These are awards which are offered for a few days, weeks, or months only.  
They commemorate events such as
Anniversaries, Fairs, Conferences, or Special Celebrations.
Check this page from time to time.  I'll list items that are even too short for my regular "Short" term awards file, which generally last for one year. 
If you know of any such brief awards, let me know!

1. The ARRL Website has a pretty big listing of Special Event Stations, many of which offer a certificate.  Best way to get a listing of the awards is to specify a start and stop date in their web form. Use the "search" function in your web browser to look for the word  certificate

2. CQ Magazine also publishes a list of special events, some of which offer certificates.





Starting Date Ending Date Country Name of the Award FREE DOWNLOAD Source  Added
? February 2015 31 July 2015 Latvia 390th Anniversary of Town of Liepaja X K1BV Research  
1 May 2015 30 June 2015 Italy Castel del Monte Award   K1BV Research 6/29/15
1 May 2015 31 October 2015 Italy EXPO 2015 Award X PA3CUZ  
6 May 2015 26 July 2015 USA Grand Prix Award 2015   PA3CUZ 6/7/15
7 May 2015 2 November 2015 Russia 175th Anniversary of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky X 6/6/15
24 May 2015 4 November 2015 Italy 100th anniversary WWI - White War in Adamello - GBA"   SP9JPA 6/10/15
1 June 2015 31 December 2015 Italy International Light IYL2015 Year Award X URE es/awards calendar 6/19/15
1 June 2015 31 October 2015 Ukraine 300th Anniversary of the Lviv Brewery  EM300WLP X UT7AW 6/10/15
1 June 2015 31 July 2015 Romania Cluj Napoca 2015 European Youth Capitalv YP0Y X UT7AW 6/10/15
1 June 2015 30 June 2015 Poland 20 Years Self Government of PSZOW (SN20MP) X SP9JPA 6/8/15
1 June 2015 30 June 2015 Hungary The Danube Day Award Postage only SP9JPA 6/8/15
1 June 2015 31 December 2015 Poland 35th Anniversary of Club OT-27   SP9JPA 6/8/15
1 June 2015 31 December 2015 Russia 60th Anniversary of Baikonur 6/6/15
1 June 2015 30 June 2015 Azerbaijan Odlar Yurdu Award X 6/2/15
1 June 2015 30 June 2015 Russia Diploma "Ioann of Kronstadt" X 6/2/15
1 June 2015 31 July 2015 Romania Cluj-Napoca European European Youth Capital for 2015 X 6/2/15
1 June 2015 31 July 2015 Lithuania 10th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Hill Forts Program X 6/2/15
7 June 2015 30 June 2015 Poland Tytus, Romek and Tomek Diploma (HF5TYTUS) X 6/2/15
11 June 2015 16 September 2015 Russia Russian Yeti Expedition - 2015 (UE44Y) 6/19/15
15 June 2015 15 July 2015 Spain 10TH ANNIVERSARY European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO) X 6/15/15
20 June 2015 20 July 2015 Russia Donetsk - 60 Diploma (UE60D) X 6/21/15
20 June 2015
17 October 2015
29 June 2015
25 October 2015
Poland Award 1956 X SQ3OPM and 9A1AA 6/29/15
20 June 2015
27 June 2015
21 June 2015
28 June 2015
England International Museums Weekend X PA3CUZ  
28 June 2015 31 December 2015 Russia National Diploma "Literary Heritage of Russia" X K1BV Research  7/26/15
30 June 2015 16 September 2015 USA 13 Colonies Special Event 6/19/15
30 June 2015 5 July 2015 Spain Diploma San Fermin 2015 (Running of the Bulls, Pamplona) X PA3CUZ  
1 July 2015 28 September 2015 Russia 200th Anniversary of the Birth of Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov X 7/7/15
1 July 2015 10 July 15 Russia Konjac 2015 Diploma X 6/19/15
1 July 2015 31 July 2015 Germany Sea of Peace Pennant (SOP)   K1BV Research 6/19/15
3 July 2015 20 September 2015 France Napoleon Award 2015 (TM200EN) X 7/5/15
6 July 2015 31 December 2015 Czech Republic Mister Jan Hus 600th Anniversary of Martyrdom X 7/2/15
11 July 2015 11 July 2015 USA Centennial of the Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light X 7/9/15
11 July 2015  12 July 2015 Germany Head Quarters Award 2015 X Tks DE3EAR 7/10/15
11 July 2015 12 July 2015 Switzerland The HB9HQ Award 2015 X DH5MM 7/9/15
11 July 2015 12 July 2015 Cyprus C4HQ Award X K1BV Research 6/21/16
11 July 2015 12 July 2015 England Award Certificates for Working GR2HQ X DH5MM 7/9/15
13 July 2015 27 July 2015 USA Wireless Society of Southern Maine 5th Anniversary Special Event ( W1V ) 7/17/15
15 July 2015 31 December 2015 Bulgaria 100th Anniversary of First Bulgarian Made Airplane X LZ1CY 6/21/15
24 July 2015 26 July 2015 Russia Award "W-15CWC" ("H-15CWC) X K1BV Research 7/25/15
14 August 2015 30 August 2015 Poland "Enigma" Award (PZK) X 6/6/15
22 August 2015 29 August 2015 Spain 1st Diploma "Almeria August Fair " ED7URI X 6/29/15
19 September 2015 28 September 2015 England International Air Ambulance Week Awards X M0HEM  


? February to 31 July 2015

LATVIA                                                               390th Anniversary of town of Liepaja

The of Liepaja will celebrate its 390th anniversary of founding in 2015. The six resident ham stations of the town will be active with special event prefixes (YL390) marking this anniversary and will be on the air from February until the end of July 2015.

Special Event Call Signs / Operator:
YL390GQG .... YL2GQG
YL390UI ........YL2UI
YL390IV ........YL2IV
YL390QS .......YL2QS
YL390BF .......YLBF
YL390GAZ .....YL3GAZ

An electronic award will be available for contacting any 3 of the stations listed above. If you want to apply for the diploma, send an e-mail with all QSO information making sure that your complete name and e-mail address is included. Send the e-mail to . The award will begin to be delivered by 1 May 2015.

They prefer electronic QSL card confirmations by LOTW and However, if you desire a paper QSL card send your via QSL bureau, but only QSLL with $US3 for printing and postage via the home call of the stations contacted as shown above. .


Tks K1BV Research 2/27/15


1 May to 30 June 2015

ITALY                                                   CASTEL DEL MONTE Award:

The annual "Castel Del Monte" Award starts at 00:00 UTC of May 1st to 23:59 UTC June 30th. The Award is available to licensed amateurs and SWLs from all over the world for making QSO/HRD with stations who are members of local section of A.R.I. ANDRIA.

Point values
1. members of ARI Andria = 1 point for any station, who pass reports and serial number of the contact.
2. Contacts with "jolly" (wild card) stations, counts 3 points.
3. All bands are allowed (WARC excluded).
4. Allowed modes are SSB, RTTY (DIGI) and FM. Contacts with the same station are allowed on the same day, but must be made on a different Band/Mode.
Cards are not required but are certainly appreciated! To receive the Award, just send only log extract (by mail or electronic), containing full details of QSO/HRD.
The fee for the Award is: 10 Euros or 15 US$ or 5 New IRC (enclosed in the request). Allowed PAY-PAL and log sent via e-mail.

1. DX need 5 points
2. EU need 10 points
3. IT need 20 points .

The Award is printed on parchment paper on which is engraved the image of Castel del Monte, a beautiful and charming octagonal monument erected in the eleventh century and heritage of humanity. Send log extract and fee to AWARD/QSL Manager IK7NXU until the 15th September each year. The mailing address is: A.R.I. Sezione di ANDRIA c/o, IK7NXU Gaetano Giorgino, Via M.d'Azeglio, 116, I-76123 Andria (BT), Italy.


Tks K1BV Research 6/25/15

May 1 to October 31, 2015

ITALY                                                               EXPO 2015 AWARD

To qualify for "Expo Award" you must make at least 5 contacts with the II2EXPO station call sign and 5 contacts with the A.R.I. Milan branch callsign IQ2MI. Contacts must be made on different days, regardless of the modes and bands. The award is open to all OM and SWL. All HF bands from 10 to 160 m are valid. Categories: SSB, CW, Digital, Mixed.

Award requests: To obtain the Award depicting the Expo logo, request must be received by 31/12/2015 enclosing extract of log in .adi or .xls via email to the following address: . The LOG must be filled out including the following data: date, UTC time, callsign, band, mode, and specifying exact email address where to receive the award thet will be sent in pdf format.

Tks PA3CUZ 4/21/15

May 6 - August 9, 2015

USA                                             GRAND PRIX Award 2015

1. The Grand Prix of Indianapolis - May 6-9
2. Indianapolis 500 - May 18-24
3. Brickyard 400 - July 20-26
4. Red Bull Indianapolis Moto GP August 9th

FREQUENCIES: W9IMS will operate on or near: 1.840, 3.840, 7.240, 10.140, 14.070 PSK31, 14.245, 18.140, 21.350, 28.340, 50.140, 144.205, 144.240 SSB and 146.52 simplex FM. Watch for spots at sites such as DX Summit.

QSL INFO: We send the cards out as soon as possible after each event, but it is a huge task. They have to be designed, approved, printed, and shipped to us first. Then, we need to fill them in. With over 18,000 QSOs a year, that's a lot of cards. We finish all the QSL cards before we start making out the certificates. Typically we start mailing out certificates in mid November. With your donations we will again have a unique full-color two-sided card for each of the four races.

