Short Term Awards for 2013 

Contacts for these awards must be made generally during the calendar year 2013.  
Some of the award periods may range from as short as 4 months to over a year, but all include the year 2013.  
For much shorter term awards (a few days to a month), see this special file. 

Indicates Latest Awards Added to this list.

2013 Annual Awards

Date Added:
BULGARIA All Bulgarian Saints Award PA3CUZ X December 18, 2012
BULGARIA 20th Anniversary of the Thracian Rose Club LZ1YE June 25, 2013
BULGARIA LZ125VZ 125th Anniversary of the Birth of General Vladimir Zaimov LZ1ZF X November 27, 2013
CZECH REPUBLIC 1150th Anniversary of the arrival of Cyril and Methodius to Great Moravia DIG Bulletin March 15, 2013
ENGLAND  IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon K1BV Research March 17, 2013
ENGLAND RSGB Centenary Award 2013 K1BV Research   December 24, 2012
GERMANY 20 Jahre Donnersberg Diploma DH1PAL July 12, 2012 / January 30, 2013
GERMANY  175th Anniversary of the First German Railway K1BV Research January 28, 2013
GERMANY GERMAN ROSE SHOW 2013 Diploma DIG Forum Not free, but reduced price for digital. December 7, 2012
GERMANY Brave Radio Friends - Annual Islands Award DE3EAR X January 3, 2013
GERMANY 222th Birthday of Samuel F.B. Morse PA3CUZ April 30, 2013
Germany Pipeline Award DH1PAL X November 8, 2013
GERMANY 50 Jahre District Schwaben Diplom PA3CUZ March 17, 2013
GERMANY Vox House Award  DH1PAL   December 19, 2012
HUNGARY AWARD 1983 HG1S 2013 PA3CUZ X January 14, 2013
ITALY Galileo Award PA3CUZ X? June 26, 2013
ITALY G.R.A.M.I. Award PA3CUZ X May 22, 2013
ITALY International Space Station Award PA3CUZ   Oct 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013
ITALY Diploma ARI San Vincenzo PA3CUZ X April 28, 2013
IRELAND EI 13 CLAN award/s PA3CUZ   December 18, 2012
NEW ZEALAND ZM90DX - 90 Years of Kiwi DX ZL2HAM   September 11, 2013
POLAND 55th Anniversary of the Polish Association of Amateur Radio in the Opole PA3CUZ May 1, 2013
POLAND 700th Anniversary of the Town of Swietochlowice PA3CUZ X June 2, 2013
POLAND Zulawska Kolej Dojazdowa Award PA3CUZ X June 2, 2013
ROMANIA 10th Anniversary Banat Timisoara Radio Club ON4CAS X January 3, 2013


YO6EX X May 29, 2013
ROMANIA 10th Anniversary of the QSO BANAT TIMISOARA Radio Club. qrz.COM November 2, 2013
ROMANIA YOFF Let’s Save the Green Planet Earth Award 2013 PA3CUZ X May 22, 2013
RUSSIA  110th anniversary of the birth of E.T Krenkel PA3CUZ May 22, 2013
RUSSIA "Cyril and Methodius" Diploma OH3GZ X March 20, 2013
RUSSIA  85th Anniversary of the Omak Regional Radio Club Award SP9JPA If earned during days of special activity. April 2, 2013 
RUSSIA Ernst Krenkel Diploma K1BV Research X January 27, 2013
RUSSIA P-250 Diploma X February 11, 2013
RUSSIA Penza 350th Anniversary Award OH3GZ   December 26, 2012
RUSSIA Prohorov's Field - 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Kursk OH3GZ X July 24, 2013
RUSSIA Russian Robinson Award - 20th Anniversary OH3GZ X June 23, 2013
RUSSIA RAEM & UPOL Award/Pennant OH3GZ August 4, 2013
RUSSIA 400th Anniversary of Romanov Village September 10, 2013
"100 years of RQA" X August 27, 2013
RUSSIA SMOLENSK–1150th Anniversary Plaque RV3LZ and OH3GZ August 12, 2013
RUSSIA First Pilot of the Arctic Diploma PA3CUZ X January 23, 2013
RUSSIA 400th Anniversary of the Russian Tsar and the Imperial House of Romanov Diploma February 25, 2013
RUSSIA 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Mikhail Tukhachevsky PA3CUZ X April 29, 2013
RUSSIA "Universiade" 2013 Award Programme SP9JPA Blog X January 3, 2013
RUSSIA "85 years of Vladimir Shortwave Amateur Radio" X June 6,2013
SERBIA The Novi Sad Fair Award K1BV Research September 30, 2013
SWEDEN  The Scandinavian Open CW Award (SOCWA) KD1TH X October 19, 2012
SWITZERLAND HB30OK Award HB9OCR   October 24, 2012
SWITZERLAND Schwinger-Diplom PA3CUZ X April 27, 2013
UKRAINE Mariupol - 235 Years Diploma X September 10, 2013
UKRAINE Flight Over the South Pole UZ9RR X November 2, 2013
USA Frankford Radio Club 85th Anniversary WA3PZO X December 10, 2012
USA YLRL - 2013 Favorite Foods Certificate PA3CUZ X April 27, 2013

BULGARIA                                All Bulgarian Saints Award

Between 1st and 31st of January 2013 Bulgarian Radio Club BLAGOVESTNIK LZ1KCP will use the special callsign LZ 1771 SDG which has been created in honour of Bulgarian Saint Martyr Damaskin Gabrovski.  LZ 1771 SDG counts for "All Bulgarian Saints" award and carries a value of 10 points towards the "St. Teodosii Tyrnovski" award.

To obtain the Diploma it is necessary for:
a. For European stations to work 10 different memorial call signs dedicated to these saints and
b. For stations outside of Europe to work 5 different memorial call signs dedicated to Bulgarian Orthodox Saints.

For 2013, the call signs activated for the award are as follows:
LZ1771SDG from January 1 - 31, 2013.
LZ969SCP from February 1 - 29, 2013.
LZ1323SKZ from March 1 - 31, 2013.
LZ833MBB from April 1 - 30, 2013. 
LZ1876SMB from May 1 - 31, 2013. 
LZ1534GWS from June 1 - 30, 2013. 
LZ1722SN from July 1 - 31, 2013. 
LZ1105PIO from August 1 - 31, 2013. 
LZ1406SK from September 1 - 30, 2013. 
LZ1795WZM from October 1 - 31 2013
LZ1520YYD from November 1 - 31, 2013. 
LZ867MWB from December 1 - 31, 2013. 

The cost of the Diploma is 5€ and also it can be obtained free of charge in electronic form by e-mail. Please send applications to: For paper version of the Diploma please send: 5 EUR to the PayPal account:

QSL cards are not necessary, only an extract from the log.

For each year Diploma will be issued with numbering that shows the year it was earned. . Only memorial call signs will be changed and the Diploma can be obtained every year for QSO’s within period from January 01 until December 31 for the relevant year.

Internet of

BULGARIA                           20th Anniversary of the Thracian  Rose Club

The Thracian Rose Club was created in the Roses' City - Kazanlak (Bulgaria).  Its main goal is to promote contacts within the radio community (HAM, CB and SWL). When joining us you will find people who share the same passion as yours.

Contact members of the Thracian Rose Club during calendar year 2013.  The TRC club station LZ20TRC may be used as a Joker in the case you need a member or a country for the award.  List of TRC members (quite long, since these seem to be mostly customers who have had QSL cards printed by LZ1YE.  The samples of his cards are very impressive, and range all the way from full color two sided to simpler cards in one color.  

All bands and modes.  No cross-mode or cross-band contacts allowed.  QSOs with fixed, portable and mobile stations OK.  QSOs with /AM and /MM stations not allowed.  Send log extract showing for each contact the date, time, call sign, frequency, mode, report sent/received.

Send application via e-mail to and make payment (7 Euro) via PayPal to If no Internet access, send application and fee of 7 IRCs via regular mail to: Aleko Iglev LZ3ZZ, ul. Hristo Botev 49, Koprinka 6137, Bulgaria.  


BULGARIA                             LZ125VZ 125th Anniversary of the Birth of General Vladimir Zaimov

Special callsign LZ125VZ has been issued to commemorate the 125th anniversary of hero of the World War II – Bulgarian generalVladimir Zaimov. 
The award is sponsored by members of Radio Club LZ1KVZ and is available to all amateur stations and short wave listeners (SWLs).

Requirements: Make 5 QSOs with special event station LZ125VZ on different bands or modes from 1st of January 2013 till 31st of December 2013.

The award can be obtained free of charge in electronic form by E-mail. Please send application to the award manager LZ1ZF: QSL cards are not necessary, only a log extract with usual contact data.
For paper version of the Diploma please send application plus 5€ to the PayPal account: .

The period of December 1 to December 15, 2013 are special days of activity for LZ125VZ.

Rules in Russian:

Tks LZ1ZF 11/27/13

Czech Republic                      1150th Anniversary of the arrival of Cyril and Methodius to Great Moravia

The Radioclub Kunovice is sponsoring an award on the 1150th anniversary of the arrival of Saints Cyril and Methodius to Great Moravia.
QSOs are valid during the Calendar Year 2013. QSOs made through the repeater cannot be counted. QSO made in contests are OK for the award. The award will be issued for either HF or VHF with no restrictions concerning the type of operation and it is offered to SWLs as well.
No endorsements are offered for band or mode. Same station may be worked several times for the award, however, each QSO must be made with different bands and modes.

Requirements: Earn at least 1150 points for the following contacts:
1. For OK and OM stations on HF: 300 points for contacts with special event radio stations, 50 points with other listed stations.
2. For EU stations on HF: 300 points for contacts with special event radio stations, 100 points with other listed stations.
3. For DX stations on HF: 350 points for contacts with special event radio stations, 150 with other listed stations.
4. For VHF stations: 350 points for contacts with special event radio stations, 150 points for other listed stations. Multiple contacts during contests with stations OK2KYD and OK2RDI are OK.
5. QSO with following stations are included in award:
6. During 2013 special event radio stations OL1150CM, OL863CM and OL2013CM will be active. In case the Pope visits Velehrad, we will use another special call sign instead of OL2013CM.

An application for award can be sent to address of Radioklub Kunovice, Panská 9, 68604 Kunovice, Czech republic or via email
Please use the award application found on the website noted below.

Payment can be made by bank transfer to account nr. 2500228561/2010, IBAN CZ0420100000002500228561, BIC code / SWIFT FIOBCZPPXXX. In the message to the recipient, please give your callsign.

Award fees:
PDF award Printed award
EU stations 6 EUR / 8 USD 8 EUR / 10 USD
DX stations 8 EUR / 10USD 10 EUR / 12 USD

E-mail: Tomas Kaplan, OK1XOE,
Internet: or

Tks: DIG Rundspruch Nr. 1781 3/15/13

ENGLAND                            IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon

There was too much to include and summarize, so you may want to click on the PDF document referenced at the bottom of this article for all the details.  I have included some of the introductory material. It seems to be designed to encourage IOTA activity for additional awards purposes during their 50th anniversary.  

THE YEAR 2014 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Islands On The Air (IOTA) Programme by British SWL Geoff Watts, BRS-3129. To celebrate the occasion, the RSGB IOTA Manager and Committee announce an exciting activity period in which all licensed amateurs world-wide are invited to participate. 
For a two-year period during 2012 and 2013, IOTA chasers are encouraged to contact as many different IOTA groups as possible, and IOTA activators to play their part by operating from as many groups as possible, with special emphasis on the less-frequently activated ones. The points system adopted rewards 'Activators' with higher scores for activating the rarer IOTA groups. Certificates and awards will be available to both 'Chasers' and 'Activators' to reflect attainment of graduated bands of performance. 

