Short Term Awards for 2011 

Contacts for these awards must be made generally during the calendar year 2011.
Some of the award periods may range from as short as 4 months to over a year, but all include the year 2011.  
For much shorter term awards (a few days to a month), see this special file. 

Indicates Latest Award Added to this list.

BELGIUM 65 Years of Spike and Suzy Award PA3CUZ Feb 1, 2011
ENGLAND Worked All Britain - Coastal and Tidal Award PA3CUZ & OH3GZ Dec 21, 2010
ENGLAND Royal Signals ARS 50th Anniversary Award K1BV Research July 14, 2011
GERMANY AGCW 40th Anniversary Award OH3GZ Mar 23, 2011
GERMANY  Diploma Pope Benedict XVI DIG Rundspruch Nr. 1719  Sept 9, 2011
GERMANY Federal Garden Show 2011 Diploma OH3GZ Jan 4, 2011
GERMANY Island Award 2011 DE3EAR Aug 4, 2011
GERMANY 60 Jahre Distrikt Saar OH3GZ Jan 10, 2011
GERMANY Diploma 60 Years OV Sunderland K1BV Research April 11, 2011
GERMANY   111th Anniversary Zeppelin's First Flight Diploma SM6DEC Jan 20, 2011
HUNGARY 15th Anniversary of the HA International Police Association DH5MM May 5, 2011
HUNGARY Commemorating the Occasion of Hungarian Presidency of the European Union HA1DAE Feb 2, 2011
ITALY "Unita d'Italia" Award - 150 Years 425 DX News Dec 8, 2010
ITALY Diploma Piacenza Primogenita OH3GZ Mar 1, 2011
ITALY 150th Anniversary of the Italian Navy (1861-2011) 425 DX News Dec 25, 2010
KAZAKHSTAN The Columbus of the Cosmos Award Rev. IK3GER April 8, 2011
NETHERLANDS  30 Years Of VERON Section 54 "Etten-Leur". PA0ATG Dec 10, 2010
POLAND Maria Skłodowska-Curie Award  SQ7B Feb 21, 2011
ROMANIA Brasov - 775th Anniversary SM6DEC March 15, 2011
ROMANIA YOFF 2011 Award YO3JW Feb 3, 2011
RUSSIA Diploma of "900th Anniveersary of the Birth of Alexander Bogolyubsky July 31, 2011
RUSSIA VENEV - 640th Anniversary Diploma Sept 11, 2011
SWITZERLAND ZURICH - HB80Z - Award HB9MHR, DF3TE and DH1PAL Jan 31, 2011
Republic of China (Taiwan) The BV100 Award YO4RST May 3, 2011
Republic of China (Taiwan) Centennial Stations of the Republic of China Award YO4RST May 3, 2011
SLOVENIA  20th Anniversary of the Battle Of Hollmec Certificate July 13, 2011
TURKEY  M. Rahmi Ko Museum Award DH5MM Dec 28, 2010
UKRAINE The Chernobyl Disaster Memorial Award ON4CAS Apr 24, 2011
UKRAINE Odessa - 217 Diploma Aug 27, 2011
UKRAINE Victory - 66 (Pobeda 66) OH3GZ May 12, 2011
USA The Golden Guru Award for 2011 N8OFS Jan 16, 2011

BELGIUM                  65 Years of Spike and Suzy Award

Suske and Wiske (Spike and Suzy) is a comic series created by Willy Vandersteen (1913-1990). He wrote and drew the story of the adventures of Suske and Wiske on the isle Amoras/Amphoria which began in December 1945, with the first episode of this story appearing in the Belgian paper De nieuwe Standaard.
After the story on the island, many other stories followed. In 1946, their first adventure was published as a book. Since this first book was a success, all other stories were also published in book form.    The outside of the books has hardly changed since the very first print of The island Amoras. For over 65 years all books had a red cover with names of Suske and Wiske in white print on the top. Many book editions in other countries had this same style as well.


Starting on 01/01/2011 RACD the amateur radio club Deurne - North will have the pleasure to help celebrate the 65th anniversary of Suske en Wiske (Dutch), Bob et Bobette (French), Spike and Suzy (UK) and Willy and Wanda (USA).

Club members will activate the special event station "0N65SUSKEENWISKE" which will be on the air through the end of 2011. 
It will be active on Tthe 8 bands: 160M - 80M - 40M - 20M - 17M - 15M - 12M - 10M.

You need to work ON65SUSKEENWISKE on 6 different bands for the complete collection of Spike and Suzy QSL cards.
If you work us on all 8 bands, you will automatically get a certificate included with the QSL cards.

Send GCR list to: Clubstation RACD. Van Heystveltstraat 39, Deurne, AN 2100, Belgium.

(No fee listed, so I suggest sending small amount to cover postage and mailing costs.)


(See the write up on for ON65SUSKEENWISKE. 

Tks PA3CUZ 2/1/11 

England               Coastal & Tidal Award 

This is a part of the "Worked All Britain" series which extends for the Calendar Year 2011.  Work or activate as many W.A.B. Squares containing Tidal Water as you can. Valid squares are those shown as tidal on Ordnance Survey maps, as defined by the Normal Tidal Reach.

There are seven classes of the Award: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond, with an Honour Roll for those who have passed the requirements for the Diamond Award. Each can be claimed when the requirement is reached. The requirements are shown below. All contacts must be made within the 2011 calendar year, i.e. 1st January - 31st December 2011.



