award must be received no later than 30 May 2015.


Tks OE1UHA, Kurt 3/13/15

7 - 22 March 2015

ITALY                                            DIPLOMA SANREMO

The Sezione ARI Sanremo sponsors the " Diploma Sanremo" to publicize the City of Flowers tradition.

1. PARTICIPATION: OM and SWL of all over the world can participate working OM belonging to the Sezione ARI Sanremo and the Jolly station IQ1SM.
2. PERIOD: Starting from 0000 UTC of 7th March 2015 up to 2400 UTC of 22nd March 2015.
3. BANDS: HF bands (WARC included)
4. MODE: SSB CW RTTY and Digital modes
Stations belonging to Sezione ARI Sanremo will make the call : " CQ Diploma Sanremo " adding to the own callsign : " Sanremo " .Each station connected = 1 point . It can be contacted more than one time, but this must be on a different day or in the same day but in a different band or mode .IQ1SM counts 3 points .
6., To obtain the Award, that is a participation certificate , it is necessary to collect at least 30 points
The diploma will be awarded with a pocket radio Dual-band V/UHF (type Baofeng) one Italian OM ( not the members of Sezione ARI Sanremo) and one foreign OM who have achieved the highest score. In case of tied scores, the station furthest from Sanremo will receive the radio .

Those who have already received a prize in a previous year will be able to request the Award but, if they have acquired the highest score , will not receive a new prize that will be allowed to the second place station. Each year, the award design is changed.

To receive the Award , once you have earned the 30 points required, it is enough to send a mail , within 30th days. The Award can be requested by mail, with SASE and enough money for postage return by: April 2015, to the address : showing the call sign of the applicant.  The award manager, Gianni I1YHU , after proper checks will send back the Award as pdf document.
8. Do not send any log.
9. Mailing address: ARI Sanremo Diploma Sanremo UFFICIO Sanremo –Casella Postale 114 –18038 SANREMO (IM), Italy.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/8/15

31 March to 30 April 2015

RUSSIA                            120 Years of Radio

On May 7, 1895 Russian physicist and electrical engineer Alexander Popov presented a device that received signals from the Hertz spark vibrator at a meeting of the Russian Physical and Chemical Society in St. Petersburg.

This experiment demonstrated the possibility of transmitting messages over a distance without wires. In Russia and some other countries, May 7 is celebrated as the "Day of Radio". In connection with the 120th anniversary of this event the SRR (Soyuz Radiolyubitelei Rossii) organizes and conducts the Activity Days "120 Years of Radio."

The Activity period commemorating this anniversary will start at 21.00UTC UTC March, 31 and will be over at 20.59 UTC April, 30, 2015.

All the radio amateurs around the world are invited to participate in this event. There will be a number of stations on the air with special callsigns to honor the occasion: R1895R, R2015R, R120RA through R120RZ (a total of 28 stations). Any stations from other countries that will use number 120 in their prefixes will be welcome. They all will count for the award program.

All the commemorative stations in Russia have one single QSL-manager UA3DX, who is responsible for the QSL process on request OQRS and response QSL-cards (QSLL).

Diploma Rules 120 Years of Radio
1. All valid contacts must be made between 21.00UTC UTC March, 31 and 20.59 UTC April, 30, 2015.
2. Participants must earn 120 points
3. Points table:
     A. QSOs with the commemorative stations R1895R and R2015R = 10 points;
     B. QSOs with the commemorative stations R120RA through R120RZ = 5 points;
     C. QSOs with the commemorative stations from other countries with number 120 in their prefix = 5 points.
4. Multipliers table:
     A. AS ( except Asiatic Russia ) x 2
     B. NA,SA,AF,OC x 4
5. Other rules:
     A. The same station may be worked on different bands and in different modes (CW,SSB,DIGI ) for additional points.
     B. The award will be issued for modes of: MIXED, CW, SSB, DIGITAL.
     C. SWLs may obtain these awards using the same rules. They can submit their applications created in any format by e-mail directly to the manager of the diploma.
D. Online applications will be on the Web-site
E. Deadline for applications is June 30, 2015
F. The award manager: UA6YW – Aliy Kuysokov, P.O.Box 45, Maykop, 385000, Russia


RUSSIA Plaquette "120 Years of Radio"

Requirements: Applicants must make QSOs with ALL the 28 commemorative stations (R1895R, R2015R, R120RA through R120RZ or earn 300 points.
Cost: The cost of the plaquette with shipment abroad is 1600 rubles (or the equivalent in Euro, $ at the exchange rate existing on the date of your application).
Applications and payment for the plaque will be managed by RU6AX - Efimtsov Viktor,  A / I 1534, Krasnodar-80, 350080, Russia.
His e-mail address is: e-mail:

E-mail: (Certificate)
E-mail  (Trophy)


1 April to 20 May 2015

USA                                                                    Chenango Valley Amateur Radio Association 50th Anniversary

As part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration by the Chenango Valley Amateur Radio Assoc., Inc., the W2RME/50 call sign will be used by all members for a 50 day period - April 1, 2015 through May 20, 2015.
Work members of this group during the dates noted above. A Special 50th Anniversary Certificate is available for all those who work this call sign during this period. Send your QSL and Certificate request to award manager, Tom Mathewson AD2TM. Use e-mail address: .

