These are awards which are offered for a few days, weeks, or months only.  
They commemorate events such as
Anniversaries, Fairs, Conferences, or Special Celebrations.
Check this page from time to time.  I'll list items that are even too short for my regular "Short" term awards file, which generally last for one year. 
If you know of any such brief awards, let me know!

1. The ARRL Website has a pretty big listing of Special Event Stations, many of which offer a certificate.  Best way to get a listing of the awards is to specify a start and stop date in their web form. Use the "search" function in your web browser to look for the word  certificate

2. CQ Magazine also publishes a list of special events, some of which offer certificates.





Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source  Added
8 December 2015 20 November 2016 Italy  Jubilee of Mercy 2015-2016 X K1BV Research 11/30/15


Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source  Added
14 February 2016 5 November 2016  Poland 20th Anniversary of the Rybnik Branch No. 31 of PZK ( HF31ROT) X 2/7/16
1 March 2016 30 October 2016 Russia Eagle - 450 Years Anniversary X 3/31/16
1 March 2016 31 October 2016 Poland 100 Years of the City Dabrowa Gornicza X
appreciated 4/29/16
1 May 2016 31 December 2016 Russia Diploma Soldiers of Victory X 5/21/16
1 May 2016 18 September 2016 Italy ORCOLAT 1976 - 20-16 4/20/16
1 May 2016
1 December 2016
28 May 2016
28 December 2016
Netherlands 35th Anniversary Section 54 VERON (PI35ETL) X PA2CVD 3/22/16
7 May 2016 8 May 2016
31 December 2016
USA Indiana Bicentennial County Award Rules   WB9CIF 10/27/15
28 May 2016 31 December 2016 Azores Islands U.R.A. 30th Anniversary Award X CU3AA 6/16/16
11 June 2016 31 December 2016 Netherlands 70th Anniversary of VERON Section A-01 Alkmaar (PI70ALK) 6/1/16
1 July 2016
1 August 2016
31 December 2016
31 August 2016
Ukraine Jubilee Awards from the Ukrainian A.R.L.
Independence of the Ukraine - 25 Years
X UX7UU 7/28/16
1 July 2016 31 December 2016 Romania Club-Napoca 700 Award (YP700CJ) 7/22/16
25 June 2016 31 December 2016 Romania 10th Anniversary of the SILVER FOX Radio Association X YO3JW 7/13/16
1 August 2016 31 October 2016 Russia Musa Jalil - 110th Anniversary X 9/23/16
1 August 2016 30 September 2016 Brazil Olympic Games Rio 2016 Award X SP9JPA Blog 7/29/16
15 August 2016 20 September 2016 Russia Tula - 870th Anniversary Diploma ( R870T ) X 9/4/16
15 August 2016 20 September 2016 Romania Day of Artillery and A A Missles ( YR100AA) X 8/27/16
16 August 2016 16 September 2016 Malaysia 59th Anniversary of Independence ( 9M65XXX ) X Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin 9/11/16
27 August 2016 30 September 2016 Ukraine Franko-160 Diploma X Andy UW8SM 9/9/16
1 September 20-16 30 September 2016 Russia Katya Zelenko (1916-1941) Diploma X 9/23/16
1 September 2016 30 September 2016 Italy SPACE SHUTTLE / AIRCRAFT Award   EB3WH 9/4/16
4 September 2016 11 September 2016 Italy Millenium Diploma IQ1AC X EB3WH 9/11/16
8 September 2016 4 October 2016 Russia Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016 X 8/28/16
10 September 2016 18 September 2016 USA Route 66 On The Air Certificate   K1BV Research 9/11/16
15 September 2016 15 November 2016 Bosnia &
Third Edition Quarry Life Award / Radio Club Kakanj (E703QLA) X Tks 9/9/16
16 September 2016 15 October 2016 Belgium World War I Commemoration ( ON1418KNH ) X 9/28/16
17 September 2016 18 September 2016 San Marino The Three Towers Award 9/4/16
17 September 2016 30 September 2016 Italy Enigma Award            (Dates corrected) X SP9JPA Blog 9/11/16
17 September 2016 25 September 2016 England International Air Ambulance Week Award X M0HEM 9/4/16
19 September 2016 9 October 2016 Spain 400th Anniversary of the Death of Miguel De Cervantes X EC1DD 8/31/16
20 September 2016 25 December 2016 England 950th Anniversary of the Norman Invasion of England X SP9JPA Blog 9/23/16
20 September 2016 30 September 2016 Italy 16th Edition of the Diploma Royal Palace of Caserta   SP9JPA Blog 9/23/16
23 September 2016 9 October 2016 Poland 60th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Award X SO670BY 9/23/16
25 September 2016 25 October 2016 Poland SN1923AXL - 70th Anniversary of the Babice Radio Station X? 10/2/16
1 October 2016 31 October 2016 Romania 300th Anniversary of Modern Timisoara X? DX Summit 10/11/16
1 October 2016 31 December 2016 Italy 70th Anniversary A.R.I. Bologna Award X 11/17/16
1 October 2016 28 October 2016 England 70th Anniversary Cray Valley Radio Society 10/2/16
8 October 2016 30 October 2016 Italy A.R.I. Vigevano 60th Anniversary X EB3WH 10/12/16
9 October 2016 15 October 2016 USA Fire Prevention Week Special Event X 10/11/16
9 October 2016 23 October 2016 Italy First Ship to Shore Transmission "Transatlantic REX" X DX Summit 10/11/16
10 October 2016 11 December 2016 Italy The 2016 1st Degree City of Rome Diploma 10/17/16
14 October 2016 26 October 2016 Romania 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bridge Jiu  ( YP100JB ) X 10/18/16
15 October 2016 31 December 2016 Germany EUDXF30 Award X DX Fun 10/18/16
15 October 2016 15 December 2016 Greece CHIOS HOMER AWARD X 10/18/16
15 October 2016 14 November 2016 Netherlands Canadian Liberation March (ON35CLM) X 7/13/16
29 October 2016 6 November 2016 Italy 50th Anniversary of the Tuscan Flood - Nov. 4, 1966 X IK5TBK 10/2/16
1 November 2016 7 November 2016 Hungary HA-QRP Diploma ( HA43XXX HG43XXX ) X DX Summit 10/17/16


Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source  Added
1 February 2017 30 March 2017 Russia Fridtjof Nansen Plaque   OH3GZ 8/28/16
1 March 2017 31 March 2017 USA/Canada 2017 RST Special Event X OPDX Bulletin #1283 9/23/16



8 December 2015 to 20 November 2016

ITALY                                                                           Jubilee of Mercy 2015-2016

Pope Francis announced an extraordinary Holy Year with ten years in advance, a historic event, 15 years after the Great Jubilee of 2000 initiated by St. John Paul II. The Jubilee will begin with the opening of the Holy Door of St. Peter's Basilica on December 8, 2015, and will end on November 20, 2016

Pope Francis announced the celebration of an 'extraordinary Holy Year'. This 'Jubilee of Mercy' will commence with the opening of the Holy Door in St. Peters on the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception, 2015, and will conclude on November 20, 2016 with the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. At the start of the new year, the Holy Father had stated: 'This is the time of mercy. It is important that the lay faithful live it and bring it into different social environments. Go forth!'

In order to celebrate the Extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy and spread its message through the world, the branch of Rome of ARI is issuing an award which may earned by all Ham Radio Operators and SWL.


Award will be issued to Ham Radio Station / SWL collecting at least:
1. 80 points for stations located in Italy;
2. 50 points for stations located in Europe;
3. 25 points fot stations located outside Europe.

Dates of activity: between 00:00 UTC on December 8th, 2015 and 22:59 UTC on November 20th, 2016.
Frequencies: bands of 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters according to local and Italian regulations.
Modes: SSB, CW and DIGImodes, according to IARU band plan.

Valid stations and Point Values:
1. IIIEM special call = 5pts;
2. IQ0RM ARI Roma callsign = 3pts;
3. Members of ARI Roma running the award = 1pt. each.

Valid callsigns will be listed on and profile for IIIEM.
Only one QSO per day, per mode is allowed on the same band for each valid station.
The final score will be calculated by adding points for valid QSOs according to the above table.
(Both IIIEM and IQRM must be contacted at least once.)
Logs shall be submitted in .adif format on or before December 31st, 2016 and sent via email to , using the subject IIIEM <your callsign>. Please use your callsign as file name.

Late submissions will receive the award but will not be included in final ranking.
The award will be submitted in electronic format via email to all participants.
A paper version can be obtained by contributing to printing and shipping expenses of EUR10/USD15 via bank transfer to the following address:
Payable to: A.R.I. Associazione Radioamatori Italiani Roma
Bank details (IBAN): IT64E0100503201000000014723
Reason: IIIEM Award

Three different categories will be ranked:
Cat. "A" Italian stations, all modes;
Cat. "B" European stations, all modes;
Cat. "C" World stations, all modes.

Prizes: Stations in 1st and 2nd place for each category will be awarded a special plate.

Contacts: ARI Roma stations running the award 1pt. each.

IAPV Beppe (SSB)
IGOJ Tony (CW)
IJBL Luciano (DIGIT)
IOWO Giuseppe (DIGIT)
ISBA Antonio (SSB)
IZY Gianfranco (SSB)
IKIRF Antonello (SSB)
IKJOE Daniele (SSB)
IKOTG Pietro (SSB)
IKPEA Giammario (DIGIT)
IKQNZ Franco (SSB)

IKTWN Giovanni (CW)
IKVKL Flavio (SSB)
IWBET Giovanni (SSB)
IWCZC Stefano (SSB)
IWGTA Giovanni (SSB)
IZJSD Alessandro (SSB)
IZPAU Marcello (SSB)
IZPEB Armando (SSB)


Tks K1BV Research 11/3015


14 February to 26 March 2016
4 - 5 November 2016

POLAND 20th Anniversary of the Rybnik Branch No. 31 of PZK ( HF31ROT)

1. The special-event station HF31ROT has been activated to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Rybnik Branch of PZK.
2. Operating periods: 14 Feb to 26 March 2016 and 4-5 November 2016 (the former date refers to the date of the founding meeting and PZK Branch approval, in full weeks, and the latter to the ROP Activity Days in 2016).
3. The special-event station will be operated by the Rybnik Branch amateurs, giving their names or call signs.
4. You may earn an electronic Award for making the required number of QSOs with various HF31ROT operators. Send your Cabrillo log extract to:
5. Required numbers of QSOs:
     A. SP applicants 5,
     B. other EU 3,
     C. DX 2 QSOs.
6. The Polish station which makes the highest number of contacts with different operators will be rewarded.
7. Award Manager: Hubert SP9MDY.


1 March to 30 October 2016

RUSSIA                                      Eagle - 450 years

The Russian city of Orel is derived from the word "Eagle". This award celebrates the 450th Anniversary of the founding of Orel. The award is designed as an electronic image file, and is free of charge.

Requirements: During the period from March 1, 2016 on October 30, 2016 earn a minimum of 450 points for QSOs made with special event call signs which are dedicated to the 450th anniversary of the city of Eagle. These are: R1566O, R450O, RO450Y .

Dates of planned activity:
R1566O 11.03-5.06.2016
R450O 5.06-5.09.2016
RO450Y 1.08-30.10.2016

The goal is to earn 450 points. Each QSO gives 50 points. Repeated QSOs are counted if made on different bands an modes. The diploma is issued in electronic form. When you have made the required contacts, go to website:  and you will be able to download the award.

At the end of the activity you can order QSL via OQRS on the QSL-bureau of their respective countries and regions.

