Short Term Awards for 2007 -

Contacts must be made during the calendar year 2007 for these awards.

AUSTRIA              75 Jahre Stadt Heidenreichstein 1932-2007  
AUSTRIA              MFCA Jubilaus Award
AUSTRIA              Novara Award 
BELARUS             940 Years Minsk
BELGIUM             UBA 60 Award
BOSNIA               HAM 60 BA
BRAZIL                 100 Years of Scouting Award
CANADA              CLARA 40th Anniversary Award 
CROATIA             60th Anniversary ARC Koprivnica  
CZECH REPUBLIC   60th Anniversary of the Founding of Radioclub Zlin
ENGLAND            RSGB Commonwealth Century Club Special 70th Award
ENGLAND            Scouting 100 Radio Award  
ENGLAND            WAB Series - Special Event Stations Award 2007
GERMANY           775th Anniversary of the City of Bernau/Berlin 
GERMANY           BUGA 2007 Award
GERMANY           Elisabeth Award 
GERMANY           FIFA World Cup Award
GERMANY           Zwanzig Jahre Flieger-Funk-Runde Diplom
GERMANY           City of Fuerth 1000th Anniversary Award 
GERMANY           Geseker Stiftshexen Award 
GERMANY           1200th Anniversary of the City of Halle 
Jubilaumsdiplom 50 Jahre OV I-18. 
GERMANY           60 Years Anniversary Lima-18
GERMANY           775 Years of Pirna Award
GERMANY           60th Anniversary of Rhineland-Pfalz
GERMANY           40th Anniversary Rhine - Ruhr DX Association
GERMANY           60 Jahre Distrikt Ruhrgebiet 
GERMANY           100 Years of German Submarines Award   
GERMANY           Norddeich Radio Award
GERMANY           100 Years of Radio Broadcast Award
GREECE               100th Anniversary of the Founding of Boy Scouts 
IRELAND             Worked EI Counties 75th Jubilee Award
ITALY                   International Polar Year Award 
JAPAN                   Japanese IOTA Islands Award Activity Year 2007
KAZAKHSTAN    Diploma Ekibastuz - 50
KAZAKHSTAN    Satellite Award
LIECHTENSTEIN   Jubilee Certificate from Liechtenstein

LUXEMBOURG    Capital of Culture Award 2007
MEXICO               75 @ 75 Award
NETHERLANDS   A57 Anniversary Award 
                               KLUBU SP6PAZ
POLAND              750 lat lokacji Stoecznego Królewskiego Miasta Krakowa
PORTUGAL          CQ4IPY Award
PORTUGAL          100 Years of Scouting Award 
RUSSIA                 100 Years Submarine Fleet of Russia Award
RUSSIA                 450 Years With Russia Diploma 
SWEDEN              300 Years of Carl Linnaeus Award
SWEDEN              Carl Linnaeus Award 
SWEDEN               Astrid Lindgren 100 years Award
TURKEY               TA2J - SK. TA Ham Radio Award
USA                       FISTS 20-20 Anniversary Award
USA                       QCWA Sixty-Sixty Award
USA                       Celebrating 400 Years of Maine Shipbuilding
USA                       Virginia Quadricentennial Commemorative Award 
USA                       Yankee Clipper Contest Club 30th Anniversary Award
ENGLAND - VHF  UKSMG 25th Anniversary Award 

Austria                75 Jahre Stadt Heidenreichstein 1932-2007

Members of the "Amateurfunkclub Heidenreichstein" will be using the special call appendix "/SH75" from January 1st to December 31st, 2007 to commemorate the founding of the town of Heidenreichstein in 1932. During the year 2007, the award will be labeled "75 Jahre Stadt Heidenreichstein 1932-2007"  The award will be continued as a permanent award after after 2007. Contact club members and club station after beginning date of Janury 1, 2007. SWL OK.

1. Every contact with a member of the "Amateurfunkclub Heidenreichstein" (OE3FPA, OE3MFC, OE3PLW, OE3RGB, OE3SER = 15 points.
2. Contacts with a member station using CW or digimodes (PSK 31, RTTY, SSTV) counts double. .
3. Club station OE3XHA = 30 points one time only.

Points needed:

OE stations require 75 points
Other EU stations require 60 points
DX stations require 15 points

Contacts with the same station will be accepted starting from January 1st, 2007, as long as it is on a different band or mode. All modes except echo-link may be used. No use of repeaters.  Extra funds from this award will be used to support the "Naturpark Heidenreichsteiner Moor". Send log extract and fee of 10E to: Rainer Gangl OE3RGB, Anton Ullrich Gasse 4, 3860 Heidenreichstein, AUSTRIA


Tks ON4CAS 2/3/07


This diploma was recognizes the 10th anniversary of the Marine Funker Club Austria (MFCA) The award features an image of the patrol boat "Lower Austria", which at the 1.August 2006 "Ausserdienst were solemnly handed over to the Austrian naval federation. This also celebrated a 100 year military navigation effort in Austria.  The award is available to licensed amateurs, SWL or club stations. Only direct, bilateral connections count starting from 8April 1997 (MFCA mFCA-Gruendungsdatum) and ending on 31 December 2007. All bands and modes OK.

The following contacts are required:
a. QSO with OE6XMF (mandatory),
b. a QSO with OE6XMF/... as special station, e.g. during the "Int. museum Ships Event", "Int. submarine Event", "Int. Lighthouse Weekend", "World Sailing Games 2006", "Austrian naval anniversary", etc..
c. QSOs with 10 different MFCA stations,
d. QSOs with 10 different foreign Naval radio society stations (e.g. MF, RNARS, MARAC, BMARS, INORC, ARMI, YO-MARC, FNARS, and A.)
e. QSOs with 10 different ship radio actions (e.g. HMS Belfast, Cap San Diego, PB Lower Austria, etc..) or mm stations.

GCR list and fee of 15E. Note: IRCs are not accepted as payment. Apply to Ing. Sepp Langer, OE3OLC, Birkengasse 25, A-3172 Ramsau (Hainfeld), Austria.


Tks OH3GZ 4/207

AUSTRIA                NOVARA Award

This award recognizes the 150th anniversary of the first Austrian vessel to circle the earth. It features the sailing frigate S.M.S. NOVARA which from 30 April 1857 by 26 August 1859 circumnavigated the world serving science and research during this trip. The NOVARA was 50m long, had 352 men on board and was the last warship without steam power to do this feat.

Contact the following stations:
1. Special event station OE6XMF/
2. Any QSO with a /MM station on the open seas - along the Novara original travel route: Mediterranean, Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Ocean.
3. QSO the following ports in the 5 different continents along the Novara route:
a. Gibraltar (ZB2),
b. Madiera (CT3)
c. Rio de Janeiro (PY1)
d. Capetown, SA (ZS1),
e. Paul & Amsterdam-Islands (FT/Z),
f. Ceylon (4S7),
g. India (VU),
h. Niccobar Island (VU4),
i. Singapore (9V1),
j. Jakarta (Batavia) (YB1),
k. Manila (DU1),
l. Hong Kong (VR2),
m. Shanghai (BY4),
n. Ponape (Puynipet island) (V6),
o. Stewart (Sykaijana) Isl. /Solomon island (H4),
p. Sydney (VK2),
q. Auckland (ZL1),
r. Tahiti (FO),
s. Valparaiso (CE2).

The diploma can be requested by each licensed radio amateur, SWL club station. Contacts must be made during the period 30 April 2007 up to 26 August 2009 . All HF bands may be used. Modes of operation: CW, SSB, mixed. SWL OK.  GCR list and fee of 15E. Note: IRCs are not accepted as payment. Apply to Ing. Sepp Langer, OE3OLC, Birkengasse 25, A-3172 Ramsau (Hainfeld), Austria.


Tks OH3GZ 4/207

BELARUS                  940 Years Minsk

Minsk celebrates the 940th Anniversary of its founding on September, 8-9th 2007.  The AGB Club will be active using the special call sign EV5AGB. An award will be available for contacting Minsk stations from January, 1st till December, 31st 2007.

1. Stations in Minsk: Make 200 QSOs during the "Days of City of Minsk contest" September 8 - 9 and/or "Days of Activity of AGB Club" December 24 - 31 and 50 QSOs during AGB-Nemiga 21 Sept 2007 and AGB QSO Party 21 Dec 2007.
2. Stations in Belarus: Make 5 QSOs with Minsk stations and 50 QSOs during AGB-Nemiga 21 Sept 2007 and AGB QSO Party 21 Dec 2007.
3. Stations in European CIS countries: 3 QSOs with Minsk stations or 1 QSO with special event station EV5AGB.
4. Other Europeans: 2 QSOs with Minsk stations or 1 QSO with special event station EV5AGB.
5. For All Others: one QSO with a Minsk station or 1 QSO EV5AGB.

For Belarus stations send log extract (certified by AGB member). For amateurs outside of Belarus, send GCR-list. Apply to:
Belarus stations: EU1EU Getman Igor Vladimirovich, P.O. 143, Minsk-5, 220005, Belarus
Russian stations: RA3LZ - Sorokin Valery Vladimirovich, P.O. 10, Vyazma, 215110, Smolensk region, Russia
Ukraine (and other CIS countries) write to for instructions.
All others: Remigijus Vaicius, LY2MW, P.O.Box 1029, Vilnius 2000, LITHUANIA

Fee for the award in 2007 is $US10.  For 2008 and later, the fee is 10€.

E-mail: Igor EU1EU

BELGIUM              UBA 60 Award

The UBA has the pleasure to celebrate its 60th anniversary and wishes you to take part in the festivities by earning the commemorative UBA 60 award. The special ON60 prefix will be used by UBA clubstations throughout 2007.

Rules: Contact at least five different ON60 stations during the calendar year 2007. Each ON60 station is only valid one time. There are no band or mode restrictions, but contacts via repeaters, packet radio or echo link do not count towards the award. The award can be achieved by HAMs and SWLs worldwide.

Endorsement stickers are available for 10, 20 and 30 different contacted ON60 stations.