Tks Ray Darling, K2DAR, Director - CVARA, Inc.


Tks FORUMS 3/25/15

April 25, 2015       M2

ITALY                                                                       INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY 2015

On April 25, 2015, the 28th edition of the "INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY" will be celebrated. For those who will take part in this yearly event a special certificate is available on request.

Requirement :
1) Work/hear on any band/any mode at least 5 Marconi memorial stations between 00:00 UTC and 23:59 UTC on 25 April 2015.
A list of Marconian stations may be found at
No endorsement is available, but award will be numbered.
The certificate is free of charch and is issued as a PDF or JPG file.
Application deadline : 31 May 2015.
Send your application (GCR) via email to the award manager IK3GER, Paolo, with QSO data as in the example beneath:

Example of application/format: 
QSO CALL    D a t e     UTC      MHz    2 x
1 IY4FGM    25/4/2015   2200     14     SSB.
2 GB4IMD    25/4/2015   2100     21     CW
3 DA0IMD    25/4/2015   2300      7     SSB
4 KM1CC     25/4/2015   2349      7     SSB.
5 EI0IMD    25/4/2015   1245     3,5    CW
Note: the principal award of this name is sponsored by the Cornish Amateur Radio Society in England. This award is independently issued by an interested individual, IK3GER.

Tks IK3GER 3/22/15


25 April 2015

ENGLAND                                                 International Marconi Day

Every year, the Cornish Amateur Radio Club sponsors this event celebrating the date of birth of Guglio Marconi, the wireless pioneer who experimented with and developed much of this new technology in the early 20th century. His experiments were conducted all over Europe and other continents, and many of the memorial stations active this day will be operating from the same locations in his honor.

As in previous years the event will run for a full 24 hours with contacts made on HF only counting towards the award. All modes of radio communication are accepted towards the award and are actively encouraged. Please note that VHF, UHF or contacts made with one of the current crop of Internet assisted modes, e.g. Echolink, will not count towards the award for IMD.

The Certificates are of a very high quality and are well worth obtaining to display on the wall of any Shack. They are based on an original Marconi Stock Certificate Circa 1901 and are offered under the following categories:-

Make direct two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, mixed modes are permitted.

Make two-way communication with 12 of the official Award Stations from a mobile location, mixed modes are permitted.

Make two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, using CW only.

Make two-way communication with 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, using Digital Modes only. (e.g. AMTOR/PACTOR/RTTY/AX25/ASCII/PSK31 & SSTV)

An opportunity for Clubs/Groups at fixed locations to take part and gain the award by establishing two-way communication with 20 of the official Award Stations using mixed modes or with 20 contacts using either C.W. or Digital Modes

To log two-way communications made by 15 of the official Award Stations, mixed modes are permitted.

To log two-way communications made by 10 of the official Award Stations using C.W. only.

Apply by sending a log extract of the required number of contacts/SWL and fee of 10€, $US15 or Ł 8.00 Sterling to: Ken G0FIC, IMD Awards Manager, Cornish Amateur Radio Club, 38 Tresithney Road,. Carharrack. Redruth. TR16 5QZ England.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/28/15

March 29 to April 4, 2015


1. PARTICIPATION: open to all OM and SWL Italian and foreign.
2. PERIOD: from 00.00 UTC on Saturday prior to Holy Week 23.59 on the Saturday of the week holy, for the year 2015, the period goes from March 29 to April 4th.
3. BANDS: HF 20, 40 and 80 meters, in the portion of band allocated to voice.
4. MODE: SSB voice
5. CALL: Contact stations calling : CQ Mysteries of Trapani
6. Each station can be connected several times in the same day, provided the QSOs are on different bands and with a time difference of at least 15 minutes.
7. REPORTS: All stations, including the station wildcard should send: RST, serial number, the time and the name of operator.
8. STATIONS ACCREDITED: Will be active during the period of the award will be accredited stations operating all over the national territory of Italy or from abroad, which will consist of previous winners that operators or Trapanesi natives who are far from their hometown. The Diploma is an opportunity to move closer to the traditions of Trapani through radio. The full list of stations credited will be published on the website of ARI Trapani .
     1 point with OM of the ARI of Trapani,
     2 points with the accredited stations (the first OM classification of previous editions, the first and last edition YL operators Trapanesi off Trapani),
     3 points with Jolly (wildcard) station,
     5 points with the station IQ9TP in the days of the Mysteries (Friday 18 and Saturday, April 19) 10 points.
10. LOG: On the site of ARI Trapani you may download the special
LOG Software created by Mario IT9JZK. The logs in digital format created by the software IT9JZK should be sent via E-mail to the email address: . Paper logs, must include all the data as mentioned in #7 REPORTS.
11. SUBMITTING LOGS: Award Manager IT9WLK Leonardo Hectares - Via F.sco La Grassa # 2 - 91100 Trapani, Italy.
The logs must be received by 31 May 2015 postmark. Same date for E-mail, logs arrived after that date will not be taken into account, the same goes for stations SWL.
12. REQUEST FOR DIPLOMA: To apply for the diploma, you must earn 20 points for Italian OM, 15 points for European OM and 10 points for non-European points for OM.
The award is FREE and will be sent to you by e-mail in PDF format.
13. PAPER AWARDS: For those who wish, on request and at a cost of € 10.00, the award will be sent by mail. The Diploma will be printed in A3 format on parchment paper (specify by mail).
14. PAYMENT: The payment can be made in the following ways:
Paypal account (preferred method);
Postepay card No. 4023 6009 0905 9885 made out to Salvatore Todaro.
The applications for the diploma should be sent by e-mail to the email address : (you must indicate in the CALL and NAME of applicant). If your payment is made through Postepay it is mandatory to attach the request by e-mail scanning of the payment with the indications of: CALL, TITLE, DATE AND POST OFFICE of payment; in the case in which no have a scanner to send a copy of the receipt via post, always: CALL, TITLE, DATE AND POST OFFICE payment. If payment will be through PAYPAL, it is mandatory in the notes you specify the CALL NAME.

