Short Term Awards for 2012 

Contacts for these awards must be made generally during the calendar year 2012.  (or 2013, as they start to appear). 
Some of the award periods may range from as short as 4 months to over a year, but all include the year 2012.  
For much shorter term awards (a few days to a month), see this special file. 

Indicates Latest Award Added to this list.

Date Added

AUSTRIA 15th Anniversary MFCA-Jubilee-Diploma (1997-2012) OH3GZ April 12, 2012
AUSTRIA 50th Anniversary ÖVSV Division of Styria OH3GZ July 13, 2012
BELARUS Yakub Kolas 130th Anniversary X April 18, 2012
BELARUS Janka Kupala 130th Anniversary X April 18, 2012
BELARUS PERAMOGA-67 QRZru X May 10, 2012
BULGARIA All Bulgarian Saints Diploma -2012 ON4CAS and PA3CUZ X January 8, 2012
CROATIA 20 Years of 9A Prefix Award 9A3SM December 29, 2011
DENMARK 5P12EU Award DIG December 5, 2011
ENGLAND Commonwealth of Nations Jubilee Award 2012 G3PJT X October 25, 2011
ENGLAND Worked All Britain: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award. OH3GZ  December 28, 2011
ENGLAND IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon OH3GZ X January 12, 2012
ENGLAND 10th Anniversary of "Summits On The Air" (SOTA) OH3GZ April 27, 2012
FRANCE 10th Anniversary of the EURO AWARD F5RBB January 5, 2012
GERMANY 500 Jahre Rathaus Alsfeld / Oberhessen PA3CUZ March 14, 2012
GERMANY 800 Years Anhalt Diploma DH1PAL January 26, 2012
GERMANY 775th Anniversary of the Founding of Berlin Jubilee Award DL7UGO December 31, 2011
GERMANY Gottinger-Seven Diploma DH1PAL January 31, 2012 
GERMANY DM50IOTA - IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon 2012/2013 OH3GZ X March 19, 2012
GERMANY 35th Anniversary OV R-24 Award DL7ET X January 26, 2012
GERMANY 65th Anniversary of the State of Rheinland-Pfalz OH3GZ January 6, 2012
GERMANY 50 Jahre District Schwaben Diplom PA3CUZ July 15, 2012
GREECE The Katerini Award ON4CAS January 8, 2012
IRELAND EI80IRTS Award SP9JPA Blog January 19, 2012
IRELAND The TITANIC 100th Anniversary Commemorative Award PA3CUZ January 2, 2012
LUXEMBOURG 75th Anniversary of the RL PA3CUZ December 8, 2011
NETHERLANDS Alkmaar 65 Award PA3CUZ   May 2, 2012
PHILIPPINES PARL 50th Year Anniversary PA3CUZ January 2, 2012
POLAND Wladek Wagner Award PA3CUZ January 7, 2012
POLAND Army - 70  M3NMQ X February 17, 2012
POLAND Dyplom Józef Wybicki i Mazurek Dabrowskiego PA3CUZ X February 17, 2012
ROMANIA Romanian GEO Award SP9JPA Blog February 10, 2012
RUSSIA Diploma "65 Years Astrakhan Radio Club" X April 24, 2012
RUSSIA Battle of Borodino-200th Anniversary OH3GZ/ X December 25, 2011
RUSSIA The Veliky Novgorod Diploma June 3, 20121
RUSSIA Ostrogozhsky - 360 X February 28, 2012
RUSSIA Diploma Togliatti - Stavropol  G4UZN X December 3, 2011
RUSSIA Jubilee Diploma 85 Years of Amateur Radio in Tatarstan February 17, 2012
RUSSIA Mordovia - 1000 X August 16, 2012
RUSSIA Vladimir, the Capital of Russia Diploma X March 21, 2012
TURKEY TRAC 50th Anniversary Award; ( PA3CUZ February 23, 2012
UKRAINE The "Legendary Flight" Award OH3GZ February 23, 2012
UKRAINE  Jubilee Diploma UR100RU_BM July 13, 2012
UKRAINE 20th Anniversary of the Volyn Amateur Radio League X October 11, 2012
USA ARRL Diamond DXCC Challenge ARRL January 1, 2012
USA 2012 is the Favorite Animals Certificate PA3CUZ May 29, 2012

BULGARIA                    ALL BULGARIAN SAINTS Diploma - 2012

Established by the Balkan Contest as an annual award to honor the memory of  Saints of the Orthodox faith.

1. European stations need 10 different QSO (SWL reports),
2. stations outside Europe need 5 QSO (SWL reports) with different memorial call signs dedicated to Bulgarian Orthodox Saints.

In 2012, there will be 12 different special call signs activated by club members for the award: 12:
1. LZ 1818 MOG from 01.01.2012 till 31.01.2012
2. LZ 1401 SET from 01.02.2012 till 29.02.2012
3. LZ 1784 SIB from 01.03.2012 till 31.03.2012
4. LZ 1437 MGS from 01.04.2012 till 30.04.2012
5.LZ 907 SKB from 01.05.2012 till 31.05.2012
6. LZ 1515 PSB from 01.06.2012 till 30.06.2012
7. LZ 1822 MIT from 01.07.2012 till 31.07.2012
8. LZ 916 SS from 01.08.2012 till 31.08.2012
9. LZ 1737 SSS from 01.09.2012 till 30.09.2012
10. LZ 1814 MIS from 01.10.2012 till 31.10.2012
11. LZ 1620 PPZ from 01.11.2012 till 30.11.2012
12. LZ 1500 PNB from 01.12.2012 till 31.12.2012

The cost of the Diploma is 10 IRC (or 5 EUR) and it can also be obtained free of charge in electronic form by e-mail. Send applications to:
For a paper version of the Diploma please send fee of 10 IRC to P.O. Box 36, Karlovo, 4300 BULGARIA, or 5 EUR to the PayPal account:
QSL cards are not necessary, only an extract from the log. For each year Diploma will be issued with a separate numbering: No / 2012 and etc.
Only memorial callsigns will be changed and Diploma can be obtained every year for QSO’s within period from January 01 till December 31 for the relevant year.

and QRZ site of LZ1818MOG

Tks ON4CAS and PA3CUZ 1/8/12


AUSTRIA                             15th Anniversary MFCA-Jubilee-Diploma (1997-2012)

This award was instituted to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Marine Funker Club Austria (MFCA.), a group of about 250 amateurs who honor the Naval tradition of Austria. The certificate shows the radio room on a imperial warship of the mid 1890's. The former naval heritage of Austria-Hungary has a rich maritime past. For nearly 600 years Austrian ships were sailed the oceans. In 1918, at the end of the First World War when the Austro-Hungarian Empire dissolved, this all ended. The Imperial Navy and merchant fleet was among the largest in the world. 

a) available to any licensed radio amateur, SWL, or Club station.
b.) Valid contacts may be used from April 8, 1997 (MFCA-date of incorporation) to 1 September 2012.
c) Bands: all HF and VHF bands
d) Modes: all modes OK. 
e) SWL OK. 
f) Contacts required:
- At least one QSO with OE6XMF / ... a ship station or special event call sign OE15XMF, for example during the "Int. Museum Ships event, "
"Austrian Navy Memorial, "MFCA-AGM or from 1 - 30 April 2012 with the special call OE15XMF, etc.
- At least 15 QSOs with different MFCA members at home or abroad. 
- At least 15 QSOs to ... / mm or ship stations (such as museum ships such as HMS Belfast, Cap San Diego, U995, DS HOHENTWIEL, etc.)

Member QSOs may not have beeen used for earlier club anniversary awards.  
Contacts in telegraphy are highlighted in the award and due to tradition, at least one of the QSOs used for the award should be in this traditional mode of marine radio. 
A QSO with the special callsign OE15XMF is confirmed with a special QSL card. 
Send a signed log extract of the contacts made plus fee of 15€. (IRCs not accepted as payment. The amount shall be paid to the association's account:

Volksbank Aichfeld-Murboden, Account No.: 51384740000, BLZ: 46590th
Internally. Bank Code: IBAN: AT 44 4659 0513 8474 0000 SWIFT: VAIMAT2102G.

The award application must be sent to the graduate manager of the MFCA: Ing Sepp Langer, OE3OLC, Birch Lane 25, A-3172 Ramsau (Hainfeld), AUSTRIA. 

E-mail: @ langer.oe3olc or the first Chairman Werner Pfeiffer, Pebalstrasse 33, A-8700 Leoben, E-mail:  


Tks OH3GZ 4/12/12 

AUSTRIA                                    50th Anniversary ÖVSV Division of Styria

The ÖVSV, Division of Styria celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2012 and offers this short-term diploma for contacting stations in Styria, and the stations in the National Association Steiermark, between 01/01/2012 and 31/12/2012. 

Earn a total of 50 points contacting stations as follows:
a. Clubstations OE6X .. and special stations (OE50XFG) = 10 points
b. Other stations from OE6 or stations that are in the National Association Steiermark = 2 points.
c. Each station may only be counted once.

Send log extract, confirmed by two amateur operators and fee of 10E to Dieter Jahn OE6DJG, Schillingsdorferstraße 48, 8010 Kainbach bei Graz, Austria.

Applications no later than 28 February 2013.


Tks OH3GZ 7/13/12

BELARUS                                     Yakub Kolas 130th Anniversary

The diploma has been established by the Gomel Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of Byelorussia in honor of 130th anniversary of the date of a birth of the national poet of Belarus of YAKUB KOLAS. (Ivan Daminikovicha Lutsevicha) and may be earned by making contacts during 2012 with station of Belarus and various cities and areas which were important in his life. Earn a total of 130 points during 2012.