& Outside EU HF

UK Activated





























Honour Roll




Honour Roll Endorsements

Each 50 thereafter

Each 5 thereafter

Each 25 thereafter

Tracker Spreadsheet UK HF & Europe HF (ZIP)

Tracker Spreadsheet UK VHF (ZIP)

Tracker Spreadsheet Outside Europe HF (ZIP)

Tracker Spreadsheet UK Activated (ZIP)
Fee UK 3.00, $2.00 or 2.00 all others 3.00, $6.00 or 5.00,

Award manager: David Brooks G4IAR, 28 Avon Vale Road, Loughborough, Leicestershire, LE11 2AA, England.  



Tks PA3CUZ & OH3GZ 12/10 

18 June 11 to 18 June 12

ENGLAND                                   Royal Signals ARS 50th Anniversary Award

The Society was officially formed on 23rd June 1961 at Blandford and to celebrate our Jubilee year there will be a Special Event station running for one year from the 18th June 2011. The call sign GB50RSARS has been assigned. The awards are available to all radio hams and SWL



a. ZONES 14, 15 and 16 the basic(Bronze) CERTIFICATE required contact with 50 embers and the THREE SPECIAL STATIONS.
d. REST OF THE WORLD for the BASIC (Bronze) CERTIFICATE requires 20, members and any TWO of the THREE SPECIAL STATIONS.

Please remember this is taking place over a whole year, so you have plenty of time to work the requisite number of stations for the three grades of the Certificate (Bronze, Silver and Gold). There will be two other stations which you need to work, they are G4RS and G3CIO, each of which (as well as the major Special Event call) will be doing the rounds of various volunteer operators in the UK during the year. You may work stations on Nets and on any band and in any mode you wish.

MAIN RSARS frequencies are3.740 3.565 7.027 7.170 14.143 14.18021.170 28.45014.040 14.056 21.056 28.056 for RTTY/PSK 3.585 7.035 10.136 14.085 21.085 28.085

G4RS and G3CIO will have new RSARS Affiliated numbers along with the Special Event call.

The cost of the Certificate is 2 for UK and Europe claimants and US$2 for claimants from overseas. Cheques should be made payable to RSARS. Proof of QSOs is via a log sheet or computer log sheet, which needs to be sent to Mike GSWY 4, BLUEBELL ROAD, BASSETT, SOUTHAMPTON, HAMPSHIRE SO16 3LQ ENGLAND. Claims from NON-MEMBERS and listeners (UNLICENSED APPLICANTS ONLY) must be supported in the same way. Awards are based upon confirmed two-way contacts in a single mode. A contact is the unassisted exchange of call signs, signal reports, names, locations and (for members only) RSARS membership numbers. Contacts through repeaters do NOT count. If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me as Awards Manager on email.

GB50RSARS, G4RS and G3CIO will be operated during the full anniversary year by RSARS members. GB50RSARS - G4RS - G3CIO 50th ANNIVERSARY AWARD CERTIFICATE TO QUALIFY CLAIMANTS MUST HAVE WORKED IN ANY MODE PERMITTED BY THEIR LICENCE (and exchanged standard RSARS details in accordance with RSARS Award Rules). 


Tks K1BV Research 7/14/11

GERMANY                      AGCW 40th Anniversary

The German CW interest group "AGCW" celebrates its 40th anniversary in 2011. They offer a special award available only during calendar year 2011. It is available to all amateurs and SWLs and requires contacts with 40 different countries which are recognized by either the ARRLs DXCC listing or from the WAE list of countries. Each AGCW club station counts as one "wild card" which can be substituted for a missing country. Every country and every joker worked with a maximum output of 5 watts can be counted for two of the required countries,

SWL: Hear 40 countries

Period: The countries and the Joker have to be worked in one of the periods of 40 consecutive days. The first period begins and ends at the earliest on the 01.01.2011 and no later than 31.12.2011. The first possible 60 day period is from 1 Jan.2011 to 2.Feb.2011, the last possible period is from 22 Nov.2011 to 31 Dec.2011.

Mode: All contacts/SWL must be only contacts using CW (A1A, F2A). No use of decoding devices is allowed. Exception to this is the use of electronic keys.

Cost: None. We celebrate birthday after all!

Application: Send a list of the countries worked or belonging to a Joker station plus a declaration that the rules above were observed to have, in writing or by email to the manager.

Award Manager: Kai-Uwe Hoefs, DL1AH, Hohe Str.23, D-27374 Visselhvede, Germany.

Applications by email to: 

Tks OH3GZ 3/23/11

GERMANY                                            Diploma Pope Benedict XVI

The local DARC Obereichsfeld-Worbis (DOK X14) of the German Amateur Radio Club sponsors this short term award on the occasion of the visit of the Holy Father in the Diocese of Erfurt.  Contact Thuringian stations, during the period 1 January 2011 to 31 December 2011. All bands and modes, except those made using Packet Radio and Echo Link. SWL OK.

Earn at least 16 points: 
a. Club station of OV X14, DF0WBS = 5 points
b. other stations in the province of Thuringia and in Eichsfeld = 2 points
c. two stations from Eichsfeld (DOK X14, X12 and H41) are mandatory. The connections are also confirmed DCL.

Send a log extract of the contacts you have made plus fee of 5 or $US 7 to the award manager: Hans-Jrgen Streich, DL6ATI (DIG 4542), OT Leinefelde, Gaussstrasse 12, D-37327 Leinefelde-Worbis, Germany.


Tks DIG Rundspruch Nr. 1719 9/2011

GERMANY                                   Federal Garden Show 2011 Diploma

From 15 April until 16 October 2011 the first National Garden Festival will be held in the city of Koblenz of the Rhineland-Pfalz District. This special award will be available to all  amateurs and SWLs. Sponsored by the Distrikt Rheinland-Pfalz (K) and the local chapter Rhine River (K32) in the DARC.