Internet: (website)

Tks UT7AW 3/17/15

1 April 2015

GERMANY                                         April Fools-AWARD

The April fools-AWARD is issued by German club station DKŘMIT (local committee S44) and the local committee of Koenigs Wusterhausen (YŘ7) DLŘKWH for contacts made on the 1st of April with places located in Germany but named after far away places, countries, islands etc. all over the world.. Some of these places can be found on their web site. We are always looking for more places to go.

SWL-reports are valid as well. The diploma can be given out to SWL too. Connections valid from the 1st of April in 2008. QSO with a place from above confirmed with a special QSL card are retroactive. Any qualifying call sign can be counted once per year, band and place.

Point Values: 
1. QSO with a place from above confirmed with a special QSL card: 10 points
2. other QSO with a place from above: 5 points
3. other QSO from the 1st of April (max. 20): 1 point

Total score required to receive the award = 104 points.

Fee: 5 Euro to be transferred onto the account:

3380 0011 03
DARC e.V. OV Mittweida
Sparkasse Mittelsachsen Freiberg
BLZ: 8705 2000

You can also pay with stamps(worth €5) with your application.

Apply to:  DKŘMIT, Postfach 11 21, 09641 Mittweida, Germany.

Send a GCR list in the form of a PDF file or as an Excel table attachment.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/8/15

1 - 30 April 2015

BELGIUM                                   ON1418KNH WWI Award

The members of the VRA clubstation ON6KNH located in Knokke-Heist will be operating the special event station ON1418KNH during the month of April 2015. ON1418KNH will be on the air to commemorate the First World War, and promises to be active on all bands and all modes.

QSL via the VRA QSL Bureau.

Requirements are simple, just make 1 QSO or SWL report with ON1418KNH. To apply for the FREE award, fill in the electronic application/form found on this link:

The award is free of charge, and only available in digital form. Your contact information will be compared with the data on the web site, and if the contact is found, will allow you to print the award.

Internet: Http://

Tks 3/17/15

4 - 5 April 2015

USA                                                     Mississippi QSO Party Award

The Magnolia DX Association (MDXA) will be participating in the Mississippi QSO Party that will be held April 4, 2015 at 1400 UTC until April 5, 2015 at 0200 UTC or April 4, 2015 from 9:00AM until 9:00PM CST.
The club will be using four special event callsigns and their club call sign during this event. The special event calls are K5M, K5I, K5P, and K5S with their club call is K5MDX. In order to receive a certificate you must spell "MISSISSIPPI " by using the suffixes in the special event callsigns.
You can use one special event callsign multiple times. For example, if you work K5I, that one contact can be used for all four I’s found in MISSISSIPPI. The club call, K5MDX, can be used as a wildcard, which means that it may be substituted for any letter that you may be missing. However, it may only be used once. These stations will be operating on all bands and all modes.

Submitting Logs
Log information must include: Station Worked, Date of Contact, Time of Contact (UTC) , Band, Mode, RST

APPLYING VIA EMAIL:    Attach your log file or provide the information in the body of an email with your call sign in the subject line to
APPLYING VIA SNAIL MAIL:    Paper logs may be submitted via traditional mail to: MDXA, Attn: MS QSO Party, PO Box 576, Saucier, MS 39574 -0576.

To receive a certificate, send an email with your call in the subject line to
.    List your name as you would like it to appear on the award and make sure you include your address. The awards custodian will cross check the logs of the 1x1 stations and send you the certificate as a .pdf file. If you prefer, we can print and mail you a certificate suitable for framing. Send the details above and $2 to cover paper, ink and mailing expenses to: MDXA, Attn: MS QSO Party, PO Box 576, Saucier, MS 39574-0576. You can send your two dollars via snail mail or Paypal to .

E-mail: .