Send your logbook extract and the fee of €7 or $8 (fee for Belgian stations is €5) before March 31st 2008 to: UBA Award Manager, Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS, Postbus 85, B-2800 Mechelen 2, Belgium.

Tks ON4CAS 2/19/07


The Association of HAM Radio Operators in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARABIH) is celebrating 60 years of successful activity. Three special jubilee stations will be active: E760ARA, E760A, E760ALM (also T960ARA, T960A, T960ALM). Contact Bosnia and Herzegovina stations on or after January 1st, 2007 until December 31 2007. Their new prefixes are E70..E79 and old prefix T90..T99. Any contacts made by repeaters, satellite or Echo-Link are not valid for the award. SWL reports from Bosnia and Herzegovina are also valid for the award.

Award Requirements:
EXCELLENT - 30 different stations from B&H including all 3 special stations included.
GOLD - 20 stations with 2 of the special stations included.
SILVER - 10 stations with 1 of the special stations included.

Same requirements for SWL stations. Send a GCR list and fee of 5€ or 8 IRC coupons to:

ARA-BIH Award Manager, P.O. Box 61, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Tks S53EO 9/2007

BRAZIL                 100 Years of Scouting Award

The 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING AWARD was created to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the foundation of the Scout Movement in 1907 by Baden-Powell. It is supported by The Brazilian National Scout Association (União dos Escoteiros do Brasil) through the UEB - Radio Scouting Team. Contacts must be made any time in the year 2007.

The award will be granted to any radio amateur that proves, through QSL cards, contacts with 11 different stations of any part of the world, with at least one Brazilian station being required, in order to form the words BADEN POWELL using the last letter of each call.

(For example: PY3UEB + PT2GMA + KB5D + G3ALE... )

The AWARD will include a Radio Scouting special stamp, as endorsement, for those ones that prove, additionally, QSO with 5 different Scout Stations from any part of the world, with at least one Brazilian being obligatory, completing the word SCOUT with the first letter of the suffix:

(For example: ZX3S + PS7CE + 9 TI3OY + PY4UEB + JA5TVI).

The QSL card from Scout Stations should have a printed logo showing Radio Scouting or Scouting Symbols to confirm that it is a Scout Station. Each such station may be contacted only one time. Contacts are valid from January 1st until December 31st during 2007, in HF, any band, any mode. The log of confirmed contacts and received QSLs must be signed for a local Amateur Radio League representative or two other radio amateurs in order to certify it is according to the regulations. Send the list, together with your personal blank QSL card before December 31st of 2009 and include a fee of 5 IRCs. To ask for the Radio Scouting special stamp endorsement separately, just send a SASE.


The award may be earned by UHF / VHF contacts. The rules are the same as shown above for the HF version, except there is no requirement for working the Brazilian stations.For applications in VHF and or UHF it is necessary to send all QSL cards to the award manager and enough postage to receive it back as registered post mail.


The 100 YEARS OF SCOUTING AWARD and the Radio Scouting special stamp are also available for SWL (Short Wave Listeners), in the same conditions above, as much for HF or VHF/UHF versions.

Apply to: Orlando Perez Filho, PT2OP, SHIGS 706, bloco L , casa 22 - Asa Sul, 70350-762 Brasília – DF, Brazil.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/25/07

CANADA           CLARA 40th Anniversary Challenge

The Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association (Clara) celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2007! To celebrate a challenge to all YLs 
and OMs:  Work 40 YLs on amateur radio between January 1st 2007 and December 31st 2007. Keep a log and submit it to Kathy VE3GYL 
by March 1st 2008.
Categories: CW or Phone HF, VHF (includes repeaters), Digital (including Echolink, IRLP, RTTY, PSK31, etc.), or Mixed modes if you 
have used more than one to get your 40 contacts.

Contacts can be made on nets, but net operation should not be disrupted - courtesy should always be of prime concern. If a net 
is busy, stations should QSY to make the contact, or make contact after the net has ended. Net Control Stations of Clara or other 
nets can count check-ins as contacts, provided they get all the information needed.

Logs should include date of contact, name and call sign of the YL operator, and band or mode. Signal reports are not needed. Cost 
of the certificate in Canada, including postage is $5.00. For DX stations the cost is $5.00 US. Deadline for submission of the 
logs: March 1st 2008.

Submit logs to Kathy VE3GYL on paper or electronically.
email to:

snail mail to: Kathy Steels VE3GYL, 444 Jellicoe Crescent, London, Ontario   N6K 2M5, CANADA
Tks SM6DEC 2/2007

CROATIA      Koprivnica City Award

The members of the Amateur Radio Club Koprivnica ''9A8K'' will be active with the special anniversary call sign on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of ARC Koprivnica. This special call sign will be in use from the 10th January until the 31st December 2007. The QSL manager for this activity is Kresimir, 9A7K.

A special award will be issued for contacts made with radio amateurs located in the town of Koprivnica. - On the occasion of the 60th jubilee of the radio club of Koprivnica , the members issue ''Koprivnica City Award'' for the contacts with radio amateurs from the city of Koprivnica .

One QSO with '' 9A60 K '' call sign is enough to get the special ''Koprivnica City Award''.

The contact with '' 9A60K ''is also valid for the Worked 9A PFX Award and Croatian County Award. All information and Award sample on Krezimir/9A7K's web page at : . Send a log extract and fee of 5€ to: Kresimir Juratovic, 9A7K, P.O.Box - 88, HR-48001 Koprivnica, CROATIA.

Tks F5NQL 1/15/07

See the regular rules concerning the Koprivnica city award as listed in the online directory.


CZECH REPUBLIC            60th Anniversary of the Founding of Radioclub Zlin

Available to any HAM / SWL for contacting or listening 60 CW QSO under following conditions:

1. 2 QSOs with radio stations OK2OZL or OK2PO or OK2BNC (one contact with two of the 3 stations is valid)
2. During the month of August 2007, just one contact with special prefix OL60... (OL60OZL, OL60PO, OL60BNC, OL60SJI ...) will substitute for the 2 QSOs with OK2OZL, OK2PO or OK2BNC.
3. 14 QSOs with OK or OL prefixed stations.
4. 24 QSOs - 6 QSOs with each of neighbouring countries: DL, SP, OM or OE.
5. 20 QSOs with any other EU stations.
6. Note: all QSOs after 8.10.1991 are valid for this award

Send a log extract (QSLs not needed) and fee of 5E or $US10 to: Petr Ohnút, Nad vývozem 5127,  760 02 Zlín, Czech Republic, Europe.


Tks OH3GZ 8/2007

ENGLAND                   RSGB Commonwealth Century Club Special 70th Award      

The award may be claimed by any licensed radio amateur having contacted a minimum of 70 (Seventy) Commonwealth Call Areas on the current list between 0001 UTC 1st January 2007 and 2359 UTC 31st December 2007. It is a special promotion to coincide with the 70th Anniversary of the RSGB Commonwealth (formerly BERU) Contest and the inaugural Commonwealth Team Contest.

All recognised Amateur Bands/Modes may be used including WARC and 160m for this special award. No special mode or band certificates will be issued although consideration will be given to have endorsements in the event of outstanding operating by any individual. All certificates will be sequentially numbered in strict receipt order and it is not necessary to wait until the closing date to submit applications.

The certificate will be issued to the operator not the call sign this will allow individuals who embark on special Commonwealth Contest expeditions to participate using both home and Commonwealth Contest calls. Changes in call sign should be reflected in the application using the comments column.

Full Commonwealth Contest Rules are available at the following web site.  

Applicants for this award should use the special form available at- 

For those without computer facilities send an SAE to the RSGB Awards Manager G3LZQ address shown below.

Email applications will be accepted using the form as an attachment as no QSL's are required for this award. GCR Rules apply and extensive use of the 75th Commonwealth Contest logs will be made to verify claimed QSO's.   Applicants may be required to submit proof of contact in unusual circumstances.

The award is free of charge.


(a) Credit for South Georgia and the South Sandwich Is will only be given for contacts with stations using a VP8 call sign. Credit for Antarctica and the South Orkney, South Shetland and Spratly Is will only be given for contacts with stations using a call sign issued by a Commonwealth government.
(b) Where, very occasionally, a contact is made with a station using a call sign legitimately outside the geographical area to which the prefix normally applies, it will count for the actual area from which the operation takes place. The evidence submitted will need to be clear. ZL (New Zealand) and ZS (South Africa) can have stations with call area prefixes not coinciding with the station location according to the provided application form.
(c) In previous years entrants to the contest have been able to claim certificates of merit based on BCA's (Band Call Areas) this certificate is based on Unique Call Areas worked on any band/mode they count only once. VK1 on 20m cw counts once but work it again on any other band mode and no additional score can be claimed.
(d) Note that the Application Form shows separate credits for UK Countries for award only not contest where UK counts one.
(e) Final closing date for applications will be 28th February 2008
(f) Postal Application send to :- John Dunnington G3LZQ, Post Office Box 36, Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire, England . HU15 2WX

Tks  SM6DEC 11-30-06

ENGLAND              Worked All Britain Series
                                  Special Event Stations Award - 2007

Contact British Special Event stations during calendar year 2007. SWL OK. Only contacts with special event stations using a 'GB' prefix will be valid. Make sure that you obtain the WAB Area of the Special Event station during contact, since it is required on the application. The WAB Area will look like one of these examples:

SP87 Northamptonshire
TQ28 Haringey UA
TQ28 HGY etc.

Certificates may be endorsed for any band/mode. A station may only be claimed once during each 12 month period for any particular endorsement. The basic award will be awarded for working/hearing 20 stations, with endorsements for each subsequent 20. On working/hearing 100 stations, a further certificate will be awarded. A claim sheet is available for this award, but if using your own or any logging program, the W.A.B. area of the station should be recorded.

Send a log extract and fee of £1.00, €5 or $US5 to: Dave Brooks - G4IAR, 28 Avon Vale Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2AA, England.


ENGLAND            Scouting 100 Radio Award

The award is offered for contacting Scout stations during 2007, the Centenary year of Scouting. SWL OK. The Award period will begin at 00:00:01 on January 1st 2007 and finish at 23:59:59 December 31st 2007. All bands and all modes, within the terms of the individual's radio licence. The Award is also available through Echolink and IRLP modes. Award can be endorsed for any special modes or bands ie `All satellite contacts'; `all QRP contacts' etc. Activity for the Award should be focused around the Scout frequencies.

