These are awards which are offered for a few days, weeks, or months only.  
They commemorate events such as
Anniversaries, Fairs, Conferences, or Special Celebrations.
Check this page from time to time.  I'll list items that are even too short for my regular "Short" term awards file, which generally last for one year. 
If you know of any such brief awards, let me know!


1. The ARRL Website has a pretty big listing of Special Event Stations, many of which offer a certificate.  Best way to get a listing of the awards is to specify a start and stop date in their web form. Use the "search" function in your web browser to look for the word  certificate

2. CQ Magazine also publishes a list of special events, some of which offer certificates.





Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source 
8 January 2014 14 August 2014 Poland 120th Birthday Of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe (SP3RN) X SP9JPA
1 February 2014 12 August 2014 Romania 6th Annual International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics X 
20 February 2014 31 May 2014 Russia 50th Anniversary of Village Youth X
1 March 2014 31 March 2014 Ukraine Taras - 200 Diploma   PA3CUZ
1 March 2014 16 March 2014 Italy  Italian Navy Coastal Award   PA3CUZ
1 March 2014 30 November 2014 Latvia RIGA-ECC-2014 Award X SQ6CU
1 March 2014 30 April 2014 Russia  80th Anniversary of the Vostok-1 Spacecraft X K1BV Research
1 March 2014 31 March 2014 Moldova Diploma Martishor X PA3CUZ
1 March 2014 31 March 2014 Ukraine 200th Anniversary of Taras Shevchenko's Birth X K1BV Research
1 March 2014 31 March 2014 Romania 88-th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST ROMANIAN RADIO CLUB X
1 March 2014 31 March 2014 Russia "Dalmatovo-155th Anniversary of A.S.Popov" X
3 March 2014 10 March 2014 Ukraine Kobzar - 200   PA3CUZ
8 March 2014 23 March 2014 Italy San Remo Award X PA3CUZ
8 March 2014 8 March 2014 France/Germany Women's Day Award 2014 X REF-Union
9 March 2014 14 April 2014 Kazakhstan Memorial in honor of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin X UT7AW
14 March 2014 27 March 2014 Spain Diploma EH3DWN International Down Syndrome Day X SQ6CU
17 March 2014 17 March 2014 Ireland St. Patrick's Day Award X K1BV Research 
29 March 2014 6 April 2014 Poland 95th Anniversary of the Garment Industry School of Poznan X K1BV Research
1 April 2014 30 April 2014 Australia Westlakes ARC WARC 50th Anniversary   PA3CUZ
1 April 2014 15 April 2014 Spain REMEMBERING EMILI BERLINER Diploma   K1BV Research
1 April 2014 30 April 2014 Italy II0SPQR - The Birthday of Rome Diploma   K1BV Research
7 April 2014 13 April 2014 Ukraine 20th Anniversary of the MARRAD Radio Club X
11 April 2014 11 August 2014 Ukraine 70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Crimea (1944) X 
13 April 2014 20 April 2014 Italy World Amateur Radio Day X PA3CUZ
14 April 2014 20 April 2014 Spain VIII International Diploma Easter Valladolid X PA3CUZ
14 April 2014 23 April 2014 Spain Diploma Castilla Y Leon Day X PA3CUZ
18 April 2014 18 April 2014 Romania World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) 2014 X YO3JW
25 April 2014 27 April 2014 Poland Canonization of Pope John Paul II Commemorative Award   K1BV Research
25 April 2014 5 May 2014 Poland  The 21st Steam Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn Award X K1BV Research
26 April 2014 26 April 2014 England International Marconi Day   K1BV Research
27 April 2014 4 May 2014 Poland Commemorating the Battle of Ostroleka (18310 x PA3CUZ
27 April 2014 4 May 2014 Spain Diploma Feria De Sevilla 2014 AUR X PA3CUZ
1 May 2014 31 May 2014 Germany European Spring Award 2014 X DE3EAR
1 May 2014 31 July 2014 Poland Elblag 777 Diploma X K1BV Research
1 May 2014 22 July 2014 Poland DIPLOMA "45 YEARS SP8PRL" X K1BV Research
9 May 2014 21 October 2014 Austria OE Helgoland Diploma   K1BV Research
1 June 2014 30 July 2014 Brazil The Brazil Soccerland Award 
1 July 2014 6 July 2014 USA 13 Colonies Special Event Independence Week 
12 August 2014 8 September 2014 Netherlands The Floral Zundert Award   PA3CUZ

2014 Very Short Term Awards 

February 1 to August 12, 2014

ROMANIA                   6th Annual International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics

Between the 1st and the 10th of August 2014, the city of Suceava, Romania, is hosting the 8th annual edition of the International Olympiad on Astronomy and Astrophysics – . The event will take place at the Stefan cel Mare University of Suceava and will bring together participants from more than 40 countries.

The amateur radio operators from the Suceava County are promoting this event by giving an award certificate to ham operators worldwide who, between February 1st and August 12th 2014, earn 50 points by making two way contacts with specific stations in the Suceava area (see the stations and points list below) and a compulsory contact with the special call sign YR8IOAA. Contacts made in all modes and bands (HF, VHF and up) count towards the award.

SWLs are also eligible for the award. However, only the complete contact entries are valid, meaning that a valid log entry must contain both station's calls (the SWL needs to hear them both).

The award in electronic format is free of charge and can be obtained by sending the request and the log at . The paper award can be obtained by sending by mail the request and the paper log at the address: Simioniuc Gheorghe, Universitatea "Stefan cel Mare" Suceava, Facultatea de Inginerie Electrica si Stiinta Calculatoarelor,str. Universitatii, nr.13, Romania.  – The price of the paper award is 2 Euro.

In order to obtain the award, a total of 50 points must be acquired and at least one valid contact with the special call (YR8IOAA).

Point Values:
a. Special call sign YR8IOAA = 20 points
b. Suceava University Amateur Radio Club Stations YO8BDW, YO8SBQ, YO8SBR, YO8TLC, YO8TTT, YO8KGU = 10 points
c. Suceava County Stations: YO8AZQ, YO8DOH, YO8NR, YO8SS, YO8SKY, YO8SSH, YO8SXX, YO8SSQ, YO8KGA, YO8KGB, YO8KGT, YO8KUU, YQ8ANT, YR8D = 5 points

Internet: And

Tks 2/21/14

Feb 20 to May 31, 2014

RUSSIA                               50th Anniversary of Village Youth

Radio Club "youth", Moscow region, is sponsoring days of activity devoted to the 50 anniversary of the village Youth, and offers a commemorative diploma dedicated to this memorable date.

Requirements: During the period from 20 February to May 31, 2014 year you must earn 50 points for radio communication with the following categories of amateur radio stations:

Point Values:
1. collective radio station R5DV youth = 10 points.
2. radio amateurs members of PIC - Youth = 5 points.  (List found at:
3. members of the SRR MO NARO-fominsk = 5 points.  (List found at: )
4. members of the AFRC, comprised of those who currently or previously have served in the STRATEGIC ROCKET FORCES = 3 points
5. the members of the AFRC = 1 point.  (List found at:

Repeat QSOS are permitted on different bands and modes for award credit. In the case the radio station's relationship is for more than one category, the scoring is based on the highest number of points.

The diploma is issued in electronic and printed form.  Your application must include your e-mail address and a log extract. This data will be verified in an online logging system which contains contact data. Apply to: . For those wishing to the award in paper format, contact sponsor for price and mailing information.


1 - 31 March 2014

UKRAINE                                  "Taras-200" Diploma

Sponsored by the UARL Organizing Committee for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Schevchenko.

a. 10 QSOs with Special stations (Series - EO200 ... EM200 ... EN200 ...).
b, Any one QSO with places where T.G.SHEVCHENKO lived during his lifetime:
1) St. Petersburg (Russia);
2) Orenburg (Russia);
3) Kazakhstan.

The Diploma may be earned for contacts using CW, SSB, DIGITAL, MIXED modes.
The Application should be send only by registered letter (RECOMMADE) to the address of the manager.
Payment of post expenses must be send only by electronic remittance to the address of the manager:
- for Ukrainian applicants - 15 grivnas.
- for CIS and DX countries - $ 5 (CIS in ruble equivalent).

The diploma will be sent to the applicant only by registered RECOMMANDE mail. Address of award manager: Vladimir Antonovitch Stepanenko, P.O. box 28, Chernihiv, 14000, Ukraine.
There’s a good possibility to receive the Diploma as a result of your participation in the Days of "Taras-200" activity during 1st - 31st March, 2014 and in the contest which will be held March 16, 2014.

The List of Special stations to celebrate 200-years of T.G.SHEVCHENKO:



Tks PA3CUZ 3/14/14

1 - 31 March 2014

MOLDOVA                                             Diploma Martsishor

Diploma "Martsishor" established Amateur Radio Association of Moldova (ARM) in honor of the traditional festival and celebration of spring meetings "Martsishor" and is issued for making two-way QSO (or SWL) with radio stations in the countries which celebrate this holiday: Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine.