Prizes will be awarded to the highest-scoring individuals in both the ‘Chasers’ and ‘Activators’ sections and these will, if circumstances allow, be presented during the IOTA 50th Anniversary celebrations at the RSGB Convention in 2014. Certificates will be available to other participants who reach the specified grade levels. 

‘IOTA Chasers’ Marathon 
Certificates, sent electronically, will be available for all ‘IOTA Chasers’ who score a minimum of 100 points. The following certificates are available: 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers Participation certificate 100 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Bronze’ certificate 250 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Silver’ certificate 500 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Gold’ certificate 750 points 
50th Anniversary Marathon IOTA Chasers ‘Diamond’ certificate 1000 points 
In addition, there will be a special prize for the highest-scoring ‘IOTA Chaser’ in both the single-operator and multi-operator categories on each continent, subject to achievement of the 'Silver' certificate. 
‘IOTA Activators’ Marathon 

All logs must be submitted electronically. Paper logs will not be accepted. All applications should be made after the end of the IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon period, i.e. not before 1 January 2014. The deadline for applications is 28 February 2014. Full details of the application procedure will be available on the RSGB IOTA web-site at closer to the time. Any questions about the IOTA 50th Anniversary Marathon rules may be sent to:  or  as appropriate. 


ENGLAND                                            Worked All Britain Calendar Award

Since we introduced the award for our Ruby Anniversary, W.A.B.’s "one off" yearly awards have proved very popular with our members, especially those long in the tooth, who liked something new to go for.  It is much easier for those who have a lot of free time to achieve these awards and in fact, in some cases, they are achieved within a few weeks of their inception.
With this in mind, we have tried with this award to make it cover over more of the year by including time factors. The top level of the award cannot be achieved until October at the earliest.

General Rules:
a. All contacts to be made in the calendar year of 2013
b. As per the revised general W.A.B. policy, certificates will be unnumbered
c. Also re the above, award listings will be made in alpha-numeric order of callsign
d. Awards may be endorsed for any band/mode
e. Lower stages of the award must be claimed prior to, or at the same time as, a higher stage
f. An individual square may only be claimed once during the year 

In common with all W.A.B. awards, it will be available to non-members upon receipt of the appropriate fee. (Refer to WWW page below for fees.)

The Award will be split into 2 sections:
UK HF & Europe HF
UK VHF/Outside Europe HF/UK Mobile 
Refer to website for requirements of the award for UK VHF/Outside Europe and HF/UK Mobile. 

HF is defined for this Award as 1.8 MHz and higher, VHF is defined as 50 MHz and higher.

Requirements - UK HF & Europe HF

a. Basic - 90 squares in total, these must be worked in any 3 months of the year. Each month must show 30 squares that have not been claimed in previous months.
b. Bronze - 180 squares in total, these must be worked in any 6 months of the year. Each month must show 30 squares that have not been claimed in previous months.
c. Silver - 270 squares in total, these must be worked in any 9 months of the year. Each month must show 30 squares that have not been claimed in previous months.
d. Gold - 365 squares in total, these may be worked over the whole year. 10 of the months must show at least 30 squares that have not been claimed in previous months. Note: The extra squares required for this level of award may be claimed as more than 30 in the relevant 10 months, any amount in the other 2, or as a combination thereof.


Tks OH3GZ 12/21/12 

ENGLAND                                                  RSGB Centenary Award 2013

The RSGB celebrates it’s 100th Anniversary in 2013. A special award is offered for contacts made during this Centenary Year. The Award is offered in four categories, a Basic and an Advance award for both the VHF/UHF bands and the HF Bands. Each award requires you to work the Gx100RSGB Special Event Stations (SES) in a given number of RSGB Regions. (See below for list of Regions). Only one SES contact per Region counts towards this aspect of the award.

The first part of the Award requirements calls for QSOs with the Special Event Stations in RSGB Regions:
HF Basic = 7 Regions 
HF Gold = 10 Regions

(See RSGB web site for VHF/UHF requirements).

The second part of the requirements calls for earning a number of points working stations in the Commonwealth Countries or ITU Zones in other countries.

Points are available as follows:  
1. The first contact with Gx100RSGB in each Region (1 point). Any band within either the VHF/UHF or HF category may be used, but subsequent contacts with the Special Event Stations in the same Region does not count as an additional Regional contact, but such contacts may qualify for a different UK IOTA, UK Locator, UK DXCC, etc.
2. The first contact with a UK IOTA entity on each band (1 point).

On HF only
o First contact with each Commonwealth Country on each band (1 point)
o First contact with each of the ITU Zones on each band (1 point)

The RSGB has provided a spreadsheet which you may download that will be available to record your contacts. It also contains "help" comments to enable easy usage.  
In addition an entry spreadsheet for each scoring group by band is provided to enable easy crossing checking throughout the year-long award period. No QSL card confirmations are required.
This will have columns for each of the various points and it will add up your cumulative score as you go.  Download the spreadsheet from their website. 

SWL OK on same basis as for licensed amateurs.

Single band entries will be accepted providing the applicant makes the required point totals. All entrants can use either multi-mode or single according to choice and certificates will be endorsed accordingly. Note that 60m and bands at 23cm and above are excluded from the challenge.

HF Bands from 160m through 10m (except 60m) may be used in accordance to your licence conditions.

Each HF Award uses contacts with the:
A. Regional Special Event Station Gx100RSGB in each of the 13 Regions
B. 24 UK IOTA Islands
C. 138 Commonwealth Call areas
D. 77 ITU Zones

Basic HF Award: This award requires the claimant to have accumulated 250 points; scored on the basis of 1 point per QSO with any UK IOTA Islands, any Commonwealth Call areas and ITU Zones on any mix of bands, and must include QSOs with the Regional SES in at least 7 different Regions.

Gold HF Award: This more challenging award requires the claimant to have accumulated 450 points, as for the Basic award, but including QSOs with the Regional SES in at least 10 different Regions.

Applications for the award should be submitted via e-mail to with the following attachments and/or data:
a. The Excel spreadsheet listing the claimed contacts
b. For other than SWL claims a statement that the contacts were made by the licensee personally operating within the terms of their station licence.
c. RSGB membership number or non-member statement.
d. Award fee of £3.00 (or US$5 or €5) via Paypal to
e. Your correct mailing address for the certificate.
f. No applications accepted after 31 January 2014.

E-mail - general questions:
E-mail - applications:

The RSGB Regions are as follows:   

1 South Scotland               
2 North Scotland
3 NW England & Isle of Man
4 NE England
5 West Midlands
6 North Wales
7 South Wales

8 Northern Ireland
9 London & Thames Valley
10 S & SE England & Channel Islands
11 SW England
12 East of England & East Anglia
13 East Midlands

Tks K1BV Research 12/24/12

GERMANY                                   20 Jahre OV Donnersberg

The DARC Club Donnersberg offers this certificate which commemorates their 20th Anniversary.

Requirements: Earn a total of 20 points during the period 1 Jan 2013 through 31 Dec 2013.

A. At least one of the two club stations is required. The club stations and DL0DOB and DF0FCK both = 7 points.
B. Training stations (DN1DOB, DN2WK, and DN4PE DN7DB) from K54 are worth 4 points.
C. All other stations are from DOK K54 are worth 3 points.
D. Contacts with stations from adjacent towns of DOK K11, K16, K21, K27 may be worked for the award are are valued at 1 point each.

Each station can be contacted multiple times for the award, provided they contacted are on a different band. There is no restriction on bands, except that QSOs via packet mode and Echolink are not allowed. Send a log extract and self addressed envelope plus fee of DL € 5.00, or non-DL 10€ or $US15 and send to the award manager Falk Breu, DO9FB, An der Vogelwiese 3, D-67308 Bubenheim, Germany.


Tks DO9FB 

GERMANY                             175th Anniversary of the First German Railway

This award marks the 175th Anniversary of the first German railway connecting Braunschweig, Wolfenbüttel, Börßum, Schladen, Vienenburg, Bad Harzburg, and is sponsored by the BSW club station DLØVBG ofVienenburg. Available for all amateurs and SWLs.  In 1838 the first operating train track between Brunswick and Wolfenbüttel was completed. On the Vienenburg - Neustadt section (now Bad Harzburg) the trains were pulled by horses because locomotives could managed the grades. Vienenburg, built in 1840 is the oldest surviving station in Germany. A railway museum with model railway is a part of that station. On special occasions, the club station DLØVBG broadcasts directly from the museum.

To earn the award, a total of 175 points must be earned by contacts during calendar year 2013 with the following values:
1. QSOs with DR175EDS = 25 points. (Mandatory contact).
2. Club stations of EFA DL = 10 points (Minimum of 5 and maximum of 10 club stations = 100 points.
3. Members of the EFA DL = 5 points. (Maximum of 100 points may be earned.)

(The EFA stands for the German Railway-Radio-Amateurs society whose club station and contacts with their members count for this award)

You may apply no later than 31 Mar 2014. Award fee is 6E.  Send log extract and required fee to: Peter Fischer - DF7AA, PO Box 13 05, 38688 Vienenburg, Germany.

Electronic payments may be sent to: 
Bank account: Peter Fischer
Postbank Hannover IBAN: DE39 2501 0030 0146 1943 03 BIC PBNKDEFF
Password: 175EDS + Private Call

EFA website is 

Tks SP9JPA Blog 1/28/13

GERMANY                          GERMAN ROSE SHOW 2013 Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club, Forst / Lausitz, DOK Y27 sponsors, along with the Rose City Forest in the Lausitz, the short-term diploma "German Rose Exhibition 2013" to licensed radio amateurs for amateur radio contacts during the period from 1 January to 31 December 2013. This is issued on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of East German Rose Garden Forest" and the "German Rose Show" on 14 June to 29.September 2013 in Forst (Lausitz). SWL OK.

Requirement: Earn at least 100 points for the award. There is no band and mode restriction (Packet Radio and Echo-Link does not count though).

Point Values:
1. Contacts with stations associated with the city club stations of DL0FOR/Y27, DK0NFL/Y33, and DA0NFL/Y33 = 30 points. Each may be contacted only one time.
2. Contacts with radio amateurs from the local chapter Forst / Lausitz (Y27) or the local chapter Neisse city Forst / Lausitz (Y33) or the training station DN1NFL (Y33) = 20 points. Each may be contacted only one time. 
3. Contacts with the Rose cities of Baden-Baden (A03), Bad Langensalza (X02), Dortmund (O05, O52, Z03), Eltville (F37), Freising (C04), Sangerhausen (W26), Uetersen (M21), Bad Kissingen (B42 ) Eutin (M02), Hildesheim (H15) and two bridges (K12) = 10 points each. 
4. For stations outside of Germany, point values are doubled.

Submit log extract which includes My Callsign, name and address, details of the opposite radio station: callsign, date, time, frequency, and mode.

Send your request by regular mail or by e-mail to the award manager. The deadline for applying for the diploma is the 30 June 2014. The award fee for German applicants is 5€, 10E for those outside of Germany. A PDF file version is available for self printing, and the cost for this is 3€.

