Short Term Awards for 2010 

Contacts must be made generally during the calendar year 2010 for these awards.
Some of the award periods may range from as short as 4 months to over a year, but all include the year 2010.  
For much shorter term awards (a few days to a month), see this special file. 

Indicates Latest Award Added to this list.

AUSTRALIA WIA Centenary Award SM6DEC 10-16-09
BELGIUM ON30ON Award ON4CAS 2-19-10
BELGIUM UBA International Prefix Hunt Competition ON7SS 2-28-10
CHILE CE200 Award SP9JPA Blog 10-7-10
ENGLAND BAWDSEY Research Station Awards ON4CAS 3-2-2010
ENGLAND 50th Anniversary of the Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society SM6DEC 10-28-09
ENGLAND Yaesu Heritage Year 2010 - GS2MP PA3CUZ 11-27-09 
FRANCE Clipperton DX Club Challenge 2010 N8OFS 3-15-10 
GERMANY Diplom 175 Jahre Eisenbahn in Deutschland PA3CUZ 3-15-10
GERMANY Jubilaumswimpel "60 Jahre VFDB e.V PA3CUZ 11-27-09
GERMANY DARC 60th Anniversary Diploma DH5MM 4-13-10
GERMANY Diplom 20 Years District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern OH3GZ 6-27-10
GERMANY Ruhr 2010 Award PA3CUZ 11-27-09
GERMANY 25 Jahre Moselwein-Diplom PA3CUZ 2-9-10
GERMANY  Kurzzeit-Diplom Thüringen PA3CUZ 2-9-10
HUNGARY 65th Anniversary of HATVAN Award OH3GZ 4/27/10
HUNGARY European Capital of Culture Pécs 2010 Award OH3GZ 3-3-2010
HUNGARY 125th anniversary of the Fire Brigade of Hatvan OH3GZ 3-24-10
JAPAN FUYO Group ARC 30th Anniversary Award JF1SSM 6-9-10 
NETHERLANDS 25 years Marine Amateur Radio Club (MARAC)   Rewritten 5/9/10 includes addl details.  OH3GZ 1-11-10/5/9/10 
NETHERLANDS DIG-PA Jubileum Award SP9PJA 1-12-10
NETHERLANDS 100 Years of Scouting in the Nederlands PA3CUZ 2-8-10
NIGERIA The Federal Republic Of Nigeria At 50 Award K1ZZ 1-11-10
POLAND Fryderyk (Frederick) Chopin 2010 Award OH3GZ 5/9/10
POLAND 50th Anniversary of the Kraków Firefighter Training School (KSP) SP9JPA 3-5-10
POLAND Polish Scouting Centenary Award SP9JPA 12-31-09
ROMANIA YOFF 2010 Award YO3JW 2-2-10
RUSSIA Yaroslav 1000 Plaque OH3GZ 12/15/09
RUSSIA Diploma 400 Year Yartsevo K1BV Research 12/1/10
SERBIA Novi Sad Fair Award OH3GZ 2/18/10
TURKEY Marmara Lighthouses On The Air (MLOTA) Award OH3GZ 1-2-10
TURKEY Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture  425 DX News #975 1-8-09



AUSTRALIA                    WIA Centenary Award

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) celebrates it's 100th anniversary in 2010.  A special award has been established to commemorate this notable anniversary.  Look for and make a contact with special event station VK100WIA in the period 1 March to 31 August 2010. 

From 1 May to 31 May 2010, the special call sign VK100WIA will be activated by the WIA and from 1 June to 31 October 2010 the special call sign VK100WIA will be activated by its affiliated clubs throughout Australia.

The award will be issued to radio amateurs in Australia who accumulate 100 points and amateurs outside Australia who accumulate 50 points. A contact with VK100WIA operated by the WIA or operated by a Club is worth 10 points (only one contact with VK100WIA operated by the WIA and only one contact with each Club) and there must be a minimum of 2 contacts with VK100WIA. Contacting any WIA Member between 1st May 2010 and 31st October 2010 is worth 5 points. (Example: working VK100WIA at 10 different Clubs would be eligible for the award. Working 16 WIA members gives 80 points but then two contacts must be made with VK100WIA)

Any mode may be used, cross mode and cross band contacts are permitted. Satellite may be used but contacts via terrestrial repeaters are not eligible for the award. Send $AUD5 or 3 IRC and a list of contacts, QSL’s not required, to the Awards Manager at the address below. The Awards manager reserves the right to verify claims by reference to operating logs or any other resource. The WIA website will list activation locations and times for VK100WIA and a commemorative QSL will be available.

How to find VK100WIA

Listen around the bands or visit the WIA website  for frequent updates of the operator club's roster. Participating clubs will also promote in more details their plans.

Making a claim

Meet the requirements of the rules above and send a claim by 30 January 2011 accompanied by payment of $5 Australian dollars or 3 IRC, sent to:  WIA Centenary Award, PO Box 2042


Tks SM6DEC/PA3CUZ      10-16-09

BELGIUM                                  ON30ON Award

The ON Contest was first organized in 1980 to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Kingdom of Belgium. Since then, this short period contest lasting four hours on a local Sunday morning has become a popular yearly event generating lots of activity on the 80m, 6m and 2m bands. To commemorate its 30th edition, the Mechelen (MCL) division of the UBA is activating a special event call sign ON30ON.

To celebrate this event the MCL division of the Belgian IARU Society UBA issues a commemorative award. Both licensed HAMs and SWLs may achieve this short term certificate by collecting 30 points during the year 2010. The special event station ON30ON will be active during the months of March, April, September and October

Point Values:

Station contacted     Point Value                 Contacts made during the ON Contest
ON30ON                10 points                   15 points
ON4MCL                 7 points                   not active
Members of UBA-MCL     4 points                   6 points

Europeans outside Belgium may multiply the value by factor of two, and stations outside Europe by a factor of three. A contact with ON30ON is mandatory for all stations. No band or mode restrictions (except for Packet Radio & Echolink) but each station only counts once.

The ON Contest has several sections of which the 2010 dates are as following:
6m on September 26th,
80m SSB on October 3rd,
80m CW on October 10th
and 2m on October 17th.

The rules of the contest may be found on the UBA webpage. The certificate is only available as a personalized PDF file and applicants should apply by sending their log extract to ON4CAS After verification of your log extract, the award will be sent as a PDF file to your e-mail address. No fee applies, the award is free.