A high-quality photo certificate will be available for working the following three races in the same year:
a/ Either The Indianapolis 500 or The Grand Prix of Indianapolis
b/ The Brickyard 400
c/ The Red Bull Indianapolis GP

The cost for printing the certificates and the cards comes from your donations and out of our own pockets. We are NOT supported by the Speedway. For direct QSL requests, we must insist on an SASE with your QSL card containing the date, time, band, mode, and report of the QSO. NO SASE, NO W9IMS CARD - NO EXCEPTION.

To apply for a certificate, please send $5 and the QSO data for all three events that you worked!
The $5 covers:
a. Custom printed certificate
b. Cardboard stiffener
c. Cards for each of the three races
d. Envelope for all of the above
e. Postage

Apply to sponsor: Indianapolis Motor Speedway Amateur Radio Club, P.O. BOX 30954, Indianapolis, IN 46230, USA.

1. NON-USA STATIONS- QSL direct or via the bureau. For a certificate, please follow the directions below for USA STATIONS FOR CERTIFICATE.

2. USA STATIONS (FOR QSL CARDS)- Send your QSL card with date, time, frequency, and report along with a SASE (#9 or #10 Business Envelope -- our QSL cards are 3.5" x 5.5"). If you are going to try for the certificate, please wait and follow the certificate directions below.

3. USA STATIONS (FOR CERTIFICATE)- You must work ALL three races in the same year:
Either the Indianapolis 500 or The Grand Prix of Indianapolis in May
The Brickyard 400 in July
The Red Bull Indianapolis GP in August

Working us three times for one race or on three bands for one race does not count and you will not receive a certificate. If you qualify, please send a QSL listing the date, time, frequency, and report for the contacts for the three different races in the same year (please list all three on one QSL card if possible) along with $5. We will send back all three QSL cards and the certificate. The certificate is on high-quality photo paper.

SWL STATIONS- Follow the directions above for USA or NON-USA stations and substitute an SWL report where appropriate. Please email W9IMS if you have any questions.

QRZ site W9IMS Internet:

Tks PA3CUZ 6/6/15

May 7 to November 2, 2015

RUSSIA                                                     175th Anniversary of Peter Ilich Tchaikovsky

During the period from 7th May to 2nd November 2015 it is necessary to make ten (10) Radio contacts with members of the Klin department S.R.R. Moscow Region. and radio stations operating at the time of the radio contact located in the Klin Klin district (RDA MO - 66).  Valid modes include CW, PHONE, DIGI and modes and on all, including VHF.

Contacts with special event stations R175PT and R175PIT are counted as two radio hams of the Klin district. SWL’s must carry out at least five (5) Observations with the participation of one of the correspondents from among radio amateurs of Klin district.

The diploma is issued free of charge and in electronic form. Application for a diploma should be in the form of a log extract and sent via e-mail to (Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Khlebnikov.)


Tks 6/6/15

24 May to 4 November 2015

ITALY                                        100th anniversary WWI - White War in Adamello - GBA"

The Adamello Glacier is located in Val Camonica, between the region of Lombardy and Trentino-Alto Adige. It is the largest glacier in the Italian Alps with a maximum altitude of 3530 meters and a minimum altitude of 2550 meters above sea level.
During the First World War, in the operating area of what was called the White War, the Adamello-Presanella sector held a great strategic value.
It is 100 years since the events of the first world war the events which occurred on the Adamello mountains, and this ham radio award commemorates the Italian army at this anniversary. The award is available to all amateur stations and SWLs alike.
The award is sponsored by A.R.I. Vallecamonica and ARI Cles Radio Clubs to all ham radio stations that request it and have achieved the minimum score required.

Contact the following operating Stations:
1) The following accredited stations will operate: •
A. All members of ARI Vallecamonica Radio Club accredited so as listed on the official website and on and on (see the section "IQ2VC"; •
All members of ARI Cles Radio Club accredited so as listed on the website and on and (see the section "IQ3NS").
2) The following "jolly" stations will operate:
a. IQ2VC - ARI Vallecamonica Radio Club
b. IQ3NS - ARI Cles Radio Club
c. Stations operating at memorials or shrines for soldiers of the First World War :
3) Special Activations by the Radio Clubs members, in places representative of the Great White War (you can find the list on official website).

Advertising and promotion of the event :
The activities will be advertised on the site , as well as on
and on page of IQ2VC , and on the page of of IQ3NS.

Emission modes
The emission modes allowed are : CW - SSB – DIGITAL MODES
Operating bands : All amateur bands from 80 to 10m in respect of the band plan.

Points Value for QSO:
QSOs with stations from historic places on Adamello Mountain , = 10 points ;
QSOs with "Jolly" stations = 5 points ;
QSOs with members of the Vallecamonica and Cles Radio Clubs, and with accredited apply : 
     " CW: 3 points
     " DIGI-MODES: 2 points
     " SSB: 1 points
Every name, including Jolly stations and historical activation, may be linked only once a day for each band and emission modes.

To get the award is necessary to achieve the minimum score:
     " Italian OM :50 punti
     " European OM: 38 punti
     " Extra-EU OM: 20 punti.

The call will be made as follows : CW & DIGITALE : CQ CQ DE (+ call) GBA AWRD K or SSB : CQ CQ de (+ call) - Diploma Guerra Bianca in Adamello Stazione valevole (+ punti) punti.

Applying for the Award :
The request must be accompanied by the list of QSOs ( LOG ) on file with the name format .adif : callsignhunter.adif.
We accept paper logbooks using alleged module and sent by mail.
A commemorative QSL will be sent by BUREAU service or on request in the case of direct shipment .

The cost of the award in print, to cover expenses of production and shipping is:
- € 10.00 for Italian OM
- € 12.00 (or 15.00 US Dollars) for EU and stations outside of EU

The application for the award ( model attached) must be sent together to the following email address accompanied by the receipt of the payment and the application form :
The fee which may be paid by either of these two methods: -
1. Electronic Payment:
Via Postepay to n.4023 6009 1532 6773
Sent toVisinoni Felice, CF VSNFLC68M05D25 or
2. Via Paypal to the following email address :
Requests to obtain the award must be received not later than January 1, 2016

Additional information may be found on their website at:!cartina/c44r!vuoto/cvxe

Tks SP9JPA 6/8/15

1 June to 31 December 2015

SPAIN                                         International Light IYL2015 of Year Award

The year 2015, has been declared byUNESCO as "International Year of Light" and for this reason the ARI has sponsored the IYL2015 diploma, where 4 special event stations have been licensed.

Requirements: contact these 4 stations using CW, SSB and Digital Modes (RTTY and PSK) on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80 and 160 meters.
Each of the special stations may be contacted a maximum of 3 QSOs per day with the same station on each band, one for each mode.
     II0IYL, installed in the Astronomical Observatory of Monte Mario (Rome).
     II1IYL, installed in the Astronomical Observatory of Pino Torinese (Turin).
     II3IYL, installed in the Astronomical Observatory of Asiago and Cima Ekar (Padua).
     II8IYL, installed in the Astronomical Observatory of Capodimonte (Naples).
     Another 4 stations will be activated with the same call sign operating portable (/ P).

Scoring: 5 points per contact in CW, 4 points in digital and 3 points in SSB.
/P stations will be worth all the same: 2 points in any band and mode.

Requirements for earning the Diploma:
1. -Italian stations, 100 points;
2. -European stations, 50 points;
3. -stations outside Europe, 25 points.

Confirmations: A special commemorative QSL will be sent to those who ask them via direct, via Bureau or Eqsl.
Deadline: Diploma requests may be submitted until February 28, 2016 sent to , or by postal mail to: ARI di c/o IK8PXZ Vittorio Borriello, Via Iave 142, I-80126 Napoli, Napoli, Italy.
The diploma will be available in electronic format and also on paper, in which case the cost is 10E, and may be paid using the following account of ARI Sezione di Napoli - IBAN IT02A0760103400001002292439.


Tks calendar. 6/19/15

1 June to 31 October 2015

300th Anniversary Of Lviv Brewery EM300WLP

This award is issued by the Lviv Branch of League of Radioamateurs of Ukraine – Lviv Shortwave Club (LKK) and recognizes the 300th Anniversary of the oldest and famous brewery not only on the territory of today's Ukraine, but in all of Eastern Europe. This award may be earned by all radio amateurs of world. Electronic and Paper awards are available.

To qualify, the applicant has to prove making two way contacts during the period from the 1st of June till the 31st of October in 2015 on different amateur HF, VHF, UHF bands (1.8 - 432 MHz) using different modes of emission and to earn at least 300 points. At least one QSO must made with the special event station EM300WLP using any mode of emission.

Point Values:
1. special event station EM300WLP = 50 points;
2. LKK members = 25 points (


3. Any other amateur station of the Lviv Region* (not LKK member) = 10 points.
*Lviv Region Callsign can be identified as Ukrainian prefix UR-UZ any figure 0-9 and having a first letter of their suffix beginning from letter W, for example - UR4WWE, UW1WU, UT3WJ, US0WJ.
Each station may be worked in different mode on the same band. And the same mode but on ae different band.

European hams need to collect 300 points. All point values are doubled for hams in countries outside of Europe and for VHF/UHF contacts.

1. Send electronic plain text applications sent by e-mail to
2. Paper applications should be sent to award manager UW1WU (info on
Any questions should be sent to award manager UW1WU email


Tks Ukranian QRP Club and Victoria UT7AW

June 1 to July 31, 2015

ROMANIA                                Cluj Napoca 2015 European Youth Capital YP0Y

To celebrate the Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital during 2015 we will be using the special call sign YP0Y between June 1 and July 31, 2015.
Make contacts with the special event station YP0Y during the period June 1 to July 31 2015.
All Bands and modes are OK. QSL: LoTW, eQSL and paper QSL direcy only ( send SASE to YO5EI )

Six different and free electronic awards will be available for contacting different numbers of the special station :
B1 - 5 QSOs are needed in 5 different bands, regardless of mode.
B2 - 4 QSOs are needed in 4 different bands, regardless of mode.
B3 - 3 QSOs are needed in 3 different bands, regardless of mode.
M1 - 5 QSOs are needed in 5 different modes, regardless of band.
M2 - 4 QSOs are needed in 4 different modes, regardless of band.
M3 - 3 QSOs are needed in 3 different modes, regardless of band.