The Award is offered in five categories:

1. Bronze Award: For achieving 15 points by contacting Scout stations.
2. Silver Award: For achieving 50 points by contacting Scout stations.
3. Gold Award: For achieving 100 points by contacting Scout stations
4. Platinum Award: For achieving 250 points by contacting Scout stations.
5. Diamond Award: For achieving 500 points by contacting Scout stations.

Awards for the Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards will be paper certificates, the Platinum will be a plaque, and the Diamond will be a crystal trophy.

Point Values: Stations are required to contact Scout and Guide stations to count for points as follows:

1. Each ordinary Scout station counts one point.
2. Special Event Scout stations count 2 points.
3. The World Jamboree, Gilwell Park and Brownsea Island stations count 5 points.

Your logs should be verified as accurate by 2 other local radio amateurs. Normal log information is required with the following additional information: Name, Scout details and age of the operator of the station you contact. Your age should also be submitted when applying for Award. Female operators send `YL' as their age! You can claim points for contacting Scouts stations regardless of the call sign you are operating from. So if you are operating a club station, then the points still count for your total. Only the person operating can claim the points for that contact, not everyone within earshot!

Cost: Bronze , Silver and Gold awards will be £3.50 (GBP) posted to anywhere in the world. Platinum Awards will be £15.00 (GBP) posted to anywhere in the world. If you manage to qualify for the Diamond award, please apply for price.

Send logbook extract and proper fee to: Radio Scouting Award, 50 Laurel Close, North Warnborough, Hook, Hampshire RG29 1BH , United Kingdom.


Tks Ham_awards reflector 12/06


GERMANY        775 Anniversary City of Bernau / Berlin

Sponsored by the OV Berlin (Y-14) to commemorate the 775th anniversary of the city of Bernau / Berlin, Germany. Available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWL.The diploma may be earned by either HF or VHF contacts. Contacts on or after 1 January 2007. Special endorsement if contacts are made on one band. Earn the following number of points:

Basic award 	40 20 20
Sticker bronze 	50 30 30
Sticker silver 	60 40 40
Sticker gold 	80 60 60

Point values:
Connections with stations from Y14 = 2 points.
Connections with club stations operating from Y14 = 3 points.
Connections with DM 50 BER = 5 points
Connections with each Partner City = 5 points:
a. Champigny Sur Marne (France, suburb of Paris)
b. Skwierzyna (Poland, 60 km?lich of K?rin)
c. Meckenheim (North-Rhine/Westphalia )
If you have already earned the Hussiten diploma =10 points.

Each valid station may be worked one time. Send GCR list and fee of 5E, $US7 or 7 IRC (endorsements SASE) to: Burkhard Gorlt DG2BTE, Wielandstr. 40, D-16321 Bernau / Berlin, Germany.

(Rules seem to treat this as a permanent award, but I will list it under the Year 2007 Short Term file since it commemorates a 2007 anniversary.)


Tks OH3GZ 8/9/07



GERMANY                   Brandenburg Diplom: special sticker for 2007
The award, as currently listed in the Directory, (see box below) offers a special endorsement for  2007.
Anyone who regularly applies for the award on the basis of contacts made during 2007 will automatically receive the special 2007 sticker together with the award (no fee for sticker required).

Those who have already earned the award in the past may obtain the 2007 sticker for contacting stations in Brandenburg using the number in the call sign and any letter from the suffixes to spell the term: 850 Jahre Brandenburg
Each call sign may be counted only one time. Cost of the endorsement sticker is 2€ (including postage) and may be applied for by HAMs and SWLs ( See below for proper address.)


Tks ON4CAS 1/18/07


Brandenburg Diplom    (as currently listed in the Online Directory)

Issued by DARC District of Brandenburg for contacting stations in this region after 1 Jan 1990. SWL OK. Germans need 30 different Y DOK’s, other Europeans need 20, all others need 10.  DOK's Z20, Z91 and Z94 are also valid.  Missing Y-DOKs can be substituted by any club station (maximum of 5) from District Brandenburg (Y-DOK's). All bands and modes. GCR list and fee of 5€ or $US7 to: Eberhard Roy DL8UER, Feldtrasse 3, D-03159 Doebern, Germany.

(Chg 3/2003)




GERMANY                      BUGA 2007 Award


Issued by the German DARC Division Gera (DOK X20) to commemorate the horticultural show BUGA 2007 held in Gera and Ronneburg. SWL OK.
Collect 100 points during 2007 by contacting stations located in DOK X20. No band or mode restrictions, but packet radio contacts do not count.

QSO Values:
1. 2m and higher frequencies = 20 points
2. HF = 30 points. 

3. Club station DK0GER = 40 points. '


Each station may be counted only once per band.   The BUGA 2007 online log will assist applicants with a way to look up their current scoring and give you a printable award application form.  See the internet site referenced below.   A complete list of members is found there also under the "MITGLIEDER" link.  Send log extract and fee of $5 or 5€ to: Juergen Haering (DL3ASJ), Waldstrasse 22, D-07589 Muenchenbernsdorf, Germany .



Tks ON4CAS 1/17/2006, DL5AZA 3//25/07

GERMANY            Elisabeth Diplom


Issued by the DARC division Marburg (DOK F15) to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the countess Elisabeth. SWL OK. Contacts between January 1st 2007 and 31st December 2009 are valid. SWL OK.

Earn 800 points. Each station may be worked on multiple bnads to get extra points. At least one station with DOK F15 is mandatory.

Point values: 
1. Indivudual stations from the following DOKs = 5 points each: F05, F11, F15, F18, F19, F28, F34, F36, F49, F57, G01, G10, G19, G24, G35, G44, O55, X11 and Z60
2. Club stations from above listed DOKs except F15 count 20 points, club stations from F15 = 50 points.
3. Stations from the special DOKs HE800, MKF, 60F05, 60F11 and 60F19 =100 points.

Contacts in CW and during July 2007 count double.

Send log extract and fee of 6€ or $US7 to Gudrun Lehnert, DG1FGL, Graf-von-Stauffenberg-Str.  20, D- 35037   Marburg , Germany .

An picture of the award can be found at


Tks ON4CAS 7/2007


GERMANY                      2006 FIFA WORLD CUP Award

The German amateur-radio-club Bergheim DOK G20, sponsors this award in memory of the World Football Championship games held in Germany during 2006 under the motto " Zu gast bei Freunden " .

Contact at least 30 of the countries which sent teams to this event during the period 1st January, 2006 to the 31st December 2009. All bands and modes of operation.   The award application is to be sent with a confirmed list of QSL cards (CGR list), and fee of 10 Euro for EU stations, 15Euro or 12 IRC's for DX stations to the following address:  Baldur Brobnica DJ6SI (DIG3599), Zedernweg 6, D-50127 Bergheim,  Germany.

Countries who competed in the games:

CT Portugal 		DL Germany 		D2 Angola
EA Spain 		F France 		EP Iran
G England 		HB9 Switzerland 	HC Ecuador
HL South Korea 		HZ Saudi-Arabia 	I Italy
JA Japan 		K USA 			LU Argentina
OK Czech Republic 	PA Netherlands 		PY Brasil
TI Costa Rica 		SM Sweden 		SP Poland
TU Ivory Coast 		T9 Serbia-Montenegro 	UR Ukraine
VK Australia 		XE Mexico 		ZP Paraguay
3V Tunisia 		5V Togo 		9A Croatia
9G Ghana 		9Y Trinidad & Tobago


Tks OH3GZ 2/5/07

Germany             Zwanzig Jahre Flieger-Funk-Runde Diplom 

The FFR (a group of amateurs whose personal or professional interest lies in flying) celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2007! Contact FFR members between 1 January and 31 December 2007.  Spell the words ZWANZIG JAHRE FLIEGER-FUNK-RUNDE E.V” with a letter from the suffix.    A contact with all five club stations DA0FFR, DB0FFR, DF0FFR, DK0FFR, DL0FFR are mandatory and they can use as a joker for one missing letter.  Each letter of a call may be used several times however by different QSO ’ s.  Apply with FFR numbers and fee of 5€ to: Lothar Dorfman, DL1RMW, Reuscher Str. 9, D-14772 Brandenburg / Havel, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 8/2007 

GERMANY       City of Fuerth 1000th Birthday Award

In 2007 the city of Fuerth celebrates its 1000th birthday. The Amateur Radio Club of Fuerth, branch of DARC (DOK: B01), will activate the special event call sign DQ1000FU (special DOK: 1KFU) from 1. January 2007 to 31. December 2007. All contacts with this station will be confirmed automatically via the DARC QSL bureau.

Requirements: Stations from Germany must earn 1000 points all other EU and DX Stations: 500 points.

Point Values:

1. QSO with Special Jubilee Station DQ1000FU = 200 points
2. QSO with Club Station DK0FU (DOK B01) = 100 points
3. QSO with Stations from Fuerth, DOK B01= 50 points
4. QSOs with Stations from District Franken (DOKs beginning with B...) = 25 points
5. QSOs with Stations from Bavarian Districts (DOKs beginning with C, T and U) = 10 points
6. QSOs with other German Stations = 5 points

All modes are allowed with the exception of PACKET RADIO and Echo Link. Only 1 contact per station will be counted. One QSO with DQ1000FU or one station of DOK B01 is obligatory.  Applications for the Award with log extract including the fee of 5€ or $US5 must be sent by Dec. 31, 2008 to the award manager: Tom Roll, DL2NBY, Gerstenweg 14, D-90513 Zirndorf, Germany.


Tks OH3GZ 1/07 2007 year file

GERMANY            Geseker Stiftshexen Award

This award is issued by the DARC division Geseke (DOK O34). Contacts during both 2007 and 2008 are valid. SWL OK. Spell out  the words "Geseker Stiftshexen" using any suffix letter from any German stations. At least one station from DOK O34 is obligatory. The club station DL0ZG is a joker and may be substituted for any missing letter. No band or mode restrictions however, no packet radio or echo link contacts may be used. . Send log extract + fee of 5 euro or $8 to: Gerd Erhard Holtmann, DM2EE, Friedrich Groos Strasse 18, D-59597 Erwitte, Germany.