List of UBA MCL members as of Jan 31st, 2010:



Tks ON4CAS 2/2010

BELGIUM                      UBA International Prefix Hunt Competition

This is not a contest in usual sense but a competition, which runs over the whole year and enables you to measure your achievements in prefix chasing. Even if you are not a contester you can easily participate because every QSO you make on every HF band counts for the competition.

1. Date: from January 1, 2010 00:00 UTC until December 31, 2010 23:59 UTC. 
2. Modes: All modes (CW, Phone, RTTY, and all other digital modes)
3. Bands: All HF bands (160, 80, 40, 30, 20, 17, 15,12 and 10m). All your QSO's count for the competition.
4. Categories: All Licensed Radio amateurs and SWL's.
5. Points: Every different prefix counts 1 point on each band.
6. Multiplier: Every different prefix counts once as a multiplier.
7. Final score: The sum off all prefixes on all bands multiplied by the number of different prefixes.

Logs: Only electronic logs via email in ADIF format will be accepted. Send your log of the past month before the 5th of the following month to the Competition Manager in order to compile an interim results list. Just export your log of the last month in ADIF. You don't have to calculate your score yourself. Last logs must reach the Competition Manager before the 10th of January of the following year. Name your file "yourcall-month in figures.adi" (ex: ON7SS-01.ADI for the January log).

There is no need to mention a claimed score.  All logs will be treated in the strictest confidence and will not be made public.  

Interim results and the final result will be published on the UBA Website
Send your logs to

Digital competition certificates will be granted to all participants who reach at least 300 different prefixes.

Tks Marc Domen, ON7SS

CHILE                         CE200 AWARD

Chile celebrates its Bicentennial as an independent country on September 18, 2010. Earn 200 pts. and receive a special certificate by working Chilean stations in various band/mode combinations from 01 September 2009 to 31 Dec 2010.

Point Values:
1. 3G200AA = 10 pts.,
2. a regular station (CE prefix) = 1 pt.
3. a 3G station = 3 pts.,
4. the following stations = 5 pts. each:
     3G200AND 3G200BSQ 3G200BYU 3G200BZI 3G200CNU 3G200JA 3G200LS 3G200RCC 3G200RCO 3G200RCR 3G200RCV 3G200RKV 3G200RLP 3G200RPA 3G200RSC 3G200TH 3G200UNV 3G200UYP 3G200VC.

Send a GCR list, with fee of 5 IRC's on or before 01 Sept 2011 to: Radio Club de Chile, Encargado de Diplomas, PO Box 13630, Santiago, CHILE.

Tks SP9JPA Blog 10/7/10





ENGLAND                                 BAWDSEY Research Station Awards

In recognition of the historic events that took place in 1935 and 1940 which played a significant part in Britain’s war effort, Bawdsey Manor will be activated on three separate occasions during 2010.  During its time as the radar research centre and as an operational station for Chain Home radar, it was known by the acronym BRS – Bawdsey Research Station. Special event callsigns with BRS as the suffix have been applied for to recognise this activity. 

Certificates are available to operators who complete contacts with:
a) The Daventry Certificate - all three sites operating GB75 calls signs on Feb 26 2010 – GB75CH (Chain Home, Gt Baddow Essex), GB75RDF (Radio Direction Finding, Weedon/Daventry, Northants – also with GB0RDF and GB0WWR), and GB75BRS (Bawdsey) or
b) The Bawdsey Certificate - both stations operating from Bawdsey Manor (GB75BRS, 26 – 28 Feb 2010, and GB70BRS, June and Sept 2010)

For either certificate, you must provide the following:
i) date, time and frequency of each qualifying contact
ii) in the case of the Daventry Certificate, the callsign of each station worked
iii) payment of £5 or 5 IRC to cover the printing and postage. Transactions via PayPal £5.20

Proceeds from each type of certificate will go to British Legion (Daventry) and RAF Benevolent Fund (Bawdsey) so if you wish to give extra that would be appreciated. For PayPal transactions: Please use account powis (dot) dfamilyj (at) and make a reference to the certificate you wish.

GB75BRS was active 26-28 Feb 2010.
GB70BRS will be active 5/6 June and 18/19 Sept 2010. (Look on 3770, 7150, 14320.


Tks ON4CAS 3/2/10

ENGLAND                 Royal Navy Amateur Radio Society 50th Anniversary Award 

Work or have heard, 50 RNARS members between the period 1st January and 31st December 2010. Mixed modes are acceptable. A station can only be counted once no matter on how many bands/modes you have worked/heard it. Each station worked/heard counts one point but special stations run by the RNARS during the qualifying period will count for two points. Applications for this award must be on the official RNARS awards form which can be downloaded from the RNARS Web Site, or by sending a suitable SAE to the Awards Manager. QSL cards are not required. ADDRESS: RNARS HQ, HMS Collingwood, Portsmouth, UK.   

The RNARS was formed in June 1960. 2010 therefore, is the 50th anniversary and a number of events are being planned throughout the year to celebrate this occasion.   The RNARS has been authorized to use the special call sign GB50RNARS as it is a milestone in the history of the Society. This or any other special event call sign may be used by UK members only of the Society from their own stations for a period not exceeding 28 days in order for contacts to be available to the maximum number of Amateur Radio operators throughout the UK and beyond.   If any member wishes to use the special event call sign from their home QTH for a set period, not exceeding 28 days during 2010, contact G3LIK as soon as possible of the dates between which you will be able to operate the call sign together with your full name, your main station address and postcode at which your amateur radio license is authorized to operate, and a contact telephone number. These will be included in a schedule which will be attached to the application for the license, therefore, time is of the essence and if you are contemplating running the station to celebrate this occasion, then the information is needed immediately.     

The following stations have reserved the use of the call sign the following will be reserved dates:  

January 2010 - Glynn GW4MVA             July 2010 - Dave G4ZMP 
February 2010 - available                         August 2010 - G3LCS 
March 2010 - Mick G3LIK                       September 2010 - GW0ANA 
April 2010 - HMS BELFAST GB2RN     October 2010 - G4ZMP 
May 2010 - G0GBI                                    November 2010 - MW0NSC 
June 2010 - Mick G3LIK

E-mail: M Puttick, G3LIK Chairman RNARS

Tks Ben - SM6DEC

ENGLAND                  Yaesu Heritage Year 2010 - GS2MP

Each calendar month in 2010, Jim GM0NAI (GM7R) and GM3WOJ will be using a different model of vintage Yaesu radio, mostly on 40m and 20m CW and SSB, to give everyone world-wide the best chance of working our club callsign GS2MP.