Qsl manager Roman Kruzhalin R2EA
award manager: Boris Lyakhov R3EE
Grateful layout designer Nikolai Zherdev R3EX


Tks 3/26/16

1 Mar to 31 Oct 2016

POLAND                                       100 YEARS OF THE CITY DABROWA GRNICZA

1. The Award is issued of the occasion ot the 100th anniversary of the City Dabrowa Grnicza .
2. To receive the Award you should have made QSO with stations of the Ham Radio Clubs in Dabrowa Grnicza , members of this Clubs and other Hams from Dabrowa Grnicza , and obtain a minimum of 100 points .
3. QSOs may be made from 01 March 2016 to 31 October 2016, on all amateur bands and all available types of emission , also via repeaters and Echolink .
4. QSOs with the same station can be repeated several times , but not in the same day, except QSOs using different bands or modes.
5. One QSO with special station 3Z100DG is obligatory .
6. Point Values :
     a. QSOs with special stations 3Z100DG , SP100DG , SQ100DG , SO100DG , SN100GD , HF100DG = 10 points.
     b. QSOs with the Club stations SP9PBH , 3Z9SRG , 3Z9DG , SP9PDG , and any other members of this Club = 5 points.
     c. QSOs with other stations from Dabrowa Grnicza = 1 point.
     d. QSOs on VHF and UHF count double ( x2 )
     e. Multiplier : Polish stations X1, Europeans X2 and DX Stations X5.
7. Application for the Award in form of a text file (eg.txt , doc , Cabrillo) should be sent no later than 30 November 2016 by e-mail to : . The application should include your Name , Call-sign , e-mail address and list of QSOs, Call-sign , date , time (UTC) , band , emission , RS(T) S/R , points .
8. The Award will be isued in electronic form for self printing and sent to the e-mail address specified in the application .
9. The Award will be issued for free , but any donations are welcome. Any donations can be paid into bank account ofthe Association " Razem Glosniej " number : PL 95 1020 2498 0000 8602 0574 6252 .



1 May to 31 December 2016

RUSSIA                                                           Diploma Soldiers of Victory

This award is devoted to Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin from the series "Soldiers of Victory" which was established by radio amateurs of Safonovo City in honor of the 71st anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War over Nazi invaders. Yuri Nikulin born December 18, 1921 in the city of Smolensk region Demidov. In 2011, a monument was erected on the artist's homeland.  During the Great Patriotic War, he fought near Leningrad and was demobilized in May 1946 with the rank of sergeant. During the war he was awarded the medal "For Courage", "For the Defense of Leningrad" and "For Victory over Germany". In 1985 he was awarded the Order of the Patriotic War II degree.

The award is issued in electronic form free of charge to all radio amateurs / observers who earn a minimum of 71 points.

1. Stations of the Smolensk region = 5 points, those making contact from the Demidov district = (SM-09) =10 points.
2. Amateur Radio stations of the Smolensk region with special call signs, which are dedicated to Victory Day, = 10 points.
3. For amateur radio stations from other continents, points are multiplied by 2.

The application for the award is your log extract (in electronic form) and sent to the e-mail address:


Tks K1BV Research 5/12/16

Image in 2016 file: NIKULIN.

1-22 May 2016 (First Period)
10-18 September 2016 (Second Period)

ITALY                                                                                 ORCOLAT 1976 - 2016

This award is sponsored by The Regional Committee of Friuli Venezia Giulia, with the close cooperation of the Sections ARI of Gorizia, ABLE, MANZANO, MONFALCONE, PORDENONE, SAN DANIELE, TRIESTE UDINE on the 40th anniversary of the historic earthquake, establishing a memorial diploma. The "Orcolat"is a recurrent figure in the folk tales of the region, a monster which was thought capable of triggering an earthquake.  Since 1976, the term has become synonymous with the earthquake which struck the Friuli Region.

.Background: May 6 - Earthquake in Friuli, July 21, a series of shocks of the tenth grade Mercalli, with the epicenter at Mount St. Simeon, destroyed Gemona , Tarcento , Tricesimo , Venzone , Colloredo di Monte Albano , Buja , Tolmezzo , Bordon and a good part of Upper Friuli. There were 965 dead, 3,000 injured, and 45,000 homeless.  On 11 -15 September - New earthquakes occurred in Friuli , in Gemona covering much of the Old Town that had previously withstood the shock of 6 May.  From this tragic event, which marked the history and evolution of our country and helped create that consciousness of protection of life and environment, was born the  Civil Protection system, able to react in case of emergency and to put in the field of forecasting and prevention. It continues today in in Friuli Venezia Giulia up to today.

Award Rules and Requirements:
1. Dates: The first period from 00.00 (UTC) of May 1 to 24.00 on 22 May 2016;
Second period from 00.00 (UTC) on September 10 at 24.00 of 18 September 2016.
2. Participation: open to radio amateurs and SWL around the world.
3. Modes: Emission modes: SSB, CW, RTTY, all digital modes;
4. Bands: 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, 160, 6, and 2 m
5. Look for stations calling:
     A. voice "CQ ORCOLAT"
|     B. for the CW and digital modes "CQ ORCO";
6. Jolly (Wild Card station): The station II3TF will be active for the duration of the diploma.  Only on the days of May 06 and September 15, the jolly station will be operational at the Central Office of Civil Protection of Friuli Venezia Giulia with headquarters in Palmanova (UD), giving a additional points. 

7. To obtain the diploma it is necessary to:
A. Make one Contact with the jolly station II3TF.
B Earn a Total of at least:
     a. 60 points Italian stations;
     b. 30 points stations not Italian;
     c. 30 points for SWL.
8 Those stations who wish to participate to the special prizes: make contacts during in both periods (May and September);
9. Point Values:
     a. 10 points with Jolly station from the seat of Civil Defense of Palmanova (UD) only in the days May 6 and September 15;
     b. 5 points with the Jolly station on other days.;
     c. 3 points: IQ3AZ - IQ3FX - IQ3GO - IQ3MF - IQ3MO - IQ3PN - IQ3TS - IQ3UD - IQ3UH;
     d. 2 points: Resident stations or portable transmitting from locations in the following list.  (For these locations are allowed activations by non-residents.)
     e. List of places most affected by the earthquake of the Province of UDINE:  Amaro - Artegna - Attimis - Bordon - Buja - Cassacco - Cavazzo Carnico - Colloredo di Monte Albano - Chiusaforte - Faedis - Forgaria in Friuli - Gemona del Friul i - Lusevera - Magnano in Riviera - Majano - Moggio Udinese - Montenars - Nimis - Osoppo - Pontebba - Resia - Resiutta - San Daniele del Friuli - Taipana - Tarcento - Tolmezzo - Trasaghis - Treppo Grande - Tricesimo - Venzone - Villa Santina.
     f. Places most affected by the earthquake in the province of Pordenone: Castelnovo del Friuli - Poffabro - Clauzetto - Fanna - Frisanco - Meduno - Sequals - Spilimbergo - Tramonti di Sopra - di Sotto - Travesio - Vito Tramonti d'Asio.
     g. 1 point: all other IV3 stations, IW3 of FVG and IV3 / xxx.
10. The same station can be contacted multiple times if QSOs made on different dates or on the same day but in bands and / or different modes.
11. Special Prize (A Plaque) for the station that has carried out the largest number of valid links.
12. Special Prize (A Targa) Section of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region which carried more links with their call IQ3XX.

13. The Award consists of: in a print on A4 size paper.
14. Log - The extract of the station log, signed by the applicant, must be received by 30 October 2016, together with a copy of the payment of . 10.00 (. 11,00 via PayPal or Wire Bank) to partially repay expenses in the indicated in the following ways.
15. The IQ3 stations, iv3, IW3 and IV3 / <name> FVG participating in the event as amateur radio stations will receive award points free a certificate of partnership for making at least 300 QSOs made with Italian unique names. These stations, being closely related to the diploma, should send your log in ADI or ADIF format, directly to the e-mail: .
16. Certificates will be issued to the stations that will operate from portable locations affected by the earthquakes and associated damage from the event listed above.

13. Refer to website for official news of the event.

     1) paper request: to be sent by 15 October 2016 (in case of late arrival the postmark will show if application was submitted on time. Sent to the address: ARI UDINE, Via A. Diaz, 58 33100 UDINE, ITALY. The request must be accompanied by a Self-adhesive label with your address above.

Example: LAST Name
their names
Via ......................, nr. civic
00000 - Propriopaese (Sigla Province)
The label will be affixed on the envelope in which will be sent to the diploma.
Simultaneously he is asked to not send envelopes nor send or request QSL.
2) electronic request via "FORM" available on page
3) The personal data will be integrated with the log send only format "ADI" or "ADIF" and copy of the payment of the aforesaid sum by transfer to the following account:
ARI Regional Committee of Friuli Venezia Giulia
Next Bank - branch in Piazza Paolo Ferrari 10-20121 Milan
IBAN IT24E0335901600100000139605
4. If you want to make a donation via PayPal, it will already be available on the form the button for direct payment. YOU SHOULD NOT SEND POSTAL MONEY ORDERS.
Any agreements or clarifications can be obtained from:  
Coupon arrival of the log and the contribution, the sponsor will carry out a cross-check on the accuracy of data and if correct the applicant's name shall be entered on the website , in the 'list of requests waiting to be processed.
The dispatch of the diploma will take place via Poste Italian or, if required, by e-mail format .pdf, in this case the 'entire contribution will be donated to charity.

Internet: http://www.ari-crfvg.

Tks 4/18/16  (Sorry for the errors in translation, the rules seem to have been written by Italian lawyers.)

7 - 8 May 2016 (First Chance, during Indiana QSO Party)
(Second Chance period: Entire Calendar Year 2016)

USA                                                 INDIANA BICENTENNIAL COUNTY AWARD RULES

The Hoosier DX and Contest Club is sponsoring this award recognizing the 200th anniversary of the statehood of Indiana.

There are two opportunities to obtain the Indiana Bicentennial County Award.

First opportunity:

1. Requirements: During the 2016 Indiana QSO Party (INQP) to be held from 1500 UTC May 7, 2016 to 0300 UTC May 8, 2016 contact each of the current 15 Indiana counties of Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne.
2. Any band allowed for use during the 2016 Indiana QSO Party.
3. Any mode allowed for use during the 2016 Indiana QSO Party.
4. No endorsements are available for band or mode.
5. No repeater or cross-mode contacts allowed.
6. Applicants must use The Hoosier DX and Contest Club application form. The application, in PDF format, is available for downloading from The Hoosier DX and Contest Club website ( or you may send an SASE to the award manager.
7. Submit application, fee of US$5.00 and a 9 x 12 SASE for mailing of the certificate to the award manager. QSOs do not need to be confirmed by QSL cards. The award manager will confirm contact with the 15 counties by cross checking the 2016 INQP logs.
8. Mail applications to the Indiana Bicentennial County Award manager: Mark E. Musick, WB9CIF, 6242 South County Rd. 675E, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA.

9. Questions may be directed via e-mail to or via a SASE to the award manager.

Second opportunity:

1. Requirements: During the 2016 calendar year contact and verify via QSL card each of the current 15 Indiana counties of Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne.
2. Any band.
3. Any mode.
4. Electronic confirmations are not allowed.
5. No endorsements are available for band or mode.
6. No repeater or cross-mode contacts allowed.
7. Applicants must use The Hoosier DX and Contest Club application form and GCR list.
8. The application and GCR list, in PDF format, are available for downloading from The Hoosier DX and Contest Club website ( ) or a SASE to the award manager.
9. The GCR list must be signed by two amateurs (neither of which is the applicant) verifying they have inspected the QSL cards for validity.
10. Submit application, GCR list, fee of US$5.00 and a 9 x 12 SASE for mailing of the certificate to the award manager.
11. The award manager reserves the right to request any QSL cards to check for validity.
12. Mail applications to the Indiana Bicentennial County Award manager: Mark E. Musick, WB9CIF, 
6242 South County Rd. 675E, Plainfield, IN 46168, USA.
13. Questions may be directed via e-mail to  or via a SASE to the award manager.

Activators Section of Award Rules:

The award may also be earned by fixed, portable or mobile stations which make contacts in support of the fixed stations who participate in earning the award.
1. During the 2016 Indiana QSO Party an amateur radio operator must operate from one or more of the 15 listed counties comprising the State of Indiana on December 11, 1816:
     Clark, Dearborn, Franklin, Gibson, Harrison, Jackson, Jefferson, Knox, Orange, Perry, Posey, Switzerland, Warrick, Washington and Wayne.
2. The activators must make at least 25 QSOs to qualify for the award.  The 25 QSO minimum is an aggregate from one or more of the 15 qualifying counties.
3. This applies to fixed, portable, rover and mobile stations that meet the above criteria.
4. Example: a mobile operator travels through only 2 of the 15 counties during the 2016 INQP, makes 10 QSOs in one county and 15 in the second, the mobile station qualifies for the award.  The same applies to rovers.
5. There is no need to apply for the award.  HDXCC will send an activation certificate to all operators that qualify based on the logs submitted for the 2016 INQP.
6. These rules and the certificate can be found on the HDXCC website: 

Tks Mark Musick, WB9CIF 10/23/15

1- 28 May 2016
1 - 28 December 2016

Netherlands                                                                      35th Anniversary Section 54 VERON ( PI35ETL)

On the 23rd of May 1981, Section 54 of the VERON was founded. On 3rd of May 2016 Section 54 of the VERON observes its 35th anniversary which we will celebrate by using the special event call sign of PI35ETL.  This special event call sign, PI35ETL, will be operated by several members of Section 54 of the VERON on HF and also in VHF on different bands and operating modes.