Martisor is an old Romanian celebration at the beginning of spring, on March the 1st, which according to old calendar was also considered as the beginning of the new year. Symbolically, it is correlated to women and to fertility as a means of life and continuity. The tradition is authentic in Romania, Moldova, and all territories inhabited by Romanians and Aromanians. Alike though not identical customs can be found in Bulgaria, while similar ones exist in Albania, Greece and Italy.



Conditions for obtaining a diploma: During the celebration of the "Martsishor" a period from 1st to 31st March, make at least one QSO with 5 of the different countries:

Albania - ZA
Bulgaria - LZ
Greece - SV
Macedonia - Z3
Moldova - ER
Romania - YO
Chernivtsi region of Ukraine (Northern Bukovina) - UR1Y

Radio QSOs are conducted on any band and mode. SWL diploma issued on similar terms. 
Send a log extract with all QSO/SWL data, certified in local amateur radio organization or 2 licensed amateur stations. No restrictions on time, every year from 1st to 31st March, but no more than 3 consecutive years.
To earn an additional special souvenir - make contacts with at least 5 districts of the Republic of Moldovae. Stations with prefixes ER6-ER0 replace any one missing region of Moldova.

The award Diploma "Martsishor" is FREE. Hams have only to pay postage for sending the award: :
     Moldova - 1 IRC or the equivalent in lei
     For LPG - 3 IRC or the equivalent in rubles or hryvnia
     For Europe - 4 IRC or equivalent in USD or EURO
     For other continents - 5 IRC or equivalent in USD or EURO

Applications for the award and payment for the shipment should be sent to the award manager ER1FF, PO BOX 1414, Kishinev, MD-2043, Moldova, EU.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/2/14

1 - 16 March 2014

ITALY                   The Italian Navy Coastal Radio Stations Award

Sponsored by the Italian Naval Ham group A.R.M.I as an annual award to commemorate the job ofItalian Navy Coastal Radio Stations. The Award can be earned by all OM and SWL all over the world. In 2014 the Jolly station (wild card) will be the coastal station: II1IGG.

1. Period of validity: the 1st of March 2014 (00:00 UTC) until the 16th of March 2014 (24:00 UTC).
2. Stations participating in 2014:
     A. Stations with the special call to represent the Italian Navy Coastal Radio Stations: II0IDR - II0IDP - II0IGU - II0ICH - II0ICV - II1ICS - II1IGG - II3ICZ - II5IDK - II6ICA - II7ICE - II7ICT - II8ICN - II9IGA - II9ICF ;
     B. Stations which are A.R.M.I. members.
     C. Stations who are members of other Naval Clubs
3. Modes :
The following transmission modes are allowed . CW - SSB - PSK31 - RTTY
5. Bands: All the bands, according to IARU Band Plan.
6. Table of QSO Points:
     A. QSOs (HRD) with Navy Coastal Stations = 10 points (all modes);
     B. QSOs (HRD) with ARMI Club and Naval Club Stations = 3 points (CW);
     C. QSOs (HRD) with ARMI Club and Naval Club Stations = 2 points (PSK31 / RTTY);
     D. QSOs (HRD) with ARMI Club and Naval Club Stations =1 point (SSB);
     E. QSOs (HRD) with Italian Navy Coastal Station "JOLLY" station II3ICZ =25 points (all the modes);
7. Each ARMI coastal station and the JOLLY station, may be contacted one time each day for every emission mode and the same for all the period of the validity of the award.
Multiplier: 10 points for each ARMI station contacted (VALID ONCE)
Note: For the purpose of the award are A.R.M.I. stations are those who give you an exchange the starts like "MI # XXX."
Each Coastal Station contacted
Note: If at the end of the validity period of the award you have contacted 5 different coastal stations, your score may be multiplied by 5.
9. Requirement for the Award: You are eligible for the award for earning a minimum of:
     A. Italian Stations : 30 points
     B.European Stations: 15 points
     C. Extra European Stations: 5 points
10. CALLING MESSAGE for stations you want to work:
     A. The Coastal Radio Stations will pass RST followed by the ARMI club identification numer IGG MI#750.
     B. ARMI Stations will pass RST followed by the ARMI club identification number (MI#XXX).
     C. Naval Club Stations will pass RST followed by the own club identification number (MF# - IN# - RN# and so on). The valid Naval Clubs include: BMARS, MFCA, FNARS, INORC, MARAC, MF, RNARS, YO-ARC, RNA.
Apply to: IT9MRM, Alberto Mattei, Via E. Millo, 20, 96011 Augusta (SR), -Italy-      Email :
     A. Attach the following: the list of QSOs (LOG SHEET), one personal QSL card and a contribution of 10,00 Euros or $ 15,00(USD). This contribution is necessary to receive the award printed on a cardboard and also to participate to the final prize. The contribution can be paid also via "PAYPAL"
     B: The following logs will be accepted: printed logs (printed, not handwritten) or in digital format ( type of files accepted are .xls, .doc, .txt). On the official site of ARMI it will be possible to download a specific electronic excel file "LOGCOASTAL12".
     C. Foreign stations stations can send the contribution via PAYPAL . Please contact the award manager for any further information.
All the requests for the award will have arrived to award manager within 30.06.2013.
     A. In case of any further information requested please address to the official site
     B. the above contribution due for the award, after deduction of the printing cost and the postage costs will be contributed to: "ISTITUTO ANDREA DORIA" which helps orphaned children of sailors.


Tks LY5J 3/14/14

1 March to 30 November 2014

LATVIA                                                     RIGA-ECC-2014 Award

Riga, Latvia was elected as the European Capital of Culture for 2014 and throughout the year, its residents and guests will participate in many different events. Riga radio amateurs are sponsoring an award, the "RIGA - European Capital of Culture - 2014 " to mark this honor.  Earn the award by contacting Riga and Riga district Latvian stations with special call signs that will be active from 1 March to 30 November 2014. The calls will include YL2014 prefixes.

a. Modes: CW - PHONE - DIGI
b. Bands: HF and VHF according to the IARU band plan.
c. Points :
     For each QSO with one special callsign YL2014 one point is assigned.
     Repeated QSOs are permitted for award credit when made on different bands and modes.
d. Points required for the award: 
     GOLD: 50 points;
     SILVER: 25 points;
     BRONZE: 10 points.

The award is available for FREE in electronic format in PDF format. Send e-mail to with log extract including points claimed for the award.


Tks SQ6CU 3/1/14  Revised 4/9/14 Tks YL3BU

March 1 to April 30, 2014

RUSSIA                              80th Anniversary of the Vostok-1 Spacecraft

UE80V is a special call sign used from March 1 to April 30, 2014 to celebrate the 80th birthday of the first astronaut Yuri Gagarin and his first spaceflight on April 30, 1961. This is an award sponsored by the Activity Smolensk Group (Smolensk region, Russia). Contact several special call signs on the air.

Special call signs:
a. R1961G ("Man in space"), (station will be active 1 - 30 April 2014)
b. RG1961PP ("Planet Pioneer"),
c. UE80G ("The first astronaut Gagarin"),
d. UE80YG("Yuri Gagarin 80 years"),
e. UE80V("The Vostok-1 spacecraft)").

Earn a total of 80 points for the award:
10 points for each QSO with special stations RP61PP, R80KEDR, UE80G, UE80YG.
20 points for QSO with bonus station R1961G.
Same station may be worked on other bands and modes (CW, SSB, any DIGITAL) for award credit.
Note, extra 10 points for your FIRST QSO with RG1961PP.

When you have earned the 80 points, you may apply for a special certificate on the website: An automatic log will confirm you have qualified for the award and you will be able to download a digital version at no cost. .

Also on

Tks K1BV Research 2/11/14

1 - 31 March 2014

UKRAINE                                          200th anniversary of Taras Shevchenko’s Birth.

The Chernihiv branch of the UARL is organizing the activity of special event stations and resident amateurs of the Chernigiv Region to help celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko.  For QSOs (SWLs) with radio amateurs of Chernigiv region, the participants will be awarded with special diploma "Taras’ ways. Chernihiv region".

Requirement: Earn at least 200 points.

Point Values:
a. QSOs (SWLs) with anniversary stations EO200RK , EM200RT, EN200RT, EO200RT = 20 points are counted. (One contact with EO200RK is mandatory).
b. QSOs (SWLs) with all other radio stations of the Chernigiv region =10 points.
c. Repeated QSOs with the same station are allowed if made on different bands or modes.

This diploma is free of charge and is awarded in a digital version. Send a log extract of the contacts which total 200 points or more to: .


1 - 31 March 2014

ROMANIA                                               88-th ANNIVERSARY OF THE FIRST ROMANIAN RADIO CLUB

On the 18-th of March 1926 in the city of Craiova was founded the Association "RADIO CRAIOVA", later renamed "RADIO CLUB CRAIOVA". The event is remembered during the period 1 - 31 May 2014. The call sign YR88CV has the following significance:

YR - this prefix, was used by Romanian radioamateurs since 01 March 1936.  Some of the older prefixes used by radio amateurs were BR5 (Balcan Romania) between 1925 and 1927 and the CV5 (Craiova) prefix. Since the 1-st of March 1927, according IARU regulation of that era, ER5 (Europe Romania) prefix was used until 01 March 1936.