Each Belarus station = 5 points.
Kursk and the Kursk Area = 2 points.
Moscow and the Moscow Region = 2 points.
Vilnius, Lithuanian = 2 points.
Perm = 2 points.
Tashkent = 2 points.

On November 3, 2012, recognizing the birthday of the poet, points double.
On September, 1-2st, 2012, celebrating Belorussian writing, points also double.
All bands and modes OK. Repeated contacts are OK if made on different bands.  SWL OK.

Send log extract which contains full data on each of the contacts.
The award, delivered in electronic form is sent free of charge.
If a paper diploma it is desired, the cost of postage is 2 IRC.
To veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and also paper diplomas are dispatched to children's club radio stations free of charge.
Requests for the award are accepted in an electronic or paper format.
Mail to: Surina Nina Anatolyevna (EU8MM), P.O. 42, Gomel-12, 246012 Belarus.


Tks 4/18

BELARUS                                   Janka Kupala 130th Anniversary

The diploma has been established by the Gomel Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies of Byelorussia in honor of 130th anniversary of the date of a birth of the national poet of Belarus of Janka Kupala (Ivan Daminikovich Lutsevich) and may be earned by making contacts during 2012 with station of Belarus and various cities and areas with which the biography of the classic of the Belarusian literature of Janka Kupals are associated with.

Each Belarus station = 5 points.
St. Petersburg and Leningrad Region = 2 points.
Moscow and the Moscow Region = 2 points.
Smolensk and the Smolensk Region = 2 points.
Vilnius, Lithuanian = 2 points.
Kazan = 2 points.

On July 7, 2012, in birthday of the poet, points double.
On September 1-2, 2012, in celebrating the days of the Belarusian writing, points also double.

All bands and modes OK. Repeated contacts are OK if made on different bands.  SWL OK.
Send log extract which contains full data on each of the contacts.
The award, delivered in electronic form is sent free of charge.
If a paper diploma it is desired, the cost of postage is 2 IRC.
To veterans of the Great Patriotic War, and also paper diplomas are dispatched to children's club radio stations free of charge.
Requests for the award are accepted in an electronic or paper format.
Mail to: Surina Nina Anatolyevna (EU8MM), P.O. 42, Gomel-12, 246012 Belarus.


Tks 4/18/12

1 Jan 11 to 31 July 2012

BELARUS                                  PERAMOGA-67

This award was established by the AGB group in honor of the 67th Anniversary of Victory over fascism in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. It is available to all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs for contacting memorial stations as described below:

The diploma is issued free of charge in electronic format only. A PDF file will be sent to your e-mail address. .

a. Period of activity: 1 Jan 2011 to 31 July 2012.
b. Earn a total of 67 points;
c. Contact memorial stations, both Belarus and other CIS countries, the Soviet Union (Russia, Ukraine and other countries), using the call sign number 66 or 67 = 10 points.
d. Contacts with the Belarusian radio stations = 1 point each.
e. Same station may be contacted on different bands and modes for award credit.
f. Contacts made on May 9, 2012, and 3-4 July 2012 will carry a double point value.

(Note - in July 2011, Belarus celebrated the 67th anniversary of their liberation in World War II.

Send your application in the form of an log extract saved in a TXT file sent by email to . If you do not receive confirmation within 5 days - repeat the expulsion of the address .

Applications must be made no later than 01/01/2013.


Croatia                                              20 Years of 9A Prefix Award

This award is issued by the Croatian Amateur Radio Association (HRS) to commemorate 20 years of 9A prefix on the air.  Available to all amateurs and SWLs.

Award requirements: Contact all 10 different special 9A prefixes (9A200-9A209) on any band or mode in period from January 1st to December 31st 2012. Note that the special calls 9A20HRS & 9A20HQ can replace any missing prefix and can be used a maximum of 2 times.  Log extract with fee of 10E or $US15 should be sent no later than December 31st 2013. 

(Electronic Money transfer may be made to HRS bank account: Zagreba ka banka, d.d. Paromlinska 2,10 000 Zagreb
IBAN : HR 4323600001101561569

Apply to: HRVATSKI RADIO AMATERSKI SAVEZ, Dalmatinska 12, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia.


Tks HRS Award Manager 9A3SM 12/29/11

DENMARK                                    5P12EU Award

Denmark will be the acting chairman of the European Union during the period from 1 January to 30 June 2012. There are present 27 countries in the European Union. Danish amateur radio stations will be active with the special call sign 5P12EU during this period of time and the call will only be active in the period between 1 January and 30 June 2012.

An award has been created for this special event. Contact 5P12EU using any modes as follows: 
1. Gold award: QSO on 7 different bands.
2. Silver award: QSO on 5 different bands.
3. Bronze award: QSO on 3 different bands. 

All QSOs must be worked from the same call sign to get the award.

Applying for the award: 

1. Send an e-mail to Award Manager OZ4CG (E-mail Then you will get reply with the requested award attached which you can print it out yourself. This is free of charge.
2. Send a letter to QSL Manager OZ0J to get the award by letter. Make sure you specify the level earned. The first award to one address costs US$10 or 3 IRC to cover our costs for printing the award and for the envelope and return postage. You can also pay via Paypal on our homepage If you have any questions about our award please contact us at
Please check that you are in our log before you send your award request.


Tks: DIG Rundspruch Nr. 1731 of 01.12.2011

ENGLAND                              Commonwealth of Nations Jubilee Award 2012

Radio amateurs across the world are invited to work stations in the Commonwealth of Nations during calendar year 2012. This award celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and especially her position as head of the Commonwealth of Nations. As the Jubilee takes place in 2012 the award will run for 12 months starting on January 1st 2012 and ending on December 31st 2012. There are 139 qualifying Commonwealth call Areas. A certificate will be awarded to every licenced radio amateur who makes contact with stations located in 60 and 100 different Commonwealth Call Areas during 2012. Any mode of transmission may be used. Contacts made via the internet do not count. A simple spreadsheet can be down loaded to facilitate record keeping. A league table will be run on the website noted below showing the number of call areas contacted by participating stations. No QSL or other verification will be required. Certificates will be available for download and printing by stations claiming the contacts required. Please note that CW QSOs made by non-Commonwealth stations during the Commonwealth Contest on 10/11 March 2012 should not be counted. If you wish to take the opportunity to apply for the main Commonwealth Century Club awards then you should follow the procedure on the web page.

1. Keep track of Commonwealth Call areas you have worked using our score sheet
Download the score sheet from the link above. Just make a note of call worked and date. Just email your scores for the league table every week to g3pjt @ btinternet dot com .
2. Claiming your certificate ....
When you want to claim the award then just e mail your score sheet to G3PJT. Your certificate will be sent to you for printing on your printer. No cost for the award.

Spreadsheet available at:

Tks G3PJT 25 Oct 11

ENGLAND                Worked All Britain: Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Award.

In 2012, Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate her 60th year on the throne – her 'Diamond Jubilee'. To celebrate this event, the Worked All Britain Awards group is running an award – for Calendar Year 2012 only, which will be known as the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Award. The award will be open to all and will be available on all modes and all frequencies.

The award will be based around the number ‘60’ in recognition of the Queen's achievement. As with all W.A.B. Awards, this is available to SWL's on a 'Heard' basis. There are seven classes of the Award: Basic, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Sapphire and Diamond. A certificate will be issued up to the Sapphire level, with a trophy being awarded for the Diamond.

Certificates will cost £1, unless claimed by an activator, in which case all awards are free. The trophies will be awarded free of charge, but we ask that the recipient either covers the cost of postage or collects the trophy at our 2013 Annual General Meeting.

To qualify, you must work/hear/activate different numbers of 'normal' (not ending in '60') W.A.B. Squares, plus Squares ending in the number '60'. The requirements are shown below. All contacts must be made within the 2012 calendar year, i.e. 1st January - 31st December 2012.



UK VHF, EU VHF and Outside EU HF

UK HF Activated

UK VHF Activated



"60 Squares"


"60 Squares"


"60 Squares"


"60 Squares"
































































Apply to: Darran Chappell - G0BWB, 49 Midway, South Crosland, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, HD4 7DA


Tks OH3GZ 12/28/11

wpe1.jpg (19472 bytes)

ENGLAND                            IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon

There was too much to include and summarize, so you may want to click on the PDF document referenced at the bottom of this article for all the details.  I have included some of the introductory material. It seems to be designed to encourage IOTA activity for additional awards purposes during their 50th anniversary.  

THE YEAR 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Islands On The Air (IOTA) Programme by British SWL Geoff Watts, BRS-3129. To celebrate the occasion, the RSGB IOTA Manager and Committee announce an exciting activity period in which all licensed amateurs world-wide are invited to participate. 
For a two-year period during 2012 and 2013, IOTA chasers are encouraged to contact as many different IOTA groups as possible, and IOTA activators to play their part by operating from as many groups as possible, with special emphasis on the less-frequently activated ones. The points system adopted rewards 'Activators' with higher scores for activating the rarer IOTA groups. Certificates and awards will be available to both 'Chasers' and 'Activators' to reflect attainment of graduated bands of performance. 

Prizes will be awarded to the highest-scoring individuals in both the ‘Chasers’ and ‘Activators’ sections and these will, if circumstances allow, be presented during the IOTA 50th Anniversary celebrations at the RSGB Convention in 2014. Certificates will be available to other participants who reach the specified grade levels. 