The special call PI35ETL will be used from:
a. Sunday 1st of May 2016 until Saturday 28th of May 2016
b. Thursday 1st of December 2016 until Wednesday 28th of December 2016

A special award (digital only) will also be issued for the special call PI35ETL.
You can apply for the award if you meet one of the following conditions:
1. 2 QSOs with PI35ETL on different band and/or modes
2. 1 QSO with PI35ETL and 1 QSO with a member of section 54 of the VERON during 2016
3. SWL: log 2 contacts with PI35ETL according 1. or 2.

Active members of section 54 of the VERON are: PA1ADG - PA1BR PA1CPA PA2CVD PA9DD - PD0RWL PE1RMO .

You can apply for the digital PI35ETL award by the award manager PD0RWL by filling out the form which appears if you click on . If the form is completed correctly, you will automatically receive an email that the request has been received ) Check unwanted mail when send message is displayed but email is not received within 30 minutes.

You can apply for the award up to no later than 1 February 2017.


Tks PA2CVD 3/22/16

28 May to 31 December 2016

AZORES ISLANDS                                           U.R.A. 30th Anniversary Award

The Unio de Radioamadores dos Aores has established the U.R.A. 30 YEARS AWARD to commemorate its founding on 28 of May, 1986. The requirements are quite simple: Make 3 QSOs or SWL Reports on different bands with station CU3URA, either for amateurs or SWL, from 28 of May to 31 of December, 2016.

The award will be sent via e-mail (jpg image), at no costs, to all stations who fulfill the requirements. You do not have to apply at all, since the sponsor promises to automatically send the award to all stations who have an e-mail address and meet the award requirements. Very nice!

Thanks: CU3AA Joao 6/16/16


Image: Diplome 30 16 file.

11 June 2016 to 31 December 2016

NETHERLANDS                                               70th Anniversary of VERON Section A-01 Alkmaar (PI70ALK)

PI70ALK is a special event call sign issued to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the section A-01 ALKMAAR of the Dutch Amateur Radio Societey VERON. The special club call sign will be operated by members of the club from June 11 until December 31, 2016. The club counts about 130 members that live in the region of Alkmaar. Alkmaar is a historical city with around 400 monuments and is the biggest town in the region. We, as members of the VERON section Alkmaar are proud to celebrate the 70th "birthday" of our club and are happy to QSO with you!

A special award has been prepared for this occasion. The award can be earned by contacting PI70ALK, every valid QSO being worth 10 points. With 70 points collected, stations may apply for this award by sending in a copy of their log, 10 (paper only please!) and the address the special award need to be sent to. The award will be sent to you by regular mail. Apply to: VERON Alkmaar A01, Valkenierstraat 4a, ALKMAAR 1825 BC, Netherlands.


Tks 5/30/16

25 June to 31 December 2016

ROMANIA                                                        10th Anniversary of the SILVER FOX Radio Asociation

During the period 25 June to 31 December 2016, earn a total of 50 points by contacting members of this radio club.

Each band/mode can be given to earn points:
1. Stations valued at 5 points for each QSO using a different band or mode:

2. Stations valued at 10 points for each QSO using a different band or mode: YP10SF; YO2KAR; YP2GEO; YQ2WFF; YP5CAFE give 10 points each QSO in different band/mode

Send an e-mail to the awards custodian: 


Tks YO3JW 7/13/2016 (added e-mail 7/16/16)

Award 1 1-31 August 2016
Award 2 1 July to 31 December 2016

UKRAINE                             JUBILEE AWARDS from Ukrainian Amateur Radio League
                                               Independence of Ukraine - 25 Years.

The Ukraine celebrates their 25th Anniversary of Independence in 2016. The UARL is sponsoring two awards to recognize this occasion. The rules for each are shown below:


A Jubilee award is issued for any station to make QSO/SWL with different Ukrainian amateur radio stations during the period 1 - 31 August 2016. All bands 2 meters to 160 meters are OK. Modes of SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY, DIGI are OK. Repeated QSO/SWLs with same station do not count, regardless of the Bands or Mode.

Contacts Needed:

                                                            EUROPE                                 NON EUROPE
Total Ukraine QSOs to be made..............25.................................................15
Include QSOs with number of
different oblasts of Ukraine.......................10.................................................5
Include QSOs with the
special calls EM25, EN25, EO25...............5...................................................2

BONUS: One QSO with a special event stations EM25HQ, EN25UARL can be credited for any oblast of Ukraine.

Jubilee award is issued in electronic form ( PDF file) and is free.
Application. Send list of Ukraine stations worked during August 2016 to

You can generally depend on the Ukranian call sign to identify the Oblast (roughly, a state or county). The first letter of their suffix as shown in the table below is used for all stations located within that Oblast.  For example, UX7UU is in the Kyivska Oblast, and the abbreviated 2-digits for him is "KO". If you look at for the UX7UU listing, it will show his city as KIEV, which confirms the info in the table below which says the Oblast is "KYIV City". The special calls will not be using that system, but are shown separately below.)

Suffix Letter

Oblast Name



Suffix Letter

Oblast Name


Suffix Letter

Oblast Name







AR Krym










Sevastopol City





















Kyiv City
















































UARL - 25

The second award being offered requires contracting Ukranian stations and earning different numbers of points for three levels of the certificate. Contacts may be made over a longer period, namely from July 1 to December 2016. The 2 meter through 160 meter bands may be used with modes of SSB, CW, AM, FM, RTTY, and other digital modes. Repeat contacts with the same station are OK if made on different bands or modes.


For Europe:




Minimum points :




QSOs with different

Oblasts of Ukraine




QSOs with special calls




QSOs with EM25HQ or EN25UARL




Correction 7/31/16


For non-Europeans




Minimum Points:




QSOs with different Oblasts of Ukraine




QSOs with special calls




EM25HQ or EN25UARL = 25 points each.
EM25, EN25, EO25 = 15 points each.
Other Ukranian Special Calls = 5 points each.

Correction 7/31/16

Up to 3 QSOs with special event stations EM25HQ or EN25UARL can replace any 3 oblasts of Ukraine.
Other: The Jubilee award is issued in electronic form ( PDF file) and is free of charge. Send your application which shows usual QSO information plus claimed points to the award custodian. Apply to: .

Tks Alex, UX7UU, EN25U 7/26/16


July 1 to December 31 2016

ROMANIA                                        The Club-Napoca 700 Award (YP700CJ)

The city of Cluj-Napoca this year celebrates its 700th anniversary of gaining the grant of city privileges.  This special call sign of YP700CJ is issued to mark this anniversary of the official recognition of the name of their town.  Club members have activated the special event call sign YP700CJ and will operate on the air till 31th of December 2016. Special awards will be issued to mark the 700th anniversary of existence as a town.

Rules of "CLUJ-NAPOCA 700" award
1. QSOs with special callsign YP700CJ till 31th of December 2016 are valid.
2. Each QSO/SWL on different days or bands or modes worth 100 points.
3. The award will be sent in plasticized cartoon format .
4. Award cost is 5 or $US6.Payable by PayPal to
5. The award will be sent directly to you by post.
6. Applications must be sent to award manager YO5EI
7. Deadline to send an application is 31 of January 2017

Category: EU must collect: DX must collect:
1.BRONZE 700 points 500 points
2.SILVER 1400 points 600 points
3.GOLD 2100 points 700 points


Tks 7/19/16

August 1 to October 31 2016

RUSSIA                                    Musa Jalil - 110th Anniversary

2016 is the 110th anniversary of the birth of the outstanding Soviet Tatar poet, hero of the Soviet Union Musa Jalil. In commemoration of this date from August 1 to October 31 2016 special days of amateur radio activity will be conducted from regions associated with the lifetime of Musa Jalil:

He was associated with the following cities and areas of Russia:
Moscow region;
Republic of Tatarstan;
Orenburg region;
Sverdlovsk region.

Radio amateurs are welcome to register for representing the above regions and to submit/upload their logs to the website: . The local branch of the Union of Russian stations on Naro-Fominsk district, together with the Tatar national center of Moscow Region, will commemorate the 110th anniversary of the outstanding Tatar poet, Hero of the Soviet Union Musa Jalil established a commemorative diploma "Musa Jalil."

Rules for Diploma:
The award will be issued in electronic form radio amateurs all over the world who earn at least 110 points in connection with the special radio RT25MJ, and all other radio stations who have registered on the site .

Point Values:
1. Commemorative special event station RT25MJ (1 August to 31 October) = 10 points
2. Radio stations of Moscow = 2 points
3. Station of the MO radio CPP on Naro-Fominsk = 2 points

List of radio call signs MOD CPP on Naro-Fominsk: RO5F, UA3DNK, UA5B, RD3DU, RK3DBK, RL3DU, UI3D, RJ3D, RV3DHW, RV3DM, RX2D, RZ3DQK, RZ3DQM, UA3DTK, R2DKL, R2DFY, R2DFX, R2DFH, UB3AFB, UA5F, RZ3DQI, RM5F, UB3DKO, R2DMK, UB3DMO.

4. Radio stations of the Moscow Region = 1 point;
5. Radio Republic of Tatarstan = 1 point
6. Orenburg Oblast radio = 1 point
7. Sverdlovsk Region radio stations = 1 point

Repeated contacts are allowed if made on different bands and in different modes. Radio amateurs from other continents points for communication are multiplied by a factor of 2.


Tks SP9JPA Blog 9/22/16

August 1 to September 30, 2016

BRAZIL                                                      Olympic and Paralympic Games Rio 2016
                                                                 RIO 2016 AWARD

The Rio 2016 Award was created by national association of Brazil, LABRE, to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. The Rio 2016 Award 2016 will be given to any amateur to perform contacts with different Brazilian stations, from August 01, 2016 to September 30, 2016, in 3 (three ) categories as follows.

1. BRONZE Medal: form the words RIO DE JANEIRO using the last letter of the Call sign of Brazilian stations. (Example of first and last two digits: PY3UER PT22GMI + + + PP6ALR PY7BO).
(12 Contacts will be needed.)

2. SILVER Medal : in addition to the requirements of the Bronze Medal, make QSOs with another 6 different Brazilian stations forming the word BRASIL with the first letter of the target suffix.

Note: Different stations of Rio de Janeiro State (PY1 and PU1 JAA to PU1YZZ) can be used as wild cards to replace up to 3 letters. (Example: PY3UER PT22GMI + PY1XY + PP6DAL + PU7EKZ +
PY11GRX + PS88AMW + ... + ... or PQ2BR + PW8RT + PP5AXY + PU1WWV + PR7IP + PT9LG)

3. GOLD medal : Same as the requirements of category Silver but without using any joker.

QSOs made are valid in any HF band or in any mode of transmission. No use of VoIP links (EchoLink, IRLP, etc). All stations must be different. No endorsements by band, mode or power.
It i s not necessary to be in possession of the QSL for proof of QSO's, but the applicant must state in the request, in his honor, that all QSOs were conducted obeying the Law and this regulation.
Requests must be made through a log showing QSO data as form attached and sent to and requests should be submitted no later than December 31, 2016.

The Rio 2016 Award is free and will be sent to the requester in digital file form. The requester will be responsible for printing and the official size is A4 sheet.
Radio Listeners - SWL: The Rio 2016 Award is also available for SWL, under the same above conditions,
Any written communications should be addressed to: Manager: LABRE Rio 2016 Award, PO Box 4, 70275-970 Braslia DF BRAZIL.


Tks SP9JPA Blog Spot 7/22/16

15 August to 20 September 2016

RUSSIA                                        Tula - 870th Anniversary Diploma ( R870T )

The diploma is issued byr RO CPP of the Tula region in honor of 870th anniversary of the founding of the city of Tula . To obtain the award, applicants must make at least 4 contacts/SWLwith special event radio Tula - R870T during the period 15 August to 20 September 2016.