88 - the number of years since the formation of the club in Craiova which adapted and survived all this time, passing through the complex recent history of Romania.

CV - the prefix for Romania from 1925 - 1927 and used by members of "Radioclubul Craiova" association.

An award is available during this celebration. The requirements are as follows:
a. Europeans: 1 QSO with YR88CV and any 10 other Romanian stations.
b. Outside Europe: 1 QSO with YR88CV and any 3 other Romanian stations.
c. VHF/UHF: 1 QSO with YR88CV and any 3 other Romanian stations. (These may include QSOs made by repeaters and Echolink.
d. ECHO-LINK YO7LMU-L Node 653531: 5 QSOs with YO7KAJ members. as follows:
YP7 M, P, Y

The award is free of charge when issued in electronic format. If it is requested in paper printed format, the cost is 5€ or 6 IRC.
Send an e-mail request and ADIF log at for the electronic issued award.
Mailing address for the paper format is: Clubul Sportiv Municipal Craiova, P.O.Box 107, RO-200850 Craiova-1, ROMANIA.


Tks 2/28/14

March 1 - 31, 2014

RUSSIA                                   "Dalmatovo-155th Anniversary of A.S.Popov"

This award commemorates the 155th anniversary of the birth of Alexander Stepanovich Popov – the Russian inventor of radio. The regional office of the Union of Radio Fans of Russia of the Kurgan region together with the Federal state unitary enterprise "URFO Radio-frequency Center" are sponsoring this award, "Dalmatovo - 155 years to A.S.Popov".

Requirements: Earn a total of 155 points during the period March 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014.

Point values:
a. QSOs with the special event station R155RP = 25 points. (Mandatory contact.)
b. The club and individual radio amateur stations working from Dalmatovo of the Kurgan region, the URFO radio-frequency center (RF8R, RF8J, RF8CSR, RF8CN) station, anjy of the special stations working in honor of the 155 anniversary since the birth of A.S.Popov, which use the number 155 in their call signs, and also stations R1ASP and RF1A = 10 points.
c. Individual radio amateur stations of the Kurgan region = 5 points.
d, During the period from March 7 to March 10 R155RP will work from Saint Uspenskogo Dalmatovsky's territory of a men's monastery where A.S.Popov studied (1869-1871). During the specified period, and also on March 16 (in birthday of A.S.Popov) contacts with this radio station will = 50 points. On March 7, 8, 9, 10 and 16 contacts with R155RP may be worked even if such contacts are repeated contacts.
e. For junior club radio stations and for operators younger than age 18 years, points are multiplied by 2.
f. VHF QSOs are multiplied by 3.
g. Repeat QSOs are allowed on different bands and different modes (CW, SSB, DIGI).

The diploma "Dalmatovo is-155 years to A.S.Popov" is given in two options – electronic and paper. Both options are FREE of charge.
Apply before April 30, 2014 to the address: Email: or by Mail: Shigurov Stanislav Vasilyevich, P.O. Box 3777, Kurgan 640032, Russia.

Your application must include:
1 . Your call sign.
2 . Surname, name and middle name.
3 . Log Extract in any form and quantity of points claimed for each contact.
4 . Type of the diploma requested (paper or electronic).
5 . E-mail address for sending electronic version of the diploma.
6 . The exact postal address for sending paper option diploma.

Send all questions to


Tks 2/28/14

3 - 10 March 2014

UKRAINE                                                    KOBZAR – 200

The award is dedicated to the 200th anniversary of the birth of Taras G. Shevchenko.

Organizer: Cherkasy Regional Radio Club When: from March 3, 00:00 UTC through March 10, 23:59 UTC 2014.

Radio Amateurs from all countries are invited to participate in the activity days. To receive the diploma «KOBZAR - 200» it is necessary to earn at least 200 points during the period from March 3 to March 10 for contacts made on HF bands. It is necessary to make at least 10 QSOs with radio amateurs in the Cherkasy region the Ukraine plus at least 2 QSOs with radio stations whose prefixes are EM200, EN200, EO200 (a total not less than 12 QSO).

Conditions to receive the diploma by the SWL stations are similar. To receive the diploma „KOBZAR-200" Cherkasy region radio amateurs must log at least 200 QSOs in the activity days.

a, QSO with the radio stations EM200TARAS; EN200TARAS and EO200TARAS = 20 points;
b. QSO with the radio stations, that have the prefix EM200; EN200 and EO200 = 15 points;
c. QSO with radio stations: bridge Kaniv and Korsun – Shevchenkivskyi, from the memorial complex «Tarasova krynytsa (an urban village of Lysyanka), villages of Moryntsi and Shevchenkove Zvenigorodka district, Cherkasy region, club statuibs in Cherkasy region = 10 points;
d, QSO with amateur radio station of the Cherkasy region = 5 points;
e. QSO with any other Ukraine and St. Petersburg, Russia stations = 2points.

Stations may be worked on different bands for award credit. All digital modes are considered to be one category.
Participation Report on the activity days should be e-mailed in any text format to e-mail address
Paper reports that include a log extract from the message log should be sent to Vasylchenko Anatolyi Volodymyrovych, P.O. Box No 239, Cherkasy, 18001, Ukraine.

Deadline for report submission (application?) is no later than May 1, 2014 by post mark. The Electronic version of the diploma is free. It is e-mailed to the diploma applicant the email address specified in the report. A printed, full color paper diploma can be obtained after sending 15 UAH application fee for applicants from Ukraine and 4$ USA for applicants from other countries. Apply for paper award to: Vasylchenko Anatolyi Volodymyrovych, P.O. Box No 239, Cherkasy, 18001, Ukraine.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/2/14

March 8, 2014

France/Germany                                 Women's Day 2014 Award

Last year the YL’s Christiane Sophie F4DHQ and DL4CR wished to establish a Franco-German YL activity. This took place on March 8, 2014, recognizing World Women's Day, from 7h00Z up 11h00Z on 40/80m SSB and / or CW. The YL and OM in other countries can participate and of course are welcome.

Each participant receives a certificate, showing the amount of points earned, by contacting Yls on that day.

The points are calculated as follows:

Operator Category DL-YL F-YL Other countries YL OM
DL-YL 3 5 3 3
F-YL 5 3 1 1
Other countries YL 3 3 1 1
OM Operators 3 3 1 0

Applications for the award must be received before 1 May 2014. The log will be filed with the help of "file request_diplome-DL-F "or using the format shown below:

              DATE          Time           Band      Mode          Call Sign             Name           Postponement              Points

The log shall be forwarded to:
German Christiane DL4CR - Email:
French and foreign-Sophie F4DHQ Email:

The diploma will be sent by email at no cost and will show your participation and score.

Results will be posted on these sites:

Tks F8REF Bulletin #10 2014

9 March to 14 April 2014

KAZAKHSTAN             Memorial in honor of the 80th anniversary of the birth of the first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin

Ham radio operators around the world, having the license of the country the right to work in amateur radio are invited to participate in a memorial for Yuri Gagarin. Contact stations during this period whose suffix spells out his military call sign "KEDR".

Different award designs are used for modes used to contact these stations:
Diploma "KEDR-80-C W" (Multiband All CW)
Diploma "KEDR-80-PHONE" (Multiband All PHONE)
Diploma "KEDR-80-DIGITAL" (Multiband All DIGI TAL)
Diploma "KEDR-80-MIX" (Multiband any modes MIXED)

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS: Each QSO with a station using the suffix of KEDR is worth 4 points. Repeat contacts are allowed for different bands and modes. If digital modes are used, the award will show DIGITAL, and not individual digital modes, such as RTTY or PSK.  Sponsor will collect data from all of the special event stations and will issue awards based on this data.

Applying for the awards:
1.You may apply for any or all of the awards (MIX / CW / PHONE / DIGITAL). At least 80 points for each award with the memorial stations are needed.
2. All claimed QSOs must be confirmed by the electronic platform at:

Award requirements for the special radio operators of memorial stations:
1.Operators; of special stations must make at least 1000 QSOs in the relevant categories of modes. .

The procedure for obtaining diplomas
1.Diplomas will be issued in electronic or paper form, at the request of the applicant.
2. Electronic diplomas are free of charge and will be downloaded to the applicant after checking data based on logs submitted by the special stations.
3. For paper diploma, you should contact the manager and get information on the cost of the diploma, his mail delivery at the time of filing the application and make payment.
4. The application the applicant has the right to invoke the public data server and compare a sample from his own log records.
5. Apply to un8cc <<@>>

E-mail: Alexander UN8CC << @ >> MAIL.RU

Tks Victoria 3/14/14


8 - 23 March 2014

ITALY                          AWARD SAN REMO

                            ( Song Festival, Milano-Sanremo bicycle race , Floral carriages )

The Sezione ARI Sanremo sponsors the " Diploma Sanremo " , in order to stimulate Radioamateur activity and increase the value of the City of Flowers traditions .