See more about European Youth Capital at:

Tks Victoria UT7AW 6/10/15

1 - 30 June 2015

POLAND                                                  20 Years Self Governance of PSZOW (SN20MP)

On the occasion of 20 years of self-governance of our city Pszów, from 1 June to 30 June this year work will be marked by special event station SN20MP. On this occasion, everyone will receive a special for the occasion QSL card, and also to obtain a commemorative diploma per the rules below.

1. The organizer of the diploma and diploma sponsor is SP9PKM Amateur Radio Club which located at MOK in Pszów.
2. The aim of the award is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of self-government of the city of Pszów, after disassociating from Wodzislaw Slaski in 1995.
3. Time of activity is from June 1 to June 30, 2015.
4. The diploma program "SN20MP" is available to Polish and foreign individual stations, amateur radio clubs, as well as SWL’s.
5. During the award period, the organizers will provide special event station SN20MP activity stations on the HF and VHF bands using emissions - SSB, CW, FM, DIGI.
6. To receive a commemorative diploma you must make at least two commemorative communications with SN20MP on two different bands, or use two different emissions on one band.
7. Participants who meet the requirements for obtaining the diploma and are interested in receiving it, should apply by e-mail to: including an extract from their log confirming the contacts no later than 07/31/2015.
8. Diploma is issued only in electronic form and is FREE for all.


Tks SP9JPA 6/7/15

June 1 to 30, 2015

HUNGARY                                                  The Danube Day Award

Some words about Danube: The Danube, one of the world's great rivers stretches for 1800 miles from a spring in the Black Forest of southern Germany near Donaueschingen to the Black Sea. It runs east through Regensburg and Passau, Germany, to Linz and Vienna, Austria and on to Bratislava, Slovakia, then continues east to Budapest, Hungary where it abruptly heads south to Mohacs, Hungary. It is then joined by the Drava and again turns in an easterly direction to Belgrade, Serbia where its volume is increased by the Sava River. It then continues east, forming the border between Romania and Bulgaria, eventually creating a massive delta which now includes parts of Russia, Romania and Bulgaria, before emptying into the Black Sea. The delta is a very important bird sanctuary and breeding ground.

The International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River has declared June 29, each year to be the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE DAY.  On the occasion of this event the group of Hungarian ham radio amateurs being residences of the Danube River Bend, Hungary calls for a regularly organized special event activity each year.  The official name of the event is the INTERNATIONAL DANUBE RIVER HAM RADIO ACTIVITY and issues this award.

1. Participation: all licensed hams.
2. Period: 0000 UT June 01, - 2359 UT June 30, each year
3. Frequency: all bands OK.
4. Mode: all modes OK, repeater operation: accepted, VoIP (EchoLink, etc.) operation is also allowed if both sides are on radio (Radio - VoIP System - Radio).
5. Special Event Station: HG7DANUBE
6. Report: all participants will send signal report, operator's name, QTH. Stations alongside the river shall send "nr Danube" or "/Danube" in addition.
7. Points:
     A. Stations living in cities and towns that are alongside the Danube River from all 10 countries = 1 point, 2 points can be claimed for them on DANUBE DAY (June 29, according to UT).
     B. QSO with special event station HG7DANUBE = 5 points all over the activity period except on June 29, according to UT when 10 points can be claimed.
8. A station sending "nr Danube" or "/Danube" counts once for scoring independently from band and mode over the activity period.
Important: A station counts as a Danube River Station if its QTH is a settlement that borders or crosses the Danube or is operating portable on the bank or on an island of Danube or sailing on the river. It is ageneral rule that that everybody can work everybody.

Examples of settlements bordered or crossed by Danube river:

Trophies: The highest score will be awarded with a special CUP.
The top 3 scores will be awarded with a special Danube Day Activity Certification.
Please remember that all valid Danube contacts (made at any time back to 2007) count for DANUBE AWARD that is issued on application after having 100 stations alongside Danube River.

Log/AWARD application instructions:

Activity logs and/or applications for the DANUBE AWARD are to be sent to: Mr. Jozsef Szekely HA7VY, H-2011 Budakalasz, Kinizsi u. 5., Hungary.
You may also apply via email:to HA7VY [ ]as a text attachment no later than July 30, in the actual year as to activity logs concerned. Your standard log extract (or spreadsheet) will highly be appreciated.

Cup and certificates will be mailed to the winners. Please attach 2 EUR or equivalent in IRC to only Danube Award application for covering cost of postage.


Tks SP9JPA 6/7/15

June 1 to December 31, 2015

POLAND                                      35th Anniversary of Club OT-27

This award celebrates the 35th anniversary of the OT-27, GREATER SOUTH PAC, by activation of the individual member radio stations and sponsoring this award. The sponsors are the Polish Amateur Radio Union, Local Branch 27 South Wielkopolska, with its registered office in Ostrow Wielkopolski.  To earn the award, you should contact / SWL individual stations and club stations who will be active during the above period. All Bands and modes may be used. Repeater QSOs OK. Hovever, no QSOs by "cross-band" or "mixed-mode".

Requirements: Earn 35 points by QSOs of the current members of the OT-27 PAC.

a) individual stations of members of the OT-27 ECV = 5 pts.,
b) club stations OT-27 PAC = 10 pts.,
c) any other stations SN-27-GIP = 15 pts.,

Note: All contacts must be with different stations. Repeated QSOs of same station on another band or another mode are not valid.

Award fees:
a. Polish stations, members of the PAC - 10 zl, the remaining 20 zl, payment on account of the OT-27 PAC.
b. Foreign stations dploma cost is 3 EUR / $ 3 or 3 IRC.

Application: send extract from the log of communications, confirmed by two amateur stations, or the parent club, or local branch PAC. Send application and proof of payment to the following address:

Or by mail: Gregory Dobrychlop SP3RNZ, Box 85, 62-510 Konin, Poland.

Electronic Payment:
Sign OT-27 PAC
59 1440 1215 0000 0000 0479 9607
ul. Smigielski 16a / 7
63-400 Ostrow Wielkopolski
Payment title: diploma 35 years OT-27

The current list of individual members, clubs and occasional stations affiliated to the OT-27 is available on the , in the section MEMBERS OT-27.


Tks 6/7/15

June 1 to December 31, 2 015

RUSSIA                                             60th Anniversary of Baikonur

To commemorate the 60 - anniversary of the legendary spaceport of Baikonur. The International amateur radio club for aviators "Fifth Ocean" has established a commemorative diploma top honor this event.

On February 12, 1955, the Central Committee of the CPSU and the USSR Council of Ministers approved the establishment of Research Test Site 5 of the USSR Ministry of Defense (NIIP number 5 USSR Ministry of Defense), designed to test missile technology. This facility was built between two regional centers of Kyzyl-Orda region of Kazakhstan - Kazalinsk and Dzhusaly near the junction Tyuratam railway Moscow - Tashkent. It became the cosmodrome "Baikonur" - the first and largest spaceport in the world.. It covers an area of 6717 km. The official date of birth of the city and the landfill is considered to be June 2, 1955.

The award may be earned by making contacts as shown below between the dates of June 1, 2015 to December 31, 2015. The award is available to licensed radio amateurs of all countries for the conduct of (SWL) in the range of 1.8 - 28 MHz.

1. Contacts with Special Event station UP60SPACE, on the 60th - anniversary of the Baikonur (June 2) = 10 points;
2. Contacts with Special Event Station UE40SA, on the 40th - anniversary of the docking of spacecraft "Soyuz" - "Apollo" in the period from July 1 to July 20 = 10 points;
3. Contacts with members of the club "Fifth Ocean" using ... / AM = 10 points;
4. Contacts wtih Members of the club "Fifth Ocean", working on CW = 7 points;
5. Contacts with Members of the club "Fifth Ocean" operating digital modes = 5 points;
6. Contacts with Members of the club "Fifth Ocean", on phone = 3 points;
7. Contacts with members of the club "Fifth Ocean", as well as the call sign of the participants days of activity - R3AS, R7MD, RW3D, R9BB, RA3PPG, RD4CCG, RU3SV / 3, RV3D, RV3YR, UA4LS, UN / RK2B, UN7FW, UN7SB, UN7TWA, UN7THF, UN9LBZ, doing military service or participating in the activities of the MSS or participating in radio expeditions to the area - give an additional 5 points to the above mentioned credits.

Repeated QSOs only permitted on different bands and different modes.
During the week of activity from 1st June to 7 June 2015 allows double credits for members of "Fifth Ocean".
All participants of the activity days that give points for the diploma must send their QSO ADIF file on a site or RV3YR or send

Diploma in electronic form is free, through the issuance of If a paper version is wanted, send by registered the fee of $US6 payment via Pay Pal - . For amateur radio operators in Russia and the CIS countries the cost of the diploma in print and view its transmission by registered mail - 200 rubles. Payment by postal order to the address: RV3YR Viktor Borodin, PO Box No 1, Bryansk, 241027, Russia or the card "Sberbank of Russia» No 4276 0800 1196 8253.