Every QSO with the GS2MP vintage station (located near Inverness, Scotland) will earn points towards the award and you will earn extra points if you are also using a vintage Yaesu radio, but we will need a photo of you operating it !

Working a pile-up with a 40-year old radio will be tough - be prepared for some frequency drift and we won't be able to work split with most of the radios (but the old separates will be fine, hi) Precise details of the event starting in January 2010 are still being worked out - please check website listed below for the latest information and a provisional calendar of which radios will be used in each month.


Tks PA3CUZ 11/09


Special amateur radio station OF50RR will be operating at Raahe, Finland, from January 1st 2010 to December 31th 2010.  Make a contact with OF50RR on 3 different amateur bands to be earn a special commemorative A3-size certificate titled the   RAUTARUUKKI CORPORATION 50 YEARS AWARD.

This award is issued by Rautaruukki Corporation RadioClub OH8R in order to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Rautaruukki Corporation.  Send log extract and fee of $US7 or 5€ to award/QSL manager Kari Kanasaari  OH8DR, Kesahaantie 1, 92140 PATTIJOKI, Finland.  

QSLs OK via the Finnish Bureau via OH8R.  If You want QSL direct pse send your card to the OH8DR address shown above.  Include 1xIRC  or  2xUSD  or  1xEuro  for direct return. No need to include SAE (Self Addressed Envelope).  Just provide a return address in your envelope.

Rautaruukki Corporation
Rautaruukki supplies metal-based components, systems and integrated systems to the construction and engineering industries. The company has a wide selection of metal products and services. The Corporation uses the marketing name Ruukki.

Tks OH8DR 12/22/09 
(Chg 12/23)

FRANCE                                     Clipperton DX Club Challenge 2010

The aim of this challenge is to contact as many DXCC entities as possible on the different bands and on the different modes over the duration of the challenge. Open to all amateurs, not just members of the CDXC.

1. Dates: from January 1st, 2010 00:00z to last Sunday of August (August 29th) 23:59Z. 
2. Contacts: Any two way QSO between two licensed stations. Contacts via relay, transponder, Echolink or Satellite are not authorized and do not count for this award.
3. Bands: All bands from 160 to 10m (WARC included) for the bands HF. The mode SSB on 30m is not authorized for the challenge. The bands 6m and 2m count separately and each one is a separate category. For each band used, the respect of the IARU band plans is recommended.
4. Categories of the award:
     A. Bands HF : Mixed Mode All HF bands (CW, SSB, Digi)
     B. Band 6m : Mixed 6m (CW, SSB, Digi)
     C. Band 2m: Mixed 2m 2m (CW, SSB, Digi )
5. Point Values :
     A. HF: Each contact with a DXCC entity counts for 1 point on each of the 9 bands, whatever mode is used. The final score is the cumulative sum of the points on each band.
     B. 6m: The points are the number of DXCC contacted whatever the mode used.
     C. 2m: The points are the number of grid squares contacted (JN07, IN96...). The field "locator" has to be filled to be counted.
6. Log: Only electronic log files in the ADIF format will be accepted. The log must be sent by e-mail no later than September 1st, 2010. Once the closing date passed, no additional log will be accepted.
7. Control : Each log will be analyzed and the points will be deferred in the result charts. QSLs are not necessary. However, the organizer reserves the right to check the veracity of the qso if necessary.
8. Results : The results will be revealed at the Convention of the CDXC in Pontarlier, France (September 18th, 2010) then placed on website of the CDXC dedicated to the challenge. The winners will be contacted by e-mail. All three trophies will be given directly or sent if necessary.
9. Website: A dedicated page will be created on the CDXC website ( ) with scores.
10. Contact: for any additional information, you can send an e-mail to
11. Entities DXCC: The list of entities DXCC is that defined by the ARRL ).


Tks N8OFS 3/15/10

GERMANY                            DARC 60th Anniversary Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club eV (DARC) celebrates it’s 60th anniversary by offering this award available to all amateurs and SWLs for contacting stations as noted from 1 Jan 2010 to 24 July 2011.  Applications will be processed up to 31 December 2011.

Earn a total of 60 points for this award by working:
a. 1 point for a contact with a club station of each of the 24 DARC-districts.
b. 1 point for a contact with an OM, or 2 points for a connection with a YL of each of the 24 districts. A missing station in the districts may be substituted by Joker 1 point by working the district chairman (eg special DOK "DVA") or directors ("DARCVO").
c. There are 2 points for contacts with the DARC-specific stations DAØRC, DBØHQ, DFØAFZ, DLØDL and DAØHQ.
d. There are 3 points for DL6ØDARC

The application should be sent with a log extract and with the fee of 10.00 EURO to: Martin Koehler DL1DCT, Wideystr. 1b, 59174 Kamen-Heeren, Germany. 

It is planned that 5.00 EURO of the fee will be used for education, youth work and training.


Tks DH5MM 4/13/10, 5/19/10

GERMANY            Diploma 20 Years District Mecklenburg-Vorpommern

The district of Mecklenburg-Borpommern DARC eV celebrates its 20th anniversary of the issuance of the MVP award.  Earn a total of 20 points on short wave and 10 points using FM during the period July 1 2010 to December 31, 2010.  All bands and modes OK.  

Point Values for amateurs and SWL's
a. Contact with DR20MVP = 5 points for each band they are contacted.   (This is a mandatory contact for the award.)
b. DL0MVP = 3 points.
c. Other stations in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern DOK 30, V01, Z87, Z89, DVV, MVP, MCM, SOP, YLV = 1 point each.

Endorsements are available for contacts made all on one band or with all YL operators.

Award requests may be made online, by e-mail to or in paper form to the custodian: Hardy Zenker DL3KWF, Kotkaring 1, D-17493 Greifswald, Germany.  Applications accepted up to final date of June 30, 2011.  Fee for paper award is 5€ for Germans, 7€ for other Europeans, and 10€ for all others.  Note that if you accept the award as a digital file which you can print in your shack, the award is FREE.  