Requirements for DL stations:
In the year 2011 contact stations in the district of Rheinland-Pfalz and use one letter in the suffix of their call sign to spell: BUGA 2011 KOBLENZ 
A maximum of 3 missing letters may be replaced by wild card and may be filled by contacts with special station DR11BUGA station with the special DOK "BUGA2011".
Wild card stations include: DA0RP, DF0RLP, DF0RPJ, DK0RLP, DL0RP, DM0K, DL0K and DR11BUGA.  
A QSO with DR11BUGA is mandatory, and it's DOK of "BUGA 2011" must be used to build the date of 2011 in the required text above. 

Requirements for DX stations:
In the year 2011 contact stations in the district of Rheinland-Pfalz and  use one letter in the suffix of their call sign to spell: BUGA 2011
One of the missing letters may be replaced by a wild card contact by station DR11BUGA station with the special DOK "BUGA2011".
Wild card stations include: DA0RP, DF0RLP, DF0RPJ, DK0RLP, DL0RP, DM0K, DL0K and DR11BUGA.  
A QSO with DR11BUGA is mandatory, and it's DOK of "BUGA 2011" must be used to build the date of 2011 in the required text above. 

You can identify stations from the DARC district Rheinland-Pfalz: The district includes the Rheinland-Pfalz DOKs K01 to K56 and Z11, Z22, Z74, Z77 and Z82, as well as the district's special stations DA0RP, DF0RLP, DF0RPJ, DK0RLP, DL0RP, DM0K and DL0K. Furthermore, in 2011, this includes all valid special DOKs from Rhineland-Palatinate, such as DVK, YLK, 30K45, 34K34 or 30ARCW.

All bands may be used. All modes, except that no use of Packet Radio or Echo Link.
Each station counts once per band and may be used on several bands for credit.

DL stations pay 5 in cash or by bank transfer.
DX stations pay 8 Euros with PAYPAL or cash.

A preliminary application form for the log extract is available online at the Web address in the heading to (Awards available.)

Send the award application (found on the referenced web site) and the award fee to: Jerg Pellenz, DO1DJJ Hauptstrae 25, 56766 Auderath, Germany.
The deadline for award application is 30 June 2012.

Original German file:

Tks OH3GZ 1/4/11 (Corrected 1/16/11)

GERMANY                                ISLAND AWARD 2011

To support the IOTA award program, the BRAVE RADIO FRIENDS offers a new challenge to all interested island hunters (OP or SWL). During the year 2011, work or hear amateur radio stations operating from as many different IOTA groups as possible. Each group only counts once in the year.

Award Classes:
Basic: 10 IOTA groups
Bronze: 25 IOTA groups
Silver: 50 IOTA groups
Gold: 75 IOTA groups
Diamond: 100 and more IOTA groups

Send a log extract with the usual contact data. (No QSLs necessary). 
No band or mode restrictions.
If you apply for a pdf-version of the award, send your application via e-mail to There is no award fee for electronic award.

The fees for a paper award are: 5 or $US8, or 6 (new!) IRCs. For non-European applicants the fee is $US10 or 8 IRCs, as the German postage fees for big letters to non-European countries have been raised dramatically (6 Euros per letter!).

All applications for paper awards must be sent to: Hans-Jrgen Schmelzer, P.O. Box 1204, 95634 Tirschenreuth, Germany.


GERMANY                                       60 Jahre Distrikt Saar

This award marks the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Saar district. All licensed amateurs and SWLs may contact stations in the District of Saar during 2011 and earn sufficient points to earn this award.

Points Needed:
Stations in the District of Saar need 60 points including at least 5 different "Q"-DOKs or 4 Q DOKs plus Z19.
Other Germans need 50 points, with no minimum as to number of the Saar DOKs.
All others need 40 points, with no minimum as to number of the Saar DOKs.

Each contact must be with a different call sign.
All applicants must necessarily have at least one QSO with DQ6SAAR.

Point Values:
1. DQ6SAAR = 10 points. (This is a required contact for all applicants.
2. Anniversary-Club Station (DLOG, DLIT, DLNK, DLOR) = 5 points.
3. DLYLQ = 3 points.
4. A club station or a qso with a station in Q-DOK Z19 = 2 points.
5. Any regular station in the district Q = 1 point.

Use the official application located at: .
Fee for the award is 10 , in order to meet the production and shipping costs (postage and handling) is used by mail in the form of an A4 photographic print

Any excess amounts will go to the youth of  District Q.

Bank Transfers to:
DARC district Saar
Account number 105792000
in Bank1Saar
BLZ 59,190,000th

As an intended state / transfer text on "diploma Saar 60" and your callsign.
Mail applications to: Kim Heinz Huebel, DG9VH, Im Rosselfeld 55, D-66333 Vlklingen, Germany.

E-mail: dg9vh (at)

Tks OH3GZ 1/10/11

GERMANY                                   Diploma 60 Years OV Sunderland

The local chapter Sundern O-02 celebrates it's 60th anniversary in 2011 and offers this short term award to all amateurs and SWLs for contacts with German operators during the period of 1 May 2011 to 30 April 2012.  
Just work German stations during this period and using the number in their prefix, so that the total, when added, equals the number 60.  (A DL6 = 6, a DK2 = 2, etc.)

Contacts with the two club stations DL0IA and DD0UKW are mandatory. No use of Packet or EchoLink contacts may be counted.  Endorsements for single mode or band will be granted. 

The award is free for awards sent by e-mail in digital format.  Otherwise, the fee is 7 for Germans and 10 for all others.  Send your application to on or before December 31, the award manager: Mareike Schaurich DG6MBS, AmKnick 38, D-59846 Sundern, Germany.