For amateur radio operators in Ukraine cost of the diploma in print and mail it by registered mail views - 25 UAH. Payment by postal order to the address: UZ9RR, Yu Pronin, A / I in 1480, Chernihiv, 14033, Ukraine or the card "Privat Bank» No 5168 7553 7582 1291. E-mail: SKYPE: ympron


Tks 6/2/15

1 - 30 June 2015

AZERBAIJAN                                    ODLAR YURDU Award (1-st European Olympic Games Azerbaijan 4JG1EU)

The first edition of the European Games will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in June 2015.  The Opening Ceremony is planned to take place on Friday June 12th and the closing ceremony on Sunday June 28th 2015.
The"Odlar Yurdu" award is presented to Amateur Radio operators for contacts made with Azerbaijan hams during the first European Olympic Games "Baku-2015". The award is also available to SWLs

Contacts may be made on HF / VHF bands, between June 1-30, 2015.
Modes: CW, Phone, Digital

Requiirements: You must earn a minimum of 15 points during the operating period.

Point Values:
1. For hams located in the Russian Far East (UA0J, K, L, C, D, F, O, U, V, X, Z), each contact = 5 points.
2. Europe, Asia, Africa = 3 points.
3. North and South America, Australia, Oceania, Antarctica = 5 points

You may the same station on multiple bands or work the same station on the same band, but in other modes, for extra points.
Send your log extract showing QSO/SWL date and time, band, mode, RST exchanged via e-mail to .

Once approved by the Award Committee, the "Odlar Yurdu" award’s electronic version in hi-res PDF will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail address. There is no cost for the electronic award.
You may also obtain the award in a form of plaque (suitable for hanging on the wall). The cost is 10 Euros (or $US11), shipping is free. Payments should be sent via PayPal to . Please indicate your call sign as payment reference. Payments received without callsign information will be returned to sender.

The Russian Community of Azerbaijan will also be awarding special plaques to:
1. The 3 Top Amateurs in the world, who score the highest number of points .
2. The 10 Top Stations of Russia and the former Soviet Republics, who score in the highest number of points.
3. Top Stations per continent, who score in the highest number of points.

The Amateur radio operator from Azerbaijan who makes the most contacts in the month of June will receive a special commemorative plaque.
Award information provided by Boris 4K4K & Mike, 4K8M, submitted by NT2X
QSL via 4K4K.


Tks and NT2X and UT7AW 6/1/15




1-30 June 2015

RUSSIA                                    Diploma "Ioann of Kronstadt"

Special Event Station UE25IK will be on the air in honor of the canonization of St. Ioann of Kronstadt who was declared a saint in 1990.

The Diploma "Ioann of Kronstadt" has been established to provide an incentive to amateur radio operators around the world to make contact with amateur operators of UE25IK station.

The Diploma is available for making at least 3 QSOs with UE25IK. The contacts must be made from June 1 to June 30, 2015. The QSOs may be made on any band using any mode. The award is free and available in electronic form upon the check of online log automatically - .


Email: (UE25IK)


1 June to 31 July 2015

ROMANIA                              Cluj-Napoca European European Youth Capital for 2015

The Special event callsign YP0Y will be used to celebrate the Cluj-Napoca European Youth Capital in 2015. The event will be conducted between June 1 and July 31, 2015.

All bands and modes OK. QSL: LoTW, eQSL and paper QSL - direct only via YO5EI

For YP0Y QSO's made between 1 June to 31 July 2015, YP0Y Team will release 6 different free electronic diplomas as following:
B1 - 5 QSO's are needed in 5 different bands, regardless of mode.
B2 - 4 QSO's are needed in 4 different bands, regardless of mode.
B3 - 3 QSO's are needed in 3 different bands, regardless of mode.
M1 - 5 QSO's are needed in 5 different modes, regardless of band worked.
M2 - 4 QSO's are needed in 4 different modes, regardless of band worked.
M3 - 3 QSO's are needed in 3 different modes, regardless of band worked.

Tks: (Yp0y) 6/1/15

1 June to 31 July 2015

LITHUANIA                                           10th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Hill Forts Program

A hill fort is a type of earthworks used as a fortified refuge or defended settlement, located to exploit a rise in elevation for defensive advantage. They are typically European and of the Bronze and Iron Ages. Some were used in the post-Roman period. The fortification usually follows the contours of a hill, consisting of one or more lines of earthworks, with stockades or defensive walls, and external ditches. Hill forts were in use in many Celtic areas of central and western Europe until the Roman conquest. Tks WIKIPEDIA

Hillforts are the best known and the most beautiful archaeological monuments in Lithuania. They are the remnants of primitive forts Their total number approaches one thousand. Lithuania has more hillforts, to which this atlas is devoted, than our neighbouring countries. An authoritative reference with locations and images is found at: year Lithuania celebrates 10-th anniversary of Lithuanian Hill-Forts award’s program. During the months of June-July, 2015, activity from Lithuanian hill-forts is planned under the special call LY10LHFA, also under amateur stations using their regular call-signs.

In order to obtain this award it is necessary to establish two-way contacts with stations operating at 10 different Lithuanian hill-forts. All QSOs between June 1 and July 30, 2015 are valid in any amateur bands, any mode (CW, SSB, FM or DIGI).
E-mail applications should be sent to: until August 30, 2015.
The award will be issued and sent in .JPG or .PDF format upon request.

Look for announcements of planned activities at:

The LY10LHFA QSL manager and LHFA program manager – LY2KM


Tks 6/1/15


20-21 June 2015
27-28 June 2015

England                                                            International Museums Weekend

On the 3rd and 4th weekends of June 2015, amateur station will be operating from a over 325 museums from all over the world, though primarily in Europe. Contacts with at least 5 museums will qualify you to earn a no charge digital award in PDF format.
The awards will be for 5 or 20 IMW registered stations worked and one for SWLs for 10 registered stations heard. To claim the awards send a log extract with :- your Email Address, Name and Call-Sign.

 The log extract should also include:
- registration number from the IMW website list
- call of the museum station worked
- date
- time in UTC
- Band
- Mode
- and in case of SWLs: callsign of the station worked by the museum station

Please include all IMW stations contacted as the Awards states how many you worked in total not just the 5 or 20 or 10. The log extracts can be in any the following formats: txt, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, pdf, jpg and should be sent to The Awards Manager , Hans Jurgen-Schmelzer DE3EAR, by Email to:


Tks PA3CUZ 3/1/15

June 7 to 30, 2015

POLAND                                       "Tytus, Romek and ‘Tomek" HF5TYTUS

The award recognizes the anniversary of the birth of Henry Jerzy Chmielewski, Polish graphic artist, cartoonist and columnist (as a radio amateur SP5LP posted in the Bulletin of the JCC PAC columns), known as Papcio Chmiel, the creator of the comic strip series Fri. "Tytus, Romek and A'Tomek", was born on 7 June 1923.

The following stations are valid for the award:
SQ1KSL - Veronica - HF1ROMEK
SQ1KSM - Slawek - HF1TYTUS
SP3GVX - Brands - HF3TYTUS
SQ3ODX - Staszek - HF3ROMEK
SO5MAX - Maciej - HF5TYTUS
SP3PJW - QTH: Krzesnica - HF0TYTUS -mainly activity associated with A KIDS DAY

- Polish stations - 8 QSOs
- Foreign stations - 4 QSOs
- DX stations - 2 QSOs
- SWL stations - as sender.

Communications on individual bands can be made on each of the modes for award credit: (CW, Phone, Digi, FM).
Logs preferably in Cabrillo format should be sent by 07.15.2015 r. address


Tks (HF5TYTUS) 6/1/15

June 11 to September 16, 2015

RUSSIA                                 Russian Yeti Expedition - 2015 (UE44Y)

An International year-round research effort sponsored by cinema-radio filming and lab work is planned for the period June 11 to September 2015. The goal of the Russian Yeti Expedition is finding the legendary "Bigfoot". One of the ways the group is raising promoting publicity for this very unusual endeavour is to establish an Amateur radio National diploma program called the Russian Yeti Expedition Award.  The Russian Yeti Expedition: UE44Y will be active from various locations of Mountain Shoria, Tashtagol district, Kemerovo region until 16 September 2015 using various HF & VHF bands of different types of communication.

Contact / SWL the expedition special event station UE44Y and receive a printed QSL-card, which will be distributed only upon request by e-mail in a gift set:
1. Special QSL-card of the expedition.
2. Special envelope honoring the expedition.
3. Special postal cancellation of the expedition sent from the homeland of the Russian Yeti.

For QSOs/SWL with the expedition special event station UE44Y. At the headquarters of the Russian Yeti Expedition, to receive specially designed 3 diplomas classes and original ethnic Plaque.
Requirements: To earn the paper diplomas honoring the Russian Yeti Expedition Award will offer 3 different classes plus a plaque accompanied by a small sample of the natural mountain herbarium-coniferous taiga, you should make QSOs with UE44Y as follows:
     3rd class (with a branch of the Siberian spruce): = 2 QSOs.
     2nd class (with a branch of the Siberian fir):= 3 QSO.
     1st class (with a branch of the Siberian cedar): = 4 QSOs.
     To earn a unique birch awards Russian Yeti Expedition Trophy, made by Shor master of crafts, you need to make 5 QSOs.

Repeated QSO/SWL with the special radio UE44Y count on various HF & VHF bands and different modulation types from 8 June to 16 September 2015.
Contact the Headquarters (HQ) Russian Yeti Expedition, P. O. Box 1, Tashtagol, Kemerovskaya oblast, 652990, Russia.

Fees Schedule:s ( These are the fees for different aspects of this expedition.  I suppose that they will help to fund the enterprise.  It is always your decision whether you decide to pay or not. )

Special QSL
with a special envelope and stamp expedition = 5 USD
2.      Special AWARD with a special stamp expedition = 10 USD (each paper class)
3.      Special ETHNO PLAQUE with a special stamp expedition = 44 USD
= 15 USD
Special DVD-Video FILM (21 min.) = 20 USD


Tks 6/28/15

15 June to 15 July 2015

SPAIN                                                10TH ANNIVERSARY European Radio Amateurs' Organization (EURAO)

The award marks the 10th anniversary of the creation of EURAO (European Radio Amateurs' Organization). Spanish Telecommunications has authorized all Spaniards to use special call sign prefixes to recognize the event. The clubs of: Mike Victor Dx Group and Delta Radio Club Association Alcarreńo, have created this diploma to recognize this event.