The fees are due with the application and can be sent electronically to the account of the DARC OV Forst / Lausitz the information "DRD 2013". ‘
Transfer data: Account: 74667, bank code 180 927 44 at the Volksbank eG Spree-Neisse
IBAN: DE85 1809 2744 0003 0074 21, BIC: GENODEF1SPM
Diploma Manager: Wolfgang Plache, DL9UJF, Ringstr. 3, D-03149 Forst


DIG Forum 12/3/12

GERMANY            Brave Radio Friends:  ANNUAL ISLANDS AWARD

 The Brave Radio Friends group has issued this as an annual award since 2011. It supports the IOTA award program  and offers a challenge to all interested island hunters (OP or SWL), starting in the respective calendar year, Work or hear amateur radio stations operating from as many different IOTA groups as possible. Each group only counts once in the year. There is a new award design every year. Older awards (2011; 2012) can still be applied for if the requirements were fulfilled during the correct time period.

Award Classes:
Basic: 10 IOTA groups
Bronze: 25 IOTA groups
Silver: 50 IOTA groups
Gold: 75 IOTA groups
Diamond: 100 IOTA groups

QSL cards are not required. No awards fee for our electronic awards.  Application for the pdf-award by sending your log extract in any of the formats of: pdf, doc, jpg, xls to: .
The award is delivered to you in the format of an image file via e-mail.

Tks DE3EAR 1/4/13 

GERMANY                                    222th Birthday of Samuel F.B. Morse

The German CW group "AGCW" offers a special award for radio amateurs and short wave listeners world wide. Eligible contacts for the award must be conducted in CW/during calendar year 2013.
(Note: The use of machine decoders to read the Morse code are excluded)

Award Classes:
GOLD - Work/hear 222 members of AGCW and 2 AGCW club stations
SILVER - Work/hear 111 members of AGCW and 1 AGCW club station
BRONZE - Work/hear at least 22 AGCW member stations and form the words "AGCWDLMORSENFINDICHGUT" using the LAST character of their call letters.

Fee: 5 Euro to be paid via bank transfer, account holder: AGCW-DL e.V. 
IBAN: DE64 2005 0550 1015 1339 50 
N.B. the transfer has to be done using the the key word Morse2013, your name, and your call sign.

Applicants send a list of QSOs via mail or email to Kai-Uwe Hoefs, DL1AH, Hohe Str.23, D - 27374 Visselhoevede, Germany.

Member list:


Tks PA3CUZ 4/30/13

1 Dec 2013 to 30 Nov 2014

GERMANY                                              Pipeline Diploma

The German Amateur Radio Club , local chapter Schwedt / Oder DOK Y19 , offers this short-term diploma for all radio amateurs and SWL 's to mark the 50th anniversary of the of oil pipeline " Druzhba " which begins in Russia and provides energy to Eastern and Western Europe.

The Druzhba pipeline has been referred to as the Friendship Pipeline and the Comecon Pipeline is the world's longest oil pipeline and in fact one of the biggest oil pipeline networks in the world. It carries oil some 4,000 kilometres (2,500 mi) from the eastern part of the European Russia to points in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Germany. The network also branches out into numerous pipelines to deliver its product throughout the Eastern Europe and beyond. The name "Druzhba" means "friendship", alluding to the fact that the pipeline supplied oil to the energy-hungry western regions of the Soviet Union, to its "fraternal socialist allies" in the former Soviet bloc, and to western Europe. Today, it is the largest principal artery for the transportation of Russian (and Kazakh) oil across Europe. Tks to WIKIPEDIA


Requirements: Make QSOs with stations whose QTH or territory is in the vicinity of the pipeline (see prefix ). All modes except Packet and EchoLink may be used. Each station counts only once. QSOs OK from 1.8 to 28 MHz.

The following points must be achieved :
a. DL stations need 50 points.
b. all other European stations need 40 points.
c. DX stations need 25 points.
Up to 5 stations may be used for point credit from each area as shown below:

Prefix table :
Russia: (RA / R / U / UA)
R4P , R4Q , R4R ( OBL -TA ) ,R3G , R5G ( OBL LP )
R3Y , R5Y ( OBL -BR) 2 Points
QSO with the city Almetyevsk 5 Points

Belarus (EU / EW)
EU3 , EU 6 , EU8 2 Points
QSO with the city of Gomel = 5 Points

OM1, OM3, OM8 = 2 Points
QSO with the City of Bratislava = 5 Points

Poland (SP / SQ / 3Z)
SP1 Gryfino -GN * , SP4 , Siemiatycze -SM * , SP5 , Plock PL * = 2 Points
QSO with the Plock -PD * = 5 Points
* Poland - note Only stations from the above circuits in accordance SPPA Award list. SPPA - Ask Polish stations for their code.

Hungary (HA/ HG )
HA0 , HA7 = 2 Points
QSO with the City of Szazhalombatta = 5 Points

Ukraine (UR / US / UT)
UR5D , UR5W , UR5X = 2 points

YL1 , YL2 , YL3 = 2 Points.
QSO with the city of Ventspils = 5 Points.

German stations with DOK Y19 & Y16 = 5 Points.
QSO with the special station DM50PCK counts only once = 10 points

The activity of DM50PCK station and the duration of the pipeline diploma begins on 1 December 2013 and ends on 30 November 2014. The award is free of charge and will be provided in the form as a JPG formatted image to you via e-mail. Apply by e-mail sending a log extract of the contacts made and the point value for each that you are claiming. Deadline for all logs is 31 March 2015.

Apply to the following email addresses:

E-mail (1)

Tks DH1PAL 11/8/13

GERMANY                                   60 YEARS IN AMATEUR RADIO RUDOLSTADT

The DARC branch Rudolstadt X24 celebrates its 60th anniversary this year. Contact stations as noted below to earn their award.

Points required: 60.

Point values:
a. Each station with DOK of X24 = 2 points per band.
b. The club stations and the training station DN2ERG the OV may be contacted on all bands and modes Packet Radio.
c. DA0TFF, if contacted during the dance and folk festival on 4 July to 7 July 2013 = 20 points.
d. There are at least 5 different stations from the local chapter Rudolstadt X24.

You must contact at least one of the club stations DL0RUD, DK5M and DA0TFF.
All bands and modes may be used, except Packet Radio.
Send a log extract and fee of 5€, or with proof of paid fee for Diploma to the award custodian: Rolf Junghans DM3RO, Am Bahndamm 5a, D-07404 Rudolstadt, Germany.
Electronic payment is possible for Germans using: OV-Konto unter Angabe des Rufzeichens, KontoNr.: 37003808, BLZ: 83094454 , Volksbank Saaletal e.G.


Tks DIG Rundspruche #1779. 3/2/13

GERMANY                                 50 Jahre District Schwaben Diplom

In 2012 the district of Swabia celebrates its 50th anniversary. The Deutsche Amateur Radio Club District Swabia offers this award for contacts with stations from Swabia made from 1 January 2012 to December 31, 2013.

50 points are needed for the award.

You must contact at least 1 station from 50% (11 DOK's) of the OV District Schwaben (TO1 t / m T021) and a QSO with special event station DR5ODTANGO is required.

Point Values: 
Each QSO from the district T (Schwaben) = 2 points.
The special call DR5ODTANGO = 10 points.
A club station in district T = 5 points.

Each station may be contacted only one time. All bands may be used as well as the modes of SSB, FM, CW, PSK31. Contacts using Echo Link, Packet Radio and via repeater do not count. The award costs in PDF € 2 and a paper version is € 5. Send a log extract no later than June 1, 2014 to Martin Rudler, Sudeten Straße 12 86738 Deiningen, Germany.



Tks PA3CUZ 7/15/12   Corrected 8/18/12 and 12/11/12

GERMANY                               Vox House Award  (90 years of broadcasting from Berlin)

This award Commemorates the 90th anniversary of the first official radio transmission, made from the Vox House Berlin, on October 29, 1923. The award is sponsored by the German Amateur Radio Club (DARC) Ortsverband Märkische district D13, during the calendar year 2013.

Earn at least 90 points by making contacts with licensed radio amateurs and SWL's, during the period from 1 Jan.2013 to 31 Dec 2013. Each station may be worked one time. There are no band or mode restrictions except for EchoLink and packet radio, all contacts count. Applications can be submitted until 30 June 2014. Endorsements for band and mode issued at your request.

Point values:
1. Contact with special station DR 90 VOX = 10 pts. (Mandatory QSO)
2. Each station with a D-DOK (these are in Berlin) counts 7 points and 5 of them are mandatory to earn the award. 
3. Club stations from cities with major radio broadcasters = 5 points each. (List of these cities shown below.
4. Amateur radio stations located in these same cities with major radio broadcasters = each 3 points

Send log extract via e-mail or postal service to the award manager: · The award application is sent to a log extract via email or mail to the award manager Michael DG8MH Hüber, Rohrbrunnerstr.12, 13509 Berlin, Germany (or The award may be received in the form of a PDF file or printed certificate. The cost for the award via electronic file is 2€ and 7€ for the laminated printed award.

European stations may send funds electronically:
Account for Diploma fee: Herbert Spring, German bank
Account Number, No: 696499360
Sort code: 10070024
Purpose: please indicate VOX + your call sign.

· Locations of broadcasters and DOK’s of valid clubs:
· Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR) Munich, DOK's C09, C11, C12, C13, C18, C34, Z13 and Z67
· Hessischer Rundfunk (HR) Frankfurt, DOK's F05, F49, F57, and Z05
· Central German Radio (MDR) Leipzig DOK's S37
· North German Radio (NDR) in Hamburg, DOK's E02, E13, E14, E16, E27, E31, Z07, Z50 and Z70
· Rundfunk Berlin Brandenburg (RBB) in Berlin and Potsdam, DOK's D01-D27, Y09, Z20
· Saarland Radio (SR) Saarbrücken, DOK's Z19 and Q01
· Southwest Broadcasting (SWR) Stuttgart, DOK's P11 and Z17
· West German Radio (WDR) Cologne, DOK's G10, G44 and Z12


Tks DH1PAL 12/19/12 Correction 12/21/12 

HUNGARY                         AWARD 1983 HG1S 2013

The MTTOSZ Radioclub of Gyor celebrates the 30th anniversary of the HG1S contest station. During the calendar year 2013, earn at least 30 points by working special event station HA30S and HG1S.

Point values:
a. All contacts with the special event station HA30S = one point.
b. A maximum of three contacts will be valid in every contest for the award.
c. Joker: a maximum three contacts with call sign HG1S made between 01.01.1983 and 31.12.2012.

Contacts may be made using modes of: CW, SSB and Digital mode and no amount restriction in any mode.

Please send your application to . There is NO charge for the award which will be sent to you via return e-mail.


Tks PA3CUZ 1/13/13

IRELAND                               EI13 CLAN Award/s

"The Gathering" is an Irish party, on and off the airwaves. Throughout 2013 Irish families and clans will be coming together in thousands of events, both on the island and around the globe, to celebrate their history and heritage in a unique event called ‘The Gathering’. Irish amateur radio stations, North and South, will be participating and all operators throughout the world, whether they have some green Irish blood or not, are invited to join in the celebrations.

The special event call sign EI 13 CLAN will be active throughout the year and there will be  awards and other activities, details of which will be posted on the IRTS website at the URL of 

The special Certificate is offered for stations that contact EI13CLAN.  For every confirmed QSO with EI13CLAN you get one point for each band and mode used.   For instance, 15M CW = 1 point, 15M SSB = 1 point, 10m RTTY = 1 point, 10m CW = 1 point etc etc.  No points for dupes.  You qualify for a certificate with a minimum of 6 points.  Certificate requests should be posted to the QSL manager with full details of the bands and modes claimed, enclosing $8 to cover postage.

Award applications or requests for the special QSL my be directed to EI6AL at the following address: Silver Howe, Sydenham Mews, Corrig Avenue, Dunlaoghaire, Co Dublin, IRELAND.  The award fee is $US8.   