‘IOTA Chasers’ Marathon 
Certificates, sent electronically, will be available for all ‘IOTA Chasers’ who score a minimum of 100 points. The following certificates are available: 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers Participation certificate 100 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Bronze’ certificate 250 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Silver’ certificate 500 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Gold’ certificate 750 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Diamond’ certificate 1000 points 
In addition, there will be a special prize for the highest-scoring ‘IOTA Chaser’ in both the single-operator and multi-operator categories on each continent, subject to achievement of the 'Silver' certificate. 
‘IOTA Activators’ Marathon 

All logs must be submitted electronically. Paper logs will not be accepted. All applications should be made after the end of the IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon period, i.e. not before 1 January 2014. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2014. Full details of the application procedure will be available on the RSGB IOTA web-site at closer to the time. Any questions about the IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon rules may be sent to:  or  as appropriate. 


ENGLAND                           Summits on the Air  (SOTA)  10th Anniversary

2012 marks the tenth anniversary of SOTA in the United Kingdom. Special certificates for both Chaser and Activators are being made available. Summits on the Air (SOTA) is a series of awards for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas.

Start date for G (England) & GW (Wales) is 2 March 2012, other regions follow later in the year. To claim a certificate you have to activate or chase at least one summit in any qualifying region . The ultimate award is Chased or Activated all regions (there are 10 regions in G and 3 in GW). The certificates will be available for download or printed and mailed to you.

Email Certificates
All certificates are now available as an Adobe Acrobat pdf file to print on your own computer. These will be emailed to you - remember to include your email address!
Printed certificates are available as usual.

There are no charges to participate in SOTA and award certificates and trophies are sold at a small mark-up on cost. Funding for running the award (publicity leaflets, web-hosting etc.) comes from the small profit made from these sales. SOTA branded goods are now available which are sold at a small profit, all of which is ploughed back into running SOTA.

Refer to their page:  for ordering the certificate.   This page allows you to provide specifics on the type of award, and to electronically pay the award fee.


Tks OH3GZ 4/27/12 

FRANCE                                      10th Anniversary of the EURO AWARD

The EURO Diploma is sponsored by the Tulle Radio Club to commemorate the10th anniversary of the Euro as a new currency in Europe on 1st of January 2002. Rules : Contact or listen to one station from each of the member countries of the Euro zone for a total of 17 countries.

Required Countries:

5B: Cyprus, 9H : Malta, CT : Portugal, EA : Spain, EI : Eire, ES : Estonia, DL : Germany, F : France, I : Italy, LX : Luxemburg, OE : Austria, OM : Slovak Rep., ON : Belgium, OH : Finland PA : Holland, S5 : Slovenia, SV : Greece,

TM10E is a special event station commemorating the 10th anniversary of the new currency in Europe since the introduction on 1st of January 2002. Working TM10E, gives you a wild card for the EURO AWARD. A contact with the station TM10E counts as a wild card in the case where you are missing two countries.

All bands and modes are accepted except contacts made via repeater. QSOs must take place between 01 January 2012 and 31 December 2012. Applications for the diploma must be sent before 31 December 2013. Send only a log extract or qso list ; no QSLs are required. A lovely aluminum plaque is measuring 23 X 18 cm. Cost of the plaque is 20€, 25 IRCs or $US25. Paypal Accepted . Award manager : F5RBB ( ). Mailing address: VERVECHE Patrice, F5RBB les gouttes, 19800 GIMEL LES CASCADES, France.


GERMANY                               500 Jahre Rathaus Alsfeld / Oberhessen

Celebrating the 500th anniversary of the construction of the Marketplace in the old city of Alsfeld. Now used as the town hall the original structure was built from 1512 to 1516. . Ortsverband Alsfeld commemorates the 500th anniversary of this storehouse by sponsoring this award for contacts made during the period 1 February to 31 December 2012.

a. One QSO with the special station DRØALSFELD.
b. One QSO with club station DKØHC with special DOK 500RAT
c. One QSO with club station DLØVBK with special DOK 500RAT
d. and 2 members of the Ortsverband Alsfeld F55.

Packet Radio and Echo Link contacts cannot be used for the award.
Send a log extract with all the usual QSO information plus fee of 5€ + postage to Werner Rinke DK1WER, Torweg 27, Romrod D-36329, Germany.


Tks PA3CUZ 3/13/12

GERMANY                           800 Years of Anhalt Diploma


In 2012, the Saxony-Anhalt Region celebrates the 800th anniversary of Anhalt. This Jubilee award is sponsored by the German Amateur Radio Club Association, local chapter W22 ZAB-Dessau. Contact local associations and radio amateurs who are located in the former territory of Anhalt during the calendar year 2012. 

Earn a total of 800 points using the table of contact values shown below:
a. Special event station DM800ANH = 200 points.
b. Club stations DA0MA, DD0DRK, DF0DES, DK0ZAB, DK0LG, DK0NID, DK0GYB, and DR5Y = 100 points .
c. Stations belonging to German Clubs DOK W07, W18, W22, W23, W33 = 50 points.
d. Stations located permanently or temporary in the territory of Anhalt = 25 points.

The location of each station contacted must be recorded as a place name or locator. Refer to the web site listed below and the map of the territory.

All bands and modes except Echolink are allowed.
Only one call sign at the same time will be scored.

QSO Multiplier Values:
a. VHF/UHF contacts are multiplied by the factor 2.
b. Stations in Europe (except DL) multiply their points by the factor 2
c. Stations outside of Europe may multiply their points by the factor 3.

The award shows a historical map and ten selected personalities who have influenced Anhalt or worked in Anhalt a long time. On the back of the award, you will find explanations of the history of Anhalt and the personalities depicted.

Fees: Paper version: 5 € or 3 IRC
PDF Version: 2 € or 1 IRC

Send a log extract and fee to: Award manager, DM2TO, Thomas Schmidt, Rietzmecker Str. 4, 06846 Dessau-Roßlau, Germany.


GERMANY                           775th Anniversary of the Founding of Berlin Jubilee Award

In 2012, the city of Berlin, and capitol of Germany celebrates the 775th anniversary of its founding. The Berlin section of DARC offers a special award for contacts/SWL made with radio amateurs from the city.
Contacts must be made during 2012. All bands and modes may be used. 

Earn a total of 775 points with Berlin stations with values as shown below:
a. special call sign stations with "775" in the prefix = 50 points.
. club stations with special DOK in 2012 = 30 points.
c. stations with permanent special DOK (YLD, DVD....) = 20 points.
d. Training call sign and YL QSOs = 20 points. 
e. All other stations in Berlin = 10 points.

Information about special call signs, special DOK etc may be found at: 

The award shows scenes of Berlin, with both historical and modern buildings.
Submit applications no later than 30 June 2013. It is planned that the awards will be issued in August 2012.

Paper version 8E or 5 valid IRCs.
PDF version 3E or 2 valid IRCs.

Send log extract and necessary fee to Lutz Elsner DL7UGO (, Allee der Kosmonauten 195, D-12685 Berlin, Germany.

Internet: (official Jubilee site)

Tks DL7UGO 12/31/11
(Corrected URL 1/2/12

GERMANY                          GÖTTINGER-SEVEN-DIPLOMA

The short-term diploma is issued by the DARC local chapter of Göttingen H10 to commemorate the protest of the Göttingen Seven 175 years ago.

Rules of the award: 
· This award may be earned by all licensed radio amateurs and SWLs.
· Contacts may be made during Calendar Year 2012. 
· Contact at least seven radio amateurs from the local chapters of Göttingen H10 and / or H53 Göttingen-West
· Mandatory contacts with the H10 club station or the school DL0GN station or Scholl Comprehensive School DL0GSG.
· All bands and modes OK. 
· Send log extract with all details of the contacts. SWLs should list the calls of stations on both sides of the QSO. The list must be confirmed by the signature of two radio amateurs.
· The award may also be requested via the DARC Contest Log (DCL).
Cost of the award: 7€( 5€ and 2€ in postage stamps) plus application.

Award manager Dieter Baranowski, DF7AX, Karl-Marx-Straße 38, 37081 Göttingen
An Application may be found on their website. 


A little history:  
The "Seven" commemorated above were professors and academics who, in 1837 had protested against the king's breach of German citizen's constitutional rights. The protest against the king was regarded as a signal for liberalization and in 1848 most of the "Gottingen Seven" were appointed as members of the Frankfurt National Assembly.

Tks Werner DH1PAL 1/31/12 


GERMANY                    DM50IOTA - IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon 2012/2013

DM5ØIOTA will activate all german IOTA-groups during the IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon. If you have worked DM5ØIOTA from all German IOTA islands/island groups you can apply by sending a mail for a special award (pdf-style, will be sent by mail free of charge)

The German IOTA islands are: EU-042 EU-047 EU-057 EU-127 EU-128 EU-129. The first activity planned: 16.-18. March 2012 IOTA EU-042


Tks OH3GZ 3/19/12 

GERMANY                                         35 Years OV R24 Award

The OV Haan R24 offers this short time award on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.

Earn at least 100 points for the award during calendar year 2012.

Point Values:
a. Club stations with special DOK identifier 35R24 = 35 points.
b. Other Club stations from OV R24 = 10 points.
c. Training stations from OV R24 = 15 points.
d. QSOs with individual members of the OV R24 = 5 points.

At least one QSO with any club station is required..
Every club station may be counted only one time.
One QSO with any YL from the OV R24 or at any YL at any training station of the OV R24 may be used as a joker or wild card station to substitute for another required QSO, with the exception of the required club station..
Every member of the OV R24 may be contacted every month and every band again, uip to a maximum of 12 times.