Rules and Participation:
a. OM and SWLs all over the world can participate working stations belonging to the Sezione ARI Sanremo and the Jolly station IQ1SM.
b. PERIOD - Starting from 0000 UTC of 8th March 2014 up to 2400 UTC of 23th March 2014
c. BANDS - HF bands (WARC included)
d. MODE - SSB CW RTTY and Digi modes
e. SCORING:  Stations belonging to Sezione ARI Sanremo will make the call : " CQ Diploma Sanremo " adding to the own callsign : " Sanremo " . 
Each station contacted = 1 point .
These stations may be contacted again on a different day or on the same day but using different band or mode .
IQ1SM counts 3 points .

To obtain the Award, ( a participation certificate ), it is necessary to earn at least 30 points .


To receive the Award , once you have earned the 30 point level, it is enough to send an e-mail , no later than 30 April 2014 , to: showing the callsign of the applicant . Gianni I1YHU , the Award Manager. The award will be sent to you as a PDF document, to be printed on your own computer/printer. It is not necessary to send any log.

A paper version of the award can be requested by mail , with SASE and enough money for postage return to: ARI Sanremo -Diploma Sanremo – UFFICIO Sanremo – Casella Postale 114 – 18038 SANREMO (IM), Italy. .QSLs are not requested. .


Tks PA3CUZ 3/2/14

14 - 27 March 2014

SPAIN                                                  Diploma EH3DWN International Down Syndrome Day

On 21 March, the International Down Syndrome Day is celebrated , so between 03/14/2014 and 03/27/2014 the special event station EH3DWN will be activated to commemorate the event and raise awareness of this disorder.

EH3SWN is expected to active on the following bands and modes :
Bands: 80 , 40 , 30 , 20 , 17 , 15 , 12 and 10 meters.
Modes: SSB, RTTY, PSK and ROS .

A diploma in pdf format will be issued to commemorate the event. 

There are 3 ways to earn the award:
1) Conduct a minimum of 3 contacts with EH3SWN on the same band , such contacts should be made on different days.
2) Perform a minimum of 2 contacts on different bands .
3) Conduct a minimum of 2 contacts on different modes.

You may easily check whether the contact was recorded and be able to download the award by going to: . (Enter your call sign in the "Consulta de Log" block.)


Tks SQ6CU 3/17/14


17 March 2014

IRELAND                                St. Patrick’s Day Award

On Saint Patrick’s Day, we’re all Irish, or if we are not Irish, then get a chance to imitate their optimism and good nature. Look for stations (Irish or not) all day long on March 17th. Contact these stations during the 24 hour (0000Z - 0000Z) period on March 17, 2014.

The sponsor is looking for volunteers to be the station which is giving out contacts, so here is your chance to play in the pile up game. You do have to be approved by the sponsor, and accept the fact that you will have to take part and participate in the activity entirely at your risk.

(The sponsor’s guidelines are: "Please make sure that your event has adequate public liability insurance. Members of clubs affiliated to the Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) will be covered under the RSGB Club Insurance scheme. A copy of the certificate of insurance, policy documents and frequently asked questions can be found on the RSGB’s Club Insurance pages, make sure you print a copy of the documents and have them with you during your event."). [Since you are not engaged in any commercial activity, I would suggest that in the USA, your HomeOwners or Apartment Renters insurance policy provides public liability insurance for your hobby of amateur radio.)

There are several categories of operation by which you may be able to earn the award. They are:
1.Saint Patrick’s Day (SPD) Station Award
: you must be a registered St Patrick Day Station, and have transmitted on the March 17th as part of the St Patrick Award.
2. Fixed Station Award - you must make direct two way communication with a minimum of 10 SPD award stations from a fixed location using either mixed modes or CW only.
3. Mobile Station Award - you must make direct two way communication with a minimum of 5 SPD award stations from a mobile location using either mixed modes or CW only .
4. Short Wave Listener Award - you must log two way communications between a minimum of 10 SPD award stations utilizing any mode

Your award application should be in the form of a log in ADIF format. ADIF files are commonly used in contest software, and are sometimes required in award applications. A very simple program which will generate an ADIF file written by DF3CB, can be found at . You can learn everything about it in about 5 minutes and is highly recommended. The award is an "e-award" which will be sent to your e-mail address at NO charge.

The award is being organized by the Regional team in Region 8 of the RSGB ( Radio Society of Great Britain)


Tks MI0RYL / EI3HKB 2/27/14

20 March to 6 April 2014

POLAND        95th Anniversary of the Garment Industry School Poznan (ZSO) 

Sponsored by the School Amateur Radio Club SP3PGR.  Earn 95 points (stations outside of Poland need 35) to get the E-award free of charge.

Point Values:
Special event station SN95ZSO = 30 points.
Stations SQ3OPM, SQ3SHH, SQ3PON and SO3ALG = 5 points.
QSOs with same station OK when made on different bands or modes.
SWL OK under same point values. 

Send log extract to   on or before 13 April 2014. 

Tks K1BV Research 4/7/14

1 - 30 April 2014

AUSTRALIA                                                            Westlakes ARC WARC 50th Anniversary

Special event station VI2ATZ50 will be active during April at various times from the club shack and also in a portable capacity operated by club members to give the most exposure to the Amateur population.

Requirements to qualify for the Award will be any one of the following:
1) 5 contacts with VI2ATZ50
2) 3 contacts with VI2ATZ50 and 3 club members
3) 10 contacts with WARC members

A special QSL Card will forwarded to all stations who make a contact with VI2ATZ50.

Apply to or write to: Westlakes ARC Inc WARC, WARC Box 5, Boolaroo NSW 2284, Australia. 


Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14

April 1 - 15, 2014

SPAIN                                                     REMEMBERING EMILI BERLINER Diploma

Emile Berliner (May 20, 1851 – August 3, 1929) was a German-born American inventor. He is best known for developing the disc record gramophone (phonograph in American English). He founded the Berliner Gramophone Company in 1895, The Gramophone Company in London, England, in 1897, Deutsche Grammophon in Hanover, Germany, in 1898 and Berliner Gram-o-phone Company of Canada in Montreal in 1899 (chartered in 1904). (Tks Wikipedia)


In remembrance of Emili Berliner who is known for disc recording and is credited with the invention of the microphone, the UNITE FOR RADIO group launches this diploma under the following rules:

1. SCOPE - . Every licensed amateur and SWL may participate.
2. DATE and TIME - . Early as 09:00 ( UTC) on April 1 , 23:59 hours ( UTC) on April 15.
3. BANDS - . 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 , within the segments recommended by the IARU .
4. MODE - . Telephony . (Naturally........)
6. DIPLOMA - . Each group member station Announces by RADIO the value of the points awarded per day and band. You must earn at least 50 points. In each degree the earned points will be scored . Look on their website the link to make a running check on your progress.
7. The diploma in offered in DIN A4 format and can be requested in digital or paper form.
     A. - ELECTRONIC , send your list of contacts by e-mail to the following address : .
     B. - PHYSICAL , request a photo paper version with the shipment of the contact list , Deadline is May 15 , date stamp. Cost for shipping is 5€ for Spanish stations and 10€ for DX.
8. Applications should be sent PROPERLY COMPLETED , clearly indicating the call signs of stations worked, your name, your full address for shipping diploma, and the contacted station , date, time , frequency and requested letter. Lists without correct data indicated will be accepted and reflected in the list of participants but are not entitled to diploma.

Applications for the printed award (photo paper ) and award fees should be sent to the following address : MARTINEZ DIEGO NAVARRO, EA3DUF, MONTSIA , 5 - A, 43820 Calafell ( Tarragona ) , SPAIN.


Tks DXFUN 4/2/14

1 - 30 April 2014

ITALY                                        II0SPQR - The Birthday of Rome Diploma

The award celebrates the anniversary of the City of Rome, observed on April 21st.

1. Time period: 00.00Z on Monday and 24.00 on April 1 Wednesday April 30, 2014.
2. Frequencies: All Frequencies permitted by regulation.
3. Modes: SSB - CW - (digital modes (RTTY - PSK31).
4. Valid Stations: See the list below.
5. Point values:
1 point for each contact made with stations the list below.
5 points for each contact made with the special event station II0SPQR
10 points for every contact made with the station II0SPQR on April 21.
6. The stations can be contacted only once per day on the same band, or several times, but on different bands after one hour of the previous QSO.
7. Award requirement: 50 points

The logs should be sent to:
- Via Association "ARI" the QSL Manager Renato Ceccarelli IZ0 YCB
- Via Association "A.Ra.C." Fausto d'Angelo IZ0 OZU QRZ.Com

Diploma: The Diploma will be processed after payment of 10 Euros.
Payment can be made in the following ways:
1. Paypal (on the site "payments" / last item) indicating causal "Award II00SPQR. "
2. Postal Current Account No. 74925009 causal "Award II0SPQR."
Bank IBAN: IT66Y0760103200000074925009 causal "Award II0SPQR."