Tks K5IJ and W5XX Rewritten 3/24/15

14 - 15 April 2015

ITALY                                                       MARITIME RADIO DAY 2015

The Diploma "MARITIME RADIO DAY 2015" is issued to OM/SWL who have made QSO/HRD with at least 5 stations taking part in the annually held event called "Maritime Radio Day". 
This year MRD will be held between April 14 ( starts at 12:00z ) and 15 ( ends at 22:00z ).

No endorsement is available but the awards will be numbered.
The award is free and will be sent to you via email as a PDF or JPG file.
Send your list of QSOs with the requested data according to the example shown below to the award manager Paolo, IK3GER, at
Application deadline: 31 May 2015.
Logs received with incomplete data will not be accepted.
Mode: CW only
Bands: All HF bands OK. 


Example of application
CALL    Date         UTC   MHz     2 x  Operator   Call of ship/coastal
IR0IAR  14/04/2014   12.50  7       CW     Gianni           IAR
IZ0DDD  15/04/2014   08.44 14       CW     Lino             ICIA

Tks IK3GER 3/25/15

24 - 26 April 2015

ITALY                                               Centenary Aqueduct Pugliese (II7AQP)

Puglia has suffered a chronic shortage of water for centuries due to geology of the area and porous limestone that disperses the water at great depths. At the beginning of the last century, after yet another epidemic that had caused thousands of deaths, an aqueduct project was undertaken to import water from a distance. It was completed on April 24, 1915 when the water began flowing through the aqueduct when the citizens Bari rushed to the party at the monumental fountain in Piazza Umberto I.

A hundred years after the groundbreaking, the Aqueduct Pugliese is still among the most impressive and exemplary works of hydraulic engineering systems in the world. An interconnected system of aqueducts that stretch for over 21 thousand kilometers, conveying good drinking water to the homes of 4 million people, as required, thanks to an innovative remote control system.

In memory of this event the Diploma commemorating the "Centenary Aqueduct Pugliese" will be available to radio stations that earn the score for his achievement and request it.

1. Participation: OM and SWL Italians and foreigners
2. Period: from 00: 00 to 24:00 April 24 of April 26, 2015
3. Bands 20 m to 40 m
4. Modes: SSB, CW, RTTY / PSK

Note: Five special portable stations will be active in one day Sunday, April 26. These 5 portable stations located at key spots of the aqueduct.
     1) Sources of Health Caposele (AV) ref. AQP 01
     2) Park Marquis (TA) ref. AQP 02
     3) Dam Camastra (PZ) ref. AQP 03
     4) Dam Fortore Masseria Finocchito (FG) ref. AQP 04
     5) Drain terminal AQP Santa Maria di Leuca (LE) ref. AQP 05

1. Italian stations: Contact the special station II7AQP active from April 24 to 26 and at least 4 of the 5 stations that will be active during the day Sunday, April 26.
2. Foreign stations: Contact the special station II7AQP active from April 24 to 26 days and at least 3 of the 5 portable stations active during the day Sunday, April 26.
Reports: Each portable station valid for the award will send their RS (T) followed by the corresponding reference AQP. Special station II7AQP will only report RS (T).

1. The diploma "Centenary of the Puglia Aqueduct" will be sent in PDF format to all those who request it in the manner described below. There will be no hard copy by post available.

Fill out the application form on the website of the ARI of Bari on the following address: . All requests will be processed by the manager of the section in a few days and the diploma will be sent via email to the applicants.

In the application form of the diploma you can also ask them to send the QSL via bureau of special individual stations connected.  For those who wish to receive / QSL via bureau despite not having reached the QSOs needed for graduation, will be able to request it at the following link: .

For those who wish to receive / QSL via direct mail should send your QSL with pre-stamped return envelope to the following address of the manager: Thomas Salatino IZ7ECL, Via Lorenzo D'Agostino, 18 / f, 70125 Bari, ITALY.

All information and updates will be available on the website of the ARI of Bari area dedicated:
E-mail: None given, applications will be on the website listed above sent through the WWW.


Tks 2/1-0/15

April 25 to May 5, 2015

POLAND                          The 22th Steam Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn Award

The Award is issued by the Wolsztyn Amateur Radio Club SP3PWL: The purpose of the Award is to commemorate the 22st Steam Locomotive Parade, which takes place in Wolsztyn every year, and promote the Wolsztyn Locomotive Shed. The Award is available to amateur radio operators and SWL’s.

1. Polish Stations: Make one QSO/HRD with the Wolsztyn Club Station SP3PWL (mandatory) and three QSO’s/HRD’s with the following Club members: SP3HD, SP3BLK, SP3DWH, SP3GAD, SP3OSK, SP3OSR, SP3RBQ, SP3SFY, SQ3DVQ, SQ3JPV, SQ3REA, SQ3REB, SQ3RPB, SQ3SW.
2. Foreign stations: one QSO/HRD with SP3PWL and one with a Club member.