SCOPE: all licensed radio amateurs (and SWLs) may participate.
DATES: From 00:00 (UTC) on the day June 15, 2015, until 21:59 hours (UTC) of the day July 15, 2015.
BANDS: Any band allocated to radio amateurs, within the segments recommended by the IARU.
MODE: All modes OK.

DIPLOMA: There are two categories of the award depending on the contacts made:
1. SILVER category - contact at least 3 of the 5 participating stations
2. GOLD category = contact all the five participating stations .

Participating stations are AM310HKY, AM310HLM, AM310RKM, AM410DCU and AM410RKA.
The certificate shall be issued as a pdf document which you may receive by claiming it on the website: .
SWLs should submit the list of stations heard providing the basic data of Day, Time UTC, frequency, mode and call sign of the contacted station.

Tks 6/16/16

28 June to 31 December 2015

RUSSIA                                                              National Diploma "Literary Heritage of Russia"

The national amateur award program "Literary Heritage of Russia" was established in the "year of literature in the Russian Language, a National Ecoproject "Green Russia" with the participation of radio amateurs and radio clubs of the Russian Federation.

Special event stations will be active starting on 28 June (00 UTC) on 31 December 2015 with special radios R2015X / XX, (where the "XX" will be initials or identification of the famous Russian writers and poets being honored by stations located in the same areas of the territories of the Russian Federation, whose life and work were associated with literature.

To fulfill different classes of this National diploma "Literary Heritage of Russia" you must earn the following number of points for different levels of the award:
Grade 3: 500 points
Grade 2: 1000 points
Grade 1: 1500 points

A special Plaque will be provided for those earning 2,015 points. (This plaque is made of optical glass accompanied with a laser engraved gift box (weight: 0.5 kg).

Point Values:
1. Each QSO / SWL with special radios R2015X / XX, dedicated to the great and famous Russian writers and poets =50 points
2. Contacts with R2015LY = gives 100 points.
3. Repeated QSO / SWL will count for the award if made on different of HF & VHF bands and different modulation types (telephone, telegraph, digital modes). SWL cards should be sent to the Organizing Committee. Contacts with the headquarters (HQ):

The following list of stations are known to be active for the program and each of them counts 50 points for each band/mode combination. The number of contacts made up to 7/17/15 is shown next to their call sign:

R2015AK 0
R2015AS 271
R2015BA 0
R2015BE 0
R2015BK 1187
R2015C 2598
R2015DG 0
R2015DS 1070
R2015EP 3870
R2015GV 0

R2015HV 298
R2015KI 3457
R2015KK 781
R2015KM 3078
R2015L 801
R2015LY 4022
R2015NE 2262
R2015NN 0
R2015NS 665
R2015P 1499

R2015PB 785
R2015PN 0
R2015SA 552
R2015SB 699
R2015SM 10210
R2015SV 1098
R2015TA 2071
R2015TL 764
R2015VV 987
R2015ZE 1739

The website contains all the rules for the awards. Active stations will download logs throughout the event, and there will be a page established wherein you indicate your call sign, and your status regarding number of contacts and points earned will be displayed. The Russian site HAMLOG.RU is coordinating all of the data feeds. While it is not immediately apparent, I think that there is NO charge for any of the awards. I have heard several of the "R2015XX" stations now, so they are definitely available.


Tks K1BV Research 7/25/15

20 - 28 June 2015
17 - 25 October 2015

POLAND                                    „AWARD 1956"

The School Amateur Radio Club SP3PGR (Szkolny Klub Krótkofalowców SP3PGR) in Poznan has organized from June 20 to June 28, 2015 (special event station SN1956PC) and from October 17 to October 25, 2015 (special event station SN1956PW) the diploma action "AWARD 1956" designed to commemorate the anniversary of the tragic events of Polish and Hungarian history - Poznan June 1956 and Hungarian Revolution of 1956 (in Hungarian: 1956-os forradalom). The action is part of the anniversary celebrations organized by the Poznan City June 28 and October 23, 2015. The manager of the diploma action is Jacek Behrendt SQ3OPM ( ). The honorary patronage of the event are provided by:

The Mayor of Poznan,
The Ambassador of Hungary in Warsaw,
Veterans' Association and Participants of the Poznan June 1956 (Związek Kombatantw i Uczestników Powstania Poznańskiego Czerwca 1956),
Hungarian World Federation ’56 (‘56-os Magyarok Világszövetsége).

Award rules :
1. Participants: all licensed national stations, individual and club foreign stations as well as short wave listeners (SWLs).
2. Period of time:

     first step starting at 00:01 June 20 until 23:59 June 28, 2015 (LT for SP-HA),
     second step starting at 00:01 October 17 until 23:59 October 25, 2015 (LT for SP-HA).
3. Bands and modes: all bands in compliance with IARU R1 Band Plan HF, available modes: CW, SSB, DIGI.
4. Points:
     Each individual and club stations from Poznan or Budapest are awarded points, as follows:
     special event station SN1956PC (first step) and special event station SN1956PW (second step) = 20 points,
     club stations = 10 points,
     individual stations = 5 points.
You can also earn points for the diploma by participating in the Poznan Contest June 27, 2015 at 04:00-06:00 UTC.

5. Conditions:
To get the diploma you must have obtained the following score:
     Polish and Hungarian stations need 100 points,
     European stations need 50 points,
     Non-European stations need 30 points.
     At least one QSO/HRD must be made with one of the special event stations SN1956PW or SN1956PW. QSOs/HRDs with the stations may be repeated on another band or another mode one each day. The diploma separate for each step or one diploma for all the action in PDF format is free.

6. Stations granting points may earn the award provided that they make at least 56 QSOs and will send their application.
7. Applications should contain your call, name, surname (or name of the club), e-mail address and the list of your QSOs/HRDs please send to the following address: . The deadline for sending of applications expires at the end of June 2015 (first step) and at the end of October 2015 (second step or all the action).
The winners of this action will be posted on the school website , before November 6, 2015.

Tks SQ3OPM and 9A1AA

20 June to 20 July 2015

RUSSIA                                      Donetsk - 60 Diploma (UE60D)

This year, the residents of the city of Donetsk in the Rostov region mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of the city. In 1955, a decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR classified the city Gundorovka Kamensky of the Kamensky District area to be classified with the status as the City of Donetsk.  In honor of this event the radio amateurs of the Radio Club "Revival" have established this diploma - "Donetsk (Russia) - 60", and during the period 20 June to 20 July 2015 will operate a club station with special call UE60D.

The earn the award, during the period noted above, make at least 4 QSOs with station UE60D on the 40, 30, 20, 15 meters using CW or SSB.
Repeat contacts on the same band are counted only if modes used are different for both. (CW or SSB). QSOs will be confirmed only after eQSL. Cc
The Diploma "Donetsk (Russia) - 60" will be sent free of charge by e-mail attachment.

Send a log extract with contact information using formats of doc, xls, txt. Apply to: award manager UA6LSS address: . The deadline for applications is 20 August.2015,



Tks 6/19/15

30 June to 5 July 2015

USA                           13 Colonies Special Event

This award honors the colonial period of the USA and the 13 colonies which formed the first United States of America, celebrated each year on July 4, 2015. 
During the 6 day period shown above, look for and contact special event stations operating in: CT-DE-GA-MA-MD-NC-NH-NJ-NY-PA-RI-SC-and VA. Note that if you have made contacts for the same event in 2014, and did not apply for an award then, you may use those credits in the 2015 event!!

The theme for 2015 is "Founders and Patriots of the Republic". The certificate is printed on heavy card stock. Stations working one state or, as many as all 13, are eligible for the certificate. A "Clean Sweep" indicator will be affixed, for those lucky enough to "Q" all 13 states. A special endorsement will be attached for stations contacting our sister operation, WM3PEN, in Philadelphia, PA.

Additionally U.S. Military Veterans, American Legion and NRA members will receive a special endorsement (please indicate that you were a veteran or currently belong to the two organizations on your log form).

The colony stations will operate from Tuesday, June 30, 9:00 AM Eastern (1300 UTC) until Sunday Night, July 5th, 00:00 (Midnight) Eastern (0400 UTC July 6th).

The 13 Colonies will have TWO sister events: Our old friends WM3PEN will participate from Philadelphia, PA, where independence was declared. The 13 Colonies certificate have a Liberty Bell added for a contact with WM3PEN.

GB13COL will operate from Durham, England. Click on the GB13COL button below for details and QSL information.

SATELLITE STATIONS : We have only one satellite operator, from Maryland, this year.

QRP Operation: The 13 Colonies Special Event enlisted one dedicated SSB/CW QRP operator for each state for the 2014 event and beyond. No special station requirements, except the operator must be a General class or higher. This will be a QRP to QRP operation only.  We want to give the low power QRP station a chance to get a 13 Colony States "Clean Sweep" endorsement on your certificate. We know the thrill of a QRP station breaking a pile up, but with 200+ QRO/and higher stations in a pile up, well, most of the times +/-5 watts just wont work. If interested in volunteering for QRP operator, contact KU2US via email. He am listed at QRZ. You must be located in one of the Colony States. NOTE: New York's QRP position is filled.

Digital Operators: PLEASE do not send your macros. The ONLY information required to confirm a contact is: CALL SIGN, NAME, RST/RSQ, STATE/PROVINCE/COUNTRY. Sending more information than this takes a LOT of time and may keep another operator from getting a needed contact.