Bands: 160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 meters and VHF (2m, 70cm). Modes: Phone, CW, DIGItal.  Repeated QSOs with the same station will count for the award if they are made on different bands and/or modes.or different bands and one band - different modes. CW, SSB, DIGITAL (all digital types are counted as one mode. SSB, AM, FM counted as PHone).

SWL OK on same terms as amateur stations. Send a log extract written in a text file using Word format (preferably) to the diploma manager. In the subject line indicate: DIPLOMA "Tula -870". The application for the diploma must specify: Your name, call sign, the QTH, country of residence, date of sending the application, and your e-mail address.

The Diploma is free, and will be issued in electronic form via the website HAMLOG.RU and is suitable for independent quality printing DIPLOMA "Tula -870".

Tks 8/19/16

15 August to 20 September 2016 

ROMANIA                                                   Day of Artillery and A/A Missles (YR100AA)

The Romanian Army celebrates every year, on September 19, The Day of Artillery and Anti-Aircraft Missles.  100 years ago, during the ruthless clashes of World War I, during the maneuver at Flmnda executed by the third Army, Romanian soldiers successfully downed the first enemy plane, with a battery of artillery equipped with 75 mm caliber Deport guns, adapted for firing anti-aircraft.  On this anniversary, we invite you to fill the blue sky, during the period 15 August to 20 September 2016, with the tracers of your call signs to join the special callsign YR100AA in its efforts to honor the memory of air defense fighters heroes.

A special QSL and a diploma have been prepared for the great celebration, and will be sent to the radio ham who will perform three connections with YR100AA regardless of band and mode of operation.

Look for activities on or near the following frequencies: 1825 kHz; 1840 kHz; 3525kHz; 3580 kHz; 3710 kHz; 7020 kHz; 7035kHz; 7150 kHz; 10110 kHz; 14050 kHz; 14070 kHz; 14225kHz; 18100 kHz; 18090 kHz; 21025 kHz; 21070 kHz; 21225 kHz; 24900 kHz; 24920 kHz; 24950kHz; 28025 kHz; 28050 kHz; 28120 kHz; 28225 kHz; 29100 kHz; 50080 kHz; 50140 kHz; 144300 kHz; 145225 kHz.

Send a log extract containing all the usual QSO information to

Email: (Use for queries only)

Tks 8/2016

August 16 to September 16, 2016

MALAYSIA 59th Anniversary of Independence (9M65XXX)

Members of Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitter Society (MARTS) are now active with 14 special event stations (each starting with the prefix of 9M59Mx) on the air until September 16th. To encourage ham operators to participate in this event, MARTS will be issuing a special award certificates.  Activity will be on all amateur HF bands including the WARC bands using CW, SSB and the Digital modes. Repeater, satellite, eQSO, Echolink or other relay methods are NOT permitted.

Awards are:
Golden Award -- 10 stations with 9M59Mx can be contacted
Silver Award -- 7 stations with 9M59Mx can be contacted

Award can be earned by submitting valid LOG with details list of QSOs, which consist of call sign of the contacted station, date & time in UTC, band, mode and communication report both ways. All awards will be sent as a PDF document for you to print locally after the end of this activity via email. Award submission date no later than October 16th, 2016. For QSL cards, PLEASE do not send your QSL card to MARTS HQ, but send it direct to 9M59xx stations. Submit LOGs, preferably by E-mail to: .

Manual applicaations are not preferable. The special callsigns to look for and the QSL info can be found on page as follows:
1. 9M59MY - West Malaysia
2. 9M59MB - West Malaysia
3. 9M59MA - West Malaysia
4. 9M59MK - West Malaysia
5. 9M59MD - West Malaysia
6. 9M59MC - West Malaysia
7. 9M59MW - East Malaysia
8. 9M59MR - West Malaysia
9. 9M59MS - East Malaysia
10. 9M59MJ - West Malaysia
11. 9M59MN - West Malaysia
12. 9M59MM - West Malaysia
13. 9M59MT - West Malaysia
14. 9M59MP - West Malaysia

Tks: DX] Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #1281 9/9/2016

27 August to 30 September 2016

UKRAINE                             "FRANKO-160" Diploma

Sponsored by the radio club "Prykarpattia" and the cooperation of the Ivano-Frankivsk municipality and mayor Ruslan Martsinkiv, this award marks the 160th anniversary of Ivan Franko - a Ukrainian poet, writer, social and literary critic, political activist, doctor of philosophy, and the author of the first detective novels and modern poetry in the Ukrainian language. In 1962 the city of Stanyslaviv in western Ukraine was renamed Ivano-Frankivsk in the poet's honor. Additional information covering Ivan Franko is listed in the Wikipedia.

The special days of Activity are held from 27th August, 00:00 UTC till 30th September, 24:00 UTC. During this time special event stations will be active with call signs of EM160S, EN160S, EO160S. Radio amateurs of all countries are invited to participate the days of activity.

Award Requirement: The "Franko-160" diploma requires you earn at least 160 points during the Days of Activity:

Point Values:
1) Ivano-Frankivsk region amateur radio stations = 20 points on HF;
2) the three special stations = 30 points on HF for each contact.
3. On VHF/UHF and 160 meters, all contacts earn doubled values.
4. QSOs with each of the 3 special stations (EM160S, EN160S, EO160S) is required.
5. Same station may be worked for credit if QSOs are made on different bands or modes.

There are two ways to obtain the diplomas:
1) electronic diplomas are free;
2) for paper certificates, the payment of post office expenses must be sent to the address of the manager:

- for Ukrainian applicants - 25 grivnas;
- for DX countries - $ 5.

Logs are accepted electronically using the following :cbr, txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, pdf, or using paper to the postal address of the award manager until 31st November 2016:
Send paper logs to: Andy Yanulyavichus, POB #16, Ivano-Frankivsk, 76026, Ukraine or .

-- Info on:

73 de Andy UW8SM. 9/7/16

1 - 30 September 2016

RUSSIA                                                         Katya Zelenko (1916-1941)

This award is dedicated to the memory of Katherine Zelenka (14 September 1916 - 12 September 1941). She was a Soviet fighter pilot, lieutenant, a Hero of the Soviet Union, and the only woman among the pilots who purposely rammed her aircraft into an enemy plane during the early days of World War II.

To obtain the award, you must earn at least 100 points, which is equal to the number of years since her birth in 1916. Points are given for QSOs and SWLs with radio amateurs of the Kursk region (2, 3, 5W) in 30 days of September, 2016.

POINT VALUES and Conditions: 
1. Memorial radio station R75PKZ is worth 20 points (at least 1 radio contact with it is required).
2. Amateurs of city of Kursk = 5 points
3. Other amateurs of the Kursk region = 3 points.
4. All bands OK.
5. Repeated QSOs with same station are OK if made on different bands or different modes (CW, SSB, FM, Dgital :. PSK and RTTY.
6. On September 12, (the day of her deadly exploit), or September 14, (date of her birthday) - points are doubled.

Amateur stations in the Kursk region the diploma may be issued for making at least 100 contacts, and for the residents of the city of Kursk, making 300 QSOs and SWLs.

The diploma is free of charge, and will be issued electronically by going to the website, entering the necessary data about your contacts, the award will be made available as a digital file in the PDF format.


Tks 6/19/16

1 - 30 September 2016

ITALY                                                       " SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM THE SPACE AIRCRAFT Award"

The Associazione Radioamatori Italiani Sezione di Tortona has established from the date 1 September 2016 (00:00 UTC) to 30 September 2016 (23:59 UTC) the Award " Space Shuttle Program - The Space Aircraft", which will be issued to OM and SWL in order to commemorate and help keep alive the memory of this space program that has helped put a man in space. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Italian citizens affected by the earthquake in central Italy in 24 August 2016.-

Part I General Rules
1 - The Award will be issued to each OM and SWL who is in possession of a valid license and operating in frequencies and power allowed by the regulations of the country in which operates.
2 - All QSOs must be made within the amateur radio frequencies authorized by the State in which it operates. - Any request for a certificate that the QSO made outside the limits of local license will be refused. -
3 - The application for the award "SSP" is considered to be an automatic recognition of the authority of the Award Manager to check the reliability of the statements in the application and, where appropriate, refuse the release of Award. -

Part II QSO and QSL
1 - All QSOs must be carried out using the same mode of emission by both stations.
2 - The official confirmation requires accuracy that the QSO is in the Log of the applicant. - It should contain only the QSO data useful for the application for the Award. - It is suggested to use the Log it will be accepted in either paper or
electronic Log and is written in a clear and understandable mode. 
SWL's must contain the following data in the Log: Date - Time (UTC) - Frequency - Mode - Name of the calling station.
3 - It is not necessary to send QSL cards. - If received, they must, be retained for possible verification. - If used, however, they will always be welcomed and should contain the following data:
           -Callsigns -QSO Date; - QSO Time in UTC; -QSO Band or Frequency.-
QSLs can be sent in the following ways: Ordinary Mail-address: ASSOCIAZIONE RADIOAMATORI ITALIANI - Sezione di Tortona - Via P. Pernigotti 12-15057 Tortona (AL) - Italy, with attachment relative contribution of shipping costs -Bureau .
4 - QSL cards that do not include the information referred to above will not be accepted for Award. -
5 - Any confirmation altered or falsified that is used for the application for the Award "SSP" will result in the permanent disqualification of the applicant. - The Award Manager may require the return of certain confirmations. -
6 The Bands or Frequencies and emission mode allowed for the Award "SSP" are the follows:

80 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY
40 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY
30 Meters CW, PSK, RTTY
20 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY
17 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY
15 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY
12 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY
10 Meters SSB, CW, PSK, RTTY

AWARD REQUIREMENTS: In order to earn the Award "SSP" you must contact a combination of Stations. The combination is as follows: One QSO with IQ1TW (Station of ARI Tortona) + 2 Stations (Phone or CW) or 3Stations (Digital Mode) among those listed below:

On the 30th of September 2016, the last day of the Award, any station making a contact with the station IQ1TW can directly request the '"SSP" Award without having to contact other Stations.
Each station may be worked only once per day on the same frequency and the same output mode. -

Part III Award Applications
1 - Applications for the award must be submitted to the Chairman IZ1XBB - Pier Paolo Liuzzo at the following address: Pier Paolo Liuzzo - Strada Fornaci 23 / A - 15057 Tortona (AL) - Italy or by e-mail at no later than 31 October 2016. -
2. Please use the form SSP/Req001_ENG, downloaded from the website and attach to it: " SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM THE SPACE AIRCRAFT Award"
3. Log of the station (we recommend using the Log SSP/Log001 downloaded from the website ) - You may use other log paper (written in understandable mode or computerized). The log must contain only QSO data useful for the achievement of the Award. -
4. Award Fee is: 15.00 or $ 20.00 to be paid in the following ways:
a. Cash (to be attached to the documentation accompanying the application for the award) Payment on Paypal account ;
b. Copy of proof of payment of the fee to cover the costs of printing and postage of the Award. -
c. The Award Manager will confirm via e-mail: - The receipt of the documentation for the application for the award; - The positive outcome of the examination of the documentation and its submission of the Award; d. If application is denied, award manager must explain.

Part IV Final Provisions
1 - The ARI Tortona reserves the right to discontinue or change the Award or change all or part of this Regulation. - The changes will be published on the site .
2 - Any request for a Award, completed and returned in accordance with the procedures required by an update prior to the last change will be refused. - Therefore OM and SWL participants should periodically check the AWARD rules on section of the site to check for any changes in the Regulations.

E-mail for payment:

Tks Juanjo, EB3WH 9/2/16

September 4 to 11, 2016

ITALY                                 Millenium Diploma IQ1AC

This award celebrates the 1000th anniversary of the founding of the town of Revalta, Italy.
Date of the event: Start time 00:00 04/09 // 2016 - 23:59 of 11/09/2016

Bands: operating frequencies from 40 to 80 mt
Modes used: SSB CW RTTY
Callsign: Millenium IQ1AC
Points needed for obtaining the diploma = 10 points
The score is the sum of the scores obtained in all types of emissions

Point Values of QSOs:
SSB = 1 point
CW = 2 points
RTTY 2 Points

Jolly (Wildcard) Contacts made during the week with IQ1AC will be valid for 5 points and you can only make one contact per band.

The award is only issued in PDF format delivered as a digital file and printed on your equipment. Sent QSO information to: .