Tks  Egbert ON4CAS 3/21/07 

GERMANY                       1200th Anniversary City of Halle

The German Radio Club DOK W-19 sponsors this award on the occasion of the 1200th anniversary of the existence of the city of Halle. The award may be earned by all licensed amateurs and SWLs.

The applicant must fulfill the following conditions:
Contact stations from Halle, DOKs W19, W24 or W35 during the period 1 January 2006 to 31 December 2007. From each station, use a letter or call area number to spell the phrase:


Since the phrase includes 19 letters or numbers, a total of 19 contacts are necessary. The club stations DL0HAL and DL0MLU may be used as Joker to substitute for any missing numbers or letters. All bands and modes of operation except packet and echo-link may be used. Each station maly be contacted one time per band, independently of the mode of operation. This applies also to the club stations.  The diploma is free of charge. The award request should be sent with a log extract and SASE to: Dr. Roland Unger, DK2RM, Victor Klemperer Str. 18, D-06118 Halle, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 9/9/2007

Germany                        JUBILÄUMSDIPLOM  50 JAHRE OV I18

The OV Delmenhorst (I18) celebrates its 50th anniversary. Contacts between 1 January and 31 December 2007. SWL OK.  Earn 50 points. Each contact with a station from DOK I18 = 10 points. Club station DK0FC = 20 points. All bands and modes except packet radio and echo link.  Send a GCR list before 31 December 2008 and fee of5€ to: Mike Hayens, DO6BCO, Lange Streifen 13, D-28357 Bremen, Germany.


GERMANY                60 Years Lima- 18

The German amateur radio club Ortsverband Oberhausen (DOK L18) sponsors this diploma, which may be earned by amateurs or SWLs. All contacts between 1 June 2007 to 31 May 2008 with stations who belong to this club will count for the award. You must earn 60 points. The club stations DL0L and DL0RO each = 10 points, and a contact with one of these club stations is mandatory. All other stations from the local federation upper living (DOK L 18) count 5 points each. You may contact the same station on different bands for credit. All bands and modes of operation except packet radio and echo-link may be used. The diploma can be endorsed for one mode or band. Send a log extract and fee of 7€ or $US10 to Stefan Dix, DL1ATR, Teutoburgerstr. 195 A, D-46119 Oberhausen, Germany.



Tks DL1ATR 6/2007

GERMANY        MF-Award: German Submarines for 100 Years

In 1850, the Bavarian artillery NCO Wilhelm Bauer launched the first submarine ever built in Germany, the so called “Brandtaucher” (incendiary diver). After stopovers at various museums the world’s oldest remaining submersible boat is permanently stationed at the Bundeswehr Museum of Military History in Dresden, Germany.

Submarine “U 1“ was the first standard submarine of the Imperial German Navy. She was built at Germania Shipyard Kiel and commissioned on December 14, 1906. “U 1“ served as a training and experimental boat during World War I, not involved in any fighting action. At the end of the war she was disassembled and taken by rail to Deutsches Museum Munich, where “U 1” is on view still today. For further details see .

The German Naval Ham group "Marinefunker-Runde e.V." is sponsoring this centennial award. Additionally,  from 14th December 2006 until 13th December 2007, they will activate a special station DA0UBOOT (MF 1100) which counts extra points for all MF awards. In addition, the submarines “U 995” and “Wilhelm Bauer” are going to be activated by MF-Runde throughout this event year.

Requirement: Earn 100 points between 1st December 2006 (00:00 hrs) and 31st December 2007 (24:00 hrs).
Mandatory contact: DA 0 UBOOT
Joker: 1 MF club station (museum ship) and/or alternatively 4 Non-MF club stations (museum ships)

Scoring of contacts:

DA 0 UBOOT = 25 points
DL 0 MF = 15 points
DL 0 DMB (museum submarine U 995 - type VII C) = 15 points
DL 0 MFK (museum submarine W. Bauer - type XXI) = 15 points
Non-MF club stations (museum submarines) = 15 points
MF / Non-MF club stations (museum ships), MM stations on ships = 10 points
MF / Non-MF club stations (museum ships) outside Europe = 20 points
and converse direction respectively
DL 0 MFS (ex-Naval Communications & Signal School Flensburg) = 10 points
DL 0 MOS (Naval Operation School Bremerhaven) = 10 points
MF club stations (others) = CW = 6 points, SSB = 3 points, digital modes (PR excluded) = 2 points
MF members = CW = 2 points, SSB = 1 point,
digital modes (PR excluded) = 1 point

Price: 10.00 € plus forwarding expenses.  All net proceeds are exclusively dedicated to the maintenance of the U-Boat Memorial at Möltenort near Kiel.

Apply to award manager: Wilfried GRAEPER (DJ6TK) MF 328, Bluecher Str. 31, 24944 Flensburg / Germany


Tks DL5XI 12/06

Germany                           Norddeich Radio Award

Earn a certificate celebrating 100 years of maritime mobile service from German coast station Norddeich Radio/DAN.  This maritime radio service started on 1 June 1907. The award is sponsored by the local radio amateur clubs Norddeich (DOK Z65 in VFDB) and Hage (DOK I55 in DARC), and is open to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs.

A special activation is planned from 01 to 30 June 2007. DL0DAN will be QRV from the historic place of the former transmitting station Osterloog in JO33op on all shortwave-bands from 160 to 10m in various modes. Operation will be on CW, the major communication mode in the early days of Norddeich Radio. 2m will also be activated in SSB, CW, FSK441 and JT65. .

Earn 100 points between June 1, 2007 and December 31, 2007, as follows:
1. A QSO with DL100DAN = 20 points.
2. QSOs with DF0DAN, DK0DAN, and DL0DAN = 10 points.
3. Contacts with members of the OV Norddeich (Z65, VFDB) and OV Hage (I55, DARC) = 5 points.
4. Each contact via EME and Meteorscatter with distance more than 1000 km with the clubstations DL100DAN, DF0DAN, DK0DAN and DL0DAN count 100 points .

Each station may be contacted once per band. Contacts above 30 MHz count double the point value shown above. All amateur bands may be used. All modes except Packet Radio and Echolink may be used.  Send a log extract of all contacts made for the award plus fee of 5E or $US7 to: Bernd Thomsen, DK1QO, Am Sportplatz 3, D-26524 Hage, Germany.

Funds may also be transferred by bank transfer to:
o VFDB OV Norddeich,
o PSD Bank Nord eG,
o IBAN: DE22 200909002185601600

Internet - Norddeich’s Home Page:
Internet: DL0DAN Home Page:

Tks F5NQL and PA3CUZ 6-1-07

GERMANY                 One Hundred Years of Radio Broadcast Award

On Christmas Eve 1906, Reginald A. Fessenden made the first radio broadcast. To celebrate this anniversary the BAVARIAN RADIO FRIENDS offer this award, which is open to radio amateurs and SWLs worldwide. The requirements for the award are the following:

Between 24 December 2006 and 31 December 2007 work or hear stations from 100 different DXCC entities. No QSL cards are required. Send a log extract of the 100 entities plus fee of 5€ or $US8 or 8 IRCs (only the newest ones!) to: Hans-Jürgen Schmelzer DE3EAR, P.O. Box 1204, D-95634 Tirschenreuth, Germany.

E-mail for questions to:

Tks DE3EAR 3/25/07

GERMANY                775 Years of Pirna Award


This award celebrates the 775th anniversary of the city of Pirna.  The award is issued by the DARC division Liebstadt (DOK S 03) for contacts with stations by the DARC division Liebstadt (DOK S 03), DARC division Pirna (DOK S 10), DARC division Neustadt (DOK S 15) and the DARC division Stolpen (DOK S 26). SWL OK.  Contacts after January 1st 2007 to December 31st 2008. 

Germans need 75 points with different 3 DOKs, other Europeans 50 points with different 2 DOKs and stations outside Europe need 25 points.


Point values - SSB

1. Each member station of DOK S03, S10, S15 and S26 = 4 points, 
2. The club stations DL0LIE, DL0STO and DL0PIR = 10 points. 
3. The club station DL0LIE with special DOK indicator of  775PIR = 20 points

Point values - CW

1. Each member station of DOK S03, S10, S15 and S26 = 6 points, 
2. The club stations DL0LIE, DL0STO und DL0PIR = 12 points. 
3. The club station DL0LIE with special DOK indicator of 775PIR = 20 points.


No band or mode restrictions but no Packet or Echolink.  Send log extract + fee of 5€ or $US7 to Bernd Scholze (DF3MA), Borna Nr.8, D-01819 Bahretal, Germany .

Payment by PayPal is possible, please contact Award manager for details. 




Tks ON4CAS 7/207

GERMANY               60 Years Rhineland-Pfalz

Contact stations in the German district of Rhineland-Pfalz during calendar year 2007, which is their 60th Anniversary. SWL OK. From these contacts, you should use letters of the suffix and call area numbers 6 and 0 of their prefix to spell the term: 60-Years Rhineland Pfalz. The DOKs (clubs) of Rhineland-Pfalz include K01 to K56, as well as Z11, Z22, Z74, Z77 and Z82 In addition,  the district special stations DA0RP, DF0RLP, DF0RPJ, DK0RLP, DL0RP, DM0K and DL0K are also valid for the award. All bands may be used. All modes may be used except that Packet and echo-link contacts will not count. Each station may be worked once per band. The separate DOK 60RLP can be used as a Joker for up to 5 missing letters and numbers. The award is FREE of charge. Special application should be used and is found at: . Applications must be submitted by 30 June 2008. Apply to: Thomas Krämer, DL4PY, Lindenstrasse 7, D-56912 Cochem, Germany.


GERMANY           Rhein Ruhr DX Association (RRDXA) 40 Award


To celebrate its 40th anniversary the RRDXA is issuing this award. SWL OK. 