Germans/Europeans may make electronic payment to:
Darc - Mecklenburg District / Vorp.
Account no.: 1200002284
BLZ: 14051000
IBAN: DE 50 1405 1000 1200 0022 84


Tks OH3GZ 6/27/10

GERMANY                                 Diplom 175 Jahre Eisenbahn in Deutschland

On 7 December 1835, a train pulled by the Adler locomotive travelled from Nürnberger Plärrer to the Ludwigsbahnhof in Fürth, within 14 minutes. To commemorate the 175th anniversary of that event, Eisenbahn-Funkamateure EFA issues the Award for making contacts and earning a total of 175 points during calendar year 2010. SWL OK.

Point values:
1. Club stations with the special DOK "175DE" (DF0BAU DF0BB DL0AW DL0BZA DL0CY DL0DC DL0FL DL0KY DL0MY DL0PS DL0VBG) = 25 points.
2. Other EFA Club stations = 10 points.
3. Members of the EFA = 5 points.

All bands and modes except Packet Radio and Echolink. Send a GCR list and fee of 5€ for DL, all others $US10 or 5 IRC on or before 31-12-2011 to Hans Piehler DL8ARJ, August-Bebel-Straße 5, D-07639 Bad Klosterlausnitz, Germany.

EFA memberlist: book.pdf  

Tks DH1PAL and PA3CUZ 3/15/10

GERMANY                                     25 Jahre Moselwein-Diplom

DARC Cochem, K45 has been the sponsor of the Mosel Wine Diploma since 1985. On the occasion of this anniversary they are offering a special short-term edition of the award for contacts made from 1 Jan 2010 to 31 Dec 2010 with stations from the vineyards along the "Mosel River". SWL OK.

Contacts with the following DOKs in cities along the Mosel count for the award: K05, K10, K25, K28, K32, K47, K48, Q04 and Z11 = 1 point
Stations from the Cochem, DOK K45 = 2 points each,
The K45-clubstations DF0COC, DK0MOS, DN0EMH which have been assigned a special DOK of 25MWD = 5 points each.

DL stations need 20 points
Non-DL stations need 10 points.
Contacts on VHF/UHF count double.

Each call counts only one time for each band and mode. All bands and modes except Echolink and packet radio.

Send a GCR list and fee of 5€ or US$10 before 30 June 2011 to Rita Gietzen, DL3PF, Dohrer Weg 1, D-56814 Faid, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/10 

GERMANY                                         Kurzzeit-Diplom Thüringen

The DARC Distrikt Thüringen sponsors this diploma for contacts with Thüringen stations (X-DOK, Z83, Z88, Z90, DVX and THR). SWL OK. All bands and modes are allowed. Each contact with a maximum of 2 times on different bands.

QSO Period: Contacts must be made during the period usually assigned to one of the signs of the zodiac during year 2010. You may also apply for the award multiple times for contacts during each of the periods

Capricorn 22 Dec 2009 to 20 Jan 2010, the first period. 
Aquarius 21 Jan to 19 Feb
Pisces 20 Feb to 20 Mar.
Aries 21 Mar to 20 Apr.
Taurus 21 Apr to 20 May.
Gemini 21 May to 21 Jun.
Cancer 22 Jun to 22 Jul
Leo 23 Jul to 23 Aug.
Virgo 24 Aug to 23 Sep.
Libra 24 Sep to 23 Oct.
Scorpio 24 Oct to 22 Nov.
Sagittarius 23 Nov to 21 Dec., the last rating period .

Earn 48 points.
Each contact with a listed DOK = 1 point.
Club stations count 2 points.
Club stations from DOK X35 - DK0NEU, DQ8N; X38 - DL0OBW, DK0RFF, DK0FAF, X48 - DL0GBB and DL0THR with S-DOK THR and the S-DOK DVX =5 points.

Send log extract and fee of 5€ plus postage (A4 size envelope) to to Roland Witter, DL2ARO, Sonneberger Straße 107, D-98744 Oberweißbach/Thür, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/10

GERMANY                  Jubiläumswimpel "60 Jahre VFDB e.V."

The year 2010 celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Association of Radio Amateurs in Telecommunications and Posts (VFDB eV). A special award is offered for contacting members between the 01 January 2010 and 31 December 2010. SWL OK.

The goal is to earn a total of 2010 points.

Point Values:
1. Each QSO with VFDB special stations (DA/DF/DK/DL0Z en DA/DB/DF/DK/DL0DBP) = 5 points.
2. Each QSO with stations of the local VFDB sections (Z- DOK) = 3 points.
3. Joker stations: all other stations with a Z in the callsign (b.v. RZ9AA, OK1ZA, PA3CUZ ect) = 1point.
4. Multiplier: Each Z-DOK and any special VFDB DOK count 1 point.

Final score: Sum of the QSO points x the sum of the multiplier points.  Packet Radio and Echo Link connections are not counted. Each station counts only one time.  Send a log extract and award fee of 10€ to: Andreas Lindner, DL2ZN, Moskauer Straße 123, D-99091 Erfurt, Germany.

The award fee can be to the account Konto 5401308179 des Diplommanagers bei der ING-DiBa AG, BLZ 500 105 17.


Tks PA3CUZ 11/09

GERMANY                      Ruhr 2010- Award

In 2010, the Ruhr has been named the European Capital of Culture. On this occasion, Deutsche Amateur- Radio-Club e.V., Ortsverband Dortmund-West, DOK O 52 offers a short-term diploma for contacts from 01.01.2010 to 31.12.2010 with several stations in the Ruhr area. SWL OK.

Earn at least 2010 points.

Point Values:

Special event stations to Ruhr 2010 (DR2010O, DR2010L, DR2010N) = 150 points.
Each club station of from the Ruhr = 100 points.
Each station member to a local club from the Ruhr = 60 points.

You must contact at least 10 different cities or local associations located in the Ruhr. See the list below. SWL OK. Each call sign may be used one time. All bands and modes except Packet Radio and Echo Link) can be used.  Send a log extract and fee of 5€, stations outside DL 10€ or 15 U.S. dollars to: Brigitte Weis- Dittko, DJ5BWD, Ammerbaumweg 44, D-44357 Dortmund, Germany.