The following call signs count for the award (as of 19.1.2012)
Club stations: DB0BG, DL0CPM, DN0UKW, DR9P
Training stations: DN1ET, DN6SA, DN8PL

The award can be applied for by HAMs and SWLs with a list of the valid QSOs until February 28th, 2013. QSL cards are not required.
The electronic award is a FREE and may be requested via Email to: R24(at)
The fee for a printed award is 5 Euro which includes mailing postage.
Bank connection: DARC OV Haan R24, Deutsche Postbank, KontoNr 94105436, BLZ 360010043
Send your application for the printed award to: DL7ET, Veit Pelinski, Morper Allee 34, 40699 Erkrath, Germany.

Internet: .

Tks DL7ET 1/26/12

GERMANY                       65th Anniversary of the State of Rheinland-Pfalz

On 18 May 1947 the founding of the state of the Rhineland-Palatinate was created by popular referendum . 2013 is the 65th anniversary of this event and for this reason, this Jubilee Award, available to all radio amateurs and SWL's was created. You may earn this award for earning at least 65 points to reach by wireless connections with amateur radio stations in Rhineland-Palatinate during 2012.

Point values:
1. Any contact with any of the special district stations = 20 points,
They are: DA0RP, DF0RLP, DF0RPJ, DK0RLP, DM0K, DL0K, and DL0RP DL0YLK.
2. Any contact with a club station of Rhineland-Palatinate =10 points each,
3. All other contacts with stations in Rhineland-Palatinate = 2 points each.

Recognizing Rhineland-Palatinate stations: The district includes the Rhineland-Palatinate DARC DOK K01 to K56, as well as the VFDB DOKs Z11, Z22, Z74, Z77 and Z82. Furthermore, among all in 2012 valid special DOKs from Rhineland-Palatinate, such as DVK, YLK, 65RLP, (See all SonderDOK_Dist_K_2012.pdf ).

Your award application should include at least one contact with one of the district Special stations. There is no band or mode- restrictions. Each station counts once for each band and mode.

Fees: Send the award application (in the form of a log extract) and the fee of DL: € 5 cash / non-DL 7.50 € or 10 U.S. $ in, via PayPal or by bank transfer to award manager: Joerg Pellenz, DO1DJJ (DIG 6047), Main road 25, 56 766 Auderath / Germany.

The closing date for the award application is 30 June 2013.

A good opportunity to collect points are the contests and competitions of District K:
1. Activity weeks Rhineland-Palatinate: 1 Jan.2012 until 7 Jan 2012.
2. Rhineland-Palatinate evening activity + 2 meters: 16 May 2012 18-20 UTC Clock.
3. Rhineland-Palatinate 70cm evening activity: 26 May 2012 18-20 UTC Clock
4. Rhineland-Palatinate evening activity + 80 +40 meters: 21 Sep 2012 Clock 17-19 UTC).


Tks OH3GZ 1/6/12

GREECE                                      1912 KATERINI Award

After the Balkan war of 1912,  the Macedonia region, including the city of Katerini, was liberated and reunited with the rest of Greece, rejecting the occupation troops of the Ottoman Empire. 2012 is the 100th anniversary of these events we celebrate the occasion by activating this special call sign. 
Valid all contacts from 1/1/2012 to 31/12/2012.

1. Requirements: Earn a total of 200 points from QSO with Greek stations during Calendar Year 2012.
2. Every station counts once with no obligations of band and mode.
3. A contact with the special call station SX1912 = 30 points
4. Contacts with other Greek Special call stations = 10 points
5. Contacts with any other Greek stations = 5 points
6. Multiplier by x2: Every contact on any mode made at 160m band & 6m Band or higher.

Send a log extract together with the signature of 2 more Radioamateurs to the award manager of Radioamateur Club of Pieria.
Sending QSL cards is not mandatory. Cost for this award is 5.-Euro or 5 IRC for packing and mail.

Apply to: Radioamateur Club of Pieria, P.O.BOX 205, GR-60100 Katerini, GREECE. 

E-mail : sx1912 (at) gmail (dot) com

Tks ON4CAS 1/8/12 

IRELAND                                                  EI80IRTS award

The Irish Radio Transmitters Society was founded in 1932 and we are proud to celebrate our 80th anniversary in 2012. As part of the celebrations the Society will be using the special callsign EI80IRTS. A special certificate, available to all amateurs and SWLs, is being offered to celebrate this wonderful occasion. Contact the special call sign EI80IRTS during the period of January 1st 2012 to December 31st 2012.

a. Conduct 2-way communications with EI80IRTS on Phone, CW or Digi modes on the HF (1.8-28) and VHF (50-1200MHz) bands.
b. Cross band QSO’s will not be accepted for this award.
c. Contacts made via active earthbound reflectors, repeaters and EchoLink will not be counted.

The certificate is available in three levels:
* Bronze Award 3 different bands.
* Silver Award 5 different bands.
* Gold Award 8 different bands.

Applicants should submit a list showing the date and time you worked or heard EI80IRTS, plus frequency and mode. QSL cards are not required. The declared QSO’s will be cross-checked for validity based on the logs of EI80IRTS. The application fee is €5 or US $7.  Send applications to: Thos Caffrey EI2JD, The Slip, Clogherhead, Co. Louth, Ireland. 

At the same time, please send an e-mail to to inform him that you sent your application by mail.  
The award is sponsored by the Dundalk Amateur Radio Society. 


Tks SP9JPA Blog 1/19/12 

IRELAND                            The TITANIC 100th Anniversary Commemorative Award

RMS Titanic, the worlds largest passenger ship at the time, sank on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York, following a collision with an iceberg at approximately 0245 on the morning of April 15th 1912. 1,517 people lost their lives in the tragedy. The 100th anniversary of the sinking will be marked by several special commerative event stations at ports associated with the ships maiden voyage. These include Belfast, Southampton, Cherbourg, Cobh (EI100T), Cape Race (VO1MCE) and a maritime mobile station (VE0MGY), at the site of the sinking.

Throughout the year 2012 EI100T will be operated regularly from Cobh ("Queenstown"), Lower Cork Harbour (IO51UU). Cork Harbour was the last port of call of the Titanic on her maiden and final voyage.

During the weekend of April 14th & 15th 2012, a significant special event station signing EI100T will be operated from Cobh town to coincide with the Titanic commerations (see

The Cork Radio Club sponsored Titanic Award will be available to radio amateurs who work EI100T during 2012, with a special endorsement to the award if you work EI100T during the weekend of April 14th & 15th 2012. Further details on the award will be available soon.

Here are the final rules for the award: EI100T Award Update I: 28th April 2012The Titanic Award is available to radio amateurs who work EI100T on at least two bands or modes during 2012. Issued awards will be marked with a special endorsement if you worked EI100T during the weekend of April 14th & 15th 2012.To request the award, please send an email to giving your callsign and postal address. No fees are required. EI100T or


May - September 2012

ITALY                                   FIRST COMACCHIO VALLEY AWARD

The Comacchio Valley Award (DVC) is organized by ARI Basso Ferrarese, in order to popularize the knowledge of the specific geographic area, natural heritage, and rural valley culture of the province of Ferrara.

The DVC is open to all OM and SWL Italians and foreigners and may be earned for contacts with IQ4FF / P during the 6 planned portable activities of this special event station carried out in accordance with the timetable shown below, which are chosen to feature different landmarks of the Comacchio Valley.

Look for IQ4FF from the 6 planned activations shown on the dates mentioned:
b. CONA VALLEY (JN64BP) May ÷ September 2012
c. CAMPO VALLEY (JN64CP) May ÷ September 2012
d. FOSSA DI PORTO VALLEY (JN64BO) May ÷ September 2012
e. LIDO DI MAGNAVACCA VALLEY (JN64CO) May ÷ September 2012
f. COMACCHIO VALLEY – Special call valid for Special Awards. May ÷ September 2012

The exact dates of operation will be announced time by time over the cluster.

IQ4FF / P will operate on the HF bands of 20 and 40 meters SSB and CW modes, and each station can be contacted once time per band in all the forecast modes. To get the DVC will be valid only connected locator.

The base award will require at least 3 connections in the activations made by IQ4FF / P Send log extract which will include: Date, UTC, Call-Sign, Band, Mode and references made for the DVC Number. This should be sent to Award Manager IZ4ISC Fabrizio E-mail .

Fee for the award is 10€ or $US15 which will be donated (excluding costs of printing and postage) to a charitable organization or association that will be identified each year. Payment may be made as follows:
1. Post Pay => card number 4023 6006 2147 1558 headed to Arno Baroni
2. Pay Pal => e-mail

This entitles you to receive the Award DVC printed on parchment card stock.
The DVC Special Award will be printed on canvas support.
The DVC Award will contain images relating to QSL of all activations.
A DVC Special Award will be issued to those who have made contact with all five activations + special call.

Look for the special station who will be calling: CQ CQ DVC DVC de IQ4FF / P - Call for the First Comacchio Valley Award. IQ4FF / P will pass the RS-T and the QTR to be confirmed by the corresponding station. There are no endorsements for the award.


QRZ site IQ4FF (in English)

Tks PA3CUZ 4/21/12

Oct 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013


The Radio Club A.R.I. Versilia "Sergio Cassina" IQ5VR, under the patronage of AMSAT ITALIA, ASI (Italian Space Agency) and ESA (European Space Agency), sponsors the first award named "ISS Award".  It is open to all licensed OMs and SWLs of the world on the occasion of the completion of the International Space Station. All the members of A.R.I. Versilia and all the accredited stations are authorized to use the special callsign II5ISS as specified in this rule. All stations using the special call sign II5ISS, will give to the corresponding station full report (RS-T).  The log of qsos will be available online on: "Club Log" page and will be updated periodically.

