These are awards which are offered for a few days, weeks, or months only.  
They commemorate events such as
Anniversaries, Fairs, Conferences, or Special Celebrations.
Check this page from time to time.  I'll list items that are even too short for my regular "Short" term awards file, which generally last for one year. 
If you know of any such brief awards, let me know!

1. The ARRL Website has a pretty big listing of Special Event Stations, many of which offer a certificate.  Best way to get a listing of the awards is to specify a start and stop date in their web form. Use the "search" function in your web browser to look for the word  certificate

2. CQ Magazine also publishes a list of special events, some of which offer certificates.




Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source  Added
11 October 2015 31 January 2016 Poland SP500YFF Award X DIG Bulletin #1880 11/30/15
7 November 2015 28 February 2016 Spain Diploma III Route of Castles X URE Listing 11/30-/15
1 December 2015 31 January 2016 Belarus KDR-Conditions-Friendship-2015 X EU1EU/DH1PAL/DIG 12/15/15
8 December 2015 20 November 2016 Italy  Jubilee of Mercy 2015-2016 X K1BV Research 11/30/15
13 December 2015 11 January 2016 Canada XM7100AS  WWI Truce to Celebrate  Christmas 1914 and 1916 X 12/9/15
18 December 2015 2 January 2016 Hungary HG5XMAS Christmas Activity and Memorial Certificate X 9A1AA 12/15/15
19 December 2015 10 January 2016 Sardinia 1st Diploma " Christmas in Sardinia" X 12/31/15
28 December 2015 24 January 2016 England Happy New Year Special Event Station GB1HNY X 1/6/16


Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source  Added
1 January 2016 29 February 2016 Russia Year of the Monkey Award - 2016 Postage only DH5MM 1/19/16
1 January 2016 31 January 2016 Germany Brave Radio Friends - Radio Activity Award January 2016 X DE3EAR 1/15/16
1 January 2016 31 January 2016 Turkey Liberation Day of Adana (TC5OCK) X 1/10/16
1 January 2016 31 March 2016 Russia YETI Expedition - 2016 Award/Plaque/Trophy

X - certificate 1/6/16
1 January 2016 31 March 2016 Sweden 70th Anniversary of SK7HW Club (SK70HW) X 1/6/16
1 January 2016 1 April 2016 Russia 70th Anniversary of the Tambov Radio Club (R70RAA)

X 1/3/16
1 January 2016 31 March 2016 Poland 90th Anniversary Club LVIV 12/28/15
1 January 2016 10 January 2016 Russia Digital Activity Days Russian Digital Radio Club "01-10"


DH1PAL 12/28/15
1 January 2016 28 February 2016 Ukraine First Radio Contact Ukraine-USA

X and UT7AW 11/23/15
14 January 2016 30 January 2016 Spain World Day of Peace and Non-Violence X 1/22/16
16 January 2016 31 January 2016 Italy 5th Diploma Francesco Cossiga   IU4DEG 1/1716
23 January 2016 31 January 2016 Italy ARI Sanremo - Diploma 50 Years X K1BV Research 1/26/16
23 January 2016 31 January 2016 England Worked SOS Radio Week Stations Award X SP9JPA Blog 1/21/16
24 January 2016 25 January 2016 Brazil Sao Paulo 462nd Anniversary City of San Paulo (ZZ462SP) 1/15/16
30 January 2016 29 February 2016 Romania YO-BZ 2016 Award   YO3JW 1/27/16
1 February 2016 10 July 2016 Italy 1st A.R.P.I. Award Navigators and Explorers X Andrea - IU4DEG 2/7/16
1 February 2016 28 February 2016 Ukraine 20th Anniversary of the Ukranian Antarctic Station Akademik Vernadsky X 2/7/2016
1 February 2016 29 February 2016 Romania 140th Anniversary of the Birth of Constantine Brancusi  X YO3JW 1/31/16
1 February 2016 29 February 2016 Germany Antarctica Activity Award (Brave Radio Friends) X DE3EAR 1/31/16
13  February 2016 29 February 2016 Spain Tortugas CW 2016 Award

X 12/28/15
14 February 2016 5 November 2016  Poland 20th Anniversary of the Rybnik Branch No. 31 of PZK ( HF31ROT) X 2/7/16
15 February 2016 27 March 2016 USA/CANADA Worked All NCDXA "RST" Stations   (KL7/VY1 and VE8)


KL7JR 9/28/15
3 March 2016 6 March 2016 Israel Dead Sea Activation Award   4X429DS ? 4X6TT and YO3JW 2/3/16
7 May 2016 8 May 2016 USA Indiana Bicentennial County Award Rules   WB9CIF 10/27/15
Mid/Late May 2016 Mid June 2016 Norfolk Island WIA Award for Norfolk Island   VK3PC/W2VU  

Oct 11, 2015 to 31 January 2016

POLAND                                                       SP500YFF Award

The special callsign SP500YFF will be used by the Polish club station SP9YFF during the above period. The "500" celebrates the fact that this club call sign has in recent years operated from over 500 SPFF regions, ie Polish Flora and Fauna conservation areas. To earn the jubilee diploma, contact the SP500YFF call sign on at least 5 different SPFF references. The Diploma is free of charge and will be sent via email in digital format for self-printing beginning on January 2016th,


Source: SP500YFF on QRZ.COM - translation DH1PAL
Tks DIG Bulletin Nr. 1880 vom 19.11.2015

7 November 2015 to 28 February 2016

SPAIN                                    Diploma III Ruta por los Castillos
                                                (3rd Edition of the Route of Castles)

The Costa Blanca Amateur Cultural Association is sponsoring the award, to further promote the activities of contacting stations operating in the vicinity of castles, under the following rules:
1. Date: From the day November 7, 2015 until the day February 28, 2016.
2. During the contest period, only on weekends and holidays (national) will air 20 references associated with castles, towers, fortresses, etc. from different districts and always using the call sign of EA5RKB.
3. The certificate requires you make a minimum of 15 contacts.
4. Valid contacts during this period will be made with members of the ACRACB who use the call sign of EA5RKB.
5. All contacts will be also valid for the Spanish Castles Award (DCE) 1.0.
6. All stations in the world in possession of a amateur radio license are eligible to earn the award..
7. Bands: 20 m, 40 m and 80 m.
8. Applications may be made by e-mail with: .
9. Winneres will be listed on their website: .
10. The diplomas will be sent in PDF format. If anyone is interested in receiving printed, you must make a deposit of 5 for printing and mailing expenses on the account of the Association: Banco Santander 0049 5958 51 2516035536.
11. Lists: Each participant must provide their Call Sign, name, complete address (not PO Box), Phone, email, date, time, reference and indicative of the activity.
12. Deadline for submission of lists: March 10, 2016.
13. Mailing address is PO Box 20117, 03080 Alicante, Spains or


Tks URE 11/16/15

1 December 2015 to 31 January 2016

BELARUS                                                    "KDR-Conditions-Friendship-2015"

The KDR and AGB are ham radio contest/award oriented clubs. A special short time award commemorates this relationship. The award may be earned by making contacts in the two month period as follows:
1. KDR members must make at least 3 QSOs with AGB-members.
2. AGB-members must make at least 3 QSOs with KDR members.
3. All stations who are not members of these groups should make 3 QSOs with AGB-members and 3 QSOs with KDR members for a total of 6 QSOs.
SWLs may apply on the same bases as licensed stations.