List of participating stations giving credit for the award:

Tks 4/2/14

7 - 13 April 2014

UKRAINE                                     20th Anniverary of the MARRAD Radio Club

7 special days of activity will be devoted to 20th anniversary of the Mariupol radio club "MARRAD".

a. during the period of activity, earn at least 20 points.
B. All bands and modes OK.
C. Contact stations located in Mariupol, plus other specific listed stations to earn points. Specific stations UR4IZB, US8IWA, US8IWB, US8IZM, UT2IWT, UT3IWW, UX8IXX, = 5 points each.
Each station of the city of Mariupol = 3 points.
D. Same station may be worked on multiple bands for credit.
E. All QSOs on one band or VHF contacts carry double credit.

The diploma is offered in electronic format, and is sent free of charge to the address specified in your application. Applications should be in the form of a log extract.

The award is available in printed format mailed to your address and the charges for Ukraine stations need to make by a postal transfer in the sum of 20 hryvnias, and to foreign participants an equivalent of $US3. Applications for the paper award should include the complete mailing address and sent to the award manager UT8IT Ivan I. Shol UT8IT, P.O. Box 75, Mariupol, 87512, UKRAINE.  
Applications for the electronic diploma should be sent in the form of a log extract to e-mail address ut8it(@)
Stations in Mariupol may earn the award for making at least 120 contacts with stations of Ukraine and stations of the CIS;

E-mail: Internet: And

Tks 4/8/14

April 11-August 11, 2014

UKRAINE                                     70th Anniversary of the Liberation of the Crimea (1944)

This special award is available for making QSOs (SWLs) between April 11 and August 2014.
The award is in the form of an elecronic file and will be sent and free of charge.

Requirement: Earn at least 70 points.

Point values:
a. Each QSO (SWL) with Special Event Stations R70KRC, R70SEV, RK70RK, RP69FE, RP69KC, RP69KP, RP69KR, RP69SE = 7 points.
b. Each QSO (SWL) with other calls from Crimea = 3 points.
c. For non-European applicants points earned are multiplied by a factor of 2.
d. Duplicate QSOs with same station OK if made on different bands or modes.

Please send your applications to:

Periods of activity for Special Event Stations:
a. RK70RK (Republic of Crimea) April 11-26
b.R70KRC (city-hero Kerch) April 11-26
c.R70SEV (city-hero Sevastopol) May 9 - August 8
d. RP69FE (Feodosia), RP69KC (Kerch), RP69KP (Krasnoperekopsk), RP69KR (Republic of Crimea), RP69SE (Sevastopol) May 3-9.

Internet: re:

Tks 4/10/14

13-20 April 2014

ITALY                                                        WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY

The MSAR group (Radio Sicilians in the World) , on the occasion of the 89th World Day of radio, presents the award "WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY".

1. Open to all licensed amateurs and SWL.
2. Period : From 00.00 am to 24.00 utc utc of 13/04/2013 of 21/04/2013
3. Bands : 10 - 15 - 20 - 40 - 80.
4. Modes: SSB - CW - RTTY - PSK31 in compliance with the band plan.
5. Look for: Club members who will call: "CQ WORLD AMATEUR RADIO DAY MSAR AWARD".
6. The same operator can be contacted only once per day per band and mode .
7. Score: each contact with members of MSAR that will call for the award = 1 point .
8. Each contact with IQ prefixed stations affiliated with the MSAR = 5 points.
9. Reports : stations responding to callers will give: your CALL, RASM member number and signal report. (EG IT9TFX , MSAR # 002 , RST 59)

10. AWARD: will be issued only way ( MIXED ) upon request to all those who have scored the following points :
a. .Italian stations 20 points
b. foreign stations 10 points
The total score will be the sum of the points.

If you wish an award sent to you as a PDF format document, no fee is charged.
For the issuance of the Award in A4 size paper, the fee is 10€.
To apply for the Award in pdf send the log to .
To apply for the Award in the printed paper format, the fee should be sent to: Post Payn ° 4023 6006 0487 7680 headed to Carmel Gambino cod. Tax : GMB CML 65L04 G273M.
PayPal is also accepted and the funds should be sent to the following email address : (insert your own call in the message)

At the risk of the sender, the award can be sent in an envelope with the application and to the log . Requests supported by logs and copy of the payment receipt (or the cash ) should be sent no later than 05/25/2014 to: Carmelo Gambino - Via G. Galilei, 163-90145 Palermo - Italy or by mail at the following address: .


Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14

14-20 April 2014

SPAIN                                VIII International Diploma Easter Valladolid
                                            Holy Week in Valladolid 2014

Helping to publicize Easter, the Valladolid Amateur Radio Union (URV) organizes this annual diploma in accordance with the following rules:
Scope: All licensed amateurs or SWLs participate.
Listen for stations calling: CQ VIII INTERNATIONAL DIPLOMA EASTER Valladolid.
Dates: 14 to 20 April 2014.
Bands and modes: All HF bands (especially 40 and 80 meters) in LSB.

Award Requirements:
To achieve the Diploma you willneed to make a total of 20 contacts corresponding to the 20 brotherhoods parading in honor of Holy Week in Vallisoletana. You may contact each station once per day if in different bands on the same day.
One mandatory contact is that of special station EG1SSV which will grant a special commemorative card and will be active throughout the week.
Lists: Once you have made all necessary contacts you will have to send a list of the QSOs to the following address:  EA1URV, PO Box 495, 47080 - Valladolid. (Spain)
Alternatively, send the list via email to: or:
The list should clearly indicate the following information: Station Contacted, Date, Time requested Brotherhood and clearly indicate name Last name, and address to which you should refer the diploma.
SWLs should list stations on both sides of the contact.
Applications must be submitted on or before May 15, 2014, postmark date.
The diploma is completely free, in JPEG or PDF format and sent via email.
If you wish a printed certificate, please send log and 3€ in postage stamps for printing and mailing costs.

The list of the Brotherhoods of Valladolid are as follows:
) Sacramental Brotherhood of Penance and the Holy Supper.
2) Brotherhood of Penitential Prayer in the Garden and San Pascual Baylon.
3) Penitential Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Tied to the Column.
4) Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Risen, Mary Joy and tears of San Pedro
5) Brotherhood of the Holy Christ de los Artilleros.
6) Penitential Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Father Jesus Nazarene.
7) Penitential Brotherhood of the Holy Christ Stripped, Calvary Christ and Our Lady of Bitterness.
8) Penitential Brotherhood of the Sacred Passion of Christ.
9) Brotherhood of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and Our Lady of Sorrows.
10) Brotherhood of the Seven Words.
11) University of the Holy Christ Brotherhood of Light.
12) Real and Venerable Confraternity of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.
13) The Descent Brotherhood and Holy Christ of the Good Death.
14) Penitential Brotherhood of Santa Vera Cruz.
15) Most Illustrious Brotherhood of Our Lady of Mercy.
16) Fraternity of the Secular Franciscan Order VOT
17) Brotherhood of the Holy Burial.
18) Brotherhood of the Holy Sepulchre and the Holy Christ of Consuelo.
19) Penitential Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows.
20) Brotherhood Beloved Disciple Jesus de Medinaceli



Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14

14-23 April 2014

SPAIN                                                       Diploma Castilla Y León Day

This award promotes the festival of the autonomous community of Castile and Leon, and is sponsored by the Union amateur Valladolid (URV).

1. This is an international diploma for all amateurs and SWLs to participate.
2. Look for stations Calling: CQ Day of Diploma Castilla y León.
3. Dates: 14 to 23 April 2014.
4. Bands/Modes: All HF bands (especially 80 and 40 meters) in the mode of SSB.
5. Requirements: Make 26 contacts which form the phrase: "Diploma Day 2014 Castilla y León". The number 2014 will be when special station EG1DCL is contacted.

Same station may contacted one time per day, as long as contacts are made on different bands.
Stations meeting these requirements will be published on the site of the Amateur Radio Union of Valladolid and diplomas in the section of the page URE as soon as possible.
The diploma is offered in two formats: either in PDF format, sent to the email address of the applicant, or A4 paper with which will be mailed for award fee of 5€ for printing and mailing costs.

Application: Once you worked all necessary contacts, send a list to the following address: EA1URV, PO Box 495, 47080 - Valladolid, SPAIN. To receive the free award by e-mail, .

Send list via e-mail in cabrillo format to: with the following in the subject field: Log DCL plus your call sign. The list should clearly indicate: station contacted, point value granted, date, time, band, and clearly indicate the name and address to which the diploma should be sent. SWL’s should identify both sides of the QSO. Remember to include your fill name and address if you wish to receive the diploma in paper format.

Submit applications on or before May 30, 2014, postmark date.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14

18 April 2014

ROMANIA                                World Amateur Radio Day (WARD) 2014

The Romanian Society of Radio Amateurs is helping to celebrate World Radio Day by sponsoring an award which can be earned by making at least 200 QSO, any band or mode during the 24 hours (GMT) on 18 April 2014. 
Send a log extract of your contacts no later than 18 May, 2014 to  and you will receive the award at no charge as a JPG file to be printed on your own equipment.  