Tks K1BV Research 4/11/11

GERMANY                                  111th Anniversary Zeppelin's First Flight Diploma

2011 marks the Anniversary of the first Zeppelin flight at 2 July 1900.         DARC Friedrichshafen (DOK P03) sponsors this award for contacts made during the period 12/01/2010 through 03/31/11.  Both radio amateurs and SWL's may earn the award according to the following rules:

1.Contact period: 12/01/2010 to 03/31/2012.
2. All bands and modes except echo-link, and packet radio are allowed.
3.Each call may be worked once per band.
4.Earn a total of 111 points from the list shown below:

     1. Club Stations from Friedrichshafen (DOK P03 / Z 18) = 10 points
     2. Other stations from Friedrichshafen DOK P03 Z / 18) = 5 points
     3. Stations from Lake Constance: DOKs: A01, A31, A38, A44, T13, plus Austrians in OE9, Swiss in the Cantons of SG and AR = 3 points.
     4. Stations in Baden-Wrttemberg: A / P corresponding to Z = 1 point
     5. YL's = 2 points

Send a log extract with complete contact data for the stations worked and fee of 5 to : Walter Pollack, Albrecht-Drer-Str. 22, D-88046 Friedrichshafen, Germany.



HUNGARY                15th Anniversary of the HA International Police Association (IPARC)

From 1 April 2011 to 31 December 2011, the Hungarian IPA will be operating special event station HG15IPA.  This station will count towards the HA-IPARC award as found in the permanent awards section but is also supposed to be good for it's own certificate.  The listing for HG15IPA notes "If you want the award, you can ask QRX".  No details yet, but if you have information, let me know at .  

QSL cards go to International Police Association IPARC ( 15 Year's Jubilee )  HG15IPA, P.O.Box 243. H-8601 Siofok, Hungary.

Tks DH5MM 5/5/11. 

HUNGARY            Commemorating the Occasion of Hungarian Presidency of the European Union

During the first half of 2011, the President of Council of EU will be Hungary in accordance with the rotation rules of EU.  The Regional Societies of Counties of Gyr-Moson-Sopron and Pest of Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ) will activate several special event stations from 21 January to 30 June, 2011 to publicize this event.  

During this 6 month period the following special event stations will be active on the radio amateur bands:
HG 2011 A
HG 2011 E
HG 2011 I
HG 2011 N
HG 2011 P
HG 2011 R
HG 2011 O
HG 2011 U
HG 2011 EU  

The award may be earned by spelling out The phrase of EUROPEAN UNION" using the last letter (suffix) of the call signs.

Conditions: Contacts should be made with the following number of the special stations. All bands and modes may be used:

HG 2011 A    1 QSO operated by HA5OV
HG 2011 E    2 QSO-s operated by HA1DAE
HG 2011 I    1 QSO operated by HA1TJ
HG 2011 N    3 QSO-s operated by HG1S
HG 2011 P    1 QSO operated by HA5KHC
HG 2011 R    1 QSO operated by HA6NF
HG 2011 O    2 QSO-s operated by HA1CW
HG 2011 U    2 QSO-s operated by HG5A
HG 2011 EU   1 QSO operated by HA7PL

One contact with HG 2011 EU is mandatory but its E or U letter may be usead  to replace one E or U letter of the phrase.

Send a log extract of the necessary contacts by e-mail to There is NO charge for the award. The application and the award are free of charge. Applications are going to be only accepted by e-mail using this address up to 31 Dec, 2011.

The awards will be be sent by e-mail to the applicants e-mail address.
Please dont send QSL cards to us!
QSL cards for this special event will be sent via national QSL bureaus for every contact.
The sending of QSL cards and processing of award applications will start only after 30 June, 2011.

Tks HA1DAE 2/2/11

ITALY "Unita d'Italia" Award - 150 Years

The "Unit d'Italia Award" is a permanent Award managed by the A.R.I. Section of Turin (Piedmont, Italy) created in 1961 To help celebrate the 150th Anniversary of a United Italy, The A.R.I. of Turin will issue a special edition of DUI (Unit d'Italia Award 150 Years). Helping out in this project will be the A.R.I. sections of Florence and Rome.

The Rules of this Special edition are:
1. It will be available to all amateurs and SWLs of the world.
2. Contacts must be made between 1 Jan 2011 and 31 Dec 2011. 
3. Requirements:
   a. make a Qso with all Italian Call Areas (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) without distinction of prefix, regions, province and other.
   b. It is important that in the Call sign of the stations worked is present the number of the Call Area.
   c. Portable stations may be used in the application,  If the portable station is operated outside (portable station) their permanent call  sign number, the call number counted for the award will be the one they are operating from. If you work I1AAA/P, it is valid for call        area 1.  If you work I1AAA/8, then that is valid for the Call Area # 8. IG9/I1AAA = the 9th call area. 
   d. For this anniversary edition of the award is necessary make a Qso with the three special stations that operating from the cities that in the past have been a Capital of Italy: Turin (1861-1865), Florence (1865-1870), Rome (1870 to today). 
           The special Calls are:
           - II1ITA   Operator responsable Sergio Bulgarello, IW1FSQ (A.R.I. Torino)
           - II5ITA   Operator responsable Leonardo Villani, IW5EIJ (A.R.I. Firenze)
           - II0ITA   Operator Responsable Giordano Giordani, IK0XFD (A.R.I. Roma)

4. The Award will be issued in HF Band (including WARC bands) in SSB, CW, Digital mode.  The awards Will be issued the follow categories:
    HF MIX, HF SSB, HF CW, HF Digital.
5. QSLs are not needed. It is sufficient to receive your log extract, with a signature from the President or Award Manager of the local Section, or, for the OM that not does not belong to any association or club, with a singature from 2 licensed amateurs. .
The application form is available on the Download Section of the Website of the Award .

6.The cost of the Award is 10 Euros or 15 $. The Application form must be sent to: A.R.I. Section of Turin, Award Manager, P.O. Box 250 - I-10100 Torino Centro TO, ITALY. For info: 

7. There is no time limit to apply for the award. The contacts that you make for the special edition will be considered valid for the Permanent Award "Diploma dell'Unit d'Italia". 