The diploma will be sent only as a pdf file and is free of charge. It can be applied up to 1 January 2017 in the form of a log extract to Igor EU1EU-OK8EU. Email: or .

AGB Member List:  
KDR Member List::  

Tks: EU1EU. DH1PAL and DIG Bulletin #1883 12/15

8 December 2015 to 20 November 2016

ITALY                                                                           Jubilee of Mercy 2015-2016

Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Holy Year with ten years in advance, a historic event, 15 years after the Great Jubilee of 2000 initiated by St. John Paul II. The Jubilee will begin with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica on December 8, 2015, and will end on November 20, 2016

Pope Francis announced the celebration of an 'extraordinary Holy Year'. This 'Jubilee of Mercy' will commence with the opening of the Holy Door in St. Peters on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, 2015, and will conclude on November 20, 2016 with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. At the start of the new year, the Holy Father had stated: 'This is the time of mercy. It is important that the lay faithful live it and bring it into different social environments. Go forth!'

In order to celebrate the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy and spread its message through the world, the branch of Rome of ARI is issuing an award which may earned by all Ham Radio Operators and SWL.


Award will be issued to Ham Radio Station / SWL collecting at least:
1. 80 points for stations located in Italy;
2. 50 points for stations located in Europe;
3. 25 points fot stations located outside Europe.

Dates of activity: between 00:00 UTC on December 8th, 2015 and 22:59 UTC on November 20th, 2016.
Frequencies: bands of 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters according to local and Italian regulations.
Modes: SSB, CW and DIGImodes, according to IARU band plan.

Valid stations and Point Values:
1. IIIEM special call = 5pts;
2. IQ0RM ARI Roma callsign = 3pts;
3. Members of ARI Roma running the award = 1pt. each.

Valid callsigns will be listed on and profile for IIIEM.
Only one QSO per day, per mode is allowed on the same band for each valid station.
The final score will be calculated by adding points for valid QSOs according to the above table.
(Both IIIEM and IQRM must be contacted at least once.)
Logs shall be submitted in .adif format on or before December 31st, 2016 and sent via email to , using the subject IIIEM <your callsign>. Please use your callsign as file name.

Late submissions will receive the award but will not be included in final ranking.
The award will be submitted in electronic format via email to all participants.
A paper version can be obtained by contributing to printing and shipping expenses of EUR10/USD15 via bank transfer to the following address:
Payable to: A.R.I. Associazione Radioamatori Italiani Roma
Bank details (IBAN): IT64E0100503201000000014723
Reason: IIIEM Award

Three different categories will be ranked:
Cat. "A" Italian stations, all modes;
Cat. "B" European stations, all modes;
Cat. "C" World stations, all modes.

Prizes: Stations in 1st and 2nd place for each category will be awarded a special plate.

Contacts: ARI Roma stations running the award 1pt. each.

IAPV Beppe (SSB)
IGOJ Tony (CW)
IJBL Luciano (DIGIT)
IOWO Giuseppe (DIGIT)
ISBA Antonio (SSB)
IZY Gianfranco (SSB)
IKIRF Antonello (SSB)
IKJOE Daniele (SSB)
IKOTG Pietro (SSB)
IKPEA Giammario (DIGIT)
IKQNZ Franco (SSB)

IKTWN Giovanni (CW)
IKVKL Flavio (SSB)
IWBET Giovanni (SSB)
IWCZC Stefano (SSB)
IWGTA Giovanni (SSB)
IZJSD Alessandro (SSB)
IZPAU Marcello (SSB)
IZPEB Armando (SSB)


Tks K1BV Research 11/3015

13 December 2015 to 11 January 2016

CANADA                      XM7100AS Award

In 1914 the Pope asked the warring factions to observe a truce on Christmas Day. Of course the powers that be refused. The troops in the field took it upon themselves to celebrate Christmas. The German forces started this event by leaving their trenches singing Christmas carols and lighting candles. Before long the Allied forces joined in. A soccer match was arranged as well. The troops did this in 1914 & 1915. In 1916 the edict came down that anyone participating in an event of this kind would be subject to very severe penalties which could include charges of treason which carried the death penalty.

Requirement: Just make one QSO with special event station XM7100AS. 
Contacts will be uploaded to LOTW & eQSL. For printable certificate send email with contact information to . No charge.

For certificate by snail mail send $5 and QSO information to: Doug Pichette, 401 - 333 Martin St., Penticton, BC V2A 5K7, Canada.
For hard copy of QSL by snail mail send sae & $2

Internet (historical background) 

Image on 2015 file: WWI-XmasTruce

Tks: 12/8/15

18 December 2015 to 2 January 2016

HUNGARY                                                              HG5XMAS Christmas Activity by Hungarian radio amateurs, and Memorial Certificate

The purpose of this special event station is maintaining the spirit of friendship between amateur radio operators during the Christmas holiday period.. The station will also take part in the DARC XMAS, and the HNY contests.

Frequencies: 160-10 m HF bands. Modes: CW,SSB,RTTY.

Requirements to receive Memorial Certificate:  During the activity period, make 3 contacts with HG5XMAS, on 3 different days, on 2 different bands, and using 2 different modes. For example: 3,5 MHz CW on December 20, 3,6 MHz SSB on December 21, 7 MHz CW on December 22.  Send a log extract of the 3 QSOs showing the usual information to the E-mail address of the special event station: The operator is HA5MY.

Look on facebook for more information: Hg5xmas Christmas radioamateur activity.

Cards are not needed, so do NOT send a paper QSL!  A special QSL will be downloadable from QSL cards can be downloaded after uploading the logs, thus the certified e-QSL cards will only be available after January 3rd, 2016. by HA7AX.