All bands and modes may be used.
QSO’s/HRD’s made from April 25 to May 5, 2015, will be valid.
The most active operator will be granted a surprise award.
The electronic (pdf) Award will be sent by e-mail free of charge to be printed at home.
(You may also ask for a paper version of the award. (fee: PLN 15 or EUR 5 ).
Applying: Send your log extract to: , or: Wolsztyn'ski Klub Krótkofalowców, T?oki 60a, 64-200 Wolsztyn, Poland, on or before May 31, 2015.

Internet: (Event data) ;

Tks PA3CUZ 1/2015

1 - 30 May 2015

CANADA                                     VE Day Award

The Penticton Amateur Radio Club will operate Special Event Station VE7ŘDAY commemorating the 70th anniversary of VE Day and will be active from 1 to 30 May 2015 only. 
VE Day, was the public holiday celebrated on 8 May 1945 to mark the formal acceptance by the Allied Forces of World War II of Nazi Germany's unconditional surrender of its armed forces. This marked the end of World War II in Europe.

To request a printable confirmation certificate please send email with contact information in standard format per sample below. There is no charge for a digitally delivered award.

TO STATION: __W2XXX__________

QSO Date




17 May 2015

1158 14.194



Send this contact data Please wait until MAY 31 to request a confirmation. We will upload the logbook to LOTW and

VE70DAY will operate 10 - 80 meters during this time. Please limit your contacts to once per band/mode.

The award is free of charge as a digital file. A printed copy is available for $5 to cover cost of postage. Send funds to Doug Pichette, 533 Nelson Ave, Penticton, Canada V2A 2L3.


Tks PA3CUZ 1/26/15

3 - 10 May 2015

RUSSIA                                             Memorial Diploma Pobeda-70 (Victory 70)

Contact Russian stations using the memorial call sign prefix of RP70 during this period. For many years now, Russians have commemorated the end of World War II (The Great Patriotic War) by stations all over the country with the "call area" being shown as the number of years since the end of the war. 2015 is the 70th anniversary of this cataclysm in which almost every family suffered.

Lists of stations which will be active are to be found in the links below.

For more information:

Tks PA3CUZ 3/7/15

May 3 to May 10, 2015

RUSSIA                                          The Great Victory Plaque

Offered by the Lebedyanskiy Radio Club of the Lipetsk Region to honor the 70th anniversary of WWII Victory. Look for stations with the prefix of RP70 xxxxxx. The award is designed as a plaque with a metal medallion or badge in the middle.

Requirements: Earn a total of 70 points.

Point Values:
1. QSO with war veterans and home front workers =10 points each.
2. QSO with memorial stations dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory (RP70 ***) = 2 points each.
3. SWL OK and issued on the same basis.
4. 160 meter contacts carry double point value.
5. Same station may be contacted on different bands for award credit.

Application may be in the form of a log extract.
Memorial stations may earn the award for conducting 1000 QSOs.
World War II veterans and home front workers need only 1 QSO.
The award fee including shipping to Russia is 1800 rubles.
Applications for the award be sent to:


Tks 3/6/15

March 9 - 15, 2015

LITHUANIA                                   Lithuanian 25th Independence Day (LY25LY)

On 11 March, 1990 The Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania signed the Lithuanian Independence Restoration Act, which confirms the sovereign powers of Lithuania as an independent state. Based on the 1918 Act of 16 February, Lithuania signed it’s Act of Independence, which has never lost its legal effect. The Act was signed by the President of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Lithuania Vytautas Landsbergis and other Council members.

The Lithuanian amateur radio society has organized a one week (2015.03.09-2015.03.15) on the air activity with a special call sign LY25LY to mark this date. Multiple stations will operate on different bands and modes to commemorate the event.

Award: Make three QSO's (on different bands and modes) with special event station LY25LY to receive not a certificate, but a special metal pin. Please send your QSL with SASE and necessary payment with return postage and you will receive the pin together with QSL. No application of any kind is required, only clear QSO data of the 3 contacts written on your QSL.

The stations who make the highest number of band/mode contacts with LY25LY will receive a special parliament souvenir. Please send your log with QSO details to no later than 31 March 2015.


Tks K1BV Research 3/6/15


13 - 22 March 2015

SPAIN                                     World Down Syndrome Day (EH3DWN)

World Down Syndrome Day will be publicized by the Mike Delta Victor DX Group from 13 March 2015 to 22 March 2015, for which the special call sign EH3DWN be used in the bands of 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 m. The station will make contacts using SSB, PSK and ROS modes. QSLs received via Bureau (via EA3HKY) be answered via Bureau.

Direct QSL cards may be sent to:
Mike Delta Victor Dx Group, C / Miguel de Cervantes, 19-23, 3rd Floor. 08100 - Mollet del Vallčs (Barcelona) - Spain.
QSL direct you to include SASE (Include on for the return of the QSL with sufficient postage), No IRC please. QSLs that do not include SASE will not be answered.. All contacts will be confirmed via LoTW , eQSL and EAlog .

All stations who meet the following conditions may download fully automatically a free diploma.

Award Requirements
A. Contact station EH3DWN a minimum of 3 times in the same band. Such contacts should be performed on different days.
B. Contact EH3DWN a minimum of 2 contacts using different bands.
C. Contact EH3DWN a minimum of 2 contacts using different modes.