Tks 425 DX News #1022 

ITALY                                      Diploma Piacenza Primogenita

Sponsored by the ARI Piacenza to recognize the 150th Anniversary of the United Italy.  Available for all amateurs and SWLs.  Contact stations as noted below between 1 March 2011 and 31 December 2011.

Points needed:
Italian stations need 30 points.
All others need 20. 

Point Values:
1. Each member station  of the ARI living in the territory of Piacenza = 2 points.
2. Special Station IQ4PI (ARI Piacenza) = 3 points.
3. Special Event station II4PRI = 5 points.  One contact with this station is required to be earn the award.

All bands and modes may be used, but not contacts made through a repeater.  Each station may be contacted several times if the contacts are made using different modes or the same mode on different days.

Send log extract and fee of 10E or $US15 to: Assiciazione Radioamatori Italiani PIACENZO, PO Box 110, I-29121 Piacenza, Italy.  Apply before 31 January 2012. Lists of all members of ARI Piaclenza may be found on

Tks OH3GZ 3/1/11

ITALY                                 150th Anniversary of the Italian Navy (1861-2011)

The Diploma is offered to publicize the history of the Italian Navy and its 150th anniversary during 2011. The award is sponsored by the A.R.M.I., a group of amateurs supporting the Italian Navy. The Diploma is available to all licensed amateurs and SWLs of the world.

1. PERIOD: The diploma period will begin 1 January 2011 at 08:00 (UTC) and conclude on 31 December 2011 at 23:00 UTC.
2. STATIONS: Several special will be active that will use suffixes dedicated to the Italian Navy and will be valid only the stations listed in this page:
     a. IA7MM via IZ7AUH
     b. IU3MM via IZ3DBA
     c. IP1NAVYvia IZ1GJK
     d. IQ9MQ via IT9MRM
3. MODES: CW - SSB - PSK31 - RTTY.
4. BANDS: Bands HF (10, 15, 20, 40, 80 meters) excluding WARC bands, according to the IARU Band Plan.
     a. all special stations listed above = 10 points.
     b. QSOs (HRD) with all the stations pertaining to the A.R.M.I  members = 4 points (CW);
     c. QSOs (HRD) with all the stations pertaining to the A.R.M.I. members = 3 points (PSK31/RTTY);
     d/ QSOs (HRD) with all the stations pertaining to the A.R.M.I. members = 2 points (SSB);
     e. QSOs (HRD) with all other stations supporting NAVAL interests =  1 point (CW/PSK31/RTTY/SSB);
6. All the special stations and all stations ARMI/NAVAL may be contacted only once for every band and mode.
     a. Italian stations: 50 points;
     b. Station European: 30 points;
     c. Extra-European stations: 15 points;
8. CALL: Look for stations calling as follows: The call will be like follows:
     a. CW/PSK31-RTTY: CQ CQ DE IQ9MQ 150 anniversary Italian Navy K
9. The award will be issued in PDF format to all participants.
10. LOG: The log must be sent in digital format or excel spreadsheet.
11. Apply to: IT9MRM Alberto Mattei, Via and. Millo, 20, I-96011 Augusta (SR),Italy.
12. Award fee is 10E through POSTEPAY n 4023 6005 7341 7690 registered to Mattei Alberto, or through PAYPAL to the following address of credit
13. All applications must be submitted on or before 15 Feb 2012.


Tks 425 DX News #1025 12/25/10

KAZAKHSTAN                           The Columbus of the Cosmos Award

This award celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the first manned space flight by Yuri Gagarin in 1961.    It is issued in electronic format only, and there is no charge. 

a. Time period: 1 April 2011 to 31 December 2011
b. Points Required:
     a. Kazakhstan and amateurs from CIS member countries need 16 points.
     b. Europe and Asian amateurs need 8 points.
     c. all others need 4 points. 
c. Point values:
     a. QSOs with UP50ASTR and UP1ASTR = 2 points each. 
     b. UN50SK, UO5OG, UP50G, UP50F, UP50YG, UQ50G, UQ50L and UP50P, active from 1 April 2011 = 1 point each. 
     c. UP7G (QTH: Baikonur,, active only from 7-11 April 2011) = 1 point. 
d. Repeated QSOs are allowed.
e. QSOs may be made on different bands and modes.
f. QSOs on "Yuri Gagarin International Contest 2011" are valid (9-10 April 2010).
g. Applications must be submitted by e-mail (in MS word or MS Excel file format).

Apply by e-mail only to: 

Tks N8DE via Ham_Awards Yahoo Group.
Tks revised data via IK3GER 5/4/11 

 NETHERLANDS                     30 Years Of VERON Section 54 "Etten-Leur".

Section 54 "Etten-Leur" of the VERON is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2011. You may earn a special commemorative award by working (or hearing) 3 members of the VERON Section 54 "Etten-Leur during the calendar year 2011. One QSO with PI4ETL, or PI3EL, is obligatory. All bands and modes OK.

Members of the section Etten-Leur are:


Submit a logbook extract of the QSO's with a minimum of 3 members from VERON-section Etten-Leur to the award manager. The list must contain call sign, date, time, frequency and mode.

Endorsements for All CW, SSB, DIGI, HF or VHF are available on request.

Award fee: FREE.