Thanks : Ivo-9A1AA 12/14/15


19 Dec 2015 to 10 January 2016

SARDINIA                                            1st Diploma "Christmas in Sardinia"

The Sardis World Amateur Radio Group, in order to promote the history and traditions of the Sardinian people, establishes this award to be available every year limited to the Christmas period from December 19 until 10 January. It is issued free of charge and only electronically to those radio amateurs or SWL that can demonstrate that they have made the following contacts:

QSO with 15 radio amateurs who are residents in Sardinia or in the islands of Sardinia;
QSO with 2 Radio Amateur Radio Clubs of Sardinia or 10 residents in the island or islands of Sardinia;
QSO 2 "Jolly" stations [wild card] IQNU & IQ3QM belonging to a Group or 5 more radio amateurs resident in the island or on the islands of Sardinia.

The diploma will be released in digital format to whoever asks for them by mailing list (extract log) related to the connections made.

To those participating stations as activators, they will have to prove to have made the largest number of contacts and will receive a certificate which is also in digital form and the station having by far the greater number of activations will receive a plaque attesting to his participation in the diploma and its certification as 1st place among the activators.

All stations, as indicated above, may be contacted only once during the entire duration of the diploma. All contacts may be made on and bands or modes.

Send an extract of your log to the email address . The log extract must contain the name and the contact data (date, time, frequency, mode of emission , report given and received). The GRSNM wishes all participants a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.   Award manager: Maurizio ISFFD


Tks 12/30, 2015

28 December 2015 to 24 January 2016

ENGLAND                                                           Happy New Year Special Event Station GB1HNY

The Denby Dale Amateur Radio Society members will be celebrating the New Year 2016 with a series of special event stations:
GB1HNY Darran G0BWB 
GB2HNY Richard M0RBG 
GB4HNY Darryl M0WIS 
GB5HNY Gerald G3SDY 

All the stations are being run by members of Denby Dale ARS from 28th December until 24th January 2016 and while we are not issuing any QSL cards you can claim a special commemorative certificate for working 5 of the 9 stations by sending your list of contacts via email only to Darran G0BWB: . We would kindly request a small donation of 3.00 which will go towards postal and printing funds. Payment will be via PayPal/cheque with full details on GB1HNY page

If you would like to claim the award, please email G0BWB with details of your contacts. He will send you a payPal request then email you a PDF document. OR if you prefer send a cheque made out to "Denby Dale ARS" to Darran Chappell, 49 Midway, South Crosland HD4 7DA, England.  We do not intend to send the certificates by traditional postal service, but if necessary an extra 1.00 will cover printing and postage.


Tks 1/4/15



1 January to 29 February 2016

RUSSIA                                        Year of the Monkey Award - 2016

The Chinese Zodiac calls 2016 the Year of the Monkey. The Year of the Monkey will start from Feb. 8, 2016 (Chinese New Year) and last to Jan. 27, 2017. The monkey is a clever animal.

The Diploma "2016 Monkey" is issued to licensed radio amateurs, To obtain the award, contact members of the KDR necessary during the months of January - February 2016. From these contacts, use any of the letters of their suffix to spell the phrase: "2016 YEAR OF MONKEY"

Club members KDR diploma will receive this award issued in electronic form free of charge.

Other hams phrase should complete the phrase "2016 YEAR OF MONKEY" using the suffix of the call sign of members of the KDR. The fee for other stations to receive the digital award, is 30 rubles or equivalent. Applications will be accepted until 1 April 2016 at the address: .


73 de Thomas DH5MM

1 - 31 January 2016

GERMANY                                                          Brave Radio Friends: Radio Activity Award January 2016

The award is sponsored by BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS and can be applied for by amateur radio stations or short wave listeners. The rules are simple: During the month of January 2016 work or hear (SWL) as many DXCC-entities as possible. No band or mode restrictions. All entities count only once, regardless of band or mode. For the award a minimum of 20 DXCC-entities is required. The number of DXCC entities worked/heard will be entered in the award.

Application with log extract (please pdf, doc, xls or jpg). Deadline of the application is February 28, 2016.

You can only apply for a pdf-version of the award and there is no award fee.

Apply to:

1 - 30 January 2016

TURKEY                                         Special Activity Liberation day of Adana (TC5OCK)

Each year, Turkey celebrates the anniversary of the Liberation Day of Adana on January 5, 1922. . During the period of 1 - 30 January 2015, contact the special event station TC5OCK on three different bands to earn an electronic award (PDF format) commemorating this event.     There is no charge for the award. Send an e-mail to the address shown below and include in your e-mail all logbook data for the three contacts.  

Note: all awards will be send out after the end of activity in February.


Tks Werner DH1PAL  1/12/16

1 January to 31 March 2016

RUSSIA                                              RUSSIAN YETI EXPEDITION-2016 AWARD & PLAQUE & TROPHY

Contact / SWL with the special radio station R44YETI, the headquarters of the Russian Yeti Expedition-2016.  To earn a free e-AWARD in 3 different classes & a plaque or trophy, you must earn the following number of Points (Each QSO = 10 Points), Repeated QSO/SWL with the special event call sign of R44YETI are permitted as long as the contacts are made on different HF and VHF bands, different modes, and/or different locations during the period 1 January to 31 March 2016.

RYE-2016 e-AWARD 3 class: 30 Points (3 QSO)
RYE-2016 e-AWARD 2 class: 60 Points (6 QSO)
RYE-2016 e-AWARD 1 class: 80 Points (8 QSO)
RYE-2016 PLAQUE: 100 Points (10 QSO)
RYE-2016 TROPHY: 120 Points (12 QSO)

The first 3 listed awards are e-awards, and will be sent to you by e-mail. The last two awards are a plaque and a trophy, and if applying for either one, then you may be asked to pay for postage costs.
Mailing address: RUSSIAN YETI EXPEDITION, P.O. Box 44, Lipetsk, 398000, Russia.


Tks and G0JEI 1/4/16

1 January to 31 March 2016 (?)

SWEDEN                                                   70th Anniversary Of SK7HW Club (SK70HW)

Sponsored by the Kronoberg Radio Society on the occasion of its 70th anniversary. Make just one QSO with the special event station SK70HW, go to their website or to for that call and you can print out a good looking certiicate at no charge.


Tks 1/4/16

1 January to 1 April 2016

RUSSIA                                                  70th Anniversary of the Tambov Radio Club (R70RAA)

The 70th anniversary of the Tambov Radio Club Diploma is sponsored by the regional branch of the SRR in Tambov region and the regional branch DOSAAF Russian Tambov Region. During this 90 day period, special event station R70RAA will be active, and will count for the implementation of the diploma program.

Diploma program.
1. A full-color electronic diploma will be issued to all participants of days of activity, the following requirements:  In the period from 1 January to 1 April 2016 make at least 70 points with the radio station anniversary R70RAA in various amateur bands, different modes CW, SSB, DIGITAL, FM. Kind of mode DIGITAL - either digital mode once at each band.

- each QSO on the bands 160 and 2 meters = 35 points;
|- each QSO on the bands 80 and 40 meters = 25 points;
- each QSO on the range of 30 - 10 meters = 10 points.