1) Download and print out our Colony Log sheet (this is a fillable DPF), see below (Yours is OK too). Fill-in all applicable information. NOTE: this also applies to SWLs requesting a certificate.
2) A $5.00(US) donation** is requested (NOTE: this is an increase from previous years due to increased costs of materials- envelopes up 45% - and postage - we kept the previous cost as long as we could and hope that you understand and continue to participate), AND A RETURN SELF ADDRESSED LABEL for your certificate return envelope. This will cut down the time you get your certificate by two fold. Your address should be on the label!
3) Cash, check or MO is OK. Place my name on the check/MO this way: (pay to the order of) Ken Villone-Award Manager. (Banks are fussy!)
4) Send your return label, donation & log sheet to: Ken Villone-KU2US, PO.Box-185, Conesus NY. 14435-0185, USA.
5) We will provide the return envelope and postage. NO extra postage required for DX requests.
6) If you also want a QSL card for a contact with K2A/NY, include a full detail QSL card with your log sheet. I will send it with the certificate in the same envelope.

NOTE: QSLs for any other states must be be sent to the QSL manager listed.

The 13 Colonies Special Event is a not for profit event. All donations are used to fund the next years event, and to defray any expenses occured. All donations are used for operating costs, supplies, equipment, and 13 Colony Group initiatives. Donation is voluntary.

Apply no later than 30 November 2015.

On line application:


June 30 to July 5, 2015

SPAIN                                                            DIPLOMA SAN FERMIN 2015     (Running of the Bulls at Pamplona)

Sponsored by the AMATEUR RADIO UNION OF PAMPLONA on the occasion of the celebration of the universally known Fiestas de San Fermin, the Pamplona Amateur Radio Union (URP) is organizing the Diploma "San Fermin" and invites all amateurs to participate in the 2015 version with the following rules:

1. SCOPE: open to all amateurs, possessing the appropriate official license.
2. DATES: from 08:00 h. UTC on June 30 to 21:00 h. UTC on July 5, 2015.
3. BANDS: 20, 40 and 80 m, within recommended by the IARU segments.
4. MODE: only SSB.
5. CALL: Contact stations calling "CQ Diploma San Fermin 2015".
6. LICENSORS: Special season EG2DSF, URP partners and other stations Navarra request to manager Diploma, and its formal commitment to send your contact list to manager Diploma in Cabrillo or Excel format, including the letters of the alphabet granted to each correspondent.
7. OBJECTIVE: Each participating station is assigned one letter of the alphabet per band and day chosen by the applicant.

8. List of characters to obtain: D - I - P - L - O - M - A - S - A - N - F - E - R - M - I - N - 2-0 - 1-5             (Repeated letters A, I, M and N be delivered once each).

9. The special event call station EG2DSF granted exclusive of the numbers 2, 0, 1 and 5.
10. A total of 16 characters are needed to complete the requirements.
11. QSL: No QSL cards are needed to confirm the contacts.

11. DIPLOMA: All participants who complete the phrase Diploma San Fermin 2015, may choose between one of two formats:
     A. Diploma in electronic PDF format A4, which is send email for free, or  
     B. Diploma mailed printed. In this case the applicants have to send fee of 3€. or stamps mailing expenses management and postage.
12. LISTS: lists can be made with the program Expedition WinURECon in HF category. The program supports fielding RS 59 more received a letter or number received accordingly.
You may also use an EXCE document. The list shall contain call sign of contacted station, date, time, band and RS. You can also download a form from EXCEL at the following link:

You can send this listing Cabrillo or exported in Excel format. In case of a paper list, the data will be tabulated, it must be clearly legible and is also imperative to put on each contact's letter of the alphabet obtained. They must also send the following data of applicant: callsign, name, full address and email. Any list that does not reflect the aforementioned data loses the right to diploma. The lists must be submitted duly completed, either by email to the address, or by post to the address URP in: Apdo. De Correos 327, 31080 Pamplona, Spain.

13. All applications must be submitted no later than September 15, 2015.
14. The list of stations earning the diploma will be published on the website:


Tks PA3CUZ 3/8/15

1 - 10 July 2015

RUSSIA                                            Konjac 2015 Diploma

Popov cities Karpinsk Krasnoturyinsk and in honor of the 20th anniversary of the International Mountain Marathon Konzhak 2015.
To obtain the award requires that you earn at least 20 points for contacts between 1 and 10 July 2015.

Point values:
l. Contact with radio stations that are working with local marathons or radio station RA8CB, are worth 10 points.
2. For radio stations located in Karpinsk and Krasnoturyinsk = 5 points for each QSO.
3. QSOs OK on all bands.
4. Repeated QSOs with same stations are allowed if made on different bands and modes.

The award fee for a paper certificate costs 50 rubles. The electronic certificate is free. Application and payment are sent to the address: 624930, the Karpinsk, Sverdlovsk region. / I 1. Anatoly Startsev. The electronic version of the diploma stating address:


Tks 6/19/15

1 - 31 July 2015

GERMANY                          "Sea of Peace" (SOP) - Pennon

The Sea Of Peace Pennon has ben issued for over 40 years. Every year in July, the radio amateurs of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern district offer special activities supporting the application of the SOP. It is awarded for contacts with different countries/areas bordering the Baltic Sea and Norway each year from 1st to 31st of July. Starting in 1992, the club award SOP sticker (asmall pennant) will be awarded to every one for yearly continuing accomplishment of the SOP comperition.

1. On HF, European applicants have to make contacts with 15 and all non- Europeans for 10 points. One German station is compulsory.
2. On frequencies above 30 MHz exclusively applicants need only earn 5 points. The DL contact is not compulsory.

Point Values:
1. A single QSO with Mecklenburg-Vorpommern district (DOK: V.., Z87, Z89, MVP, SOP..) = 3 points or 3 different DL stations stations of DL = 3 points (DL max. 3 points).
2. The following 25 countries/areas count 1 point each for the SOP: ES LA LY OH1 OH2 OH5 OH6 OH8 OH9 OHŘ OJŘ OZ R1/MVI RA1 RA2F SM1 SM2 SM3 SM5 SM6 SM7 SMŘ SP1 SP2 YL.

SWLs may also obtain the SOP. No QSLs needed, just send your log only.
For stations earning the SOP in 5 years of SOP Activity, we award a special sticker which free of charge.
Send your application to our SOP-Manager till the 31 August every year:  Georg Tretow, DL4SVA, P.O.Box 1114, D-23931 Grevesmühlen,

The fees: SOP sticker 4 EUR or 6 US$.
Fees for SOP pennon vary by the shipping-costs
DL - 10 EUR or 15 US$
EU - 12 EUR or 17 US$
DX - 15 EUR or 20 US$

All necessary information of transferring the fee you receive after successful application position.prefer your online application.


Tks K1BV Research 6/19/15

3 July to 20 September 2015 (see rules for activity periods)

FRANCE                                                   Napoléon Award 2015 (TM200EN)

Contact special event station TM200EN during the following 3 periods of planned activity:
      l. 3 to 5 & 8 to 9 & 21 to 23 July 2015.
     2. 1 to 2 August 2015.
     3. 3 to 4 & 18 to 20 September 2015

The station is operated by F4DTO Franck & F4GFE Patrick to honor the 200th Anniversary of Napoleon Bonaparte’s birth.

There are 4 categories for the award:
     1. Bronze = QSOs on 3 bands.
     2. Silver = QSOs on 4 bands.
     3. Gold = QSOs on 5 bands.
     4. Platinum = QSOs on 6 bands.

The contacts must have been made on the following bands: 40, 20, 17, 15, 12, 10 and 6 meters.
It is possible to use 1 joker or "wild card" contact for a missing contact with TM200EN..
Any one of these stations may substitute for a contact: TM190NB - during 2011 , TM200CF- during 2014, and TM210CN - during 2014.
Send a list of the contacts to the sponsor via e-mail to F4DTO at the address of: .

Internet: (F4DTO)

Tks 7/4/15

1 July to 28 September 2015

RUSSIA                               200th Anniversary of the Birth of Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov

Sponsored by the Tyumen regional branch of the RAF.  Within the framework of the Year of events- Literature in the Russian Federation (the organizing committee of the Year of Russian Literature in the National Diploma program "Literary Heritage of Russia" with the participation of the CPP announced by Presidential Decree dated 12 June 2014) Tyumen regional branch of the CPP in order to promote amateur radio and drawing attention to literature and reading in the Russian Federation and the popularization of the great and famous writers and poets of the Russian Federation, established the diploma "In honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov."

Ershov Petr Pavlovich (born March 6, 1815 (the 200th anniversary of his birth) Bezrukovo, Ishim county Tobolsk Province (now Tyumen Oblast) - August 30, 1869, Tobolsk) - Russian poet, novelist, playwright, author of a splendid tale in verse "Horse -Gorbunok ", which became a classic of Russian literature.

Requirements: To obtain the award applicants need to make 8 radio contacts (observations) with special event station R2015EP, using any HF and VHF amateur band and modes of phone, CW and digital.
Radio communications will count if made on different bands or one band using different modes (all the digital forms of communication are counted as one kind).

The Diploma is free of charge, and is issued in electronic form. The application for the Diploma may be sent by e-mail using a log extract and sent as a text file in format of Word (preferably) to award manager Oleg Bolotov (r8lah@mail.Ru ). In the subject line indicate: Diploma "In honor of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Pyotr Pavlovich Yershov." The application for a diploma must specify: your full name, your call sign, QTH, country of residence, and date of the application e-mail. After checking the award manager, the electronic version of the diploma will be sent to the specified email address of the applicant.

Extras. Info:

Tks 7/4/15

7/6/15 to 12/31/15

CZECH REPUBLIC                                                          Mister Jan Hus 600th Anniversary of Martyrdom

The Czech section of the DLC (Club chartered radio amateurs) sponsors the diploma to recognize the 600th anniversary of the martyrdom of Jan Hus Mistra. This is a public holiday in the Czech Republic. Jan Hus was a Roman Catholic priest, Czech medieval progressive religious thinker, a university teacher in years 1409-1410 was the Rector of Prague University, and a well known reformer and speaker. He was born in 1370g-died a martyr's death in1415 in the German city of Constance.