1. PERIOD OF VALIDITY (UTC)October 1st, 2012 – May 31st, 2013

2. FREQUENCY BANDS HF: 3.5 - 7 - 10 - 14 - 17 - 21 - 24 - 28 MHz  VHF and higher: only via satellite.

A1A (CW)
All Digital. Modes (G1B etc.)

4. POWER Within the limit of the license.

5. OPERATIVE RULES All stations belonging to A.R.I. Versilia will call in the following ways:VOICE: CQ CQ CQ ISS Award this is II5ISS;CW: CQ CQ CQ ISS de II5ISS;DIGITAL: CQ CQ CQ ISS AWARD de II5ISS;It’s allowed only one QSO / HRD per band with each station regardless of the emission mode .Vatican State and Republic of San Marino stations are considered Italian stations. Only one qso with the special call sign II5ISS will allow to receive the SPECIAL QSL card of the event.

The QSO card will be sent by BUREAU or direct with SASE. All the HAMs who will require the award will receive also the SPECIAL QSL card without extra cost.

There are four grades of the award:

QSO / HRD with II5ISS in 3 different bands.
QSO / HRD with II5ISS in 5 different bands.
QSO / HRD with II5ISS in 7 different bands.
QSO / HRD with II5ISS in all modes of emission in 5 different bands.
- All HAMs connecting II5ISS stations in VHF by satellite are entitled to obtain the specific Award for QSOs via satellite.

APPLYING FOR THE AWARD: Requests to get the award must arrive to the Award Manager by December 31st 2013 and no later. A copy of the log must be enclosed. For those who prefer to send log and request by mail will count the postmark.

LOG. The log must contain at least the following information: QSO number, CALL , UTC date and time, band, emission mode, Rst (s), Rst (r)

a. Italians 7.00 Euro
b. Europeans 9.00 Euro
c. All others: $15.00.

The amounts shall be paid as follows: POSTE PAY ( only for Italy): N ° 4023 6004 5867 8846 addressed to: GABRIELE PARDINIPAYPAL:

APPLICATION: must contain all the data specified in the rules, one's QSL, exact address and telephone number and the copy of the receipt of the payment.The address for paper shipping ois the following: GABRIELE PARDINI, VIA ILLICA 2, 55041 CAPEZZANO PIANORE (LU), ITALY.

ELECTRONIC FORMAT LOG: The log must be filled in EXCEL format or other formats Windows XP readable reporting all data specified in the rule, one's QSL, exact address and telephone number and where to send a copy of the payment receipt (if different from own address).Electronic log must be sent . Note: The owners of mailboxes or P.O.BOX, must indicate their name in addition to the call sign.


Tks PA3CUZ 11/3/12


The Luxembourg national society "RL" was founded 1937 and we are proud to celebrate our 75th anniversary.  Today we have 383 active members.  A special award, available to all amateurs and SWLs  is being offered to celebrate this occasion. Contact club station, headquarter station and all other LX stations during the period of  January 1st, 2012 to December 31st, 2012. Make two way contacts on HF bands (160 to 10 meters and 6 meters) must be established. Contacts made via active earthbound reflectors, repeaters and EchoLink may not be counted. There is no restriction on the mode used.

Applicants should submit a list showing the date, station worked or heard, time, frequency and mode duly certified by two licenced radio amateurs or by the award manager of their society.  Please use the  application form available on the RL-website

The award is available in three levels:
a. Bronze - 100 points.
b. Silver - 250 points.
c. Gold - 500 points. 

Each contact with the Club Station LX75RL counts 50 points.
Each contact with the Headquarter Station LX75HQ counts 50 points.
(LX75HQ is only active during the Headquarter contest)
Each contact with any other LX station counts 5 points. 

LX75RL on 7 MHz CW = 50 points.
LX75RL on 7 MHz RTTY = 50 points.
LX75HQ on 21 MHz CW = 50 points.
LX2A on 28 MHz SSB = 5 points.
LX9UN on 14 MHz = 5 points.
LX1JX on 50 MHz CW = 5 points.
Total Score = 215 points. 

The application fee is $US8 or EUR 5.  Applications shall be sent to: Reseau Luxembourgeois des Amateurs d'Ondes Courtes, Award Manager, P.O. Box 1352, L-1013 Luxembourg.  At the same time, please send an e-mail to the award manager to inform him that you sent your application by mail.

Awards will not be sent out before Autumn 2012.  Applications may be sent earlier.  

Tks PA3CUZ 12/8/11 

11 June 11 to 1 June 12

NETHERLANDS                                     Alkmaar 65 Award

Earn a total of at least 15 points by making contacts with Dutch stations located in Section A-01. All bands and modes OK. No use of repeaters. 

Point Values: 
a. HF/UHF/SHF = 3 points each. 
b/ VHF = 1 point each.
c. Contacts with club station PI65ALK = double points. 
d. Each station in the Section A-01 may only be contactted one time.

SWL ok on same basis of rules - they must submit a log of stations heard to be sent to the award manager.

For countries in Europe, club station PI65ALK must be contacted, no mode or band restrictions. Furthermore, 2 stations from Section A-01, no mode or band restrictions.

For DX countries, club station PI65ALK must be contacted, no mode or band restrictions. 
Also, 1 Station in Section A-01, no mode or band restrictions.

AWARD Cost: Send log extract and award fee of 5€ to: Ruud Vogel, PA3EQC, Jan van Scorel Kade 50, 1817 EW Alkmaar, Netherlands. All applications must be made before the end of 2012. 


Tks PA3CUZ 5/2/12 

PHILIPPINES                  PARL 50th Year Anniversary

The Philippine Amateur Radio League will be celebrating its fifty (50) years anniversary in 2012 and is sponsoring a commemorative Diploma for amateur radio stations that have established two-way communications with PARL members.

Requirements: 2-way communication on USB, LSB, CW, FM, RTTY, PSK (no cross-mode) on the HF (1.8-28) and VHF (50-1200MHz) bands (no-cross band) starting 1 January 2012 until 31 December 2012. Fill-out the downloadable application form stating at least twelve (12) QSO’s with any of PARL members The Log extract needs to be signed by the operator and needs to be certified by two (2) other amateur radio operators to attest that 2-way communication has been established. The declared QSO’s will be cross-checked for validity based on the logs of the PARL members. Romy, DV1SMQ will be the manager for this award.

The club will activate special event call sign 4GOLD during 2012. 

Club members which are valid for the award: 

Please use the online application form found on the WWW page referenced below.


Tks PA3CUZ 1/2/12 (Amended 1/13/12) 

14 Feb to 31 Dec 2012

POLAND                          Army - 70

The Armia Krajowa (abbreviated AK), or Home Army, was the dominant Polish resistance movement in World War II German-occupied Poland. It was formed in February 1942 from the Zwia;zek Walki Zbrojnej (Union for Armed Struggle). This award commemorates the 70th anniversary of the formation of the Union of Armed Struggle in the Army.

The award period will last from 14 February to 31 December 2012. The initial stations activated to commemorate the event are 3Z0AK, HF70TWARDY and 3Z45HBW. It is expected that they will be joined by other stations, other clubs and individuals. Two categories of awards will be offered. One is for contacting the special stations and the other for those making the contacts from the special call sign stations.

Point requirements: 70.
SP Each valid commemorative station contacted = 5 points.
EU Each valid commemorative station contacted = 10 points.
DX Each valid commemorative station contacted = 14 points.

Logs of all participating special event stations should make sure they provide copies of their logs on an ongoing basis, but no later than 22 January 2013.
At the completion of the anniversary (by 28 February 2013) the co-ordinator will publish a list of stations that meet the conditions for qualification.

The Basic diploma will be forwarded electronically at no costs in PDF format. Paper awards will be available at a cost of 10 PLN (for Polish stations) or 2 IRC (for foreign stations). Apply to Marek Ruszczak SP5UAR, ul. Poniatowskiego 30, 05-080 Izabelin, Poland.


Tks Ian M3NMQ 2/17/12

POLAND                          WLADEK WAGNER Award

Wladek WAGNER was born in Poland, in 1918, as a young boy scout, he was fascinated by maritime life possibilities and his own spirit of adventure. He started his circumnavigation of the world at the age of 20 in 1932. He closed the loop of his epic voyage in 1939 but the outbreak of WW2 prevented his return to Poland. Stopped in Great Britain he spent the war years in the Polish Merchant Navy under command of British Admiralty. WWII barred his return to homeland for good and he remained an expatriate in the Americas. With his Scottish wife he had two children and lived for long periods in Trellis Bay, BVI and later in San Juan, Puerto Rico where he established Wagner Shipyard for all types of marine vessels.

The "WW Award" is issued by Radio Club SP9KRT. Available to OMs and SWLs who make 2 way contacts (or SWL reports) with any 3 of the special event stations: SN2012WW, HF20WW, HF80WW, HF100WW during Calendar Year 2012.

The application is accepted in any format and should be sent to the following postal address:  Radio Club SP9KRT, P.O. Box 85, 41-940 Piekary Slaskie, Poland. 
It may also be sent by e-mail to bonaterra _at_   .

The award is free of charge, but applicants should send sufficient postage to cover the mailing costs, such as:4 Euro or 5USD or 5 new valid IRCs.

Tks PA3CUZ 1/6/12

15 Feb 12 to 30 Sep 12

POLAND                                                      Dyplom Józef Wybicki i Mazurek Dabrowskiego

Józef Wybicki was a Polish general, poet and political figure. He was a close friend of General Jan Henryk Da;browski, and in 1797 he composed the Mazurek Dabrowskiego (Dabrowski's Mazurka), which in 1927 was adopted as the Polish national anthem.