A sample of the award certificate:

Tks PA3CUZ 12/22/12 

1 July 13 to 30 May 2014

ITALY                                                 G.R.A.M.I Award

Contact members of the Gruppo Radioamatori Aeronautica Militare Italiana between 1 July 2013 and 30 May 07:00 UTC 24:00 UTC 2014 which are celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Italian Air Force. SWL OK.  There are no band limitations and modes are SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK31.

a. Italian stations need 15 points.
b. All others need 20.

Point values:
a. Members of Grami = 1 point each in SSB and 3 points on CW, PSK31 and RTTY.
b. The Joker station (wildcard) IQ0UT = 5 points regardless of mode.
c. Same station may be worked for award credit if QSO is made on a different band or in another mode.

The award sent by e-mail in PDF format for is FREE OF CHARGE.  A paper version of the award costs for 10€ for European stations and 15€ for all others..  
Apply for the award no later than September 30, 2014.

Internet: and

Tks PA3CUZ 5/22/13

ITALY                                                         Galileo award

QSO's on all modes and ands made during special activation times in 2013 will count for the Galileo award issued by the radio clubs of European Space Agency (ESA). The purpose of this award is to create awareness of the worldwide Ham radio community of the ESA activities related to the development and deployment of the new European navigation system Galileo.

The award will be issued both in electronic and/or paper form. The rules (still to be finalized).are follows:

1. Frequencies: All frequency bands (so far 160m, 80m, 40m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m, 6m) compatible with ITU and IARU regulations and with equipment availability at ESA radio club. 
2. Modes: CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK.
3. Point values:
     A. Any QSO with ESTEC (PI9ESA), ESOC (DL0ESA) or ESRIN (IZ0FEJ or II0ESA) = 1 point.
     B. QSOs with the Kourou radio club (FY/ callsigns) = 3 points.
4. Valid QSOs: Only QSOs made during the activation periods are considered for the award. One of the award periods was: From 00:00 UTC of 14/03/2013 to 23:59 of 07/04/2013
OTHERS STILL TO BE DEFINED. Refer to the main web site listed below.
5. Points are awarded only for QSOs made on different bands or modes (if a station is contacted more than once on same band and mode, only one QSO will be considered for point calculation).
6. Required Points:
     A. A minimum of 10 points is needed to request the basic award.
     B. A minimum of 5 points is needed for QRP stations. QRP stations must declare "/QRP" when calling to join QRP category or specifically declare this when submitting for award application.
7. Special Award: At the end of the activity period (end 2013) a special award will be given to the first 3 highest scoring stations for number of points in the standard category and in the QRP category.
8. Award Request: The award must be requested by e-mail to the award manager no later than the 31st of June, 2014. The e-mail subject should be "Galileo Award Request" and the body of the message should contain:
     a. Your CALL
     b. The list of QSOs extracted from your log in (text format) including frequency, mode, date and time.
9. Since IZ0FEJ and II0ESA are callsigns of the same club station, they will be considered as one callsign only for points calculation. This means that two QSOs made on the same band and mode, one with IZ0FEJ and one with II0ESA, will be awarded with 1 point only.
10. QSOs made with Kourou station on same band and mode but with different operators (PA3FHD and DL3LUM) count separately.
In case of equal merit, the first 3 stations who have reached the highest number of points will be awarded.

In case of inconsistencies between your expected score and the score computed by our log search tool, you may request a check of the QSOs by sending your data. In case a mistake of maximum 1 letter/digit of the call sign or band/mode is found in our log, this will be corrected. QSOs not in log, or which do not satisfy the rules, will not be acceptable for the award.

Award Manager: Alberto, IW1FNW

Internet:        and  

Tks PA3CUZ 6/26/13

Oct 1, 2012 to May 31, 2013


The Radio Club A.R.I. Versilia "Sergio Cassina" IQ5VR, under the patronage of AMSAT ITALIA, ASI (Italian Space Agency) and ESA (European Space Agency), sponsors the first award named "ISS Award".  It is open to all licensed OMs and SWLs of the world on the occasion of the completion of the International Space Station. All the members of A.R.I. Versilia and all the accredited stations are authorized to use the special callsign II5ISS as specified in this rule. All stations using the special call sign II5ISS, will give to the corresponding station full report (RS-T).  The log of qsos will be available online on: "Club Log" page and will be updated periodically.

1. PERIOD OF VALIDITY (UTC)October 1st, 2012 – May 31st, 2013

2. FREQUENCY BANDS HF: 3.5 - 7 - 10 - 14 - 17 - 21 - 24 - 28 MHz  VHF and higher: only via satellite.

A1A (CW)
All Digital. Modes (G1B etc.)

4. POWER Within the limit of the license.

5. OPERATIVE RULES All stations belonging to A.R.I. Versilia will call in the following ways:VOICE: CQ CQ CQ ISS Award this is II5ISS;CW: CQ CQ CQ ISS de II5ISS;DIGITAL: CQ CQ CQ ISS AWARD de II5ISS;It’s allowed only one QSO / HRD per band with each station regardless of the emission mode .Vatican State and Republic of San Marino stations are considered Italian stations. Only one qso with the special call sign II5ISS will allow to receive the SPECIAL QSL card of the event.

The QSO card will be sent by BUREAU or direct with SASE. All the HAMs who will require the award will receive also the SPECIAL QSL card without extra cost.

There are four grades of the award:

QSO / HRD with II5ISS in 3 different bands.
QSO / HRD with II5ISS in 5 different bands.
QSO / HRD with II5ISS in 7 different bands.
QSO / HRD with II5ISS in all modes of emission in 5 different bands.
- All HAMs connecting II5ISS stations in VHF by satellite are entitled to obtain the specific Award for QSOs via satellite.

APPLYING FOR THE AWARD: Requests to get the award must arrive to the Award Manager by December 31st 2013 and no later. A copy of the log must be enclosed. For those who prefer to send log and request by mail will count the postmark.

LOG. The log must contain at least the following information: QSO number, CALL , UTC date and time, band, emission mode, Rst (s), Rst (r)

a. Italians 7.00 Euro
b. Europeans 9.00 Euro
c. All others: $15.00.

The amounts shall be paid as follows: POSTE PAY ( only for Italy): N ° 4023 6004 5867 8846 addressed to: GABRIELE PARDINIPAYPAL:

APPLICATION: must contain all the data specified in the rules, one's QSL, exact address and telephone number and the copy of the receipt of the payment.The address for paper shipping ois the following: GABRIELE PARDINI, VIA ILLICA 2, 55041 CAPEZZANO PIANORE (LU), ITALY.

ELECTRONIC FORMAT LOG: The log must be filled in EXCEL format or other formats Windows XP readable reporting all data specified in the rule, one's QSL, exact address and telephone number and where to send a copy of the payment receipt (if different from own address).Electronic log must be sent . Note: The owners of mailboxes or P.O.BOX, must indicate their name in addition to the call sign.


Tks PA3CUZ 11/3/12

1 Feb 2013 to 31 Jan 2014

ITALY                                            Diploma ARI San Vincenzo.

Issued to recognize the 40th anniversary of ARI San Vincenzo, which was founded in February 1974.
1. Participation: all OM and SWL Italians and foreigners.
2. Period: 1 February 2013 to 31 January 2014, the period coinciding with the 40th year of activities of the Section.
3. Bands and modes: all HF bands from 80 to 10 meters including the WARC in all modes.
5. Requirement for the award: Make at least two contacts (SWL) with the station IQ5SK.
These contacts/SWL must be on different dates and on different bands.
6. The contacts must be confirmed by QSL via bureau or if desired by the site
Requesting the Diploma: Send application by e-mail to:
The request must specify: The full name of the applicant plus a log extract of the two contacts/SWL including date, time, mode, band, and name of the operator of IQ5SK. This will be checked against the official log of IQ5SK.

A copy of the diploma dated and numbered will be sent via a PDF file of about 900 KB to the email address provided by the applicant. The applicant should print in precisely the Diploma on a sheet of glossy photo paper of A4 size, using a common printer, setting the print quality as photos or better. The diploma is free. A list of those stations earning the award will be announced via the website, .

Tks PA3CUZ 4/28/13

1October 2013 - 31 October 2014

NEW ZEALAND           ZM90DX Celebrating 90 Years of Kiwi DX

1923 and 1924 marked the zenith of long distance communication records culminating on the 18th of October 1924. Between 0615 to 0730 UTC on 80 meters with the First Trans-World contact between Frank Bell (A sheep farmer) Z4AA (ZL4AA) in Shag Valley NZ and Cecil Goyder (A 18 yr. Student) at Mill Hill School using the callsign G2SZ in London.

New Zealand Dxers are proud of the many ZL DXing milestones over the years. The Kiwi DX Group an informal group of ZL Dxers and contesters are commemorating this event and many other ZL firsts, which occurred during this period.

Join us in celebrating 90 years of DX in ZL. The Special Callsign ZM90DX will be in use between October 1, 2013 to October 31, 2014.

As we we get closer to the 1st of October we'll be adding more information to this site.  Use the links at the bottom of the page to follow us on Twitter or Facebook and keep up to date.


Tks ZL2HAM 9/11/13 

1 Oct 2012 to 30 Sep 2013

POLAND                                        55th Anniversary of the Polish Association of Amateur Radio in the Opole

The award celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Regional No. 11 PKF in Opole, Poland.  Contact (SWL OK) club and individual stations performed between 1 October 2012 and 30 September 2013 years from individual stations and clubs from the province of Opole, or with members of the local branch of PKF No. 11. All bands and modes. No use of repeaters or EchoLink.  Earn a total of 55 points to earn the award. If you earn 110 points you will receive a special medal of merit.

Point Values:
QSO on HF with individual stations = 1 point, Club stations = 3 points, special event station SP6PHD = 10 points.
Contacts made by Foreign stations receive double points listed above.
VHF contacts also carry a double point credit. 
A Multiplier (maximum of 12) for the number of districts of the province of Opole. Total points earned is the sum of QSO points times this district multiplier. Communications can be repeated on different bands for award credit. The multiplier is calculated only once regardless of band.

Cost of the award is 10 PLN, 5 IRC or 5 Euro. The cost of the medal of merit coin is 12 zloty, 5 IRC or 5 Euro. 
Applications: send log extract from with signature of the applicant to the Award Manager: Henry Wrobel, 47-300, Krapkowice st. Flower 17. Deadline for applications is 31.Dec .2013.
You may send funds to Bank account: 10 1440 1215 0000 0000 0523 2236 PKF Regional Office No. 11 in Opole, the marked "Diploma 55" and a notifier.

The Opole Voivodeship (or county) includes 11 "land counties"³

Brzeg BQ               Nysa NF
G³ubczyce GY           Olesno OY
Kêdzierzyn-KoŸle EY    Opole OJ
Kluczbork UC           Prudnik PJ
Krapkowice AP          Strzelce TE
Namys³ów NY


List of radio clubs from the province : Opole SP6KEO, SP6KEP, SP6PAZ, SP6PCB, SP6PNZ, SP6PSP, SP6ZJP, SP9KDA

List of special event stations from the province. Opole : HF55O, SN55OP. 3Z55OP, HF55OP, SN55OPOLE, 3Z55OPOLE

List of members of PKF OT 11


Application for the award should include: 
Your Call Sign, First Name Last Name
Address - Postcode, city street 
For each stations: QSO No., Call Sign Name of operator, Date, Time,(UTC), TX RX, Issue, Band (MHz), Abbreviation of county.