Earn 40 points by contacting members and club stations of the RRDXA. between February 15th, 2007 and February 14th, 2008. Each station may only be contacted once.  The award may be endorsed for: CW,  SSB,  Mixed, or RTTY/Digi Modes.


Point values: 

Members = 1 point.

2. The special event station DL40RRDXA = 10 points, 
3. DQ0A and DR0R = 5 points each. 

Send log extract and fee of 5€ or $US7 to Hans Bartels, DL1YFF, Nesselstrasse 39, D-33699 Bielefeld, Germany.

Internet (member list):


Tks ON4CAS 7/2007


GERMANY                   60 Jahre Distrikt Ruhrgebiet

The German amateur radio club Ortsverband Oberhausen (DOK L18) sponsors this diploma celebrating 60 years of Ham Radio in district Ruhrgebied. SWL OK. All contacts between 1 June 2007 to 30 June 2008 with club stations from the Distrikt Ruhrgebiet (L) will count for the award.

You must earn 60 points and each club station counts 5 points.  Each club station may be worked one time. . All bands and modes of operation except packet radio and echo-link may be used. The diploma can be endorsed for one mode or band.  Send a log extract and fee of € 7 or $US10 to Stefan Dix, DL1ATR, Teutoburgerstr. 195 A, D-46119 Oberhausen, Germany. 


Volksbank Eisenberg, Kto.-Nr.: 1600293075, BLZ: 830 944 94, IBAN-Nr.: DE42830944941600293075 with name diplome, Call and own name.

Tks PA3CUZ 8/13/07 

GREECE           100th Anniversary of the Founding of Boy Scouts 

Station SX100VAR is a BOY SCOUT station  celebrating 100 years of the founding of the BOY SCOUTs. This station  will be on air from 1-Jan-2007 until 31-Dec-2007. It will be activated from grid locator code KM18WF from BOY SCOUT head office in the VARNAVA area of Greece. 

A special award will be made available for all radio amateurs and SWLs who make one contact this station SX100VAR.. The fee for the award is 5€. The list with details of the holder MUST be sent to QSL manager after the completion of the contact WITH SASE.  Apply to: Nick Plumidakis SV1VS, P.O.Box 5, Kapandriti 190-14 Greece. 

For direct QSLing, 
1. mark the envelope SX100VAR.
2. Postage:  EU stations enclose $US1, 1E or 1 valid large IRC.
3. Postage: Non-EU stations enclose $US2, 2E or 2 valid large IRC. 


Tks OH3GZ 11/2006 Changes 7/2007. tks F5NQL. 

IRELAND         Worked EI Counties 75th Jubilee Award

Issued to mark the Irish Radio Transmitters Society (IRTS) 75th Anniversary Jubilee Year in 2007, a special Jubilee Year WEIC Award has been introduced.

It will be available to licensed amateurs worldwide who have worked stations located in different counties of Ireland (EI/EJ). SWL OK. 2. A claim for the WEIC Award must be accompanied by a *certified log extract* (GCR) which should include date, time, frequency, mode, station worked and its county. Contacts for this Jubilee award are valid only if made between 1st January and 31st December 2007. There will be a charge of 5.00€, Stg 5.00 or US$10.00 for the award.

Single Band endorsements will be available at the time of first application. A separate "All 26" sticker will be available for confirmation with all 26 counties.

For applicants in EI only: All contacts must be made from the home station. Contacts made via repeaters or while operating mobile, portable or from an alternative address are not valid. 

Requirements: Work/hear 20 of the 26 EI/EJ Counties.

The 26 EI Counties are: Carlow Cavan Clare Cork Donegal Dublin Galway Kerry Kildare Kilkenny Laois Leitrim Limerick Longford Louth Mayo Meath Monaghan Offaly Roscommon Sligo Tipperary Waterford Westmeath Wexford Wicklow.

Tks OH3GZ 12/06

IRELAND             Jubilee Year Worked All Ireland Award

A special version of the Jubilee Year Worked All Ireland Award can be claimed for working 75 EI/GI grid squares during calendar year 2007. (For this award there is no minimum county or island requirement which differs from the existing WAI.).

Send a log extract and fee of €5.00 to : Tom Rea EI2GP, WAI Awards Manager, Bridge Street, Headford, Co. Galway, Ireland.


Tks OH3GZ 1/22/07


The ARI section of Cassino with the sponsorship of the Regional Committee Lazio sponsors an INTERNATIONAL POLAR YEAR (IPY), award beginning 1 March 2007 and ending 28 February 2009 as a contribution to this event. This honors the Italian contribution to the cultural, educational and medical activities of the official International Polar Year. These activities also commemorate the scientific activities of the Italian base Mario Zucchelli in TerraNova Bay during March 2007 to 30 December 2007.

Contact all stations taking part in the polar IPY on the HF bands during this period. All modes OK. Look for stations identifying their participation with the phrase "CQ CQ IPYA AWARD"  To earn the award, you will need at least 5 contacts with different stations. However, the same station could contacted several times as long as this is on different bands or modes. Special endorsement stickers for 25 and 50 stations. The first to contact 50 stations will earn a plaque.

A certified log extract or photocopy of your log entries witnessed by two amateurs is accepted. Fee for the award is €10 or $15. Apply to: AWARD MANAGER, IØYKN Nuccio Meoli, Via Conte Bassavilla 1, 03030 ROCCA D’ARCE, (FR) ITALY.


Tks OH3GZ 2/2007


JAPAN                    Japanese IOTA Islands Award Activity Year 2007

This award celebrates the 5th anniversary of the J.I.I.A award, the group issue s special event award. Period: January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007. Contacts may be made on all bands and modes.  

JA amateur stations will send their JIIA number and accumulates the points of each contact. A contact on the same band and same mode is considered one contact. (please refer the table below). A certificate or plaque will be issued to any Amateur who confirms two-way QSO's with JA Amateur stations. Each QSO with stations operating from a listed JIIA Island = 1 point.

To earn the award, at least 10 points must be made by contacts with JIIA Islands. Stations outside of Japan must possess the QSLs. Send a GCR list before Dec 31 2007 plus a fee of 5IRCs for the award. Apply to: AwardManager, Yukihiro Deguchi JI6KVR, 4796,Takashima Yatsushiro 866-0014 Kumamoto JAPAN.


Tks JI6KVR 12/06

KAZAKHSTAN                       Diploma Ekibastuz - 50

This award has been established to commemorate the jubilee of the town of Ekibastuz, in Pavlodar Oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan, which celebrates its 50th anniversary on June 11, 2007. Earn the award by making 50 points for communications with the radio-amateurs of this town.


A. For Kazakhstan and CIS countries:
a. each QSO on Short Wave bands in 2007 = 10 points.
b. each contact before 2007 = 5 points.
c. On VHF/UHF only one QSO needed.
d. On 160 m, - 2 QSOs needed.
B. For all other countries - 2 QSOs needed. .
C. One contact with special station UO50F for all countries from 1 May 2007 and later.

The same station may be contacted on different bands or modes. The contacts made during contests will count in addition to ordinary QSOs. One contact in 2007 is required.

The only charge is for postage:
Kazakhstan - 200 tenge (in post stamps),
For hams from CIS countries - equivalent to 50 RUR,
For hams of other countries - equivalent to US$5. Funds should be sent to DF6PB (address as found on and other CallBooks)

Send a log extract with all QSO data to: Attention: Mikhin Vadim Vadimovich UN7FW, 47-27, Lenin St., 141206, Ekibastuz, Pavlodar Oblast, Republic of Kazakhstan.


Look for the following stations in Ekibastuz :UN1F(ex UN7FCO), UN3F(ex UN7FJ), UN7FS, UN7FU, UN7FW, UN7FEI, UN7FEH, UN7FET, UN7FFI, UN8FE, UN9FF, UN9FN, UN0F, UP5F (contest call UN7FW)
QSO with DF7GW(ex UN7FER) are also valid.

Tks Vadim UN7FW & UO50F and OH3GZ.


KAZAKHSTAN                             Satellite SPUTNIK Award

Issued by the Almaty Radio Amateur League of Kazakhstan to honor the launching of the first artificial earth satellite in 1957.

Make 3 contacts with amateur radio stations located in the city of Almaty and the Almaty area of the Republic of Kazakhstan using the special prefix "UQ" during the period 1 July 2007 to 31 December 2007. The award is given free-of-charge, and the sponsor requires only that you pay postage. (Suggest 5 IRC’s).

Send a log extract (GCR – list acceptable in electronic format) certified by 2 Hams along with contribution to cover the cost of postage to: Mr. Viktor Melkozerov UN7QCC , 44 Baribayeva street, 040900, Kaskelen, Almaty oblast, Kazakhstan or you may use the address of the ARL HQ: Almaty Radio-amateur League, 131 Isayeva street, 050026, Almaty, Kazakhstan.


LIECHTENSTEIN               Jubilee certificate from HB0 Liechtenstein

200 years sovereignty 1806 - 2006 Principality of Liechtenstein
20 years AFVL Amateurfunk Verein Liechtenstein (amateur radio club Liechtenstein) 1986 - 2006

This certificate is offered on the occasion of the 200th year sovereignty of the Principality of Liechtenstein (1806 - 2006)  and the 20th anniversary of the founding of the AFVL (1986 - 2006) Amateurfunk Verein Liechteinstein (amateur radio club Liechtenstein).

The diploma can be requested by radio amateurs and also by SWL's for contacts from 1. January 2006 to 31. December 2007.  
Contact stations in Liechtenstein during this time period and earn at least 2 points based on the scoring shown below:

2 points for contacts with the club station HB0FL (counts only one time)
1 point for contacts with members of the AFVL.

There are no limitations. All operation modes may be used, except echo-link and relays. Each call sign may only be contacted one time in the application for the certificate.  Please complete the application (PDF file) found at:,    The charge of CHF 15.00 in Switzerland, 10€.00 for Europe and $US12 for all DX countries, includes the certificate, packaging and postage.