Tks Juanjo EB3WH 9/7/16

8 September to 4 October 2016

RUSSIA                                            Black Sea Tall Ships Regatta 2016


Sponsored by the Krasnodar region club "Dolphins" for contacting locations visited by this Tall Ships group of historical sailing vessels. A total of 13 training and sailing vessels will cross the Black Sea twice and will visit four ports: Constanta, Novorossiysk, Sochi and Varna.  Participants of the regatta will include about 1,500 young sailors. The main purpose of the regatta is to increase young people's interest in maritime education, maritime traditions and professions, promoting healthy lifestyles, promotion of marine and yachting tourism on the Black Sea, and the strengthening of good-neighborly relations between the states.

Look for stations operating on the following schedule:
a. In port Constanta, Romania: September 8-11,
b. First sailing: Constanta-Novorossiysk, 410 nautical miles.
c. In port Novorossiysk, Russia: September 16-19.
d. The second stage: Novorossiysk, Sochi, 115 nautical miles
e. Sochi, Russia: September 21-25.
f. The third stage: Sochi, Varna, 520 nautical miles
g. Varna, Bulgaria: 1-4 October.

To obtain the diploma necessary to make QSOs by radio (monitoring) with the countries that host the group.

These will be divided into four stages:
Stage 1: to make 3 QSOs with Romania from 8 to 15 September (YO)
Stage 2: to make 3 QSOs with Black Sea coast of Crimea and nearby cities. from 16 to 20 September.
Stage 3: to make 6 QSOs from 21 September to 30 September with the Krasnodar region.
Stage 4: from October 1 to October 4, make 3 QSOs with Bulgaria.

Repeated QSOs with same station OK if made on different bands or modes.
Applications are accepted until October 30, 2016.
Apply by e-mail with , No cost for the award which will be sent to your e-mail address.


Tks 8/19/16

September 10 - 18, 2016

USA                           Route 66 On The Air Certificate

Every year, the legendary road is honored by amateur radio operators who make contacts along this highway.
Look for W6 callsigns with a single following letter spread along the route.

U.S. Route 66, also known as the Will Rogers Highway, the Main Street of America or the Mother Road, was one of the original highways within the U.S. Highway System.
Length: 2,451 mi
Constructed: November 11, 1926
Highway system: US Numbered Highways
Major cities: Los Angeles, Albuquerque, Flagstaff, Chicago, Tulsa, Tks                                    WIKIPEDIA

Rules: To request a Commemorative Route 66 On The Air Certificate or Decal please read the information and steps below:

1. Citrus Belt Amateur Radio Club (CBARC) is the host for the Route 66 On The Air event, and is processing the certificates.
2. You must work at least ONE of the participating Route 66 On The Air stations in order to request the certificate.

Hz   80M   40M   30M    20M    17M    15M    12M    10M    6M
CW   3.533 7.033 10.110 14.033 18.080 21.033 24.900 28.033 50.033
SSB  3.866 7.266 N/A    14.266 18.164 21.366 24.966 28.466 50.166
DIGI.3.580 7.070 10.140 14.070 18.100 21.070 24.920 28.120 N/A
(ALL frequencies shown can be +/- due to QRM and other in use conditions)

3. When requesting the certificate you must: Fill out the certificate application completely, and enclose $4.00 for each certificate and $5.00 for each decal requested.
4. CBARC will NOT accept an envelope and/or postage in lieu of the $4.00 charge for each certificate or $5.00 for each decal. Note for Overseas Stations: CBARC no longer accepts IRCs for any payment.
No other forms of payment other than those shown above will be accepted.
Please allow 10 weeks for delivery of certificate or decals
5. Mail application and payment to: CBARC Route 66 Certificate, P.O. Box 3788, San Bernardino, CA 92413.

Tks K1BV Research 9/11/26

15 September to 15 November 2016

Bosnia and Herzegovina                       Third Edition of Quarry Life Award Radio Club Kakanj ( E703QLA )

The members of the Radio Club Kakanj and Cement factory Kakanj.will be operating during 15 September to 15 November using modes of SSB, CW, RTTY on the bands of 80 , 40 , 20 , 17, 15, 12 and 10 m.  They will be operating from Radio Club Kakanj E73EKK and from different quarries in Kakanj. To earn a special Quarry Life Award certificate you should make at least 5 QSO's with the special event station E703QLA using any band or mode. Each QSO is counted once per band and any tipe of mode.

LOG: Any licensed amateur radio station who makes a QSO with E703QLA should send their log to our call sign manager Emin ehi E71CQ to his e-mail address to receive a confirmation of receiving the special QSL card or a special certificate offered. The complete log will be published on the 16th November 2016. No charge for the award.



16 September to 15 October 2016

BELGIUM                                                 World War I Commemoration (ON1418KNH)

The members of the VRA club station ON6KNH in Knokke-Heist will be operating with the special call sign ON1418KNH from 16/09 until 15/10/2016. ON1418KNH will be on the air to commemorate the First World War and will be active on all bands and all modes.

The special event award is offered at no charge. The award may be earned for making just one contact with the special event station ON1418KNH during the year 2016. All bands or modes are ok . The award is also available for SWL stations.  Apply for the award by completing the online form found at: . They will check the logs and if you have met the requirements for one contact, they will send it to you by email in pdf format.


Tks 9/28/16

17-18 September 2016

SAN MARINO                            The Three Towers Award

The Amateur Radio Association of the Republic of San Marino announces a special activity from the Three Towers of San Marino, a group of towers located on the three peaks of Monte Titano in the capital, they are depicted on both the national flag and coat of arms. This activation will be held on September 17 and 18 for 24 hours.

Requirements: The Three Towers Award is issued in two categories. The Three Towers Award (Standard) is issued to an amateur radio station submitting proof of contact with all the 3 towers on 2 bands. The Three Towers Award Honor Roll is issued to an amateur radio station submitting proof of contact with all the three towers on three bands. The stations will be active only 15, 20 and 40 meters. Three stations will be activated by the member and supporters of ARRSM from the following locations::

Guaita First Tower - T71A

The Guaitais the oldest of the three towers, and the most famous. It was constructed in the 11th century and served briefly as a prison. It was rebuilt numerous times and reached its current form in the 15th century during the war fought between San Marino and the House of Malatesta.

Cesta Second Tower - T71B

The Cesta is located on the highest of Monte Titano's summits. A museum to honor Saint Marinus, created in 1956, is located in this tower and showcases over 1,550 weapons dating from the Medieval Era to the modern day. It was constructed in the 13th century on the remains of an older Roman fort.

Montale Third Tower - T71C

The Montale is located on the smallest of Monte Titano's summits. Unlike the other towers, this one is not open to the public. It was constructed in the 14th century and is thought to have been constructed to give protection against the increasing power of the Malatesta family in that region. It was also used as a prison, and accordingly, the only entrance to the tower is a door about seven metres from ground level, which was common for prison architecture of the time.

The request of the award must be sent only direct to ARRSM (T70A) with a fee of 10/15$ to cover the expenses (the award will be printed on vellum paper). Apply to: A.R.R.S.M. RADIO CLUB, P.O. BOX 77, 47890 REP. SAN MARINO ( VIA ITALY ), San Marino.

Operating from the top of San Marino, inside a UNESCO World Heritage Site with 3 brand new callsigns is absolutely uncommon for the amateur radio activity in the Republic of San Marino. Its a unique opportunity and we will do our best to offer the a QSO with all the three stations to as many radio amateurs possible.


Tks 9/4/16


17 - 30 September 2016

ITALY                                     Enigma Award

The Enigma "machine" was a device used first for businesses who desired secrecy in their communications, but which was adopted and improved in WWII Germany. The breaking of the codes by allied forces was of great importance, only de-classified in the 1980's.

1. DATES The Enigma Award will start on Saturday September 17 th at 07.00 UTC, and will end on friday, September 30 th at 23:59 UTC, in conjunction with the EUROPEAN NIGHT OF RESEARCHERS. The complete program is available online at .
2. PARTICIPATION All amateur radio stations in the world can participate, with the goal of collecting as many QSO as possible with Activator Stations, following the rules explained in this document. The official list of Activators Stations (List A) will be published on site by August 31 st, 2016.
The only participation Diploma categories are : OM category and SWL category, each having its own independent score ranking.
Activator Stations will not compete for the ranking, but will receive a special participation certificate.
As previously defined, each Activator Station requires the presence of an original Enigma machine (not necessarily functioning).
By the time of the registration application of the Activator Stations (List A), the name of the museum or cultural group hosting the machine associated with the radio station should be specified.
For amateur collectors or private owners, the province where the station is located will be considered as sufficient information.
Any additional detail, if any, will be welcome, but is not requested.
On October 01 st, last Events day, the Activators Stations will call one by one the stations equipped with one emulated / virtual machine listed in List B on the official website www.enigma-reloaded.i t, and will exchange encoded messages.
QSOs are allowed on all HF bands 10-12-15-17-20-30-40-80-160 meters, in SSB, CW, RTTY, SSTV, PSK31 mode only.
QSO via repeaters, transponders or other similar ways are NOT allowed and will NOT be accepted as valid.
The QSO will be valid once exchanged the conventional RST report.
Each Activator Station can be connected only once per day for each emission mode and for each band, throughout the whole contest.
Use of spots using Packet Cluster is allowed, but "self spotting" by the Activator Stations is NOT allowed.
Each QSO with activators stations worth 1 point. The individual callsigns of the activator stations count as multipliers.
Example of scoring: 10 QSOs with IO4ENG, 25 QSOs with II2ENG, 7 QSO with SP0ENIGMA: Total points / QSO 42, multipliers 3,then 126 points in total.
5. SCORES - To obtain the diploma, OM and SWL participants must reach the following minimum score:
     Italian and other European stations: 16 x (n. of Activator Stations) points;
     DX stations: 8 x (n. of Activator Stations) points
6. SCORE RANKINGS AND AWARDS. The final results will be published after the end of the event on the website
The first three stations classified in the OM and SWL categories will receive a special certificate via email. Each station having achieved the minimum score (see above) will receive the Enigma Award via email. The decisions of the judging Committee will be are final and undisputable. All participants not complying with the rules stated in this document will be disqualified.
7. HOW TO SEND LOGS - The logs must be sent by email within October 30 th, 2016 to the following address: The log must be sent using the electronic log downloadable from site under "Enigma Award Log", in download area.
8. FINAL REMARKS - Anything not specifically mentioned in this Regulation and its amendments, as well as any additional information will be published on the official web site, to which as any request for additional information should be addressed. As general ruling system, the common practice, customs and conventions usually adopted within the amateur radio competitions are assumed.


Tks SP9JPA 9/8/16

17-25 September 2016

ENGLAND                                                         International Air Ambulance Week Award

This year's International Air Ambulance Week will take place between 17th - 25th September 2016, with the focus on supporting and generating donations for flying medical services around the world. The event covers two weekends, giving amateurs a great chance to get involved and support the event.  For those wishing to contribute to a specific group, please read this section: Registration will be mandatory and all stations taking part will be issued a registration number which will be listed on this website. The registered number needs to be quoted by each station regularly. Included in the list alongside each registered station will be a clickable link enabling those wishing to donate, to donate directly to the charity of the service they wish to support.

The event is primarily intended to help support public donation funded flying medical services, whether part or entirely donation funded, though not restricted entirely to those. The location of the special event station can be anywhere you choose to set it up club, home or if you can manage the permissions to do it, a public place.

A. Bronze award for having logged a minimum of 5 IAW stations.
B. Silver award for having logged a minimum of 10 IAW stations.
C. Gold award for having logged a minimum of 15 IAW stations.
D. Awards for SWL will follow the the above requirements

Claims for the awards will need to be made to the IAWs Award Manager by ) Please include an excerpt from your log as proof of a valid claim.
The events date has been set to coincide with the UKs own funding drive week for its own helicopter ambulance services. Almost all of these, around 30 in number, are funded entirely by public donations.
The event is intended to commence on the fourth weekend of September annually and is to be run by the same team which operates the well established International Museum Weekends.