The cost of electronic diploma - free of charge.  The LOG of station R70RAA, electronic QSL card, scoring and the system that prints the diploma is found online at .

The three amateur radio stations (excluding radio amateurs of the Tambov region), who make the highest number of QSOs with stations of the Tambov region in the period from 01.01.2016 to 01.04.2016, in various amateur bands, different modes CW, SSB, DIGITAL, FM will be awarded prizes. (The term DIGITAL counts all digital modes on each band.)

Application forms are accepted only in electronic format. Send an e-mail to with an attachment of a .ADI file containing all the contact data no later than April 30, 2016. This will be provided to HAMLOG address shown above and will be the basis for issuing you the online digital award. The award sponsors reserve the right to verify all declared QSOs.

Three radio stations of Tambov region, who set the highest number of QSOs in the period from 01.01.2016 to 01.04.2016, in various amateur bands, different modes CW, SSB, DIGITAL, FM will be awarded prizes. In the DIGITAL count all digital modes on each band.

Personal anniversary souvenirs in honor of the 70th anniversary of the Tambov Radio Club (T-shirt, mugs, caps, watches, etc.) are available. See the website .
For the manufacture of personal souvenir design, send free-form application indicating your callsign to email: .


Tks and OH3GZ 1/3/16

1 January to 31 March 2016

POLAND                                                 90TH Anniversary CLUB Lviv amateurs

(The Cradle of amateur radio in Poland)

This award is sponsored by the Polish Association of Amateur Radio and Amateur Radio Club Lviv in order to commemorate their 90th anniversary as an organized amateur radio group. Make contacts with members as noted below during the period 1 January to 31 March 2016 All bands OK. Send RS-T. Members and honorary members of LKK also give you a membership number which should be part of your application. Do not include contacts made during contersts, those made by repeaters or cross band QSOs.

Requirements: Earn a minimum of 90 points.
Valid stations and points earned for the contact are as follows:
     stations having the suffix "90 LKK" = 15 points.
     LKK members of the UR = 10 points.
     LKK honorary members of the SP = 10 points.
     Occasional stations: 3Z90LKK; HF90LKK; SN90LKK; SO90LKK; SP90LKK; SQ90LKK.

You may work the same stations on each band.
The Award Manager Diploma "90 years of Lviv Amateur Radio Club" - "Cradle of Polish Amateur" -is Zbigniew Guzowski SP8AUP.   
Application for the certificate along with proof of payment should include: your name, call sign and address, the number of points claimed for each QSO, date and time of the contact with the calculated score.
Applications should be sent to the Award Manager diploma: OT PAC, 37-500 Yaroslavl, Skr. Box 127 or electronically

The cost of the diploma - 15 zl; 5 euros or $ 5 fee for the diploma should be made by bank transfer to the following account: no. 27 2030 0045 1110 0000 0410 7860, Yaroslavsky Regional Branch of the Polish Association of Amateur Radio, 37-500 Jaroslaw Skr. Poczt.127. The award is issued only on paper. Apply no later than 30 April 2016.

Additional information about the regulations can be obtained from: .

Tks 12/13/15

1-10 January 2016

RUSSIA                                                      Digital Activity Days Russian Digital Radio Club "01-10"

PURPOSE: This is a bi-annual activity supported by the Russian Digital Radio Club to offer a way to attract and publicize the use of digital modes for all interested amateurs and to contribute to the development of digital software for various digital modes. Licensed radio amateurs and Short Wave Listeners are invited to participate, including club radio stations with official call signs issued by the territorial administrations of communication, and in the case of radio observers - issued by the authorities of the official national Amateur Radio Union.

Date and Time:
Digital Activity Days "01-10" are held annually in January and May in the following periods:
- from 00:00 UTC on January, 1st till 23:59 UTC on January, 10th;
- from 00:00 UTC on May, 1st till 23:59 UTC on May, 10th.

Types of modes:
The contacts made by the following 15 digital modes are accepted: CONTESTIA, DOMINO, HELL, JT65, JT9, MFSK, MT63, OLIVIA, PSK, ROS, RTTY, SIM-PSK, SSTV, THOR, THROB.
Bands and recommended frequencies:
Radio contacts set on nine bands are accepted: 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, and 10 meters.
General rules:
Dupe radio contacts (SWL) can be conducted by different digital modes as on one band as well as on other bands. Spots in the Web cluster are welcomed. Contacts may be held by appointment (schedules). We recommend to use narrow-band protocols. Other digital contests may take place in Days of Activity, therefore we ask not to occupy for ordinary QSO those frequencies where other contests are in progress. The radio contacts conducted in digital contests during Digital Activity Days are also counted to the participants.

For the contacts in the seldom-used digital modes the following schedule is suggested for the 10 days of January and May activity. This calendar is advisory in nature and does not require obligatory execution.
01.01 - 01.05.2016 - HELL and SSTV
02.01 - 02.05.2016 - MFSK
03.01 - 03.05.2016 - OLIVIA
04.01 - 04.05.2016 - MT63
05.01 - 05.05.2016 - JT9 and ROS
06.01 - 06.05.2016 - THOR
07.01 - 07.05.2016 - SIM-PSK
08.01 - 08.05.2016 - CONTESTIA
09.01 - 09.05.2016 - THROB
10.01 - 10.05.2016 - DOMINO
The calendar recommendations are not required for other, the more popular types of Digi modes such as: RTTY, PSK, JT65.

Recommended software:
We recommend to use a multi-mode programs, such as MultiPSK, MixW, Flgidi and others, as well as programs for some Digi modes. Many programs you can download on the club website in the "Archive of programs for radio digital modes".
Log Instructions:
The participants of Digital Activity Days "01-10" must send their Logbooks for the periods of Days of Activity in format of adif file to the e-mail address:
     - for the period from 00:00 UTC of January, 1 to 23:59 UTC of January, 10 untill January, 20;
     - for the period from 00:00 UTC of May, 1 to 23:59 UTC of May, 10 untill May, 20.

In the "Subject" line, as well as in the title of adif-file you must specify your call sign.

On results of January and May Digital Activity Days tables of participants are published with the indication of quantity worked QSO in each digital mode. Are summed up the first Digital Activity Days 2015, see more information: Final results of Digital Activity Days RDRC "01-10" for 2015. Results for a year are brought in addition in May and the table of all participants with the general results for current year is published.

Diplomas in electronic form will be delivered to all participants of Digital Activity Days who would work at least 5 different digital modes with 10 QSOs (SWL) in each of them.

The diploma will be awarded annually in May all those who will take part in any of the periods or Days in both periods of Activity. The total number of QSOs for Days of Activity will be shown on the Diplomas as well as all modes by which these QSOs have been conducted. Numbering of diplomas will begin with those participants who have conducted QSOs with the most quantity of digital modes.