Cities located in the Ruhr:
Alpine 		Gelsenkirchen 		Kamp-Lintfort 		Sprockhoevel
Bergkamen 	Gevelsberg 		Luenen 			Unna
Bochum 		Gladbeck 		Marl 			Voerde
Bönen 		Hagen 			Moers 			Waltrop
Bottrop 	Haltern 		Mülheim adRuhr 		Werne
Breckerfeld 	Hamm 			Neukirchen-Vluyn 	Wesel
Castrop-Rauxel 	Hamminkeln 		Oberhausen 		Weather ad Ruhr
Datteln 	Hattingen 		Oer-Erkenschwick 	Witten
Dinslaken 	Heiligenhaus 		Recklinghausen 		Xanten
Dorsten 	Herdecke 		Rheinsberg
Dortmund 	Herne 			Schermbeck
Duisburg 	Herten 			Schwelm
Ennepetal l 	Holzwickede 		Schwerte
Essen 		Hünxe 			Selm
Fröndenberg/Ruhr Kamen 			Sonsbeck



Tks PA3CUZ 11/09

HUNGARY                                   65th Anniversary of HATVAN Award

Hatvan became a city 65 years ago. This year is the anniversary of this special moment in the history of the town. This station will operate with the special event call sign of HA65HATVAN from 13 March 2010. to 31 December 2010.

To receive their QSL card and a beautiful colourful laminated award, send your QSL card plus the fee of 5 euro or $US7. (If only QSL card is needed, send #US2 or 1 IRC.) The extra funds that are received will be used to support mentally disabled children.

Apply to: Special event station. QSL Manager: HA6MW, Bem József út.15., Hatvan 3000, Hungary

Tks OH3GZ 4/27/10

HUNGARY                                125th anniversary of the Fire Brigade of Hatvan.

Special event station HA125HHOT will be active from 13 March 2010. to 31 December 2010 publicizing the 125th anniversary of the fire brigade in the town of Hatvan. QSL card and beautiful colourful laminated award is made available for contacting HA12HHOT during this period. :Send your QSL card+ the fee of 5€ or $US7. If you just want the QSL card, please send $US2 or 1 IRC. Money that is raised from this event will be used to support mild and moderately mentally disabled children.

Apply for both QSL and award to Ferenc Zólyomi HA6MW, Bem Jozsef 15, HATVAN 3000, Hungary.

Tks OH3GZ 3/2010

HUNGARY                            European Capital of Culture Pecs 2010 Award

The city of Pécs has been designated as one of the European Capitals of Culture in 2010. The Mecsek Radio Club offers an award with the following requirements.  Earn at least 2010 points during the calendar year 2010.
Point Values:
a. HG10P, HG2010P, HG10PECS special call signs = 300 points.
b. Any HA3, HG3 call signs = 100 points.
c. All other HA, HG call signs = 50 points.

All valid stations may only be contacted one time regardless of band or mode.
QSO-s via Packet, repeater, and internet based systems (Echo Link, WEB TCVR, etc….) are not accepted.
Send log extract and fee of 1000 HUF for Hungarian stations or 10€ for foreign stations to HA3MRK (at)
The award application deadline is 31 December 2011.
Award manager: Hegedüs Norbert HA3IN, Pécs, Pellérdi u. 66., H-7634 Hungary.

Tks OH3GZ 3/3/2010

JAPAN			FUYO Group ARC 30th Anniversary Award
The “FUYO” Group amateur radio club celebrates it's 30th birthday and issues this special award for contacts with members from April 1st 2010
to March 31, 2011.
SWL OK. 30 points are needed.
Point values (for all stations outside Japan):
a. club station JI1YTF = 15 points
b. Sister club station and all club members = 5 points
Each station may be worked only one time in the same day.
The award is free of charge, two IRCs are required for mailing expenses.
Applications should be sent to:  
            Mr. Ichiro Okamura JF1SSM 
            Utsukushigaoka 4-7-14, Aoba-ku
            Yokohama 225-0002  JAPAN
Endorsement: Applicants can request a maximum of 3 of the following 4 kinds of endorsements.
                  1) Single band 
                  2) Single mode 
                  3) QRP(QRPp) 
                  4) Satellite
Applications will be accepted until the end of March, 2011.
Remark: a picture of the award is available on the club's web page:
         Member list is as follows: 
《JA  2nd Call AreaJH2XFZ JR2PAU
JA  5th Call AreaJJ5ASD 
JA  6th Call AreaJA6QT(also 7L1JHN)  JA6HTZ
JA  8th Call AreaJA8XM  JA8AFA
JA  9th Call AreaJH9UJB(alsoJA1BIV)
JA 10th Call AreaJR0BHL
-DX-outside of JA HR1LW ZL3JP(also ZL7J es JH1HRJ)
Tks: Ichiro Okamura JF1SSM 6/9/10

NETHERLANDS                          25 years Marine Amateur Radio Club (MARAC)
(Rewritten 5/10 to include additional details of shield and banner.)

NETHERLANDS Marine Amateur Radio Club (MARAC) 25th Anniversary

On July 1st, the Marine Amateur Radio Club (MARAC) marks its 25th anniversary and to celebrate this event, a special event station will be active in 4 periods in 2010. The callsign of the special event station will be : PC25MRC with the MARAC-number 625. A special award will be available with rules as follow.

The four periods that PC25MRC will be QRV are :
* 1st of May 2010 untill the 28th of May 2010.
* 1st of July 2010 untill the 28th of July 2010
* 1st of November 2010 untill the 28 of November 2010
* 1st of December 2010 untill the 28th of December 2010

The award can only be obtained in the anniversary year 2010.

MARAC contacts may also be made on these dates in 2010 :
* On the 18th of May 2010 a 40/80 meter contest.
* On he 1st of July 2010 MARAC birthday qsoparty.
* On the 16th of november 2 meter contest.
* On the 11th and 12th of December PC25MRC will participate in the International Naval Contest.

The new award can be obtained by earning 25 points. Every MARAC-member worked = 1 point, PI4MRC =2 points and PC25MRC =4 points. The award costs 5€ and can be paid by PayPal.

The MARAC - shield can also be obtained by working 75 points. During the four periods that PC25MRC will be QRV, a qso with a MARAC-member will count 2 points and a qso with PC25MRC will count 4 points.
All members and the special event station PC25MRC may be worked only one time. Cost of the shield is 16€ and can also be paid by PayPal.
Award and shield manager is J.H. Stappenbelt PA3EBA, Meester Raapplein 8, 1761 DA, Anna Paulowna, Netherlands.