Tks PA0ATG 12/10/10

POLAND            Maria Skłodowska-Curie Award 

Maria Skłodowska-Curie  (07.11.186704.07.1934) was born in Warsaw, Poland. She studied in Paris, where she obtained her higher degrees and conducted her subsequent scientific work. As a Polish physicist and chemist, she was a pioneer in the field of radioactivity, and the first person honored with two Nobel Prizes in physics and chemistry. Maria Skłodowska-Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903, in recognition of her research in the field of radioactivity. She created theory of radioactivity and techniques for isolating radioactive isotopes, and she also discovered two new elements: polonium and radium. Maria Skłodowska-Curie was the sole winner of the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1911, and also the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, as well as the only woman to win the award in two different fields. As one of the most famous female scientists to date, Maria Skłodowska-Curie has been an icon in the scientific world and has inspired many tributes and recognitions.

1. The award is issued to commemorate the personality of Maria Skłodowska-Curie, on the 100th anniversary of the award of her second Nobel Prize. 

2. The award will be granted for making QSOs with any Polish stations in the calendar year 2011, and one should collect a total of 100 points.  Each QSO with a Polish amateur station = 1 point, and with every special event station, e.g. HF100MSC, SO100MSC, SN100MSC, SP100MSC = 5 points.

3. At least one QSO with a special event station is obligatory.

4. The award will be also granted for QSO with five special event stations.

5. Any bands and modes are accepted, and any duplicate QSO with the same station is valid when made on another band or on another mode.

6. Award applications will be accepted until 31st March 2012  info: e-mail>>

Award applications are accepted in any form (it concerns abstracts of electronic logs as well as all kinds of paper forms) along with the 5 Euro fee should be sent  (via REGISTERED MAIL) to the following address:

Polski Związek Krtkofalowcw,

Award Manager PZK, P.O. Box 54                                                                                                         

85-613 Bydgoszcz 13, Poland  




Tks SQ7B 2/2011 

ROMANIA                                        BRASOV 775 Years Award


This year, the town of Brasov, the Crown City celebrates its 775th anniversary. The Brasov District Amateur Radio Association, a member of the Romanian Amateur Radio Federation is celebrating this event by operating the special call signal YO775BV. This special call signal will be in use until July 30, 2011.

Award Rules:
1. The Award is free of charges for any Romanian of foreign Amateur Radio operator.

2. Conditions:
Category 3: 1 QSO with YO775BV + 3 QSOs with different YO6 operator from Brasov/Romania.
Category 2: 2 QSOs with YO775BV, operated by different operators + 6 QSOs with different YO6 operators from Brasov/Romania.
Category 1: 3 QSOs with YO775BV, operated by different operators + 9 QSOs with different YO6 operators from Brasov/Romania.

3. All QSOs are valid between August 1st, 2010 and July 30th, 2011.
4. QSOs on all amateur frequencies and modes are valid (including digital modes).
5. Apply for the Award sending the log file with the appropriate QSOs, in ADIF format to Award managers: or .
6. The personalized Awards will be available for download from the link our award managers will send to your email address after checking the validity of your QSOs.
7. The special call signal YO775BV will be operated by all active Radio Amateurs from Brasov district, based on a weekly schedule.


Tks SM6DEC 3/11

RUSSIA                                                900th Anniversary of the Birth of Alexander Bogolyubsky

Holy Prince Andrew Bogolyubsky (c. 1111 June 28, 1174) made an invaluable contribution to the Russian state, continuing the policies of his father, Yuri Dolgoruky to unite the Russian lands. He moved the throne from Kiev to Vladimir, which became the new political center of Russia and capital of the Russian state.

Requirement: Submit log extract showing at least one two-way radio contact with station RK3VWA / P (or another station working with Vladimir rally amateurs) during the period 2-3 July 2011 and 5 QSOs during 2011 with different amateurs of the Vladimir region.

E--mail. Applications for the award may be submitted in paper form as well as on e-mail.
The mailing address is: Bannona NN, Club Station, ul. Stavrovskaya 8, 600022, Vladimir, Russia.
E-mail address:

Electronic version - free of charge.
Paper version: For the Russian R / amateur - 50 rubles, or postage stamps with a face value of 50 rubles.
All others: 2 Euro fans or 3 IRCs.
Electronic payment systems may be used: Yandex, WebMoney, etc.


Tks 7/31/11

RUSSIA                                               VENEV - 640th Anniversary Diploma

The diploma VENEV- 640 was established by the Club of radio fans of the city of Moscow together with radio fans of the city of Venyova to commemorate the 640th anniversary of the founding of Venyova. Make one QSO with a radio amateur of the city of Venyova or with those amateurs who lived in Venyove or in its area any time in the past. All bands and modes OK. Contacts from January, 1st 2011, till August, 1st, 2012 SWL OK. No charge for the diploma. Send log extract with instructions of your mailing address to Fedotovu Yury Ivanovichu RA3AKM, PO Box 33, 119415 Moscow, Russia.. You may also apply for the award via e-mail to: .


Correction to add postal code 10/27/11

ROMANIA                                          YOFF 2011 Award .

During the year 2011 (The International Year of Forests), you may earn the special award from Romania: the "YOFF 2011 Let Save The Green Planet Earth". During the entire calendar year 2011, work at least 5 stations from different YOFF protected areas and at least 10 stations from other FF areas in 5 different countries on at least 2 continents. Requests must be received before 01.02.2012.  Cost of the printed award is 5 or 5 valid IRC's. If you request that the award be sent by electronic means, there is NO COST for the pdf document. Apply to: Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania.

Apply by e-mail to: fenyo3jw(at)

Tks YO3JW 2/3/11

SWITZERLAND                             ZURICH - HB80Z - Award

During the year 2011, the Zurich chapter of the Union of Swiss Shortwave Amateurs celebrates it's 80th anniversary.
This award may be earned by any licensed amateur or SWL. Each QSO or SWL-report with stations residing in the Zurich Canton (ZH) during the calendar year 2011 = 1 point for award purposes. QSOs with /mobile or /portable stations are also valid, if such station is located within the boundaries of the Canton Zurich during the QSO.