Tks DH1PAL 12/28/15

Jan 1 - Feb 28, 2016

UKRAINE                                                                      FIRST RADIO CONTACT UKRAINE USA

On January 25, 1926 the radio amateur of Ivan Nikitin from a town Mironovka near Kiev (Ukraine) accepted the signals of the wireless station from Davenport, Iowa (USA) and got official confirmation of that contact. (Radiolubitel magazine, July, 1926). This Award, the First Radio Contact with Ukraine USA is offered by the Radio Club Delta and is given free of charge in an electronic format for one QSO with special event station EM90US, EN90US, or EO90US which will be active from 01.01.2016 to 28.02.2016 in honour the 90-year of the first contact of Ukraine - USA.

All bands and modes OK. SWL OK on the same basis.
Send all QSLs to UARL bureau as follows:
     EM90US via US5UC (Anatoly, Mironovka)
     EN90US via UR7UT (Serge, Obukhov),
     EO90US via UR3UX (Vlad, nr Borispol).

E-mail: UR7UT:
Internet: or

Tks and UT7AW

14 - 30 January 2015

SPAIN World Day of Peace and Nonviolence

Sponsored by the Europeanrosclub who has organized the first digital modes Diploma in commemoration of the World Day of Peace and Nonviolence.

1- Date of participation from 15 to 30 January 2016 in all the HF bands from 10 to 160 meters.
3- Special station EG5PAZ will be active.
4- Requirement: Make at least one QSO with EG5PAZ.
5. 4 contacts should be made with EG5PAZ and the station can be contacted on different days for award credit.

Contact Requirements:
1. For Stations in SPAIN, 4 contacts in any band and 2 different modes
2. Alternatively, for Spanish stations, 8 contacts on any band.
3. Rest of the World requires 2 contacts from stations using any band and mode.
For application, send e-mail with your call sign, name surname to prepare the diploma, as well as contact data from the QSOs you made.
4. Applicants should make sure that you receive a response to your application e-mail.
The sponsor will use the address found on the application. If you do not receive a reply, you should follow up with a 2nd request.
5. No paper QSL only be sent via E-QSL Lwt
8. The diploma will be awarded upon the completion of the activity


Tks 1/18/16

16 - 31 January 2016

ITALY                                5th Diploma Francesco Cossiga

Diploma Francesco Cossiga is an award dedicated to the memory of the former Italian Republic President who was an active licensed amateur station - now a Silent Key). It is issued by ARI section of Mugnano -

The award is sponsored by the ARI Mugnano Naples who have established this award honoring the memory of I0FCG Francesco Cossiga, on the HF bands, in order to increase the activity DX, experimentation and research on these bands.

1. Award period: 07.00 UTC on 16 January 2016 to 19.00 UTC on 31 January 2016.
2. Participation: Diploma is open to all OM / YL and SWL the world.
3. Software : The diploma will be managed by both activators that participants with any electronic logging program that generates a log in Cabrillo format. Or you may use a paper log.
4. Awards may be downloaded in a digital format excel.
5. Download from: or from the following link
6. Bands: Frequency 3.5 MHz (80m) - 7 MHz (40m) - 14 MHz (20m)
7. Modes: SSB, CW, (digital RTTY and PSK)
8. Notes: The same station can be connected only once a day for bandwidth and ways. It is forbidden to invite activators to change transmission mode. This decision is only at the discretion of the activator.
9. Reports: Stations belonging to the Mugnano di Napoli "Francesco Cossiga" pass RS (T) plus serial number starting with 001 to be confirmed by the correspondent.
10. Other accredited stations are:
     A. The members of the GRSNM (Group Amateur Radio Sardis in the world) they too will pass RS (T) plus serial number starting from 001 It will have to be confirmed by the correspondent. - 
     B. The members of the PSK Trentunisti (Group Italian amateur digital) will also pass their RS (T) plus serial number starting from 001 which it must be confirmed by the correspondent.
     C. All radio amateurs may be awarded honorary activators during the performance of the diploma, they too will pass RS (T) plus the number progressively from 001 to be confirmed by the correspondent.
     D. All stations ARI IQ Campania and Sardinia, NOT pass the serial number.
     E. Stations using the IQ prefix in section ARI Campania and Sardinia activators are worth five points always.
    F. Calls on SSB "CQ 5th High Francesco Cossiga" CW & Digital "CQ 5DFC"
     G. The special stations IQ8GT - IQ0NU - IQ3QM and Jolly (wild card station) II8FC can not pass sequence number.

Point Values:
A. SSB one point.
B. CW three points
C. Digital (RTTY and PSK). Three points.
D. stations with special callsigns IQ8GT - IQ0NU - IQ3QM worth Five points always.
E. Jolly station with special call, II8FC are worth eight (8) points.

Points Required:
Italian stations 20 (twenty) points.
Foreign stations 10 (ten) points.

The Diploma, A4 size, is printed in color on fine canvas, is issued by the Section ARI Mugnano di Napoli "Francesco Cossiga" through the Award Manager Iacono Giovanni IZ8XJJ. Apply by e-mail: enclosing the following:
     A. Extract of complete log containing: QSO (date, time, band, serial number, name, points and total score). Logs must be compiled with care and order and complete with all the required data (in CABRILLO format) or scanned copy of the log format jpg, pdf, Word or Excel files, pdf, word.
     B. Send a Scanned copy of the receipt for payment of the amount carried on Post Pay N 4023 6006 6251 8267 headed to John Iacono CF CNIGNN64E20Z600S;
     C. A copy of the application form attached to this Regulation award compiled with your data and legible address where to receive the diploma.
     D. Requests in hard copy can still send requests to the mailing address the conferment manager: Iacono Giovanni, Via Bologna nr.15 - 80010 Villaricca (Naples) - Italy.
     E. Requests that are received after the expiration date of March 1 2016 will be excluded from the official results but will still be processed to send you the Diploma.
     F. Fees for the diploma: OM / YL and SWL the euro 12,00 and $US18 for OM / YL and SWL outside the euro .

Internet: diploma/Regolamento 5 diploma Francesco Cossiga

Tks Andrea IU4DEG 1/13/16

23 - 31 January 2016

ENGLAND                                                   Worked SOS Radio Week Stations Award

SOS Radio Week is ap part of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute's (RNLI's) SOS Fund Raising Day, nine days of fun, non-competitive operating, an opportunity for Amateur Radio operators and clubs to celebrate the work of the brave volunteer crews that selflessly go out to rescue people at sea, often in the worst of conditions.     The event takes place at the end of January to coincide with the RNLIs own SOS fund raising day.  In 2016 SOS Radio Week will start at 00:00 on Saturday the 23rd January and ends at 23:59 on Sunday the 31st January.
We will be issuing awards to those Amateur Radio stations and Shortwave Listeners around the world that make contact with / hear stations make contact with our official SOS Radio Week stations.