PZK club station SP3PKC offers this award for contacts made between February 15-30 through September 30, 2012. SWL OK with the four special event stations listed below:

1. HF85MDHP active from February 15 to 29, 2012
2. HF190SJW active from March 1 to 31, 2012.
3. HF215MD active from July 1 to 31, 2012.
4. HF265UJW active from September 1 to 30, 2012.

A contact with club station SP3PKC between 15 Feb and 30 Sept 2012 may be used as a wildcard which can be substituted for one missed contact.  The award is free if sent by e-mail as a digital file. Cost of the paper version is 5€.  Send the application no later than 30 October 2012 to Mariusz P. Hanke, ul. Nowa Strzelnica 1/6, 63-100 Srem, Poland.


Tks PA3CUZ 2/17/12

ROMANIA                            Romanian GEO Award

The CS Silver Fox club offers an award for all those who earn a minimum of 60 points working GEO stations (20 points each) plus any station from Romanian county "HD" (Hunedoara County) which shows the letters GEO after the signal report (Such as:YO2ARV 579/GEO). Each of these stations counts 10 points.

Period : 05 February, 2012– 30th December, 2012
Application deadline : 30th Jan. 2013

Send list of contacts form signed by two other hams and the QSLs for the stations you worked. 
Apply to: CS Silver Fox, P.O. Box 119, RO-330012, Deva 1, HD, ROMANIA.

Award Fee: Europeans send = 2€ or 2 IRC’s; DX stations send $US2 or 2 IRC’s.

If you wish the award to be sent as an electronic format award. send only the request form plus $US1, 1 IRC or 1€. Be sure to provide your e-mail address where you want to receive your award!

Tks SP9JPA Blog 2/10/12

What is a European Geopark?  

RUSSIA                             Diploma "65 Years Astrakhan Radio Club"

The Regional Branch of the SSR of the Astrakhan region of Russia sponsors a diploma in honor of the 65th anniversary of the Astrakhan radio club." Earn a total of 65 points by contacting stations located in Astrakhan during Calendar Year 2012. 

Point values: 
a. each contact with an amateur of the Astrakhan region = 5 points. 
b. each contact with RK6UWA RK6UWA/p =10 points 
(At least one contact with this special event station is required). 
c. When operating on VHF the score for each contact is tripled.
d. Repeat contacts on different bands and modes may be made for credit. 

"The days of activity" will be held from 08-00 April 30 GMT to 20-00 GMT May 9, 2012.
Stations in Astrakhan may earn the award for making at least 130 QSOs or their call must have been mentioned at least 65 times in applications for the award.

The diploma is issued free of charge. Pay only for shipping of the certificate in the amount of 50 rubles kor equivalent. Applications and payment should will be sent to the address: Kamenskih Y. (RU6UR), PO Box 200, Astrakhan 414000, Russia.  


Tks 4/24/12

RUSSIA                         Battle of Borodino-200th Anniversary

Diploma of "Borodino-200" was established by the Moscow Radio Club in honor of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Borodino, and consists of two parts of the diploma and the liner dedicated to the hero of the Patriotic War of 1812, Dennis Davydov.

To receive a commemorative certificate "Borodino-200", you must earn 200 points.  Points earned for the Borodino-200" award may be made using any mode and amateur band with stations in areas listed below during the time period 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012.  Look for stations with radio amateurs who live in the following cities or regions (each QTH is associated with the historic Battle of Moscow, the onset of the Russian army or the expulsion of the French from Moscow.

Point values for the award:

Each contact with a station 
in the following cities



1 point


1 point


3 points

Borovsk (Kaluga Region)

5 points


5 points

Maloyaroslavets, Medyn (Kaluga Region)

5 points


5 points

Gagarin (Smolensk Region)

5 points

Club station of Moscow Radio Club RK3CQ/p, operating the Borodino 200 program

10 points

Club station of Moscow Radio Club RK3CQ/p operating in the field of Borodino. The award may be earned entirely with contacts of this special station worked on different bands and modes.

25 points.

The award is issued free of charge on the basis of log extract. You may apply for the award by sending a log extract showing contact data and point values earned and mailing it to Yuri Fedotov Ivanovich RA3AKM, P/33, Moscow, 119415, Russia.

You may also apply for the award by e-mail sent to: .

Tks OH3GZ 12/24/11

The Battle of Borodino, fought on September 7, 1812, was the largest and bloodiest single-day action of the French invasion of Russia and all Napoleonic Wars, involving more than 250,000 troops and resulting in at least 70,000 casualties. The French Grande Armée under Emperor Napoleon I attacked the Imperial Russian Army of General Mikhail Kutuzov near the village of Borodino, west of the town of Mozhaysk, and eventually captured the main positions on the battlefield, but failed to destroy the Russian army despite heavy losses.(Tks Wikipedia)

1 June to 31 Dec 2012

RUSSIA                                             The Veliky Novgorod Diploma

The diploma «Veliky Novgorod – a cradle of the Russian statehood» is sponsored by RO SRR of the Novgorod region in commemoration of the celebration of the 1150th anniversary of origin of Russian statehood. The diploma is awarded to radio fans of Russia, CIS countries and foreign countries for completing the requirements shown below. The diploma may be earned for carrying out radio contacts and earning at least 1150 points during the period from June 1, 2012 to December 31, 2012 on HF and VHF bands.  Radio contacts with special anniversary radio stations of Veliky Novgorod and the radio stations located in the cities Old Ladoga, Belozersk, Rostov Great, Pskov, Kostroma, Vologda, St. Petersburg and Moscow are required. All modes OK.

QSO Point Values:

1. For contacts with stations using anniversary call signs in the cities of: Veliky Novgorod, Old Ladoga, Belozersk, Rostov Great, Pskov, Kostroma, Vologda, St. Petersburg and Moscow = 100 points.
2. For contacts with amateurs of the cities: Pskov, Kostroma, Vologda = awarded 10 points each.
3. For contacts amateurs of the cities: St. Petersburg and Moscow = awarded 5 points each.
4. For contacts amateurs of the cities: Old Ladoga, Belozersk, Rostov Great = awarded 50 points each. Same station may be worked on different bands for credit.
5. For contacts with the radio expeditions working from the cities: Old Ladoga, Belozersk, Rostov Great, = charged 100 points.
6. For contacts with amateurs of Veliky Novgorod and the Novgorod region = 10 points each. Same station may be worked on different bands for credit.
7. Points earned on VHF may be multiplied by 5.
8. SWL OK on same basis as licensed amateurs.

To apply for the award, send a log extract as well as your call sign, your correct name and address. QSO data should include call sign of the station worked (or SWLed), date, time, band, mode, QTH, name of operator, and points claimed for the award.  Send the application to Alexander V. Budaev RN1TU, mkrn. Krechevitsy, 137 - 20, Velikiy Novgorod 173022, Russia. Apply no later than February 1, 2013.

Payment of transfer of the diploma should be made by a postal order to the manager of the diploma. The fee schedule is:
• For of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan - 75 rub.
• For CIS countries - 100 rub.
• For foreign countries - 200 rub.


Tks 6/3/12

RUSSIA                                       OSTROGOZHSKY - 360

The administration of Ostrogozhsky municipal area of the Voronezh region sponsors the radio Diploma recognizing the 360th anniversary of establishment of the city of Ostrogozhska.

1. Available to all amateurs and SWLs.
2. Contact period: January 1 to September, 16th, 2012.
3. All HF bands and modes may be used, including digital. .
4. To earn the award, it is obligatory to make at least QSO with club station (RZ3QYH or the special event call sign – UE3ORO) and to make at least 10 QSOs with stations located in the Ostrogozhsky area.
5. Same station may be contacted on different bands for award credit.
6. SWL OK.
7. Send log extract in the form of a computer file of any format (txt, doc, xls, dbf, etc.) and send it to the award committee using e-mail. (Send to RZ3QYH@MAIL.RU .
8. Apply on or before September, 30th, 2012.
9. The e-mailed file should contain all basic data on the contact: date, time, bamd, mode, call sign, the RST report, (SWLs must include call of person making the contact), plus the applicants name, call sign and full address).
10. The award is FREE of charge for those who wish to receive digital image file sent to them. If a paper version is desired, you must provide correct postage for mailing.


Tks ( )

RUSSIA                                      Mordovia - 1000

The award "Mordovia - 1000" is sponsored by hams of the Republic of Mordovia (R4U) and commemorates the 1000-year anniversary of the unity Mordovian People with Peoples of the Russian state which is celebrated in 2012.

DX: During the year 2012, earn 1000 points for carrying out QSOs with hams of the Republic of Mordovia.
VHF and UHF: it is required to make3 QSO with hams from Mordovia.
For Mordovian stations: earn the 1000 points plus one QSO with special event station R1000M.

Point Values:
1. Each QSO with station from the Republic of Mordovia = 100 points.
2. QSOs with special event station of R1000M = 300 points. R1000M will be active from 1 August 2012 to 30 September 2012.
3. Repeat QSO's are OK if made on different bands or different modes (CW, SSB, DIGI)

Stations in Mordovia use the following call signs: RA4Ux, RA4Uxx, RD4Ux, RK4Ux, RK4Uxx, RU4Ux, RW4Ux, RZ4Ux, UA4Ux, UA4Uxx, UB4Uxx, UC4Uxx, UE4Uxx, when x = any letter.
It is also possible to look at the list of call signs on our web-site.