HB9's need 10 points.
EU stations need 5 points.
DX stations need 5 points. 

Each call sign may be worked only one time. A QSO with club station HB80Z is not required, but does count for 2 points. 
SWL OK. All bands and modes OK. Each mode will be numerated separately (Phone/CW/Mixed/VHF-UHF).

Send a list of QSO, signed by 2 stations (GCR) with fee of CHF 10.-, 10E, $US13 or 10 IRC to: USKA Sektion Zurich, Award-Manager, Rolf Peter HB9MHR, Zelglistr. 16, CH-8602 Wangen ZH, Switzerland.

Tks HB9MHR, DF3TE and DH1PAL 1/31/11 

Republic of China (Taiwan) Celebrates its 100th Year in 2011

The ROC was established in 1911, replacing the Qing Dynasty and ending over 2,000 years of imperial rule in China to become the oldest surviving republic in East Asia.  Two different Amateur Radio Groups in Taiwan  are sponsoring awards celebrating this event.

Republic of China (TAIWAN)            The BV100 Award

To celebrate the centennial of the Republic of China (Taiwan), special call sign station BV100 has been issued by NCC on 2010/4/20, Amateur Radio Taipei with China Radio Association (Taiwan) organized the special event station of BV100. BV100 operations will be conducted under supervision by Council for Cultural Affairs and cooperation with Republic of China(Taiwan) Centenary Foundation. The station will be operated in coordination with the Republic of China (Taiwan) Centenary Foundation, BV100 will be QRV from 10 Oct 2010 to 31 Dec 2011.

The BV100 Award, issued by Amateur Radio Taipei (ART) is available to Amateur Radio Stations who contact special event station BV100 on phone/cw/digital modes, and to SWL Stations who record the Amateur Radio Stations working BV100. You may apply online at the website noted below. No cards are needed and the award is free of charge.  Your application must clearly state the Date / Time / Frequency / mode of the contact/s.  The BV100 Award program offers three awards: a Tri-Band Award, a Dual Mode Award and a VHF Award. You may apply for any one or all three awards.  We only accept "BV100" QSO for award, all other commemorative stations using "100"' in a stations prefix will not be accepted. Applications must be submitted before 2012/03/31.

For any questions regarding BV100 Award, please contact

Tri-Band Award
3 contacts with BV100, using 3 bands, one on each band, any mode.

Dual Mode Award
2 contacts with BV100, two different modes on any band.

VHF Award
1 contact with BV100 for a DX station or 3 contacts with BV100 for Local stations using any mode on VHF Band (50/144MHz).


Tks: Romeo YO4RST 5/3/11

Republic of China (Taiwan)                  Centennial Stations of the Republic of China Award

The Republic of China (Taiwan) celebrates its 100th anniversary with special amateur radio activities scheduled from June 1, 2010 to December 31, 2011. This award is sponsored by the Chinese Taipei Amateur Radio League (CTARL) and may be earned by all licensed amateurs and SWLs. 

Applicants should  send applications and communications log, do not enclose QSL cards.  The use the special application including all necessary contact data including date, time, frequency and modulation.  The application fee is NT$50.00 (Taiwan only), $US3.00, or 5 IRC.

There are 10 stations which "100" in their suffix which will count as valid stations for the "Centennial Republic of China Radio " Award.

BV100ROC(CTARL HQ station)
BV100 (A.R.T station)

The award is available in 4 levels.
Class S: All 10 of the special event 10 Centennial stations
Class A: 6 of the special event Centennial stations (including BV100ROC)
Class B:3 of the special event Centennial stations (including BV100ROC)
Class C: 2 of the special event Centennial stations or BV100ROC

Endorsements are available for one band or one mode. Please send application forms and fees to: Centennial station of the Republic of China (AWARD), CTARL, Post Office Box 73, 10099 Taipei, Taiwan.

(Click on "About the Republic of China (Taiwan ) Centenary

Tks YO4RST 5/3/11

SLOVENIA                                20th Anniversary of the Battle Of Hollmec Certificate

The Amateur radio section IPA ( International Police Association) Regional club for Carinthia (Koroka) organizes with society SEVER (North), a contest, to win the memorial certificate in honor of twentieth anniversary of Slovenian independence and fighting on Holmecu. The Battle occurred on the 27th and 28th of June 1991, at the time of emancipation Slovenia. . Refer to:

Make valid amateur radio contacts during the period from 1 April.2011 to 31 December.2011 with the following radio amateur stations. The award requires earning at least 7 points: :

S50IPA - 3 point S55N - 1 point
S51IPA - 3 point S57EBX - 1 point
S52IPA - 3 point S51GB - 1 point
S53IPA - 3 point S53KV - 1 point
S59IPA - 3 point S50X - 1 point.

All bands and modes may be used, but no use of repeater contacts.
The award is free of charge. Send log extract to: IPA RC Koroka, Francetova 9, 2380 Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia.

Tks S50IPA listing. 7/13/11 


TURKEY                                    M. Rahmi Ko Museum Award

Sponsored by the International Radio Emergency Support Coalition Turkey Team for contacting special event stations activated from the M. Rahmi Ko Museum during calendar year 2011. SWL OK.

Look for the following award stations:

1. TC2011RLT
2. TC2011RDT
3. TC2011A
4. TC2011E
5. TC2011M
6. TC2011C
7. TC2011SI
8. TC2011MT

A. M. Rahmi Ko Museum Trophy
Winner for the trophy will be chosen amont PLAQUE winners, according to the total number of QSOs made.

M. Rahmi Ko Museum Plaque
A minimum of 4 QSOs with each award station on different bands / modes (SSB, CW or PSK31). (Minimum / Total QSOs = 32.)