Tks YO3JW 4/17/14 

April 25-27, 2014

POLAND                                      Canonization of Pope John Paul II Commemorative Award

On the occasion of the Canonization of Pope John Paul II the special event stations HF1JPII & HF1TT will be operating during the period of April 25 – April 27 2014. The special event stations will be working on the HF and UHF bands.
All contacts will confirmed with a special QSL card . QSL via SP2ZAO

The requirement is simple: For the commemorative award make just one QSO with one of the above stations! For SWL’s, one SWL report. Apply on or before May 31, 2014. 
Fee: Polish stations PLN 10, for European stations (EURO ZONE) is EUR 5 and for all other foreign stations is $US5.

Application for a diploma, please send an e-mail message to together with details of our QSO or your SWL (DATE, UTC, MODE, RSTs / RSTr) and a photocopy proof of payment / bank transfer. PAYPAL is also accepted. Contact e-mail address above for details.


Tks K1BV Research 4/9/14

April 25 to May 5, 2014.

POLAND                                     The 21st Steam Locomotive Parade in Wolsztyn Award

1. The Award is issued by the Wolsztyn Amateur Radio Club SP3PWL: ;
2. The purpose of the Award is to commemorate the 21st Steam Locomotive Parade, which takes place in Wolsztyn every year, and promotes the Wolsztyn Locomotive Shed.
        See: or
3. The Award is available to all amateur radio operators and SWL’s.
4. Requirements:
     A. Polish operators must make one QSO/HRD with the Wolsztyn Club Station SP3PWL
(mandatory) and three QSO’s/HRD’s with the following Club members: SP3HD, SP3DWH, SP3GAD, SP3OSK, SP3OSR, SP3RBQ, SQ3SW, SQ3JPV, SQ3REA, SQ3REB, SQ3RPB.
     B. Foreign stations need one QSO/HRD with SP3PWL and one with a Club member.
5. All bands and modes may be used.
6. The station making the most QSOs will be granted a surprise award.
7. The electronic issued (pdf) award will be sent by e-mail free of charge to be printed at home. You may ask for a paper version (fee: PLN 15 or EUR 5 ).
8. Send your log extract to: , or by postal mail to: Wolsztyn'ski Klub Krótkofalowców, T?oki 60a, 64-200 Wolsztyn, Poland, on or before May 31, 2014.


Tks UT7AW 4/2/14


April 26, 2014

This is a "CLASSIC" award, and many interesting stations/prefixes are expected if conditions are at least halfway decent.
Marconi tested that new technology of "WIRELESS" in many locations, and portable operations are expected to provide many QSOs.
It is a reminder of our early history, the history of radio and the certificate they offer is based on a early 1900's MARCONI stock certificate.

ENGLAND                                            INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY

2014 will be the 27th year that the Cornish Radio Amateur Club is sponsoring this special event which celebrates the anniversary of the held annually to celebrate the birth of Guglielmo Marconi on April 15, 1874. IMD is held each year on a Saturday close to Marconi’s birthday, with Amateur Radio stations on the air from around the world, including a number of Award Stations operating from historically significant sites.  The Cornish Radio Amateur Club offers two special Award Certificates for working authorised International Marconi Day Award Stations: one is for Transmitting Stations and the other for Short Wave Listeners. A list of the qualifying Marconi stations is given at the Award Stations page.

1. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR – Fixed Station: 15 official Award stations, mixed modes are permitted.
2. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR – Mobile: 12 of the official Award Stations from a mobile location, mixed modes are permitted.
3. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR – CW: 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, using CW only.
4. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR – Digital Modes: 15 of the official Award Stations from a fixed location, using Digital Modes only. (AMTOR/PACTOR/RTTY/AX25/ASCII/PSK31 & SSTV).
5. TRANSMITTING AMATEUR – Multi-Operator: An opportunity for Clubs/Groups at fixed locations to take part and gain the award by establishing two-way communication with 20 of the official Award Stations using mixed modes or with 20 contacts using
eitherC.W. or Digital Modes
6. SHORTWAVE LISTENERS: To log two-way communications made by 15 of the official Award Stations, mixed modes are permitted.

Award Rules:
1. Only one HF/500 KHz radio contact with each IMD Special Event Station (Participating Station) will count towards the Award.
2. The Award is NOT cumulative, ie contacts made in previous or subsequent years with an IMD station WILL NOT count towards the Award. The required number of Award Stations must be worked during the SAME 24 hour period.
3. Period of Operation on 26th April 2014. 0000 UTC to 2359 UTC
4. Qualifying Bands : All bands from 160 Metres to 10 Metres plus 500 KHz
(Note: Contacts on 6 Metres and above will not count towards the Award)
5. Modes : CW, SSB, FM, AM and available Digital Modes
6. List of Award Stations : For a list of IMD Award Stations, separate internet page - Award Stations. This list is correct up to the time of the latest Web Page amendment. Only contacts with the required number of stations from this list will be accepted for issue of the
Award.  Some valid stations may not have confirmed their participation to the organizer, but, if they are on later lists and you work them, worry not, we count them as genuine as they will appear on several award claims and we will know they were active.

Your Award application should state the Award Category claimed, and must be made in writing giving a FULL extract of your log together with your call sign and address. The log extract may be a certified copy of the original log or a certified computer print out. Ideally, another amateur should certify that your log extract represents a true copy of the original log entries: if no other amateur is available, an adult signatory will be accepted. Please address your claim to: Ken G0FIC – IMD Awards Manager, Cornish Amateur Radio Club, 38 Tresithney Road. Carharrack. Redruth. TR16 5QZ, England.

The cost of the Award is the same for all Classes, $10.00 US,(bank notes, no cheques) , €10 (bank notes, no cheques) , £5.00 Sterling or 12 IRC’s
UK stations claiming the award please make cheques payable to "Cornish Radio Amateur Club".
Only Sterling (UK £) cheques can be accepted please, cheques in US$ or Euro, including Euro Cheques cost us more to negotiate at the Bank than we are charging for the award and once post and packing are considered we make a loss !


Tks K1BV Research 4/2/14

1 April to 31 May 2014

POLAND                                              Commemorating the Battle of Ostroleka (1831)

Battle of Ostrolenko was fought May 26, 1831, and was one of the greatest and most decisive battles of the November Uprising. The Polish Army under the command of General Jan Skrzynecki, returning from an unsuccessful expedition to the Russian guards were surprised by the unexpected arrival of Ostrolenko Russian army Field Marshal Ivan Dybicz. Polish army rested deployed in the villages on the west bank of the Narew. Ostrole;ka from the east was only protected the slim Polish forces. The Russians managed to oust them from their positions.

This award celebrates the anniversary of the Battle of Ostroleka during the period from 1 April to 31 May 2014. Earn a total of 26 points for contacts with the station club and club members, including 2 mandatory QSOs with the special event station SN0B, and a minimum of 2 required communication with any members of the club..

Polish operators with category III license may obtain the award after obtaining a minimum of 13 points for communication with the station club and club members, including conduct one mandatory communication with the station commemorative SN0B any band and a minimum of 1 mandatory communication with a member of the club.

SWL OK on same basis as licensed stations.

Communication with the station SN0B can substitute for another contact or on another band HF / VHF, any such communication shall be counted only as one time for a particular band or broadcast without the possibility of duplication of the next day (eg 5 x QSO band ssb 80m = 1 time) . Digital Communications emissions will count on a RTTY x1, bpsk/psk31/psk63/psk125 x 1 - change the speed of transfer is not considered a change in the type of emissions.

Communications with members of the club only count one time with each member of the club .

• Station commemorative SN0B = 10 points for each QSO
• Member of the Club SP5KVW = 3 points for each operator

The award is available only as a digital file which you can print on your own equipment. In order to receive a diploma you must submit an electronic application form to the address no later than 23 June 2014.
The list of club participants and their call signs will be announced on the club WWW pageson 15 June 2014. You may send the electronic application form (any - pdf, doc, Adif, Cabrillo)

Internet: And

Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14

27 April to 4 May 2014

SPAIN                                           Diploma Feria De Sevilla 2014 AUR

The Fair of Seville, Spain is held from 27 April to 4 May 2014. The award is organized by the United Andalucía Radio, EA7RCU , and this Diploma will be awarded to participants who complete the appropriate sentence by using any of the letters of the call signs listed below. The phrase is: DIPLOMA FAIR RULES OF SEVILLE 2014.

Look for activity on the following bands: 20 , 40 and 80 meter HF , and on VHF R7 145,775 , and the CANARY EA1SPAIN and conferences . Look for activity from April 27 to May 4, Stations wishing to obtain this Diploma have to contact the special event stations EA7RCU EG7AUR only once, asking the reference number that starts from Sevilla .

Each of the special stations can provide only one letter or number each day. You can not repeat in different band .
Send the log by email to on or before June 20, 2014 . Your log shall indicate the full name, city, state , call sign and e-mail address of the participant.