Tks PA3CUZ 5/1/13


Calendar Year 2013, though special event stations will only be active 1 May 2013 - 30 June 2013

POLAND                                              700th Anniversary of the Town of Swietochlowice

Certificate on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of S'wie;toch?owice will be issued to all licensed radio amateurs in the world for earning 700 points. according to the following point values:
1. Contact with Special Event Station HF700S = 500 points.
2. Contact with club station SP9ZHR = 100 points.
3. Each contact with a station from S'wie;toch?owice = 100 points.
4. Each contact with a member of the club SP9ZHR = 100 points.

Valid contacts will include communications carried out in during the entire year of 2013 on all bands and emissions. However, commemorative stations will operate from 1 May to 30 June 2013, the certificate will be issued April 30, 2014, One QSO with HFG700S is required. For foreign stations, communications on the bands above 50 MHz are counted at double the value shown above. Each station may be contacted only ONE time, regardless of the band and bandwidth.

Certificate will be issued as of 1 June 2013 in electronic format (PDF) for the verification of the list of QSOs sent by e-mail: or .


Tks PA3CUZ 6/2/13

POLAND                                               Zulawska Kolej Dojazdowa Award

The award is sponsored by a group of Polish Radio Clubs and is designed as a memorial of the history and promotion of the Zulawy narrow-gauge railway and the Zuawy region. 
The Award does not bear an expiration date and issuing will commence on15 August 2012 which is the 10th anniversary of a scheduled connection in Z.KD.

Points required: 100.

Point Values: 
a. Special event stations connected with Zu?awska Kolej Dojazdowa (3Z0ZKD and SN10ZKD) = 30 pts.
b. club stations SP2KAC, SP2KDS, SP2KMH, SP2PHA, SP2PTL = 20 pts.
c. club members stations: SP2KAC, SP2KDS, SP2KMH, SP2PHA, SP2PTL = 10 pts
d. All other stations along open or closed lines of Zu?awska Kolej Dojazdowa = 5 pts.
e. An additional 20 pts is offered for making a QSO with a radio station operating on a train on move in Zu?awska Kolej Dojazdowa.

QSO with the same radio stations may be repeated on made on different band or modes.
SWL OK. Bands and emissions are not restricted. The award fee for EU and DX stations is 5 IRC.
To apply, please send log extract with witness signatures to the Award Manager: Andrzej Wisniewski, Ogrodowa 28, 82-103 Stegna, Poland.


Tks PA3CUZ 6/2/13

ROMANIA                                                     10th Anniversary Banat Timisoara Radio Club

YP10KQT is a special call to celebrate 10 years of YO2KQT, the QSO BANAT TIMISOARA radio club. The call will be active from 01.01 2013 to 31.12.2013

A special award is offered in 3 levels:
a. GOLD category: 10 QSOs with different members of our club.
b. SILVER category: 7 QSOs with different members of our club.
c. BRONZE category: 5 QSOs with different members of our club.

A contact with the special callsign YO2KQT is mandatory for every category.All bands/modes OK, except no use of repeaters and echolink contacts.
The electronic award is free of charge and will be sent by e-mail.
The printed award costs 5 USD/EUR (postal fees included).

Award requests with log extracts can be sent electronically to club(at), or via regular mail to:
Radioclubul QSO Banat Timisoara - YP10KQT
P.O Box 1-100
300790 Timisoara, Romania.

Members of the club:

Club stations: YO2KQT YO2KAC YR2Y YP0WFF

Individual stations:



Tks ON4CAS 1/4/13

1 January to 31 Dec 2013

ROMANIA                         10th Anniversary of the QSO BANAT TIMISOARA Radio Club.

YP10KQT is a special event call sign celebrating 10 years of YO2KQT.

An award is available which can be obtained in 3 levels:
GOLD category: 10 QSOs with different members of our club.
SILVER category: 7 QSOs with different members of our club.
BRONZE category: 5 QSOs with different members of our club.

A contact with the special call sign is required for each of the award categories. All bands/modes count, except repeaters and echolink contacts.
The electronic award is free of charge and will be sent by e-mail. The printed award costs 5 USD/EUR (postal fees included). Award requests with log extracts can be sent electronically to club(at), or via regular mail to: Radioclubul QSO Banat Timisoara - YP10KQT, P.O Box 1-100, 300790 Timisoara, Romania..

Club call signs:

Radioclub QSO BANAT - Young`s YO2KAC
Radioclub QSO BANAT - Contest Call YR2Y
Radioclub QSO BANAT – WFF Program YP0WFF

Gigi YO2MTG        Sasha YO2MKL          Ionica YO2MFZ             Bogdan YO2MKE
Marian YO2MBU   Adi YO2LIW / YQ0ANT
Pablo YO2MFC     Calin YO2MSP           Sergiu YO2LRK              Vlad YO2LZP
Robi ON/YO2MNF Florin YO2LGS         Petrica YO2MJI               Marius YO2LOJ
Epy YO2LLZ          Marius YO2MMC      Petre YO2BWR               Alin YO2MIZ
Silviu YO2MRS       Dia YO2MTD            Dan YO2LLQ                  Cornel YO2MLC
Aurel YO2BS          Puiu YO2ALS            Bogdan YO2MKD           Milan YO2QNZoli YO2BP 
Oscar YO2BF         Luci YO2LOZ           Vali YO2LZJ                     Ciprian YO2LOR 
Ovidiu YO2MLL     Dragan YO2LPI        Gunter YO2MNS              Cristi YO2LCP  
Dan YO2LJB           Gelu YO2CEL          Mihai YO2MLI                 Dan YO2MOH  
Horia YO2MNE      Tibi YO2LQM          Eduard YO2LSP               Nelu YO2LGH 
Petre YO2ADQ


Tks K1BV Research 11/1/13

yp10kqt.JPG (408548 bytes)

1 Jan 2013 to 31 Dec 14



Roumania is one of the first countries that introduced the wire telegraph and radiocomunications in the civil and military service. During 2013 and 2014 they celebrate the many years of progress which Romania adopted the high tech of that time with Wireless Telegraph and Radio-communications.

1853 - put into operation the first telegraph line between Vienna (Austria) and Timisoara, Sibiu, Cluj.
1854 - put into operation a telegraph line between Bucharest-Giurgiu to Russe (Bulgaria).
1873 - By Decree 1303/1873 signed by King Carol I, founded the first Telegraph unit of the Roumanian Army.
1903 - Roumanian Maritime Service introduced Wireless Telegraphy in port cities of Constanta, Galati, Giurgiu, Cernavoda and into more ships as passenger navy King Carol I, Princess Maria, Romania etc.
1914 - installed the first government Wireless Telegraph Station for national and international traffic.
1916 - the first terrestrial mobile radio-station (in the world) was installed in 1916 on three railway wagons. Had a power of 150 kW and worked on the route from Bucharest to Iasi during WW-I.

To celebrate these events, a special commemorative certificate is available under the following conditions:
a. All QSO's must be made during 1 January 2013 until 31 December 2014.
b. Valid QSO's limited to CW or digital modes, or Mixed (cw+digi). Only once, at your desire. SSB is not allowed.

QSO requirements:
1 QSO with every YO district: YO2, YO3, YO4, YO5, YO6, YO7, YO8, YO9.
1 QSO with one station YO/MM.
1 QSO with ER
2 QSO with OE
2 QSO with LZ
2 QSO with F
2 QSO with I
2 QSO with SV
1 QSO with TA
A total of: 21 QSO's are needed.

All of the awards offered by the club are FREE and will be issued in electronic form, via e-mail. QSO's are valid after the date of : 1 January 2000.
Submit a listing of the needed contacts in an e-mail and the form of the list/attachment may be in any format of log; cabrillo, txt, doc, xls.

Application form must contain:
a. name of award required and his class.
b. your call sign
c. your name and surname
d. mode required; if not, will be issue as mixed mode.
e. your e-mail address
f. list of QSO's in alphabetic order showing call, date, band, and mode.
g. send the application via e-mail, as attachment.
h. In subject column of your e-mail application, you must indicate your call sign and the name of award as: YO6EX-ACC-mixed
i. Application should be sent to award manager V. Giurgiu, YO6EX:
The award manager may require evidence of accuracy for QSO's presented.

E-mail: yo6ex2(at)

Tks YO6EX 5/29/13

ROMANIA                            YOFF Let’s Save the Green Planet Earth Award 2013

During the entire calendar year 2013, work at least 5 stations from different YOFF natural parks and nature centers and at least 10 stations from other natural parks and nature centers in 5 different countries on at least 2 continents. The award is FREE OF CHARGE if you accept a digital file (PDF) to print on your own equipment. Otherwise the cost of a printed award is 5E or 5 valid IRCs. Requests must be received before 01.02.2014. Apply to Fenyo Stefan Pit, P.O. Box 19-43, RO-033210 Bucuresti 19, Romania

E-mail: fenyo3jw(at)

Tks PA3CUZ 5/22/13 

RUSSIA                                  110th anniversary of the birth of E.T Krenkel

Diploma and pennant RAEM-UPOL is offered by the "Dolphins." The Diploma and pennant are honor the 110th anniversary of the birth of E.T Krenkel, the famous Arctic explorer.

Requirements: Submit a log extract during any single month of 2013. In the extract should be at least 110 QSOs. All modes and bands OK, including WARC. SWL OK. Multiple contacts with the same station count for the award if made on different bands. 

.Applications shall be made in the form of an extract from the log data. You may submit the information by txt, Word, Excel, cbr formats. You are encouraged to apply electronically at 
Fee for the award is: 7 IRC or 7 EUR. Apply to: Valentin V. Lukashov Box 77 Sochi, Russia 354200.


Tks PA3CUZ 5/22/13

RUSSIA                                  "Cyril and Methodius" Diploma

This award is sponsored by the Moscow Radio Club to honor the 1150th Anniversary of the Slavic Alphabet.  Requirement: during the Calendar Year 2013, work 29 different stations in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus whose first letters of their name complete the modern Cyrillic alphabet.   

Example of city name
A A Arkhangelsk
Б  Ve Borovsk
B J Yoshkar-Ola
Г Ge Grtazi

The award is free of charge.  Send log extract by regular mail or e-mail to Yuri Ivanovich Fedotov, P/33, Moscow, 119415, Russia.


Tks OH3GZ 3/20/13


RUSSIA                     85th Anniversary of the Omsk Regional Radio Club Award

Issued by the Omsk Regional Division of the Soyuz Radiolubiteley Rossii for HF/VHF contacts made during the calendar year 2013. All bands and modes OK.

Requirement: 85 points.

Point Values:
a. Special-event stations RO85MC, RO85MD, RO85MN, RO85MT, RO85MV, and RO85NN, operating during the days of special activity (April 22-28, 2013): = 10 pts.
b. Omsk region stations (R9M, R9N): = 2 pts.
c. Omsk city stations (RDA’s from OM-1 to OM-5 ) = 1 pt.
d. Omsk stations during expeditions (portable stations) =: 2 pts.

Repeated QSOs with the same station counts if the QSO is made on different bands or is made from a different RDA district. Written applications should be endorsed by two licensed operators. (General Certification Rule). Fee: 3 IRC’s. The Award is free of charge if earned during the Activity Days. Electronic applications do not require endorsement. Address: Valentin N. Horuzhenko R9MC, P.O. Box 1569, 644110 Omsk-110, Russian Federation.


Tks SP9JPA 4/2/13

RUSSIA                Ernst Krenkel Diploma

Ernst Krenkel took part in Arctic expeditions on the Graf Zeppelin airship (1931), the icebreaker Sibiryakov, steamship SS Chelyuskin (1933–1934, using the unique call sign of RAEM.  He was also a radioman on the first drifting ice station "North Pole" (1937-1938, using the call sign UPOL). He set a world record by establishing a long-distance radio communication between Franz Josef Land and Antarctica. 