During the whole anniversary year 2010 MARAC - members can get a banner when they have worked 25 MARAC - stations. The banner is 13,5 centimeter long and 10 centimeter broad. The banner is free to MARAC members. The banner can also be obtained by NON-MARAC members and MARAC-members that have not worked 25 MARAC-stations. They must at least have worked 10 MARAC - members during the anniversary year. Costs: 5€. The banners will be sent in January 2011. Banner applications should be made to : MARAC - activity manager PF9A, M. Ouwehand, Gruttoplantsoen 14, 1131 ME, Volendam, Netherlands..


Tks OH3GZ 5/9/10

NETHERLANDS                        DIG-PA Jubileum Award

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DIG section The Netherlands on 29 January 2009, DIG-PA is sponsoring this award for QSO's made between 29 January 2009 and 31 January 2010. Contact a certain number of DIG-PA member stations (SWL's on heard basis):

PA-Stations: PC25DIG + PI4DIG + 10 Dutch DIG members
EU-Stations: PC25DIG + PI4DIG + 3 Dutch DIG members or PC25DIG + 6 Dutch DIG members
DX-Stations: PC25DIG + PI4DIG or PC25DIG + 3 Dutch DIG members

PC25DIG is planning to be active on these dates:
1. 29 January - 13 February 2009
2. 28 March - 12 April 2009 (incl. WPX-SSB and DIG-QSO Party CW)
3. 24 December 2009 - 8 January 2010

The award can be worked on HF and VHF. All bands and modes may be used, except Repeater, Packet-Radio and Echolink QSO's. Special endorsements for HF, VHF or CW.

Send a list of contacts plus a fee of 5€, $US8 or 6 IRC's to the award manager: Ans Wildeboer, PD5W, Kempenland 13, 8302 MT EMMELOORD, The Netherlands.

E-mail: jubileum [at]

Tks SP9JPA’s Blog 1/12/10

NETHERLANDS                            100 Years of Scouting in the Nederlands

1. The award runs from 1 January 2010 to December 31, 2010
2. Applications will be accepted up to December 31, 2011.
3. Earn 100 points by contacting the following stations:
     a. PA100BEVER, 
     b. PA100WELP, 
     c. PA100SCOUT, 
     d. PA100EXPLO, 
     e. PA100ROVER, 
     f. PA100SN, 
     g. PA100JAM, 
     h. PA100J
4. The points per station can be different each time, they will tell you the points for each QSO. Also find items in the agenda
5. Each station may be counted only one time. 
6. All bands and modes. 
7. SWL OK. 
8. Foriegn applications are welcomed. 
9. Stations outside of the Netherlands should provide sufficient Euros or Dollars for postage of their self- addressed envelope. (Assume 50 grams weight for postage). 
10. The award itself consists of a certificate and a matching badge. The badge is issued after earning 250 units After the 250 only the award.
11. Send a GCR list and SASE (at least A5 size) with stamps for 50 gr (EU € 1,54 and DX € 1,90) before 31 December 2011 to QSL-manager PA6JAM Alwin van Ombergen, p/a Ring 26 4455, AE Nieuwdorp ZLD, Netherlands.

Special stations PA100BEVER, PA100WELP, PA100SCOUT, PA100EXPLO and PA100ROVER will be activated by several stations on different days, different times and from different locations.
PA100SN will be activated during rural activities (scouts2day, beaver doedag, jongerentak event, etc) .
PA100JAM will be activated during the JOTA-JOTI.
PA100J will be activated during the JubJam.

Call agenda

Tks PA3CUZ 2/8/10


The Federal Republic of Nigeria celebrates it’s 50th anniversary as an independent country among the nations of the world's 243 countries. All licenced Nigerian radio amateurs will operate their stations from 00:01Z of 1 January 2010 until 2359Z 31 December 2010 using the special prefix of 5N50, e.g.:5N50OBA. There shall be an award for all amateur radio stations working amateur radio stations in Nigeria.

Requirements: Earn at least 10 points during the year long celebration of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Point values: ,
1. all Nigerian amateur radio stations = 1 point,
2. the President of the Nigeria Amateur Radio Society, Amateur Radio radio station = 5 points,
3. Each of the following listed special "Joker" stations = 10 points,
(the special stations are:5N50NIG,5N50MRM,5N50CAA)
4. All NARS officials = 3 points,
(the NARS officials are:5N50DAB, 5N50DAU, 5N50OBA, 5N50AYM, 5N50BRJ, 5N50SYT, 5N50MDS, 5N50NFE, 5N50WHA, and 5N50B.

All requests for the award shall be forwarded to the NARS, Award Manager, 5N50OBA,at his email: or to his postal Address in Nigeria, as: The Award Manager, Nigeria@50 Award, P.O.Box 7502. WUSE, Zone3, Abuja, 90003,F.C.T.,Nigeria.

The Award shall be sent by registered to all applicants. The fees for the registration and administration of the Award is $US4 , payable directly into the Nigeria Amateur Radio Society, account at Unity Bank PLC, Sanni Abacha Way Branch, Kano, Kano State, Nigeria, Account:241/120/4863/1/2/0, for naira paying and Foreign Currency account Dollars, at the Union Bank PLC, Wharf Road Branch, Apapa, Lagos State, Nigeria, account No: 0351550001239, for applicants paying in U.S.D. Applicants shall kindly provide their correct postal address information for the registration of their Nigeria @ 50 Award, an acknowledgement email shall be send to all applicant on the receipt of your application.

Tks K1ZZ 1-11-10

POLAND                                Fryderyk (Frederick) Chopin 2010 Award

2010 marks the 200th anniversary of the world famous pianist and composer Fryderyk Chopin. A special award is offered for contacting Polish stations using a prefix including "200" and/or all Polish stations during the year 2010 and earn at least 2,010 points according to the following point system:

Call Signs                                                 EU value  =400                    DX value = 500
3Z200FC          HF200FC        SO200FC        SP200FC     SQ200FC        3Z2010FC
HF2010FC         SO2010FC       SP2010FC       SQ2010FC
3Z2010CY         HF2010CY       SO2010CY       SP2010CY    SQ2010CY
3Z2010FCY        HF2010FCY      SO2010FCY      SP2010FCY   SQ2010FCY
Special event stations with number 200 in call sign i.e. SP200LM, SP200PSU, SP200ICQ = 100 points for EU and  200 for DX.    
All other SP stations =  50 points for EU and 100 for DX.

QSOs made over the entire calendar year 2010 year are eligible for the award. Each SP station can be worked once per band (i.e. 9 times), regardless of the emission.