Their website has a automated log where you can validate your contacts.


Tks: QRZ site EH3DWN

13 - 20 March 2015

RUSSIA                               35th Master World Cup 2015 In Syktyvkar

This award celebrates the 35th Masters World Cup of cross country skiing, being held in Syktyvkar, Siberia from 13 to 20 March 2015. The award is being sponsored by the SRR Regional Office of the Komi Republic.
Requirements: To obtain the award you need to earn 35 points by contacting amateur stations in Komi (R8X, R9X) during the period 11 to 31 March 2015. .

Point Values:
1. Special Event Station R35MWC = 5 points;
2. All R8X, R9X prefixed station = 3 points each.
3. Repeated QSOs with the same station are allowed on different bands and on the same band but with using different modes.

Application for award sent to: Awards are available in electronic form, and once you have qualified, can be downloaded from the website: .
QSL can be obtained through the bureau, directly, or OQRS:

URL of the skiing event:

Tks OH3GZ and 3/11/15

14 March to 17 May 2015


On the occasion of 221st birthday of General Joseph Bem and the activity days of the Ostroleka radioclubs SP5KVW (Ostroleka) and SP9PTA (Tarnow), we are issuing a special award called "Spring with BEM". During the period of March 14th - May 17th the club stations and their members be active to give you a chance to earn 56 points (EU stations) or 28 points (DX stations) for contacts to earn the award.

Point Values:
1) Special Event Station SN0BEM (op by SP5KVW) = 20 points per 1 QSO (obligatory qso)
2) Special Event Station HF0BEM (SP9PTA) = 20 points per 1 QSO (obligatory qso)
3) SP5KVW members = 1 point per SSB/FM/AM/DIGI QSO, 2 points per CW QSO.

Club member list:

List of SN0BEM members:

SP9PTA members – 1 point per SSB/FM/AM/DIGI QSO, 2 points per CW QSO:





To be eligible for the award you must work SN0BEM and HF0BEM once obligatorily and collect a minimum of 16 points for member station contacts. Each station can be worked once only. Repeater QSOs do not count.

For SWLs the award application must indicate the details of the QSO between the stations ( both callsigns, date, time and RST). If both correspondents are organizer stations, only one credit can be awarded (for only 1 callsign).

Point Values for SWLs:
For SWL of the Special .Event .Stations SN0BEM and HF0BEM – 5 points (any mode)
For SWL of a member station – 1 point (SSB/FM/AM/DIGI ) or 2 points (CW)

The member stations count only once, while the S.E.S station SWLs can be repeated even the same day (but a different band) or the same band ( but a different date) until the end of the activity period.

1. Earn the necessary number of points through your contacts between March 14 – May 17, 2015.
2. Wait for the list of eligible stations (created through member stations log check) to be announced on June 15th, 2015 on the organizers’ web sites: and
3. Once you see your call sign among the eligible stations, send your award application in any form ( pdf, doc, adif, Cabrillo) no later than June 30th, 2015 to .
4. Wait for the final verified list of awarded stations and an e-mail which will be sent to you with the electronic version of the award. No cost.
Any queries or issues are dealt with by – SP9JZT – Janusz and SO5MAX – Maciej

Tks page for HF0BEM

Tks Victoria UT7AW

16 - 31 March 2015

RUSSIA Crimean Spring Award

The "Crimean Spring" award series has been established in honor of the anniversary of the referendum and the reunion of the Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol city with the Russian Federation. Award is available for the QSOs (SWLs) made in 2015 year between March 16-th and 31-st. Same station may be contacted on different bands or modes for award credit. Award is electronic, free of charge and should be downloaded on the web-site: also you can send an application manually on the same site. Each of the awards contains a different design.

To qualify you must contact Crimean or Sevastopol stations and earn the points shown:
Class 3 - 10 points
Class 2 - 20 points
Class 1 - 30 points

Point values:
1. Each QSO (SWL) with Special Event Station from Crimea UE1KR or Sevastopol UE1SE = 5 points.
2. Each QSO (SWL) with other calls from Crimea = 1 point each.

Allow time for the period of uploading LOGs for the Special Event Stations - 2 days and for other stations from Crimea and Sevastopol - 7 days.


Tks Rustam RU6K

17 March 2015 (GMT 24 hour period

IRELAND                                       St. Patrick’s Day Award

Contact Irish stations (of course) and others that are listed in their website during the 24 hour GMT date 17 March.

Complete the requirements of one of the categories listed below:
1 SPD Station Award - To qualify you must be a registered St Patrick Day Station, and have transmitted on the 17th as part of the St Patrick Award.
2 Fixed Station Award - To qualify you must make direct two way communication with a minimum of 10 Saint Patrick Day award stations from a fixed location using either mixed modes or CW only.
3 Mobile Station Award - To qualify you must make direct two way communication with a minimum of 5 SPD award stations from a mobile location using either mixed modes or CW only
4 Short Wave Listener Award - To qualify you must log two way communications between a minimum of 10 SPD award stations utilizing any mode

No charge for the award, which is issued as an "E" (electronic) award.  Use the application form which is found on their website.  It asks that you send an ADIF file. 