Golden Award
A minimum of 3 QSOs with 6 of the award stations on different bands / modes (SSB, CW or PSK31). (Minimum / Total QSOs = 18)

Silver Award
A minimum of 2 QSOs with 6 of the award stations on different bands / modes (SSB, CW or PSK31). (Minimum / Total QSOs = 12)

Bronze Award
A minimum of 1 QSO with 6 of the award stations on different bands / modes (SSB, CW or PSK31). (Minimum / Total QSOs = 6)

To apply for the award, contact Urcun Canel (IRESC Turkiye President) - Award Manager, PO Box 17, Kozyatagi 34734 Istanbul, Republic of Turkey before 31 December 2012 with your log extract, together with 5 new IRCs or 5.

Internet: see URLs noted above describing each of the special events. 

Tks DH5MM 12/28/10

UKRAINE                  The Chernobyl Disaster Commemorative Award

The diploma may be earned with contacts effective on 1 Jan 2011 for a total of 4 QSO/SWL (totaling 25 points) as follows:

1. Contacts with Special call signs (April 20 to 30, 2011) = 10 points each with:
     EN25R via UY2RA
     EM25U via UT3UZ
     EM25UC via UR7UC
     EO25IZ via UX5IZ
     EO0UBC via UR7UD
     EO0UD via UR7UT
     EM7UT via UR7UT
     EV25 via EW8OG
     R25CH via RA3YC
     R25XAA via UA3X

2. Contacts with stations located in the EW7 and EW8 prefix areas of Belarus = 5 points each. 

3. Contacts with Russian stations (3E,3P,3X,3Y - suffix) = 5 points each.
(UA3E, RA3E, RK3E, etc.)

4.Contacts with Ukraine stations in all 10 call areas using the UR, UU, and UX suffix = 5 points each. 

5, One QSO with a HAM-member of Association "Union-Chernobyl" replaces any single QSO with those on the above list. 
All contacts must be with different stations. The award is sent via e-mail in digital format and is FREE OF CHARGE.
Apply with e-mail log extract to UR7UT at address shown below. 


Tks ON4CAS/DH5MM  4/24/11 Corrected 4/25/11

UKRAINE                                               Odessa - 217

The city of Odessa was founded by a decree of the Empress Catherine the Great in 1794. This award celebrates the 217th anniversary of its founding. Sponsored by the Odessa branch of League of Radio fans of Ukraine. Earn a total of 217 points for communications with radio amateurs of Odessa and The Odessa area during the period September, 1st, 2011 to August, 31st, 2012 using all bands and modes.

Point values:
a. Each contact = 20 points.
b. a QSO with EO1794F (A memorial call sign active from 9/1/2011 to 9/15/2011) = 50 points. c. repeat contacts with the same station are OK if on different bands.

The diploma is free and is available via digital image files, or in the traditional printed version. If you wish digital, you should specify whether you desire PDF or JPEG and make sure you provide your correct e-mail address. Send a log extract to Keer Igor Georgievich UT5FD to the address

The demand for a paper version is OK if you send log extract to address: Eugene V. Reutov UX0FY, Kollektivny per. 9, 65062, Odessa-62, Ukraine. (Fee not specified, please ask him by e-mail before applying.)


Tks 8/27/11

UKRAINE                                       Victory - 66 (Pobeda 66)

The Diploma "Victory-66" is issued to radio amateurs for making of QSO \ SWL with 5 memorial radio stations operating in honor of the 66 th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War. Contacts during calendar year 2011. The same station may be contacted on different bands and modes for award credit. The application shall be certified by two radio amateurs.

The award is available in two versions.


1. Traditional Printed version. It is in full color on thick photo paper laminated diploma. Sent to Ukraine CUSTOM overlooking mail to the address specified by the applicant in the application. The cost of postage UAH 15. The price includes charges of printing the award, registered mail charge, lamination, envelope and thick cardboard protective sheet. The cost of postal services to the CIS countries is $US5  Application and postage to send the manager, Vladimir Stepanenko UZ1RR, 1928 Chernihiv, post office, 14000 Ukraine.

2. Electronic version.

The application is sent to the manager and a copy to . The application is registered, is overprinted with personal data from the applicant creating a high quality digital file of about 1.5MB with 600dpi and sent by e-mail to applicant.



Send GCR list and $US10 for return postage. Send funds by Registered Mail ONLY to the award manager: Vladimir Stepanenko, PO box 28, Chernihiv-postamt, 14000, Ukraine.

1. Traditional printed version:  Full color on thick photo paper laminated diploma. The award will be sent by Registered Mail. .Application and postage to send the award manager: Vladimir Stepanenko Vladimir Stepanenko UZ1RR, PO box 28 PO box 1928, Chernihiv, post office, Chernihiv, post office, 14000 Ukraine.  2. Electronic version "Victory-66" award.  The application is sent to the manager and a copy to  

The application is registered, is overprinted with personal data from the applicant creating a high quality digital file of about 1.5MB with 600dpi and sent by e-mail to applicant

Internet: .

Tks OH3GZ 5/12/11

USA                            The Golden Guru Award for 2011

The person who can most closely predict the date and time of the first transatlantic QSO of the year on the 6 meter band between continental North America and EU/AF will be proclaimed the "Golden Guru". This is an annual award quite popular with 6 meter enthusiasts and there were 73 entries in 2010. Enter your chosen date for the event on their website which shows the choices of 26 stations already. The dates range from Feb 18th to May 29th 2011, with most of the guesses in May. 

The winners face and callsign will be added to a picture of a "Guru" and that person will have reserved status of "THE 6 METER GOLDEN GURU" for the remainder of the year! 

The website provides news, information, and Community for 50mhz Ham Radio Enthusiasts. 


Tks N8OFS 1/16/11