Electronic bank transfers may be made to: 
Liechteinsteinische Landesbank, 9490 Vaduz
  Amateurfunk Verein Liechtenstein, Postfach 629, LI-9495 Triesen
Account no 651.564.09
  IBAN LI24 0880 0000 0651 5640 9

Send fee and a log extract to: Amateurfunk Verein Liechtenstein, Certificate, P.O.Box 629, LI-9495 Triesen, Principality of Liechteinstein

Tks HB0TW 10/2006

LUXEMBOURG        Luxembourg Capital of Culture Award 2007

After having been designated as a capital of culture in 1995, Luxembourg made it again and will be Capital of Culture 2007 together with the Greater Region of Germany (Saarland, Rhineland-Palatinate), France (Lorraine) and Belgium (Wallonia). The Greater Region is about 65,401km2, 3 national languages (Luxemburgish, French and German) and contains around 11,2 million inhabitants.   More information about Luxembourg and the Greater Region can be found at the official website .

Award Rules

The Award is available to licensed radio amateurs and short wave listeners.  The award period begins on January 1st 2007 and ends December 31st 2007, two way contacts must be established with the 3 special event stations:

o LX2007L (district of Luxembourg)
o LX2007G (district of Grevenmacher)
o LX2007D (district of Diekirch)
and 5 different LX stations

Each station may be counted only once. Contacts made via earthbound reflectors, repeaters and echo link may not be counted.   There is no restriction on the mode used.  Applicants should submit a list showing the date, station worked or heard, time, frequency and mode (GCR list). Please use the application form available on the RL-website.  Any dispute concerning the Award shall be settled by the RL board.  Send award fee of 5€ or $US8 to: Réseau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes, The Awards Manager, P.O.BOX 1352, L-1013 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

QSL information:
For LX2007L, LX2007G and LX2007D, your QSL card is not needed. All QSL cards for these 3 special event stations will be sent automatically by the national club. However, you may check the online log at to see if your contact has been recorded. For any questions, please contact lx1kc at  . Logs will be available on eqsl and LOTW by December 31st 2007.

Tks ONL5923/ON3WAB 10/2006

MEXICO                "75 @ 75" Award

This award is given to any station that obtains 75 points based on QSOs made with Mexican stations during 2007, the year of the FMRE’s 75th Anniversary.

Each contact made will give you the following points:
     a. FMRE’s official stations (6F75A and 6G1LM) = 10 points.
     b. Stations using special prefixes for the year (6H1, 6I2, 6J3, 6E4) = 5 points.
     c. Stations using regular prefixes (XE1, XE2, XE3 & XF4) or other special prefixes = 1 point.

Each band / mode contact with the same station counts. A QSO with 6H1KK on 20 meters SSB, on 40 meters RTTY and on 40 meters CW gives you 3 QSOs with a 5 point value each. Therefore you have 15 points for the award.   No cards needed. Send only your name, call, QTH, the list of contacts made (call, date, time, band & mode) and fee of $US 3.00 to FMRÉs Award Manager: José Levy, XE1J, Clavel 333, Colima, Col.   28030, México.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/26/07

Netherlands             A57 Award

The department Schagen A57, sponsors this award on the occasion of their 25th Anniversary. SWL OK. Contact 10 stations from A57 between 20 Jan 2007 till 31 Dec 2007. Each station may be worked once. All bands and modes. No QSL needed for the application. Send a log extract and fee of 5€ to: Guus Jansen, PA2GWA, Iepenlaan 55, 1741TB Schagen.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/07


The Opolszczy radio club celebrates its 50th anniversary and the Piastowski Klub Krotkofalowcow (PKK) its 40th anniversary this year. They have combined to award a jubilee diploma for contacts made between 1 January 2007 and 30 September 2007. SWL OK. 

Stations from Poland need 150 points, other Europeans 70 points and DX 50 points.

Point Values:
a. The station HF40PAZ (PKK) ) is active March 1 -30 April and 1 Sept - 30 Sept and = 40 points.
b. Special stations with the prefixes 3Z50..., SP50..., SQ50..., SN50..., HF50... = 30 points.
c. Club stations SP6PAZ and SN6O will be active in January, February, May, June, July and August and = 10 points.
d. Members from the Radio Clubs = 20 points.

Each station may only be worked one time. Send log extract and fee of € 5 to: Arkadiusz Korus, SP6OUJ, Ul. Wiazowa 7, PL 48-100 Glubczyce, Poland.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/26/07

POLAND              750 lat lokacji Stoecznego Królewskiego Miasta Krakowa

In 2007 Kraków celebrates its 750th anniversary of receiving Magdeburg rights. The Kraków Duke, Boleslaus the Bashful issued a location document for the city of Krakow on 5th June 1257. Based on this law, the town Square was laid out at that time, and the street layout within the Planty area has been maintained to this day. To commemorate this anniversary, "Maopolskie Stowarzyszenie Krótkofalowców, Oddzia Terenowy PZK w Krakowie" issues this award and sponsors special event station SN750C which will be active May 1 to July 31.

The Award will be issued to individual stations and club stations, Polish and foreign, using HF, VHF and UHF bands. The number of awards is limited so that the sooner you apply, the more certain you will be to receive it. Contacts during in a period from 15th March 2007 to 31st August 2007 are counted to the Award. All bands and modes. Only one contact may counted with the same station.

Point Values:
a. contact with SN750C station = 25 points
b. contact with SN750BK station = 10 points
c. contact with following stations of "Maopolskie Stowarzyszenie Krótkofalowców" (MSK OT PZK) in Cracow: SN0ADV, SN0AOJ, SN0ATE, SN0BCV, SN0BWJ, SN0CFP, SN0CUX, SN0DTH, SN0DWT, SN0EOH, SN0FWQ, SN0FY, SN0GEV, SN0JZU, SN0KJ, SN0LLA, SN0MAT, SN0MAX, SN0NSV, SN0RJQ, SN0RQH = 5 points
d. contact with other MSK OT PZK stations in Cracow = 3 points
e. contact with any other station in Cracow = 1 point

Points needed:
Polish stations need 75 points
European stations need 40 points
DX stations need 30 points

You may attach your QSL cards for the Cracow stations worked when you apply. Send log extract and fee of 8 zloty for Polish stamps (postage stamps) and 3 IRC for all others. Apply by 30 November 2007. Send to: MSK OT PZK w Krakowie, skr. pocztowa 606, 30-960 Kraków 1, Poland.


Tks TM Internet Research 4/10/07

PORTUGAL                CQ4IPY Award

Celebrating the 4th International Polar Year 2007/2008, Portugal has been represented by the Official Special Event Amateur Radio Station CQ4IPY . In order to encourage your participation in this year-long event, a special award is offered for all Amateur Radio Operators and SWLs who can work station CQ4IPY on 3 (three) different bands or using 2 (two) different modes during 2007. To get the Award just send the log extract with fee to cover Mail Expenses (suggest at least a few IRC’s) to the following address: CQ4IPY F.a.o. Mr. Manuel Alberto C. Marques, Post Office Box 41, 2780-901 OEIRAS, Portugal. (Europe)


CQ4IPY finished a 1st Period of activity in mid- JUNE making about 3,240 QSO's.  CQ4IPY will start again 8th SEPTEMBER transmissions on short-Wave as follows:

a. 8 September 00h00 UTC until 03h00 14.170 kHz or 14.270 kHz World Wide 20 Meters Band
b. 8 September 06h00 UTC 14.170 kHz or 14.270 kHz , 18.140, 21.270 , 28.470, 24.970, Europe, Midle East, Indian Ocean .Also on PSK31, RTTY and SSTV
c. 9 September 00h00 UTC until 03h00 14.170 kHz or 14.270 kHz World Wide 20 Meters Band
d. 9 September 06h00 UTC 14.170 kHz or 14.270 kHz , 18.140, 21.270 , 28.470, 24.970, Europe, Midle East, Indian Ocean .Also on PSK31, RTTY and SSTV
e. 10 September and 11 September ... Free to choice Bands and Modes
f. 12 September 13h00 UTC until 14h00 18.140 kHz or 24.940 kHz World Wide
g.12 September 18h00 UTC until 00h00 14.170 kHz or 14.270 kHz World Wide
h. 12 September 00h00 UTC until 05h00 14.170 kHz or 7.090 kHz World Wide
i. 13September and 14 September ...Free to choice Bands and Modes

Tks REP, National Ham Organization of Portugal. 6/2007 

PORTUGAL             100 years of Scouting Award

The CNE (Corpo Nacional de Escutas, Portuguese Catholic Scouts) through their National Department of Radio Scouting sponsors this award to celebrate 100 years of Scouting worldwide, as well as the 50 years of Jamboree On the Air (JOTA). Participation is open to all Amateur Radio operators and SWLs.  Contact special commemorative and other scout affiliated stations in the period 22 February 2007 to 31 December 2007. All bands and modes.

Point value of stations to be contacted.

CNE Official Station 		CT8CNE 			25 points
CNE JOTA Station 		CT7xxx;CT9xxx; Cuxx 	5 points
Station operated by NJO		 CT1DJE 		5 points
Stations Operated by CNE
Radio Amateurs 			(see list)		2 points

Station CT8CNE will be on the air from 22 to 28 February 2007, from 31 July to 6 August 2007, and from 9 to 15 December 2007, and also during the JOTA. This station must be contacted at least once.

All CNE stations participating on 50th JOTA will be listed at from 1st of October, 2007.

The CNE’s Scout Ham Radio participants are:

For earning points, contacts with each station can be done using different modes/bands. Echolink contacts are not acceptable.

Points Required for the Award:
Gold     100 points
Silver     75 points
Bronze     50 points

For those who contact at least 22 of the participating Scouts Ham Radio stations, a special Honor Roll award will be issued.

A special log and summary sheet are required when you apply for the award. These can be downloaded from: . Send the log extract and summary sheet to: The request date limit for the diplomas is the 31st March 2008, and must be sent to António Manuel Ribeiro da Silva – CT1DJE, Rua Mar. Gomes da Costa, lote 46, 1685-901 Famoes, Portugal. The award is free, but you should help to cover postal delivery expenses by sending 5€ or US$7 with the request.