Tks PA3CUZ 3/7/15

20-23 March 2015

UKRAINE                         Days of activity "Our soldiers Vinnichiny" 2015

Sponsored by the Club WW of the Vinnitsa region. The special days of "Our soldiers Vinnichiny" is dedicated to the 71st anniversary of the liberation of Vinnitsa and the Vinnitsa region from the Nazi invaders during WWII. A special memorial diploma "Our soldiers Vinnichiny." will be made available for making at least 3 QSOs with stations of the Vinnitsa region One QSO with club station UR4NWW is required. Amateur radio stations of the Vinnitsa region must make at least 71 QSOs with amateur radio operators around the world.

Repeated QSOs with the same station are permitted if made on different bands, modes , or on different days. The Application must be certified by two radio amateurs, and issued in electronic format and sent to the e-mail address: . Please specify: your name, call sign, date of birth, home and e-mail address, QSO data should be sent in the form of a log extract and radio QSL-cards (or sending information via eQSL). The Diploma free of charge and only is sent only by e-mail after validation of contacts by the award committee. SWL diploma is issued for conducting activities during days for 3 reports for SWL stations of the Vinnitsa region.

Applications will be accepted until March 31, 2015.



73 de UR5NBC

9 - 10 May 2015

Netherlands                                 5th activation of Windmill "the Old Mill" at Oudemolen Netherlands (PA05MILL)

Several radio amateurs of VERON section A54 will take part in the National Mills Weekend on the 9th and 10th of may 2015. Their operation will take place from the old corn mill with the name: "The Old Mill" (which dates from 1846) located on the Oudemolensedijk 16 at Oudemolen. They plan to be active on all HF bands and 2 meters with the special call PA05MILL.

All stations who make at least one qso with PA05MILL will receive a beautiful special QSL card via the QSL bureau. Cards are also available direct by sending your QSL card directly with SAE and $US2 to the QSL manager: Cor Verdult (PA2CVD), Kam. Onnesstraat 18, 4631 GT, Hoogerheide, The Netherlands

A beautiful digital mill award will also be issued.. One qso with PA05MILL is sufficient to earn this beautiful digital award! To apply for this digital award click on the link shown on their website and fill in the details. You will receive your digital award as soon as possible. You can apply for this Mill award until Monday, May 25th, 2015.

More information about historic windmills is available during the National Mills Weekend. Mills will be opened for visitors, no admission fee will be levied. For further information take a look at the page: (only Dutch language).

Tks entry 2/27/15

11 May to 7 June 2015

Netherlands                                            125th Anniversary Vincent van Gogh’s Birth (PA125VVG)

Several radio amateurs of the VERON Section 54 - Etten-Leur, starting on 11 May 2015 to 7 June 2015 will activate the special call PA125VVG to publicize the 125th anniversary of the birth of famed artist Vincent van Gogh.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter and one of the great painters of the 19th century. His work falls under the category of Post-Impressionism, an art form that succeeded the nineteenth century impressionism. He was born in Zundert on 30th of March 1853 in the Netherlands and he died on 29th of July 1890 in Auvers-sur-Oise in France. Vincent van Gogh lived a while in the town of Etten-Leur.

Some famous paintings include: Sunflowers - The Potato Eaters - Bedroom at Arles.

Additional information about the life and works of Vincent Van Gogh go to:

The special event station PA125VVG will be active on all HF / VHF bands and using different modes. For all qso’s with the special call PA125VVG we will send a special QSL card via the QSL bureau. EQSL and LoTW will not be used. It will also possible to send a QSL card directly: Send your QSL card directly to the Netherlands with SAE and $ 2 (no IRC coupon) to the QSL manager: Chris Baeten, PA1CPA, Meidoornlaan 35, 4871 TA ETTEN-LEUR, The Netherlands.

A special digital award will be issued named THE VINCENT VAN GOGH AWARD
To achieve this special digital award the following conditions apply:
1. Make 2 qso’s with PA125VVG on different bands and or in different modes.  OR.
2. Make 1 qso with PA125VVG and 1 qso with member of VERON section 54 during the period from 1st of January 2015 until 7th of June 2015.

Below is a list of active members of the VERON section 54: PA0LOU – PA0ATG – PA1BR – PA1CPA – PA1ADG – PA2CVD – PA5JSB – PD0PMS – PD0RWL – PE1RMO – PH1B.

To apply for this digital award click on the link found on the website, fill in the details and you will receive your digital award as soon as possible.

QSL: Via QSL-manager PA1CPA


Tks PA2CVD 2/23/15

20-21 June 2015
27-28 June 2015

England                                                            International Museums Weekend

On the 3rd and 4th weekends of June 2015, amateur station will be operating from a over 325 museums from all over the world, though primarily in Europe. Contacts with at least 5 museums will qualify you to earn a no charge digital award in PDF format.
The awards will be for 5 or 20 IMW registered stations worked and one for SWLs for 10 registered stations heard. To claim the awards send a log extract with :- your Email Address, Name and Call-Sign.