This award honors the 110th anniversary of his birth in 1903 and is sponsored by the Moscow Radio Club for contacts made during calendar year 2013.  Earn at least 110 points. 

Contact stations in the city of Moscow:  
a. each contact = 2 points.
b. each contact using CW = 4 points. 

Moscow stations may earn the award on the same basis.  Same station may be worked on several bands and modes for award credit.
The award is FREE of charge.  Just send log extract by mail or e-mail:
     Yuri Ivanovich Fedotov
     P / 33
     Moscow 119415, Russia


Tks K1BV Research 1/27/13 

RUSSIA                   "P-250" Diploma

The diploma is issued with a group of amateurs of Bogucany in memory of the outstanding Soviet designer (electronic equipment?) RPU SAVELYEVA Anton Antonovich, born in the village of Boguchany Krasnoyarsk Territory in 1913, the centenary of his birth.

Earn 100 points for the award.
A. QSOs with stations with. Boguchany (UA0ADX, UA0AJX) = 25 points,
B. QSOs for a youth/children's radio station in the collective. Boguchany UA0AXX, = 50 points.C. QSOs with radio stations in City of Krasnoyarsk = 10 points,
D. QSOs for QSOs with other stations in Krasnoyarsk krai = 5 points.

At least one station in Boguchany is required. Contacts on or after January 1, 2013., Repeat QSO with same station OK if done on different bands or modes. Points are doubled for contacts made on April 1, the birthday of AA Saveliev. SWL OK.

The award is FREE and will be sent in electronic form. Send log extract and send e-mail to or



RUSSIA                                             City of Penza 350th Anniversary      (Revised rules added 3/26/13)

The city of Penza of the Russian Federation observes it’s 350th anniversary in 2013. Amateur station in Penza city and region will be active during 2013 to mark the anniversary and will be making QSOs on the air on HF and VHF bands and different modes with their regular call signs and special callsigns.

Schedule for Special call signs in Penza during 2013:
R350FP - 1st quarter of 2013.,
R350FO - 2nd quarter 2013.,
R350FV - 3rd quarter of 2013.,
R350FL - 4th quarter 2013.

Award Requirements:
Group 1 - the operators of individual and club radio stations of Penza and the Penza region should make at least 350 QSOs (SWL observations) with different call signs of Russian and foreign stations using any and all of the permitted bands. Operators who make the most contacts (SWL observations) are encouraged by the prize committee.

Group 2 - all others, Russian and DX stations must earn at least 350 points for the contacts with different operators of Penza and the Penza region on any bands and modes.

a. For each QSO of Penza and the Penza region with special call signs shown above = 50 points.
b. For other stations in Penza, each QSO = 10 points.
c. All stations must be with different call signs. .
Applications for the award are submitted in paper or electronic format.

The award is issued in two versions: an electronic (free) and paper. The sponsor requires payment only for the cost of the postage to mail the award. Contact custodian to determine the cost for your country.

Mailing address: Gennady Korovin UA4FU, P.O. Box 307, Penza 440026, Russia.

E-mail: Or


RUSSIA                                  "Prohorov's field"
                                                 Commemorating the 70th Anniversary of the Battle of Kursk

This award is sponsored by the Regional Public Organization of the Belgorod region "Radio sports federation" in commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the tank battle on the Kursk archipeligo near Prokhorovka on July 12, 1943. The Battle of Kursk was largely a gigantic tank battle, and represented the beginning of the end for Nazi forces in their attempt to conquer the USSR.

Earn this diploma by gathering 70 points by contacting stations in the Belgorod region and various special event stations which will be active during the year 2013 on all HF bands including WARD plus the VHF bands using CW, PHONE, or DIGITAL modes. Repeated contacts with the same station OK if on different bands or if on one band, by different modes.

Point Values:
a. Each QSO with amateurs of the Belgorod region = 1 point.
b. For licenses which are restricted to 160 meters, each Belgorad station = 25 points.
c. Stations located in Prohorov's area and the area of Prokhorovk, (RDA BO-22), = 3 points,
d. the club radio station of Prohorov's House of children's creativity of RK3ZWC = 5 points.
e. Memorial stations of the Belgorod region: RP68B, RP68RW, RP68SO, RP68PP = 10 points.
f. QSOs with UE70ZTS on July 11,12 and 13 = 10 points.
g. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and home front workers need only 1 QSO on any band.

Applications should be directed to the e-mail address QSOs for the award should be sent using the CABRILLO format. Apply on or before January 31, 2014. The diploma will be sent to your e-mail address. DIPLOMA IS FREE.

Tks OH3GZ 7/12/13

The Battle of Prokhorovka was fought near the settlement of Prokhorovka, 54 miles southeast of Kursk, on the Eastern Front during the Second World War as part of the Battle of Kursk in the Soviet Union. Principally, the Wehrmacht's II SS Panzer Corps clashed with the Red Army's 5th Guards Tank Army. It is regarded as one of the largest tank battles in military history.

RUSSIA                                                      Russian Robinson Club – 20 Award (RRC-20)

RRC is proud to announce the special award "Russian Robinson Club – 20" (RRC-20). dedicated to 20th anniversary of Russian Robinson Club foundation. The award may be earned by collecting at least 20 or more points for QSOs with special stations of the RRC during 2013 and including RRC expeditions. QSO(s) with R20RRC is mandatory and gives you 3 points for every QSO location. .

A. Every special call from other countries which is activated by RRC members such as: xx20RRC and any RRC sponsored expedition call signs (ie.: T46RRC, T47RRC, KL7RRC, KL7RRC/a, S79RRC/a, DL0RRC and so on) = 2 points. 
B. Any QSO with RRC member gives you 1 point.
C. Duplicate QSOs with same station are are OK for the award if made on different bands.

Award Application form for "RRC-20" is based on your log data, QSLs are not needed. Send your log extract to the RRC-20 Award Manager by email or the printout by traditional post to: Eugene N. Shelkanovtsev, P.O. Box 70, Orel 302028, RU.

Tks OH3GZ 6/20/13


wpe2.jpg (34784 bytes)

RUSSIA                                               The First Pilot of the Arctic

This award commemorates the 125th anniversary of this legendary pilot. On August 21, 1914 the aircraft "Maurice Farman" piloted by I. Nagurski and E. Kuznetsov took off north along the west coast of Novaya Zemlya Island in the search for the lost expedition of Georgy Sedov. This flight lasted 4 hours and 20 minutes, its length was 450 verst (450 km). Nagurski made five extended reconnaissance flights (21, 22, August 23, September 12 and 13) at an altitude of 800-1200 meters along the west coast of Novaya Zemlya and Franz Josef Land.  Today the name of the legendary pilot is commemorated in frontier post settlement on Franz Josef Land.

See interesting article about Ivan Nagurski and his adventures in the early days of aviation in Wikipedia article:

During the period 00:00Z on January, 01 2013 to 00:00Z December 31, 2014. amateurs of all countries are invited for to take part on all bands 1.8 - 28 MHz. The diploma is designed by UZ9RR.

Earn a total of at least 125 points by making contacts noted below with point values:
1. Radio stations located on the Arctic islands = 20 points each.
2. Radio stations located North of the Arctic Circle = 10 points each.
3. Air mobile or Maritime Mobile Radio stations located north of the Arctic Circle = 10 points each.
4. Radio stations who are members of the club "FIFTH OCEAN" – R3AR (OG1G), UA3AV, UA3SAO, UN7BK = 5 points each.
5. Radio stations who are members of the club "FIFTH OCEAN" operating__/AM = 2 points each.
6. Radio stations who are members of the club "FIFTH OCEAN" = 1 point each.

All modes OK. Repeat QSOs are allowed only if they are made on different bands. For radio amateurs who are veterans of World War II, schoolboys and club stations of youth radio stations, the electronic version of the diploma is free-of-charge. Applications for the award should be made by a log extract showing all QSO data, certified by two licensed radio fans.

The electronic version of the diploma is free-of-charge.  Fee for the paper version is: 20 Hryvnia for Ukraine and $US5 for all others. Apply no later than December, 31, 2014 to the address of degree manager UZ9RR: Yuriy Pronin P.O. Box 1480, Chernigov, 14033, Ukraine.

E-Mail: Or

Tks PA3CUZ 1/23/13

RUSSIA                               RAEM & UPOL Award/Pennant

A special Diploma and pennant "RAEM-UPOL" is offered by the club "Dolphins".timed to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Ernst T Krenkel, the famous Arctic explorer. To earn the award requires you submit a log extract from covering any single month in the year 2013. In this extract should be at least 110 QSOs. All QSOs and modes OK. These must show contacts / SWL made on any amateur bands including WARC, since 01.01.2013 Repeated QSOs with same stations but on different bands OK. .DOLPHINS club members will receive the award and pennant at no charge. Club members of the Russian CW Club (RCWC) may receive the diploma free of charge if the conditions are fulfilled using only the CW mode. For all others, the award fee is $US7 or 7 IRC. The diploma will be sent by mail. Applications shall be made in the form of an extract from the log data without the radio. Accepted file txt., Word, Excel, cbr.

Apply to: Lukashov Valentin, PO Box 77, Sochi, Russia 354200.


Tks OH3GZ 8/2/13


RUSSIA                                 400th Anniversary of Romanov Village

Sponsored by the Committee on Preparation and Holding of celebrations in honor of the 400th anniversary of the Romanov village. Make contacts with radio stations in the Village of Romanov and in the Rostov region of Russia during the full calendar year of 2013.

Earn at least 400 points.

Point Values:
1. Jubilee radio station R400R = 100 points.
2. Radio stations R7MP, RM7M, RV6LFV, RL6LB, RL6LS, RN6LLX, RA6RRP, RN6LJC = 50 points . At least one QSO with one of these stations is required .
3. Radio stations Volgodonsk = 25 points .
4. Radio stations of the Rostov region =10 points .
Repeat QSOs for award credit is allowed if the contacts are made on different bands and different modes. Points on VHF are doubled for award credit.

Award fee: 
- For radio stations of Russia = 100 rubles;
- Former CIS countries =150 rubles;
- To all other countries = 5 Euro .

Send log extract and fee to: Vladimir I. Dorofeev R7MP, ul. 70 let Oktyabrya 23-2, st., Romanovskaya, Rostovskaya obl. 347350, Russia.


January to 15 November 2013

RUSSIA                    "100 years of RQA"
The diploma "100 years of RQA" is available in electronic form for earning 100 points for contacts with amateur stations of the Arkhangelsk region to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the construction and beginning of broadcasts from this major radio station, the first of the Russian North – RQA.

Requirements : Earn 100 or more points.
Point values:
a. Each radio communication with special event station R100RQA = 20 points (this contact is required).
b. Contacts with other radio stations of the Arkhangelsk region = 10 points;
c. contacts carried out on September 15 and 18, 2013 point values double.
d. repeat QSOs with the same station OK on different bands and modes for award credit.
Special award for the ten competitors who have earned the highest number of points.
The award is free of charge, and will be sent by e-mail to your address.
Send log extract with all QSO data to the sponsor via e-mail to:
Mailing of diplomas will begin after November 15, 2013.
Tks 8/27/13

RUSSIA                               SMOLENSK–1150th Anniversary Plaque

This is an engraved plaque dedicated to the 1150th Jubilee of Smolensk.

Earn 1150 points by contacting special event stations and other stations located in Smolensk, Russia on different bands from January 1 to December 31, 2013.