The diploma may be earned by all licensed amateur radio operators and observers.
The award is sponsored by the Chairman of the Czech section of the DLC Jaro (OK1BZ Honor Members KDR: 0463, VETERAN: 614, DIG: 6032, VOLNA: 323).
Your application must contain a statement on diploma required making fair disclosure with the given name and surname, that named the operator + CALLs which declares that the QSO was conducted according to the rules HAM Spirit . Otherwise, the diploma will not be issued.

Requirements: To obtain the diploma, OK stations need 600 points and all others 300 points.
During the period 11-14-15 to 12/2015 point values are multiplied by 2
All modes OK. No use of VHF repeaters or ECHOLINK. All modes (CW, SSB, FM, DIGITAL) OK, and all amateur radio bands OK. Same station may be worked on different bands and modes if the contacts are made on different days.

a. Each applicant must make a minimum 2 contacts with a member of the Czech section of the DLC:

MEMBER LIST and KDR member number:
Pavel OK1KZ/KDR: 0201/OK1KCF/KDR: 0461/
Karel OK1AL/KDR: 0239/
Jaro: 0463//KDR OK1BZ
Alexandr OK2MI/KDR: 1143/
Josef OK1SRD: 0464//KDR + ekv.
Beda OK1DOZ/KDR: 0590/
Jaroslav OK1IRZ:/KDR 0722/
Bohous OK2BOB/KDR: 0749/
Alexandr OM3YCA/KDR: 0081/
Pavel OM3IAG/KDR: 0082

Points required:
a. QSO with the members of the Czech DLC section +60 points
b. QSO with Member us other DLC sections +40 points
c. QSO with the honorary members of the DLC +60 points
d. QSO with members of the DIGUE +30 points

The diploma is issued only in digital form (pdf) on the basis of your application via E-mail: .
The website of the DLC will contain lists of winning applicants showing: diploma number, date, call signs, of all those who received it.


Tks 7/2/15

July 11, 2015

USA                                                            Centennial of the Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light

This Saturday, July 11th, the Ashland, WI, Historical Society, the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore, and the City of Ashland are sponsoring a Centennial Celebration of the Ashland Harbor Breakwater Light, ARLHS #USA-019. The event will also celebrate the transfer of ownership of the light from the Coast Guard to the National Park Service. The Ashland Light is the 9th light station in the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore.

KD9FM and N9XIM will be operating a centennial special event station using the call sign W9L. The operation will be on both 40 and 20 meters, as near to 7.270 and 14.270 as possible, throughout the day. Set up around 1330Z and on the air begins shortly after that. Further information about the event is posted on my home page on

I am offering a QSL card for an SASE, or a certificate which includes 11 photos of the Ashland Light, past and present, and a photo of the original light keepers house which is now under private ownership. For the certificate, send $2. We will provide the envelope and postage. Send your request for the card or certificate to home address of N9XIM on

Tks 6/8/15

10 - 31 July 2015

LITHUANIA                                        100th Anniversary of the S. Darius and S. Girenas Airfield (LY100DGA)

The S. Darius and S. Girenas airfield was founded in 1915 and is one of the oldest functioning airfields in Europe and the oldest in Lithuania. This place has a rich history associated with most of Europe countries and United States of America.
In 2015 S. Darius and S. Girenas airfield will be celebrating it’s 100th anniversary and will also host an international air show.
Several Lithuanian stations using the special event call sign LY100DGA will be on the air from 10 till 30 of July.

A special award will be available to mark the 100th anniversary. The rules are as follows:
1. Make QSOs/SWLs with LY100DGA from 10 till 31 of July 2015.
2. To obtain the award EU stations/SWL must make 3 QSOs and DX stations 2 QSOs.
3. QSO on different bands, modes with same station count for the award.
4. The award is in provided in the form of an electronic format image, free of charge.
5. Deadline to apply is 31 of December 2015.
6. Send e-mail with QSO/SWL data to:


Tks 6/8/15

11 - 12 July 2015

GERMANY                                                   Head Quarters Award 2015

Sponsored by the Brave Radio Friends group for working a minimum of 10 different head quarters stations during the 2015 IARU HF World Championship on July 11 and 12.  Each headquarters station only counts once, irrespective of band or mode. The number of stations worked will be entered on the award. The award is a available only as a downloadable pdf and there is no award fee. Deadline of the application: August 31.

Application by sending a log extract, showing each HQ station only one time via e-mail to .

Tks DE3EAR 7/10/15

11-12 July 2015


Sponsored by the USKA, the Swiss national amateur association for making contacts with their headquarters station on specified numbers of amateur bands during the period of the contest.

Up to 12 bands will be activated during the IARU HF HB9HQ World Championship.
The award is issued in four classes,
including 3, 6, 9 or 12 QSO on different bands and modes are needed.
The award is presented electronically as a PDF document at no cost. Applications with log extracts should be sent to : email .
The award is also available as a pre-printed document, printed on normal 80 grams paper in full color with a size of 210 x 297 mm (A4 format). See below for details.

HB9HQ award classes
Class Extra
12 QSO with HB9HQ (all bands 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 & 10m - depending on SSB and CW)
Class I
QSO with 9 HB9HQ (various bands / modes)
Class II
6 QSO with HB9HQ (various bands / modes)
Class III
3 QSO with HB9HQ (various bands / modes)

Applying for the pre-printed Award:
Applications may be made by traditional post no later than 31 July 2015 with log extract and your envelope stamped with Fr.1.80 A4 envelope to the following address: USKA Traffic Manager, HB9HQ Award, Hans-Peter Strub, HB9DRS, Bündnerstrasse 65, CH-4055 Basel, Switzerland.

Internet: (PDF in German)

Tks DH5MM 7/8/15

July 11-12, 2015

CYPRUS                                           The C4HQ Award

This award is offered to all stations who contact the special contest call sign C4HQ during the 2015 IARU HF World Championship Contest scheduled for 11-12 July, 2015.

There are 3 levels to the award depending on number of QSOs you make with C4HQ:
(There are 2 band mode slots available for each HF band; for example if you make contact with C4HQ on 20CW and 20SSB, this will be worth 2 band slots towards the award.)
1.      Vraka Award - contacts with C4HQ on 6 band/mode slots
2.      Aphrodite Award - contacts with C4HQ on 9 band/mode slots
3.      Agrino Award - contacts with C4HQ on 12 band/mode slots.

Awards can be claimed for free by eligible stations who provide by post or email sent to a file listing the claimed C4HQ contacts. In the subject line of your email please mention "C4HQ Award" followed by your call sign.


Tks K1BV Research 6/20/15

11 - 12 July 2015

ENGLAND                                                      Award Certificates for working GR2HQ

Individual stations that contact GR2HQ on up to 12 band/mode slots will be eligible for a special certificate issued by the GR2HQ team. This is the 12th year that these award certificates have been available.

Bronze award certificate : GR2HQ on three, four or five band/modes
Silver award certificate : GR2HQ on six, seven or eight band/modes
Gold award certificate : GR2HQ on nine, ten or eleven band/modes
Platinum award certificate : GR2HQ on all twelve band/modes

1. Special Platinum award certificates will be awarded to the first station in the U.K. and the first station outside the U.K. to work GR2HQ on all 12 band/modes in the shortest possible time. (This time will be measured from the 1st QSO with GR2HQ to the 12th QSO with GR2HQ, as logged in the GR2HQ logfile).
2. Also, Special Platinum award certificates will be awarded to every station who works GR2HQ on all 12 band/modes within a 30 minute period (again measured from the QSO times in the GR2HQ logfile) You may choose when the 30 minute period begins and ends, within the 24 hours - an interesting challenge !

Note - inter-U.K. propagation conditions may make it difficult at times for GR2HQ stations to hear U.K. callers - please persevere when calling. The GR2HQ station will also be able to tell you the working frequencies of the GR2HQ stations on the other bands and modes - just ask.

The GR2HQ Awards are free, but your application must be made by e-mail, not by traditional mail post.
E-mailed Award Certificate applications must your show your call sign in the subject line and the GR2HQ contacts should be sent as an attachment in Cabrillo format. Applications should be Submitted by e-mail no later than 31 July 2015. Please include your full name. All applications will be acknowledged by e-mail. bottom of this page.
GR2HQ Award certificates will be sent out ELECTRONICALLY (as a PDF file) - for you to print at home -


Tks DH5MM 7/8/15

July 13 - 27, 2015

USA                                       Wireless Society of Southern Maine 5th Anniversary Special Event ( W1V )

The Wireless Society of Southern Maine is celebrating our 5th Anniversary with special event operations using the call sign W1V, between July 13-27th!

During the two weeks period, club members will activate the call sign and a special certificate is offered in 3 levels as follows:
1. GOLD for QSOs on 10 or more different band slots
2. SILVER for QSOs on 5-9 different band slots
3. BRONZE for QSOs on 1-4 different band slots

Include your QSL card with QSO details and fee of $US5 with your certificate request. For QSL cards, please include a SASE for domestic or return postage in any currency for international air mail. Apply to: Wireless Society of Southern Maine, P.O. Box 6833, Scarborough, ME 04074, USA.


Internet:  (W1V)

15 July to 31 December 2015

BULGARIA                                        100th Anniversary of First Bulgarian Made Airplane  ( LZ100AJ

This diploma is issued by Radioclub Plovdiv LZ1KSP, to commemorate the construction of the first Bulgarian-made airplane, in memory of it's designer Assen Jordanoff.

Requirements: To obtain the award you need to earn 100 points.