E-mail: Award applications:
E-mail: Sponsor -
Internet: Event Website -
Internet: Facebook -
Internet: -
Internet: Twitter -

Tks M0HEM 9/4/16

(Sample certificate for 2014, will be amended for 2016)

19 September to 9 October 2016

SPAIN                                                 "400TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE DEATH OF MIGUEL DE CERVANTES"

2016 marks the 400th anniversary of the death of Miguel de Cervantes, one of the greatest writers in Universal History. His most iconic novel, "Don Quixote" is the most edited and translated book in all Literature History, just behind The Bible. To commemorate this anniversary, the URE (Unin de Radioaficionados Espaoles), member society of the IARU, is promoting the following special event, available to all licensed hams and SWLs worldwide. Contacts will be valid in any mode and band from 160 to 10 meters with the 14 stations using the special AN400 prefix. The suffixes of the 14 special event stations are the letters of each of the letters of the name of the author Don MIGUEL DE CERVANTES. (The letter "E" appears 3 times in his name, but only one contact is needed for the award.)

1. The 14 special station callsigns are: AN400M, AN400I, AN400G, AN400U, AN400E, AN400L, AN400D, AN400C, AN400R, AN400V, AN400A, AN400N, AN400T, AN400S
2. DATES: From 19th September 2016 at 0000z to 9th October 2016 (2359z)
3. DIPLOMAS: There are three different categories, depending on the number of AN400 stations the requestor has contacted (or SWL reports in the case of SWLs)
        European stations: For stations with at least 9 contacts with different AN400 stations in any band or mode.
     Stations outside Europe: for stations with at least 6 contacts with different AN400 stations, on any band or mode.    

     European stations: For stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands with at least 9 AN400 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode. Stations outside of Europe: for stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands, with at least 6 AN400 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode.

     European stations: For stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands with all 14 of the AN400 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode.
     Stations outside Europe: For stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands with at least 10 AN400 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode

All the diplomas will indicate the name and call sign of the requestor and the position obtained in their DXCC entity for the total number of valid QSOs. Diplomas will be available for free in PDF format.

        TROPHIES: Crystal Medallion:
     A high quality crystal trophy will be awarded in the following different categories to the top participants that achieve the highest number of different contacts with the AN400 stations on different bands and modes. The trophy is engraved with the stations name, call sign and the position achieved on each ranking. These top performers will receive their trophy directly at their home free of charge.

        World top 20: For the 20 highest scorers worldwide
     North America top 5: For the 5 highest scorers in North America
     South America top 5: For the 5 highest scorers in South America
     Asia top 5: For the 5 highest scorers in Asia
     Africa top 5 For the 5 highest scorers in Africa 
        Oceania top 5 For the 5 highest scorers in Oceania

Any other participant can request a personalized medallion with the station call, name and position achieved in his/her continent and DXCC directly from the shop in the web page.

Participants who wish to do so may form teams of up to 3 stations from anywhere in the world. Teams can be formed on the official web page at any time during the competition.
The number of QSOs of each team will be the sum of the individual QSOs of each of the team members. The 10 teams with the highest QSO total will receive a printed diploma with their classification. This special diploma will be sent free of charge to each of the team members.

For ranking purposes, contacts will be valid on each of the following 3 modes: 1-SSB; 2- CW and 3. Digital modes, and on each of the 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, and 10m bands. Each band/mode contact only counts once, duplicate contacts are not taken into account for the ranking. In case of a draw, the station who completed the last QSO first will be win.

Each trophy will include the position obtained in each class and worldwide. Online log consultation and the position of participants in the QSO ranking can be followed daily on the website

The log will be updated every 24 hours. Repeat contacts are recommended if a contact with a station is not reflected on the online log. Notwithstanding, any participant can make possible log error requests from 10th to 15th October if they consider that have a justified reason.

Those participants classified in each category can freely download their personalized diploma in PDF format from the official website. Diplomas will be available for download as from 15 October 2016. We do not require logs to be submitted since the online log is available on the web.

SWLs should send their lists of stations received up until October, 20th to  and their diploma will be sent by email.

The top stations classified in each category ranking will receive free of charge by post the special crystal medal engraved with their name, callsign, and position obtained. The list of candidates will be updated on the website daily. Once the event is concluded, stations should send an email to to confirm their postal address.

If a participant wishes to receive a printed diploma on high quality paper, they may request it at a cost of EUR 8 for one copy. In the case a station wishes to request 2 or 3 (for example, silver, gold, and platinum), the cost is EUR 10. Postal charges are included.

If a participant wishes to receive a personalized Crystal Medallion with name, callsign and position in the ranking per continent and DXCC, they may request it a cost of EUR 25. Postal charges are included.

Trophies and diplomas can be requested directly at the website

Internet: 8/30/16

20 September to 25 December 2016

ENGLAND                        950th Anniversary of the Norman Invasion of England

The Phoenix Amateur Radio Club (PARC), developers of several awards plans to be on air using special event call signs of MX0PHX & MX0YHA to commemorate the Battle of Fulford, the Battle of Stamford Bridge, and the Battle of Hastings, and the coronation of William of Normandy as King of England.

Look for MX0PHX and MX0YHA on the activity dates (subject to band conditions) which are:
20 - 23 September - Battle of Fulford overlapping with Stamford (see below)
23 - 26 September - Battle of Stamford Bridge
14 - 16 October - Battle of Hastings
25 December - Coronation of William of Normandy

Award Requirements: One contact with either call sign MX0PHX and/or MX0YHA made any time up to 27 December 2016.

Planned operations will use 40m, 20m 17m, whenever band conditions permit.
On air activities may also take place on other dates & bands if unstable conditions make this necessary.
A Special high resosution (self-service using your printer) Commemorative Certificate is available to download: You may choose either of these images: 
     Large - 2400 x 1440
     Supersize - 4000 x 2400 (this is VERY LARGE)
For information about downloading and printing EeZee QSLs and Certificates please see the page listed below.

E-mail: and

Tks SP9JPA Blog 9/22/16


20 - 30 September 2016

ITALY                                              16th edition of the Diploma Royal Palace of Caserta

1. Participation is open to OM, SWL around the world including the names of the Italian section IQxxx.
2. Period: From 00.00 UTC on 20 September 2016 at 24.00 UTC on 30 September 2016.
3. Bands: exclusively HF - 3.5 and 7.0 Mhz.
4. Modes: The methods used will be SSB, CW and digital modes, in accordance with the Band Plan.
5. Make contacts with the stations belonging to ARI Caserta ( see membership list ).
6. Mode: The same station, including wildcard stations, the section name and the special station, can also be contacted several times during the same day, provided that the band and / or mode is different and at least one hour separates contacts with same station.
7. Data sent in QSO: The stations belonging to ARI Caserta, pass away: RST + progressive number + UTC.
8. Point values:
     1 point for each QSO, and 3 points connecting the Jolly (wild card) station.
     5 points for each QSO with IQ8DO (Caserta Chamber) active only on 24 and 25 September 2016.
     5 points for each QSO contact with the special station IR8PR who will only be active in the day September 25, 2016.
     (The IQ8DO and IR8PR names will not pass sequence numbers. The total score will be the sum of the points.)
9. Diploma Requirements: It will be released on request to all those who have scored at least the following points:
     OM SWL YL and Italian sections need 30 points.
     OM SWL YL and European clubs need 10 points
     OM SWL YL and non-European club need 5 points
10. Cost: The cost of the Diploma is 15.00 (fifteen Euros / 00)
11. Application Log: The logs should contain date, time, band, mode and progressive number, together with a QSL card with the applicant's address and e-mail address (useful to communicate the exact date of award), must be received by December 20, 2016 . The logs can be sent via e-mail to 'Award in electronic format manager (ADIF - Cabrillo - Doc) or paper.
12. Enquiries: Requests should be addressed to the Award Manager Fabio Carcaterra IU8DAR - Via Sandro Pertini 36, I-81020 San Nicola la Strada (CE) Italy Phone no. 3475307575, e-mail - . Payments can be made by charging on paper PostePay No. 5333171020679904 with IT06Z0760105138257846457851 or bank transfer to the Secretary Carmine Silvestri IW8EAS. Please attach the log copy of the receipt.
13. Awards: will be mailed in April or May 2017. Prizes not collected during the award ceremony, at the request of the interested parties, will be sent with shipping costs borne by them.

Contacts with sponsor: Information and / or clarifications can be obtained from the Chairman or the Secretary of ARI Caserta: Mr Carmine Silvestri IW8EAS, phone no. 3398686315,

E-mail -

Tks SP9JPA 9/22/16

23 September 9 October 2016

POLAND 670th Anniversary of Bydgoszcz Award

The special event is organized by the Polish Amateur Radio Union. The special event will be performed with help of ham radio operators from Bydgoszcz Field Branch of PZK, especially club stations of the Branch. This events goal is to honor 670th anniversary of granting city rights to Bydgoszcz, and the event will take place from September 23rd till October 9th, 2016.

1. The following special calls will be used during this event:

2. Special-event stations will operate on all bands from 80 m to 10 m, including WARC bands and on VHF 2m/70cm.
3. Special-event stations will use the following modes:
DIGI (all digital modes despite of type count as one)
FM (VHF only)

4. For QSOs with all stations, despite of band or mode, operators will be awarded with a diploma. The Diploma will be available in electronic form only.
5 (THIS IS AN INTERESTING RULE) For each QSO on each HF band / mode, on the website of the event, operator will receive a question about history of Bydgoszcz with 3 possible answers. The operator should answer / guess which historical fact is correct. Operators who will answer correctly all or the highest number of questions from history of Bydgoszcz in the least amount of time, will receive rewards.
Rewards will be assigned separately for VHF and HF category.
In HF category there will be 3 rewards respectively for Poland, Europe and DX stations.
Stations of the organizer and operators working under special calls of the event will not be taken under consideration during granting rewards.

6. The same rules apply to SWLs. In order for SWL report to be accepted, the calls of both correspondents must agree with the log of special station and the time of QSO cannot differ by more than 3 minutes.
In the SWL category there will be one reward despite of the location of the station.
Information mentioned in #9 will be available on the web site of the event, after uploading of special stations logs. Logs will be uploaded at least once a day, after all stations finish their work.

7. Diplomas will be available for download after the event finishes from the web site of the event. Rewards will ship when the event finishes.
8. Organizer reserves a right to take final decisions and settle untypical situations not covered by regulations. .


Tks for SO670BY 9/22/16

25 September to 25 October 2016

POLAND                                          SN1923AXL - 70th Anniversary of the Babice Radio Station

On 17th November 1923, five years after Poland regained its independence, the biggest and most modern radio station in the world was built in the small township of Babice on the outskirts of Warsaw. It cost the newly re-born country 3 million American dollars then, which would be roughly 300 million today. It was designed to communicate with the United States of America by means of the radio signal using the Morse code. And there came september 1939. No later than on the first day of the war (1st September) a squadron of Junkers Ju87 (Stuka) dive bombers was given orders to bomb the station. The Germans eventually took over the Radio Station and used it to communicate with their Krigsmarine submarines preying the waters of the Atlantic as well as to communicate directly with japan.

On the eve of the final victory, on 16th January 1945 they German forces blew the whole object up and the vibration caused by the falling towers could be felt miles away. Babice Radio Station has been silenced forever.

After the war, the communists took all necessary steps to get rid of any trace of the station, like of any other symbols of pre-war Polish greatness. Time contributed to the destruction process. Today, only concrete foundations of towers covered by forest and ruins of transmitter building is what reminds us of the station. The Heritage Park Society of the Transatlantic Radiotelegraphic Station ( makes efforts to secure the station area putting it under protected monuments register, and our club - SP5KAB - is planning to celebrate the 77th anniversary of its defense

One part of the celebration is offer an award for contacting the memorial station SN1923ADXL

We are planning to work with all transmissions, from 160 meters to 10 meters. Commemorative awards will be issued, and each QSO will be confirmed with special QSL card. (Rules make it unclear, but I believe the award will be free of charge, probably delivered as a digital image.)

The rules to earn the award are simple:

Award conditions:
Stations outside Europe make 1 QSO (any band, any transmission)
Stations from Europe - make 2 QSOs (any band, any transmission)
Stations from Poland make 3 QSOs (any band, any transmission)

Tks 9/27/16

1 October to 31 December 2016

Italy                                                       70th Anniversary A.R.I. Bologna award

The A.R.I. Dept. of Bologna was founded April 24, 1946 by I1SN Marino Miceli. To celebrate this 70th anniversary of the founding of the ARI section, the club offers a commemorative Award.

1. Date: Start 00.00 UTC October 1st, 2016 to 24.00 UTC December 31st , 2016.
2. Participants : Amateurs and SWLs OK.
3. Bands: all HF bands , excluding WARC
4. Modes : SSB, CW and Digital.