Note: QSOs made during during Fryderyk Chopin International Piano Competition (2 – 23 October 2010) are valued at double points. Contacts with previously worked and counted SP stations may be repeated during this period only. The once-per-band rule must be observed.  

Send Log extract and fee of 5€ should be sent by registered mail to the award manager Piotr Brydak SP5PB, Okólnik 9a m16, 00 368 Warszawa , Poland.

Tks Jukka OH3GZ 5/9/10

POLAND                                   50th Anniversary of the Kraków Firefighter Training School (KSP)

Issued by the Club of the Volunteer Fire Brigade in Jeziorzany (SP9PSJ) and the Second-Lieutenant Firefighter School in Kraków to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the School. On the air activities extend from 1 March to 31 October 2010. Any band or mode, except for cross-band or cross-mode.

Non-SP stations: work (or hear) the special-event stations:
     SN50SPP 01-31 Mar 2010;
     SN50SCP 01-30 June 2010;
     SN50SA 01-30 Sept 2010.

Regular Award: 3 QSO's with 3 stations.
Golden Award: 6 QSO's, 2 QSO's with each station on different days.
Plaque: 8 QSO's, 2 with each of the 3 stations, plus 2 QSO's with SN50KSP 01-31 Oct 2010.

Up to two missing QSO's with the first three stations can be substituted by QSO's with SN50KSP when you apply for the Regular or Golden Awards (not for the Plaque). Send your applications with log extracts to: Jerzy Stopa SP9ODM, Jeziorzany 133, 32-060 Liszki, Małopolskie or via e-mail: sp9psj(at) No fees charged although donations can be paid to the following bank account for the rescue fund: OSP w Jeziorzanach, KBS O/Liszki, Account No. 12 85910007 0210 0000 1179 0001. Code: Na ratownictwo.

E-mail: sp9psj(at)


Tks SP9JPA 3/10

POLAND                             100 LAT HARCERSTWA POLSKIEGO
                                                                 Polish Scouting Centenary Award

The origins of Polish scouting go back to 1910 when Andrzej Ma³kowski translated Robert Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys into the Polish language. The students of St. Anna Junior High School No. 1 in Kraków established the "Ravens" Patrol in September 1910. It was later expanded into the Tadeusz Koœciuszko Scout Pack.

This award celebrates the centenary of the first scout groups on the Polish soil, promote Polish scouting traditions and activate amateur scout club radio stations. The Award is issued by the ZHP Capital City Regiment and the SP5ZIP Scout Communications Club.

Earn 100 points in the year 2010, in accordance with the following terms:
1. For a QSO with SN100HP = 25 pts. (Mandatory).
2. For a QSO with a ZHP abroad station = 20 pts.
3. For a QSO with a station operating from the ZHP Jubilee Rally in Kraków on 16. To 24 August 2010 = 20 pts.
4. For a QSO with a Polish Scouting Centenary station = 15 pts.
5. For a QSO with a Polish scout special-event station = 10 pts.
6. For a QSO with a regular ZHP club station (SP#Z..) = 5 pts.
7. Same conditions apply to SWL's.

Notes: Each station may be worked only one time for the Award, regardless of band or mode. Your application (with the Award name) should contain a log extract specifying the valid stations worked, signed by the operator and confirmed either by two licensed operators or your Club Manager. Please include your mail address. The Award is free of charge.

Send your application to: HARCERSKI KLUB £¥CZNOŒCI SP5ZIP, przy Szkole Podstawowej nr 223 z Oddzia ami Integracyjnymi, ul. Kasprowicza 107, 01-823 Warszawa, Poland .

Questions regarding the Award:
SP5ZIP Award Manager: W odzimierz SP5VIW,
SP5ZIP Manager: Jaros aw SQ5VJA,
Information on special-event activities:

Tks SP9JPA 12/09 

ROMANIA                  YOFF 2010 Award

During the year 2010 (The International Year of Biodiversity),  you may earn the special award from Romania:  the "YOFF 2010 Let Save The Green Planet Earth".
Rules: During the entire calendar year 2010, work at least 5 stations from different YOFF natural parks and nature centers and at least 10 stations from other FF areas in 5 different countries on at least 2 continents.  Requests must be received before 01.02.2011. Cost of the printed award is 5€ or 5 valid IRC's.  Apply to  Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania
If you request that the award be sent by electronic means, there is NO COST for the pdf document. 

Apply by e-mail to: fenyo3jw(at)

Tks YO3JW 2/2/10

RUSSIA                      Diploma 400 Years Yartsevo

This award was established in 2010 to celebrate the 400 anniversary of the city Yartsevo Smolensk region. ( RDA SM-29 ) The award is issued to radio amateurs and SWLs who make contact with stations of the Yartsevo Smolensk Oblast (RDA SM-29) using all modes on all bands. Repeat contacts are OK if on different bands. .

Period for contacts is August 1 2010 to August 1 2011. 

Award Requirements:
1. Amateurs/SWLs from Russia, Asia, CIS and Europe need 3 QSO / SWL.
2.Stations from other continents need just a single QSO / SWL.
3. On VHF (144 MHz or higher) or RTTY, BPSK at least two QSO / SWL.

Payment of the paper version of the diploma:
1. Russian stations: 100 rubles.
2. For stations in the CIS, Asia, Europe and other continents $US5 or 6 IRC.
3. For stations in the Smolensk region - 50 rubles in the case of receiving the award via the QSL-bureau or 80 rubles by mail.
4. The award is free of charge if the needed contacts have been made in digital formats (RTTY, BPSK) and agree to receive the award via e-mail.

Send log extract and proper fee to Yuri Alexandrovich, Yartsevo Str., Avtozaodskaya d.14 kv.10 Zuev, Smolensk Region, 215800 Russia.


Tks K1BV Research 12/10

RUSSIA            Yaroslav 1000 Plaque

Yaroslavl millenary history began in the year 1010 when a small wooden fortress was built at the confluence of the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers to protect the water path to Rostov, one of the largest cities of that time. Yaroslav became the first Christian town on Volga. It quickly turned into an important political, administrative, cultural, trade, and later  industrial center.

Earn a total of 1000 points by contacting stations from the city of Yaroslavl (UA3M) and the Yaroslavl region during calendar year 2010.   Each station may be worked once per band and mode. 