Apply for the award by sending a text file by e-mail to: . Include log extract of QSOs made also showing date, time, mode and a call sign of radio stations with which QSO were carried out.

The award is free in electronic form and is sent to you on the e-mail address you used in the form of the JPG file with high resolution.

Internet: on the R1000M page 8/15/12

RUSSIA                          Jubilee Diploma 85 Years of Amateur Radio in Tatarstan

Sponsored by the Radioclub Rosto (DOSAAF) to honor the 85th anniversary of the first amateur radio operations in Tatarstan.  Earn a total of 85 points by contacting stations in the Republic of Tatarstan (RA4P, UA4P, UA4Q) during the period 30 March to 31 December 2012.  Contacts with the same station on different bands or using different modes OK for the award.  

Point Values:
1. QSOs with individual stations = 3 points.
2. QSOs with club stations = 5 points. 
3. QSOs with special event call sign RT4R = 10 points.
4. VHF multiplier factor: 144MHz = 4,  443 MHz = 8,  1290 MHz = 20.

Applicants within Tatarstan may earn the award for making at least 850 QSOs. 

Send log extract and cost of postage, the equivalent of 50 Rubles to: Alexandr Novikov RA4PO, PO Box 21, Kazan, 420101, Russia.


Tks 2/17/12 

RUSSIA                    Togliatti - Stavropol 

The Diploma "Togliatti - Stavropol '" is sponsored by the Togliatti MoD RAF in honor of the 275th anniversary of the city of Togliatti in the Samara region. The city was founded on the Volga River in 1737 and became known as Stavropol.

Contact at least 15 amateurs from Togliatti (Russian District Award numbers: SR-10, SR-11, SR-12), Zhigulevsk (SR-13), and the Stavropol region (SR-42) on or after 1 January 2012. .The same station may be contacted on different bands and modes for award credit. On VHF, only 3 QSOs are needed to earn the award. No use of repeaters.

Hams of the Togliatti, Stavropol region and Zhigulevsk for must make at least 275 QSOs on HF and on VHF at least 3 amateur radio QSO in different regions of Russia, outside of the Samara region.

The Diploma "Togliatti - Stavropol" is available in electronic format only, with NO charge. Send a log extract of all QSO data including Call Sign, Date, Band, Mode and include this information on an e-mail to the sponsor I.V. Maksimov, UA4HRT: The award will be sent to you by return e-mail and you can print it in your shack. .

Tks G4UZN 12/3/11

While the rules do not state that this is an award which may only be earned in the year 2012, I am assuming this is the case.  If you find differently, let me know. 

1/10/12, according to e-mail from UA4HRT, the award is "constant" for contacts on or after 1/1/2012. I am placing a copy of the rules in the Permanent awards file.  ---Ted K1BV

RUSSIA                                     Vladimir, The Capital Of Russia Diploma

Issued to commemorate the 1150th anniversary of Russian statehood by the Vladimir Regional STK DOSAAF on radio FG Vladimir region and RO CPP Vladimir region.  The city of Vladimir on the Klyazma River was founded in 990 by Vladimir Svyatoslavich.  
Andrew Bogolyubskii tried to rebuild the cities of Kiev and Vladimir to act as the countries new capital. In 1169 Andrew and his allies Boglyubskim, Kiev was taken to "spear" (attack), it is treated as acquiring the status of the capital of Vladimir in all-Russian scale.
In 1299, Metropolitan Maximus moved to the clergy from Kiev to Vladimir. Stolny Vladimir was not only political but also the religious center of Russia.
In 1389 the principality of Vladimir and Moscow is actually merged and became the capital of Moscow.

To obtain the award, provide log extract showing at least three 2-way radio communications any different types band or mode with special event station R1150V, during the term of their operation June 1, 2012 to August 31, 2012, and to make at least 10 contacts with radio amateurs in the Vladimir region during the year 2012. Same station may be worked for award credit if contacts are made on different bands or modes. You may count RK3VWA as one of the R1150V QSOs if the contact is made in the competition "Vladimir test 2012" held 2nd to 13 April 2012.

Applications for the award may be submitted in both hard copy and on the E-mail. Mailing address: Nina BANNOVA RK3VA, Stavrovskaya 8, 600022, Vladimir, , 600022, Russia.
Award fees: Electronic version is free to all. Paper version cost: Russians = 50 rubles, or postage in the amount of of 50 rubles. For all others, fee is 2E or 3 IRCs.


Tks 3/21/12

1 February to 31 December 2012

TURKEY                       TRAC 50th Anniversary Award; (TC50TRAC/.)

In 2012, the Turkish National Amateur Radio Organization, Telsiz Radyo Amatorleri Cemiyeti [TRAC] formed in 1962 will celebrate their 50th anniversary.  All the TRAC Branch Stations will be on the air during the celebrations with using the special event call signs throughout 2012. Special award programs have been prepared for special call sign stations. These awards may be earned by contacting TRAC Branch stations between 1 February 2012 and 31 December 2012. .

Make two way contacts using HF, VHF and UHF frequencies either in SSB, CW or Digital modes. Repeater, cross band or echo link QSOs will not be acceptable. The awards will be distributed in the 3 categories shown below (regardless of the frequency band and the mode of communication, as per requirements):

1) Bronze Award: 5 TRAC Branch Stations and 5 special 50th anniversary call sign stations ( for example : TA7OM/50)
2) Silver, 15 TRAC Branch Stations and 10 special 50th anniversary call sign stations (for example : TA7OM/50)
3) Gold, 25 TRAC Branch Stations and 10 special 50th anniversary call sign stations (for example : TA7OM/50)

Applications : Submit log extract showing the special call sign of the TC50TRAC station, the frequency, mode, date, time and the report. The Logs can be submitted in Cabrillo format. QSL cards are not necessary. A cross check will be performed and the records of the TRAC station will be final. The application fee is either 10€ or $US15 for foreigners and 10 TL for local hams. Applications made by e-mail should be addressed to The postal applications should be sent to: TRAC Trabzon Subesi , P.K.93 61035 Trabzon/TURKEY. All details and information can be followed from our website. ( )

Tks PA3CUZ 2/23/12




Callsign Operating range
Region and Branch Offices

1st. Region
I.STANBUL  TC50TRAC/34I February - March. 2012
TEKI.RDAG  TC50TRAC/59 February - March. 2012
ANKARA     TC50TRAC/06 February - March. 2012
BOLU       TC50TRAC/14 February - March. 2012
BOZÜYÜK    TC50TRAC/11 February - March. 2012
GÖLCÜK     TC50TRAC/41G February - March. 2012
ESKI.S,EHI.R TC50TRAC/26 February - March. 2012
KADIKÖY    TC50TRAC/34K February - March. 2012
KARABÜK    TC50TRAC/78 February - March. 2012
KDZ.EREG(LI. TC50TRAC/67E February - March. 2012
KOCAELI.   TC50TRAC/41K February - March. 2012
SAKARYA    TC50TRAC/54 February - March. 2012
ZONGULDAK  TC50TRAC/67Z February - March. 2012
3rd. Region
BALIKESI.R TC50TRAC/10B April-May 2012
BURSA      TC50TRAC April-May 2012
I.ZMI.R    TC50TRAC/35I April-May 2012
KONAK      TC5OTRAC/35K April-May 2012
MANI.SA    TC50TRAC/45 April-May 2012
M.KEMALPAS,A TC50TRAC/16M April-May 2012
4th. Region
ANTALYA    TC50TRAC/07 April-May 2012
BUCAK      TC50TRAC/15B April-May 2012
DENI.ZLI.  TC50TRAC/20 April-May 2012
DI.NAR     TC50TRAC/03D April-May 2012
ISPARTA    TC50TRAC/32 April-May 2012
KÜTAHYA    TC50TRAC/43 April-May 2012
US,AK      TC50TRAC/64 April-May 2012
5th. Region
ADANA      TC50TRAC/01A June-July. 2012
AKSARAY    TC50TRAC/68 June-July. 2012
HATAY      TC50TRAC/31 June-July. 2012
KADI.RLI.  TC50TRAC/80K June-July. 2012
KONYA      TC50TRAC/42 June-July. 2012
OSMANI.YE  TC50TRAC/80O June-July. 2012
6th. Region
ÇANKIRI    TC50TRAC/18C August-September.2012
ÇORUM      TC50TRAC/19 August-September.2012
KASTAMONU  TC50TRAC/37 August-September.2012
SAMSUN     TC50TRAC/55 August-September.2012
7th. Region
DEVELI.    TC50TRAC/38D August-September.2012
ERZI.NCAN  TC50TRAC/24 August-September.2012
GI.RESUN   TC50TRAC/28G August-September.2012
KAYSERI.   TC50TRAC/38K August-September.2012
ORDU       TC50TRAC/52 August-September.2012
TORUL      TC50TRAC/29T August-September.2012
TRABZON    TC50TRAC/61 August-September.2012
8th.  Region
DI.YARBAKIR TC50TRAC/21 October-November 2012
GAZI.ANTEP  TC50TRAC/27 October-November 2012
K.MARAS,    TC50TRAC/46 October-November 2012
MALATYA     TC50TRAC/44 October-November 2012
9th. Region
ARTVI.N     TC50TRAC/08 October-November 2012
ERZURUM     TC50TRAC/25 October-November 2012
KARS        TC50TRAC/36 October-November 2012
RI.ZE       TC50TRAC/53 October-November 2012
BOZCADA (ISLAND)      TC50TRAC/17B June-July. 2012
GÖKÇEADA (ISLAND)     TC50TRAC/17G June-July. 2012
ELDI.VAN    TC50TRAC/18E August-September.2012
MERSI.N     TC50TRAC/33 June-July. 2012
KOZAN       TC50TRAC/01K June-July. 2012
EDI.RNE     TC50TRAC/22 February - March. 2012
URFA        TC50TRAC/63 October-November 2012

Internet: QRZ site by TC50TRAC

5 March to 31 December 2012

UKRAINE                                              The "Legendary Flight" Award

This award commemorates the 20th Anniversary of the flight of a AN-2 "Kukuruznik" single-motor biplane which began at Chernigov, Ukraine across Siberia, to Alaska over the Northern Pacific Ocean, then crossing Canada en route to America on March 4th, 1992. The flight has passed through areas of the Soviet Polar circle. The Chernigov’s pilots traveled over 15800 kms, practically half of globe, and landed in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. USA. 20 years have passed since the date of this legendary flight.