Tks OH3GZ 2/27/07

RUSSIA     100 years Submarine Fleet of Russia Diploma

The Diploma is sponsored by the Russian military HAM's club) and HAM club of St.-Petersburg and is available to radio amateurs and SWL's. Make contacts (or SWL reports) with veterans of WW2 , members CPBC , with ex-Navy amateurs , and with stations from Russian oblasts or regions listed here:

1. St.-Petersburg and the Leningrad region (R1A,B,C,D,E,F ),
2. Murmansk region (R1Y ,Z),
3. Arkhangelsk region (R1O),
4. Kaliningrad region (R2F) ,
5. Krasnodar (R6A ,B ,C ,D ) and Primorye Territory (R0L ,M) ,
6. Crimea (Ukraine) (UU5J ,UT5J) .
QSO's are valid during in special days of activity of and in actions of any radio expedition to commemorate "Victory" in WWII.

To get the Certificate you must collect 100 points :
1. Special stations = 20 .
2. Veterans of war - submariners = 19 .
3. Veterans of war - seamen = 17 .
4. Veterans of war = 15
5. Members ???? - submariners = 12 .
6. Members ???? - seamen = 10 .
7. Members ???? = 5 .
8. Radio fans - submariners = 10 .
9. Radio fans - seamen = 2 .
10. Radio fans from the specified regions listed above = 1 point .

The same station may be worked multiple times by another mode, bands and at another activity days . If you are a War Veteran , then you do not have to meet the 100 points requirement .  To get the Certificate to memorial and special stations , members ???? and the radio fans concerning the Navy , you must get at least 50 connections in days of activity .

If you work only on 160 metres and VHF it is necessary to collect 30 points . Cost of the diploma for Russian stations = 50 rbl .  Certificate is free to War Veterans or whatever they would like to donate . Invalids and the collective radio stations working with youth , pay only transfer of the diploma (for Russia) - 15 rbl. , (For Ukraine - 6rubles.). For DX stations, the fee is 5 IRC. (Chg 9/2007)

Send payment and applications for the Certificate to: Sashenin Nikolay Mikhajlovich, P.O.Box 80, St.-Petersburg , 193231 , Russia .

You may apply by e-mail :

Ukraine stations may apply to UR5ASM or by e-mail :

Internet: (Eyran and others tried to translate the text from Russian, but if you have corrections, please let me know.)

Tks SWL 4X4-2238 9/2007

RUSSIA            450 Years With Russia Diploma

This award was established by regional branches the Amateur Radio Societies of Russia Kabardino-Balkarian (KB), Karachaevo-Circassian (KC) and Adygea (AD) republics of Russian Federation to commemorate the anniversary and to further popularize and develop amateur radio in the world.
Starting on September 1, 2007, and ending only when the supply of awards runs out! The last date as scheduled to be on 31 December 2007, applicants must earn a total of 450 points by working amateur radio stations of Kabardino-Balkariyan (RA6X, UA6X), Karachaevo-Circassia (RA6E, UA6E), Adygea (RA6Y, UA6Y) and Russia (R, UA-UI).

Point Table:
a. QSOs with any of the following club stations: RK6XWA, RK6XWY, RK6EWQ and RK6YWA = 20 points each. 
b. QSOs with special stations R450KB, R450KC and R450AD = 20 points.
c. QSO with a radio station from the republics listed above(KB, KC and AD) = 5 points.
d. QSO with radio stations from any other parts of Russia = 2 points up to a total of 20 points.
bands and modes, including WARC bands OK. QSO with the same stations will only qualify if performed on different bands and different radio modes. Double points will be awarded if all QSO were achieved using one band only.
award is free-of-charge. Applicant should submit log extract. The award is free of charge, but the sponsor asks that stations in the Russian Federation include 50 RUR equivalent of stamps and all others to include 3 IRC or the equivalent to cover mailing expenses. Apply to: The Diploma Commission: P.O.Box 4, Nalchik, 360024, Russia.


Tks Alexander RA4HT 8/2007. Addl info OH3GZ on 2/14/08. 

SWEDEN               Astrid Lindgren 100 years Award

Sweden’s most popular children’s book author, Astrid Lindgren, was born on the 14th of November 1907 in Vimmerby, Sweden. The the town of Vimmerby is celebrating this centennial with local activities and the local ham radio club (Radioklubben CQ i Vimmerby – SK7CN) is issuing this time-limited one-time award. Contacts between 15 May 2007and 14 November 2007.

To qualify for the award you collect points by QSO:s you make with the special event stations 7S100AL and 7S100ALA.  Swedish stations need 100 points, European stations need 60 points and all others 30 points.

Point Values:  
1. QSO with the expedition station (7S100AL) = 40 points.
2. Contacts with special event station (7S100ALA) = 20 points.
3. You may contact both stations as many times as necessary as long as the day, band, or mode are different.

Send your application with extract from your log, no later than December 31st 2007 including the award fee of € 5, $8, or SEK 50 to Radioklubben CQ, c/o SM5OUU, Linus Tolke, Storgatan 59, 590 40 Kisa, Sweden.


Tks PA3CUZ 5/4/2007

SWEDEN              300 years of Carl von Linné Award

In recognition of the 300th celebration of Carl von Linnés (Linnaeus) birth, the Falköpings Radio Club is honouring his memory with the special call SC300VL and an award for QSOs with Sweden during 2007.   Earn a total of 300 points as listed below and make at least one QSO with SC300VL is mandatory.

Point values:
a. One QSO with SC300VL is mandatory and = 50 points (only 1 QSO can be claimed.)
b. Every individual Swedish call sign = 3 points. Stations may only be claimed once.
(All Swedish prefixes count from SA through SM, 7S & 8S stations but you may NOT count  foreigners working portable in Sweden (example SM4/OZ0XYZ).

All QSOs must have been worked within the same country. Only land based 2-way QSOs are eligible. QSOs with /MM or /AM or through repeaters, Echolink or likewise does not count.  Contacts on 50MHz and higher are valued at double points listed above. (working SC300VL on VHF/UHF gives 100 points)

There is only one award class. Endorsements are possible for band, mode or band/mode and should be requested in the application. Application should be sent with a signed log extract together with the award fee of 50SEK,€5 or US$7. to award manager SK6HD.  All applications should be submitted no later than 31 March 2008. The award committee reserve the right to process random inspections with stations that applicant claim for the award.

Apply to: SK6HD – Falköpings Radio Club, Box 686, SE-521 21 FALKÖPING, SWEDEN.

Tks Magnus SM6WET 6/10/07 

SWEDEN                    Carl Linnaeus Award

Time limit: 28 January - 26 June 2007

Carl Linnaeus is often called the Father of Taxonomy. His system for naming, ranking, and classifying organisms is still in wide use today. His ideas on classification have influenced generations of biologists. This award is issued to commemorate the 300th anniversary of his birth in 1707.

Work event station SC5L (mandatory) and other Swedish stations from 28 January to 26 June 2007. Each station counts once on each band, mode and in each month. All bands and all modes OK.

Point Values:
SC5L = 5 points
SM prefixed stations = 1 point
SA prefixed stations = 2 points
Other Swedish prefixes = 3 points.

Award Classes:
Student Class: 23 points including at least one contact with SC5L.
Master Class: 100 points including at least three contacts with SC5L
Professor Class: 300 points icluding at least five contacts with SC5L.

Send a log extract and fee of 50 SEK for Swedish station, 5€ for Europeans and $US10 for all others not later than 31 Dec 2007 to: Uppsala Radioklubb, c/o Martin Bjorkman, Hogasvagen 209, SE-74141 Knivsta, Sweden.


Tks SM6DEC 12/06

Note: these are the tentative rules as translated by SM6DEC. It is possible there will be changes.


This award is offered in memory of TA2J-Silent Key S.Fazil.  Turkish radio amateurs use the call sign prefix TA for normal operation. TC and YM prefixes are used as special event/day call signs.  TA2J Turkish Ham Award will be awarded to those hams who make contact with TA amateurs using TA / TC / YM prefixed call signs. In order to receive the Award, hams must make enough contacts to collect 100 points between January 1 , 2007 and December 31, 2007. To get the Award Certificate it is necessary to send your own QSL as well as a Log extract verified by two amateurs, containing all list of all contacts showing their call sign, name, last name and address( city-zip code) by March 1, 2008.

The point scoring system is as the following: There are 10 call areas in TA. The contacts are divided into two groups : CW ; SSB and other modes. Phone or other mode contacts have a multiplier of 1 and CW contacts multiplier of 2.The first contact within an area is worth 2 pts. Every other contact from the same area is worth 1 pt. TC and YM contacts have an extra multiplier of 2. Contacts made with the same station in a different mode ( CW to SSB etc ) or on a different band are acceptable but will count as any contact. All licensed bands and modes are available for use, but only direct contacts between two radio amateur stations count. Use of repeaters and/or digital repeaters and/or other non-direct communication modes do not count.

The award will be sent as registered mail after the logs has been examined. The fee for the award is 5 Euros or 5 IRCs.. Apply to Dr.T. A. Kazancioglu TA1HZ. Cilekli Caddesi No:24 3. Levent 34330 Istanbul,  TURKIYE.



USA                        FISTS 20th Annniversary 20-20 Award

FISTS is an organization promoting the use of CW on ham bands. This award celebrates the 20th anniversary of the FISTS organization founding. It is offered for contacts made between individual FISTS members during the period of January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2007.

During each calendar month, starting on the first of the month and ending on the last day of that same month (according to your local time zone) 20 contacts must be made with 20 different FISTS members, each QSO lasting at least 20 minutes.

A certificate with spaces for 12 endorsement stickers will be issued after approval of the first month's completed log, with an endorsement sticker issued for each month's approved log after that. Each month is considered to be a separate endorsement. If you skip a month or several months, you can still apply for months in which you meet the requirements.

A plaque will be awarded to those successfully obtaining an endorsement sticker for each month during 2007 (12 months total).