Point Values: 
1. QSO/SWL with special event stations R1150SM (01.09.2013–30.11.2013), R863LC & R863LK (01.08.2013-31.10.2013), R863LX (15.08.2013–15.10.2013): =
        200 points for EW, UR, ER, LY, YL, ES;
        300 points for EUROPE, ASIA;
        500 points for AF, AN, NA, SA, OC.

2. QSO/SWL with R3L-stations (located only in RDA # SM-01, SM-02, SM-03) and special event stations - RP68S, RP68EL, RP68ON, RP68SP, RP68VA, RG61PP, RW44FF, R31EPC: =
        100 points for EW, UR, ER, LY, YL, ES;
        200 points for EUROPE, ASIA;
        300 points for AF, AN, NA, SA, OC.

3. QSO/SWL with R3L-stations (located in RDA # SM-04, 05,..., SM-29): =
        25 points for EW, UR, ER, LY, YL, ES;
        50 points for EUROPE, ASIA;
        100 points for AF, AN, NA, SA, OC.

4. For the plaque on 144 MHz and higher, just 1 QSO with any special station is required or 3 QSO's as follows: 
        1 QSO with R3L-station (only RDA # SM-01, SM-02, SM-03) and 2 QSO's with R3L-stations (RDA # SM-04, 05,..., SM-29).

The price of the plaque is 25 US dollars or 20 Euro.  
 Send application and payment to the Award Manager at the following address: Vladimir Ivanov, P. O. Box 150, Smolensk - 214000, Russia


Tks RV3LZ and OH3GZ 8/12/13


RUSSIA                              400th anniversary of the Russian Tsar and the Imperial House of Romanov Diploma

This award has been established by the Pushkin Radio Club of the local branch of the RAF in the Moscow region "and the" Public Committee of the Moscow region to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the Romanov dynasty. The design of the diploma was approved in Office of the Head of the Russian Imperial House, HIH Grand Duchess Maria Vladimirovna Romanova.

Award Requirements: Earn 400 points.

During this anniversary year, stations will be active using call signs in the series R400xx. Each contact with such a station = 50 points.

QSOs are valid for award credit if made on different modes (CW, SSB, PSK31) on one band or different bands or one band with two different commemorative call signs of they type R400xx.

During January 1 to April 1 special call sign R400DR (400 House of Romanov Russia) will be active. Besides these there will be special stations located in the regions and cities related to the historical events in the life of the royal and imperial Romanov Dynasty. Each of these regional/city QSOs = 10 points each. They are the Kostroma, Moscow, Leningrad, Sverdlovsk region, Kostroma, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Tobolsk, Pushkin (Tsarskoe village), Gatchina, Petrodvorets (Peterhof), Sergiev Posad).

Other stations will be worth 20 points. These include the collective radio station Radio Club RK3DWA Pushkin Moscow region and members of the Board of the club RN3DG, UA3AU, UA3CS, UA3DAV, UA3DDU, RX3DVZ, RV3DFI, RK3DIA, R2DX, RX3DGL, RW3FB, RZ3DCK, UA3DHT. Their QSOs count for the award beginning on 1 January 2013.

Cost for the award will be 60 rubles for Russians and other member countries of the CIS and $US2 for all others. Send log extract to: Musatov Victor S. (RK3DIA), Chekhov str. 11. kv 80, Pushkin, Moscow 141207, Russia.


Tks 2/25/13

RUSSIA              120th Anniversary of the Birth of Mikhail Tukhachevsky

Mikhail Nikolayevich Tukhachevsky (1893-1937) was a Marshal of the Soviet Union, commander in chief of the Red Army (1925–1928), and one of the most prominent victims of Stalin's Great Purge. He was among the very few persons of a noble background to advance so high in military  rank.  (Tks WIKIPEDIA) 

Earn a total of at least 120 points by making contacts with stations associated with the life of Mikhail Tukachevsky.

Point values:
1. Contacts with stations located in RDA (Russian District Award) SM-21 (Safonovsky district) = 10 points.
2. Contacts with RDA SM-10 (Dorogobuzhsky district) = 10 points.
3. Each contact with club station RK3LA = 20 points.
3. Contacts with amateur stations in the Smolensk region = 5 points.

For amateurs in the Asian part of Russia and other continents of the world, the number of points required is reduced to 60. 
Repeated contacts with the same station will count for the award if made on different bands and modes.

Send log extract by e-mail to .  The award is FREE of charge and will be e-mailed to you in the form of an electronic file which you may print yourself.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/29/13 Correction OH3GZ 4/29/13 

RUSSIA                                  "Universiade" 2013 Award Programme

The Tatarstan Section of the Russian Amateur Radio Union (SRR) celebrates the 27th University Games to be held in Russia in 2013. The "Universiade" Award will be issued for 

1. QSO’s/HRD’s with amateur radio stations in Kazan, 
2. Tatarstan (the venue of the University Games 2013), 
3. the Tatarstan Republic (R4P, R4Q, R4R)
4.  and other Cities through which the University Games Flame will travel: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoiarsk, Novosibirsk, Tumen, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Perm, Ufa, Orenburg, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Penza, Saransk, Nizhni Novgorod, Tcheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Rostov-na-Donu, Pyatigorsk, Sochi, Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg, and Moscow; radio stations operating from the "Syedov" Tall Ship (transporting the flame). Points can be earned as follows:


Station Location

Number of points scored in the periods of 2013

1 Jan to 5 May

5 May to 5 June

6 June to 17 July

18 July to 31 Dec






Cities: Vladivostok, Khabarovsk, Irkutsk, Krasnoiarsk, Novosibirsk, Tumen, Ekaterinburg, Izhevsk, Perm, Ufa, Orenburg, Samara, Ulyanovsk, Saratov, Penza, Saransk, Nizhni Novgorod, Tcheboksary, Yoshkar-Ola, Kirov, Rostov-na-Donu, Pyatigorsk, Sochi, Arkhangelsk, St. Petersburg, and Moscow









"Syedov" Tall Ship





Tatarstan special-event stations:









Special-event stations from the Cities:







Special Event Stations shown above will be operating from April 18 to June 17, 2013.  Other interested operators can apply for special event call signs until April 6, 2013. (Tks SP9PJA)        

The award period is: 1 Jan to 31 Dec 2013. 
Modes: CW, SSB, and Digital. 
Double points for VHF contacts. 
Contacts with the same station count in different periods and on other bands if made in the same period.

Award Classes and Points Required:
a. «Universiade – 200»;
b. «Universiade – 500»;
c. «Universiade – 1000»;
d. «Universiade – 2013» for 2013 or more points.

In your application, send your full name, callsign, score, date of your application, requested Award single mode (if applicable), your e-mail address (mandatory), and an extract from your log showing callsign, date, time, band, mode, RST. Digital applications to: ru4pg(at) After verification, the Manager will send a high-resolution pdf/tif version to your e-mail address. The Award is free of charge.

E-mail: ru4pg(at)
Translated by Henryk SP9JPA ( )
Internet document (in Russian):

Tks SP9JPA Blog 1/3/13

For some reason, the Universiade 2013 operation has not started yet.   The SRR Kazan Branch (R4P) has, however, published the list of callsigns the local operators have applied for.

The deadline of applications is March 29, 2013.

Henryk SP9JPA

RUSSIA                      "85 years of Vladimir Shortwave Amateur Radio"

The Diploma "85 years of Vladimir shortwave amateur radio (1928 - 2013)" has been established by the Vladimir Contest Group (VCG) in memory of the first short wave stations of the Vladimir region, which received call signs for amateur transmitting stations in August and September 1928:

The award is issued both electronically and in hard copy. The award required contacts during 2013 totaling 85 points for QSO / SWL with participant members of the Vladimir Contest Group (VCG), a list of which is attached. All bands and modes, including HF and HF repeaters.

1. QSOs with members of the VCG, = 5 points for regular contacts and 10 points during any any contest competition on
2. QSO with club station RM3V = 25 points.
3. Repeat QSOs OK if made on different bands.

Send GCR list to Award Manager VCG by e-mail to: (Alex Skripal UA3VVB Kovrov). In the application, under "Other", you must specify the number of points claimed for each contact and if made during a contest if that is the case. After the examination of the application the applicant will be sent a PDF or JPEG file.

The electronic version of the diploma is free of charge. If desired, the applicant may ask for a printed version and pay the extra costs in the amount of 150 rubles to the account Yandex-money 410011761242827. In this case, the need to notify the manager's about the listing at: . Foreign applicants must check with the award manager for the correct fee for mail to their country.



Tks 6/6/13

March - December 2013

SERBIA                               Novi Sad Fair Award

The Novi Sad Fair is one of the largest fairs in Southeast Europe. It's located in Novi Sad, Vojvodina the second largest city in Serbia. It is place of one of the largest agricultural fairs in Europe, which visit approx. 600,000 visitors annually and approximately. a million visitors during the whole year on many exhibitions and fairs. The schedule of events held at the Fair starts in March and ends in December.

The Special call sign YU0NS will be active during the weeks of Novi Sad Fair, and it is necessary to have it in your log for achieving this award. The Novi Sad Fair award is issued separately on HF and VHF+UHF bands. Contacts worths on any ham band (according to 1stIARU region band plan), using any mode of operation.Cross band/mode contacts, via repeaters or satellites are not allowed. Radio club’s and its members stations may be worked only one time, no matter which band/mode is used.

Point values in the table below:

Callsign      Europe HF     Outside Europe HF       Europe VHF/UHF
YU0NS          20 pts.          20 pts.                 20 pts.
YU7BPQ (YU7W)  10 pts.          10 pts.                 10 pts.
YU7AFC         10 pts.          10 pts.                 10 pts.
YU7IBC (YT5C)  10 pts.          10 pts.                 10 pts.
Club members    5 pts.           5 pts.                  5 pts.
Points needed: 70 pts.          50 pts.                 50 pts.


Send your application, log extract and 2 IRCs (Europe) 3 IRCs (outside Europe) to: Radio klub "Novi Sad", (for Novi Sad Fair Award), P.O.Box: 243, 21000 Novi Sad, Serbia.

Award manager Upcev Anton - Done YU5D


Tks K1BV Research 9/30/13

SWEDEN                         The Scandinavian Open CW Award (SOCWA)

Object: The object of The SOCWA is to inspire amateur radio operators in Scandinavia and elsewhere to increase CW activity on the HF ham radio bands. The intent of the award is to encourage and reward amateurs to carry on sustained CW conversations rather than short-duration CW signal reports.

Organizer: The Promoter and responsible entity for the award is the Öland Island Radio Amateur Society, SK7RN. This activity is sponsored under the auspices and in close cooperation with The Scandinavian CW Activity Group, SCAG.

Participants: SOCWA encourages CW communication by and between with licensed amateur radio stations in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. The prefixes OY, JX, JW, OH0 and OJ0 also count as Scandinavian countries.  Amateur radio operators from non-Scandinavian countries who register on the award website are welcome to participate and qualify for the award. In this regard qualified QSOs must involve a station in the aforementioned Scandinavian countries.

Period of activity: This award will be available to successful participants during Calendar Year 2013, starting on January 1st 2013. The SOCWA encourages unlimited CW activity between participating stations. The award will be available to those stations and/operators who register and report confirmed contacts as described below. The program may be extended beyond calendar year 2013.

How to register: SOCWA participants register on line at

Frequency Bands: According to the IARU’s HF band plan.

Call: A response to the call CQ SAX will initiate contact with a station within the SOCWA sphere.