The "Legendary Flight" Award has been established in commemoration of the 20th Anniversary of this achievement. The award is sponsored by the URDA with design by UZ9RR. During the period 5th March to 31st December, 2012, the award may be earned by licensed radio amateurs of all countries who can produce evidence of having contacted with amateurs from ITU zones ##1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 29. These 14 zones represent the territory actually covered. Radio amateurs of all countries are invited to take part in activity days on bands of 1.8 - 28 MHz. Duplicate QSOs are allowed on different bands only.

Earn 20 points as follows:

a. contacts with amateurs from of ITU zones #1, 2, 6, 7, 8, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26,2 9 = 1 point each.;
b. contacts with amateurs of "Fifth Ocean" Club members = 1 point;
c. contacts with special event callsign EO20RAN (from 5th to 25th March, 2012) = 2 points.

Payment of award and post expenses by registered mail (RECOMANDÉ):

a. for Ukrainian radio amateurs = 20 grivnas;
b. for amateurs from CIS and other countries = an equivalent of $US5;
c. for radio amateurs – schoolboys and radio teams of Youth Radio Stations – no charge.

Please direct applications for «Legendary flight» award till 31st December, 2012 as an extract from logbook (electronic and written) certified by two radio amateurs and payment by registered mail (RECOMANDÉ) to the address of Award manager UZ9RR: Yuriy Pronin, P.O. box 1480, Chernigov, 14033, Ukraine.


legendary_flight_ukr_1992.jpg (220847 bytes)

Tks OH3GZ 2/23/12

1 May 12 to 31 Dec 12

UKRAINE                              Jubilee Diploma UR100RU_BM

This award commemorates the 100th anniversary of the building of two spark transmitters in Zhmerynka beginning the first Ukraine amateur radio stations. The stations were built by telegraph station supervisor Zhmerinka Sergei Stepanovich Zhidkovskim and worked for two years (1912 - 1914), demonstrating the usefulness of two-way radio communications. In addition, in the same year, on 13 August 1912 the United States passed the "Law on Radio," which legally gave amateur stations access to frequencies above 1.5 MHz. The period of award will run from 1 May 2012 to December 31, 2012. To obtain the award you should earn a total of 100 points during this period..

Point Values:
a. Each special event station (EM100RU, EM100M, EM100N) and amateurs who are veterans of World War II = 5 points.
b. Each contact with the town and district of Zhmerinka = 4 points.
c. Each contact with a station operating in the Vinnitsa region = 3 points.
d. Each member of the clubs, "Wave," "Club Mandrivnykiv Ether", "6P3S", or "Morse Club UCWC» = 2 points;
e. QSOs with veterans considered a pioneer in the radio amateur movement (on the air for at least 40 years) and amateurs with disabilities = 2 points.
f. If you work one station who qualifies in 2 or more of the above categories, points can be added together.
g. For contacts made on 160 meters point values are doubled, and if made on VHF - tripled.
h. For contacts conducted in the period of joint activity days KME clubs and "Wave" (13 August and 29-30 September 2012), points in each category will triple .

The same station may be worked on different days, modes and bands for award credit. Hams with disabilities (confirmed by a copy of pension card) to get a diploma just earn 30 points out of 100. Veterans of the amateur movement (work experience in the air for at least 40 years old, which is confirmed by copies of permits, a copy of a page from kolbuka, a copy of the QSL-cards) only need 50 points.

Applications for certificates must be forwarded to the address: 21021, Vinnitsa, P / O 2147, Valery Martsenuk Panteleimonovich (You can e-mail when paying the balance of a phone edition). The cost of certificates of Ukraine is UAH 15. To foreign countries - 5 EU.

Participants in the Second World War, hams with disabilities, veterans of amateur radio traffic (at least 40 years of experience in the air), the collective youth p / st. pay only for costs of mailing by registered mail..

A. List of radio stations in Zhmerinki and area: UT9NT, UT3NO, US5NDS, UR5NKD, US5NCI, UR5NGQ, US5NCF, UR5NKK, US5NEL.
C. List of members of the club "Wave" is online at:


Tks 7/13/12

UKRAINE                        20th Anniversary of the Volyn Amateur Radio League

The Diploma "Volyn Amateur Radio League - 20 years" has been established by the League of Amateur Radio Volyn (RVF) to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the group. Contact amateurs (SWLs) with stations in the Volyn region of the Ukraine during calendar year 2012. All bands and modes OK.

Earn a total of 20 points for stations in Europe and 10 points for all others:

a. - QSO / SWL with special event station EO20P = 3 points.
b - QSO / SWL with club stations in Volyn = 2 points
c. - QSO / SWL with individual stations in Volyn = 1 point.
d. Contacts on 160m or VHF bands, points are doubled.

The same station may be worked on different bands and modes for award credit. SWL OK. Radio call signs of Volyn region have the Ukrainian prefix UR to UZ, EM to EO with the first letter of the suffix of "P".

The award is issued in two versions: 
a Electronic (format jpg) free (sent by e-mail to the address of the applicant)
b Paper (sent by post to your home address).

The cost for a paper award sent by mail is:
- For Ukraine - UAH 10,
- For other countries - 4 USD.

Send log extract to: Vladimir Kiselyov (UR3PGS), P / O 21-8 Kovel, Volyn region., 45008, Ukraine. (E-mail applications for the FREE award should be sent to .



2012 is the 75th anniversary of the ARRL’s DXCC Award. The world’s preeminent DXing award continues to be DXCC, so reaching the “Diamond milestone” is an event that we all want to celebrate. Going back to the roots of the award, and specifically reading the 1937 DXCC List (January 1937 QST, pages 52-53) to learn what countries were counted at the onset led us to create the Diamond DXCC Challenge.

The country list we will use for the Diamond DXCC Challenge is based upon the list of 231 places shown in 1937. We tried to find corresponding entities today that would represent the places listed in 1937, and we were mostly successful. There are a couple of places that were merged, like French and British New Hebrides, and the Papua and New Guinea Territories. In those places, for 2012 if you work a YJ or a P29 (on the main island of New Guinea) you will get credit for working two entities! Many other oddities are sprinkled throughout the list, too. Returning to the air in 2012 will be the Canal Zone (any HP operating within 8 kilometers of the Panama Canal), the Cities of Gdansk, Poland, and Ifni, Morocco and Balochistan. The list is fascinating and leads us to learn more about world history and how geopolitics has changed leading up to today.

Complete details many be found on the ARRL Website: 

USA                                 2012 is the Favorite Animals Certificate
                                        (Award is for YL operators only)

1.  Talk to YLs and exchange your favorite animals.  If you don't have a one, just choose an animal to give out.  Choose one that is different--maybe an animal that is unique to your state or country.
2.  You will need to collect 15 animals during contacts with other Yls. .  All 15 animals must be different.
3.  You will need 1 (one) YL for each animal, and you can only use an animal once.  You can also only use a contact with a YL one time.
4.  All contacts must be made during the Calendar Year 2012.  (January 1-December 31st 2012)
5.  Contacts may be made on any band the YL is licensed to use on and any mode including SSB, all digital modes, Echolink and repeaters.
6.  Favorite animals must be exchanged over the air.  You cannot e-mail someone after the contact and ask them for their favorite animal.
7.  Contacts may be made during nets only if the net control allows it.
8.  The application should report the following information for each contact:  Date, time, band, first name, QTH, and Favorite Animal.
9.  Send your list, in animal alphabetical order to the Certificate Manager at any time during the year, but no later than the end of January 2013 to receive your certificate.
10.  This certificate is available only to YLs
11.  Applications may be submitted by email to  Carolyn This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or snail mail to Carolyn Donner, P O Box 158,
Hamersville, OH 45130.

A few hints on the Animals:
1.  Be specific in your choice of your favorite animal.  Don't say "cat", instead say "Persian cat" or "Siamese cat", or choose a breed you like.  When giving out your animal be sure you give an animal and not a pet's name.  For example, "Rover" would not be acceptable, but "Collie" would be.
2.  You can't ask for a specific animal, but you can ask the YL to be more specific, if they say "dog" or "cat" or "bird", etc.  You must let them give the type of the animal.
3.  The animal does NOT have to be a pet or domestic animal.  A lion or elephant or other wild animal is fine.
4.  It doesn't have to be a mammal either, turtles, reptiles, fish, birds, etc. are fine.  Remember to be as specific as possible.  For instance, there are a wide variety of birds.  Choose one that you like.
5.  If you don't have a favorite animal, go to the local zoo or pet shop, or look up animals or zoos on the web, or check out what your state animal or country's animal is.  Or, just choose one that is unusual or unique to your state or country.

You can download our Awards Application in PDF format here.


Tks PA3CUZ 5/29/12