Diploma is only sent as an electronic file.

EA7SZ - José Antonio ( Sevilla). EG7AUR special season and EA7RCU .
EA7HZK - Manolo ( Sevilla).
EA7KK - Benjamin ( Sevilla)
EA7RL - Juan Antonio (Cádiz ) .
EA2ID - Alberto ( Zaragoza) .
EA2DVN - Txemi ( Vizcaya).
EA2DJK - Ana ( Vizcaya).
EA1AFZ - José ( Pontevedra).
EA7IGF - Francisco (Cádiz ) .
EA8CQU - Manolo ( Gran Canaria) .
EA1AU - Orlando ( Lugo) .
EA1DXB - Jesus (A Coruña).
EA1DXC - Jesus (A Coruña).
EA1ACW - Jose Luis (Ourense ) .
EA7CES - Manuel ( Huelva).
EA7HYN - Horace ( Granada ) .
EA5FMH - Juan ( Valencia).
EA5NH - Jaime ( Alicante).
EA7EOO - Antoni (Málaga ) .
EA7DH - Francisco (Málaga ) .
EA7JNI - Pedro ( Sevilla).
EA7JBQ - Miquel (Cádiz ) .
EA4GBP - Angel (Ciudad Real).

The Calling Station will Grantors : "CQ CQ CQ Diploma Feria De Sevilla 2014 AUR " .


Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14

1 May to 31 July, 2014

POLAND                                     Elblag 777 Diploma

The organizer of the activities and publisher of the diploma is a group of amateurs from Elblag, Poland composed of Jerzy SP2GUB, Wojtek SP4QCU, Robert SP2BIR, John SP2HMY, Slawek SP4EOO.
The award celebrates a diploma on the 777th anniversary of the city of Elblag. It may be earned by contacting as many QSOs with hams from Elblag, previous residents of Elblag, and contacts from amateurs from partner cities of Elblag.
The award is made available for individual stations, club stations and SWLs from Poland and all other countries.

During the time of the award "Elblag 777", the following stations will provide occasional activity:
- SN777EL - Wojtek SP4QCU
- SN777BL - Slawek SP4EOO
- SN777AG - Herb SP2GUB
- SN777HMY - Janek SP2HMY
- SN777HHX - Wlodek SP2HHX
- SP2BIR - Robert Elblag
- SQ2MTF - Chris Elblag
- SQ4TBQ - Bartosz Elblag
- SP2RIT - Adam Elblag
- SP2NBA - George Elblag
- M0GLV - Marcin SP4BHD
- DK0LR - station of the City Partner Leer - Hermann DK2BE
- ES4CASTLE - station of the City of Narva Partner - Sergei ES4RM

A complete list of event stations, stations that have ever lived in Elblag or those who may be operating temporarily from the area of Elblag and Twin Cities stations will be published on the website and .
All HF and VHF bands may be used and valid modes include: SSB, CW, DIGI.
Award Requirements: earn a minimum of 777 points for confirmed contacts or SWL, regardless of bandwidth and emissions.

Point values:
a. Commemorative Stations SN777EL, SN777BL, SN777AG = 100 points.
b. Other SN777 stations = 70 points.
c. Stations of the partner cities = 50 points.
d. Individual Stations associated with Elblag or operating temporarily from the area of Elblag without the SN777 prefix = 20 points.

The point values above count for the first QSO on each band .
Another point for contacts with the same station may be obtained on the following bands using any emission.
Missing points. The minimum required is 777. You can make additional QSOs with SN777 stations provided that contacts cannot be repeated in a given band in the same month, IE a given station can be contacted for up to 3 QSOs (May, June, July ) on the same band, regardless of the mode.
Special Bonus Points: If you contact on one band the three stations SN777EL, SN777BL and SN777AG, (the suffixes spelling EL BL and AG, or ELBLAG, you earn a one time bonus of 150 points. Good only for 1 such contact/event.
All special stations making contacts are required to provide information about the program and help to publicize the award points they provide.
Participants in the event, who meet the conditions for obtaining a diploma and would be interested in receiving it, should e-mail to the address: an application together with an extract from the log confirming the points obtained by 31 Oct 2014.
The Diploma in electronic form is free of charge. Hard copy mailed awards are available at extra cost of 40z for SP’s and 10Euro for all others, the diploma will be sent in hard copy to the address indicated in the application.


Tks K1BV Research 4/13/14

1 -31 May 2014

GERMANY                                 European Spring Award 2014.

Sponsored by Brave Radio Friends to celebrate the arrival of Spring-time.

The award is open to amateur radio stations and SWLs worldwide. During the full month of May 2014 work or hear as many European DXCC-entities as possible. Only European entities count for the award. For European applicants a minimum of 20 and for non-European applicants a minimum of 10 entities is required to earn the award.

No band or mode restrictions.

Just send a log extract of the usual contact data (call, date, band/mode, report.) And addressit to (No QSLs necessary). The award, in pdf electronic document format will be sent to you by return e-mail. There is no award fee. Deadline for applications is June 30, 2014.

Tks DE3EAR 4/1314

1 May - 22 July 2014

POLAND                              DIPLOMA "45 YEARS SP8PRL"

This award commemorates the 45th anniversary of the club SP8PRL. The sponsor of the diploma "45 YEARS SP8PRL" is Chelm Amateur Radio Club SP8PRL with its registered office at 22-100, ul. Wojs?awicka 21/23.
Requirements: To obtain the, earn a minimum of 45 points by contacting club officials and members during the period from 01-05-2014 to 22-07-2014.

Point Values:
a. List of stations - the current members of the Club - belonging to the diploma "45 YEARS SP8PRL" and the number of points awarded for establishing contact with these stations:
     Sylwia SQ8MXN - 5 points
     Marek SQ8MFM - 5 points
     Marek SQ8MXS - 5 points
     Andrew SP8FNA - 5 points
     Viktor SP8ENS - 5 points
     Sebastian SQ5NWD - 5 points
     Radek SQ8HNB - 5 points
     Peter SQ8PKJ - 5 points
     David SQ8SKD - 5 points
b. Station Club SP8PRL - 30 points - one contact is mandatory. During contests, the club uses the special call sign of SN8P, which counts for the mandatory QSO.
c. Foreign stations and SWLs have the same requirements as Polish stations.
d. Stations who were previous members of the Club SP8PRL - may receive the diploma for the fulfillment of just one requirement, namely one contact with SP8PRL club station, giving the operator the dates that they were members.
e. "Excellent sticker", will be added to the award for anyone who contacts all of the specific stations listed above in item a.
f. All bands and modes. Communications by repeater QSOs are OK.

Diploma in electronic format (JPG) is free. The paper version of the diploma, including the cost of envelopes and postage stamps will be sent after sending postage stamps with a value of PLN 6. 
Applications for the diploma in paper format should be sent to or postal address Chelmski Amateur Radio Club 22-100 ul. Wojs?awicka 21/23, Poland.

The deadline for applications is 31-08-2014. Confirmation of communication in the form of QSL cards are not required but greatly appreciated.


Tks K1BV Research 3/31/14

9 May to 21 October 2014

AUSTRIA                                   OE Helgoland Diploma

This diploma is offered in memory of the naval battle at Helgoland 150 years ago. It shows the two frigates "Radetzky" and "Black Mountain" in engagement with Danish ships off the island of Helgoland. The back of the award contains a description of the battle with images of Admiral Tegetthoff, the Navy Memorial in Cuxhaven and diploma data of the applicant.

Rules for the Award:
a) the diploma may be requested by any licensed radio amateur, club station or SWL.
b) contacts must be made from May 9, 2014 (May 9, 1864 date of the naval battle) until October 21, 2014 (October 21, 1864 when the ships departed for home.)
c) bands, all HF bands. preferred frequencies on CW: 3,565, 7,025, 10,118, 14,052, 18,095 kHz, preferred frequencies on SSB: 3,625, 7,060, 14,335 kHz.
d) Modes: CW and SSB, each station may be worked only once per band
e) same conditions for SWL `s.

Point Values:
a. QSO with the special station OE150CUX = 50 points,
b. QSO with OE6XMF (MFCA club station) = 40 points,
c. QSO with DL0CUX and / or OZ0MF = 30 points,
d. DL-Marine radio operator stations =10 points,
e. DL-AFU-Stns = 5 points each in CW and SSB,
f. OZ Navy radio operator stations = 10 points,
g. OZ-AFU-Stn = 5 points each in CW and SSB,
h. OE Marine radio operator stations = 10 points,
i. OE Afu-Stn = 5 points each in CW and SSB.

A total of 150 points are required. (The residence of the Imperial Naval squadron was located in Cuxhaven - Helgoland - Sylt and Bremerhaven 150 years ago)

The award is available in 6 varieties depending on contacts made.