Logging: QSOs should be logged at the SOCWA home page. To qualify for the award, QSOs must be at a minimum of ten of minutes. Both stations have to log the QSO on the website. The time stamps (GMT) of each station’s logged on the website must match each other.

All-embracing rule: Repeated QSOs between two stations are permitted so long as there are no more than one (1) QSO every 24 hours but on different hf bands. Band variation is desired and encouraged. Always consider the CW speed of your opposite. If your counter party is sending at a lower speed, please reduce your speed to reduce errors and to eliminate the risk of confusion.


Scandinavian Radio Amateurs:  After 52 or more verified QSOs, Scandinavian Radio Amateur will be awarded the SOCWA via postal means by payment of an SEK50 fee. The fee, SEK 50, also entitles to participating in a lottery with many prizes. Each confirmed QSO earns one lottery ticket in the final draw. The lottery prizes are shown on the award web site. The number of prizes will depend of the number of participants. Lottery tickets and prizes, however, are limited to Scandinavian radio amateurs.

Non-Scandinavian Radio Amateurs: After fifty two (52) or more confirmed and approved QSOs, Non-Scandinavian Radio Amateurs can print, free of charge, the SOCWA Award directly from the home page.

Project Managing Group: The SOCWA activity is managed by Mats Gunnarsson SM7BUA, Rune Wande SM5COP, Rikard Wärff SM1CQA, Roland Johansson SM6EAT and Erik Nyberg SM7DZV. The chair is SM7BUA Mats Gunnarsson with SM7DZV Erik Nyberg as alternate. The Project Managing Group group shall make all relevant decisions. Such decisions shall be final.


SWITZERLAND                                                 HB30OK AWARD

The HB30OK Award is organized by TERA Radio Club on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the founding of the TERA Radio Club. Work the special callsign HB30OK on as many bands and modes during each single quarter of 2013. Each quarter has a different special QSL.

The quarters are divided:
- January / February / March = 1st quarter
- April / May / June = 2nd quarter
- July / August / September = 3th quarter
- October / November / December = 4th quarter

The Award is also divided into four categories:
Bronze: at least 3 QSOs in different bands and / or modes, in EVERY quarter. Minimum total: 12 QSOs.
Silver: at least 4 QSOs in different bands and / or modes, in EVERY quarter. Minimum total: 16 QSOs.
Gold: at least 5 QSOs in different bands and / or modes, in EVERY quarter. Minimum total: 20 QSOs.
Diamond: at least 7 QSOs in different bands and / or modes, in EVERY quarter. Minimum total: 28 QSOs.

QSOs can be made in MIXED (band and/or mode) mode. That is to say - for example, the Bronze category - you can work the call HB30OK in 3 modes on the same band (for example: SSB, CW and RTTY on 20m), or on 3 different bands (for example: SSB on 15m, 20m and 40m) or in combination of both (for example: 2 modes - CW and SSB - on 20m and a QSO on another band - 40m SSB).
Between one quarter and another, you can make QSOs in the same way and in the same band (eg. QSO in 20m in each quarter is valid).

The special call will be activated by members of the TERA Radio Club on all bands from 1.8MHz to 430MHz, phone, cw and digital. By Digital modes, each mode of transmission count as an individual mode.
The call could be on the air every day from 01.01.2013 to 31.12.2013.
To check for up-to-date activity of the call, just look at There is a box with LIVE operation information (frequency and mode).

The award may be requested online during the period of 01.01.2014 to 31.03.2014, by visiting . This page can also be viewed during the year to check your progress in making the QSOs. The QSOs will be on the log within 48 hours.

Application fees for the Award: 5 Euros or U.S. Dollars (5 CHF for HB and HB0) to be paid by:

Paypal in favor of,

Bank account IBAN CH07 8037 4000 0020 5169 4, to Mr. Marco Hardmeier, 6592 S. Antonino, Switzerland, reference HB30OK

Cash with BANKNOTES in a sealed envelope to the Manager: Marco Hardmeier HB9OCR, Via Essagra 12, 6592 S. Antonino, Switzerland (without guarantee on the part of the postal service)

always mention your call in the payment.
In the absence of identification (your call sign), the Award cannot be issued.

The Award can be downloaded in PDF from the above site when all of the above provisions will be covered. The Award will not be sent in paper form by post.

QSLs are via bureau (via USKA) or direct to Manager HB9OCR Marco. By direct QSL are required 1 IRC or 2 U.S. Dollars + SASE Envelope. In case of non-contribution by direct QSLs, these will be sent via the bureau. The contribution for the QSLs is added to the contribution of the Award.

Internet: (Will be activated in early 2013)

Sponsor: TERA Radio Club, PO Box 70, 6943 Vezia, Switzerland.

Tks HB9OCR 10/24/12

SWITZERLAND                                     Schwinger-Diploma

In honor of the 10th anniversary of our club and in remembrance of the ESAF 2013 in Burgdorf, we offer to all OM's the unique "Schwinger-Diploma". The award may be earned by making 5 QSO's with our anniversary special station HB10BE on different bands and/or in different modes plus at least 1 QSO with our special event station HB13ESAF.  You can work HB10BE (see HB10BE EN) at any time during the calendar year 2013, while HB13ESAF will only be active during July/August/September 2013.  

If you wish to receive this diploma, just send us the list of your logged contacts by e-mail to : .  Let us know if you are willing to get the diploma electronically as a PDF file, or if you wish to receive it by traditional mail. In this case, we'll need your exact mail address.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/27/13

1 October 2013 to 31 December 2014

UKRAINE                                      Flight over the South Pole Diploma

25 October 2013 marks the 125th anniversary of the birth of the famous Arctic and Antarctic explorer Richard J. Byrd. The year 2014 represents 85 years has past since the first flight of an aircraft over the South Pole. A related event on January 12, 1930 was that Ernst Krenkel, famous Russian polar explorer, while on Franz Josef Land, set the record for a long distance radio communications on HF by contacting the radio base station of the American Richard Byrd's expedition to Antarctica, on the other side of the earth. (thedistance - about 20 thousand km). Krenkel’s callsign was "RPX", and Howard Mason ( radio operator for the Byrd expedition) was - "WFA". Krenkel’s transmitter used a power of 250 watts on 41 meter wavelength. Byrds transmitter power used 800 watts and was located on the mainland Antarctic base of "Little America". This contact set a record distance in the USSR. The closeness of these two events suggested the idea of this commemorative award.

The award is available for licensed radio amateurs and SWLs of all countries for making contacts and earning at least 125 points on the 160 to 10 meter bands. All modes OK.

Repeated QSOs with the same station are allowed if made on different bands and modes.

Point Values:
- Radio stations located in Antarctica = 50 points ;
- Radio stations located on the islands north of the Arctic Circle - 20 points ;
- Radio stations within the Arctic Circle =10 points ;
-  Radio stations , located on __ / AM, __ / MM above the Arctic Circle = 10 points ;
- Members of the club " Fifth Ocean » R3AR (OG1G), UA3SAO, UA4LD, UN7BK, RA6F, RV9CQ - Participants of the Arctic and Antarctic expeditions = 5 points ;
- The members of the club " Fifth Ocean » ___ / AM = 2 points ;
- The members of the club " Fifth Element " = 1 point ;

The presence of at least one radio stations located in Antarctica is mandatory.

The electronic form of a diploma is free.             If a printed copy is desired, the costs are: - For amateur radio in Ukraine = 20 UAH., For radio CIS and far abroad = $US5.

Applications for certification as "Flight over the South Pole " should be in the form of a log extract (both electronically and in writing) , certified by two amateurs and payment by postal order sent before December 31, 2014 to the address of the manager's Yury Pronin UZ9RR, PO Box 1480, Chernihiv, 14033 , Ukraine.


Tks UZ9RR 10/31/13 

UKRAINE                                                 Mariupol - 235 Years Diploma

The diploma celebrates the 235th anniversary of the founding of the city of Mariupol on September 14 - a City Day and also the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the city from German forces during the Great Patriotic War (September 10). The award is sponsored by the Radio Club "MARRAD".

Requirement: Earn at least 235 points by contacts as shown below:

Point Values:
Club station of Mariupol = 25 points.
Individual stations in Mariupol = 10 points.
Contacts may be made during the year 2013 using any bands and modes. Repeated contacts with same station OK if on different bands. When earning the award on one HF band or using VHF bands, the point values are tripled.
During a special week of activity from September 9 to September 15, 2013 point values double and repeat contacts on one band are allowed by different modes.

Amateurs of Mariupol may earn the award when performing one of the following.
1 . Making at least 150 QSOs on the special days of activity using HF. (See above).
2 . On VHF bands, make at least 50 contacts.
3 . On HF, make at least 2,350 QSOs during the calendar year 2013.

The award is free of charge when delivered in electronic form to Just send an e-mail with all QSO data, and your name / call sign.

In printed form, the diploma will be mailed to your home address.
The award fee is 15 hryvnia to Ukraine stations.
For other countries, the fee is the equivalent of $US3.
Written applications for the printed award  must include the full mailing address be sent no later than January 31, 2014 to: Ivan I. Shol UT8IT, P.O. Box 75, Mariupol, Donetsk Region 87512, Ukraine. the receipt in electronic form on an E-mail: 

Internet: also


Oct 1, 2012 to Oct 1, 2013

USA                                  Frankford Radio Club 85th Anniversary award

In celebration of our 85th year of contest excellence we are issuing 85th Anniversary Certificates to any station who works Fifty (50) FRCers at any time from October 1, 2012 to October 1, 2013 and submits a list of contacts to : . No log extracts needed, just a text list of 50 calls with log information sent to us by e-mail. Endorsements for single band entries.

Work any 50 of these stations for the 85th anniversary certificate!



Tks WA3PZO 12/2012

USA                              YLRL special award for 2013: Favorite Foods Certificate

Offered by the YLRL to YL’s only during 2013.


1. Talk to YL's and tell each other what your favorite food is. If you don’t have a favorite food, you may choose a food that is specific to your area or country. You have to be specific. Choose a food, not a category. In other words, saying pies or cookies is not good enough. You will need to specify what type of pie or cookie … apple pie, for instance, or chocolate chip cookies will work fine.
2. Make 15 QSOs where you exchange this information. All 15 foods must be different.
3. You will need 1 (one) YL for each food, and you can only use a food once. You can also only use a YL only once.
4. All contacts must be made during calendar year 2013 (January 1-December 31st 2013)
5. All bands and modes including the use of Echo-link and repeaters.
6. Favorite foods must be exchanged over the air. No e-mail. .
7. Contacts may be made during nets only if the net control allows it.
8. Report the following for each contact: Date, time, band, first name, QTH, and Favorite Food. 
9. Send your list in food alphabetical order to the Certificates Manager at any time during the year, but no later than the end of January 2014 to receive your certificate.
10. This certificate is available only to YLs
11. Applications may be submitted by email to Carolyn or snail mail to: Carolyn Donner, PO Box 158, Hamersville, OH 45130.

A few hints on the foods
1. Be specific in your choice of your favorite food. Choose something you think will be different.
2. You can’t ask for a specific food, but you can ask the person to be more specific if they say "pies", "cakes", or "vegetables", etc. Saying mixed vegetables, or corn, or lima beans if fine. You must let them give you the food.
3. The food does NOT have to be something you know how to make, although it can be. It can also be something you eat at your favorite restaurant, or at a picnic, etc. For instance, you can say, "Subway’s meatball sub" or Frisch’s Big Boy sandwich", etc..
4. If you don’t have a favorite food, just choose one.

Download Awards Application in PDF format on website shown below.


Tks PA3CUZ 4/27/13