Point Values:
1. QSO with a special call sign station LZ100AJ (mandatory contact) = 20 points.
2. Each QSO with radio stations from Plovdiv, Bulgaria = 10 points.
3. For QSOa with any other Bulgarian stations during this period = 5 points.

Other rules for the award:
The Special event call sign LZ100AJ will be active from 15th of July to 15th of August
2015 using all kinds of modes and bands, including WARC.
Duplicate contacts are not counted.
Same conditions apply for SWL. QSL cards are not required for confirmation.
The award is issued in electronic form only and is FREE.
Award manager - LZ1CY. Applications accepted in Word, Cbr, Excel etc.
Send log extract by e-mail to and make sure you provide your full name on the application.

Internet: , LZ100AJ.

Tks Angel LZ1CY 6/20/15

24-26 July 2015

RUSSIA                                                        Award "W-15CWC" ("H-15CWC")

The award is offered by the RUSSIAN CW CLUB in honour of annual radioamateur rallies of the club taking place in different areas of the Russian Federation. The main rally of the club RCWC in 2015 will take place in Anapa region, Krasnodar land, near the village of Buzhor from the 24th till 26th of July 2015 ( For Russian District Award fans, this is RDA: KR-12). Being a CW enthusiast club, all QSOs for the award will be made using only CW on HF bands of 10 through 80 meters.

Reqauirements: In order to earn the award, all radioamateurs of the world from the 24th(00:00 UTC) till the26th(23:59) of July 2015 are to make CW contacts with special event station R15CWC working from the rally:
1. the award of the first degree - on five different bands;
2. the award of the second degree - on four different bands;
3. the award of the third degree - on three different bands.

Contacts in the "IOTA contest" with R15CWC are OK for if they show in the ADIF score for R15CWC activators when they send their result into the club log.

Contacts with R15CWC are valid on different bands and will be included into the tournament table of the activity days and for award of the activity days of WA-R15CWC (HA-R15CWC) The club log deletes dupe contacts leaving the first contact.

The award of the first degree under the number 001 is issued to all activators of the R15CWC call and all radioamateurs and SWL, to members of the club and guests as well, working CW, for active participation at the RCWC rally.. The award for SWL is issued on the same conditions. Awards are free of charge and are issued only in electronic format. Manager of the award: Stepanov Sergei (RM4C) E-Mail:

Applications for the award applications are accepted by award manager on or after the 27th of July till the 26th of August 2015. They will be checked for accuracy by the R15CWC LOG on the site of RCWC.RU. The contacts being used for the award should be listed in text message format and data about yourself, and the text file should be sent to E-Mail .

The title of the file should consist of the name of the award and your call (for example: R15CWC_r3fg).

Data about yourself should include:
a. your callsign;
b. surname and name(in Russian and English)
c. your E-Mail address:
d. - if you do not use log (or if you are a SWL), you may send your application with the extract from your log and data about yourself to above in written format by E-Mail.


Tks K1BV Research 7/24/15

14 - 30 August 2015

POLAND "Enigma" Award     (PZK)

The event is organized by the Polish Amateur Radio Union (PZK) and the direct patronage of the event is held by Bydgoszcz local branch of PZK. This event’s goal honors Marian Rejewski, whose successes in cracking Enigma cipher changed course of events during World War II.

The award period is from August 14th to August 30th 2015. The end date is subject to change. Information about possible change of the end date will show up at appropriate time on the event website.

We invite the participation in the event from all ham radio operators and SWLs from all over the world.


Look for the following special calls will participate in this event:

These special event stations will be active on all bands from 80 m to 10 m, including WARC bands.
Special stations will use following modes: CW, Phone and DIGI (all digital modes will count as one)

For QSOs with SN0CIPHER station, you will receive a cryptogram, which you must decode. This station will give a new cryptogram for each QSO on new band or new mode. Cryptograms will automatically show up on the website of event.

For QSOs with SN1ENIGMA, SN2ENIGMA and SN3ENIGMA stations, you will receive the decryption data necessary to decode the cryptogram. In order to decode one cryptogram it is necessary to make a QSO with all three stations using the ENIGMA suffix. In order to receive more decryption data, a QSO can be repeated on a different band or different mode, i.e. operator that has already a QSO on 20m CW with SN1ENIGMA station, can repeat it only on different band or different mode.

The special station SN0LEAK will be active for only 3 days during the event without providing exact times. The station will call CQ as long as it will not be added to DX Cluster. At the moment of showing up on a DX Cluster, the station will announce QRT for 30 minutes after which it will start calling CQ again on a different band or different mode. For QSO with the SN0LEAK station operator receives all necessary data to decode the first not fully decoded cryptogram. Only one cryptogram can be decoded this way. Repeated QSOs will not count for the award.

The same rules apply to SWLs. In order for SWL report to be accepted, the calls of both correspondents must agree with the log of special station and the time of QSO cannot differ by more than 3 minutes.

All information on the web site will show up after the uploading of special stations logs. Logs will be uploaded at least once a day after all stations finish their work. SWLs must upload their logs in Cabrillo format using the website of the event. Logs must be fully consistent with Cabrillo format. Logs can be uploaded up to one week after the event is finished. After that point uploading of logs will not be possible anymore.

Using decryption data and the website of the event operators must decode all received cryptograms. The operator who receives and correctly decodes at least 3 cryptograms will be rewarded with a diploma, which can be downloaded from the event web site, containing call sign and the name of operator as well as number of decoded cryptograms. The diploma will also contain the place taken by operator in general classification. General classification will be held separately for ham radio operators from Poland, Europe, rest of the World and SWLs despite of location. The diploma will contain a signature of the daughter of Marian Rejewski – Janina Sylwestrzak.

Nine operators and three SWLs who will manage to decode the highest amount of cryptograms in the least amount of time will receive a reward – a statuette with the representation of Enigma machine. The statuette will include the call sign of operator / SWL. Three statuettes will be assigned to operators form Poland, Europe (except Poland), rest of the World and SWLs despite of their location. In order to receive the reward operator does not need to decode all cryptograms, but the highest amount of them in the least amount of time. If a few operators will manage to decode all cryptograms or the same amount of cryptograms, the time in which they managed to do it will decide their place in general classification.

Diplomas will be available for download after the completion of the event from the web site of the event. Certificates will be sent when the event has completed.


Tks 5/29/15

22 - 29 August 2015

SPAIN                                           1st Diploma "Almeria August Fair " ED7URI

The Spanish Union Association of Amateur Radio of Almería (Local section of URE) sponsors the 1st Diploma "Almeria fair in August", with the following rules:

1.-Eligibility: all licensed amateurs and radio listeners (SWL), clubs and associations which are in possession of official licensed radio stations.
2.-Call: "ED7URI fair August 2015."
3 Bands: All bands and modes.
4. Dates: from 22 to 29 August 2015
5 Requirements of the award: Contact special event station ED7URI
     Category Basic - 3 Contacts on different days regardless of Band or Mode.
     Category Silver - 6 Contacts on different days regardless of Band or Mode
     Category Gold - 6 Contacts on at least 3 Bands regardless of Mode
     Category Platinum - 6 Contacts using all Modes and at least 3 Bands .
6. A trophy which shall be sent by certified mail free of charge will be drawn among all participants who meet the award requirements. All those who earn the diploma to the " Feria de Almería", free and in "pdf" format. via email or for download
7. the members to the Local section of URE Almería will be making contacts a station per band/day.
8. Applicants must send a log showing: date, contacted station, UTC time, band and their correct address to the Union of amateur radio Spanish of Almería, P.O. Box 389, 04080 Almeria, Spain or sent by e-mail at . attaching the file/log
with their call sign in the Subject area. .
9. Deadline for applications is September 20, 2015.
10. It is not necessary to send cards. URE Almeria will confirm the ED7URI via Association. For direct route, they shall send on auto run with sufficient postage for return
11. Participation in this trophy involves the acceptance of the present rules. Lists received without the requirements, shall be taken as lists of check and control and not enter the draw. .


Tks for ED7URI 6/28/15

Sept 19 - 28, 2015

ENGLAND                                  International Air Ambulance Week Awards

The intention of this event will be mainly to help support the donation funded flying medical services around the world, by operating your special event station during at least some of the 9 days during which this event takes place. The nine days include two weekends, so everyone can get an opportunity to take part. The date has been set to coincide with the UK's own fund raising week, simply because the UK has by far the most complete coverage of donation funded medical helicopter services in the world. An additional and equally important aim will be to help the UK's Association of Air Ambulances, spread the concept of a public donation supported air ambulance service to the rest of the world.

While this event is designed to assist the Air Ambulance organizations, it should be noted that the awards issued will be FREE of charge, and will be issued as "e-awards", sent by e-mail in PDF format. Any decision to contribute will be entirely voluntary and is not a condition of receiving such awards. In any case, the stations operating in this cause are not permitted to receive funds of any kind.

Awards Available
1. An award for having registered and taken part in the event.
2. A Bronze award for having logged a minimum of 5 International Air-Ambulance Week stations.
3. A Silver award for having logged a minimum of 10 IAW station.
4 A Gold award for having logged a minimum of 15 IAW station.
5. Awards for SWL will follow the the above requirements

To claim the awards send a log extract by e-mail to . This log extract should contain the usual information: Call Sign, Date, Time, Band, Mode, RST. Also needed is the registration number from the IAW website list for the stations which will be active. In the case of SWLs: the call sign of the station worked by the museum station. Please include all IAW stations worked as the Awards states how many you worked in total not just the 20.

The log extracts can be in any the following formats: txt, doc/docx, xls/xlsx, pdf, jpg and should be sent to The Awards Manager , Hans Jurgen-Schmelzer.

Additional info on M0HEM:

Tks M0HEM 1/14/15


(Sample of award used for 2014).