Award Level

Lifeboat Stations heard/worked

Method of contacts





Terrestrial simplex,

no Internet,

no repeaters

All modes: voice, cw, digit, image



as above

as above



as above

as above



as above

as above



as above

as above



Using Echolink, IRLP, D-Star, DMR, etc.

as above

There is no charge for the awards, but the Lifeboat Association would appreciate if you would consider making a donation to the RNLI since the purpose of the event is to raise money for this very fine organisation.

Certificates will be created as Adobe Acrobat (PDF) documents and e-mailed. To be able to view/print the certificates you will need a copy of Adobe Reader installed on your computer. This application can be obtained free of charge from the Adobe web site.

To keep everyone's costs down, applications can only be made electronically. Information on how to claim your award will appear on this web site nearer to the event.


Tks SP9JPA 1/18/16

23 - 31 January 2016

ITALY                                             ARI Sanremo - DIPLOMA 50 years

The ARI Sanremo celebrated its 50th anniversary and offers this award based on making contacts with club members during 2016.

PARTICIPATION:  is open to all OM and SWL of all over the world and you have to connect the OM stations belonging to ARI Sanremo and train Jolly IQ1SM.

DATE: From 00.00 UTC on 23 January 2016 at 24.00 UTC on 31 January 2016

BANDS: All HF amateur bands (WARC included)

MODES: SSB CW RTTY and digital modes

CONNECTIONS :Stations belonging to ARI Sanremo will call "CQ diploma 50 years ARI Sanremo", and pass the corresponding ratio RS (T), the same station can be connected more times but in different dates or on the same day but in bands and / or different ways.

SCORES: Each station is connected 1 point in SSB, CW 2 points, 3 points in rtty; QSO with the station Jolly IQ1SM always worth 3 points regardless of the way.

DIPLOMA: To achieve the Diploma, which is a certificate of participation, you must have collected at least 30 points and have at least one QSO / hrd with IQ1SM station.

Among the applicants for the Diploma will be awarded a plaque with an Italian OM (excluding members of the ARI Sanremo) and a foreign OM having achieved the highest score. In case of a tie to win the station farthest from Sanremo. Our partner who has made the highest number of QSOs will receive a special plaque commemorating the fiftieth anniversary of the Section. Any decision of the Organising Committee (IZ1GAR and I1UWF) is final.

REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION: To receive the Award, once you reached 30 points, it is not necessary to send the log but it is enough to send an e-mail, by 29.2.2016, at: indicating the name of the applicant . Gianni I1YHU, head of the graduate, after the appropriate checks, send it in pdf format.

Exceptionally you may be requested by mail with SASE and stamps directing request to: ARI Sanremo - Diploma Sanremo - Sanremo OFFICE - CasellaPostale 114 -18 038 SANREMO (IM).  It is not required to send any QSLs.

Regulations and additional information concerning the Diploma will be available on ARI Sanremo: 

Tks K1BV Research 1/24/16

January 24 - 25, 2016

BRAZIL                                   Sao Paulo 462nd Anniversary City of Sao Paulo (ZZ462SP)

The League Amateur Radio Emission Brazilians - LABRE-SP is sponsoring a certificate and plaque for contacting special event station ZZ462SP or official LABRE stationduring the period 24 to 25 January 2016. .This special activity will be conducted each year for awards credit.

Contact special event and other designated stations during the period of 24-25 January 2016.
The stations include LABRE-SP - PY2AA or Special Prefix Activation of station ZZ462SP or different PY2 and / or PU2K- stations Z as shown below.

Printed Certificate:

1 - Brazilian Stations: Contact with the official station PY2AA or special prefix ZZ462SP and 10 Sao Paulo State stations (PY2 and / or PU2K-Z)
2 - DX stations: Contact the official station PY2AA or special prefix ZZ462SP and 5 more stations state of Sao Paulo State (PY2 and / or PU2K-Z)

Contacts are valid in any band or mode, with no endorsements.


The contacts must be confirmed via LoTW, E-QSL or by a physical QSL. Send LOG extract containing name, call sign, address, and GCR of stations worked along with their call sign, date, time, band and mode. Send by e-mail to: .

The Cost of the certificate is fifteen (15) units of postage for Brazilian stations and $ 15.00 for DX stations. The LABRE-SP reserves the right to request confirmation of the contacts made by the applicant.

Plaque City of So Paulo

Will be granted to all Amateurs requesting the Certificate City of So Paulo for earning this award in 3 consecutive years or earning it 3 times within five years as an alternate. The Board Cost is R$ 80.00 for Brazilian stations and US$ 60.00 for DX stations.


Tks 1/15/16

30 January to 29 February 2016

ROMANIA                                                 YO-BZ 2016 Award

During the 2016 Edition of the Balkan Championship in shortwave, FRR (Romanias National Radio Society) offers this colorful award.

Earn a total of 100 points;  Point Values:
1. QSO with YO2016BALKAN = 25 points. (Mandatory contact)
2. Any other station from Balkan area = 5 points.

Valid prefixes are: YO, 5B, 9A, C4, E7, ER, H2, J4, LZ, P3, S5, SV, SW, SX, SY, SZ, TA, TB, TC, YM, YO, YP, YQ, YR, YT, YU, Z3, ZA, ZC4.

You must have contacted at least 5 entities from Balkan area. The award is sent to you as an Electronic/digital award and is free. If you wish a printed, mailed copy, the fee is 5 euro.

Send GCR list with the usual QSO information no later than 31 March 2016 to .

Tks Pit YO3JW
(Change made 1/28/16)(1/31/16)

1 February to 10 July 2016

ITALY                                            1st A.R.P.I Award Navigators Explorers

This award is by the "A.R.P.I." group and is dedicated to six famous Navigators Explorers and its open to all OM and SWL operators.
Award Period: 10 days for in each month January to July.

Navigator Explorer with the following schedule:
Cristoforo Colombo from 1/Feb to 10/Feb
Amerigo Vespucci from 1 March to 10/MarchFerdinando Magellano from 1/April to 10/April
Giovanni Caboto from 01/May to 10/May
Vasco de Gama from 01/June to 10/June
Enrique the Navigator from 01/July to 10/July

Operating Bands: 10-20-40-80 meter bands
Modes: SSB CW Digital modes (RTTY and PSK)

Points: each QSO = 5 points except for QSOs with Jolly (wild card) stations who = 10 points. The same activator can be contacted on the same day but in different BANDS or MODES. Operators will call with ""CQ 1st Award ARPI Navigators Explorers". The updated list of the activator stations and jolly station can be found at web page.