 The log extract should also include:
- registration number from the IMW website list
- call of the museum station worked
- date
- time in UTC
- Band
- Mode
- and in case of SWLs: callsign of the station worked by the museum station

Please include all IMW stations contacted as the Awards states how many you worked in total not just the 5 or 20 or 10. The log extracts can be in any the following formats: txt, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, pdf, jpg and should be sent to The Awards Manager , Hans Jurgen-Schmelzer DE3EAR, by Email to:


Tks PA3CUZ 3/1/15

June 30 to July 5, 2015

SPAIN                                                            DIPLOMA SAN FERMIN 2015     (Running of the Bulls at Pamplona)

Sponsored by the AMATEUR RADIO UNION OF PAMPLONA on the occasion of the celebration of the universally known Fiestas de San Fermin, the Pamplona Amateur Radio Union (URP) is organizing the Diploma "San Fermin" and invites all amateurs to participate in the 2015 version with the following rules:

1. SCOPE: open to all amateurs, possessing the appropriate official license.
2. DATES: from 08:00 h. UTC on June 30 to 21:00 h. UTC on July 5, 2015.
3. BANDS: 20, 40 and 80 m, within recommended by the IARU segments.
4. MODE: only SSB.
5. CALL: Contact stations calling "CQ Diploma San Fermin 2015".
6. LICENSORS: Special season EG2DSF, URP partners and other stations Navarra request to manager Diploma, and its formal commitment to send your contact list to manager Diploma in Cabrillo or Excel format, including the letters of the alphabet granted to each correspondent.
7. OBJECTIVE: Each participating station is assigned one letter of the alphabet per band and day chosen by the applicant.

8. List of characters to obtain: D - I - P - L - O - M - A - S - A - N - F - E - R - M - I - N - 2-0 - 1-5             (Repeated letters A, I, M and N be delivered once each).

9. The special event call station EG2DSF granted exclusive of the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 5.
10. A total of 16 characters are needed to complete the requirements.
11. QSL: No QSL cards are needed to confirm the contacts.

11. DIPLOMA: All participants who complete the phrase Diploma San Fermin 2015, may choose between one of two formats:
     A. Diploma in electronic PDF format A4, which is send email for free, or  
     B. Diploma mailed printed. In this case the applicants have to send fee of 3€. or stamps mailing expenses management and postage.
12. LISTS: lists can be made with the program Expedition WinURECon in HF category. The program supports fielding RS 59 more received a letter or number received accordingly.
You may also use an EXCE document. The list shall contain call sign of contacted station, date, time, band and RS. You can also download a form from EXCEL at the following link:

You can send this listing Cabrillo or exported in Excel format. In case of a paper list, the data will be tabulated, it must be clearly legible and is also imperative to put on each contact's letter of the alphabet obtained. They must also send the following data of applicant: callsign, name, full address and email. Any list that does not reflect the aforementioned data loses the right to diploma. The lists must be submitted duly completed, either by email to the address, or by post to the address URP in: Apdo. De Correos 327, 31080 Pamplona, Spain.

13. All applications must be submitted no later than September 15, 2015.
14. The list of stations earning the diploma will be published on the website:


Tks PA3CUZ 3/8/15

Sept 19 - 28, 2015

ENGLAND                                  International Air Ambulance Week Awards

The intention of this event will be mainly to help support the donation funded flying medical services around the world, by operating your special event station during at least some of the 9 days during which this event takes place. The nine days include two weekends, so everyone can get an opportunity to take part. The date has been set to coincide with the UK's own fund raising week, simply because the UK has by far the most complete coverage of donation funded medical helicopter services in the world. An additional and equally important aim will be to help the UK's Association of Air Ambulances, spread the concept of a public donation supported air ambulance service to the rest of the world.

While this event is designed to assist the Air Ambulance organizations, it should be noted that the awards issued will be FREE of charge, and will be issued as "e-awards", sent by e-mail in PDF format. Any decision to contribute will be entirely voluntary and is not a condition of receiving such awards. In any case, the stations operating in this cause are not permitted to receive funds of any kind.

Awards Available
1. An award for having registered and taken part in the event.
2. A Bronze award for having logged a minimum of 5 International Air-Ambulance Week stations.
3. A Silver award for having logged a minimum of 10 IAW station.
4 A Gold award for having logged a minimum of 15 IAW station.
5. Awards for SWL will follow the the above requirements

To claim the awards send a log extract by e-mail to . This log extract should contain the usual information: Call Sign, Date, Time, Band, Mode, RST. Also needed is the registration number from the IAW website list for the stations which will be active. In the case of SWLs: the call sign of the station worked by the museum station. Please include all IAW stations worked as the Awards states how many you worked in total not just the 20.

The log extracts can be in any the following formats: txt, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, pdf, jpg and should be sent to The Awards Manager , Hans Jurgen-Schmelzer.

Additional info on M0HEM:

Tks M0HEM 1/14/15


(Sample of award used for 2014).