Earning the award :
During the three months, the following stations will activate the following special calls :
II4LXX - 70 anniversary (QSL manager : IZ4FUE)
II4BBE - in memory of I4BBE (QSL manager : IZ4FUE)
IQ4BQ - club station call (QSL manager : IZ4FUE)

These special calls must be worked or heard at least once per month for each period of the award validity. The score should be 9 QSO or SWL.

Send your award request no later than March 30, 2017 by e-mail and make sure all QSO information is provided. You will receive the free award in .pdf format from club the following address :


1 - 31 October 2016

ROMANIA                                           300th Anniversary of Modern Timisoara

Between 1 to 31 October 2016 the special event call sign YP300TM will be active on all HF and VHF bands celebrating 300 years since the birth of the modern city and European Timisoara after winning strategic battles with Austrian armies led by Prince Eugene of Savoy against domination of the Ottoman fortress and the entire Banat Timisoara.  As a recognition of the status of the city, Timisoara was declared the "Cultural Capital of Europe" for the year 2021.

A special award will be issued for any amateur radio station who contacts YP300TM on at least 3 different bands. The award will be sent by mail. Operating in Timisoara, will be Sorin YO2MSB, a member of the "Eugene of Savoy" Association, who has organised the commemorative events together with the Regional Council, the City Hall of Timisoara and the local Philharmonic. This activation is possible due to the active support of the Romanian Radioclub Association (A.R.R.)

Very few instructions for application. I suggest you send a list of the required 3 contacts with all the usual QSO data to their e-mail address . There is no mention of award fees, so if they are actually charged, it is up to you to decide whether you agree to pay or not to pay.


Tks DX SUMMIT 10/9/16

1 - 28 October 2016

ENGLAND                                   Cray Valley Radio Society

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of Cray Valley Radio Society, a special Platinum anniversary award is available to any licensed amateur or short wave listener who contacts/hears the appropriate number of Cray Valley stations between 1 and 28 October 2016

1. 70 points are required to qualify for the award.
2. Point valuess are as follows:
     UK stations
a. Cray Valley RS special event callsign GB70CV = 10 points
b. Cray Valley club callsigns G3RCV (or GX3RCV) , G1RCV(or GX1RCV), and GB2RE = 5 points.
c. Cray Valley member stations also = 5 points.

    Non -UK stations
a. Cray Valley special event callsign GB70CV = 20 points.
b. Cray Valley club callsigns G3RCV (or GX3RCV), G1RCV (or GX1RCV) and GB2RE = 10 points
c. Cray Valley member stations = 5 points

3. SWLs can claim the award using the same points system.
4. Only one contact with each station is allowed. Any amateur band may be used. Bands may be mixed or all one band/mode. No repeater or satellite contacts. Net and activity period contacts count towards the award.
5. A list of stations worked/heard should be sent to: Platinum Award Manager, Cray Valley Radio Society, 93 Elibank Road, Eltham, London SE9 1QJ, England showing date, time, band, mode, reports exchanged.
6. The award is an engraved plaque. The cost is 6.50 (UK) or $8.50 (outside UK). If applying by post, 8 (UK) or $11 (outside UK). Cheques should be made payable to "Cray Valley Radio Society".

List of qualifying members as at 12 September 2016:

Overseas: 9H1WS WM5DX


Tks 9/27/16

October 8 - 30, 2016

ITALY                                      A.R.I. Vigevano 60th Anniversary

The club A.R.I. Vigevano, was founded in 1956. To help celebrate the Sixtieth Anniversary the A.R.I. Vigevano 60 Foundation Award has been established.

1. ATTENDANCE: All amateurs and SWLs may participate in earning the award.
2. TERM: From 07.00 UTC on Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 23:59 on Sunday, October 30, 2016
3. BANDS: 6-10-12-15-17-20-40-80-160 meters.
4. MODES: CW-SSB-RTTY-PSK and other digital modes are permitted.
No contacts permitted by repeaters, internet, transponder or other similar non radio methods.
5. CONTACTS AND POINTS: All contacts with special station commemorative IB2VIG = 10 points. The special station can be contacted on the same day provided that such contacts use different bands or modes.
6. REPORTS: stations will exchange RST
7. REQUIREMENTS FOR AWARD: To EARN the diploma, all radio amateurs and SWL will have to score a minimum of 60 points. The scoring will be the sum of points obtained for each QSO/HRD, made with the special station IB2VIG.
8. APPLICATION REQUEST: The Award is free, and all requests must be sent by mail to the following e-mail address by 20 November 2016. The award will be sent in PDF format via e-mail. Alternatively, the log of the applicant must be sent in .adif format or downloaded in excel but only from the site of the section .

The log must still contain:
List of QSO / HRD
Date-mode, Band and RTD
Number of QSOs / HRDs
Name Surname
Call sign
Email address

Stations that do not abide by these regulations will be disqualified and will not get a diploma.
The sending of the logs implies the acceptance of the Regulation.
The decisions of the committee responsible for monitoring the logs are final


Tks Juanjo EB3WH 10/9/16

9 - 15 October 2016

USA/Canada                                Fire Prevention Week Special Event

9 special event stations will be on the air 9-15 October 2016 to raise awareness to National Fire Prevention Week. There will be 9 single letter special event stations active and on the air as well as two bonus stations. Preferred frequencies will be in the General band segments.

Look for N0F, N1F, N2F, N3F, N4F, N5F, N6F, N7F, N9F, KF2IRE and VE3FIRE.

They offer a Fire Prevention Week Certificate of Achievement for working at least eight of the nine Fire Prevention Week stations!

The sponsor makes this request to Hams in the Fire Fighting community: For next year: We are looking for other hams who are also firefighters or who work in the fire prevention industry to run additional stations N0F and N9F in 2017. If you can organize and run a multi-operator special event in one of these areas, please see the "Helping" page on the website.

There is an online application at:

Image: USA-FirePrevention-SpecialEvent-2016.jpg

9 - 23 October 2016

ITALY                        FIRST BROADCASTING TRANSMISSION SHIP TO SHORE: Transatlantic REX Holy Year 1933

The autumn program of I.N.O.R.C. Italian Naval Old Rhytmers Club includes the activation of the special event call of II0REX in memory of the first radiotelephone broadcasting transmission which took place on board the transatlantic REX, a luxurious and fast Italian passenger ship, while she was at sea in the middle of the Atlantic directly to the port of New York. The historic transmission took place April 2nd, 1933 when Pope Pius XI inaugurated solemnly in Rome the extraordinary Holy Year. The voice of opera singer Rosa Ponzella, radiated into the ether and sang the Ave Maria by Schubert, it was clearly heard by American radio listeners. In Europe, the Radio Station of Coltano connected with EIAR (RAI then) and relayed simultaneously the broadcast. This event was the first commercial replication of an experiment carried out by Guglielmo Marconi in 1920, the same Ocean, off the coast of Portugal.

A. PERIOD: The event is open to all radio amateurs and SWL (Italian and foreign), is not a contest, it will be ONLY on CW and will start at 00:00 UTC of the day October 9, 2016 and will end at 23:59 UTC day October 23, 2016.
B. The following stations will be active:
1. II0REX jolly (wild card) station.
2. IQ1NM / REX I.N.O.R.C. station
3. I.N.O.R.C. stations operated by their members.
4. Other stations belonging to Italian and foreign Naval Club.
C. MODES: Only CW.
D. BANDS: all HF bands according to the IARU band plain including WARC.
E. Point score of stations worked:
1. SCORE: The station II0REX (JOLLY) = 10 points.
2. IQ1NM station = 5 points
3. I.N.O.R.C. stations They are = 3 points.
F. NOTE: The Jolly station II0REX, IQ1NM Station and Naval Clubs stations may be contacted only one time a day, for each band, throughout the period of activation. These winll not be calculated as doplicate contacts. THERE ARE NO MULTIPLIERS.
G. Certificate requirements:
1. Italian stations: 50 points
2. European Stations: 25 points
3. Stations outside of Europe: 10 points
H. To get the certificate you must pay a fee of 12 Euros for Italian stations, 15 euro for the European and U.S. $ 15 for stations Extra-European.

For those who want to receive the certificate in PDF format the cost is free.
The amount must be paid into the account or c / c Postal 4912866 payable to INORC and sending a copy of the receipt to INORC Secretary. Those who wish can send the amount via postal mail to the Secretary dellINORC: Sig.Italo Martella, Via di Torpignattara, 20-00177 Rome, Italy. .

The Log, in ADIF format, must be sent by the deadline date of November 30, 2016. Award Manager Mr. Sauro Tonelli will check the scores excluded, pending the review, of any logs which contain inconsistencies.


Tks DX Summit 10/11/16

10 October to 11 December 2016

ITALY                                                      The 2016 1st Degree City of Rome Diploma

Five different diplomas honoring the City of Rome are made available beginning from 10 October to 11 December 2016.  They picture: Trinita dei Monti - Santa Maria Maggiore - San Pietro - Castel Sant'Angelo - Colosseum.  The event is sponsored and designed by "A.R.P.I." group and is open to all licensed amateurs and OM.

SWL Italians and Europeans. Those OM and SWLs who are interested in obtaining one or all five Diplomas PNG. Activators may earn the awards by earning at least 100 points for each diploma.

To earn the paper Diploma applicants must send a log to IUFBK Marco, email together with a proof of payment of the fee of 10,00 using Poste pay at No. 4023-6009-1310-8678 made out to Tirrito Vito CF.TRRVTI52E05L727K President of A.R.P.I. Group

The 5 different locations will be activated according to this schedule:
1. High Trinita dei Monti 10 to 16 October 2016
2. Degree Santa Maria Maggiore 24 to 30 October 2016
3. Diploma San Pietro 7 to 13 November 2016
4. High Castel Sant'Angelo 21 to 27 November 2016
5. Colosseum Award 05 to 11 December 2016.


Look for stations making the following call: "CQ CQ ... .. 1st Degree City of Rome" on the bands 10-20-40-80 MT., Only in SSB MODE HF Voice, will be used. The activator will give the Name, the points and the R / S ratio, (the time stop is at their discretion).

Activator, if not given write UTC your station does not imply any penalization for the purposes of the ranking). The Activator himself will contact him on the same day, but on a different band.

The score will be calculated:
1. Separately for each award, the total points received the most total contacts.
2. At the end of 5 Diplomas will add up all the points made for the final score.
3. In case of a tie it the rule of the sum of consecutive numbers made log from Activators,
4. The total amount awarded by the lower will be the winner.
5. Log Station: There will be a log for each Certificate to distinguish the score between the 5 diplomas.
6. The log must be completed correctly and only with the reported the actuator, namely: band, freq, day, time, and name of the Activator points. Always remember to write your own data with personal address if you want to receive the Diploma Paper.
7. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded with a Diploma in PNG 1st - 2nd - 3rd of each Diploma:
             Colosseum - Trinita dei Monti - Santa Maria Maggiore - Castel Sant'Angelo - St. Peter's.
8. "1st Degree City of Rome" will also be awarded with plaques.
9. The deadline for receiving the 1st Award of the station log City of Rome in 2016, is December 31 2016, considered as valid the date of e mail address.
10. The General ranking can be viewed on the site
11. Prizes will be delivered to the address of the Winners.
12. This Regulation was written and edited by Marco QSLM IUFBK.

Tks 10/15/16

14 - 26 October 2016

Romania                                                             100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Bridge Jiu ( YP100JB )

The award recognizes the 100th anniversary of the of people: militiamen, students of Gymnasium "Tudor Vladimirescu" city dwellers, women and children, to fight on a holiday (Saint Paraskeva) for the freedom of their city.

"17 years later, on October 7, 1933, the Romanian King Charles II, accompanied by government ministers Alexandru Vaida - Voivod visited the city of Targu Jiu. On this occasion, the King decorated the city with "Military Virtue War" as a tribute to the heroism with which "population on day 14 October 1916 dismissed Bridge Jiu German troops attack directed against the city."

To honor the memory of heroes, C. S. Pandurii Targu Jiu will activate the special call sign YP100JB during the period 14 to 26 October 2016. All QSOs will be confirmed with a special QSL card printed double sided, full color will be sent free office.

The Diploma is offered in one class, regardless of band and mode. It may be earned by making a minimum of 5 QSOs complete and correct as follows:

1. One QSO with YP100JB
2. A minimum of two QSOs with stations that have Targu Jiu site in the city
3. At least two other QSOs with stations in Gorj, Romania

Applications should contain the applicant's full name, a LOG statement proving fulfillment of the minimum conditions and sent to the address below depending on the use of e-mail or traditional mail.