Oms who are interested in obtaining one or all the Diplomas and enter the ranking for the final prizes, will have to make QSOs with the activators ARPI stations and reach a minimum score of 100 points for each diploma.

The Diploma will be sent in PDF format for free. All those who request a Diploma will automatically entered into a final list ranking of related category.
No Contribution for the Diploma in JPG PDF format is needed. However, a contribution fee of 10 euros is required if a A4 printed version of the diploma is requested by traditonal post mail. For more details write to:

Logs: send your logs to the mail address: The station logs must provide all QSO information including report of the the names of Activators, QSO Date, QSO Time in UTC format, Points earned and QSO Frequency.
Logs with incomplete data will not be counted for the final award ranking. Logs must be sent within 20 days from the end of each diploma in PDF or Excell format either via e-mail or via snail mail to the Award Manager IZ1MLC Vito Tirrito Box 10 C.P. 10070 Corio (TO) Italy


Tks Andrea IU4DEG 2/2/16

1 - 28 February 2016

UKRAINE                                          20th Anniversary of the Ukrainian Antarctic Station Akademik Vernadsky

EM20UASAV is a special event call sign celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Ukrainian Antarctic Station Akademik Vernadsky.

Dates of activity: 1 FEB. to 28 FEB. 2016
QSL INFO: VIA UT7UA LOTW or DIRECT with fee of $US2. .
WAP program - WAP -269
This station is a valid QSO for award TERRA AUSTRALIS INCOGNITA and WAP awards program.

EM20UASAV operators: ukrainians HAM antarctic veterans.


(A sample of the Terra Australis Incognita award mentioned above can be found in the Permanent Awards section.

1 - 29 February 2016

ROMANIA                                       140th anniversary of the birth of Constantin Brancusi Award

Constantin Brncuși February 19, 1876 March 16, 1957).  He was a Romanian sculptor, painter and photographer who made his career in France. Considered a pioneer of the school of modernism, he was one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th-century.  Brncuși is called the patriarch of modern sculpture. 

2016 is the 140th anniversary of the birth of Constantin Brancusi, During the period 1-29 February 2016, special event station YP140B will be active.

You may receive a certificate for working YP140B and 2 other stations operating from Gorj(GJ) county in Romania.

Some active stations in Gorj (GJ) county are: YO7CKQ, YO7KFX, YO7BSN, YO7CJB, YO7DFC, YO7MPD, YO7MPI, YO7CDB, YO7NW, YO7LWA, YO7LWL, YO7BUT, YO7ID, YO7LVZ, YO7FEY, YO7LBX, YO9CKJ. 

Send GCR list of the 3 QSOs to  no later than 31 March 2016 and a FREE award will be sent to you as an electronic document. 

Tks YO3JW 1/31/16                           

1 - 29 February 2016

GERMANY Brave Radio Friends - Antarctica Activity Award 

During the month of February 2016, work or hear (SWL) as many stations with a WAP number as possible. For the award a minimum of 5 WAP-stations is required. There are no band or mode restrictions. Application with log extract. (No QSLs necessary). SWL OK.

The award is available only as a pdf document and there is no award fee.

Apply via e-mail to .

Deadline for applications is March 31.

For more information about the "Worldwide Antarctic Program" (WAP): 
(The above award is issued independently of any awards offered by the WAP organization.

Tks DE3EAR 1/31/16

13 - 29 February 2016

SPAIN                                      TORTUGAS CW 2016 AWARD
                                                 (Tortugas means TURTLES in Spanish)

The goal of this activity is to promote the use of CW and help the new enthusiast of this magical mode.

Eligibility - All ham radio operators with legal license in his country.
Date.- from 13th until 29th of February 2016
Bands.- 10,12,15,17,20,30,40, and 80 meters.
Mode.- CW , 18 wpm max speed, please QRS on request.

Look for these special call signs: EG1TOR, EG2TOR, EG3TOR, EG4TOR, EG5TOR and EG7TOR. A contact with each of these special call signs will give 1 point per QSO on each band per day. Only one qso per band/day allowed.
To obtain the diploma you will need to earn at least 20 points and contact at least 5 different call signs on any band.

Other prizes:
a. The top 2 stations obtaining the highest score will get a prize of an iambic CW key with his call sign engraved on it.
b. The 3rd highest will win a mini cw paddle.
c. The 4th highest will get his call sign carved in a piece of wood.

QSOs will be handled automatically and will be shown on their website. The diploma will be downloadable on the web site.

At this time, 12/28/15, their website does show this award. Their special call signs have just been listed, and it is possible they will add this information on or before the beginning of the event in February 2016.



14 February to 26 March 2016
4 - 5 November 2016

POLAND 20th Anniversary of the Rybnik Branch No. 31 of PZK ( HF31ROT)

1. The special-event station HF31ROT has been activated to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Rybnik Branch of PZK.
2. Operating periods: 14 Feb to 26 March 2016 and 4-5 November 2016 (the former date refers to the date of the founding meeting and PZK Branch approval, in full weeks, and the latter to the ROP Activity Days in 2016).
3. The special-event station will be operated by the Rybnik Branch amateurs, giving their names or call signs.
4. You may earn an electronic Award for making the required number of QSOs with various HF31ROT operators. Send your Cabrillo log extract to:
5. Required numbers of QSOs:
     A. SP applicants 5,
     B. other EU 3,
     C. DX 2 QSOs.
6. The Polish station which makes the highest number of contacts with different operators will be rewarded.
7. Award Manager: Hubert SP9MDY.




15 February to 27 March 2016

USA/CANADA                                                        Worked All NCDXA "RST" Stations: Special Event from KL7, VY1 and VE8

Members of the North Country DX Association (NCDXA) will be active in February and March 2016 from several different locations in Alaska, Yukon and Northwest Territories using the call signs of KL7RST, VY1RST and VE8RST to further promote Amateur Radio up north.  Make contacts with these stations using all modes 6-160 meters and WARC bands are permissible. SWLs OK.  The object is to work or log (SWL) as many NCDXA "RST" stations as you can from their different locations. Work/log each "RST" station only once per their QTH/band and mode. The sponsor intends to have stations on from Whitehorse, Yellowknife, Anchorage, Fairbanks, and many other cities. QSL manager is K7ICE.

Optional full color certificates are also available (email for details) for working/hearing any of the "RST" stations.

SPECIAL EVENT DATE: February 15 (0000Z) through March 27 (2359Z)
NCDXA "RST" stations send signal report and QTH (ie- 5x7 Anchorage, 5x9 Whitehorse etc.). Receiving stations send signal report and state, province or country.
Beautiful full color certificates are available for working/logging as follows:'
any NCDXA "RST" station,
any KL7RST, VY1RST or VE8RST, but must work one of each
for those more competitive (keep in mind the scoring is for certificate levels and this is not a contest), a highest score category.