Yaroslavl (RDA districts YR-01 ... YR-05) = 25 points.
Any Club Station from Yaroslavl (RDA - YR-01 ... YR-05) = 50 points.
Jubilee Station gives 100 points.
Contact with any other special event station of Yaroslavl = 50 points.
Station of the Yaroslavl region (RDA - YR-06 ... YR-28) = 10 points,
Any Club Station of the Yaroslavl region (RDA - YR-06 ... YR-28) = 15 points,

Send log extract and fee of 50 Euro to  Shabalin Vladimir Martovich,  Ul.Architekturnaja 1-4, Rybinsk city, Yaroslavskaja obl., 152916, Russia. 

Tks OH3GZ 12/09

SERBIA                                   Novi Sad Fair Award

The special callsign YU0NS will be active during the periods of special events at the Novi Sad Fair according to fair schedule. Work the station for credit in acheiving the Novi Sad Fair award. All bands and modes OK. However, cross band/mode contacts, QSOs via repeaters or satellites are not allowed. Contacts with Novi Sad radio clubs and their members may only be made one time, regardless of band/mode is used.

Point value for HF/ Point scoring on VHF+UHF

Callsign      Europe       Outside Europe       VHF Europe
YU0NS         20 pts.      20 pts.              20 pts.
YU7BPQ        10 pts.      10 pts.              10 pts.
YU7AFC        10 pts.      10 pts.              10 pts.
YU7AKH        10 pts.      10 pts.              10 pts.
Club members   5 pts.       5 pts.               5 pts.

Points required:50 pts. 30 pts. 30 pts.

Send a log extract and fee of 2 IRC (Europe) or 3 IRC (outside Europe) to: Radio klub "Novi Sad" (Novi Sad Fair Award), P.O. Box: 243, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.

NOTE: The Fair Season is comprised of 8 periods as special events are scheduled all throughout 2010:

18-20 February
4-9 March
22-25 April
15-22 May
28 September - 3 October
12-17 October
26-29 October
11-14 November

Fair information:
(Google translations work very well with the Serbian language)

Tks OH3GZ 2/18/10

TURKEY                          Marmara Lighthouses On The Air (MLOTA) Award

Between August 2009 and May 2010, theTurkish Special Wireless Activity Team (TCSWAT) in collaboration with the Turkish Coastal Safety Administration is going to activate seven historical lighthouses around the Marmara Sea. The dates, locations and call signs of these are as follows:

1. 15-17 August 2009 Kocaeli Yelkenkaya Lighthouse (TUR 054): TC99K
2. 15-17 August 2009 Yalova Bozburun Lighthouse (TUR pending): TC99Y
3. 19-22 September 2009 Bal?kesir Band?rma Balyos Lighthouse (TUR pending): TC3BLH
4. 9-11 October 2009 Tekirdag( Marmara Ereg(lisi Lighthouse (TUR 059): TC1ELH
5. November 2009 Istanbul Yes,ilköy Lighthouse (TUR 055): TC1YLH
6. April 2010 Çanakkale Gelibolu Lighthouse (TUR 023): TC1GLH
7. May 2010 Tekirdag( Hos,köy Lighthouse (TUR 025): TC1HLH

All TCSWAT activities are announced via beforehand.
All essential info is available at 
It will probably be listed at dxsummit during the activity. 
QSL cards are sent to ALL stations contacted.


1. Contact all seven lighthouses or
2. six of the lighthouses on a minimum of nine different bands .


1. Contact six of the lighthouses or
2. five of the lighthouses on a minimum of seven different bands


1. Contact five of the lighthouses or
2. four of the lighthouses on a minimum of five different bands

QSOs from the first activation of TC1YLH Yesilköy Lighthouse in August 2008 are valid for the MLOTA Award. SWL OK. Send fee of 5 new IRCs or 5E plus log extract to: Tevfik Aydin KAZANCIOGLU, PK 73 Karakoy 34421 ISTANBUL, TURKEY, on or before 31 December 2010.



TURKEY                            Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

In 2010 Istanbul has been designated at the "European Capital of Culture". To help commemorate and publicize this special status for Istanbul, the TC Special Wireless Activity Team (TCSWAT) will be activating new call signs from historical and special places in Istanbul throughout the year. At the end of the year, there will be a special award for contacting these stations.

The dates and places of activations are as the following:
1. TC2010CCE European Istanbul, various QTHs, throughout the year.
2. TC2010CCA Asian Istanbul, various QTHs, throughout the year.
3. TC2010CCI Islands of Istanbul, various QTHs, throughout the year.
4. TC2010PSG Pilot Sabiha Gökçen SG Airport, 20-21-22 March 2010
5. TC2010RKM Rahmi Koç Museum, 4-6 June 2010
6. TC2010DHO Cabotage Day, Naval Academy,1-4 July 2010
7. TC2010VS Volvo Youth Sailing World Championship, 8-11 July 2010
8. TC2010IIM Istanbul Islands Museum,Princess Islands 30-31 July 2010
9. TC2010LT Leander’s Tower , 14-15 August 2010
10. TC2010RH Rumeli Hisarý, 17-19 September 2010
11. TC2010AH Anadolu Hisarý 17-19 September 2010
12. TC2010IDO Ýstanbul Ferries, 24 -26 September 2010
13. TC2010GT Galata Tower, 10-12 December 2010

Rules of the exact and detailed program will be announced during the year.


Contact the 3 stations TC2010CCE, TC2010CCA, TC2010CCI on a minimum three different different bands, plus a minumum of 16 contacts with the other 10 listed stations. (Total 25 QSO)


Contact the 3 stations TC2010CCE, TC2010CCA, TC2010CCI on a minimum two different bands, plus a minumum of 14 contacts with the other 10 listed stations. (Total 20 QSO)


Contact the 3 stations TC2010CCE, TC2010CCA, TC2010CCI one time, plus a minumum of 12 contacts with the other 10 listed stations. (Total 15 QSO)

There will be other TCSWAT activities throghout the year but those TC callsigns are not eligible for the "2010 Istanbul European Capital of Culture Award". The same rules apply for SWL stations.  To apply for the award please contact "Tevfik Aydýn KAZANCIOGLU, PK 73 Karakoy 34421 ISTANBUL, Turkey ", before 31 December 2011 with your log extract, together with 5 new IRCs or 5 Euros.

For more information please contact or


Application Form for the Istanbul 2010 AWARD " is ready on the next link and at the main page of ( pdf & doc ) with the AWARD Rules...  (2/25/10)


Tks 425 DX News #975 1/8/10


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