1. Contacts must include exchange of Callsign, QTH, signal report and FISTS number (for verification purposes).
2. The "QSO" starts when two-way contact is established. Calling CQ does not count toward QSO time. For example, if you call CQ for ten minutes before you get a reply, that ten minutes does not count toward the 20 minute total. You need to chat for 20 minutes after you establish contact with someone.
3. Two-way Morse code mode only.
4. Open to all power levels, fixed or mobile stations and all legal bands. No endorsements for special-interest operating or bands. Multiple endorsement stickers for more than 20 contacts per month are not available.
5. Contacts must be made with 20 different individual FISTS members during the calendar month. For the purpose of this award, an "individual FISTS member" is a person. Club calls are not eligible for this award.
6. If you make a contact with a club that has a FISTS number (operated by a FISTS member) and you exchange QSO information with the operator while s/he uses their personal callsign and you chat for a minimum of 20 minutes, you may count the contact with the operator's personal
callsign toward the 20-20 Award.
7. Each month starts a new contact log. You may work the same person in more than one month, but only once per month.
8. Logs must contain the QSO information as well as dates and start and stop times of the QSO. On the bottom of the log, write your name, callsign, address and the month for which the contacts are being claimed.
9. There is no charge to FISTS members in good standing for the original certificate, but an SASE or address label for each endorsement sticker is appreciated to ease the workload of the awards manager.

The Award is available to all licensed amateurs. Non-FISTS or FISTS who are delinquent with their membership status please include $3 for the basic certificate and $1 for endorsement stickers. If a plaque is earned and desired by a non-dues paying Amateur, they will be responsible for the cost of their plaque and shipping. Apply to: FISTS Awards Manager, Dennis Franklin K6DF, 4658 Capitan Drive, Fremont, CA. 94536-5448.



Tks F5NQL 1/07

USA                   QCWA Sixty-Sixty Award

On November 14, 1947, during a 10-Meter roundtable QSO, the suggestion was made to form an association of ham radio operators that had been licensed for twenty-five years or more. The very next month, with that thought in mind, a group of hams met on Friday evening, December 5, 1947, in New York City. That evening, the Quarter Century Wireless Association (QCWA) was born. In order to celebrate our Sixtieth Anniversary in grand style, the Quarter Century Wireless Association has announced a new, limited availability, operating Award to celebrate this momentous occasion. This represents the first Award of its type offered by the QCWA. The award is available to both Members and non-Members. The basic requirements are simple: Make 60, two-way contacts with 60 different QCWA Members.

The QCWA Sixty-Sixty Award will be announced at the 2007 Dayton Hamvention on May 18, 2007 by President John Johnston, W3BE. The final day for contacts is no later than 2400 UTC, June 30, 2008. All applications for the Award should be post marked no later than September 1, 2008.

1. submit a list of 60 different two-way contacts with QCWA Members and their associated Membership numbers.
2. Two-way contacts may be made utilizing any RF mode of operation on any frequency authorized for amateur use and includes the use of VHF/UHF repeaters.
3. Submitted log information should include the time (UTC), date of contact, call sign, QCWA Member’s name and the Member's Membership number.
4. Provide a statement that the contacts are true and correct and were made in accordance with both the amateur regulatory requirements for his country of residence and the QCWA requirements as set forth for the Award.
5. There is a fee of $2.00 USD for applicants (Check, cash, or money order only.) Award certificates will be gratis to stations outside North America but donations to defray postage/handling will be gratefully accepted.
6. Send application to: Robert Buus W2OD, 8 Donner St., Holmdel, NJ 07733-2004 / U.S.A


Tks K1IGD 4/27/07

USA                  400th Anniversary of Maine’s Shipbuilding Tradition

It is a little known fact of history that 400 years ago, landing on August 13, 1607, an English colony was established in Maine at the present day site of Phippsburg. What was remarkable about the colony was that during the winter of 1607-1608 the colonists built the pinnace Virginia. It was the first ocean-going ship constructed by English settlers in North America, and Mainers regard it as the beginning of the Maine shipbuilding tradition. It is worth noting that the tradition continues even to the present day; Bath Iron Works is located a mere 8 miles up the Kennebec River from the original Popham colony site.

The Pine Tree Chapter 134 of QCWA is celebrating the event by offering a certificate to all licensed radio amateurs for confirmed contacts made on amateur radio bands during the Anniversary period.


1. The award will be issued for confirmed two-way contacts with 10 different stations in Maine.
2. Contacts must be made between 0000Z 1 August 2007 and 2359Z 31 August 2008. Contacts made with N1P, between 1601Z 17 August 2007 and 2359Z 19 August 2007, and during the New England QSO Party, 3-4 May 2008, are eligible to be used for the award.
3. All bands and modes.
4. Submit a list of contacts claimed including call, date and time (UTC), band/frequency, mode, and QTH of operator.   Each application must include a signed statement certifying the list to be accurate.
5. Fee: One IRC or US$2.00, check, cash, or money order.  No credit cards or stamps. 
6. Apply no later than 1 July 2009 to: Pine Tree Chapter 134, QCWA, 2 Brian Drive,
Brunswick ME 04011.

Tks AA4AK 9/20/07

USA     The Virginia Quadricentennial Commemorative Amateur Radio Award,

Sponsored by QCWA Vic Clark Chapter 91, Washington, DC Area

In 1607, the first permanent English settlement in the New World was founded on the banks of a river, on a spit of land 40 miles upstream from where the river empties into the Atlantic Ocean. Its founders, some 100 in number, sailed from England on three vessels: the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery. They landed first at Cape Henry, near what is now known as Virginia Beach. Seeking a more secure location, they ventured upstream into what is now known as the James River, and they named their new settlement Jamestown. Both were named in honor of their king, James I.

The Commonwealth of Virginia will be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the founding during the year of 2007. The Vic Clark Chapter 91 of QCWA is joining in that celebration by offering an award to all licensed radio amateurs for completing 25 two-way contacts with stations located in Virginia that are made on the amateur radio bands during the year 2007.

This award, a colorful certificate 8 ½ by 11 inches in size, will be available to all amateurs satisfying the following requirements.
     a. The award will be issued for two-way contacts with 25 different stations in Virginia during the quadricentennial year of 2007.
b. Contacts must be made between 0000 UTC 1 January 2007 and 2400 UTC 31 December 2007.
  c. Certificates will be serially numbered and signed by the chapter president and treasurer.
     d. Contacts may be made on any frequency authorized for amateur use. Contacts through a repeater will not be creditable.
  e. Any mode that is legal on the frequency used will be acceptable.

Applicants must submit a list of contacts claimed, including call sign of each Virginia station worked, date and time (UTC), band/frequency, mode, QTH, and name of operator. Applications must be sent by mail, and not electronically (do not submit logs via email). Do not send QSL cards. Each application must include a signed log certifying the list to be accurate, and include your name, call, and return mailing address. 

The Virginia QSO Party, held March 17-18, 2007, is an excellent event for contacting stations in Virginia. The Virginia QSO Party is sponsored by the Sterling Park Amateur Radio Club (SPARC), and contacts made in the VQP are eligible to be used for the Virginia Quadricentennial Award. Certificates for the Virginia Quadricentennial Award and the Virginia QSO Party must be applied for separately. See the SPARC website at for details on the Virginia QSO Party.

There is a fee of $2.00 for applicants in North America to cover printing and shipping of the Quadricentennial Award. (Check, cash, or money order only. No credit cards or stamps accepted.) Certificates will be sent gratis to stations outside North America but donations will be accepted. Mail your application to the address, below.

Applications for the Quadricentennial Award should be sent prior to 1 July 2008  to: QCWA Vic Clark Chapter 91, P. O. Box 4112, Merrifield, VA 22116-4112.

E-mail:  .

Tks K5RJ and KG6ZR 10/2006

USA                   YCCC 30th Anniversary Award

The Yankee Clipper Contest Club celebrates it's 30th year of competing in the unlimited club category from the Northeastern US. Now having close to a membership count of nearly 400, the club has steadily been growing since its inception (1977), the club offers the following on-the-air fun event for both their own members as well as our fellow contesters worldwide.

For the balance of 2007, commencing immediately, YCCC members will be signing their calls with the suffix /30, indicating the 30 year anniversary, used to positively promote the YCCC on the air. A special certificate will be provided after confirming contacts with at least 10 members. This confirmation and request for the special certificate can be done via e-mail at . Please send a list of contacts and indicate the date, time, frequency, call sign of member along with your mailing address so we might send you the certificate. QSL cards may be used to confirm these contacts as well and by sending them to Dave, W1CTN who will administer the program. There is no charge for the award.

A complete list of YCCC members can be found at then click on "Members Only" and follow the directions to enter the site (open to all). Look up "roster" for the complete list of members active within the YCCC. The following special calls will be active during the New England QSO Party this weekend to help kick the activity off. They will not be signing /30 for this particular event as many may be mobile, already signing "/county". Check for full details of this big operating event.

K1C     N1C     N1E     N1Y     

YCCC members will use the /30 suffix all through the rest of 2007. Requests for the certificate should be submitted no later than February, 1, 2008.  QSL's may be sent to David Arruzza, W1CTN, 32 Benz Street, Ansonia, CT 06401.  

Also for those attending the Dayton Hamvention, watch for the special YCCC 30th badges members will be wearing and congratulate them when you see them!

 Thanks Mark, K1RX/30, President, Yankee Clipper Contest Club

E-mail address for applications: 

5-2-07 / 5-7-07 


England  - VHF           UKSMG 25th Anniversary Award     (United Kingdom Six Meter Group) 

The UKSMG 25th Anniversary Award is presented to Radio Amateurs and Short Wave Listeners who demonstrate their operating skills on the 50 MHz band. The award is recognized by working 25 UKSMG member stations, and at lease one of the following 25th Anniversary special event station during 2007.


A list of current UKSMG members may be downloaded from The award can be endorsed SSB, CW, SWL etc.

The cost of each award is as follows:
UK members - £4.00.
UK non-members - £5.00.
Overseas members - $5.00 or 5.00 Euros.
Overseas non-members - $8.00 or 8.00 Euros.
These charges are to defray the cost of printing media, packing and postage.

Apply to: Peter Kay, G0KUX, 90 Avenue Road, Southgate, London, N14 4EA, Engeland. 


Tks PA3CUZ 8/2007