Scoring examples:
K7QRM works KL7RST in Anchorage on 10m SSB, 10m CW, 15m SSB and 40m CW for his Anchorage total of 4 points.
K7QRM works KL7RST at Matanuska Glacier on 10m SSB and 12m SSB for his Matanuska Glacier total of 2 points.
K7QRM also works VY1RST in Whitehorse on 10 SSB, 15m digital, 40m CW and 30m CW for 4 points.
K7QRM also works VE8RST in Yellowknife on 10m SSB and 20m SSB for a total of 2 points. K7QRM also works VE8RST in Hay River on 10m SSB for 1 point total.

K7QRMs grand total points are the city QSO sum of 13 points.

Handwritten or PC generated certificate applications are acceptable. First, 2nd, 3rd etc. places will be awarded. Certificate deadline is May 15, 2016.

As a bonus, pending snow depth and weather, we may also have KL7RST and VY1RST on together from the border of Alaska and the Yukon on the Alaska Highway. A special QSL and certificate will be available for the border op. Thanks in advance for your DX spots!

Tks John, KL7JR  9/28/15

3 - 6 March 2016

ISRAEL Dead Sea Activation Award (4X429DS)

Not many details on this award, but apparently 4Z4DX (and others?) will activate the special event station 4X429DS which will be located -429 meters below sea level at their operating site near the Dead Sea. starting March 3 to March 6, 2016.

A "very special award" will be given to each station to contact this operation on 3 bands, using any modes.

QSL manager for the operation is N4GNR.

More info to come.

Tks 4X6TT and YO3JW.

7 - 8 May 2016 (First Chance, during Indiana QSO Party)
(Second Chance period: Entire Calendar Year 2016)

USA                                                 INDIANA BICENTENNIAL COUNTY AWARD RULES

The Hoosier DX and Contest Club is sponsoring this award recognizing the 200th anniversary of the statehood of Indiana.

There are two opportunities to obtain the Indiana Bicentennial County Award.

First opportunity:

1. Requirements: During the 2016 Indiana QSO Party (INQP) to be held from 1500 UTC May 7, 2016 to 0300 UTC May 8, 2016 contact each of the current 15 Indiana counties of Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne.
2. Any band allowed for use during the 2016 Indiana QSO Party.
3. Any mode allowed for use during the 2016 Indiana QSO Party.
4. No endorsements are available for band or mode.
5. No repeater or cross-mode contacts allowed.
6. Applicants must use The Hoosier DX and Contest Club application form. The application, in PDF format, is available for downloading from The Hoosier DX and Contest Club website ( or you may send an SASE to the award manager.
7. Submit application, fee of US$5.00 and a 9 x 12 SASE for mailing of the certificate to the award manager. QSOs do not need to be confirmed by QSL cards. The award manager will confirm contact with the 15 counties by cross checking the 2016 INQP logs.
8. Mail applications to the Indiana Bicentennial County Award manager: Mark E. Musick, WB9CIF, 6242 South County Rd. 675E, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA.

9. Questions may be directed via e-mail to or via a SASE to the award manager.

Second opportunity:

1. Requirements: During the 2016 calendar year contact and verify via QSL card each of the current 15 Indiana counties of Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne.
2. Any band.
3. Any mode.
4. Electronic confirmations are not allowed.
5. No endorsements are available for band or mode.
6. No repeater or cross-mode contacts allowed.
7. Applicants must use The Hoosier DX and Contest Club application form and GCR list.
8. The application and GCR list, in PDF format, are available for downloading from The Hoosier DX and Contest Club website ( ) or a SASE to the award manager.
9. The GCR list must be signed by two amateurs (neither of which is the applicant) verifying they have inspected the QSL cards for validity.
10. Submit application, GCR list, fee of US$5.00 and a 9 x 12 SASE for mailing of the certificate to the award manager.
11. The award manager reserves the right to request any QSL cards to check for validity.
12. Mail applications to the Indiana Bicentennial County Award manager: Mark E. Musick, WB9CIF, 
6242 South County Rd. 675E, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA.
13. Questions may be directed via e-mail to  or via a SASE to the award manager.

Activators Section of Award Rules:

The award may also be earned by fixed, portable or mobile stations which make contacts in support of the fixed stations who participate in earning the award.
1. During the 2016 Indiana QSO Party an amateur radio operator must operate from one or more of the 15 listed counties comprising the State of Indiana on December 11, 1816:
     Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne.
2. The activators must make at least 25 QSOs to qualify for the award.  The 25 QSO minimum is an aggregate from one or more of the 15 qualifying counties.
3. This applies to fixed, portable, rover and mobile stations that meet the above criteria.
4. Example: a mobile operator travels through only 2 of the 15 counties during the 2016 INQP, makes 10 QSOs in one county and 15 in the second, the mobile station qualifies for the award.  The same applies to rovers.
5. There is no need to apply for the award.  HDXCC will send an activation certificate to all operators that qualify based on the logs submitted for the 2016 INQP.
6. These rules and the certificate can be found on the HDXCC website: 

Tks Mark Musick, WB9CIF 10/23/15

May/June 2016

NORFOLK ISLAND                           WIA Award for Norfolk Island

The rare DX entity of Norfolk Island will host the 2016 Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting and other events on 27, 28 and 29 May 2016, A short term award has been developed to recognize a large number of active stations on this rare island on the dates which precede and following the general meeting.

Called the Norfolk Island Award-2016, it requires making contact with stations over a two week period (May-June) 2016 that are expected to attend the Wireless Institute of Australia annual general meeting. There will be plenty of activity at this very rare DX entity in what is believed to be the biggest Amateur Radio DXpedition of its kind. If you still need Norfolk Island, this spurt of activity is expected to be popular with award seekers and DXers throughout the world.

The commemorative special event station for WWI, VI9ANZAC, will be active and of course will count for Norfolk Island., Other stations expected are VK9NT, the WIA Station VK9WI,  some QRP activity, and individual call signs that take advantage of being on the DX entity for this event.


1. Stations on Norfolk Island need to log 20 other stations on Norfolk Island (local contacts).
2. All other operators have to log 10 contacts on Norfolk Island during the award period.

Each qualifying station may be worked once only on a frequency band, and will count for additonal award QSOs if contacted on other bands.

Applying for the award: Claims for the Norfolk Island Award must include a log extract of qualifying contacts, the payment of $5, and be sent to: WIA Office, PO Box 2042, Bayswater Victoria, Australia, 3153.

Tks VK3PC and W2VU 1/26/16
(Chg 1/28/16)