By email at
By mail only manager diploma Crivnau MARCEL, YO7BSN

The Diploma is given free to those who request and meet the requirements. YO Diploma is sent free by QSL bureau of the FRR. Those wishing receiving an award by traditional mail, are are asked to pay the sum of 6 lei toward the cost of envelope and postage. For all others withing traditional mail, the cost is 5 Euro.

Deadline for applying is November 26, 2016.

Tks 10/15/16 and DXFun

October 15 to December 31, 2016

GERMANY                                    EUDXF30 Award

The European DX Foundation is the first and only all European Foundation created to support DX activities. Their long term goal is to support DXers and expeditions (e.g. financial support, printing of QSL-cards) to allow the DX-community in Europe a fair share in their work. We also supply equipment to those in rare countries who cannot afford their own.  This award celebrates the 30th anniversary of the European DX Foundation and the EUDXF introduces the "EUDXF 30" award.
This award can be obtained by making connections with the various 30EUDXF station active from a number of countries until the end of the year 2016.

The award is available in 4 different classes:
Bronze: 10 QSOs with at least 3 different countries
Silver: 15 QSOs with at least 5 different stations
Gold: 20 QSOs with at least 8 different stations
Platinum: 30 QSOs with all 12 different stations  
  (At least one QSO should be made with every 30EUDXF station activated in 2016.)

Working the same station on the same band in the same mode is considered a duplicate QSO and will not count for the award. Any other combination counts as a valid QSO.

The award will be available for free in an electronic form. A printed award will be made available against cost of 10 Euro/Dollar.

Valid stations for the award: (as of 17 October) are DL30EUF HA30EUDXF OE30EUDXF PA30EUDXF PB30EUDXF PC30EUDXF PD30EUDXF PE30EUDXF PF30EUDXF PG30EUDXF PH30EUDXF PI30EUDXF

Send a log extract by e-mail to PA1AW, the award manager. Include call sign, date, time, band and mode of the contacts you have worked to earn the award. The awards will be issued in early 2017.


15 October to 15 December 2016

GREECE                                                      CHIOS HOMER AWARD

Homer is the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two long epic poems in dactylic hexameter, which signify the beginning of European literature. The traditional dates for the composition of the epics are 750 BC. (Iliad) and 725 BC. (Odyssey). Much of the content of the Homeric epics appears to be consistent with the Aegean Late Bronze Age (12th c. BC.) the time of the Trojan War. Homer is also considered to be the legendary founder of the Homeridae, a guild of rhapsodes who might have composed oral poetry concerning the Mycenaean Age. Various traditions have survived purporting to give details of Homer's birthplace and background. The Iliad suggests a home on the east side of the Aegean Sea and the poet seems familiar with the area. Until nowadays Daskalopetra ("The Teachers Rock") is allegedly where Homer is said to have taught his students in Chios.

@ Dr Antony Makrinos, Lecturer in Classics, Dept. of Greek and Latin , University College London

The "HOMER" award honors the legendary author of the "Iliad" and the "Odyssey"and is sponsored by the Amateur Radio Club of Chios Island . (SZ8XIO).
Rules are simple: During the 90 day period of the activation of the special event station, you must make four QSOs with SX8HOMER using different bands or modes.
(For example: 20 meters SSB, 20 meters BPSK31, 15 meters BPSK31, 15 meters SSB.)

The award is available as a digital file sent to you FREE by e-mail or for a small charge, a completed printed certificate may be mailed to your home address. QSL cards are not necessary. The cost for the the printed award is $US5.  Applications for this award may be made by email to Award Manager SV8FCU. Email for applications: .

Internet: Https:// 10/15/16

Tks 10/15/16

10/15 to 11/14/2016

BELGIUM                                       Canadian Liberation March (ON35CLM)

The First Canadian Army was Canada's principal fighting arm in northwest Europe during World War II.  A powerful strike force under the command of Canadian General Harry Crerar, it included the 2nd Canadian Corps, as well as large contingents of British, Polish, American and Dutch infantry and armoured troops. Since the Battle of Normandy in the summer of 1944, the Army had formed the left flank of the Allied advance towards Germany with the First Canadians liberating ports and cities along the Channel Coast of France and Belgium.

Upon reaching Belgium, the First Canadian Army was ordered to clear the banks of the wide, multi-channelled Scheldt River between the North Sea the port of Antwerp. It was a treacherous landscape for attacking troops to operate in flat, soggy, sometimes-flooded land, situated below sea level and enclosed by a series of dykes.


These events have been celebrated for many years by Belgium and the Netherlands. The special event station ON35CLM is QRV from 15/10/2016 until 14/11/2016.

The award may be earned for amateur operators by making one QSO with the special event station and for SWLs to make one observation. The award is free of charge. To apply for the award, just go to and fill in the data form per their requirements. If the system finds the QSO, you will receive an e-mail with your award as an attachment to be printed on your equipment.

Internet:(use this address to see if you were in the log)
Internet: (use this address to apply for the award)

Tks 7/10/16

29 October to 6 November 2016

ITALY                              "50th Anniversary after the Tuscan Flood - November 4, 1966"

Sponsored by the ARI Tuscany Regional Committee, on the 50th anniversary of the Tuscan flood of 1966.
1. Participation: Open to all OM and SWL.
2. Period: From 00:00 UTC on 29 October 2016 at 23:59 UTC on November 6, 2016.
3. Bands: All
HF amateur bands allowed: 160-80-40-20-15-10 meters (excluding WARC and QSO via repeaters).
4. Modes: SSB - CW - ALL DIGITAL MODES to conform with rules of your countrys Band Plan.
5. Make contacts with the following stations:
     a. -The special event station II5ALL;
     b. club stations belonging to ARI Clubs of localities which were affected by the flood on November 4, 1966 and are included in the following list:
                  Firenze IQ5FI       Empoli IQ5EM Grosseto     IQ5GR Pisa                IQ5PJ Pontassieve IQ5HC
                  Pontedera IQ5DY Santa Maria a Monte          IQ5QD Scandicci       IQ5BL Versilia IQ5VR Vinci IQ5LV
     c. the OM ACTIVATORS which are stations belonging to ARI: Empoli, Firenze, Grosseto, Pisa, Pontassieve, Pontedera, Santa Maria a Monte, Scandicci, Versilia, Vinci

Each station can be contacted more times throughout the duration of the diploma but only once a day (regardless of the emission mode).

a. each contact with the special call II5ALL = 25 points;
b. contact with any one of the clubstation (IQ prefix stations) of the participating sections Diploma = 10 points
c. contact with the stations of the OM "Activators" belonging to ARI sections participants = 5 points.

The total score will be the sum of the points from valid qso.
The stations noted above which are participating in giving award contacts are required to upload their logs to the award sponsor to help verify QSOs claimed by stations seeking the award.

Points Required to earn the award:
     Italian stations need 100 points.
     Europeans need 50 points.
     All others need 50 points.
     SWLs may earn the award on the same basis as transmitting stations.

The personalized diploma for each participant will be available on the website in electronic form (PDF) and can be downloaded for free. For those who want a paper award mailed to them, the contribution is 10 Euro or $US15 to cover expenses to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal account, following instructions will be given on the official website: .

Tks Stefano IK5TBK 9/29/16

1 - 7 November 2016


The HA-QRP activity contest has 43 years of history. Millions of contacts were made through the years during the first week of November. Great success was achieved and many DX stations were reached each year. The world among with the amateur attitude and our lifestyle has largely changed over this time. One age of the HA-QRP activity and contest has ended. We would like to adjust the QRP radio's potential to today's requirements with this announcement.

An award may be obtained during the period 1st November 00.00 UT to 7th November 23.59 UT for contacting special event prefix stations HA43XXX and HG43XXX. Their goal is to promote QRP operations. The award is sponsored by the MRASZ Hungarian Radioamateur Society.

The diploma can be obtained by any amateur radio operator around the world. The special call signs assigned to the event in 2016 are HA43QRP and HG43QRP. Other Hungarian stations may join in with similar callsigns but using the HA43 and HG43 prefixes as well. The special stations can use power up to a maximum of 10 watts during the activity, using every band and mode. The HA43 stations must be in the special stations' online log. Logs will be updated continuously but not later than 15th November.


Gold diploma:   One contact with each of the HA43QRP and HG43QRP stations and at least 10 contacts with other HA43 and HG43 stations.

Silver diploma:  One contact with each of the HA43QRP and HG43QRP stations and at least 5 contacts with other HA43 and HG43 stations.

Bronze diploma:  One contact with any of the HA43QRP or HG43QRP stations and at least 3 contacts with other HA43 and HG43 stations.

Diplomas can be downloaded from 25th November each year, free of charge.

Applying for the award: The sponsor will maintain logs from the two main stations HA43QRP and HG43QRP.  When applying, you should send list of all stations with usual QSO information. Send to Email:

1. The QSL manager is HA5AGP only for QSL cards.
2., LoTW are available after 25 November each year. Paper QSLs are answered only in direct until 31December each year.
3. One US$1 or a valid IRC will cover the postal fee for up to 3 requested QSL cards.


Tks DX Summit 10/16/16


1 February to 30 March 2017

RUSSIA "Fridtjof Nansen" Plaque

The Plaque "Fridtjof Nansen" is dedicated to the 120th Anniversary of the expedition on his ship "FRAM" used by the explorer Fridtjof Nansen from 1893 to 1896. The plaque is issued for QSO's with four Arctic islands with the IOTA codes of: AS-054, AS-068, AS-104, AS-121, all of which are planned to be active on amateur radio during the radio expedition of RT9K/9 team during February to March 2017.

The plaques size is 200 x 250 mm. Fee for the Plaque is 39 or $US44. Payment via PayPal.

The fee includes shipping by AIR MAIL. Send any inquiries or your application to: or


Tks OH3GZ 8/26/16

1 - 31 March 2017

USA/Canada                                                2017 RST SPECIAL EVENT.

Members of the North Country DX Association (NCDXA) will be active on the air for the entire month of March 2017 from several different locations in Alaska, Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Greenland using all NCDXA "RST" fixed station call signs of KL7RST, VY1RST, VE8RST, VY0RST and OX7RST to further promote Amateur Radio in northern North America.  This is their 2nd annual special event with the addition of OX7RST, more rovers and fixed stations, new QSLs and certificates! Activity will be on all modes from 160-6 meters and the WARC bands are permissible.

SWLs are welcome to participate. The object is to work or log (SWL) as many NCDXA "RST" stations as you can from their different locations. To participate you need to work each "RST" station only once per their QTH, band and mode. No cross band, cross mode or remote operating allowed.

Portable rover "RST" stations will also participate. Some of the portable stations are: KL7RST/KL7, VY1RST/VY1, VY1RST/KL7, VE8RST/KL7 and VE8RST/VY1 ...etc. Watch the DX spots as they plan to have stations on from a Canadian research station near the North Pole on Ellesmere Island, a diamond mine in NWT, an Alaskan bush school, an OM/YL team from Nuuk, Greenland, and many other cities up north large and small.

For your convenience, they will upload their logs to the ARRL's LoTW. Full color QSLs are available via K7ICE (bio on Optional full color certificates are also available (E-mail for details) for working/hearing any of the "RST" stations. QSL Manager is K7ICE.

SPECIAL EVENT DURATION: March 1st through March 31st, 2017.
SPECIAL EVENT EXCHANGE: NCDXA "RST" stations send signal report and QTH (ie. 5x7 Anchorage, 5x9 Whitehorse etc.). Receiving stations should send signal report and state, province or country.
SPECIAL EVENT CERTIFICATES: Beautiful full color certificates are available via K7ICE for:
     Level 1: Work any of the NCDXA "RST" stations.
     Level 2: Work all of the RST fixed stations (KL7RST, VY1RST, VE8RST, VY0RST and OX7RST).
     Level 3: For RST operators and those stations contacting them. RST ops work as many stations as you can, and all others should work as many RST stations, fixed/rover or portable as they can. Count 1 point for each QSO.

All certificates will be E-mailed in PDF format.
Thanks in advance for your DX spots! ... 73 de "Yukon John", KL7JR
NCDXA "RST" stations are on Facebook. Check out the hams you worked and learn about them at:


OPDX Bulletin #1283 September 18, 2016