One QSO with each of these stations using each one CW-/SSB-QSO `s
OE150CUX, OE6XMF, DL0CUX and OZ0MF = 150 points.
Make at least one CW-/SSB-QSO with a club station and contact with all three countries (DL, OZ, OE);
For Example: DL0CUX, 10 MF, 1 OZ, 1 MFCA Stn = 150 points.
Make at least one CW-/SSB-QSO with a club station, marine radio operator stations for less like the three countries (OE, DL, OZ).
Example: OE6XMF, 11 MF-Stn, 1 MFCA Stn = 150 points
Make at least one QSO with special or club station with mixed Afu contacts in CW and SSB on all three countries (OE, DL, OZ) is required.
Example: OE6XMF, 2 MF, 2-MFCA, 9 DL-Stn (SSB) 14 OE Stn (SSB), 1 OZ-AFU-Stn (SSB) = 152 points
Make at least one QSO with special or club station required.
Example: OE150CUX or OE6XMF or OZ0MF or DL0CUX plus remainder of points from other categories.
This "class" is intended for guests on the QRG as a reminder of this 150-year anniversary.
The same requirements as class "TELEGRAPHENMAAT" all Stn are working as / mm Stn, it must have at least one club radio station and one Afu-Stn from OE + DL + OZ to work in / mm (maritime mobile).
Example: DL0CUX/mm or OE6XMF/mm or OZ0MF/mm + OE1ABC/mm, DL1ABC/mm and OZ1ABC/mm

The Trophy is awarded as plaque together with engraving (your call sign) and diploma.
No cards needed, just a log extract of all QSOs and points plus the level you are applying for.
You may apply by e-mail or regular post to the MFCA Award Manager Ing Sepp Langer, OE3OLC. The cost for the award is € 15,. Funds transfer via electronic means are as follows:
     Volksbank Obersteiermark Kto Nr.: 51384740000
     BLZ: 43030
     IBAN: AT09 4303 0513 8474 0000

Apply by e-mail or traditional mail to: Ing. Sepp Langer, OE3OLC, Birkengasse 25, 3172 Ramsau (Hainfeld), Austria.



June 1 to July 30, 2014

BRAZIL The Brazil Soccerland Award

The Brazilian Amateur Radio league - LABRE, in commemoration of Brazil,s national past-time, and most popular sport in the world and honoring soccer lovers from all over the world offers this special certificate.
The "Brazil Soccerland Certificate" is a short time award requiring contacts from June, 1 2014 to July, 30 2014. All licensed HAM RADIO and RADIO LISTENERS (SWL) may obtain the Certificate.
Look for and contact the 27 active stations, one in each of the 26 Brazilian States plus the Federal District. There will be 12 key stations with prefix ZX14 and 15 special stations with ZY14 prefix, as follows:

State           Call Sign               State                Call Sign
Acre              ZY14AC                  Pará                 ZY14PA
Alagoas           ZY14AL                  Paraná               ZX14PR
Amapá             ZY14AP                  Pernambuco           ZX14PE
Amazonas          ZX14AM                  Piauí                ZY14PI
Bahia             ZX14BA                  Rio de Janeiro       ZX14RJ
Ceará             ZX14CE                  Rio Grande do Norte  ZX14RN
Distrito Federal  ZX14DF                  Rio Grande do Sul    ZX14RS
Espírito Santo    ZY14ES                  Rondônia             ZY14RO
Goiás             ZY14GO                  Roraima              ZY14RR
Maranhão          ZY14MA                  Santa Catarina       ZY14SC
Mato Grosso       ZX14MT                  São Paulo            ZX14SP
Mato Grosso do Sul ZY14MS                 Sergipe              ZY14SE
Minas Gerais      ZX14MG                  Tocantins            ZY14TO
Paraíba ZY14PB
Award Levels and Requirements:
The "Brazil Soccerland Certificate" will be awarded in 3 categories: Bronze, Silver and Gold, depending on the number of State QSO made, cumulatively, 
with key stations, special and with Brazilian stations in General, according to the table below:
Bronze                         Silver                       Gold
4 key station (ZX14*)          8 key station (ZX14*)        12 key station (ZX14*)
5 special station (ZY14*)      10 special station (ZY14*)   15 special station (ZY14*)
25 Brazil stations             50 Brazil stations           80 Brazil stations

Use of all bands and modes OK. No use of Echo-Link.
The confirmation of the contacts with stations ZX14 * and ZY14 * will be verified through the electronic logs of these stations and the QSOs with other Brazilian stations will be accepted by your own statement on the application that the QSO were performed.
Applications for the "Brazil Soccerland Certificate" will be accepted until December 31, 2014 (date of mail/postage), and must be made through your application listing QSO data and sent to:

LABRE-Management of Diplomas
70351-970 Brasília-DF

Send the application and fee as follows:
Stations of the Americas: $ 4 or 3 IRC
Other stations of the world: $ 5 or 4 IRC

LABRE will confirm with QSL Card commemorating, in paper and via bureau, all QSO made by * ZY14 * and ZX14 stations.
Special QSLs via mail: DX stations must send their QSL to the address above with funds for postage: Other stations of the world: SAE + $ 2 or 1 IRC for up to 3 QSL
All QSO with stations: ZX14 * and ZY14 * are valid for the Diploma WAB Worked All Brazil, and may be used in applications for the WAB without the need to submit the actual card. The WAB can be requested exclusively with QSO with these stations or merged with other QSO so as to complete the requirements of the regulation.


Tks 4/1/14


July 1 - 6, 2014

USA                                   13 Colonies Special Event INDEPENDENCE WEEK

15 Special Event stations will be activce July 1 - 6, 2014 celebrating Independence Week. These will be stations operating from the 13 original colonies plus friends at WM3PEN will again participate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was declared.. Also added will be W3FT from Baltimore, MD, commemorating the writing of our Nation Anthem, The Star Spangled Banner in 1812.

The 13 Colonies certificate will have a Liberty Bell added for a contact with WM3PEN. A W3FT contact will have a special 15 star 1812 US flag of the period added to the 13 Colonies certificate and will also offer a special qsl card printed just for this event.  The theme for 2014 will be "Revolution War Era Colonial Currency". The certificate is printed on heavy card stock. Stations working one state or, as many as all 13, will be eligible for the certificate. A "Clean Sweep" indicator will be affixed, for those lucky enough to "Q" all 13. A special endorsement will be attached for stations contacting our sister operation, WM3PEN, in Philadelphia, PA.

Applying for the Certificate:

1) Download and print out our Colony Log sheet, found on their website. Fill-in all applicable information. NOTE: this also applies to SWLs requesting a certificate. 
2) A $5.00(US) donation is requested to cover costs of printing the award and all the QSL cards needed for the event. Also include your RETURN SELF ADDRESSED LABEL for your certificate envelope. Your address should be on the label!
3) Cash, check or MO is OK. The check should be made out to Ken Villone-Award Manager.
4) Send your return label, donation & log sheet to: Ken Villone-KU2US, PO.Box-185, Conesus NY. 14435-0185, USA.
5) Sponsor will provide the return envelope and postage. NO extra postage required for DX requests.


12-13 July 2014

ITALY                            Fausto Coppi Award

The ARI Section di Tortona establishes this award which will be issued to amateur and SWL stations to commemorate and keep alive the memory of the "Champion of Champions".

Angelo Fausto Coppi, 15 September 1919 – 2 January 1960, was the dominant international cyclist of the years each side of the Second World War. His successes earned him the title Il Campionissimo, or champion of champions. He was an all-round racing cyclist and he excelled in both climbing and time trialing, and was also a great sprinter.

Contact the special event station IQ1TW on as many different HF bands and modes as possible during the 48 hour period. Sponsor would like all stations to use the log sheet provided on their website, though other versions are accepted if they contain Callsign, Date, UTC, Band and Mode.  All HF bands 80-10 meters and all modes SSB, CW, PSK31 and RTTY accepted if permitted on the band.

Fee for the award is 15€ or $US20 which may be paid by currency or to the PAYPAL account . A copy of the proof of payment should be attached to your application. All those applying for the award will be entered into a raffle for prizes.

Apply to: Pier Paolo Liuzzo IZ1XBB, Strada Fornaci 23 A - 15057 Tortona (AL), Italy.


Tks N1NN 3/1/14

12 August to 8 September 2014

NETHERLANDS                                    THE FLORAL ZUNDERT AWARD

From the 12th of August until the 8th of September 2014 amateurs of VERON section 54 ETTEN-LEUR will be using the special callsign PA73CORSO. This activity is one of the activities held during the 73rd UNESCO National Heritage Flowerparade Zundert.

See also the website.

Every qso made between the 1 January and 8 September 2014 with one of the participating radio amateurs or SWLs will count as 1 point for the Special Award "THE FLORAL ZUNDERT AWARD".

More information on the award program follows.

Participating amateur stations and swl station are: PAØLOU - PAØATG - PA1ADG - PA1BR - PA1CPA - PA2CVD - PA3EBP - PA5JSB - PA9DD - PDØPMS - PDØRWL – PD1GWF – PE1NGS - PE1RMO - PI4ETL – NL8785.
There will be also 2 wildcards stations active from the 12th of August until the 8th of September 2014:  PA73EBP and PA73LOU.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/12/14